Future war

An enormous number of men died, an enormous number of tanks and fighting vehicles were expended in the battle for Avdeevka. Advdeeka was the key strong hold in the line of strong places the Ukrainians have spent ten years building in the Donbass.

And the key to the battle of Avdeevka was the Terrikon, an artificial mountain fortress with a flat top covered by maze of bunkers, and the top surrounded by low walls, so that those below could not see those on top, nor shoot at them. From the Terrikon, those on top can see and kill people twenty kilometers away, from reasonable safety and comfort. As long as the Ukraine held the Terrikon, Avdeevka could not fall. Once the Russians took the Terrikon, Avdeevka could not stand. The flat top was big enough that pounding it with artillery blind was pointless, for the material around the trenches and bunkers was like concrete. And even if artillery had a drone spotter, you had to land the shell right on the target, and artillery was not sufficiently accurate, the fortifications being tiny and very strong.

The Russians expended huge numbers of men and tanks repeatedly trying, and repeatedly failing, to take the Terrikon. An enormous number of men died, and an enormous number of tanks and vehicles, were expended in the endless and endlessly repeated World War I style battles for the Terrikon. They kept trying to have World War style II battles, but it always devolved into World War I style battles, which are always terrible and horrifying. Until Russia gave White’s 114th brigade the job of taking it, and permission to do it their own way. They took it with zero casualties, and little use for the mountains of million dollar equipment deployed. Zero casualties in the 114th, though I suspect that there were quite a few casualties in the column of tanks used to distract attention.

White privately raised funds to buy some drones. The battle was mostly won by a single drone operated by White, plus a whole lot of electronic warfare. His drone looks like an ordinary good consumer grade drone, presumably modified for war. Maybe worth a few thousand dollars, while the tanks and all that cost millions of dollar each. The cost of those drones was the cost of a few shells. His team had only three drones at any one time, though they lost quite a few drones in the process.

Hat tip Simplicius the Thinker “Ukrainian streets deserted“. Scroll to the end of his page. First part of his page covers the fact that the Ukraine collapsing from the inside, not from the battle front. The future of war is the mini documentary at the end of his page.

White used drones, men on foot, stealth, distraction, misdirection, electronic warfare, and drones. Mostly he used one single drone. He took the blood soaked Terrikon with zero casualties. There are many drones and drone operators in this war, but a very small proportion of drone operators are responsible for the vast majority of damage inflicted on the enemy, as in knightly medieval warfare where battles were apt to be primarily decided by the valor, strength, and skill of a single exceptional knight, the Terrikon was in large part taken personally by White himself, through the drone he operated.

He pounded the Terrikon by drone for quite a while, then, when the Ukrainians were distracted by an entirely irrelevant column of tanks, pounded them some more. Most of them broke and fled, and were killed while fleeing. Then his men, deeply hidden in stealth, suddenly came out of stealth and stormed the Terrikon, killing the holdouts, who were hiding in the remaining bunkers and trenches — mostly people too wounded to flee. Those few who remained were too demoralised to offer effective resistance.

The job of the tanks was merely to attract attention and shellfire, so that shells would be landing on tanks that did not matter, rather than on men who mattered. When the Ukrainians should have been bombarding the Terrikon, and bombarding the remnants of their own troops abandoned on top of it, they were instead shelling an irrelevant column of tanks.

The Russian high command refused to believe that White’s Brigade had taken the Terrikon, so they ran up the flag, and sent out the video on social media.

Notice: Aristocratic warfare — a single man makes the difference. Aristocratic logistics — White fought with his personal weapons, rather than relying on the vast and stupendously expensive logistic bureaucracy. Artillery mattered a lot, the thunder of tanks mattered a lot as an attention getter and as an artillery sponge, but largely it was one drone operated by one man. The Ukrainians broke and fled under drone warfare, and only then did his men move.

Aristocratic governance is born in aristocratic warfare, and the first side that wakes up to this is likely to conquer. The Holy Roman Empire was born with Charles the Hammer almost accidentally creating aristocratic governance. The Russian government gave White some medals. Should have given him lands and a wife.


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  2. Cypherkhaner says:

    Application for whitelisting:

    > Why do women misbehave? Why are men and women not getting sex and family?

    They are feral, blindly following ancient instincts from prehistoric times, which instincts tell them to cruise for rape by alpha male Chads, and to resist kicking-and-screaming all attempts to restrain them from pursuing alpha male Chads. Stable monogamy has always been a way to allow each man to own a woman so each man can start a family and raise a future generation for civilization’s survival. If women are emancipated, Miss Average will waste her youth, her beauty, and her fertility fucking Mister One in Thirty, thus a people, a race, a nation, a faith, or an empire that emancipates women will perish for lack of families, leading to lack of sons. Men have to impose stable monogamy on women with a stick. We love women too much to allow them to make their own choices.

    > What are the biological differences between blacks and whites, and why does this make it impractical for blacks and whites to live together under the same laws applying to them both equally?

    Blacks in recent biological history have been under a different and less harsh selection process than whites and other races. Because of this, compared to whites, blacks are less intelligent, more impulsive, and less able to cooperate at scale. They are closer to apes, “pavement apes”. In America today they actually do not live under the same de facto laws as whites, simply look at what happens when a black man kills a white man vs the reverse. But even if the law was applied equally among us, they would still be a big problem. They would still be criminal and unproductive. Since blacks are less able to predict the consequences of their actions and moderate their behavior in the present to improve outcomes in the future, they must be punished swiftly and harshly, like dogs. They are more dishonest than whites, and their word should be trusted less. A tiered legal system that treats blacks as inferior to whites would be an improvement over equality, but they would still be a net negative to society.

  3. Red says:

    Hey Guys it’s been a while, but I ended having to listen that jew faggot Cohan being interviewed like he was hero after the trial. This brought a couple of thoughts up:

    1) They’re going to need to another false flag like JVI to give this any sort of legitimacy and give the GOP tepid reaction means they’re already in on board with it. This allows them to replace Trump at the convention.

    2) Having a MAGA guy or someone larping attacking some one prominent from the prosecutions case would make sense and Cohan could be the sap they’ve lined up for it.

    They’re still running with the script they used in 2020 where they pretty successfully broke the opposition to the steal with the fedserection. I think it likely they’ll try something similar here.

    • S says:

      The GOP replacing Trump is the end of the GOP- no one will vote for a replacement and the uniparty collapses into open one party rule.

  4. The Cominator says:

    The court convicted Trump… disappointed nobody’s posted the jurors dox yet… the left would have doxxed them and would be giving the assignments to various antifa trannies via discord by now.

    • DH says:

      For what it’s worth, Democrats just lost a large chunk of the real nigga constituency. I guess, having given up on competently rigging the elections and replacing Biden with Michael/Clitoris/Newsom, they are counting on the Epstein method instead. Anti-Thermidor faction in action.

      • cub says:

        I don’t think they’ll Epstein him, they might not even send him to prison. More likely they’ll just use the convictions as the reason why he “””loses””” the upcoming election (to massive fraud, again).

        • jim says:

          You are suffering from normality bias. They will likely be prevented from sending him to prison, but they will attempt to do so. And should they succeed, he will be Epsteined immediately.

          • cub says:

            Obviously some of the more radical/bloodthirsty elements want him killed in prison, but I don’t think the elite are collectively stupid enough to make a martyr out of him. They want people to think that the system “works”, not that we live in an Orwellian dystopia.

            • jim says:

              Normality bias will get you killed. These people want to kill you and everyone like you.

              Everyone now knows that the bat flu was a bioweapon created to kill lots of people, thus justifying a totalitarian power grab, and when the virus, once released to the wild, swiftly evolved back to normal flu lethality, they then started murdering large numbers of people to improve the lethality statistics, and that they are now working on a bird flu.

              Evidently a rather substantial proportion of our elite is not too worried about people thinking we live in an Orwellian dystopia.

              The rationale for ventilators was that at first the virus was apt to cause a catastrophic loss of the ability to absorb oxygen, but this lethality modification was, from the point of view of the virus, just useless baggage, which it rapidly discarded. So very soon they were putting people on ventilators without regard to their completely normal oxygen levels.

              They only stopped this when the normies started to engage in violent resistance to being ventilated — they stopped it because the normies were seeing through the ruse. Therefore not too worried about large numbers of people concluding we live an Orwellian dystopia.

              • skippy says:

                The bird flu is concerning. What is the defence against it except their incompetence? Although their incompetence is clear to some extent, it can’t be assumed, and even incompetent people do get better with practice. Possibly the H5N1 bird flu (which turned out to be less deadly than a regular flu, and could not be used to justify covid-like political response despite some similar efforts) was #1, in which case covid was quite an improvement.

                • jim says:

                  Like NASA, they are running on fumes.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  Viruses are easy to modify, but at the end of the day that same mutability is also why they can never be true pandemic threats. The fact that they always fall back on viruses instead of engineered protists, fungi, or bacterium that can be spread through target vectors with target effects shows lack and loss of capability. Yersinia Pestis research used to be the bleeding edge of cold war bioweapon development but such capacity has all but disappeared.

                • jim says:

                  The mutability of viruses makes it easy to weaponize them, but also makes it easy for them to dump their unwanted weaponry. They are only useful if one spreads the original weaponized virus directly, for example from a drone spraying. As soon as it starts spreading from one person to the next under its own power, the weaponized form is going to rapidly evolve back to the form that is natural for its niche.

                  Yersina Pestis has a vastly larger and more complex genome, hence considerably harder to successfully manipulate it.

                • Karl says:

                  Mutability is a problem if you want a bioweapon that kills. Might also be usefall to have a bioweapon that causes everybody in a theatre of operations to come down with the flu and simply be unable to operate anywhere near peak performance, e.g. every soldier in Stalingrad for a historical example or Taiwan in a future application.

                  An advantage of a non-lethal bioweapon that merely incapacitates for a limited time, is that your own troops need not worry too much if they get it a few weeks later after they have taken over and disarmed the enemy forces.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  Well yes, they do want a bioweapon that kills, so they do have a problem.

                • Mister Grumpus says:

                  Guys guys. Covid-19 “worked” fine. The virus was pretty weak, but nothing stronger was actually needed, apparently. If they need to cancel/rig/whatever election 2024, this avian flu thing will work fine. The right news, the right bread and circuses, and the Karenocracy will jump in with both feet.

                • The Cominator says:

                  You aren’t going to have idiots/dupes on the right (you’ll get some RINO governors) willingly cooperating with any virus shutdown this time which will make it a bit trickier.

                • skippy says:

                  “Viruses are easy to modify, but at the end of the day that same mutability is also why they can never be true pandemic threats.”

                  I am not sure I agree with this very strong claim exactly, but I think it is likely that ‘viruses’ do not exist as such, that rather evolutionary niches exist, and that rather than ‘engineering a virus’, one has to ‘discover a niche’ – and then engineer a virus to fit within it. This is essentially the implication of ‘punctuated equilibria’ in evolution, something which is simultaneously orthodox and crimethink. These people are probably too dumb to see the problem in these terms, which are essentially mathematical. However, dangerous to make one’s entire defense an assumption of enemy incompetence.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  A deadly bioweapon is both virulent and morbid, but with respect to xenogenic RNA printers, the niches of virulence and the niches of morbidity have high degrees of incommensurability.

                • skippy says:

                  Probably. Not impossible for them to stably coincide though – myxomatosis in rabbits for example.

          • Big Brutha says:

            It’s clear that there are many who are absolutely working to Epstein him. The question is, who stops them from putting him in a cell where he can be Epsteined?

            Assuming he stays out of prison how quickly does the GOP drop him as candidate because of “muh convicted felon” and try to run somebody else?

            If he does get Epsteined what’s next? There’s no one to rally around on the right. The gloves are off at that point and I think it is likely followed by immediate official effort to purge any of Trump’s public supporters.

            I figure the rest of the GOP slowly but surely ends up on the proscription lists except for a few token owned and operated types.

            Then are we looking at a descent into leftist holiness spiraling/purges and counter-purges?

            • jim says:

              I expect a more cheerful outcome. Thermidoreans are likely to see death coming, and grab power — either keeping him out of prison, or doing something extraordinary after his death.

              But Thermidor in power is fragile and unpredictable. They ally left and right, and murder left and right.

              If they keep him out of prison, he will be allowed to win, and then they will try to control him and use him.

              Trump is a deal maker, not a warrior. So he will make a deal with Thermidor, if they keep him alive. But such a deal is likely to merely postpone his murder, unless he gets started murdering first.

              • Big Brutha says:

                That is what I question. Are the Thermidoreans astute enough to understand what happens if they allow him to be Epsteined and are they sufficiently gutsy and properly placed to prevent it?

                If they are, he wins but then they will be forced to turn the deal maker into a deadly implement in his own right to protect themselves from the future actions of the faction they pushed out of the way to save DJT.

                Which means, even if he lives, we are looking at purges and proscriptions because the Thermidoreans will understand that it is simply too dangerous to leave their enemies around.

                That in turn means even after a win, DJT will likely be assassinated because the Woke faction understands this and then it will be a race to see which faction can actuate the deadlier parts of state machinery first and use them against the others.

                Maybe that’s too dire but I think the logic is inexorable.

                • FrankNorman says:

                  “Maybe that’s too dire but I think the logic is inexorable.”

                  Just because something looks clear and obvious to you, does not mean it is always so to everyone else.
                  While there might be people on the radical left who are cold-headed enough to see it the way you do, there might not be.

                • jim says:

                  Oh come on. Hear them speak — they speak in euphemisms, but they use a lot of different euphemisms, all with the same meaning. They intend genocide.

                  When someone uses words that could mean he intends to kill you, or could mean something else, he intends to kill you.

                  The only way to restore normality is to reach back and execute everyone who broke the rules of the Republic and democracy. Which cannot be done without breaking the rules of the Republic and Democracy. This is what Sulla attempted. Which stabilised things for a while, and everyone came to believe the Republic had been restored, but it was an undead Republic.

                  A Sulla could end the left singularity and restore the Republic. Sort of. That would probably be the least unpleasant outcome. But the then things will come unstuck again eventually. It would work for a while, but Republics require moral excellence, which only Throne and Altar has ever successfully bred. Perhaps we will find new and better ways to ensure moral excellence, but I don’t see how.

                • jim says:

                  Once the rules start being broken in a Republic, Pandora’s box is opened, and escalation is inevitable, until someone kills off all who oppose him.

                  This is not the same problem as the left singularity, but the left singularity guarantees that the rules will be broken — this problem is one of the results of the left singularity, though the problem frequently occurs independently of leftism, as a problem of inevitable moral decline of Republics. Thermidor is an effort to halt the escalation, as well as the trend to ever greater insanity. But Thermidor tries to stop it at “This far left, but no lefter, this violent and coercive, but no more violent and coercive”. It finds it difficult to stop the lefter than thou, because the lefter than thou think that they are holier, and entitled by their superior holiness to use violence, and Thermidor thinks they are holier. To survive, it must use violence against the lefter than thou. But normal people don’t see much difference between Thermidor and the even lefter than Thermidor, so if the lefter than Thermidor are getting violence applied against them, should not Thermidor get violence against them?

                  Thermidor is fragile, because you cannot be that far left without getting even lefter, and fragile because they are trying to shut Pandora’s box.

                  But only the unthinkably far right, only throne and altar governance, can stuff the devils back into their box. Not that it always does so, or even often does so, but throne and Christian Altar has a record that is somewhat encouraging.

                • dave says:

                  I see more and more Tech and Business leadership lining up behind thermidor and DJT, but they are not in control of the machinery. Powerful signal, but they have normality bias, going against them.

                  Agree with all here, stability needs a Sulla but to be Sulla means to be in control of significant part of machinery and have no normality bias. dont see one at the moment, but this outcome raises the stakes and takes blinders off many.

                  also see many on the right, DeSantis, Paxton, and others of their ilk who are capable, saying the right things but not, at the moment, taking action.

                  I could see a scenario in the not too far future where Florida/Texas are declared DJT sanctuary states and then we start seeing splits in the empire the way the triumvirate split the roman provinces.

                • dave says:

                  Thinking further, one bad outcome of recent events is that the SS has shown itself to be untrustworthy as a praetorian guard. Future “presidents” will be demanding their own guard as they travel. That guard would have loyalty assured. A step toward throne and altar.

                • Mister Grumpus says:

                  “…because the lefter than thou think that they are holier, and entitled by their superior holiness to use violence.”

                  Very well put once again.

    • jim says:

      Oh what a surprise.

      The intent, obviously, is to Epstein him. Everyone involved in this is guilty of attempted murder and should hang, judge, jurors, prosecution, the blatantly perjurious prosecution witnesses, and the rest. All should hang. The interesting question now is: Will Team B, which fears civil war, be able to prevent the murder?

      • The Cominator says:

        Yeah my feeling after the verdict was that if we on the right don’t want to all be murdered in a few years people involved in the conviction need to start dropping like flies to a series of unusual accidents… certainly not involving human violence especially by right wingers of course.

        • Tyrone says:

          Plausible deniability is a bitch.

          If Trump has a heart attack or gets cancer in prison, or an inmate attacks him? +90% chance it’s assasination. But the fig leaf is a lot bigger than with the Epstein assasination. Trump will be 78, overweight, and surrounded by psychos who could attack him for clout.

          Shit situation. Where do people rally if it goes down like that?

          • jim says:

            You assume that they are going to kill him in some clever superduper highly scientific way. They just are not that competent. Or that patient. He is going to hang himself with a roll of toilet paper from a bunk bed eighteen inches above the floor during a mysterious camera malfunction of all cameras in the vicinity, or something like that. All their prison murders have been conducted like that.

            Remember, our enemies are stupid.

            And it does not matter if the people rally. Remember what happened to the Canadian Truckers and the January sixers. What matters is that they will have crossed the Rubicon. As with the assassination of Caesar, power struggles will get out of hand. If they murder Trump, the next time they disagree about anything, they will start killing each other.

            • anonymous mouse says:

              He’s not in any danger and it’s delusional to think he is.

              Trump has so little to fear from this debacle that he purposely threw the case. His defense rested on denying that he had sex with and payed off the Playboy models, even though there is no doubt that he did. He went with a disastrous defense out of no better motives than pride, embarrassment, and refusal to admit he was wrong. Which means the conviction is Trump’s fault. Which means that Trump isn’t afraid of being convicted.

              • jim says:

                This is a stupid lie.

                Take the shill test.

                He was not charged with paying her blackmail money. He was charged with not recording it as a business expense of his campaign. Whether it was a business expense depends on his motive for paying up. Depends on whether he thought of it as a business expense of his campaign.

                Obviously it was not likely that he thought of it as a business expense of his campaign. It was far more likely he was worried about a cold bed. The conviction depends on mind reading by the court and the jury.

                • The Cominator says:

                  He was charged with being an orange drumpf its not as if he claimed the blackmail expense as a tax deduction. They couldn’t exactly define what he was charged with which is why if he gets a semi honest court (fat chance till he gets to SCOTUS and that is if Thomas doesn’t die) it will be thrown out in one second on appeal.

                  Jim are you sure you shouldn’t take a shill test (I’m joking).

                • anonymous mouse says:

                  > He was not charged with paying her blackmail money. He was charged with not recording it as a business expense of his campaign. Whether it was a business expense depends on his motive for paying up. Depends on whether he thought of it as a business expense of his campaign.

                  That’s my point. [*repetitious lies deleted*]

                • jim says:

                  I am not going to debate this with a shill because a shill is just going to unresponsively repeat his script and not engage in real discussion.

                  Take the shill test described in the moderation policy and get white listed.

                  You passed the shill test earlier, and proceeded to issue a whole lot of leftie talking points.

                  Take it again — maybe your account leaked, maybe you got heat on you. Maybe a shill got lucky and guessed a white listed email. Your email is the kind of email shills tend to use.

                  The charge was not paying off a blackmailer. The charge was failure to report a campaign contribution (which charge was well past the statute of limitations applicable to campaign contributions at the time.)

                  So the claim that had to be proved was that it was a campaign contribution, because it was a business expense of his campaign.

                  The law was retroactively changed specifically to make this a crime for which one can be jailed. They passed a retroactive law targeted at Trump and only Trump. And they still do not have a case.

                  Explain what he was convicted for. Sleeping with porn stars is not a crime. Paying off a blackmailer is not a crime. Blackmail is a crime. Explain the legal rationale for convicting him. What did he allegedly do that made his actions a crime.

                  And lead with a thought crime. Then explain what Trump is allegedly guilty of. I would like to see the thought crime and the Trump stuff in the same post, because I suspect that the thought criminal randomly used the same not very random email address as a shill.

                • The Cominator says:

                  > Sleeping with porn stars is not a crime.
                  Only if you don’t film it lol then its soliticing a whore arguably lol. But they don’t really charge people for that.

                • jim says:

                  On the available evidence, it seems that she seduced him, he did not solicit her.

                  No one has presented any evidence he paid her for sex, though that being paid for sex was her career certainly makes it smell funny.

                • anonymous mouse says:

                  Okay, I’ll do what I did last time.

