The Ukraine is not a nation

The Ukraine never has been a nation. It has always merely been a province of empire. Ukrainians oft got conscripted to fight in the wars of far away empires, but even when the empire ruled through local satraps, as it does now, the local minions of empire failed to act as if the Ukraine was a nation.

Here are Ukrainians celebrating independence day. Notice the near total absence of anyone celebrating. Compare with the enormous turnout everywhere in Russia for victory day.

And today the local minions of empire in the Ukraine are not acting as if the Ukraine is a nation.

Three recent incidents reveal this. That defences along the Northern front were paid for, yet for the most part not actually built, that the Russians discovered a very long pile of materials for building defences that had been dumped among the trees by the edge of the road and, most all, Antony Blinken, the Secretary of State, playing guitar and singing with a Ukrainian rock band at the Barman Dictat in Kiev.

The Ukraine has a trucking crisis, making it difficult to move food to where it is needed, because so many truck drivers have been conscripted to fight in the front lines, rather than transport stuff to the front lines. A Ukrainian conscript who lost both legs at the knee was demobilised for lack of legs, and then, legless, conscripted again. But, it would seem that is not a problem for nightclub entertainers. Kiev, thanks to the mighty influx of American money, has more bars and nightclubs than it did before the war.

According to CBS news, that it is party time in Kiev is a form of defiance of Russia. The young men in the CBS photos are evidently at no risk of being summoned to the front. The imperial minions in Kiev are acting like the war is a gold mine, and they have struck it rich.

The minions in other imperial provinces along the border watch the party enviously, and wonder if they too could strike gold and retire to the South of France.

If the Ukraine was a real nation, the local elite would not do this stuff, or if they did do it, would be more furtive about it. The local elite has no plans for making peace with Russia. They don’t care and it is not their decision to make anyway. They have plans for moving to the South of France. They are building and purchasing mansions, and in Zelensky’s case, a palace, as far from the Ukraine as they can, and as the war approaches its end, stealing as much as possible as fast as possible.

As the time available to steal stuff grows shorter, and the prospect of long term employment as the empire’s satraps in the Ukraine grows more remote, the imperial minions naturally focus more on stealing whatever is not nailed down, and burning down what is nailed down so that they can steal the nails, and focus less on preserving imperial rule. Global American Empire rule over the Ukraine is collapsing. The battle field is merely a lagging indicator. The collapse starts in the luxurious nightclubs of Kiev first, and the battlefield eventually follows later. The apparatus of imperial rule in the Ukraine is about to relocate to the mansions in the South of France.

The same malaise is visible, though not in such advanced form, even in the heart of empire. The inability to increase arms production is partly de-industrialisation, partly diversity, equity, and inclusion, partly the decline of science and technology. But it is also partly that military industrial complex is more focused on how much they can steal before the roof falls in than on increasing arms production.

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  1. The Count of Montecristo says:


  2. Calvin says:

    Iran’s President and Foreign Minister confirmed dead in a fairly obviously orchestrated helicopter crash.

    So much for de-escalation in the Middle East.

  3. Just a Sneedy Chuck says:

    Hey Jim, long time reader and lurker. Happy to pass a shill test if needed to pass the filter.

    Just wanted to know your thoughts on coinjoin being shut down? Any chance it reemerges in a different form? Or alternatives?

    • jim says:

      Please lead with a thought crime. It saves me a lot of work. This comment barely escaped being deleted unread, and your next comment will surely be deleted unread if it does not start with a thought crime. The problem is that shill comments require some thought to figure out what is up. I have an actual life, and spending time and energy to figure out what shills are up to this week takes far too much time and energy.

      On reflection, after allowing your comment through, I spotted what looks like shill payload: That coinjoin has been shut down.

      Silly. The government cannot shut coinjoin down.

      I would not have touched Samourai with a ten foot pole, because of centralisation. Centralisation led to the arrests of the founders. I hope all the centralised coin mixing services get shut down. Unfortunately most of them are gross and obvious honeypots, and so will never be shut down.

      Use a genuinely decentralised protocol to mix your coins.

      • Just a Sneedy Chuck says:

        Thoughtcrime: women at an alarmingly young age (some as young as 10, though it varies), want to sneak off into bed with violent and dangerous men like Jeremy Meeks or General Butt Naked. There is an epidemic of female misbehavior, and that misbehavior can start as young as 4. Female sexual choice cannot be suppressed, but things like the 10th commandment (thou shalt not covet) can help prevent men defecting on each other. We are descended from a long line of men that had these laws or similar. Also, fuck niggers, trannies, and glowniggers.

        I hope that suffices.

        Sorry for wasting your time on that first post Jim. I’m very grateful for your blog and how it has changed the trajectory of my life, more that you can probably imagine. When my sons are older, they will be reading you too.

        Regarding coinjoin, I heard the team behind Wasabi wallet (which you recommended at some point) are stopping support of their coinjoin service soon. Was this service centralized at any point? How would one access a decentralized coinjoin/mixing service?

        • jim says:

          I loved the earlier version of the Wasabi wallet. Then it was “updated”. I rapidly became unhappy with the update.

          I am reluctant to give advice on coinjoin, because I have seen what looks like enemy responses to advice given on this blog.

          So, some generic advice: Download the source code, and understand how what you are building works.

        • simplyconnected says:

          After they went after Samourai, I’ve seen almost no coinjoin activity on (there used to be quite a bit). Lots of people are likely now looking for a good coinjoin service.

  4. i says:

    In regards to the whole problem of legalism. Which Paul wrestles with. It seems to be practically impossible to keep as the Pharisees demonstrate. The root source of evil is in the heart and even perfect Law excites and activates the Sin nature as Paul finds out in his pre-Christian and even post-Christian state(Book of Romans).

    But I find it interesting that the solution to this Legalism is to “Walk in the Spirit” with the Christian of course having the Holy Spirit to begin with.(Romans 8). To qualify as such.

    It is practically impossible to be a Christian without God supernaturally giving him the Spirit. For the unsaved it’s impossible for them to “walk in the Spirit”. With Jesus living in the believer
    It’s like asking the paralyzed from birth how he can move his arms and legs

    • jim says:

      > It seems to be practically impossible to keep as the Pharisees demonstrate.

      That is not the problem. The problem is legalism. Modern Judaism is derived from Phariseeism, the New Testament has no end of stuff about Pharisees and Phariseeism, and much of what people get pissed off by in today’s Jewish conduct is the same sort of stuff as pissed off Jesus about the Pharisees.

      The Mosaic law was issued by Moses for a bunch of Bronze Age nomadic pastoralists. See, for example, the law on poop, which obviously applies if you are camping in the wilderness, but not if you have an outhouse or a flush toilet. Similarly, the law on mold is not applicable to people who have spray gun that sprays bleach. And the laws on fire and cooking presupposes that providing light and heat is a whole lot of work, rather than flicking a switch.

