Expect leftist violence in 2012

When the left, aka the government, wants an opponent or apostate harmed or killed, they don’t do it the way totalitarian regimes do it. It is more like “Who will rid me of this turbulent priest”. And that is what we are now hearing.

The way it is done is not that someone at the top signs a death warrant, and a KGB goon is directed “take care of this guy”, communist style. Rather, news gets around with a wink and a nod that certain crimes will be overlooked, and anyone who pays too much attention to such crimes will be the one that gets in trouble. It is not as reliable and effective as death warrants, but it is often adequate to get the job done.

In 2008, the message to the leftist rank and file was that they should allow Republicans to meet and organize unmolested. We are now seeing, in preparation for the 2012 elections, a different message.

In 2008, leftists organized to protest the Republican National Convention, and some of them organized to prevent the Republican National Convention. The latter were, of course, squashed like bugs, for going further than the authorized policy of the official government left.

The two FBI informants are now, starting 2011 February, in deep shit, which sends a message not to trouble innocent peace loving protestors with their innocent peace loving Molotovs next time.

One informant is charged with domestic violence and such. Perhaps, by shear coincidence, he happens to be actually guilty. This therefore does not necessarily send a message. What, however, is happening to Brandon Darby does send a message, and that message is “Go for Republicans this time”.

Brandon Darby, wearing a wire, asked a couple what they were going to do with their Molotov cocktails. They gave the answers you would expect, and then the FBI were all over them like a rash. One confessed, one alleged that Darby was a provocateur, but then retracted the allegation when he discovered that the prosecution had a tape of a phone call he had made to a co-conspirator.

And everything was fine for Brandon Darby until 2011. Then, starting 2011 February, we hear the voice of authority, the voice of the left, the voice of the state, the New York Times and PBS, denouncing Brandon Darby as an evil agent provocateur, who encouraged these poor innocent easily led lads to make Molotov cocktails and say disturbing things into his hidden mike.

Of the two informants, two are down. The message is, that if you should see some deeply caring young progressives with deeply caring Molotov cocktails to encourage progress, you had best not mention it.

Which also sends the message that if you are a deeply caring young man, doing something about Republicans is unlikely to get you into real trouble this time around. The Justice Department, the New York Times, and PBS, is going to be on your side, so how much trouble can you get into?

Just as the treatment of Senator Joe McCarthy implied that suppressing communist spies was suppressing freedom of speech, in the same way, the message is now going out that suppressing Molotov cocktails is suppressing freedom of speech.

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  1. They’re probably bluffing. It was a bluff when they warned of a “long hot summer” full of urban riots if Reagan were elected. It was a bluff when they threatened to make the country ungovernable if Bush were re-elected. It was a bluff when they claimed the Israeli crackdown on Palestinian terrorists would intensify the terrorism. I’m reminded of the SF story “Bumberboom” by Avram Davidson, in which the owners of the last cannon on Earth use it to extract protection money while hiding the fact that none of them knew how to fire the thing.

  2. Tschafer says:

    Unfortunately, theres a lot of truth to this. Anyone think that Eric Holder is going to prosciecute any of “his people” for anything next November? Fat chance…

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