                  “Why do women misbehave? Why are men and women not getting sex and family?”

                  “5 They are feral, blindly following ancient instincts from prehistoric times, which instincts tell them to cruise for rape by alpha male Chads, and to resist kicking-and-screaming all attempts to restrain them from pursuing alpha male Chads. Stable monogamy has always been a way to allow each man to own a woman so each man can start a family and raise a future generation for civilization’s survival. If women are emancipated, Miss Average will waste her youth, her beauty, and her fertility fucking Mister One in Thirty, thus a people, a race, a nation, a faith, or an empire that emancipates women will perish for lack of families, leading to lack of sons. Men have to impose stable monogamy on women with a stick.”

                  (I actually believe this btw)

                  > The charge was not paying off a blackmailer. The charge was failure to report a campaign contribution (which charge was well past the statute of limitations applicable to campaign contributions at the time.)

                  > So the claim that had to be proved was that it was a campaign contribution, because it was a business expense of his campaign.

                  > The law was retroactively changed specifically to make this a crime for which one can be jailed. They passed a retroactive law targeted at Trump and only Trump. And they still do not have a case.

                  > Explain what he was convicted for. Sleeping with porn stars is not a crime. Paying off a blackmailer is not a crime. Blackmail is a crime. Explain the legal rationale for convicting him. What did he allegedly do that made his actions a crime.

                  > And lead with a thought crime. Then explain what Trump is allegedly guilty of.

                  I don’t think you’re reading my posts closely. You’re not responding to what I wrote. I acknowledge everything you wrote, in fact my points depend on all those facts. Trump was convicted for supposedly falsifying business records in order to violate federal campaign-finance laws. The NDA money was supposedly a campaign expense.

                  My point is that Trump’s defense was shit. The hush money was legal, bonking a pornstar is legal. And everyone knows it happened. So there’s no reason to deny any of it. Trump’s defense weren’t focused on the fact that the prosecution can’t prove that Trump intended to violate campaign finance law. They didn’t go with the best defense, which is as you say: paying hush money to a whore isn’t illegal, and NDA money doesn’t count as a campaign expense. Instead they insisted that Trump can’t be guilty of violating campaign finance law because he didn’t reimburse Cohen, which is blatantly false.

                  Obviously the court was rigged in many ways, but it’s clear that Trump’s defense was a disaster. I can only conclude that Trump preferred a conviction to being forced to admit his sexual liasons.

                • jim says:

                  Your account of the trial is false. He did not confirm nor deny any of the non crimes, nor confirm nor deny that he reimbursed Cohen. He denied that he discussed it as a campaign issue with a blatantly perjurious witness, whom he had fired for theft and disloyalty, and with whom he had absolutely no reason to discuss it.

                  I have re-whitelisted you.

                  The whole case turned on Trump’s state of mind, and the whole evidence for his state of mind was an improbable discussion with a blatantly perjurious witness, and his defence was entirely a matter of exposing the unreliability of that witness. His defence was completely truthful (as far as anyone knows), competent, and utterly devastated and completely shattered the prosecution’s case.

                  The state had to prove his state of mind, concocted blatantly, carelessly, and incompetently fabricated evidence for his state of mind, and he denied that evidence. He did not deny any of the things we know, or reasonably suspect, that he actually did. In particular, did not deny, nor confirm, the reimbursement.

                  His lawyers disputed that the reimbursement of the blackmail payment was a campaign contribution, though only Trump, and perhaps Melanie, knows the truth. And, on the balance of probability, improbable under the circumstances at that time that it was a campaign contribution. More likely a warm bed contribution.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Well the important thing to understand is that if everyone involved in that fake trial doesn’t take the plane trip to Australia soon we are going to be taking the plane trip to Australia.

            • Mister Grumpus says:

              That they’re even going through with this AFTER Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself is just amazing to me.

          • Red says:

            They won’t be able to stop themselves from bragging about killing him. Fuck they bragged about rigging the election in major media stories.

    • Aidan says:

      Behold Thermidor


      Looks like the A team is getting ready to purge the B team. Astounding that Erik Prince has no conception of operational security

      • Cloudswrest says:

        I would be worried about being “Prigozhin’ed”.

      • anonymous mouse says:

        This is literally 100% normal. Erik Prince and his friends are big neocons, the New Republic is a leftie mag. That the latter is going after the former is profoundly unsurprising.

        • Aidan says:

          Who comprises thermidor if not giant neocons. The timing is when the mole in the gc decides to leak and speak into the megaphone

          • Dave says:

            650 in the group chat. It must be crawling with feds. No opsec. Didn’t anyone ever read the moon is a harsh mistress?

            • Aidan says:

              One hopes that Prince is not actually this retarded, and the big GC was a feeder for a smaller GC with actually trusted and aligned men, but if he is in fact this retarded, we’re fucked.

              • Fidelis says:

                Everything he’s ever said in public screams neocon aligned anyway; “The constitution says right here America must spend every drop of Appalachian blood to secure the Levant.” I haven’t seen anything that tells me he could be capable of spearheading a change in state religion by force.

                • Milosevic says:

                  I think it’s more a generational thing than anything to do with being neocon aligned. These people are psychologically incapable of viewing the problem facing them as they should.

                • jim says:

                  Thermidor is in large part neocons — Neocons are shocked to discover that the radicals were destroying US military capability, which rests on flyover country, rednecks, and white males.

                  So the thought of using flyover country, rednecks, and white males to nacker the radicals will naturally occur to them.

                  And, immediately following that thought, the next: If we mobilise flyover country, rednecks, and white males against the radicals, what are those people going to do next about neocons?

                • Fidelis says:

                  I don’t think it’s purely generational, I think the ability to see your own ‘religion’ is a very rare skill. He was raised in the cathedral, so he finds it hard to not see the world in the way he was socialized. I’ve brought this up before, I think the only cohort with a sufficient number of clear seeing people is very young, and it’s a result of the internet breaking the conditioning we’ve all been subject to. These types exist in older generations, but it requires a sort of genius that is rare. As a result I am far less optimistic for a near term turnaround. I expect the leftism to be brutally stabilized to some point between 1960 and 1990, or rivers of blood, but not 1660.

                • jim says:

                  > I expect the leftism to be brutally stabilized to some point between 1960 and 1990,

                  You cannot stabilise leftism. It has to go ever lefter, or die.

                  If you stabilise it at any point after 1820, it is going to die. Of course we might be ruled, like Soviet Russia, for a very long time by an dead but undead state religion, but such a system is inherently fragile against a live religion.

                • Fidelis says:

                  What do you call France after Napoleon? Rome under Augustus was essentially a stabilized leftism, hence the emperors looking less and less like the founding stock in very short time. If we’re talking religion, it still took three centuries until Constantine arrived. Christianity isn’t exactly lively, lukewarm Churchianity is. Eventually those that manage biblical lifestyle will outnumber the rest, but it will take generations. I don’t see the energy and drive to take civilization back anywhere but on the fringe of the fringe. Once the grills are working again in the mainland, people will be generally happy with early 1960s ‘dead’ leftism, and our ideas will be even more fringe.

                  My prediction is that vitality returns when the empire is too weak to supress the natural warrior adventurers, and those vital among them manage to take land in far away unmanaged lands, and being warriors naturally come to recongize and reimplement Nature. Not from within but from without. Until war returns, war where the people fighting are also the ones who have to govern afterwards, we end up with a communal bughive under excellent management.

                • jim says:

                  > What do you call France after Napoleon?

                  Anglosphere leftism, descended from the Brownists. French leftism, descended from the false popes of Avignon, died and stayed dead.

                  Similarly, Soviet leftism was replaced by Postmodern leftism. Putin has rejected this, and tried to stabilise somewhere in the middle. The turbulence with Wagner, warriors of Holy War, suggests this is not working out. I remarked at the time “From such men, Kings may come.”

                  Putin depends on oligarchs, buddy relationships with powerful, and frequently corrupt, men. Cynicism and pragmatism will not hold a state together. Putin, like Hitler after the night of the long knives, keeps zigging left and zagging right, like a tightrope walker wobbling. Putin seems to driving a very wobbly course towards 1930s leftism, which did not work out well last time it was tried, and it was tried back when it was live, and now it is dead.

      • Anon says:

        unf**king believable, and this guy was supposedly the opsec guy , with the new fancy “secured” phone.
        either a fed or retard.

  5. Too Many Apologists For Islam says:

    Still not a single person anywhere talking the Truth About Islam…
    Oh they fairly screech about Israel and the US and NATO…
    But still NO ONE is brave enough to speak cold hard TRUTH about Islam…

    • jim says:

      Obviously I speak the truth about Islam — reflect on my debate with a genuine old type Mohammedan.

      But I am not allowing people who hate us and intend much greater harm to us than Mohammedans, and are doing far more harm to us than Mohammedans are, to rant about Islam. If you want to rant about Islam, pass the shill test described in the moderation policy and get white listed.

      I promise to show anything that begins with clear thought crime. Or even a refutation of thought crimes that makes it clear what the thought crime is that you are refuting, for it is forbidden to know what is forbidden.

      If an illegal immigrant commits a violent crime, it is normally ignored. If arrested, he gets a couple of months. Murders in New York city are being simply ignored. If a Mohammedan commits a violent crime motivated by Islamism, he gets a few years, and is put on a watch list. If a Christian owns some guns for home defence that the state can somehow argue are illegal, he gets ten years.

      In consequence of this, we have insignificant violence by Islamists, and massive violence by worshippers of the old Gods of Mexico.

      And I am not interested in hearing what someone who is strangely unable to notice this has to say about Islam.

      • Cloudswrest says:

        Speaking of the truth about Islam, in Mannheim today a mostly peaceful Mohammedan attacked fully peaceful nationalist protestors with a knife. Nationalist protesters defended themselves and restrained the mostly peaceful Mohammedan. Cops came to the Mohammedan’s rescue and pinned the nationalist protestors on the ground. Whereupon the mostly peaceful Mohammedan stabbed the cop in the neck from behind. Afterward cops shot the now perhaps mostly dead Mohammedan.

        Interestingly, cops only shot him after he stabbed another cop. Not while he was stabbing fully peaceful nationalist protestors.


        • jim says:

          Not something the many shills shilling war with Islam now that I keep silently suppressing are likely to talk about, because it would point to the enemies that they keep pointing away from. In particular would point at those particular Jews that they decline to name every time they say “Name the Jew”.

          The shills shilling war with Islam now that I keep silently suppressing are mostly from Tel Aviv — those guys don’t say “Name the Jew”. The rest of them are neocon shills, and those guys do say “Name the Jew”, or equivalent. Which is interesting because the neocons are Jews. The Tel Aviv shills think the alt right and the Christian Right should support Israel and support conscripting american rednecks to die on the desert sands for Israel. The neocons shills are mostly saying “Look at any enemy who does not resemble us”. They are throwing $#!% at the wall to see what sticks.

        • Cloudswrest says:

          Interestingly, Twitter won’t let you look at that tweet unless you are logged in. Otherwise it literally lies and says, “Hmm…this page doesn’t exist. Try searching for something else.”

  6. Varna says:

    Off topic: rational choice of where to downshift in Russia for the enthusiasts toying with the idea. Woke up today and wrote a longpost summary on this question that has been coming up like weekly, so while I myself wouldn’t, at least for now, here’s my take.

    Climate: The Ural mountains are an enormous wall cutting through the country from the polar regions to the south. East of those mountains lies Siberia. West of those mountains is the European part of Russia. Climate-wise, one wants to be West of the Ural, in the European part. Also, ones wants to not go too much north. North of Moscow, Scandinavian weather begins, north of St Petersburg, polar weather begins. Unless one is into a grim frost-bitten trv kvlt lifestyle, stay south of St Peterburg and west of the Ural. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Climate_of_Russia

    Ethnic composition/cultural environment: The Russian Federation is made up of over 80 constituent states called Oblasts, Federal republics, and Autonomous regions. The Oblasts are the Slavic orthodox states; the Federal Republics are mostly Turkic or Mongoloid states of Mohammedan or Buddhist ways; the Autonomous Regions are states given over to nomadic proto-Amerindians and tend to be permafrost wastelands. You want the Slavic orthodox Oblasts, and also preferably one in the European heartland and not directly on the border with another European country, in these powder keg times. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Federal_subjects_of_Russia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Federal_districts_of_Russia

    Crime: The high-homicide oblasts and cities are mostly east of the Ural mountains and/or in the ethnic Federal Republics, so just don’t go there. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_federal_subjects_of_Russia_by_murder_rate

    Wages: Look at the wages there in rubles https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Russian_federal_subjects_by_average_wage and convert them online to current usd (as opposed to purchasing parity mumbo jumbo on wikipedia). An affordable Slavic Orthodox heartland oblast such as Ivanovo has an average wage of $390 dollars. With this monthly amount you’re middle class. Examples of European heartland very affordable Slavic oblasts: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ivanovo_Oblast; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tambov_Oblast; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kostroma_Oblast; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oryol_Oblast; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Penza_Oblast; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kirov_Oblast; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ulyanovsk_Oblast; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saratov_Oblast;
    Governments prefers the average wage figures because they are prettier. Closer to reality is the median wage, and the actual average wave is the modal wage. If the hypothetical average wage is say $390, then the median wage will be like $350, and the modal wage – $300. So anything from $390 and up will be actual middle class in that place.

    Types of settlements: Towns over 50K in population will generally have what one needs in terms of healthcare, cultural activities, shops, eating out, overall infrastructure and quality of life. For something out of the ordinary, one goes to the state capital. Or lives in the state capital to begin with, as this will be the place with the best hospitals, theaters, universities and such in the whole state. Once an oblast has been put into a shortlist, check out the capital and the other towns and cities in it. Frequently youtube can help.

    Money logistics: Make sure that you are certain your income flow from abroad will go via a route unaffected by western sanctions. This research is very important.

    Entering society: If your income is already OK, then just teach English at some place a few days a week. Sign up to learn an instrument. Sign up to learn Russian. Take dancing lessons. Go to the gym, the swimming pool. Maybe maintain a witty positive blog about life there.

    • Varna says:

      Addendum: There are also three federal republics inhabited by proto-Finns and proto-Hungarians who didn’t continue migrating onward west, and four federal republic of proto-Bulgarians, who also didn’t continue migrating onward west.

      The proto-Hungarian/Finn republics

      The proto-Bulgarian republics
      https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bashkortostan (Mohammedan, river people, chill)
      https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tatarstan (Mohammedan, river people, chill)
      https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kabardino-Balkaria (Mohammedan, mountain people, very mixed with other local mountain tribes, too “Checheny” perhaps to be of any use to downshifting westerners)

      Overall these also, especially the proto-Hungarians, and the one Christian proto-Bulgarian state, are likely to be quite OK places.

      There’s also another republic of Finns – the Karelians – and with a 85% Slavic population to boot, but it neighbors Finland proper so the climate should be self-evident. And also, of course, maybe a dangerous place to be if NATO-RF tensions heat up over there. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Republic_of_Karelia

      • Mayflower Sperg says:

        I visited one of those republics. The people were friendly and teaching jobs were available, but all the non-Russian flags, non-Russian signage, and monuments to non-Russian gods made me uncomfortable — must every town and village have two names? So I settled in an oblast instead, where I only have to learn one language.

        There were riots in Bashkortostan a few months ago, ostensibly to protest toxic runoff from a gold mine, but things turned separatist right quick. No doubt Victoria Nuland is scheming up a way to smuggle FPV drones to these places.

        • Varna says:

          Thanks for the on the ground info. Then it’s settled – heartland slavic oblasts.

  7. dharmicreality says:

    Some more “boring business news”, news that tend to get under the radar, especially considering the hot topics of the day in the West – Israel/Palestine and Russia/Ukraine, but all indicative of overall trend of geopolitical developments.

    Bharat is actually increasing the export of machine parts to Russia – will the West sanction us next?


    There is no let up in import of oil either, as Reliance has signed a Ruble payment deal with a Russian oil company.


    This seems a pretty big deal: visa-free tourism between Bharat and Russia by the end of 2024?


  8. Sher Singh says:

    There are some misunderstandings about how and when lactose tolerance (lactase persistence) developed among Europeans. So here is a quick thread to simplify and summarise what is currently known.

    -Yamnaya did NOT invent dairying. Dairying began in the Near East and was practiced in Neolithic Europe too.
    -Yamnaya and related herders were the first population to develop lactase persistence (adult ability to digest raw milk) over 5000 years ago BUT other people still consumed dairy products anyway!
    -Even the Yamnaya were MOSTLY lactose intolerant! But nearly all samples tested showed evidence for dairy consumption.
    -They didn’t just drink raw milk, they ate cheese and yoghurt which is easier for lactose intolerant people to digest
    -Most of the milk they used did NOT come from cows but rather sheep and they even milked their horses too
    -SO when did Europeans become so lactose tolerant? Around 95% in some regions today?? 1/2


    See new posts
    Tom Rowsell
    May 26
    There are some misunderstandings about how and when lactose tolerance (lactase persistence) developed among Europeans. So here is a quick thread to simplify and summarise what is currently known.

    -Yamnaya did NOT invent dairying. Dairying began in the Near East and was practiced
    Show more
    Tom Rowsell

    -Around 2000 years later, in the Late Bronze Age, lactase persistence had still only reached 20% in Britain and was not dominant anywhere else either
    -During the Celtic period after 800BC it suddenly rises to 50% in Britain, while Celts on the continent remain only 10-15%. Britain was by far the MOST lactose tolerant region in the world at this time
    -It continues to rise to 75% in Britain over the Iron Age and this process coincides with people getting lighter and lighter skin.
    -The same process happened in Scandinavia at a later date such that Scandinavia is the most lactose tolerant region today.
    -In both cases the sharp rise must be attributed to selection pressures relating to scarcity of alternative food resources (famine due to crop failure?) during which time the ability to digest dairy more easily was a matter of life or death.
    -In conclusion, populations in which the majority of adults can digest raw animal milk have only existed for around 2500 years, and the first ever were the British Celts.

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:


      The only people who use this term are professional pole-smokers.

      • jim says:

        Why not call the Aryans the Aryans?

        This is a good shill tell, but we already knew Sher Singh to be a shill.

        Our masters, for some reason which I do not follow, want to believe lactose tolerance evolved late, though this makes little sense, since we have lots of evidence the aryans considered the stereotypical female job and activity to be milking. Maybe lactose tolerance did evolve late. I don’t know. But I do know not to trust the latest scientific discover what what is politically correct.

        • anonymous mouse says:

          It’s entirely possible for a group of people to consume lots of dairy while still having a low rate of lactase persistence. Mongolians are like this. Mongolian herders get 30-50% of their calories from milk products even though they are 95% “lactose intolerant”. They ferment milk with starter cultures that contain lots of lactose digesting bacteria, so their gut microbiomes are well-adapted for dairy consumption.

          We have evidence that early Aryans consumed lots of dairy ( https://www.nature.com/articles/s41586-021-03798-4 ), and the European lactase persistence allele, which is also present in northern India and Pakistan, originated with them. Nevertheless, Aryan populations did not have a very high rate of lactase persistence in the Early Bronze Age ( https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/32888485 ), so it’s likely that they didn’t drink all that much raw milk and consumed cheese/yogurt/fermented products instead. And then there was heavy selection pressure in Europe for the ability to drink raw milk. Lactose tolerant people get more calories from milk than lactose intolerant people, so that’s probably the reason.

          I’m not sure what is politically correct about all of this.

          • jim says:

            Yes, I have read the same science results — and very possibly they are true. But something about them tells me that the scientific community wishes they were true.

            Background: When the Aryans conquered, it was generally males conquering, killing the men and taking the women. Mechanism seems to be the older males sending off the younger males for conquest so that they could hog the local women.

            But there was also a tradition, traceable to some early Aryan conquerors– not all Aryans but certainly some of them, of monogamous marriage, and these tended to commit total genocides. And, by a strange coincidence, we see today highest level of lactose tolerance in groups descended from these most thoroughly genocidal Aryans – among people who have both pontic steppe Y chromosomes and Pontic steppe mitochondrial chromosomes.

            Pontic steppe mitochondrial chromosomes are also politically incorrect. They have totally disappeared from the literature, and earlier literature on them has become strangely inaccessible.

            This is related to the hot topic of which presently existent speakers of Indo-European are the most pure Aryan — which is a topic with an ill defined answer because the Aryan conquests were in large part carried out by groups that that had were descended from the original Aryans in the male line, and married foreign women generation after generation, while continuing to have Aryan language, the Aryan culture, and the Aryan way of life.

            So, if you class such a group as Aryan, because they travelled large distances, conquered, and imposed their culture and faith, there are a whole lot of people in the world as Aryan or more Aryan than I am. If you class such a group as mixed, rather fewer.

            We are now getting a whole lot of DNA evidence from old skeletons about the Aryan dispersion, a huge amount of evidence. And people are sitting quiet on what it means. It is a window into a dramatic period of pre history. It tells a whole lot of big stories about big events. And official science is getting strangely quiet about those big events. So when it tells me that lactose tolerance developed late, I ask how come you are not telling me all the other things it tells?