      Also, the Old Testament law on mold presupposes that the mold gets far worse than it ever gets under modern circumstances — it tolerated mold that we would rightly regard as intolerable. Mold emits poisons to kill critters so that it can then grow on those critters, and Old Testament law on mold presupposes that the mold it is addressing has reached the point where it would be a very serious hazard. Which today no one allows. Our current laws on mold in rental accommodation and premises open to the public are vastly more stringent, and individual homeowners are in practice vastly more stringent, because we have much better means of dealing with mold.

      So, you have to apply the spirit of the law. If you try to apply the letter of the law under wildly different circumstances, you have to create an elaborate re-interpretation, and wind up with a legal rationale for doing bad things, which is what pissed of Jesus about the Pharisees, pisses off people about the Jews today, and pissed off the Romans.

      It is not that following the letter of the law is impossible, though of course it is, it is that in order to follow it under very different circumstances, you have to interpret it, and if you interpret it legalistically rather than spiritually, you wind up with a bunch of rationales for doing very bad things.

      The problem of filth in India is analogous. Instead of following the spirit of the Law of Manu on cleanliness, they are following legalistic re-interpretations by some Hindu sage of another Hindu sage’s legalistic re-interpretations of yet another Hindu sage’s re-interpretations of the law of Manu. Hence street shitting and anointing oneself with cow dung.

      I have retold many times how, in order to legalistically adhere to the law on contamination by blood, the Jews got themselves covered in the blood of a Roman cop who was trying to uphold a fair and neutral Roman law to the benefit of all. They justified coveting by the legalistic interpretation of the law and blood, which led to them justifying theft by the legalistic interpretation of the law on blood, which led to them justifying murder by the legalistic interpretation of the law on blood.

      • i says:

        I think its an illustration of how not dealing with the Heart of a human being. The Sin Nature would over time be bound to manifest itself in Legalistically adhering to the Letter of the Law by the so called “Very religious” whilst actually doing the evil act itself as you yourself say.

        That Motive force behind the Holiness Spiraling that actually cancels the intent of the Law.

        Although Paul did say that the Old Testament Law would curse anyone who doesn’t keep it perfectly(Galatians 3:10).

        Bronze Age Israel didn’t have he benefit of Pentecost. Whilst the Church has and should in order to qualify. Which should help them keep the Spirit of the Law because they are given God’s Spirit. And also deal with the “White-Washed” Tomb problem.

        “Clean the inside so that the outside may be clean”. It is a Supernatural Work as much as it is inner work in the person in question.

  5. Nikolai says:

    Around 40% of my extended family lives over there and I completely agree with this post. Ukraine should be thought of as western Russia. Everyone in eastern, southern and most of central Ukraine speak Russian as their native language, including Zelensky from Krivoy Rog.

    The far westerners speak a silly peasant dialect which is mostly just Russian with Hs replacing Gs and Is replacing Os. And even much of that is a relatively recent innovation. I know countless Eastern Europeans and I’ve never heard of anyone named Serhei or Ihor or Hrihory (Gregory) until 2022.

    Ideally a sovereign Ukraine would be a second Belarus, but the SMO has escalated to the point where Putler has no choice but to annex large swaths of it and purge the rest of the hohol menace until the piggers finally come to their senses. Syrsky is about to learn the same thing as every HR lady I interact with.
    You can’t win against a stone cold Russian who’s really good at excel.

  6. Mister Grumpus says:

    Off topic, and instead on the subject of the Slovakian Mr. Fico’s near assassination:

    Assassination must be an acid test of sorts, in that I can’t see how a public figure can simply pay money, his own or someone else’s, to protect himself from it. Rifles are just so good, and bullets so cheap, let alone poisons in the coffee, etc.

    Without a faith based “fanatical” guard system around him, grounded in and motivated by a legitimate “cause”, I’m just not seeing how one can’t catch an entryist infiltrator’s bullet eventually, or rather a for-hire bullet that an entryist infiltrator looked the other way and allowed through at just the right moment.

    Protection from assassination must truly be the proof of a state’s spiritual sovereignty.

    Comments please?

    • Karl says:

      Protection is never absolute. Some measures can be taken easily and cheaply. Don’t walk around in public, especially not if your presence was announced beforehand. Wear a bullet proof vest, don’t drive around in a cabriolet, etc.

      My impression is that most assassinations could have been avoided rather easily

    • Mayflower Sperg says:

      If Jim’s prophesies come true and states as we know them are replaced by crypto-corporations, pseudonymous world leaders will be protected by the great difficulty of connecting them to meatspace identities.

      Jim calls this system “aristocracy”, but it should be called “cryptocracy”. Aristocrats rule openly; everyone knows who they are.

    • Varna says:

      Helicopter crash with Iranian prez and foreign minister inside just happened.

      My oh my.

      • Calvin says:

        There were three helicopters, of which only the president’s crashed. Israel is already publicly announcing they think he’s dead. Least subtle Mossad op ever.

        I wonder if Iran has the balls to do anything about it.

  7. Fleischfresser says:

    How does one pray?

    • jim says:

      2 And he said unto them, When ye pray, say, Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, as in heaven, so in earth.

      3 Give us day by day our daily bread.

      4 And forgive us our sins; for we also forgive every one that is indebted to us. And lead us not into temptation; but deliver us from evil.

      • Anonymous Fake says:


        • jim says:

          I see the usual shill effort to get conflict running between based protestants, based roman catholics, Russian orthodox, and based Mohammedans. (Not that getting conflict going between Mohammedans and Christians really needs any shilling to get going)

          What we need among Christians is national churches with global consensus of the Bishops, the arrangement the apostles had, and the arrangement we mostly had during the first millenium of Christianity. As for the Mohammedans, that problem should be forgotten until after Mohammedans and Christians have both dealt with demon worshippers in power.

      • Fleischfresser says:


  8. Need it For School says:

    Hi everyone. Need it for School back again. Sorry to post something unrelated to the Ukraine war but I need to muster some sources for something I’m writing, and figured the commenters here would know where to point me.

    I’m looking for:

    1. A reasonably concise summary with citations of all of the best quantitative evidence that the Corona clot shots did not work or were dangerous, that Corona came from gain of function labs in China, that Corona lockdowns were ineffectual.

    2. A reasonably concise summary with citations of all of the best evidence (quantitative or testimony) that the 2020 United States election was stolen (I recall in particular seeing a collection of data pointing out that the reported voting patterns of absentee ballots were so strange as to be almost definitely fraudulent, but can’t seem to find it again).

    Would anybody here be able to point me towards data like either of these?

      • Need It For School says:

        Thanks, Jim. Do you recall the sources I was describing re: the 2020 coup, or is it unfamiliar?

        • jim says:

          I don’t have them handy It was obvious that the election was about to be massively, blatantly, clumsily, and openly stolen shortly before three in the morning, and anyone who was not convinced then is not going to influenced by any evidence whatsoever that came out later, so I have paid absolutely no attention to the evidence that came out later.

        • dey stolt it says:

          tv channels and precinct/county/states had trumps count going DOWN after 100am through about 530am, i was there i saw the newsfeeds and count sites live in my tabs. NO count that is correct and trustworthy EVER goes DOWN, they only go UP. the DUMP is what went up massively ratioing trump. just go on rumble they still have video of it.
          then censors marcopolo project laptopfromhell bobulinski 10% for the big guy
          then $400M facebook et al into democrat vote bullshit and boxes
          then soros payin antifa blm to shitscare everyone and pump the free-nanny state
          then flat out psyop of all search engines
          then total censorship manipulation of all social media in partner with deep state left govt fuck jack dorsey that socialist commie nigger
          then the PLANDEMIC and 2000MULES
          then canceling all election court cases, even supremes cowarded fearing revolution and rewind
          fuck a nigga gotta be both BLIND and DUMB not to know election fraud.
          go look all that shit up

          • Need It For School says:

            I’m asking here because I know someone has compiled these materials into a readable, non-ebonics format. Thanks for your contribution, though.

            I was awake to see the steal happening in real-time. What I’m sick of is being gaslit by people saying it never happened, and not having *sources* at hand backing it up. I recall a few things:

            -eyewitness testimony in Michigan (perhaps other states?) that ballots were miscounted
            -absentee ballots coming in in multiple states with statistically nigh-impossible dem-favoring behavior
            -unpredictable stops and starts in counting for no clear reason (just a timeline would be great).

            I’m sure someone has part or all of these, but I’m unable to spend the time to comb through tertiary social media platforms and unable to find this material on X or regular search engines.

            • A2 says:

              Aren’t there more mainstream groups that have documented this, in text and/or video?

              For instance, the fair and balanced Wikipedia mentions:

              Stop the Steal is a far-right and conservative campaign and protest movement in the United States promoting the conspiracy theory[126] that falsely[127] posits that widespread electoral fraud occurred during the 2020 presidential election to deny incumbent president Donald Trump victory over former vice president Joe Biden. (etc etc)

              So that could be a place to start. Also, I would expect other groups can be found nearby.

              • alf says:

                If you’re referring to, that site looks shady as hell.

                A search on yandex turns out a couple of ’10 reasons why the election was stolen’ articles, which is just too clickbaity to be very convincing. Closest I can find is, which is good, except that it heavily relies on an outside video without stopping to think that on the internet, the best policy is to act as if every outside link is already dead.

                • A2 says:

                  Lol, I wish my clever strategy had been to post sub-par information and rely on the internet to correct me. This wasn’t the case but it happened anyway. Thanks!

                  If the OP wants to rush off and argue, he will still need to hunt down and fill in a lot of citation neededs.

                  In general, the US voting system is a shambles tuned for massive cheating. Voter ID isn’t even an interesting issue since it already runs on the well-known Stalin principle of “I consider it completely unimportant who in the party will vote, or how; but what is extraordinarily important is this—who will count the votes, and how.”

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  Easiest place to look is posts right here on this blog at that time; people were sharing many links to good material as events unfolded.

                • Mike in Boston says:

                  In the Katehon article alf linked, Paul Craig Roberts cites Mike Lindell’s slick video as a source.

                  Well, that video is based on bullshit from a shady hoaxer named Dennis Montgomery. He claimed to have smoking gun packet captures, then convenient had a stroke, supposedly before the big reveal.

                  And in a way that seems tailor-made for the regime, those flashy but bogus claims stole attention than the reasoned but less flashy results of real statisticians. See the Chronicles piece that one of its staffers wroter after attending Lindell’s clusterfuck.

                  The defconnews pieces alf linked later are the kind of thing I presume Welsch was talking about. I would be shocked if the county-level audits he mentioned at the end of his piece went anywhere. Unless the currently ascendant Thermidoreans pick them up…

          • dey stolt it says:

            [* I allowed your previous relevant and informative comment through, and this one seems entirely relevant and informative with no obvious shill payload, but something smells somehow a bit funny.

            Please take the shill test described in the moderation policy and get white listed.

            Commenters who are not white listed may have their comments unkindly edited or silently and arbitrarily deleted

            White listed commenters can say anything they like, and it will immediately appear as is. There is no censorship on this blog, just spam prevention.

            If a commenter comments under a handle and fake email that has not been white listed, I assume it is spam, because it usually is, and do not necessarily read it very carefully. Or at all.*]

    • A2 says:

      Ukraine’s strong black woman spokesbot tells everyone all they need to know, really.

      “[The bot’s] appearance and voice are modelled on a real person: Rosalie Nombre, a singer and former contestant on Ukraine’s version of the reality show The Bachelor. ”

      What malignant nonsense.

      • Cloudswrest says:

        Ukraine was famous for it’s beautiful blonde women. The Beatles even mentioned it in their song, “Back In the USSR”. The fact the GAE proffered some mystery meat apparition as Ukraine’s spokesbot avatar tells you all you need to know about what Clown World thinks of native Ukrainians, or native Europeans for that matter.

        Here’s a recent video of St. Petersburg that’s gone viral. No wonder Clown World seethes in anger over Russia.

        • jim says:


          I have noticed that a whole lot of shills clearly seethe with spontaneous rage when they see this kind of thing, and it bleeds through into their fake pro white identity. It is more the lack of morbid obesity that enrages them, than the lack of diversity. Hence the recent gaming avatar drama, where they have been replacing beloved cute female avatars not with race switched avatars but with poorly drawn unattractive androgynous avatars. They were not removing unusual curviness. The avatars already looked like the women in this video of Saint Petersburg streets — normal curviness. They replaced that with abnormal androgynity. They hate what is cute, they hate what is beautiful. Similarly, Peta hates puppies, kittens and baby seals. Whether demons are real, and whether demonic possession is real, their spontaneous outrage is well modelled as the outrage of demons.

        • Mayflower Sperg says:

          What angers me is knowing that almost all of these women will intentionally remain childless until 30 so they can focus on careers and vacations. A few will then latch on to a beta simp and have one child, while the rest become cat ladies.

          Russia’s TFR is 1.30, but that includes Muslims and rural Christians, neither of which you see here.

          How does Russia plan to fight wars in the 2050s? By sending old cat ladies to die in the trenches? Or rather, die in the open, because they are too weak to dig trenches.

          • Fidelis says:

            What’s your read on the Russian male youth? Are they aware of the solution? Are they blue pilled? Are they despairing? Are they preparing?

            • Mayflower Sperg says:

              Men’s attitudes vary, but none see it as a serious problem. Some turn gay, but keep it down low to stay out of jail. Some are shut-ins, hikikomori. A lean, muscular guy I know seems to be coldly playing a harem of 30-something aging desperadas. Another says, who cares if Russia dies, we should enjoy our lives. Liberal men agree with Putin that family subsidies and addressing inequality will fix the problem. I’m very happy that my 22-yo friend just landed a good-looking 24-yo girlfriend, but he thinks it perfectly normal that she plans to wait until her 30s to have kids. Young lovers don’t understand that if their love doesn’t produce a baby within a year or two, it will wither and die.

              • Fidelis says:

                That’s what I was worried about. At least in the west the younger guys have a large enough portion aware of the problem. The russians I’ve met seem to yearn for american 90s liberalism.