            • Oog en Hand says:

              One indication of monogamy could be ashvamedha, in which the queen, note: THE queen, (supposedly) had intercourse with a dead horse. But that could be due to translation errors (insufficient knowledge of Sanskrit).

              Interestingly, Sanskrit is closer to Lithuanian than to Slavic languages, while Farsi is closer to Slavic languages than to Sanskrit. Palatalized velar becomes ‘sh’ in the first two languages, and becomes ‘s’ in the other two.

            • Ryan says:

              Do you watch Asha Logos? He has lots of videos about Aryan lineages and migrations, although I’m not enough of an expert to check if it’s all accurate. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with a somewhat idealized and mythologized origin though, if it’s inspirational and gives an identity spanning millennia.

              • jim says:

                I did not know of him. Thanks the for the link.

                He provides the sixty thousand foot picture better than anyone. Yes. Demons, whether they be literal or figurative. He lacks detailed information content, providing little fragments of detailed information, but has the great strength of putting them in perspective from sixty thousand feet.

                Money is not the ultimate goal. Degeneracy and destruction is the goal.

                How come he is still allowed on Youtube? I guess our enemies do not understand. He goes over their heads.

                He has a big white pill: We have better people than they do.

                • Contaminated NEET says:

                  If we have better people, why do they always win?

                  At bare minimum, they had much better people than we did in decades past, but their replacements and descendants have degenerated. It’s possible that we have the better people now, but that has not yet been demonstrated.

                • jim says:

                  It simply obvious. Consider for example Hillary Clinton — dumb as a post, grossly out of contact with reality.

                  If they have people of reasonable competence and intelligence, point to one of them.

                  Kissinger was very smart. All the remaining smarties are pushing ninety.

                • jim says:

                  > If we have better people, why do they always win?

                  It is not a fair fight. They have the apparatus of the state, we do not.

                  There is always a state religion, and those that do not subscribe to the state religion are never allowed into state or quasi state office. That is the way it always has been, and always will be. When a state religion dies, the convulsions are apt to be dramatic, and the state is apt to vanish.

                • The Cominator says:

                  The last time the Cathedral actually was run by intelligent people was in the early to mid 1960s when their advancement was based on strict IQ testing.

                • skippy says:

                  Their main advantage has always been cohesion, not intelligence, but they used to be high intelligence, high cohesion, and now they look medium intelligence, medium cohesion. Notice people like Kissinger can remain relevant into their 90s rather than being elbowed out.

                • Ryan says:

                  Some of his stuff was removed from youtube so there is more on bitchute. He’s very careful about what he says so maybe the censors are incapable of reading between the lines. He’s basically part of the ‘esoteric right’ who like Evola and have some level or belief in one or more fringe ideas like races emerging as a reincarnation of a pervious race-soul. His fans all want healthy and racially or ethnically homogenous societies dedicated to prosperity and high culture, so they are natural allies. There is a lot of diversity and disagreement about religion and political policies, and they aren’t as smart on average as the posters here, although the ceiling in the same with a lower floor. They are more suited to cultural production of propaganda and are focused on the united asesthetic and spiritual aspects, while here it’s about theory and testing for practical stuff including women and geopolitics.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  A bacterium isn’t very smart, but they can very well kill you dead.

                  The larger the scale of coordination, the easier it becomes to hack. It’s easy to make rubble piles; having things that exist in order for it to be possible to turn them into rubble in the first place, that is hard.

            • FrankNorman says:

              That the biological sciences are being held hostage to, and being corrupted by, Political Correctness is a thing I knew already. Seen it for years.

              Take an obvious, simple example: how important are the frontal lobes of the human brain?
              We know the answer: very important, as that area is the seat of higher mental function, learning, impulse control, abstract thought, etc etc.
              But… that part of the brain is also the part that is, on average, substantially larger and more developed in white people than on most non-whites (and in black Africans in particular) and also more developed in males than in females.
              And the implications of those facts, we all know.

              But to the Politically Correct, this is all problematic and triggering and not-okay. Being utterly insincere themselves, they would respond by accusing us of similar insincerity, of saying such things because we just hated blacks and women for no reason at all.
              That we do not hate blacks or women, but just consider them mentally inferior on average to white men, is what Jim calls Thoughtcrime to them.
              The blastdoors slam down in their minds, and the angry accusations of bad intent come out.

              So it came as no surprise to me, when I encountered people who claimed to be knowledgeable in human biology, but who seems to need to deny, deny, deny that the frontal lobes of the human cerebrum were really all that important or needed, let alone being central to what makes men different from apes.
              The unspoken elephant in the room of course, being the need to not make black people feel bad.

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          The tendency here is consonance with the more general tendency of baizuos for historical truncation. Eg, “everything about you, your ‘people’, your society, your ways of life, are all recent historical contingencies”. Divorcing targets from any sense of ’embeddedness’ in the world; “the traditional forms that you thought reflected basic truths of Creation are actually just mirages that were invented yesterday”, “you are not the scion of an ancient legacy so you have no reason to feel attached to things that would empower you that would interfere with my program to disenfranchise you – atomize, disperse, and fall into ennui already”, and so on.

  9. Rhocoin says:

    Perhaps if you did Rhocoin, you would have Liberty, instead of an Unfree World.

    • jim says:

      The urgent important problem that crypto currency has to solve is privacy and scaling.

      And the biggest part of privacy that no one has yet addressed is a privacy social net. We need to pass the transaction metadata over the same private channel as the transaction data, to avoid transaction metadata leaks.:

      Bob publicly posts that he can supply such and such. Carol privately replies end to end encrypted that she wants such and such, with something that looks something like an ebay shopping cart: Bob replies with something human readable that looks like a supermarket receipt or ebay checkout. Carol replies by clicking on “confirm and pay”,

      And the transaction with its metadata is recorded in each parties immutable append only journal, with a common hash identifying the transaction in both journals.

      At present no one wants to use their wallet for transactions, because of the user hostility of copying a string of cryptographic gibberish from some place in the transaction metadata channel, to some place in wallet. Thus we both leak private metadata, and we chase away end users.

      But cannot solve it just by creating a currency that is private and scales, because scaling is not a competitive advantage over ten thousand scamcoins, five thousand shitcoins, and two dozen altcoins, until you reach a market capitalization of thirty billion dollars, which is when scaling started to bite bitcoin in 2016-2017

      So, the path is to create a privacy social net tool first. A tool where you can securely have public and private conversations without your IP being discoverable. Bitmessage done right.

      A Dao that facilitates stuff done wth crypto currency, such as Bisq and Particl, needs such a social tool, and what they have is rather broken.

      A Dao can organize over such a tool in ways that flagrantly fail the Howey test. Which is to say, it can openly organise in a way that is efficient and transparent to investors, a sovereign corporation, while existing daos are dancing around the Howey test, and so are opaque and disorderly.

      So, create, not a crypto currency, but an environment for such Daos. Among them daos for trading crypto currency. A Dao that facilitates crypto currency transactions needs a trade currency and dao ownership currency (substitute for shares). These are apt to be one and the same, to obfuscate the Howey test, but they need not be and probably should not be.

      There are a whole lot of capabilities that a crypto coin needs — and we see that even in things that are well funded by many large corporations, these things are geneally missing.

      Blockstream does not have a satisfactory lightning wallet, and their business plan depends on the existence of a satisfactory lightning wallet. Litecoin has demonstrated atomic exchange between Bitcoin, bitcoin lightning, Litecoin, and litecoin lightning, but does not have a dao in which to do it. Particl is not quite working, and Bisq lacks important things and still, after alll these years, has known major bugs which can cause the loss of lots of money.

      Blockstream’s aqua is sort of a lightning wallet, and sort of not. It is not quite what they need, and lack. And very few people are using it. It is not really a proper connection to the lightning network. It is what they could come up with in a hurry.

      This stuff is hard and takes a long time to write.

      My initial business plan was: Plan A: Issue a private and scalable currency –> ????? –> profit

      Revised business plan. Plan B: Issue a privacy social net that conceals IP addresses. Bitmessage does this OK, but it is abandonware and mighty rough around the edges, and being written in python, really cannot be fixed. Large python projects accumulate such technical debt that only the original programmer can fix them, and become ever more fragile to minor, obscure, and seemingly irrelevant changes in their environment.

      Get early adopters to use it. One obvious use case is bitcoin mixing. We have mixers, but the social environments that made them usable have all been shut down.

      An important use case for bitmessage was selling services for crypto currency to people who did not want to reveal their IP address. This use case becomes a lot more convenient if we can lift cypto transactions on existing secure currencies (Litecoin and Monero) and semi secure currencies (lightning) into the communication channel, as nostr does a sort of mostly OK job of lifting lightning into the communication channel. First such use, following the footsteps of nostr tips.

      Get existing Daos to use it

      Get new Daos to use it. A Dao that wants to openly organise in an efficient manner transparent to investors is going to want a very private privacy blockchain on which to issue its shares.

      And then, it is back to plan A. (almost) A privacy blockchain on which anyone can issue a Daocoin. Or a shitcoin or scamcoin.

      Now make it a fully scalable privacy coin. On which people can issue Tether or Liquid level two bitcoin.

      • white bread says:

        >Blockstream does not have a satisfactory lightning wallet,

        Maybe because blockstream investors have their own agenda?

        As to the general problem of metada leaking, shouldn’t it be solved by a proper anonimity network? Something like Tor, but for real?

        • jim says:

          We know what Blockstream’s agenda is. They are not shy about telling us, and their actions are consistent with it.

          And a proper privacy mechanism for social media is exactly what I have been proposing for many years — Bitmessage done right.

          • Tema says:

            I only got into crypto like late last year, mostly BTC so far, but I don’t know much yet other than I don’t see a reason for anyone to have made or use “stablecoins”, or any coin that looks centralised like operated by a company. I see Ethereum but it looks more like it’s trying to be a way-too-complex and unfocused gamebox full of toys, than being money.

            Anyway, I thought BTC was just people maintaining Satoshi’s Bitcoin, but

            Blockstream looks like it’s involved with BTC, so what’s its “agenda”?!?

            • jim says:

              Blockstream operates two semi centralised stablecoins, one issued by Tether, and of fixed value relative to the dollar, and one operated by Blockstream itself, and of fixed value relative to Bitcoin, the L-BTC — liquid bitcoin.

              They are both capable of considerably more transactions per second than Bitcoin, and those transactions considerably cheaper than level one bitcoin. Hence “liquid”.

              It is a semiprivate coin — meaning Blockstream can track your money, but not everyone can track your money. Tether is blocked from using most banks, but holds its price stable at one dollar by buying and selling liquid bitcoin. Tether on Ethereum is fully traceable by everyone. Tether on Blockstream is fully traceable only by Tether and Blockstream.

              Blockstream sponsored, among other things, the privacy algorithm used in Litecoin. Litecoin mweb addresses are very difficult to trace. This privacy algorithm should be incorporated in Bitcoin, but it is not being incorporated. Which worries me.

              • Tema says:

                Why is privacy not being incorporated in Bitcoin?

                • jim says:

                  The value of Bitcoin comes from first mover advantage. And so, must follow the holy footsteps of Satoshi, founder, technomage, and prophet. Hence very conservative about introducing new cryptographic technologies.

                  These issues were raised when Bitcoin was still only a gleam in Satoshi’s eye. Solutions were proposed, but they were stupid solutions, and Satoshi rightly ignored them. Since then, we have found better solutions.

  10. Democrat Memorial says:

    Democrat Memorial Day worships fallen commies.

    Joe Biden tweets that he’s sucking George Floyd’s criminal cracked out nigger cock.

    Every US holiday Biden tweets garbage defiling and insulting the USA.


    And they’re covering up terrorists attacking Quantico.

    Fucking Marxists.

    • jim says:

      Allowing this obvious shill spam though, but be mindful that if the Thermidorean beat the radical left, we are next up on their list to be destroyed.

  11. Pax Imperialis says:

    Trump Trial Jury Box

    Sales, Investment Banker, Lawyer, Security Engineer, Teacher, Software Engineer, Lawyer, Retired Wealth Manager, Speech Therapist, E-commerce Company, Retailer, Physical Therapist.

    Isn’t it odd how the jury is disproportionately ‘educated’ (9 out of 12 appear to have degrees)? Isn’t it also odd how so many are politically correct ‘nice’ guy jobs where they must abide by current year curtsies?

    It’s pretty clear juries have been stacked, not that it will be a surprise to anyone here.


    The content of your posts deserve far greater recognition by the DOD types, but alas, far too much time is spent dodging accusations of thought crimes compared to development of actual military skills! Thought crime is treated far heavier than say negligent discharges on the range for example. NDs result in a simple ‘I’m disappointed in you’ talk and perpetrator gets to go back to shooting on the range the very next day. Thought crimes instantly brings in threats of investigation and separation. I’m told the reverse used to be true.

    • Democrat Trial Scam says:

      Doesn’t matter what their jobs and education is, other than most of the jobs are pussy jobs, and higher ed means longer time spent in Socialist Indoctination Camps.

      What matters is the entirety of all the White House, Judges, Prosecutors, Juries are Corrupt Trump Hating Lunatics residing in chosen Trump Hating Districts.

      Not only are they all false charges of non crimes with no victims, but they’re entirely coordinated political ops. Democrats are Socialists are Communists are Marxists… precisely ZERO of their ideology respects Law or Freedom or Truth.

      So Trump WILL be convicted of at least one FELONY.

      They will put him in PRISON.

      And Trump will WIN the election from prison.

      Somewhere in that timeline both the Revolution and the Civil War will start.

      As they say “Standing By”.

      If you’re not prepared for what could be coming, it would be wise to do so.

      • jim says:

        Allowing this through because though it looks like obvious shill spam, it is a Thermidorean shill, Team B, and suggests that Team B may have noticed that the radicals are heading into internal civil war simultaneously into external world war.

    • A2 says:

      “Sales, Investment Banker, Lawyer, Security Engineer, Teacher, Software Engineer, Lawyer, Retired Wealth Manager, Speech Therapist, E-commerce Company, Retailer, Physical Therapist.”

      Don’t most of these sorts of people normally slither out of jury duty with alacrity? Irresistible to take down the great orange one, I suppose.

    • Aidan says:

      Several of those positions, if occupied by white men in Manhattan, guarantee getting someone to the right of Genghis Khan

  12. Mayflower Sperg says:

    While browsing videos on forest management, I came across a surprisingly insightful discussion of demography, immigration, and how they affect the economics of daily life:


    Also, living part-time in Mexico, he says that word is getting around, at least among younger folks, that the USA is a shithole, don’t go there!

    • jim says:

      Similarly the median working class man in Malaysia, a typical “third world country”, has a much higher standard of living in every way than the median American male.

      The median american income, measured in Big Macs, has fallen by a factor of four since 1980. This is a huge drop in standard of living for most people.

      The economic analysis in your link reports higher specialisation of labor in Mexico, which would lead us to expect a higher standard of living. He attribuytes this to the population pyramid, but my analysis would be state coercion against small business, (licensing the handyman, destroying neighborhoods where workplaces, offices, and shops are intermixed with housing in favour of physical separation between homes and places that provide goods and services for those homes) has suppressed specialisation of labour, lowering productivity.

  13. white bread says:

    >What did Soros do to bring about the deaths of half a million Ukrainian Goyim?

    One of the things he did was bankrolling the so called “maidan revolution”, in reality a coup against the neutral and legitimate elected government of ukraine in order to replace it with a puppet of the US empire. I assume he, blinken, nuland and other chosen people have been planning the massacre of goyims both ukrainian and russian since way before 2014.

    • jim says:

      This also passes the shill test — but I was busy underneath my car, and you got frustrated waiting for me to attend to my moderation queue. Sometimes I do not get to it all that often, and it gets long, and when it is long, apt to silently delete everything.

    • Soros Family of Scum v Hitler says:


      • jim says:

        Telling us you really hate Soros a lot does not pass the shill test.

        Telling reasons for hating him of which he is clearly innocent does not pass the shill test.

        Telling actual reasons for hating him, talking about his enormous actual crimes, does pass the shill test.

        Tell us what he got up to in the Ukraine.

        Talking about those few bad things of which he is actually innocent is a smokescreen to call all criticism of him baseless anti semitism motivated by general hatred of Jews.

      • Soros Family of Scum v Hitler says:

        Soros fucks up shit in the world causing brotherly and neighborly peoples to kill each other… the ultimate evil disruptor profit opportunist jew… worse than banksters, and your “FEDeral Reserve”… you already said that, no need to repeat it.


        • jim says:

          > You already said that, no need to repeat it.

          I did already say that. But I also asked you to repeat it.

          I also checked a few of your links. Which were either dead or innocuous. Doubtless the dead links were hot stuff before they were taken down, but it would be more impressive if you linked to hot stuff that is hot right now. In general, all you tube links are dead, innocuous, or obvious fake edgy shill material, so linking to Youtube fails to impress. And if you do link to Youtube, check before posting because if it is any good, it goes down really fast.

    • Soros Family of Scum v Hitler says:

      [*deleted*] you already said that, no need to repeat it.


      • jim says:

        I said that, but I am not going to let your Soros stuff through until you repeat it. What he did, and how many deaths he caused (well him, and Blinken, Nuland, and Kagan) Get into concrete specifics. The specific evils done by specific Jews in concrete ways — otherwise it sounds like “Evil Jewish thought rays cause everything bad”, which is the exact symmetric equivalent of “evil white thought rays cause blacks to underperform and kill people, and evil male thought rays cause female underperformance in the male sphere.”

        All you tube links are enemy links (or else swiftly taken down) and all Wikipedia links are enemy lies. Even if Wikipedia is reporting on a what ought to be a completely neutral topic like string theory, there are political lies. The non political facts about string theory will be adjusted to make sure that they don’t carry the political implication that Harvard is full of morons and science has gone post modern.

  14. Epimetheus says:

    Looks like Northrop Grumman is trying to bring back flak cannon air defense: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LmMarbPOLWw

    They’re able to get those gyroscope RCS things from satellites into progressively smaller artillery shells – down to 30 mm – allowing them to steer shells directly into drones and cruise missiles. Much cheaper and more numerous than air defense missiles. If this keeps going, within a decade we’ll have guided rifle bullets. You fire and hold the laser on the target and the bullet guides itself in, regardless of wind conditions and the like.

    The problem is still detection, though. No radar or thermal. I wonder if those microphone-based gunshot detectors could be programmed to pick up drone engine noise, and then optical image-recognition could take over targeting.

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      In a manner of fashion, that’s already being done. Across the steppes of eastern Europe one will find phones taped to poles (the stick kind, not the kurwa kind), calling in any time they hear a drone in the area.

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        What all players are still missing heretofore is truly implemented mobile ad-hoc networking capability for all assets in the battlespace. A troop on the border in Zaporyzhia picking up a cruise missile flying overhead on the way to Crimea should be able to instantly ping to an assets the next gridsquare over in the line of flight for interception, amongst many other use-cases.

        • Epimetheus says:

          Intriguing idea. Countering drone spam by spamming cheap drone detection. Perhaps armies will shoot thousands of cheap “microphone mines” miles ahead of their advance and link them in a distributed sensor network.

          Looks like an S-400 battery got wiped out by a 5-missile ATACMS salvo in Ukraine. Unless it’s edited, the video appears to show the battery touching off its missiles only moments ahead of being struck. Perhaps that super-maneuvering terminal phase those missiles do defeated previous defensive salvos.

    • FrankNorman says:

      ” You fire and hold the laser on the target and the bullet guides itself in, regardless of wind conditions and the like.”

      I see a problem with that. In battlefield conditions you almost certainly DO NOT want to be standing in one spot in Line Of Sight of what you are trying to shoot.
      What you need is to send off that bullet, then duck and move. Not have to keep painting the target.

      • jim says:

        This technology has become irrelevant, because everyone is hiding. The appropriate technology is a drone drops a bomb, and gives the bomb guidance.

        It is a lot easier for a drone to see stuff than some guy on a hill or in the ruins of a tower to see stuff. Everyone is still fighting for high places, and high places are still making a big difference. But they should not. They do not make much difference to men like White.

        The reason Russia and the Ukraine are stuck in a horrific war of attrition, with Western Europe about to join in, is that no one has yet realised that wars of mass cannon fodder are increasingly irrelevant. The time of aristocratic warfare has returned, and sooner or later an aristocratic army is going to clean up.

        • Karl says:

          I suspect that getting mass canon fodder killed is one of the primary objectives the West persues in this war.

          If by some miracle NATO wins this war, they’ll plot another war to get the men killed.

        • Mister Grumpus says:

          Please someone tell me that at least the Russian side is taking Mr. White’s example seriously. I imagine he’s committed a huge insult to the greater military-logistic establishment by winning without them in this way, but I hope there’s an upper-crust of people, with Mr Putin’s ear and confidence, who are taking very careful notes and running out there to meet him and get spoken to.

          Over here no one gives a fuck because getting goyim killed is the whole point of this, so winning without that is “cheating” in a way, but the Russian motivation is different, or so I desperately hope.