                • jim says:

                  They had a whacking great dose of American democracy and liberalism in the 1990s, as did the Ukraine, and after 2014 the Ukraine got another whacking great dose, whereupon nine months later its already abysmal fertility rate resumed its plunge to ever lower levels, indicating that everyone’s already shitty sex life immediately started to get even shittier.

                  After sanctions, Russia and Russian immediately got additional massive relief from western democratic liberalism, as all the US Government agents of influence self deported. How do these guys feel about the sudden and dramatic clearing of the air that happened after sanctions? Or are you talking to Russians who self deported, who are unlikely to be representative?

                • Fidelis says:

                  As you say, unlikely to be representative, though they did self deport before 2022. I don’t pretend to have a good sense of the current mindset of young russians. Even on the internet, if they speak english likely to be closer to the anglosphere memes, so I would need to learn russian.

                  I do hope pessimism is undue, but I sense, perhaps misguidedly, and I would be glad to be corrected, that the young russians with the knowledge of what needs to be done is a very small proportion. Hopefully that’s enough anyway.

                • skippy says:

                  Most “periphery” people within the GAE and outside it still admire John Wayne/booming Wall Street/Reagan buildup 1980s America. The third world is full of “Western”, even CSA-themed Americana bars playing 70s and 80s rock music of the kind you would never actually see in America today. Even people who theoretically dislike this America (e.g. old type commies) still respect it. News of what America has become, and if we’re honest always was to a lesser extent, travels slowly. Also, producing an own alternative is quite hard, especially as right now it must be purely theoretical, not based on an actual history of accomplishment. China seems particularly bad at this.

  9. someDude says:

    This was the only option given that India makes nothing that Russia wants or needs,,doing%20so%2C%20the%20source%20added.

    India changes its rules regarding foreign investments just for Russia. Hopefully, we will be able to gear our export economy to make what Russia needs or wants.

    • Karl says:

      If Russia invests in India, Russia expects that these investements will yield something that Russia needs or wants. Hence, I’m confident that you’ll be able to gear your export economy to make what Russia needs or wants.

      • someDude says:

        Thanks, we need the Russians to have a stake in our economy to counter balance China. From an Indian point of view, one big tragedy of the Russia Ukraine war is Russia and China getting closer together which is an even bigger nightmare scenario for us than it is for the occident. For us, unlike for the west, this is existential.

        • dharmicreality says:

          The Indian ruling establishment is pissed of by the West dictating how we do business.

          I have noted that we have taken many steps to getting closer to Russia. Bharat has tried to sit on the fence for as long as possible and continues to do so, but it is clear that we are leaning more to Russia than the GAE.

        • Mayflower Sperg says:

          Why are China and India enemies? Why do they fight over borderlands that consist of uninhabitable high mountain glaciers where more soldiers die of frostbite and altitude sickness than bullet wounds? Is China a real threat or just a convenient bogeyman for Indians to unite against?

          BTW congrats on stealing the “most populous nation” title that China has held since the Roman Empire broke up, though reproduction in India is highly dysgenic, like everywhere else.

          • Pete says:

            History shows that if you allow China to take those high mountain areas, they will feel emboldened to take more territory later.

          • someDude says:

            Certainly, part of it is that China is a convenient enemy for Indians of all stripes to unite against, there is some of that. But given India’s history, the Hindus don’t feel too excited about China except in context of the Chinese being cosy with the Pakis.

            Part of it is that China would not want India to rise much the same way that the US does not want China to rise. Part of it the the war we had with those gentlemen where they soundly whipped us and grabbed a strategic chunk of our territory because we had an incompetent in charge.

            And a big part is that China controls tibet which is the source of many of our rivers including the sacred Ganga

            Reproduction in China is also quite dysgenic from what my Chinese colleagues used to tell me. High IQ people not reproducing is a worldwide issue at the moment. China and Russia are not exempt either.

            • Karl says:

              My personal observation is that high IQ men do reproduce. Problem is high IQ women do not reproduce much.

  10. Jamesthe1st says:

    On shill operations, has anyone seen the feuding recently on the right wing Twitter? As far as I can tell, the Fuentes dudes have been attacking the BAP/Lomez/Steve Sailor crowd as Jewish subversives and in return they are calling Fuentes and his group dumb 3rd worlder browns. It definitely feels like someone is shilling hard right now.

    • jim says:

      I pay no attention to shills, but have been receiving, and silently suppressing, a whole lot of blatant shill material intended to create conflict between unconverged faiths in general, and unconverged Christian faiths in particular.

      Social Justice warriors always project, and I think this tactic is a projection of their own internal conflict between the Thermidoreans, the neocons, and the radicals.

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        Numerous white house staffers – members of The Biden – ‘resigning in protest’.

        TV interview with two ‘former state department’ officials, describing Biden Administration report on Israel not violating ‘humanitarian law’ as ‘self-contradictory’.

        The factional infighting between the gerontocrats and the activists has been reaching a fever pitch – nowhere better illustrated than the spectacle of state rent-a-mobs being whipped up against other organs of state – and as usual, the descendants of Alger Hiss’ department are at the forefront of the latest advances in global communism.

    • Fidelis says:

      Little nicky and pals have always been an obvious operation. BAP is hard to read and therefore hard to trust, best thought of as an entertainer. The drama is typical nonsense to burn up any possible productive energy on infighting. It doesn’t seem to me to be unusual in quantity or form, just the regular noise.

      • The Cominator says:

        “Little nicky and pals have always been an obvious operation.”

        This. BAP was just a shitposter who had a genuinely and organically successful book and hes a genuine classics scholar and entertainer.

        • Fidelis says:

          BAP has written widely enough and in depth enough on genuine thought crime topics for me to be able to say he’s not a typical paid actor. However he occasionally comes out with a take here and there that makes me think he’s on a leash anyway. His posts about china being an obvious example; according to him we need to punish Wuhan and not the harvard bugs that actually ran the labs and still do.

          • Milosevic says:

            I don’t think this is the case at all.

            It’s true he reserves a particular animus toward the Chinese, for many reasons.

            But he also speaks of naming the 500 or so names and the organisations they reside in who currently rule the world. Of which Harvard and personnel would be named.

            • The Cominator says:

              He doesn’t like the Han and never has because he thinks its innately a bugman civ but hes organic. Nick obviously has never been organic…

      • Hesiod says:

        All the cool kids are Nietzscheans these days:

        As devil his due credit, BAP got me to finally tackle the Plato collection collecting dust for too many moons and then onto Xenophon. His philosophy leans towards demon worship, just a more masculine and magnificent demon than what most see promoted by GAE in the Current Year. Reminds me somewhat of the South Park Satan.

        • Fidelis says:

          What we’re calling Nietzcheanism leads to demons not because it is poisonous on its own, but because it lacks completeness. It’s utterly hollow, and the quite ironic ressentiment of Christianity, Nietzche only familiar with the post-enlightened form, then blocks It’s ultimate potential to fruit.