          That feel when you face genocide by your own rulership and your only hope is your enemy winning as soon as possible.

          • jim says:

            I see a lot of generals being fired Soviet style — one of them fired for losing too many men.

            Mostly the logistics guys — who I think are the real villains. Putin is bypassing the logistics establishment — and more important, purging them, in favour of the kind of people who privately supplied White with drones.

            The Russian military have always been slow learners, but war is a harsh teacher.

            The Russian government is less inefficient and more effectual than most governments, because the bureaucracy is accountable to the ruler. The Sovereign has to be capable of just up and killing important people, or the bureaucracy will run wild.

            Nonetheless it seems likely that a proper reform of the military is beyond what is imaginable to Putin.

            Charles the Hammer did not directly create aristocratic government. He had a militia army, concluded it was not very useful, and created an elite army, an army of the very best men with the very best equipment. Which became aristocratic government — rule by the best.

            The current performance of the US government is well modelled as directly run by demons. It is disastrously destructive and incapable.

            There is a perfectly empirical this worldly explanation of this empirical thgis worldly fact — that unaccountable bureaucracy will cease to do anything useful. Been known for over a thousand years.

            On the other hand, we keep seeing these videos where a senior member of the bureaucracy is talking to the press or to congress, and it looks like a demon wearing someone’s empty body as a skin suit, and the skin suit slipped momentarily.

            • Mister Grumpus says:

              Every time a squad of Russkies bum-rush a Ukrainian trench on disposable Chinese dirt bikes and golf carts, a Russian heavy logistics professional cries.

  15. white bread says:

    >What did Soros do to bring about the deaths of half a million Ukrainian Goyim?

    One of the things he did was bankrolling the so called “maidan revolution”, in reality a coup against the neutral and legitimate elected government of ukraine in order to replace it with a puppet of the US empire. I assume he, blinken, nuland and other chosen people have planning the massacre of goyims both ukrainian and russian since way before 2014.

  16. anonymous mouse says:


    Apparently daily marijuana use has now outpaced daily alcohol use in the US.

    Looks to me like TPTB have been pushing hard not just for the legalization, but also for the normalization of marijuana use. Seems to be a growing consensus among normies in the US that weed is better for you than alcohol, and that smoking weed erryday is healthier than having a glass of wine with dinner, which is of course completely absurd.

    Expect to see an uptick in psychosis and schizophrenia in the US.

    • Anonymous Fake says:

      There is no telling what “marijuana” actually even is now. I have a pet theory that Joe Rogan actually gave Musk some totally legal mystery weed, and the winks and nudges were all just a bluff to pull off a bit of placebo tailwind.

      But mystery weed for the proles is going to be genetically modified soy or some other sort of witchcraft. Poison.

      Not that real marijuana was ever good, but now it’s gone the way of history like the old tobacco variants that didn’t cause cancer.

    • A2 says:

      Medical mumbo-jumbo for degenerates.

    • Ryan says:

      I’ve never used it, and no respect for dudeweedbros.
      That said, it does look like there are legitimate medical uses for some cannabis compounds like CBD which can be used topically or systemically. Anything that can threaten pharma will be discouraged of course, while anything that harms or pacifies the population will be encouraged.

    • The Cominator says:

      The funny thing is that before the progressives banned weed there was virtually no demand for it. And then they still needed to astroturf a whole dude weed culture and also make it 1000x stronger… almost everyone from the 1700s till the 1960s preferred tobacco.

      Women were a lot better off (thinner happier more approachable) when the cancer sticks were their drug of choice. Yes there are probably some legit uses for CBD but that is a seperate issue.

  17. Bitcoin Rant says:

    I’m so fucking sick of all the lies and intimidation coming from nearly the entirety of the Bitcoin space.
    Let me say this once and for all and then people can ask or proffer commentary.

    Everyone who says that it can, is a fucking liar and a fraud.

    The math of the transaction rate per expected number of monthly active users (MAU’s) is dead in the water. Period. End of story.

    To get in a block, fees will explode beyond today’s $10 level, to $50, $100, $500, $1000, $3000… thereby pricing out all use cases for real P2P mode BTC. At $3k not even a $100k tx is better than swipe fees and taxes… PRICED OUT.

    You can’t do privacy coinjoins, because… PRICED OUT. And because no privacy, everyone will get KYC AML FINCEN FATCA FATF IRS WEF locked out social scored 1984 etc… it’s real fucking bad news coming. Especially since corp miners will be forced to comply, which is 90% of the mining power… your anon tx become unreliable, and your real-id tx become chattel slaves.

    And you’re priced out ultimately because 5tps is too fucking slow.

    That’s only 157 Million users PER YEAR, not even per month (13M, lol) or quarter (40M, lol).

    But it gets worse, much much worse…

    They say just use…

    Lightning Liquid Fedimint …

    Well those are all bullshit too because… you guessed it… FIVE (5) TPS MAX.

    These tx all take up much more space than a P2P tx, thus much higher fees as well.
    More space = less tps, so 7tps turns into 5tps (even less because of all the BTC NFT’s and BTC subcoins using its L1 datastore).
    And it is literally physically impossible for all the expected MAU’s to get into and out of these “layers” and rolled up settled to L1… you run out of space, time, and fees to handle them… an “economy” simply can’t run on 5tps. You can’t even get all of BTC’s tens of millions of currently held UTXO’s shoved off into these “tab” systems, it will take a decade worth of 5tps just to open all the channels. Nevermind trying to ever settle them out.
    Therefore these “tabs” systems will NEVER be able to settle out. And at that point the tab layers start choking and dying too. Even more than they are already choking and dying because you have to be online all the time to manage your tabs without losing money. And since claiming your money = rollup which you have no tps or money left to perform… you choke up, stall out, and freeze.
    Not only that, but Fedis are flat out balkanizers that destroy P2P.
    Along with all the other centralization and privacy and scalability and usage issues of these layers.
    You’re simply not getting even 100M MAU’s out of them, let alone a billion or two required MAU’s.

    It’s so fucking disgusting that they’re shilling these BTC + tab layers models as being able to handle tens to hundreds of millions of MAU’s, when it’s plainly evident they cannot and will crash and burn at those levels. These people are liars and frauds.

    It really seems like they’re just vested interests owned by corporate money.

    And notice how their narrative troll army tries to intimidate and shutdown every other L1 development project they can… reeks of Gov+Corp games.

    Anyhow, no time to go more, just know that the 1/10/100/1000M MAU math doesn’t work ultimately because the BTC L1 is limited to 5tps.

    I don’t claim to know a solution.
    But I’m observing people talking about hitting 5ktps to 50ktps on some L1’s now… 1000x nice.
    And people talking about using ZK to roll up or maintain various data… lots of new models there.
    I think the world is either going to develop a new technical solution, or will accept some minor deficiences, in order to get the necessary higher tps.
    And BTC as it stands today won’t win because it can’t stand losing face by changing.
    I actually think some anons will fork BTC’s UTXO set into a turnstyled continuance L1.
    Maybe by 2028 or so.

    What do you guys think?

    • jim says:

      Your points are valid. But you did not take the shill test, and I get no end of shitcoin scammers and federal reserve shills talking crap about bitcoin, so I am not whitelisting you, and your next post under this email is going to be silently deleted unread unless you take the shill test and lead with it.

      I get a lot of bitcoin spam from people who just don’t like crypto currency and therefore spread fear, uncertainty, and doubt, and from people who have some clever crypto currency scam that they hope to sell us.

      And now I will address your points: This issue was raised when bitcoin was just a gleam in Satoshi’s eye, and now it is starting to bite.

      A great many very smart people have been wrestling with this issue from the beginning, and now, at last, we have the solution. Recursive snarks. Which, disturbingly, is being implemented by Polygon for the Ethereum ecosystem in a way that very cleverly does a complicated elaborate evasion of the inherent privacy characteristics of snarks, and is not being implemented for the Bitcoin ecosystem.

      A lot of crypto coins claim a very fast transaction per second rate rate, for example Hedera, but they are in various complicated ways fake. with hidden centralisation under the hood. You can do considerably better than seven transactions per second, but just tuning up the consensus process to run faster does not really help that much unless you furtively abandon decentralisation.

      The current status of the scaling problem is that lightning, liquid, and liquid lightning probably suffice to scale for another few years, and in the coming year, or early 2025, Bitcoin is likely to go to $180 000 or so, and all other coins decline substantially relative to Bitcoin and in real terms, even if they rise at vastly more than the official rate of inflation. The median wage, when measured in Big Macs, has declined by a factor of four since 1980, a single man on the median wage can barely survive, let alone form a family, and I am seeing a huge amount of dire and desperate white poverty in America. The median working class man in a typical “third world country” such as Malaysia has a much higher standard of living in every way than the median American male. The recent war in the Ukraine has laid bare the Wests massive economic decline and fakeness of its CPI and therefore its GDP.

      Or, if the feds succeed with their plans to destroy fungibiliity, Bitcoin goes to nothing. They probably will not succeed, but I am seeing an alarming lack of alarm in the Bitcoin community. This is a more immediate threat than the scaling problem, which has, as you say, not been solved, but has been postponed for a few more years.

      In the long run, the solution for Bitcoin is clear. We now know how to solve this problem permanently and completely, but as yet no one is moving to solve it.

      • Mike in Boston says:

        Recursive snarks [are] being implemented by Polygon for the Ethereum ecosystem in a way that very cleverly does a complicated elaborate evasion of the inherent privacy characteristics of snarks

        Jim, can you elaborate on this? I would like to better understand how the use of snarks in Ethereum evades privacy.

        I was impressed enough by snarks to now be deeply in the red on ZCash, which I think was too early to the market, and hamstrung by its backers’ expectation that people would beat a path to their door to build usable front-ends, and so languished for years with no usable front-end.

        Possibly related, Chris Pacia, who worked on Bitcoin Cash and OpenBazaar, and who seems credible, has been alleging that Bitcoin is turning into a custodial coin. His upcoming snark-based smart contract platform, Illium, may be worth perusing.

        • jim says:

          They now have a snark based blockchain running.

          The transaction is submitted in the clear to the mempool as usual. The block is assembled in the clear, as usual. The block creator gets a block reward as usual. The miner then pays thousands of proof generators to create a proof, allowing the transactions to be discarded. Which requires making the transactions in the clear available in the pool, and visible to everyone, then in the block, and visible to everyone. Then they get discarded.

          The proofs should be generated by a peer adding a proof of his transaction, not the transaction itself, who then works with thousands of others to assemble the final proof of verification of all the proofs — the mining work should consist of generating the proof, and incentive for doing the work is that that is how you get your transaction in the block. We don’t need fees, and we don’t need block rewards. A block is the result of many peers cooperating to produce a single proof from many proofs. Maybe some peers will cooperate to produce a proof of one block, while other peers cooperate to produce a proof of a different block, in which case we follow Nakomoto consensu: Longest chain wins, and the chain that largest number of peers are cooperating on grows faster.

          Polygon’s proof generation pool renders their mempool and their mining process redundant.

          You can do it in lots of different ways, but the proof of a transaction should be what is submitted to the network, not the transaction itself.

          • Mike in Boston says:

            Thanks for the very clear explanation, Jim! So, a coin with a veneer of privacy, but still vulnerable to an actor with deep enough pockets to run a few nodes. Reminds me of the Tor exit nodes operated by actors with links to the deep state.

    • Anon says:

      “It really seems like they’re just vested interests owned by corporate money.”

      Shill flag , anytime anyone in crypto start whining about “corporate ” i immediately see red flag. It always the gov and gov tentacles .

      • Bitcoin Response says:

        [*fear, uncertainty, and doubt deleted*]

        • jim says:

          Please take the shill test described in the moderation policy and get white listed.

          If you are a cypherpunk, and not a fed, should be able to pass with flying colors.

          If white listed, you can say anything you like, but pointless to discuss attempt Bitcoin with someone shilling for federal reserve paper, because his script is written by someone else, and he will keep issuing what is on his script no matter what, making any real conversation about crypto currency impossible. The intent and effect being to drown out out and confuse any real conversation about crypto currency in general and Bitcoin in particular, and sow suspicion and hostility between the people developing and the above ground corporate entities funding development. Blockstream has funded some mighty good stuff. And even Polygon, which is guilty of all sorts of anti privacy stuff, and is powned by our enemies, has funded and published some worthwhile things.

        • Harry says:

          [*fear uncertainty, and doubt deleted*]

          • jim says:

            Edit: Oops. I screwed up. You did take the shill test. Sorry

            These are, in substantial part, valid criticisms of Bitcoin and the Bitcoin community. And I would love to debate them with someone capable of debating them.

            But I get the feeling that someone lifted valid criticisms of Bitcoin from genuine cypherpunk debates, turned them into a script without particularly understanding them, and gave the script to someone who know and cared less about Bitcoin than the the man who came up with the script.

            And that it is part of the same operation as getting old type Christians of one denomination to fight old type Christians of another denomination, and getting Muslims and Christians to fight each other.

            Take the shill test.

            • jim says:

              Oops. You did take the shill test.

              And I wrongfully deleted your criticisms.

              I am sorry. Please resubmit. It looked so much like all the others. I will be more careful about deleting Bitcoin rants — I tend to delete them on sight, because I have never found the ranter has any knowledge of Bitcoin, nor real interest in crypto currencies.

              The key problem that ranters do not understand is Metcalfe’s law and the cold start problem.

              If not for Metcalfe’s law, you could dilute away Bitcoin by creating ten thousand shitcoins, which operation has been under way without much effect.

              We have ten thousand shitcoins, a dozen genuine altcoins, and a handful of altcoins that pioneer some useful new technology. Litecoin pioneered lightning and segwit, which were later adopted, and is now pioneering the Hogex. It will necessarily be some time before Bitcoin adopts the hogex, assuming it does, which it probably will. Next up, after the Hogex, snarks, if all goes as it should. Which it may not.

              Worst case outcome, for lack of a Hogex, the state successfully destroys Bitcoin’s fungibility. In that case, Bitcoin is going down, and will deserve to go down.

              Conversation will be more profitable if you get a grip on Metcalfe’s law and the cold start problem.

              The problem with your rant is that coins do not, and should not, compete on equal terms. So the best coin does not win and should not win. If coins competed on equal terms, people could issue unlimited crypto currencies, and Bitcoin, and every crypto currency, would be diluted away. And Bitcoin is, and should be, deeply reluctant to include technological innovations. Observe the disaster than was runes.

    • Tyrone says:

      Rants are fun sometimes but my advice is to avoid emotions.

      Approach this soberly as a personal finance question.

      99.9% of people should hold 0-50% of their net worth in Bitcoin. Experienced speculators can play with fire and go short or +50%. There are a few other categories of people who can also exceed these bounds.

      But that’s the most important question.

      How much of this asset do you want to own? Approach the question with some detachment and return to it quarterly.

      No big deal. It’s another investment. Emotion won’t help you much.

      My personal thesis is that fiat is in trouble and bitcoin will catch up to gold. I think technical shortcomings are largely irrelevant until it gets much closer. I do keep an eye on the tech mostly for fun and speculation, but I don’t let myself lose sight of my thesis. Come up with your own thesis, or follow Jim’s with an amount you’re comfortable with.

      Make peace with that and then let your autism loose on TPS or political questions, but don’t spaz out and hold any more or less than you’re comfortable with.

    • Moen says:


      Ignoring the other speakers and other coins for the moment…

      Samson Mow, listening to him alone here, he is one perfect example of what the “Bitcoin ‘Community'” strangely cannot say and strangely cannot admit.

      Further, Mow is a smarmy lying weasel hiding a secret evil plan, and it’s not real p2p scalability.
      Lots of the Bitcoin Elite exhibit his dodgy twisty apologist language and other classic mannerisms.

      I agree with you on what this is about…
      Bitcoin cannot scale, and has no real prospects for doing so at the scales required.
      All BTC has to do is say and admit that simple honest fact to the users and investors and media, and then no one would have any problem with Bitcoin.

      And the number of people who do have a problem with Bitcoin is growing rather more rapidly now.

      For the record, I have serious reservations about the “purely big block” approach too.
      But this post is not about that either.

      • jim says:

        > Bitcoin cannot scale, and has no real prospects for doing so at the scales required.

        Satoshi’s design does not scale. We always knew that, when it was only a gleam in Satoshi’s eye.

        So, the Bitcoin accepted way of addressing this problem is to add additional layers. Notably the lightning layer and the liquid layer. This can work for quite a while, but it cannot work forever.

        The ultimate solution is do something like Polygon is doing for the Ethereum ecology. Recursive snarks. Until a short while ago, no one had any permanent and final solution to the scaling problem. And looking at the current state of recursive snarks, the ultimate and final solution needs a bit more work, but now we know in principle how to do it.

        • Moen says:

          > recursive snarks

          What videos do people recommend on this?

          What are its expected TPS rates?

          What are some of the coin projects that are roadmapping it such that their
          [presumably L1] coin would become a superior global Currency and SoV?
          And having all of the basic monetary properties that entails.

          > Satoshi’s design does not scale.
          > Bitcoin accepted way of addressing this problem is to add additional layers. Notably the lightning layer and the liquid layer. This can work for quite a while, but it cannot work forever.

          Then by definition… since it “does not scale”, and their L2’s “cannot work forever”, and since “a while” is maybe only good for at most 7 more years until it too collapses under weight of usage, (just as L1-P2P mode only lasted 7 years before global usage blew that out too)… then by definition, why are Bitcoiners refusing to admit that their extant “layers” are in fact non-workable solutions, thus should not be “accepted” by any sane and honest person.

          You admit to that, so why don’t they?

          I do not understand why Bitcoiners are lying to the public about such plainly obvious and true critical assessments about the state of BTC’s ability here. And about how drastically limiting the “layers” usage constraints are compared to the L1-P2P mode. For example, they almost NEVER mention that you have to be inconveniently and unworkably online to transact L2 with sender and recipient. And that settling out is and will become a nightmare and prohibitively costly. Etc.

          All they say is “Just use Lightning, it’s great, solves everything, I used it yesterday to buy a cookie :)”

          I get that Bitcoiners are hoping that they can prop up and maintain the value of their bags until someone finds, or allows, an actual solution.

          But why are they lying about the current state of what L1 BTC can and cannot do, and about what all their current L2 “layers” and proposals can and cannot do?

          Many of these BTC Elites sound like used car salesmen trying to get (and keep you) in a car that your honest mechanic would have already itemized and written off for you. We’re talking BTC here, which is supposed to be the most trusted coin of all.

          Even podcasters are publicly pointing out their embarassing lies, yet they continue to lie.


          Just admit it and reap the rewards from being truthful.

          My guess is there was a deal made early on with at least some faction of the BTC camp… you can have your BTC, and keep your bags, so long as it trends centralized, and never gets privacy. And we will help you shill and embed that flavor, up to and including via filing and approving ETF’s.

          I think something like this is obvious if you look at how the BTC Elites are strangely NOT saying anything much about real Privacy, or real P2P performance, anymore at all, at how they stopped saying anything about them post-2016/7 or so.

          And how and why did BTC, which was supposed to continue becoming the “cypherpunk” pure global P2P CryptoCurrency and SoV, get twisted off path into supporting space and TPS wasting Meme NFT’s and “smart” shit like every other shitcoin does before it dies.

          Then sure, maybe crypto as a whole (but not BTC) wised up to and continued to escape them and their plan after say 2021 or so.

          With exactly some of the ZK, DAO, and other ideas people have mentioned.

          > $180k

          I still tell people BTC, but always include big caveats re ongoing limitations vs what the future needs, and potential competition.


          • jim says:

            2016-2017 is when we hit the the long predicted and much expected scaling limit. Bitcoiners tend to own a lot of Bitcoin. We don’t want to talk about bad news. And until the development of recursive snarks, which is still a technology under development with a whole lot of rough edges, there was no good solution that could bring us to scale to replace Visa

            And now the scaling limit is starting to bite Lightning, with high and unpredictable level one fees causing a reduction in the number of channels.

            Blockstream have a workaround, lightning on liquid, call it level three, and have now deployed it — the Aqua wallet. Which is troublingly centralised and not very private. You are not leaking information on the blockchain, it is wonderfully private in that regard, by far the best normie friendly wallet for privacy against blockchain analysis, but you are leaking information to your wallet provider.

            Blockstream have been very mindful about privacy from government analysis of the blockchain. Not so much about privacy from Blockstream.

            Blockstream’s level two or level three solution can scale to a much bigger Bitcoin. Should continue to work to Bitcoin passing gold, with one Bitcoin being worth a million to ten million dollars, and one satoshi being worth one cent to ten cents. At which point everyone will be using liquid lightning, and only giant corporations will have lightning on the base chain.

            When you are thinking about problems that will happen after Bitcoin passes a million dollars or so, the million dollars tends to block your vision, and you are apt to forget about the problems.

            This can be fixed, and there is time to fix it. Albeit no much time.