          It’s in a sense a sort of reinvention of early Hindusim and Buddhism, of which both eventually memetically evolved to become Christian-like memeplexes. The old Buddhist texts first written down in Pali don’t give you anything except meditation instructions. Everything in the Tipitaka is made for a monk to be able to understand and fruitfully practice a meditative lifestyle. Totally fine on It’s own, in fact I wouldn’t mind passing it out to contemporary Christian contemplative types, it’s far more of a practical text than a mystical one. Well, turns out when your belief system is centered around dropping out of acting in the material world, in fact justifying inaction in the material world as fruitless, it doesn’t spread as far. So the monks, to justify their practice, invented the Mahayana. The Mahayana driving principle is Buddhist practice is good, so good in fact everyone should do it. It’s self justified. As it spread it became more and more like contemporary Christianity, to the point they had convergent evolution on bright heavens for our souls to attend just for belief in it.

          Nietzche following Schopenhauer saw that the material world as self complete and a manifestation of God, in fact the material world is God. So, since we are all God, we are all in a playground where we create what we want, carve out what we want, by force of will. I’m butchering nuance here as I would prefer to not be too long winded, but this is close enough to a synopsis that I don’t feel like I’m shortchanging them on anything except the origins of the reasoning which lead to the conclusion of World-as-God.

          The ultimate problem is that when Wold-as-God becomes your metaphysical truth, you are lost for any sort of motivation besides acting out instinct and passion. The Buddhists and Hindus with World-as-Suffering-Illusion proscribe a way of detaching your will, the Nietzches and Schopenhauers fail to provide even this. So faithful practictioners of Nietzchean metaphysics wind their passions to the peaks, and have no justification for the dissatisfaction and suffering of the world, the world which ultimately cannot satify the soul, and this breeds destructive passion. Ultimately the Nietzchean finds himself wanting to destroy the world around him in a passionate artistic act– see our friend posting here about his dreams of piracy and piracy alone, and see one of the lived Nietzchean heros of the internet movement, Mishima, who ultimately made a dispirited coup attempt as an excuse for the suicide he wanted glory in.

          These metaphysical philosophies only find satisfying conclusion when you accept the premise that the Sense-Reason organs we use to navigate are not self-complete despite being the closed circle of our reality. You must accept that there is something beyond reason and sense that provides an ultimate meaning and satisfaction. Otherwise you have only two paths, self destruction through the purposeful release and detachment of will, or self destruction through winding your passions to such peaks they burn you alive.

          • Hesiod says:

            Thank you, good sir.

            A digression last night into Thucydides for his History before continuing with Xenophon’s work that unfortunately turned frustrating over the relevance of the various Greek factions’ speeches led to a long-tardy Bible study, specifically Acts. Found my faith distressingly weak on the supernatural elements but the persecution by the Pharisees of the first Christians strengthened it.

            The relevance of my recent Greek study became illuminated as I’ve been ultimately seeking to understand the transition from classical Paganism, both polytheistic and monotheistic, to Christianity. Before I had to leave off for the evening, Saul/Paul had just been introduced. Looking forward to Paul’s Epistles as last time’s reading bore much fruit spiritually.

            This study is the completeness you elucidate so well, or at least my own personal quest for such. It has been said the Pagan Greek was very pious, but he didn’t have anything to be pious towards. God finally answered his prayers by giving him His only begotten Son Jesus Christ.

            • Tyrone says:

              Hesiod I hope you make updates about your reading. Do you post anywhere else? I have similar interests though I’m not familiar with south park

              Regarding Nietzsche I always keep in mind his pessimism about the state of humanity. Christians would say we are all so deeply sinful, he would say we are all so profoundly weak, even the best among us. There needs to a massive improvement in our breeding. Eugenics is too weak a word for what he has in mind.

              It’s easy to see how someone obsessed with transcending human limits would be vulnerable to demons and self destruction. But it could also be an incredibly creative project over hundreds or thousands of years.

                • Tyrone says:


                  This kind of thing deserves a lot more discussion, I think about it a lot but in a very disorganized way, I have a lot to learn.

                  On a more modest scale does anyone have advice or experience regarding embryo screening or designer babies? I’d pay a lot to avoid passing down the shitty parts of my genome, but my very rough research didn’t make it look simple. The legal stuff was pretty trivial and the exciting stuff illegal, not ready, or not public.

                • Tyrone says:

                  They say the ancestors to dolphins were some sort of horse or cow.

                  For millions of years there must have been a semi aquatic transition species that lived in swamps, with none of the grace of a horse or a dolphin. Think manatees but worse.

                  Occasionally, due to factors beyond random mutation, something like a true dolphin would have been born, and dazzled the other members of the herd.

                  According to Nietzsche, as often as not this excellent but untimely specimen would be rejected by the herd, or maybe it would choose to wander off to sea and not return.

                  If these swamp dwellers were intelligent enough to manipulate their genome, it would have been a mistake to go back to their hoofed Adam, or become perfectly obese manatees. Much better to accelerate into dolphinhood, to roam the high seas with wolfish smiles.

                  For Nietzsche, man is stuck in the swamp. We are an awkward transition to something greater, which we glimpse in Einstein, Hercules and the Khans. There’s a lot of metaphysics behind it that Fidelis follows better than me, and buying into it requires something like faith, which is why he tried to write his own scripture.

                  Of course, he is much better in his own words even if it is a demonic fairy tale.

                  And there are a lot of pitfalls if you try to apply his philosophy to your own life. It’s certainly a mistake to think of yourself as a dolphin, even if you are slightly sharper and less bloated than the average sea cow.

                • jim says:

                  > Occasionally, due to factors beyond random mutation, something like a true dolphin would have been born, and dazzled the other members of the herd.

                  Natural selection adequately explains the dolphin. A bear that does a whole lot of swimming will by tiny degrees slowly become a seal or a manatee. A seal or a manatee that never needs to get around on land, that takes permanently to deep water, will by slow degrees become a dolphin. There is no need to conjecture that a creature made the leap in a single generation. If it did, divine intervention. But we have no evidence for such interventions.

          • Steelkilt says:

            I do not have my copy handy, but if I remember correctly David Hicks in Norms and Nobility makes the same argument in regards to Hellenic or “classical” philosophy, which is then completed, or rather superseded, by the Incarnation of Christ in the world

      • Cataclysm Reawake says:

        Nick being a shill is not obvious to me at all – maybe you can change my mind. How would one falsify that hypothesis? Positing a hypothetical parallel universe where parallel-Nick is minimally different from our Nick while also not being a shill, in what ways is our current universe different from that one? What things has he done that a shill obviously would do, and what things has he not done that a shill obviously wouldn’t do?

        • Cataclysm Reawake says:

          Correction: What things has he not done that a non-shill obviously would do, and what things has he done that a non-shill obviously wouldn’t do?

        • jim says:

          It is just that I don’t see him saying anything a shill cannot say.

          For example he says “We are being held hostage by a small minority” But he does not mention any particular things that particular members of that small minority have done to us.

          It is an odd omission. I mean if you have a grievance against a small and powerful minority, should you not be pointing fingers at identifiable members of that small minority who have done identifiable bad things?

          Lately he has been talking up Christianity a lot in a vague and general way. But he did not go off on the ban on Easter, does not piss on debased versions of Christianity that have been cleansed of all things progressives find inconvenient. You will not get in trouble for being in favor of Christianity, if you neglect to mention any content of Christianity that our masters find inconvenient.

          Over Easter I did a bunch of posts that Streisanded the the “anti semitic” content of Easter. If he is in favour of Christianity, and against the “small minority”, that would seem to be a worthy topic. Or gays. Seems oddly bland. Our masters dislike just about everything in Christianity. It is hard to say anything about Christianity without getting into trouble, though I see lots of pastors finding things they can say without getting in trouble. And I see Nick finding things he can say without getting in trouble.

          • Redbible says:

            Of the major items to take way from jim’s blog, one is to pay attention not to just what a person says, but what they don’t say.

            Also, some anons have pointed out details that could reasonably look like Nick is gay. Which would line up on how Nick seems to love black pilling on women. All Faggots love black pilling straight men on women. AFALT

          • skippy says:

            Anglin promotes Nick. Do you think this makes Anglin suspect?

            • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

              Being a lone voice in the wilderness is exhausting and can make you partial to anyone who looks like they are sticking their oar in the river too and paddling the same direction with you.

            • jim says:

              No. If Nick is a shill, and I think he is, he is fairly subtle.

              • anonymous mouse says:

                I don’t think Nick is a shill in the sense that he does not sincerely believe things he pushes (in his case, low IQ /pol/ tier wignattery). But he’s been a federal informant since Jan 6 and they have him on a leash.

                I think his “role” is to corral right-wing opposition to GAE imperialism into harmless channels like dumb religious apocalypticism and cartoonish anti-Semitism. Which is why just a couple of weeks ago the CEO of the Daily Wire, a hardcore Zionist neocon outlet, was being all buddy-buddy with Nick, a hardcore anti-Semite. It’s all kayfabe and he’s the heel.

        • The Cominator says:

          Homosexual and roman catholic and astroturfed to hell in right wing spaces far beyond his organic popularity. All this together virtually guarantees hes a shill. He does commit thoughtcrimes on the woman question though apparently (I’ve paid little attention to him apparently because I’ve always just assumed he was a shill) but perhaps he can get away with that because he’s a homosexual.

          • jim says:

            > He does commit thoughtcrimes on the woman question

            I don’t think Nick does. Sounds to me like “I hate Jews, niggers, and women too”. He hates women because he is gay. Normal men are distressed by female failure to cooperate in family formation and reproduction. Very different. Normal men don’t hate women, they hate women keeping their options open in case of the next booty call from Mister One in Thirty. Gays hate women because the sight of big firm bouncy boobs makes them ill.

            The Cathedral is fine with people hating women, just as it is fine with hating Jews, provided that you hate the right Jews for the right reasons. Fine with people hating women provided they hate women for the politically correct reasons, like curves and big firm bouncy boobs, and refrain from noticing politically incorrect reasons, like women disrupting the workplace and failing to perform their role in reproduction and family formation.

            You are not allowed to notice that, and I don’t see Nick noticing that. Neither are you allowed to notice that a bunch of Jews conspired to conscript hundreds of thousands of white Christians to kill other white Christians. I am not aware of Nick noticing that either.

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          I’ve never paid attention to Fuentes so I can’t speak in terms of a detailed exegesis of Fuentism, but I can wildly extrapolate spiritual character from brushes that surface in broader discourse.

          Para exemple: the biggest meme Fuentes is known for is being asked about the Trap Question, where he said ‘gay but understandable (since women suck so much)’, in so many words.

          Now, as an expert in Anonymous Mongolian Clay Baking fora, I can say that that is not the sort of argument that collateral damage of kaliyuga, the sort of men who might’ve had decent normal lives in a former day, but fall into NEETdom to-day, actually make. The mode of thought would be to dispute the idea of it’s gayness in the first place, ‘you would be gay not too’, and so on. The implicit posture of it as a lacunae of otherwise adaptive hetero-aesthetics. Fuentes’ ‘gay and thats okay’ take sounds superficially similar but carries a different spiritual framing. In the former the aspect of femininity is posed a pivot point in the dynamic, and furthermore often highlighted as a 2d idealization that is not represented as such in the world in the first place; whereas in the later the aspect of femininity is deterritorialized as irrelevant to the dynamic, and furthermore spoken of in terms of a 3d phenomena involving 3d beings. The anime coomer resists the framing of gayness because he still considers gayness bad. Whereas Fuentes leaves his backdoor open to gayness.

          Also, he just talks like a fag.

  11. Calvin says:

    On the good news side, Abbott made himself useful for once and pardoned the guy who killed the BLM protestor.

    • Your Uncle Bob says:

      Background: the pardonee Daniel Perry is jewish. As a rightwinger and former Army sergeant not at all a Soros or Rothschild jew, but after seeing Wheels travel to Israel to kiss the wall, and go harder on anti-Israel leftists than on BLM or Antifa, I suspect it played a factor.

      Still a win! Still sees justice done for the defendant (minus the last four years of course – the process is the punishment, whether or not you pull a life sentence). Still moves the Overton window.

      It will be a bigger win, and a bigger sign of the times, if we see Abbott or any other GOP governor pardon an Amerikaner in similar circumstances. This wasn’t quite that, even if Perry is /ourjew/.

      • A2 says:

        At the end of Trump’s first term I had a look at who he pardoned, in particular the lack of right-wingers. My conclusion was that it’s not enough to wait and hope for clemency — you and your friends on the outside have to campaign for it and make your case.

        • jim says:

          The basic problem is that he is a merchant, not a warrior. Our enemies are using violence, both under the colour of law, (FBI) and without the colour of law (Antifa). We need a leader who will use violence, and do not have one.

  12. Humungus says:

    Humungus sends greetings

    What other news sites does Jim’s blog recommend similar to Stormer? Humungus requires a site that picks most relevant news with interpretation so that he may monitor the fall of the evil empire most effectively.

    • Jamesthe1st says:

      Founding Questions has good discussions similar to here.

    • S says:

      Anyone know what’s going on with the Stormer? It isn’t updating, and it doesn’t seem to be an issue on my end- there aren’t new articles on Unz either.

      • Anonymous Reader says:

        Anglin and his people have a forum up at Gamer Uprising. According to his posts there, the Stormer is having some technical issues.

    • Humungus says:

      Greetings once again.

      Humungus is grateful to those that replied.

      Stormer is back up for now.

      Other sites of possible interest are:

      Most “news” is tainted with some degree of propaganda, but we must monitor the world situation as best we can so that when our enemy becomes weak, we may move on them. Be ready always!

  13. Karl says:

    But it is also partly that military industrial complex is more focused on how much they can steal before the roof falls in than on increasing arms production.

    What indicates looting? From what I see in Germany, the inability to increase arms production is readily explained by de-industrialisation, diversity, equity, inclusion, and the decline of science and technology.

    What I do see in Germany is that businesses are very reluctant to invest in new production facilities or expansion of existing facilities, but that is simply based on expectations that our government will keep de-industrialising.