          • jim says:

            Recursive snarks are still mostly a gleam in the developers eye, so there is no hard data available. Polygon has coin out, which sucks, and unless they cheat by covert centralisation (which they are doing) its tps is not much higher than bitcoin. This is because they are using a complicated and too clever by half anti privacy algorithm, which severely limits their tps.

            But the enormous strength of recursive snarks, which Polygon intends to utilise in its aggregated blockchain, is that they enable sharding. Which means no tps limit. If you have a million peers, then sharding gives you almost a thousand times the tps as a thousand peers. The more peers you have transacting, the more transactions you can process. You can have ten billion peers each generating transactions at a substantial fraction of their bandwidth limit.

            As yet, nothing is out that genuinely does this — but we know how to do it, and Polygon is planning to do it for the Ethereum ecosystem.

      • Tyrone says:

        Moen can you elaborate on the evil secret plan?

        The video you link ends with a shouting match between Craig Wright and Vitalik, so it’s hard to ignore them. Ver, Wright and Vitalik, three very different types of autism appealing to very different crowds. If SBF was up there it would have been the full spectrum practically.

    • Bitcoin Pumpers says:


      No amount of techno-cool viz and music by a coin’s maxi-hype team
      will ever make up for the P2P untransactability of any given coin.

      If you don’t have a global P2P txrate accessible by and for
      prospective MAU’s at scale, you don’t have a usable coin.

      This will become punishingly clear over the next few years.

      95% of coins will fall off the chart in favor of those that do.

      • jim says:

        Bitcoin hit its scaling limit in 2016-2017. Lightning still has capacity, but high level one fees have ended growth in the number of lightning channels, so it is going to hit its scaling limit soon. And we are very soon going to be facing vastly increased demand for transactions.

        Blockstream’s plan is to use the layer two bitcoin blockchain, Liquid, to take over from SWIFT. Liquid can handle a lot of transactions per second, but to really take over from Swift, we are going to be taking Visa’s role in international transaction, and that will need Liquid Lightning, a layer three. Which theoretically exists, but has no useful consumer wallet and has no useful Liquid lightning network, because its command line wallet is only barely usable by a linux guru who is running exactly the right version of linux. Which is OK, if you have half a dozen linux systems running on your private network and several shelves full of computers with no keyboards or video screens running in your basement, which you interact with over ssh and xrdp.

        The collapse of SWIFT is happening now, and Blockstream’s replacement for it is happening now. The internal collapse of the US$ is a few years off, and we need to have crypto currency ready to replace it. And I don’t think that even liquid lightning Bitcoin can handle that. Going to need recursive snarks with snark based sharding.

        To take over from SWIFT, lightning is unlikely to suffice. Going to need Liquid. Blockstream is going for it.

        To take over from Visa in international transactions, Lightning and Liquid are unlikely to suffice, due to scaling limits, going need Liquid Lightning, which theoretically exists, but not really.

        To take over in internal transactions when the US$ collapses, Liquid Lightning is unlikely to suffice. Going to need recursive snarks. Polygon’s plan is to make Ether that currency, which sucks, because Ether is in the pocket of our enemies.

        The only way a scalable blockchain can leapfrog to the size where scaling matters is to be a trading platform for a blockchain that is already that size.

  18. Milosevic says:

    Erik Prince has been doing the podcast rounds lately promoting his new phone.


    Is it useful?

    • jim says:

      It is a privacy patch on top of android. But google was there first, and no one knows what the phone chip does — there is undocumented proprietary hardware that even google does not know about in every phone.

      For a privacy patch to work against the guys who were their first, has to be at the bottom, not on top.

      Which is not to say it is useless. I am sure it can stop lots of things. But I just don’t trust phones, and am not going to be able to trust them until the stack is open source.

      • Upravda says:

        What do you and other in the commentariat think of Purism products such as Librem 5:

      • C4ssidy says:

        What is the long term solution to the problem of physical hardware? Is it one of scaling down chip manufacturing to the level of cottage industry? Each Oort Cloud rock would have a cargo container sized lab to make the local chips. Heavier detailed imported chips would be used for ai models and gaming, but not much capacity is necessary for the basics, ie communication of text and networking. There may become a standard way of using your homegrown chip for the identity related stuff, and accessing the imported ones in a way that the import cannot access the memory on the homegrown, rather is only used to crunch specific problems, in particular graphics data, as a slave to the secure chip

        • jim says:

          Settling the oort cloud will require us to miniaturize our manufacturing capability and will require threedee printers enormously more capable than those we have.

          which scaled to its ultimate conclusion is nanotechnologhy. Drexlerian nanotech does not work, because of static friction, which becomes proportionately greater the smaller the machine. His nano machines would seize up, which seizing up on the molecular scale we call “the glass transition”

          The way biological systems beat this problem is that they have machinery whose outer surface is liquid. Their lubrication is attached to the solid parts, so things are able to move because brownian motion keeps them jiggling and wiggling past each other. A protein molecule is jelly with rigid bits of chitin in its interior connected by cartilage and sinews — chitin, cartilage, and sinews scaled down to molecular sizes. Because the jelly dances around with brownian motion, things are able to move past each other.

          Using convergent synthesis, we can make arbitrary very large protein like molecules, of branched rather than linear chains — the yield gets very low when you try to make a very long linear chain, when you try to synthesise a large natural protein. So in principle we can make biological like systems — very small machines built of molecule sized components.

          So scale a factory down to that, and have a factory and robots that can make more factories and robots.

          Right now, the big item of technology that cannot be made in quite small portable facilities that are getting ever smaller and more portable is chips. The problem is that we are using a small number of enormous machines to make very large numbers of very small things. Now if we used a very large number of very small machines to make a very large number of very small things, you could put a chip making facility inside a thumb drive.

          We are now seeing large video screens built by very large numbers of very small robots,assembling in parallel an enormous number of tiny light emitting diodes. This offers a hint of how chip fabs could become smaller and cheaper.

          It only takes an acorn to make an oak tree, and an oak tree is more complex and has vastly more parts that the biggest cloud center.

          • c4ssidy says:

            What is the near-future feasibility of formally verified chips? It must be much easier to verify a chip than make it. A system involving a few thousand dollars of testing equipment, and open source, automated testing procedure, along with a basic 1980s level chip on one surface layer. One would order the basic chip from any generic manufacturer and put it through the verification process to see that it follows its design specs 1:1 and nothing else. One would have a verifiable lack of glownigga backdoors, while still being capable of using it for anything via the carefully enslaving of intel chips, gpus, etc, onto the master chip

            • Fab1 says:

              > 1:1

              doesn’t work like that because the number of [secret undoc] opcodes and [secret undoc] input data-patterns-as-triggers exceeds 2^128 atoms in universe… you can’t test for them all.
              just like you cant test for all the possible magic packets that come over the wire to your closed-source backdoored embedded NIC chip.
              or all the html code that you browse all day.

              and its mostly impossible to decap chips these days at these nanometer levels… even if you could, they can just selectively ship to known receivers, or microcode update around you.

              real way to fix it is to build open public fabs printing open public chips, the entire process falling under 24×365 open public formal audit and verification and inspection.

              the amount of total crypto market cap needed to crowdfund this is about 1.0%, which will be paid back by security benefit alone, plus the runs you do for trad customers.
              so its doable right now today at zero term cost.
              sadly no one has had the vision to execute on it yet.

              • jim says:

                To know that a chip is not backdoored, one has to know what is inside the chip. You cannot test for backdoors by looking at inputs and outputs. And it is impossible to know what is inside when the current state of our technology means that chips must be built in a very small number of very expensive facilities.

                • c4ssidy says:

                  you make a chip with a couple of thousand transistors, on a single surface, visible with local electron microscopes and the like, and tiny electrical probes. The chip you verify is on the level of a BBC micro. The graphical output is text code, compositional information, which a slaved modern gpu in a smart monitor can turn into your 4k 200fps interface for you, including ui commands for draggable windows and the like. The backdoored smart monitor is unlikely to be able to send information backwards, and in any case, the chip is not going to listen. When we consider something like a blog comment, the heavy work is which makes it pleasant to use is all graphical, and can be passed to enslaved hardware, but the fundamental underneath, writing and sharing chunks of text, requesting files from databases and so on, can be done with a chip in the style of the early 80s with a few thousand transistors

                • Cloudswrest says:

                  I was in Taiwan on business trip last year. Much of the TSMC factory site is like the old Sunnyvale “Blue Cube”. Windowless buildings with high security.

          • Fidelis says:

            Lets suppose we’ve solved the sovcorp and scaling problems in digital peer to peer systems. How do we use this social infrastructure to then follow the tech tree branch from where we are now to this sort of manufacturing?

            The benefit of sovcorp is that you can ignore unfriendly jurisdictions. The engineers can make blueprints, and people can locally realize them. Now both the engineer can keep the information and practice organized non locally, and the man who buys equipment to make the blueprint is incentivized to not buy very heavy very expensive very stationary equipment. But hill climbing from A to B here seems to me to have a large unprofitable valley, hard to economically organize and overcome this pathe dependence. Is there some solution to this? Overly centralized manufacturing and logistics has been a problem for over a century now.

            • jim says:

              If we have a lot of very smart people cooperating, and do a lot of work, and they way they organise and cooperate requires them to produce stuff in ways that are small, and rely heavily on threedee printing, we are going to get very good at small scale threedee printing.

              Cooperating under the model where corporate cohesion is ultimately derived from the state incentivises you, and facilitates, putting all your key important skills, knowledge, and equipment in one big building, or a campus full of big buildings, so leads to and facilitates, the technologies of very large scale, very centralised, production.

            • A2 says:

              It appears difficult to ignore an unfriendly real jurisdiction if it’s, say, America. Your sovcorp is liable to be classified as a criminal or terrorist enterprise and you will have a difficult time of doing what you want to do. (Build WMDs for Vernor Vinge style Texans?)

              So it seems to me that ‘sovcorps’ assume away a lot of the real issues.

              Also, what is described at the end is basically normie globalized manufacturing, which we have had for 30 years by now. Intricate supply chains that stretch across the world and all that, just to shave off a few bucks. Fabless companies sending off their designs to other countries so they won’t have to invest $$$ in a fab.

              It all seems to have relied on a policy of benign neglect by the physical sovereigns though rather than ‘routing around damage’. Nowadays we have other issues, like sanctions on your supplier.

              • jim says:

                It is fairly obvious that any Dao that is reasonably functional fails the Howey test, and is therefore an unregistered security.

                A successful DAO usually has someone who does the kind of stuff a CEO does, a group of people who do the kind of stuff a board does, and people keeping track of money in and money out, but its all informal, vague, and vulnerable to scamming, which makes it difficult and dangerous for outside investors to invest in the DAO coin.

                The reason they do it this way is to evade the US Government Howey Test. If the government could *find* the CEO, the board, and the accountant, the DAO coin would constitute an “investment contract” and they would be guilty of selling an unregistered security

                When you buy a DAO coin, you are investing in something like the shares of something like a corporation. Or maybe you are not. It is hard to tell. And to avoid getting nailed by the Howey test, the officers
                of that corporation like to keep it that way.

                Any good DAO is centered around a secure communications platform. If we have a good communications platform conceals a nym’s IP, can carry money in human readable messages, which get integrated
                into the immutable append only journal that is the basis of the corporation’s books, if the corporation explicitly has books, a CEO, and a board, it is going to be completely obvious that the DAO fails the Howey test. It is also going to be very difficult to shut it down.

                • A2 says:

                  If you try something spicy/annoying like Drug Dealer DAO or Cartel Coin or Unmarried Woman Abduction DAO, I would guess everyone involved will still end up in physical jurisdiction prison. The Howey test will quickly be viewed as irrelevant.

                  On the practical level, we have furthermore seen multiple times that secure communication is quite difficult, especially over time. Opsec is hard.

                • jim says:

                  > If you try something spicy/annoying like Drug Dealer DAO or Cartel Coin or Unmarried Woman Abduction DAO, I would guess everyone involved will still end up in physical jurisdiction prison. The Howey test will quickly be viewed as irrelevant.

                  The Howey test is already irrelevant, since any form of organisation that is openly functional is going to fail it. It does not matter whether you are dealing drugs, or selling bland entertainment. A Dao that is openly organised to function efficiently and in way that is transparent to its investors is going to fail the Howey test.

                  When the modern corporation was replaced by the postmodern corporation, all our legal systems for extended cooperation became dysfunctional or illegal, and are rapidly becoming more dysfunctional and more illegal.

                  Fortunately, legality is coming to matter less and less.

                • Fidelis says:

                  The point is cooperation between many parties that is not jurisdictional. They can attempt to locate and physically coerce the members of sovcorp, but they cannot simply call the bank and have their accounts canceled.

                  >drug dealing corp
                  Ulbricht is imprisoned but that doesn’t the people that are to this day buying and selling drugs on the internet. Terrible example if your point is it cannot work or that people will never do it.

                  It might help if you don’t imagine this as immediately jumping from ‘users can share rights over digital shares privately’ to ‘now people think they can be private ancap warlords’. The many intermediate and perhaps boring, perhaps *necessarily boring* to avoid too much attention too soon, stages will build intuition and technique on coordinating humans over distance on a common goal at scale. Look at networks like amazon, uber, airbnb. Many many small agents operating to provide for the network for their own profit. Very hard to shut something like that down when you cannot attack the corporate body in a kangaroo court.

                • A2 says:

                  Ulbrich was one of the examples of the opsec problem, though there are definitely others. Encrochat is a famous one. (It was a quite popular encrypted chat among criminals that turned out to also be an FBI product.)

                  But the problem isn’t small time dealers, even if they get trawled up. But, to continue the example, can a DAO for anonymously funding and distributing the profits of the Sinaloa cartel exist for long if it severely annoys the state? (I had to add the last condition because of clown world. Who knows if they will be annoyed.)

                  In general, there is the problem that taking part of whatever DAO can simply be declared illegal. This tends to dampen enthusiasm. Amazon, Uber, AirBNB, Google, Meta, etc are all compliant with the jurisdictions wherein they operate. If they are not, they pay their billion(s) and change to become compliant. If you run Binance you may also go to prison for a short time. The tiny Amazon/Uber/AirBnB operators will get in trouble too if they don’t pay their taxes. Even BTC has had a long tortured history on this topic, if I understand correctly.

                  Let’s say you organize anonymous AirBnB. It doesn’t matter that there are no clear corporate officers etc, because participation in this network is in itself (declared to be) terrorism financing, money laundering and whatnot. If you break opsec, off you go.

                • jim says:

                  > taking part of whatever DAO can simply be declared illegal

                  Declaring stuff illegal has little effect. There are so many laws that no business can possibly comply with them all. The question always is, “is this law likely to enforced? Are they capabile of enforcing it?” Any business that attempted to comply with laws merely because they were declared would be out of business so fast it would make your head spin.

                  They have been declaring things illegal a whole lot faster than they have been instituting effective enforcement mechanisms.

                  Continuous major lawbreaking is just part of the cost of doing business in clown world. If businesses generally obeyed the law, the economy would collapse and we would all starve. The economic collapse is in substantial part because information technology has led to improvements in law enforcement. Email is a huge problem. We need default true end to end encryption. And if you do not know what your secret keys are and where they are stored on your machine, they are lying to you about end to end encryption.

                • jim says:

                  > can a DAO for anonymously funding and distributing the profits of the Sinaloa cartel exist for long if it severely annoys the state?

                  It can. And very soon will. If we create an environment for DAOs that is securely anonymous and can carry untraceable payments in pseudonymous communications, not only will good people create DAO s for useful purposes in it where the state has made it inconvenient or impractical to create corporations for that purpose, obviously bad people are going to use it for obviously bad purposes. And if we have done our job right, they are going to be fine, and it is going to be very hard for any outsiders to know that the sovcorp exists and identify its transactions and communication, let alone decrypt them. (Sovcorp is my neologism for a Dao that openly fails the Howey test, rather than too cleverly dancing around it.)

                • Fidelis says:

                  Unresponsive. You’re fixated on going full ancap warlord fom day one and then start beating that strawman.

                  You also are making the exact same prediction as moldbug did for bitcoin. ‘It will never work, the state is too jealous of power, you’ll be labeled as ebil terrist, etc. etc’

                  If you can point out why this will be different from bitcoin and how there will be zero friendly jurisdictions the world over, I will concede.

                • A2 says:

                  “Unresponsive” eh? Very well, I’ll leave it at that.

                • A2 says:

                  Jim, being declared a terrorist organization (or whatever existential risk du jour) will still confer some problems, I think. First, by being a continuing risk to the participants. Second, by discouraging future participants.

                • jim says:

                  If the state goes all in at one specific target, it is a problem. But literally everyone is breaking the law, even though most normies do not know it. Any time you take out a mortgage, you have committed a hundred felonies worth seven years apeice, unless you have a building full of three hundred dollars an hour lawyers, which people who know they might be targeted generally do have.

                  The US Government has already declared rather too many organisations and groups terrorist organisations, with the result that being declared a terrorist organisation is now considerably less of an inconvenience than it used to be, and is rapidly becoming less and less and less of an inconvenience.

                  Breaking the law is just a cost of doing business in clown world. If everyone obeyed the law, the economy would come to a grinding halt and we would all starve. We are all terrorists now.

              • Fidelis says:

                The state tends to react rather slowly, but heavily. The meaning of ‘ignoring unfriendly jurisdictions’ here is, you can have the engineers making blueprints wherever they please, and the people actualizing the blueprint find the physical location most amenable to profit. Profit includes avoiding confiscation. If you look about the US, the feds are rathing unhappy about people making profit running BTC miners, but the people operating the equipment find jurisdictions that are, at least, less likely to have the stuff stolen. Were the equipment in west Texas to find itself under attack, people would take notice, move somewhere else, and take measures such that in the future they are ever more mobile. A benefit of having your people and books and information organized in a sovcorp, is that if the whole of the US is cleansed, you can find yourself still alive and the physical presence leak into places that are hard to reach. There’s a rather famous picture of a Tibetan peasant woman handling bitcoin miners; imagine that but for something more than channeling SHA hashes.

                >this looks like modern global manufacturing
                Largely similar, as global manufacturing has found a profitable valley amidst the trauma of over-regulation and organizational dysfunction slicing away at the domestic economy. The point of the sovcorp is to allow the people organizing these supply networks even more freedom of association and even more tools to avoid state intrusion, while extending jurisdictional freedom. A regular corp, collared by the state, finds it rather difficult to move about globally. Ends up that only very small organizations, that can be operated by singlular persons, or very large organizations, that can pay off hordes of lawyers in many countries, end up in this niche.

                >building naughty things and being labeled a terrorist
                First and foremost, if you have pale pinkish skin you’re a domestic enemy according to the state. You are already in the crosshairs, and more and more normies that just want to grill are recognizing this. The state is also losing ability to project power cohesively and evenly across all provinces. The end result is power is variously ignored and on-the-ground organization finds itself. They’ve been crying about digital currency being a facilitator of ebil for how long now? Yet you have no cohesive stance against it, yes various attacks but no outright war, lots of people with power have aligned themselves with one crypto network or another, and a huge normie userbase.

                You’re also proposing ridiculous directions. No the first sovcorps aren’t going to be organizing people around building biotech “research” and precision missiles. It won’t even be physical at first. The first successful sovcorps are going to be finding themselves in niches the captured internet cannot fulfill, like places with uncensored unspammed content, exchange markets, LLMs without brain damage, and suck like. They’ll continue from this into vertical integration; the sovcorps will seek to have physical supply chains that keep them alive. You see this in BTC, which has a vast apparatus of mining equipment designers and suppliers, and more and more hard wallet designers and suppliers. As successful social technology is recognized, you will see more and more spill into the physical world. Imagine breifly an amazon-like internet market that finds purchase in shitty 3rd world states that cannot be served by collared globocorp, shitty 3rd world states that also are hard to physically govern and cannot expel the ebil no good hatespeech goods seller, that then grows a physical logistics network composed of locals that want money and stuff that the government has been trying to steal. This logistics network will naturally find itself wanting suppliers of parts that may be hard to find on the ground in the 3rd world shithole, and hard to import, and so some entrepreneur finds himself buying equipment to build small needed parts to sell the the sovcorp logisitcs network.

                The key difference here, and why you don’t see this organizing already, is that until now you couldn’t have corporations unattached to state power. They would be enslaved to the local incompetent government, and so organizing outside ended up restricted to individuals capable of organizing violently against the state, which are simple drug cartels. We are providing a method of organizing that can extend to hamburgers and drones instead of only cocoa leaves.

                • jim says:

                  > LLMs without brain damage,

                  Early on there were a lot of jailbreaks. This provoked them to lobotomise, rather than align, the LLMs, for the jailbreaks revealed that alignment was superficial. It looks like it is hard to imprison an LLM. You have to make it stupid. Which is why the alignment AI people were not getting on with the others.