    • The Cominator says:

      Every high level bureaucrat and congresscritter in DC gets rich, obvious looting is obvious.

      • Karl says:

        Well yes. Of course bureaucrats and congresscritters get rich, but they are neither military nor industrial. Maybe my understanding is wrong, but military industrial complex in my eyes is generals and businessmen in the arms production industry. Bureaucrats and and congresscritters are neither military nor entrepreneurs.

        • jim says:

          The arms production industry is not so much the arms production industry as a laundry that rinses government funds into hands of bureaucrats and politicians through a chain of intermediaries, all of whom get a big cut.

          The recent Russian criminal charges against Shogu’s buddies indicates the same was happening in Russia, but Putin belatedly cracked down.

          These guys view war as a golden opportunity to escalate the looting, which is one of the reasons the Global American Empire loves its forever wars. But one of the advantages of having a real nation is that you have the will and capability to put a stop to it.

          In the early days of the war, Putin said that money is no longer a consideration, no longer a limit. His new guy says that money is a consideration, and there is a limit.

          The Soviet Union fell in part because it was spending far too much on weapons that were no longer very good or very relevant. Currently the US is shooting down twenty thousand dollar drones with with million dollar missiles.

    • someDude says:

      Okay, so they steal. But with everything falling apart, where will they go with the loot? Russia?

      someone please riddle me that

  14. Mike in Boston says:

    Certainly the Ukraine is not a real nation in the historical sense. Even Bogdan Khmelnitsky referred to himself as a “prince of Rus'”, not a “prince of Ukraine” or anything like that. The concept of a “Ukraine” was invented by the Poles and Austrians during the mid-1800s, in order to divide the East Slavs living outside the boundaries of the Russian Empire from those within. It was promoted aggressively. For example, in the early 1900s parish priests had a great deal of influence in Austrian Galicia, and so seminary students who were not on board with the program of Ukrainianization were ejected from the seminaries– and I mean physically ejected. And of course the local East Slavs’ natural preference for their own dialect and the desire of the westernized Galicians to look down on the Muscovites as rubes gave the movement steam.

    But does it matter that the Ukraine is historically a fake nation? Today there are plenty of Ukrainians who think of themselves as Ukrainian, and nothing else. Same thing in Northern Macedonia: that country has no connection to Alexander the Great’s Macedonia, but they still named their airport for him. And though linguists would say that their language is just a dialect of Bulgarian, when you meet a Macedonian he won’t admit that and will get mad at you for suggesting it. How long do people have to believe in a fake nation before it counts as real?

    If the Ukraine was a real nation, the local elite would not do this stuff, or if they did do it, would be more furtive about it. The local elite has no plans for making peace with Russia. They don’t care and it is not their decision to make anyway.

    I am not sure that whether Ukraine is a real nation or not has any bearing on the local elites’ behavior. The exact same thing could be observed in any country in which power had been seized by traitors and foreigners whose loyalty was not to their nation but to globohomo.

    And in keeping with that fact, in Ukraine the people most hated by globohomo are the ones getting killed off, in the order of how much globohomo hates them. Globohomo hates Nazis a great deal; and so the Nazis of the Azov Battalion got sent into the meat grinder first, and decimated.

    Globohomo hates Russian Orthodox Christians only a bit less than it hates Nazis. So the Zelensky regime (I am told) is disproportionally drafting adherents to the canonical Orthodox church, who tend to be more conservative anyway, value military service more, and are even patriotic with regard to the fake country of Ukraine that hates them–which boggles my mind.

    And of course Globohomo hates any other white European as well, which is why regular Ukrainians are also getting drafted and killed aplenty.

    Actually I can sort of understand the thought processes of Zelensky and his coterie: Money is great, the South of France has great weather, I’ve always wanted a yacht. If a bunch of suckers had to die for me to make my pile, well, that’s what suckers are for.

    The people I really don’t understand are people like the Greens in Germany, who are consigning their own nation– a real and not fake nation!– to a future of freezing in the dark, penniless, as they turn off their nukes and ban the burning of natural gas to keep warm. If they were getting paid off, I could understand it. But I see no indication that they are going to move anywhere or buy any yachts. I presume they just have some sort of collective death wish.

    • jim says:

      > I am not sure that whether Ukraine is a real nation or not has any bearing on the local elites’ behavior. The exact same thing could be observed in any country in which power had been seized by traitors and foreigners whose loyalty was not to their nation but to globohomo.

      The Ukraine had only a few years of arguably being a real nation. You can see in in the fertility trends. Fertility in Russia stopped falling, and began to rise very slightly when they took power away from their enemies. Same thing happened at about the same time in the Ukraine. Then after the Maidan coup, the collapse in fertility resumed.

      • Mike in Boston says:

        Yes, the distinction you are making here, between nations that are growing or at least maintaining themselves, and nations that are failing to do so, is important. It seems like a more useful and important distinction than whether a nation is “real” in the historic sense.

        It’s no secret that most of the European nations aren’t looking too good on that measure. But of course there are sub-populations with above-replacement fertility. Anatoly Karlin has long since gone off the deep end, but back when his head was still screwed on a bit tighter he had one good post supposing that a preference for having kids is heritable, and so as fewer people are farmers having kids for economic reasons, these natural “breeders” will produce more and more of a nation’s kids:

        after five or so generations, the breeders (high fertility lifestyle, high fertility preferences) start expanding as a share of the population, slowly at first, but gaining in rapidity once the laws of exponential growth make themselves felt.

        Interesting if true. Maybe we can see this happening today in Israel, where the ultra-Orthodox have many more kids than the seculars. But who will be the people having lots of kids in Europe and America? Not Karlin’s transhumanists, that’s for sure.

        • jim says:

          Nah, not true

          Because reproduction in a K selected species requires an extended childhood, it requires a social structure. Smash the social structure, and individuals of K selected species cannot breed regardless of their genetic propensities.

          High fertility is primarily cultural. Do you have a culture that imposes and enforces durable cooperation on men and women? Primarily on women, since men will cheerfully go along with whatever gets their dicks wet.

          Breeding is not an individual choice. It takes two. And you can have two that want to have children, and neither can trust the other to follow through.

          People have genetic variation in their propensity for religiosity and conformity. So if you have the dominant religion in an area or ethnicity or whatever, that imposes cooperation on men and women, then people with a genetic propensity for faith and conformity will breed vigorously. Take away the familist faith, and impose an anti natalist and feminist faith, and same people with the same with a genetic propensity for conformity and religiosity will worship the magic negro, the Covid demon, and Gaia the global warming demon, and will not breed.

          Right now males that are breeding tend to be highly individualistic and resistant to social pressure, which is the opposite of what used to be normal.

          • Fidelis says:

            You’re extrapolating too far and missing the trees in the forest. There are plenty enough people even now that end up happily married with lots of children, despite everything, and not all of them are part of a religious subgroup. Whatever traits that brought that about are almost certainly heritable to some degree. Therefore, given enough iterations, their children will be the majority, their traits will be majority. We have lots of humans about, and humans as social animals seek out those with similar features, the males and females that desire large families will end up meeting.