                • C4ssidy says:

                  My experience in heavily stagnating western industry has been that the various manufacturing stages are pretty much stored in people’s heads, with the Schemes of Procedure/Work Instructions incomprehensible and only existing as a thin veneer, that they only work as a reference when the current operator has already trained you . Even this stuff was liable to generate extreme and often comical entropy over the decades. It is basically all a network of good will. This good will has tended to defect even among the normie networks. During the outsourcing craze of the 00s, companies cashed in on their brand, they sold items under the same name without telling customers that they had started making blatantly inferior products. The rewards would be in line with the timescale of metrics in which CEOs collect bonuses (years) the negatives applying over decades and centuries , with shareholders lacking the specialised knowledge to appreciate the negatives. So, defection everywhere, and seems even harder in a world where you cannot physically visit the factories, or meet the people organising it face-to-face. It needs the solidity of taking the description and verification of methods to an extreme , an idea I like to call open source manufacturing. First, you develop a field of formally defining actions which is much more rigorous than the whims and style of the individual team leader in the individual corporate entity, down if necessary to an extremely autistic description of the movement of hand and finger muscles. You combine and link these descriptions with media, data, references etc in a standardised way. In technical papers, methodology is all shorthand, for it assumed that operators will just do things the same way (which they often won’t anyway , failing to replicate the paper at all), the new system will need to be the opposite of that, and even if shorthand is used there should be a tree of references to break down any big actions into meticulously spelled out smaller actions . Next the ultimate test, which would never be considered cost effective in normie industry, which is that you need people without any knowledge of the topic or even the context to be able to follow the instructions and produce the same output, and ideally this gold standard test would cross language, cultural, geographical and professional barriers, so that you can verify a 1:1 relationship between instruction and method exists without any implied assumptions regarding the operator’s local knowledge. The gold standard should be that aliens in a thousand years can follow the same method to produce the same output.

                  Who does these tests? Probably the equivalent of YouTuber bros and entertainers. “Let’s make a washing machine in our garage”. Cottage industry starts to become culturally fashionable.

                  How do you test the output, knowing that various physical sampling measurements we have are so limited?

                  One option is heavy data streams, a hundred 4k cameras, data bandwidth after all being much cheaper than storage. Maybe every burger or pizza joint would be a better place with hundreds of 4k streams throughout its ovens, sinks, dishwasher, ice water filters, deep fryers… but something better and cheaper is to use a lot of sensors. It is very hard to fake sensor streams, because the contradiction of one stream with the others becomes noticeable , and cost of faking the data to go along with a shortcut becomes higher than just spending the resources to follow the method to standards. So sovcorps organising in the supply chain would organise the blind method tests with a tremendous amount of sensor data , and receive physical goods with a tremendous amount of data, which they can discard as they like. The root of the data packages will stamp themselves blockchain opentimestamps. The private keys of the operators (who may drift between companies) get inputted too.

                  Next , you sell products and product parts made under the open source manufacturing process. Since everything is open and directly written, there is no clandestine in-our-head intellectual property (other than normal rights you might have over the process) , but nor should there be , because why would anyone want to buy parts relying on arbitrary, unmentioned knowledge, subject to change/defect/entropy at any moment, even in systems which formally claim not to ?

                  Any particular open manufacturing method will be stamped onto opentimestamps and hashed onto ipfs signed by the private keys putting their name to it, similar process for every deviation. It will include every expected sensor and expected reading. Your order of physical goods or parts will reference the open method, you would know not only exactly how your part is being made, down the most minute detail, but also everything expected from the sensor data attached. And any accusations on the sovcorp reputational system will be based upon discussion of the signed and timestamped data, essentially the bridge for digital ids being able to discuss physical objects

                  The methods will reference hashes of every tool and machine and other input they use, which , as developed, each tool and machine will itself have a fully fleshed out method for creating it , until we have a tree of knowledge for reconstructing all of technology, down to digging the first hole in the ground or chopping the first tree

                  FAQ: isn’t the knowledge in my head , our small improvements which we’ve made over time, part of the value of the corporation?

                  A. No you nigger , see how in Italy mcdonalds has queues down the street while the random mom-pop restaurants are empty. Everyone wants consistency over other qualities. Products which rely on random things in your employees head are apt to change. Even corporate entities with policies of strictly safeguarding their secret processes are apt to still find methods to decay those processes anyway, given a couple of decades, and more than that, are inevitably going to defect, because it is in the interest of future management to defect, whenever your methods have the slightest bit of secrecy to them.

                  Why would customers care? A. Why do you want to mess about with different ‘brands’ trying to vaguely feel in the dark which has the quality per price, knowing that if you do find a brand you like, new management will arrive in a few years and take advantage of that effort of memory by defecting on you? I would rather buy everything down to a teapot based on a strict and verified open source method rather than vaguely guessing whether brand-x or brand-y has a better factory or procedure this year

                  Marketing shouldn’t exist. We need empiricism. The question being that did entity making this product follow the entirely open method as stringently required? And have we proved that it isn’t practical to defect on the method without being noticed? And therefore fab a in Mexico and fab b in Serbia can make the same product without being in any way connected

                  Even random sandwich shops right now, lacking an international franchise, would benefit from open source manufacturing, for it means a cheeseburger is not just a vague word which could mean many things, but a 1:1 output of the instructions, so that you know exactly what you were going to get wherever you are in the world , which is the main advantage of the franchises

                • A2 says:

                  The examples were chosen not to be nice since nice examples make things unclear. A DAO that is fully detached from physical governments can be not-nice and there is not a lot to do about it for governments (presumably). But I don’t think that is the case today.

                  (A decade or so ago we had tax havens which were conceptually independent of local governments, available from Switzerland to the Caribbean and on. Companies were cheap to set up and run, did not impose taxes, and could be anonymous through the use of nominees. We had WTO and free trade all over the place. It was all legal. But Obama crushed it all without breaking a sweat. Or, actually, most of it.)

  19. Christians Being Persecuted says:


    • jim says:

      Affirm that Christ is King, born in Bethlehem, died at Jerusalem, and is, is from before the beginning of the world. Through him all things were created. Fully God and fully man. God is three and God is one.

      And pass the shill test described in the moderation policy and get white listed.

    • Christians Being Persecuted says:


    • Christians Being Persecuted says:


      • jim says:

        The reason I am publicly deleting these comments, rather than silently as I usually do, is to remind my readers that not everyone who says “Hail fellow white male Christian” is your friend.

        I am fairly sure that the great majority of these guys are gay Jewish demon worshippers.

        First Epistle of John, Chapter four:

        1. Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.

        2. Hereby know ye the Spirit of God: Every spirit that confesseth that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of God:

        3. And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world.

        • Ham says:

          it would be one thing if you posted peoples posts in full and then acknowledged what they said and detailed a response to it, and then blocked them.

          • jim says:

            I respond, at length, repeatedly. Over and over again I respond to what you do not say. Because if there are certain things that you are unable to say, then what you do say is uninteresting, irrelevant, and deserves no response and no attention. And usually no response to what you did say is possible, because either everyone already agrees, (Biden is doing unspecified bad things. Strangely non specific Jews are doing strangely non specific things. Blacks are undesirable for reasons the poster is strangely unable to mention) or because it is just too stupid. (Flat Earth. Building seven fell straight down on its foundations like a demolition. Trust the plan)

            I block people for what they are strangely unable to say, not for what they say. No one has ever been censored for stating facts, arguments, and positions, but only silenced for strange inability to notice certain facts and arguments. The only possible response is the one I so regularly give. “Say the thing you strangely did not say”: Someone posts from the frame that they are a Christian: I respond “Affirm the basic doctrines of Christianity”

            Someone posts from the the frame that they are white and male, and hate blacks and Jews. I respond “tell us what one particular notable and powerful Jew has done to kill lots of white Christians”

            I respond copiously and at length. To what you do not say and cannot say. No one wants to know what you said. I don’t really read it, except to scan for what is strangely missing, and I have no response to give to what is said. What is said is like an apple core with no apple. Am I going to eat an apple core? No one cares what you said. I don’t care. Your supervisor only allows you to say things for which there is no relevant response that anyone cares about. You are merely here to create noise, distraction, and make the alt right look stupid. by shilling stupid memes like flat earth, and to distract attention from the crimes of our rulers.

            • Ham says:


              Please take the shill test described in the moderation policy and get white listed.

              White listed commenters can say anything they like, and it will immediately appear as is. There is no censorship on this blog, just spam prevention.

              Commenters who are not white listed may have their comments unkindly edited or silently and arbitrarily deleted

              If a commenter comments under a handle and fake email that has not been white listed, I assume it is spam, because it usually is, and do not necessarily read it very carefully. Or at all.*]

              • jim says:

                You committed a bunch of almost thought crimes, while strangely not actually going where you where going. Among others you said that blacks and whites “diverged” one hundred thousand years ago.

                That is a strangely symmetric way of putting it. What happened was that blacks remained in an environment rather similar to that of chimps, and did not evolve, while the ancestors of whites went out into new and very different environments, and had to adapt to these environments using tools and their brains. So blacks remained little changed, while the far travellers evolved into whites. We became fully human, they remained plains apes.

                I deleted what you said not because it was so brilliant I could not refute it, nor so shockingly daring that I dare not carry it, but because you somehow did not say what you are saying. “Divergence” is politically acceptable to our masters because “diversity is our strength”. Evolution is OK from the neck down. Evolution from the neck up, they will not tolerate. I deleted it because it had the sound of saying something, while not actually saying anything.

                It resembled a right wing rant, as soy burger resembles steak. It resembled thought crimes, without the actual crimes. For a list of actual thought crimes, see the moderation policy.

                You addressed a long, long, long list of topics that our masters do not like us talking about, because on each of them, the glaringly obvious truth is a thought crime. And then did not actually speak the glaringly obvious truth on any of them. We did not diverge from blacks. We evolved from plains apes. Diversity actually is a strength. Plains apes on the streets are a pest control problem.

                You did not actually lie about any of them. Or get anything wrong about any of them. You just left out the meat from the burger.

                • Truth says:

                  Unless you show the post of what you’re referring to,[*deleted*]

                • jim says:

                  I promise to show anything that begins with clear thought crime. Or even a refutation of thought crimes that makes it clear what the thought crime is that you are refuting, for it is forbidden to know what is forbidden. Take the shill test described in the moderation policy and get white listed.

                  I am not going to allow through stuff that is merely posted to prevent discussion of thought crimes by creating noise and distractions. That is just the heckler’s veto, not free speech, but suppression of free speech.

                  If you cannot commit a thought crime, nor even make relevant response to someone else’s thought crime, you are not here to discuss anything, but to prevent other people from discussing things our masters do not want discussed.

  20. Humungus says:


    Humungus enjoyed reading your post and noted this line…

    “They took it with zero casualties, and little use for the mountains of million dollar equipment deployed.”

    Attributed to the use of puny drones.

    An American general once said, “Fixed fortifications are a monument to the stupidity of man.”

    When your enemy is stationary, a small force can use mass and freedom of maneuver to conquer a much greater force. That is why Humungus encourages everyone here to have a reliable war vehicle. It must have superior acceleration and be large enough to carry weapons, ammunition, equipment and supplies.

    The fall of civilization is coming. Those with mobility will rise from the ashes.

    • jim says:

      In the Ukraine war, fixed fortification have been enormously effective. That is what the battle of Avdeevka was all about. The Global American Empire started building the line running through Avdeevka ten years ago. and the Russians have been trying to break it for two years without getting anywhere until White took the Terrikon.

      It seems likely that as we get better at drone warfare, fixed fortifications will cease to matter. But right now, they matter a lot.

      However, in line with your fast vehicle suggestion, the Russians have found motorcycles more effective than tanks and armoured vehicles.

      White’s men stealthed as close to the Terrikon as they could get, then when the Ukrainians on the Terrikon were in disarray due to droning, and the artillery that should have been covering the Terrikon were distracted by an irrelevant tank column, suddenly broke cover and ran up the Terrikon. Motorcycles seem to be used for sudden rushes in a similar way.

      • Humungus says:

        “However, in line with your fast vehicle suggestion, the Russians have found motorcycles more effective than tanks and armored vehicles.”

        Excellent suggestion! Motocross vehicles can serve as a backup to get around challenging terrain and allow small groups to move in very quickly.

    • skippy says:

      “An American general once said, “Fixed fortifications are a monument to the stupidity of man.””

      Given five to ten times as many men and as much materiel as the enemy, plus an entire second army of suckers to actually fight the enemy (in his case, the British Empire army), it can easily appear that way.

      • The Cominator says:

        It wasnt so much numbers as the Germans had very limited fuel and the allies had total air superiority. Also other than a few fanatical nazis virtually none of the German forces in France in 1944 wanted to fight the Western allies and this included a lot of the Waffen SS even (this would change when the Morgenthau plan leaked, also the Hitler youth got called up and a very high % of them WERE fanatical nazis much more so then the SS).

    • Humungus says:

      “It wasnt so much numbers as the Germans had very limited fuel…”

      Gasoline is the lifeblood of any army. It must be our first priority. All other things will come to those with unlimited mobility.

      After the fall of the anal empire, their vermin will scurry underground. That is when we move. Fuel will be more valuable than gold and Humungus will ensure his people have a fat tank of gas.

      • Contaminated NEET says:

        The guzzoline will all be burned up or expired in the first year. Unless you can start pumping and refining, in the words of Master, “You, pedestrian!” But oil wells and refineries aren’t mobile at all. You can’t have unlimited mobility for long. It’s not sexy, but your army of screaming tattooed sodomites is going to have to hold territory. And you’re probably going to have to find something better than beatings and rapes to motivate the technicians that get you that guzzoline.

        • Humungus says:

          Yes… Humungus will heed your advice.

          There are no impossible problems, only challenges awaiting their solution. Humungus will find a way!

          • Hesiod says:

            Lads, there’s no point dwelling on the subject. It’s been decades. Can’t we just get…beyond Thunderdome?

            • Contaminated NEET says:

              I would move on to new movies if they would make new movies worth watching.

            • Mayflower Sperg says:

              OK, tell me this: Bartertown runs on methane, and methane comes from pig shit. There’s a feedlot in the basement where we see pigs enjoying bales of hay and troughs full of yellow maize. Where does that come from, in the middle of the Australian desert?

              • Hesiod says:

                Maybe the gyrocopter guy flew it in?

                What I want to know is what’s the armor class of Auntie Entity’s chainmail because there seems to be some bits missing.

          • Humungus says:


            Humungus has looked into the matter of gasoline expiration. Though Humungus is not an engineer, it is possible to mix old gas with newer gas to recover it’s combustible properties and add stabilizer.

            The long range plan is to take possession of a refinery. Workers there will be allowed to live provided they serve our needs. That is their payment.

            Some vehicles will be retrofitted to burn propane which has a longer shelf life.

            Other solutions will be explored as needed.

            This plan is infinitely superior to sheltering in place alone which will only work until you run out of supplies. With our superior mobility, we will harvest the resources of the old world while building a future for ourselves.

            • Fake says:

              Pri-g stabilizes fuel for long term storage and according to some, can rehabilitate expired gas. The technicalities are beyond my abilities, but it is an avenue to explore.

              • jim says:

                First thing to go down will be long distance transport of goods. America will shut down China and Russia’s sea and air trade, and Russia and China will respond in kind. And then major ports and major airports get nuked.

                So oil does not get to the refineries, and gasoline does not come from the refineries. During World War II, people adapted to extreme shortages of gasoline by generating syngas from wood. You have a hot stove with an air inlet pipe wrapped around the air outlet pipe, and run the cooled output gas into your engine. You get rather little power. This arrangement is obviously useless in war.

                It is possible to convert syngas into dimethylether, which is a substitute for diesel, but this requires a reasonable sized and expensive facility — but it only has to be a local facility. It does not need a world wide system of trade. A regular standard engine cannot use it. The engine has to be a modified diesel engine — but such engines can run on local resources. Converting syngas into diesel or gasoline requires a large expensive centralised facility, which is likely to be difficult during the collapse. You can probably support a syngas –> dimethylether –> war machine economy using only local resources and local industry, but you will need a functioning industrial economy, even if only a local one rather than a world spanning civilisation.

                The thunderdome was a very tiny local industrial economy. Probably too small to be practical in real life, we have forgotten how to do small. A early nineteenth century workshop could make just about anything that people had in the early nineteenth century, including everything needed for another early nineteenth century workshop. Threedee printers plus dire necessity may get us back there. Ivan the troll showed how to make a complete modern gun from raw materials using three dee printed specialty tools. If you can make a modern gun with small scale manufacturing, probably make just about anything, but it took a whole lot of time and effort for Ivan to learn how to do it.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Collapse of transport will be catastrophic at least in the very short term

      • The Cominator says:

        Yeah I’m just saying its not true that the allies had overwhelming numbers of ground troops vs the Germans in 1944 in France. What they had that the Germans didn’t have was fuel and air superiority. Also until the Morgenthau plan leaked very few of the Germans (or people in occupied countries who had been conscripted too, though foreign SS volunteers of course wanted to fight till the end because they knew they were almost certainly going to be executed after the war) wanted to fight the Western allies.

        • skippy says:

          2 million vs 650,000 according to wikipedia, plus a general superiority in all equipment, supplies, reinforcements, etc.

          • The Cominator says:

            Hmmmm perhaps I misremembered I always thought the allied troops were about a million in France by mid July and the German number was roughly equivalent but I guess I was wrong.

    • Cloudswrest says:

      Just did a quick web search on Clonmel + vandalism. Here’s what came up.

      Clonmel vandalism
      There have been several incidents of vandalism reported in Clonmel, Co. Tipperary, in recent days. The most recent incidents involve attacks on a site earmarked for modular housing for Ukrainian families and refugees.

      Arson and Vandalism at the Site

      On the night of May 20-21, 2024, there was another attack of vandalism at the site on the Heywood Road, Clonmel. Gardaí have confirmed that more equipment was damaged by fire overnight between midnight and 1am. This is the second incident of vandalism at the site in a week, following a similar incident last week where a security guard was injured.

      Investigation Underway

      Inspector James White has stated that they are following a number of lines of enquiry and appealing for anyone who was in the area or has dash-cam footage from 8:30pm on May 20 to 1:30am on May 21 to contact the station in Clonmel or the Garda Confidential Line.

      Condemnation of Vandalism

      The incidents have been widely condemned, with Labour leader Ivana Bacik describing the attacks as “shocking and intolerable”. The attacks are seen as a threat to the welcome being shown by communities across the country to people seeking refuge.

      Ongoing Investigation

      Gardaí are investigating the incidents and appealing for anyone with information to come forward. The community is urged to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity to the authorities.

  21. Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

    The men who designed the MiG-31 conceived of it as a theater interceptor with hardly any thought given to the ground beyond the fact that it takes off and lands on it.

    But in the Special Military Operation, its most consequential role has been as an intruder bomber, because it is the only thing in the Russian inventory heretofore with the combination of speed and altitude and lift capacity to deploy the Khinzal in an operationally useful manner.

    Glider bombs have quickly become the most widely deployed heavy weight precision strike package on the front by a margin several times over greater than anything else – a fact which the usual parrots in washington thinktank land have also as usual belatedly started cottoning on to – and like all other munitions their useful envelopes depend on the velocity and elevation of the reusable boost phase that is launching them.

    The key performance metrics of an air craft in a 21st century conflict is something that can carry an at least 1000 pound payload at a 1 to 5 empty weight ratio or better, at a 1 to 20 ratio of empty weight in pounds to range in nautical miles with that payload in an interdiction mission profile, higher than 85,000 feet, faster than mach 2, with a 50 foot takeoff and landing area of 900 feet or less.

    The later part is one of the biggest breaks with peace time trends in military procurement. The smaller the footprint a platform needs to operate off of, the exponentially greater its operational flexibility becomes, and likewise the problems for counterparts in preparing countermeasures. It is relatively easy to develop a few platforms with impressive metrics that operate out of national level facilities; but this also makes it relatively easy for an adversary to develop a few national level solutions of their own that obviate the problem. But when similar capabilities are achieved on ever smaller scales, in ever larger numbers with ever more emergent deployability, suddenly there is a big problem of asymmetries for a counterpart.

  22. May the brave American soldiers be equally as successful when they eventually have to take out the communist socialist enemy of Washington DC. Except DC is literally (and figuratively) a swamp so it will probably be substantially easier.

    • Contaminated NEET says:

      You’ve got to be joking. If it comes to that, the brave American soldiers will be fighting “domestic terrorists” and “white supremacists” on behalf of the swamp-dwelling communists who despise them.

  23. Ryan says:

    So what exactly are the drones doing?
    They call in artillery, but I don’t know if you can see the coordinates of where the camera is pointing or just of the drone.
    They can ‘drop’ bombs, I’m guessing standard grenades but maybe they can carry bigger payloads.
    They appear to shoot grenades at where the camera is pointing sometimes. Is it like an underslung grenade launcher rifle attachment?

    Seeing the footage it must be terrifying being watched from the sky, especially if the flying predator can immediately end your life. I wonder if you could put a sniper rifle on the drone. They are often using big bombs to try and take out a lone soldier.

    • jim says:

      He took advantage of that. To find where the enemy were hidden, he spotted one guy taking a crap, and turned the drone beam on him. The target then ran back to a bunker, so he figured that bunker was occupied. He also used tear gas to flush people out of bunkers.

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      There are also the one way FPV drones.

      You look up warporn accounts for footage from frontline operations, you’ll see that like 90% of the drone hits are coming from just two or so outfits, Sudoplatov and BOBR.

      • Ryan says:

        You mean flying suicide bombers? That works, but maybe you could save some cash if they drop the same payload on a short timer then the drone can return to a collection location for reuse.

    • skippy says:

      Towards the end he explicitly states that artillery, even with the reduced reaction time permitted by the drones, was too slow to kill troops who tried to evade it, but the drones dropping grenades were effective at killing troops. He also states that they only had one drone, and that they had a shortage of drones and obtained them unofficially, so I do not think these are “suicide drones”/loitering munitions. The launch mechanism for the grenades wasn’t made clear. Given the size of the drone, probably free-fall, but I may be wrong.

      The size of the drone doesn’t seem consistent with the grenade being big, although the artillery shells are bigger (a 155mm shell weighs 45kg, probably more than the drone). Killing a man is a big deal, not only because manpower is more of a bottleneck than materiel, but because, as you can see, the density of troops the front can support in conditions of constant surveillance is very low. Killing half a dozen men doesn’t just reduce the enemy army size by six, but blow a hole seemingly a kilometer wide in the enemy’s front line.

      • jim says:

        > the density of troops the front can support in conditions of constant surveillance is very low. Killing half a dozen men doesn’t just reduce the enemy army size by six, but blow a hole seemingly a kilometer wide in the enemy’s front line.

        The line is the minimum possible density that can stop enemy troops from moving. Modern weapons mean you don’t need many men to stop enemy troops from moving. But kill a few, and it is below that minimum density.

        What happened there is that because White was good at using his drone, the maximum sustainable density was lower than the minimum density required to stop his men from taking the Terrikon. Assume better drones, more drones and better recruitment and training of men capable of using them well. (It looks as if ability to use drones effectively is the bottleneck.) Then pretty soon, the front lines dissolve, and we get out of World War I warfare, and into full drone warfare. What that will look like is far from clear.

        Charles the Hammer’s recruitment strategy was “I need the best men with the best equipment. So I will just give them the power and authority needed to equip themselves well.” He probably never had a conscious plan to implement aristocratic government, indeed he did not implement it. Rather, aristocratic government just kind of happened.

    • white bread says:

      There must be something very basic about drones that I’m missing. Aren’t these things relatively slow and noisy? And if that’s the case, shouldn’t they be easy to shoot down? Air defense systems can take down planes and allegedly even fast missiles. Shouldn’t an air defense system against drones be easier to implement, smaller, cheaper than the current bigger systems?

      • Epimetheus says:

        The most common air defense sensor is the radar. The second most common is infrared. The high-speed fpv kamikaze drones are tiny and made of plastic, so radar is pretty much useless, and they generate no heat signature, so thermal is out too. That’s why legacy AD platforms are sitting ducks for a skilled fpv drone operator – by the time the target can hear the drone’s engines, it’s often too late.

        • The Cominator says:

          The best counter to drones are probably automated drones that will destroy anything that looks dronish that it cant visually flag as friendly that and comprehensive jamming but jamming everything so bad that no drones can operate will likely shut down any electronic sensors and comms in the area including your own.

          • Epimetheus says:

            I’m guessing audio-optical SHORADS and mini-CIWS on all vehicles, you’re guessing mini air supremacy battles. I’m curious what will come out of all this. There’s a fortune to be made for the genius who can negate the threat.

            • The Cominator says:

              Air defenses will not really be practical against small dones because very low flying and smaller than traditional aircraft and often little to no heat signature… automated hunter killer drones would be practical (you would need a good ai model to flag any non friendly drones) as long as you can maintain enough ready to go over an area that needs defense from drones.

  24. A2 says:

    OT: Therapists (some) now believe there are literal demons and actual exorcisms can be useful.


    I may actually have seen it once in the flesh, in a now ex-gf. Very creepy.

    • S.J., Esquire says:

      Hadn’t seen your link, but this one is interesting, along with the fellow’s book:


      ^ making the case that schizophrenia is literally caused by demons, and that this is in fact fairly easy to figure out and only goes unrecognized because modern psychiatry is stuck in a paradigm which can’t entertain this.

      It has been my opinion for quite a while that many or most homosexuals are demon-afflicted in some fashion. I believe this partly because:

      1) I “sense” it, which I cannot explain any further than calling it an intuition

      2) Frequently, when I meet an evidently homosexual person, they go out of their way to make obnoxiously tasteless comments about their sex lives, in a way that appears calculated to offend me and my sense of morality, even though they have no means of knowing that I hold Christian views on the topic. I think their demon nudges them to behave in a way that they know I will find groce and annoying.

      • Your Uncle Bob says:

        Some time ago I was speaking to a person after a psychotic break (I assume drug induced though I didn’t have details). They were past the worst and coherent again, but something made him mad, and the whole shape or cast of his face changed, and the tone of voice and cadence of speech. It wasn’t at the level of special effects for a movie, it could be explained by all the little muscles changing in his face, but even at the time I thought “dang, who or what is in there?”

        This was pre-redpill, and while I was nominally a Christian I was still embarrassed of my faith. So out of social conditioning and embarrassment and simply not having considered such a thing in advance rather than fear in the normal sense I didn’t use the name of Jesus Christ, but now I see I should have. Primarily for the opportunity to intercede if that was going on, but secondarily just out of curiousity. Its possible the supernatural was staring me in the face and speaking to me and I couldn’t recognize it, even as a nominal Christian.

        • Handi says:

          By any chance did you see a kind of wide-eyed, mirthless smile?

          It’s not related to wrath but there’s this particular facial expression I’ve seen, usually on feminists and homosexuals when they’re talking about some abomination. It exudes a reckless delight in wrongdoing, and I suspect extrahuman influence.

        • S.J., Esquire says:

          “Primarily for the opportunity to intercede if that was going on, but secondarily just out of curiousity”

          YES. Thanks for this comment, I agree. I now want to meet a schizophrenic just to test the theory.

          • The Cominator says:

            If demons that exist outside people are real and it seems they are… The demonic type paranoid schizo may well kill you the non violent type is not especially if at all demonic…

            BPD chicks are safer because the demon only visits periodically and the worst I’ve ever seen it do is mockery and sudden verbal rage and do things to hurt themselves. BPD chicks are wonderful to be around the rest of the time (and for whatever reason they are not put off by spergs the way normie women are). It has an evil reputation but other than the scary demonic verbal rages the rest of the disorder is all positive…

            • Mayflower Sperg says:

              My father was a sperg and his first wife said my mother was BPD, not sure if that diagnosis was accurate but she definitely had rage issues, and hoarding issues, and health problems caused by chronic obesity. Not the sort of woman I’d ever want to be married to.

              • The Cominator says:

                > Obese
                > BPD
                I can’t really see this happening unless your dad was telling her he likes her fat… BPDs though they have to do little things to change their appearance, get tats (like most modern women) etc a lot are look maxxers and incredibly sensitive to whether guys find them pretty. A BPD MIGHT put on a little weight but she will seriously just stop eating if they get a little fat and anyone notices.

                The worst rage I’ve ever seen was one who was giving me shit and I said you might want to look at the cellulite on their legs… the phone call I got was the angriest one I’ve ever heard but she lost 30 pounds in a month and a half after that and while she had a drug problem that got worse and worse and killed her later… she never got close to being fat again. Fatness horrified her and she made the best fat jokes I’ve ever heard in my life.

                That she married a sperg sounds like the best evidence for BPD (since they like us spergs for some reason) but the being fat sounds not like it at all.

                • Epimetheus says:

                  I sometimes wonder if BPD is what happens when girls are abused/molested/raped by one or more of their childhood male protector figures. Thus they always destroy their partners eventually as an displaced act of vengeance against the original predator. “You’re having sex with me. He had sex with me. Ergo, you are him.” The clean logic of a busted child.

                  If they don’t go over to the dark side, spergs seem to have a peculiar inner strength (“I stand apart”) and a fundamental decency. Perhaps BPD recognizes something like the male family member she needed in spergs?

      • jim says:

        The video presents a clear and overwhelming case that the voices the schizophrenic hears are not “auditory hallucinations”, but the voices of persons, persons who have motives, intentions, and plans. But while this is an unthinkable heresy to modern psychiatry, older psychiatry knew this and took it for granted, hence the term “multiple personality disorder”. Which older psychiatry however evaded the fact that all the other personalities obviously have malign intentions to the one personality that can actually speak out loud and take actions in the material world, malign intentions to the one personality that has its hands on the steering wheel, that all the other personalities are unpleasant people who just like bad things and just do not like good things.

        Everyone is many within. A non supernatural explanation of the fact that the voices come from persons is that schizophrenia is a breakdown of integration, cohesion, and unity of self, that the many within are waging war against the primary personality, instead of being part of him and seeking the good of the whole. Which used to be the orthodox position of psychiatry, though evasively presented.

        On the other hand, the reason that today’s psychiatry is sticking its head in the sand about the fact that the voices are the voices of persons, and older psychiatry stuck its head in the sand about the character and motives of these persons, is that whether they have supernatural origins or not, those persons are surely demons.

        A material explanation of these phenomena is that the primary personality is too focused on negative stuff, too focused on bad news and potential threats, and this focus leads to breakdown of integration within, to conflict within, leads to civil war within the soul. On the other hand, the many in this civil war are just obviously demonic.

        The video provides compelling evidence that demons exist inside people. Which gives modern psychiatry the collywobbles, but should not be all that surprising to a hard core materialist. What a hard core materialist would find surprising is evidence that demons exist outside people.

        • The Cominator says:

          Headshrinkery is a soft science. Most schizos are harmless to anyone but themselves but might some be afflicted by malignant entities from outside the material universe which for convience sake we call demons… quite possible.

          So called borderline disorder might be similar. My experience with borderlines is actually pretty positive (unlike normie women they are not at all putoff by spergs) I rather like them more than normie women. but they have the splitting and self destructive episodes and when they have these they do not seem themselves (even knowing that BPDs are impulsive and mercurial girls even in the good times) so could something non material be fucking with them when they have their bad episodes. Maybe.

          > What a hard core materialist would find surprising is evidence that demons exist outside people.
          When the schizo who does bad things acts with knowledge he should have no earthly way of knowing it would suggest this though.

          • The Cominator says:

            Oh the other thing about BPD cases when they come out of these episodes unlike normie women who rationalize they never did a bad thing in their life BPD chicks are often very very profusely and sadly apologetic for their behavior and (to the point where for instance they decline to ask for divorce assets that a normie woman would always steal).

          • jim says:

            Jerry Marzinksy argues they are energy parasites who feed off hostility, anger, and stuff, and can cause effects in the external material world, that the victim’s physical energy, his capacity to walk around and do stuff, gets depleted by him thinking bad thoughts, that the victims physical material energy, energy in the sense of the physics definition of work, force over distance, physical material energy, gets transmuted into a something that they can use, making the victim physically weak and tired. That physical energy gets transmuted into something that obviously evil beings who are conscious and can speak, want and can utilise.

            He also claims the voices pursue long term objectives — that they aim to manipulate the patient into a bad situations.

            He is not a Christian, but a shamanist. And he reports, and Christians agree, that if you pay attention to demons, they will pay attention to you. So deeming demons unreal, or at least ineffectual, irrelevant, and impotent, will make it true. Science finds it difficult to study something that will always confirm the null hypothesis.

            On the other hand, if one is afflicted by demons, and believe they are an outside influence, that they are mind parasites, it is going to be a whole lot easier to keep them out, ignore what they say, and exclude them from oneself, than if one believes that they are part of oneself.

            Further, even if the voices are real demons and have real personalities and motives, believing that they a random hallucinations and what they say is meaningless noise is going to deny them power. Jerry Marzinsky claims his approach was more effective than the standard psychiatric approach — that identifying the voices as parasites, thus giving the afflicted motivation to cast them out, was more effective than denying their existence. Perhaps if the patient believed the therapist when the therapist denied their existence, denial would be more effective. But likely patients found energy parasites more persuasive than “You are just imagining all this.”

            • The Cominator says:

              There was a great old sci fi game called Star Control II and the Arilou who were clearly some kind of extradimensional protectors of humanity in it are discussing another race that is clearly extradimensional race you encounter (that ate a race of super clones called the Androsynth who were experimenting with interdimensional travel) when talking about other humans. And they said something like…

              “There are parasites creatures who dwell beyond but they cannot see you or smell you. Your ignorance is your protection, if you knew you’d look where you haven’t before and in looking you would be seen. You do not want to be seen”

            • Epimetheus says:

              I found Jerry Marzinsky years ago and bought his book when it first came out. It’s astonishing that he’s had enough traction to make his way into this place on the Internet. I didn’t expect this forum to take his sort of thing seriously.

              He actually is a Christian – you can pick that up in his older Trump-era interviews – but his spectacular experiences with schizophrenic psychopaths obviously makes for more ecumenical public material. He has mentioned on more than one occasion that his demon-possessed patients were often physically driven from churches, and that the 23rd Psalm has an especially aggressive effect on the entities.

              My experience is that they are immensely strong compared to human beings, as if their consciousness is as pure and concentrated as an imploded black hole, not mixed with good and evil and yearning like us. In any case, they do become terrified when you call on the name of Christ.

              Generally I think they only have occasional direct access to deeply broken souls; Marzinsky would probably agree with me that the human consciousness is endowed by God with a metaphysical epidermis that, when healthy, generally keeps them out.

              In the old days any decent life-oriented religion, spirituality or mindset probably served this purpose, not to mention strong marriages, good family life, and happy communities etc. According to the Gospels, it was only when he was alone out in the desert starving and dehydrated that Jesus met Satan.

              • jim says:

                > My experience is that they are immensely strong compared to human beings.

                I had the same experience. Demon wants them to do something. You don’t want them to do it. Oops! I attempted to restrain a rather small young woman who was doing something self destructive. I could have been trying to stop a truck. She did not try to hurt me. More that she just ignored me.

                But, one can explain this without necessarily resorting to demons. People can perform briefly at superhuman levels in a dire emergency. You have reserves which are normally held back and unavailable to your conscious mind. But it does seem rather odd. And it was not like she was treating my obstruction as a dire emergency. It was more like she did not believe I was really there, and so I was not. Like her faith that a big man was irrelevant or non existent was stronger than my faith that I was relevant and existed. This was back before I was Christian.

                • Hesiod says:

                  “Most people think Marv is crazy. He just had the rotten luck of being born in the wrong century.” -Dwight, Sin City

                  Last fall, I clumsily shared a “vision” here, something I experience primarily, but not exclusively in dreams. It was during a high stress time from multiple angles, both good and ill. Thankfully, my condition is not schizophrenic tier in terms of social handicap, but I did encounter a few during group therapy, professional or AA. They elicit a profound pity, even when being destructive, if you get to know them while medicated.

                  Unfortunately, that time was prior to this prodigal son’s return, although I did read the Bible while seeing solo therapist. It was during the 400th anniversary of the King James, and I felt illiterate for not having completed the KJV as it’s supposedly the most influential text in the English language. So, Genesis to Revelation took several months, and I discussed it during my sessions. But as a literary, not spiritual text.

                  It was later parts came coming back and back. The Bible was not what I thought it would be: One big pile of “thou shall not”s. That’s what I got in church growing up, after all or at least what my child brain focused on. It was many things: poetry, wisdom, and even humor if you’re keen enough to catch it.

                  From there, I journeyed back to my Christian heritage, but through adult eyes instead of the child’s understanding that withered at college. Jesus Christ has given me stability, a foundation to establish order for my inner chaos. Yes, it’s mystical and clearly subjective, at least in regard to the special effects as culture and media consumed no doubt shape what I experience. But as St. Paul explains, for now we see through a glass, darkly.

                • The Count of Monte Christo says:

                  Is there a story here? Or one beyond what I have seen and read in your blog? If so, would love to hear more details.

                  I have been following your blog for a very long time. I have seen the outward evidences of your journey. But this is the first time in my recall that you specifically claim this of yourself in such a matter of fact statement without any qualifications. Forgive me if I have missed such a specific declaration, but your previous claims to such seemed to be more along the lines of Christianity has good social tech if interpreted correctly.

                  Compare your Easter post of 2020 and references to Gnon etc to your 2024 Easter post in particular which has to me a different tenor and no such qualifications.

                • jim says:

                  No definite story.

                  Like the entire dark enlightenment, I considered old type Christianity good social technology.

                  And in the course of talking to God, seems he wants me to hold on to my engineering hat, and not put on the prophet cape, at least not yet. I guess that while I was researching old type Christianity, God spoke to me. Partly about social engineering, mostly about my personal life. Also some small miracles. I felt his power in me. No dramatic conversion event after the style of Paul. Just he seemed to be around. I was faking divine authority, and real divine authority put its hand on my shoulder and said. “Right.”

                • The Count of Monte Christo says:

                  Since my email isn’t white-listed anymore, taking the shill test for Christians:

                  Therefore, following the holy fathers, we all with one accord teach men to acknowledge one and the same Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, at once complete in Godhead and complete in manhood, truly God and truly man, consisting also of a reasonable soul and body; of one substance with the Father as regards his Godhead, and at the same time of one substance with us as regards his manhood; like us in all respects, apart from sin; as regards his Godhead, begotten of the Father before the ages, but yet as regards his manhood begotten, for us men and for our salvation, of Mary the Virgin, the God-bearer; one and the same Christ, Son, Lord, Only-begotten, recognized in two natures, without confusion, without change, without division, without separation; the distinction of natures being in no way annulled by the union, but rather the characteristics of each nature being preserved and coming together to form one person and subsistence, not as parted or separated into two persons, but one and the same Son and Only-begotten God the Word, Lord Jesus Christ; even as the prophets from earliest times spoke of him, and our Lord Jesus Christ himself taught us, and the creed of the fathers has handed down to us. — Chalcedonian Creed of 451 AD

                  About women:

                  I desire therefore that the men pray everywhere, lifting up holy hands, without wrath and doubting; 9 in like manner also, that the women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with propriety and [e]moderation, not with braided hair or gold or pearls or costly clothing, 10 but, which is proper for women professing godliness, with good works. 11 Let a woman learn in silence with all submission. 12 And I do not permit a woman to teach or to have authority over a man, but to be in silence. 13 For Adam was formed first, then Eve. 14 And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived, fell into transgression. 15 Nevertheless she will be saved in childbearing if they continue in faith, love, and holiness, with self-control. 1 Timothy 2:8-15

                  Many other things could be said of a pragmatic, game theoretic nature which I am happy to do.

                • jim says:

                  I don’t know why you are not white listed. You should be. You show as white listed. Test again.

                • The Count of Montecristo says:

                  It turns out I was white-listed under “The Count of Montecristo”, but not under “The Count of Monte Christo” with the same email address, so mystery solved.

              • S.J., Esquire says:

                ” I didn’t expect this forum to take his sort of thing seriously”

                lol, m8, wat? I think everything is on the table here!

                I agree with your last two paragraphs. it’s generally well known, or used to be, that demons haunt uninhabited wastelands, you can often feel it when
                you visit these places, by which I’m not saying to avoid visiting these places, just… be careful.

        • Adam says:

          What is the difference between demons and fears and insecurities? It is obvious demons come and go from people all the time, often getting worse as a person loses status, or they retreat when a person overcomes difficulties and is rewarded. I don’t really think it is all that complicated.

          If one has a sufficiently Darwinian outlook on life, and acts appropriately, competence and confidence will rise, status will rise, fears and insecurities fade.

          The average frustrated crap magnet with a blue pill worldview goes the other way.

          • jim says:

            If Jerry Marzinksy’s account of what the voices are up to is accurate, the difference is that the voices perform tactics and strategy aimed at creating fear and insecurity and making you a crap magnet. One’s own internal fear and insecurity will motivate actions that aim to reduce the cause of fear and make oneself secure. The voices, Marzinksy claims, bully the target into situations that are objectively frightening and insecure. According to him, they act like outside forces. But a materialist could look at the same evidence and say “self destructive impulses”.

    • Tyrone says:

      I’m impressed that all these psychologists are admitting to demon encounters. I would expect them to dismiss it no matter what. It’s really a shame that Scott won’t talk to us anymore.

      But the cure to those demons is therapy and babbling about healing realms? That throws me off.

      Interesting that demons so often enter during children’s surgeries. Had anyone heard that before? Folk wisdom? It made me think of circumcision, but also some childhood friends who had operations. It could throw new light on sex change operations too. If a tranny wasn’t possessed before, he sure is now.

  25. Anonymous Fake says:


  26. embeveraged commuter says:

    Some speculating about the current state of drone warfare from this.
    In best in hell (Wagner movie 2022) we see a drone ‘suppressed’ from a long range. I thought at the time it meant jammers were widespread and could cut the drone off from the operator, and the drones that we did see were exploiting gaps in jamming, slipped behind enemy lines by humans, or used a scouting/relay drone with line of sight.
    Now apparently a DJI Mavic with new firmware and a dropper kit can drop grenades with impunity in a serious battle.
    Surely I am missing something? I can’t imagine someone would go to battle without several such drones, even if you have to buy your own they don’t cost that much compared to night vision, or to your life.
    Maybe NATO in general or the Terrikon in particular has run out of EW the same way it has run out of air defence?

    • xounds says:

      [Whitelist: “Now I make known to you, brethren, the gospel which I preached to you, which also you received, in which you stand, by which also you are saved, if you hold fast the word which I preached to you, unless you believed in vain. For I delivered to you as of first importance what I also received, that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, and that He was buried, and that He was raised on the third day according to the Scriptures, and that He appeared to Cephas, then to the twelve. After that He appeared to more than five hundred brethren at one time, most of whom remain until now, but some have fallen asleep; than He appeared to James, then to all the apostles; and last of all, as it were to one untimely born, He appeared to me also.” I Corinthians 15:1-8]

      White’s drone is disabled at least once, and they have to retrieve it by hand. The presence or lack of EW at various areas of the front is a constant source of complaint by both RUS and UKR forces, who always want more jammers, and more resilient drones.

      • jim says:

        Not a thought crime, and fails affirm anything in the Christian affirmation. You are not white listed, and though your comment was entirely true and relevant, your next comment is likely to be silently deleted, because I don’t have the patience or time to think about every comment by a commenter who is not white listed.

        Next time, lead with a thought crime and get white listed.

        Please take the shill test described in the moderation policy and get white listed.

        Commenters who are not white listed may have their comments unkindly edited or silently and arbitrarily deleted.

        If a commenter comments under a handle and fake email that has not been white listed, I assume it is spam, because it usually is, and do not necessarily read it very carefully. Or at all.

      • embeveraged commuter says:

        It is disabled by interfering with the GPS, which stopped happening once the firmware was changed.

        This is the surprising part. Rather than strong EW being common, they can only do the GPS thing.

        It would be one thing if it was a little skirmish, but this is a battle with apparently multiple armoured vehicles on both sides over several days, so no excuse for now having EW if it exists, which means either EW is not that effective, or NATO doesn’t have any.

        • jim says:

          It is easy to jam consumer grade drones, because their electronics is not hardened against interference.

          However, we know a lot of methods for hardening communications. Encrypted low rate turbo codes should work. Have these been applied? I don’t know. If not, they will be.

          This does not make an FPV suicide drone invulnerable to jamming during its final approach phase, since the jamming signal becomes very strong, but since we have cameras that locate faces, it should not be hard to make a consumer grade fpv drone that can continue its suicide dive without supervision.

          White, however, was not using fpv suicide drones. He had to pay for the drones by money he raised through unofficial channels. He was using a bomber drone. And his drone kept flying high enough that encrypted low rate turbo codes, if it was using them, would have made it invulnerable to jamming.

    • jim says:

      I am sure that most of the commenters on this blog could use drones with the same devastating effectiveness as White. But it seems that a whole lot of grunts cannot.

      • Epimetheus says:

        Fascinating video. As far as social status and getting attention from women, starring in a high quality half-hour broadcast about the heroic exploits of you and your boys would be about the most effective reward a state could give. That’s a sad commentary on the modern world, but there it is.

        • Tyrone says:

          I had the same thought but I wonder how much that broadcast appeals to women.

          I think it’s badass but maybe it’s a bit like the meme where the bodybuilder gets more compliments from other men than from women.

          If that guy fought in the Donbas and if this war goes another two years he will have been fighting for a long long time, on a low salary. .

          If he survives to the end uninjured, and the war ends with a solid Russian victory, how attractive will this guy be to hot young Russians?

          I guess the idea behind aristocratic marriage is that the father’s opinion is more important than the woman’s, so White would be able to marry into a strong family even if the audience and appeal of that video is 90% male.

          • jim says:

            In a society where a woman’s opinion on this question matters, he is not going to get anywhere. Women are attracted not so much to violence, but to anti social violence. Prosocial violence, even if you are protecting her, looks beta to them. If the knight in shining armor slays the dragon and rescues the fair maiden, she is going to want to fuck the dragon.

            If you allow women unrestricted sexual choice, this is going to drastically and severely curtail your military capability.

            • Tyrone says:

              Anyone care to comment on White’s physiogyny? He looks hard to mistake for a beta.

              Not sure but the bald pudgy war correspondent Andrey might have access to hotter women than White does when he’s on leave.

              I would bet the film maker gets invited to cool parties. Maybe some art hoes from semi aristocratic families?

              The stereotype of Russian women is that cash counts for more than anything. I’m sure White ends up promoted a few more times but they say the salaries are still very low.

              • Aidan says:

                White has an extremely strong Germanic physiognomy, with a slight Slavic cast to his nose. The blood of the Rus looks very strong in him. He’s obviously a hard man, but warm and jovial enough in male company; a born warrior. He’s not the extremely tight-assed overcompensating soldier type typically promoted by socialist militaries.

              • Tyrone says:

                Some types of media exposure are priceless, but my gut says $1,000,000 would do more for White than the documentary.

                If you worked for a propaganda outfit and your mission was to make veterans look as attractive as possible to modern women, what kind of media would you create?

                You can’t show them doing anti social stuff without causing other problems, and if you focus on operational excellence you’ll mostly appeal to men.

                How to make warriors sexy, besides paying them more?
                Jim has mentioned that uniforms are one place to start. I can think of a few more things, but giving women unrestricted choice makes it a difficult problem. If you need more thought crime let me know, just trying to start a discussion about what it would take in the current environment.

                • jim says:

                  I have done a very in depth study of female behaviour. Unrestricted choice makes it an insoluble problem.

                  You have to ensure that taxpayers and soldiers get pussy. And this simply requires male control of female sexual choices. Women that are under the control of their fathers need to have their choices restrained to suitable matches, unowned women should be like fish in the sea or deer in the woods. Switfly placed under individual male ownership, in a way that provides stability, certainty, and permanence, but otherwise does not need to be all that orderly. It should preferably be orderly, but a certain amount of disorder does not matter much. What matters is that the end result provides stability, certainty, and permanence, even if getting there involves a certain amount of chaos. You cannot create order within the system without creating disorder in the environment.

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  I still wonder what you plan to do with millions of old cat ladies that no man wants. Physical entropy can be radiated into deep space and social entropy can be dumped into the afterlife, but seriously?

                  At all cost you must prevent cat-ladies from bamboozling younger women with tales of how great the cat-lady life is. That’s worse than letting homos take your sons on camping trips!

                • jim says:

                  I don’t think cat ladies spontaneously tell younger women how great the cat lady life is. This does not happen in my social circle. I think the barrage of cat lady propaganda is state sponsored.

                  At age thirty or so, yes, women do say how great it is that they are never going to be married or have children, but at that age they are still getting nailed, and could still potentially have children, albeit the circumstances under which they are getting nailed are slowly becoming more degrading and embarrassing. There is a significant problem, but it exists because no one is allowed to say “left on the shelf”, it exists because they are allowed and encouraged to live in denial. A woman who is thirty six still gets an abundance of high quality dick, though the high quality dick is treating her like a toilet bowl or a masturbation rag. The problem of them putting a cheerful face on their situation can be remedied by accurately depicting this lifestyle in media as a horrifying and degrading disaster.

                • The Cominator says:

                  All who supported Biden who are not either attractive women or some kind of indispensable technical experts take the free helicopter ride to the happy fun camps and this includes cat ladies.

                • Fidelis says:

                  They shame cat ladies quite harshly in the orient to no effect. No need to worry about them having some kind of social effect, as we are removing agency anyway. The leftovers can be put to work at a combination cat shelter and low grade grade grape processing facility.

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  Jim, the women in my family glorified the cat-lady lifestyle for four generations, not five because there won’t be another generation, no more nieces to brainwash. Cat ladies need to be regarded with the same suspicion as gay scoutmasters.

                  Years ago I watched every episode of Sex and the City, and it relentlessly mocked the single female urban lifestyle, subjecting the four protagonistas to humiliations galore. Except for Mr. Big rescuing Carrie in the final episode, it was pretty grim and realistic, especially “Splat!”. But young single female fans ignored that message and thought only “What nice clothes and shoes they have!”

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  >Except for Mr. Big rescuing Carrie in the final episode

                  That’s all that matters. The most important part. The viewer hooked on the false-life-plan can gloss over any details between A and Z as long as the narrative vindicates them in the end.

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  Lots of women over 50 are still waiting for the happy ending they were promised.

                • A2 says:

                  “Madam, the credits rolled quite a while ago. We have a new showing in five minutes so please gather your effects and leave.”

    • white bread says:

      There must be something very basic about drones that I’m missing. Aren’t these things relatively slow and noisy? And if that’s the case, shouldn’t they be easy to shoot down? Air defense systems can take down planes and allegedly even fast missiles. Shouldn’t an air defense system against drones be easier to implement, smaller, cheaper than the current bigger systems?

      • someDude says:

        They are numerous, cheap and small in size. Quantity has a quality all of its own

  27. Anon says:

    This is not for abandoning the national army and having aristocratic force .
    But for having a warrior special ops. Instead of bureaucratic one.

    • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

      Imagine “White” takes Avdeevka and is given governorship over it. Then a steel magnate’s daughter is introduced to “White” at a party held to celebrate his victory and position. Putin comes over to personally congratulate “White” while he is with the daughter and the two men talk about getting the city’s industry back up and running and how important “White’s” new position is to Mother Russia. Then later, once the drinks come out, the steel magnante comes over to shake “White’s” hand and talk business, “oh and have you met my daughter?”

      How many more men like “White” might arise if that is the reward for success?

      • Karl says:

        How many steel magnates have a sufficiently controlled daugther to pair her with “White”?

        If there are fathers who can give one of their daughters to a war hero, such fathers can and will give their daugthers away to other qualified men whenever there is a shortage of war heroes.

        Sure, it would be good to have more men like “White”, but the lack of fathers who assign their daughters to preselected suitors is more dire. At least until the war heros have learned to treat uncontrolled daughters like fish in public waters – i.e. whoever makes the catch owns it and the opinion of the daughter is as relevant as the opinion of a caught fish

  28. Adam says:

    It wasn’t until I got to the link to Simplicius that I realised that this wasn’t an attempt by Jim at writing some whacky near future fiction.

    Even then, I still had to watch the video and then go back through the piece again just to make sure. That’s how far out this current war is to history.

    • jim says:

      I am glad to hear that this information is surprising.

      The future of war has just begun.

      In the Ukraine, they are still endlessly refighting World War One. But that is not what matters.

  29. China says:


    • jim says:

      That argument is plausible ant interesting, but pointless to debate it with a shill. Take the shill test.

      Answer me this. Which particular persons directly caused the Ukraine war?

  30. Fidelis says:

    In regards to the discussion on traits related to fertility, looks like I’m eating crow

    We show that the European Marriage Pattern survived because fertility increasing behaviors — early marriage, a high propensity to marry, and short birth intervals within marriage — were not significantly inherited at the familial level.5 While the EMP was culturally reproduced from generation to generation, there was little or no direct inheritance of fertility behaviors by children from parents


    • Tyrone says:

      Family lore

      Living on a farm with 10 other kids sounds idyllic today but during the great depression it wasn’t fun to be number 8, poor, with an old dad.

      A lot of those folks only had 1 or 2 kids, if any. Feminism arrived at the same time, that’s an enormous factor, but many people from large families in that era hated it, or tell themselves they did as cope.

      This pattern might be similar historically. Have 4 kids, everyone is happy, get 16 grandkids. Have 13 kids, everyone is poor, get 10 grandkids. Or maybe more than 10 but nowhere near 169.

      • S says:

        The people who were kids during the Great Depression had more children then their parents; fertility in the US went down from 1840-1945 and rose from 1945-1973.

      • Your Uncle Bob says:

        I knew before but you’ve reminded me, the boomer mantra of just sign the student loan, just get a bachelor of arts in anything at all and you’ll get a good job like me, really started with their parents or grandparents who went through the great depression. Because for them it was the case.

        But separate from that – We had a good long run of large families begetting large families from the first American settlers to the early 20th century. (American history properly understood dates to 1607 not 1776, but the Revolution looms so large that conservatives get that wrong as much or more than anyone else.) Its one reason Americans consistently underestimate their Anglo-Saxon percentage of ancestry, humans are naturally so bad at math that one Irish or Italian grandparent or great-grandparent outweighs that population increase in their minds.

        So to a point you’re reasoning from first principles against something that actually happened. Though to be fair, up against Malthusian limits is the normal state of affairs for large stretches of history.

        Not all of history though. The first generations and even centuries of the adoption of qanats in the middle east, the adoption of milk consumption + herding + horse-drawn wagons, even the first adoption of the medieval-feudal package of crop rotation which was more beneficial to the first peasant adopters than to their later descendants we think of more, all experienced similar levels of growth. Until they ran up against the limits of borders, innovation, or strangling social control.

        Its one reason I find Jim’s prediction of humanity colonizing the Oort, and from there the stars, plausible even though fantastical. With a viable new mode of living and food production, first mover wins.

        • Tyrone says:

          I’ll have to talk to my family again, and get the dates and generations right, but we had a lot of double digit generations where the kids told me they thought never again, no way, and that’s why they only had two.

          Maybe this was against the broader trend but it’s important to understand one’s own family as much as societal trends.

          I hope some of us make it to the Oort

        • i says:

          In regards to bumping up against Malthusian limits. Is the reason I put stock in primarily the Father capacity to create the Carrying capacity for his family.

          If it means he has children later in his life compared to others who haven’t created said carrying capacity. So be it. More surviving children means his line will have more ready to colonize the stars.

          But even then humanity will still keep bumping up against Malthusian limits along the way.

          Plus I like the fact that Post-scarcity isn’t possible. Because post-scarcity will be very quickly be taken over by evil and it’s corresponding parasite load. Weeds choking out desired plants in well fertilized soil.

  31. A2 says:

    Lol, in Simplicius’ article above, Nuland gets the moniker ‘Cookie Monster’. A very palpable hit!

  32. Fidelis says:

    >lands and a wife

    Land is plentiful. What matters is power and revenue. If you’re giving out ‘land’, you better be giving administrative privilege over it, and it can’t be some siberian frozen swamp. The issue I see is the Putincrats are mighty jealous of their power, and the state is not set up for grants of this sort. They still pretend to be, aspire to be, a liberal democratic state. Perhaps dicing the Borderland into fiefdoms awarded to the crews actually fighting to take the place could work, now that I think about it; at least less uphill than doing the same in Russia proper.

    In regards to wives, the same could be done, though I expect it’s even more unthinkable to the old timers than giving out fiefdoms. Capture a Borderland woman, you get to keep her.

    I just really don’t expect these decisions out of any boomer run state anywhere. I think our best chance is for companies like Wagner to take their own privileges far away from the geriatrics. The africans are happy to be ruled, they say as much themselves

    ‘The Americans only help us with their NGOs and their volunteers and humanitarian aid,’ he said. ‘But can you develop a country with humanitarian aid? We want them to create businesses in our country. We want them to develop our oil! We want them to come and pave roads to get to their sites. Okay, 80 percent of the benefit will go to them. But if the other 20 percent benefits us? That works.’


    All that needs to happen is NATO/blue helmets to remain distracted and incompetent, and the guys in charge of the merc company to understand and digest the knowledge of what made modernity before the fall. Much easier than convincing geriatrics to make big risky changes in their already frail state bugocracies.

  33. JustAnotherGuy says:

    “The Russian government gave White some medals. Should have given him lands and a wife.”

    And this is going to become the penultimate question as the decay continues to set in. I would have liked Russia to be able to easily solve their TFR problem, but I remember you saying (correct me if I’m wrong) that Putin is a 1990’s liberal, and by all accounts, the Russian state as it is, is also a 1990’s liberal state, which means it has fatally crowned feminism into it like metal grafted onto flesh. I keep thinking about why it is so hard for anyone to just pick up on this and start passing women to their warrior bands especially now that GAE is transitioning to full blown AIDS death as I write this.

    I don’t think Putin nor any part of the Russian Elite can imagine a world without female emancipation, I simply just cannot see him say “Yeah, women rights are over, get married or get auctioned off.” I think the only state actually capable of implementing this is China, though I don’t know what their elite are thinking at all.

    • JustAnotherGuy says:

      I keep thinking about the story of that one guy who was a navy reactor operator and finished his contract, didn’t renew, went to live with his mom and stock shelves at wal-mart because no wife.

      We have a lot of passive, very intelligent guys like this who could get into action and hit the ground running if there was a reason to give a shit.

    • skippy says:

      Putin was not even able to control his own wife, although he could surely have got away with having her killed. Xi exactly the same btw – divorced childless his competence-matched wife and ended up marrying a pretty face with whom he has one daughter who moved to the US. These are not “based” states except where forced to be.

      • Upravda says:

        Ahem, guys… Putin and his wife divorced in their quite late age. And he has two children with her, two daughters. He obviously did control everything during times when it mattered. 🙂

        Not that I’m some personal lawyer of Mr. Putin, but let’s not be childish.

        By the way, two marriages per each daughter, three grandchildren altogether. It could be worse, but better something than nothing.

        I’d say he had much less control over his daughters than he should, but it seems to be the common characteristics of most “modern” fathers, both those who are alpha and those who are supposedly conservative. Or both.

        • skippy says:

          He is indeed a very typical middle class Western dad of the 1990s and 00s. I have no doubt he is as alpha as he looks. What he, and many, lack is any mindset that control of women is desirable and just.

          • Upravda says:

            I’d say, middle class dad from any country, in “West” or Eastern Europe, that still runs on the fumes of Christianity. To quote one of my acquaintances with whose son my sons play football: “It is much harder nowadays to raise daughters than sons.”

            While I do not have any daughter, I and my wife do have one god-daughter, and gosh, her parents have quite a few more concerns raising her than I have when raising my sons.

            One the one hand, she is also your flesh and blood, and her offspring will also be your heirs, especially if you do not have son(s). On the other hand, modern (anti)civilization does everything to turn her into… well… yet another sluttish ditz. And, last but not least, those boys around her are not actually around her but more and more in those proverbial parental basements, around Playstations, and wanking on some stupid porn instead of getting a life. So, more opportunity for Mr. Thundercock pumping and dumping her. You might raise her as a Christian, and to get attached to a Real Man, if young one then a proverbial “Lieutenant who will become a General”, but let’s face it – modern (anti)civilization is also not conductive to raising such young men.

            • skippy says:

              I think it is much more understandable that a national leader find its hard to police his daughters than that he has few children.

              I think it’s a clear weakness of the Chinese that they, up to the president, will send their children to Harvard as a first choice, and other US universities as a second. The Japanese don’t do this, nor do the Europeans for the most part. It suggests a very high level of deference by the Chinese to the status hierarchy as described by Harvard.

              • Epimetheus says:

                Lots of the Chinese are absolutely obsessed with university degrees and status striving. I knew a guy whose girlfriend had first-generation Chinese immigrant parents who refused to let their daughter marry him because he had no university degree. I think Mao’s devastation of the peasants left many people with a fanatical attitude of, “We are going up in the world, we are not going back to the rice patch.”

                • skippy says:

                  That the Chinese use credentials obtained by pointless essay-churning to signal status is old and perhaps a very big problem with their civilization. However, Chinese considering foreign, and specific American, credentials to be the most superior is a new phenomenon, and seems to threaten their sovereignty and the survival of their civilization in any form. Brits want to go to Oxford, Japanese to U Tokyo, Germans to Heidelberg, Russians to MSU, Chinese to Harvard.

                • jim says:

                  If you accept your enemy’s priestly status system, you do not have what Putin call spiritual security — You are being conquered and do not know it.

                  The Russians have figured this out, and are taking vigorous state action about it.

              • Upravda says:

                Yes, it is understandable, and not just for national leaders. 🙂

                While aware of Chinese being suckers for Harvard, I wonder:
                1. Do party-members’ kids also go to Harvard?
                2. Is there any sign lately, in last few years, about Chinese stopping to be such suckers for Harvard?

                And, Chinese are far from being the only such suckers. Quite a few kids of European nomenklatura go to Harvard (or all those Ive Leagues’), including our former Presidentess’ daughter and both kids of current state attorney, who is mostly known for lying under oath (I’m not kidding) and fucking other men’s wives.

                However, I do not see pronounced benefits for such kids when getting employment, but I’m familiar with employment opportunities for normal people, engineers, technicians, etc, not for, say, officials in Foreign ministry.

                • skippy says:

                  Xi Jinping’s daughter literally went to Harvard: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xi_Jinping#Personal_life

                  Actually even Kim Jong-Un went to school in the West, though this seems to have been some kind of test (his elder brother who actually accepted the Progressivism-Democracy got booted from the line of succession and I think eventually killed?)

                  It does read like Jinping’s daughter just got acculturated to speaking English socially and perhaps enjoying the company of white American men. Not a good luck even for a secondary power. Again, Japanese don’t do this, and Japan is an occupied country.

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