            Of course this doesn’t solve the problem of demon haunted state power, and those breeding are probably not of the best most preferential stock, but to say ‘cannot breed’ is hyperbolic.

            • alf says:

              Not what I observe. What I observe is consistent with what Jim says: the religion or culture determines size of family. Obviously heritable traits make a difference, but all that means is that a couple who would have eight children in an old type Christian culture will have three in a new type Christian culture. But even they will probably have zero children in a post Christian, demon worshipping culture, because as Jim points out, thoes men tend to be friendly and conformist, meaning that in the light of women’s nature they depend on their surroundings to support their authority.

              The same heritable traits that make one successful in a cooperative culture will bite one in an uncooperative culture.

              • Fidelis says:

                You are also missing the trees for the forest.

                In short:

                – yes it is true historically — and likely even now, though I have no numbers on hand to compare the vaguely secular outliers with large families and people like the amish — that the primary determining factor in having grandchildren is culture.
                – yes likelihood to adhere to cultural norms is heritable


                – this does not mean other traits, whatever they may be, do not exist and cannot exist. In fact we know for sure they exist, because you can find people married with 6+ children that don’t belong to a religious subgroup — vaguely Christian but don’t go to church sort of person.


                – Following this reasoning, assuming no radical change in culture, the future population will be descended from secular breeders and the insular religious.

                Jim is extrapolating that in history religion and culture dominated to the extent peripheral traits that effect fertility were drowned out, therefore that will continue. Perhaps it will, it’s even the most likely outcome, but it is not the only possible outcome. That’s all I wanted to say, that the future is not bound by the past, for good and for ill.

                • jim says:

                  Genetic traits are only effective in a given environment. In our current society, that selection is for women on welfare to pop out nine children to nine different thugs — the current environment favors the the r-selection strategy. That is a subgroup rapidly devolving back towards the lower apes.

                  r-group selection will breed us back to plains apes.

                  To the extent that fully human people succeed in breeding by the K stragegy (happy families) it is that they maintain little islands of the old culture while passing as members of the new culture. As I have often remarked, every successful marriage is quietly and furtively eighteenth century. This is not a genetic trait that evolution can work on. R selection it can work on.

                  All happy families are alike. But their kids are not forming happy families. Even if they form families, the families are terribly stressful and not working well.

                  If you interact with the kids that are product of r-selection, in one generation they are strikingly subhuman. The next generation will be literally hairless apes. If you look at kids that are the product of K-selection, they are the product of happy families, but are forming unhappy families if they form families at all.

                  R-selection strategy is strikingly hereditary. The daughters of a woman who pumped out nine bastards by nine different thugs proceed to do the same. K-selection strategy is also hereditary, but success in the K-selection strategy is not hereditary. The children of happy families are attempting to form happy families, and failing.

                  Empirically, marrying the daughter of a large happy family does not seem to be a useful strategy in forming a happy family. Marrying a chick who spent her puberty in a social environment that produces happy families is a useful strategy, but you have to socially re-enforce her initial imprinting. You are still going to have to blow through shit tests that could result in you being imprisoned and financially ruined.

                  Happy family formation — success in K-strategy reproduction, appears to be only very weakly hereditable. It is culturally transmitted. And the key element of cultural transmission is the daughter’s social environment during puberty.

                  There is clearly a biological and genetic element in preference for K strategy reproduction, but the biological and genetic element in success at K-strategy reproduction appears to be only very weakly heritable.

                  You just cannot find children of large happy families having large happy families (heritable success at the K strategy) except where there is obvious and overwhelming cultural transmission.

                  Success at happy family formation is like success at starting a fire in the wilderness. You have to find the right materials, which may not be available, and if you don’t happen to have a lighter or matches, it is very hard. It is too environmentally contingent for evolution to breed for fire starting. Evolution can select for things like intelligence, patience, and persistence, all of which help in building fires, but it is not going to select for fire starting or happy family formation, because too environmentally contingent. Too many innate factors in play, and they are swamped by external factors.

                  Also, to select for happy family formation, needs to select for dominance in men and submission in women (a ship can only have one captain) and because the Y Chromosome is locked against recombination, evolution of sexually dimorphic traits is all screwed up.

                  Women are not naturally submissive. If anything the reverse. They are naturally attracted to situations where they will be made to submit, while men are naturally inclined to flee such situations.

                  Women make bad employees because a man will make a deal where he listens to his boss with attention and does what the boss wants. Women will make that deal and then just not adhere to it. Same with marriage. Kings with ten thousand conservatively raised concubines and the unquestioned right to execute any of them or all of them for any reason or no reason got shit tested brutally.

                • alf says:

                  you can find people married with 6+ children that don’t belong to a religious subgroup — vaguely Christian but don’t go to church sort of person.

                  I’ve just never met these people.

                  Closest I’ve met that matches your description is couples who grew up in the last remaining remnants of Christian civilisation, in which the husband was visibly high status, and the wife expected to be a stay-at-home mom. But their children, who do not enjoy that advantage, have less children, and have a harder time raising those fewer children.

                • jim says:

                  Females simply are not equipped with female instincts appropriate to K-selected reproduction by family in an environment of female sexual choice. As far as I know, no mammals are, and I expect it would take tens of millions of years to evolve them from scratch.

                  Because of issues with the mammalian sex determination genome it may well be impossible to evolve them without falling instead into the red queen sexual selection race, which results in species extinction. It may be impossible for mammals to evolve such instincts.

                  Female instincts for r-selection non family based reproduction work fine, but in one generation, this has resulted into significant evolution back into hairless apes. A human race with r-selected non family reproduction will be back to hunting and gathering bare handed without fire in a very short time. Female sexual selection always poses a high risk of falling into the red queen race.

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  When you practice the opposite of Darwinism, taxing the fit to feed the unfit, you get the opposite result: an r-pocalypse, with r-strategists breeding and jiving like the mindless vermin they are. This continues until there are too few K-strategists left to maintain the food supply, or the K-strategists get sick of this rampant vibrancy, abandon the pretense of liberal democracy, and exterminate the r-strategists down to the last crying baby, as Israel appears to be doing in Gaza.

                  Today the liberal brand is so strong that every country outside the Arabian Peninsula claims to be some sort of democracy. I don’t think it’ll be like that in 2100. More likely, the countries that haven’t turned into Haiti will publicly execute great numbers of niggers, faggots, and other degenerates just to show their enemies how illiberal and undemocratic they are. And immigrant processing centers will process immigrants into dog food.

                • someDude says:

                  Not only do they claim the be some sort of democracy, they claim to always have been some sort of democracy

          • Calvin says:

            If primarily cultural, does not explain individuals or groups who maintain high fertility even now, in what has to be one of the worst cultures in history for it.

            • jim says:

              Groups that maintain high fertility have their own culture, not their own genetics. The problem is hitting all races equally as they get accultured. It makes an enormous difference which school the girl attended at the age of puberty. We don’t have high fertility subgroups. We have high fertility girl’s schools.

              If the son of a high fertility family and the daughter of a high high fertility family have high fertility, it is because he is of the faith of his parents and she went to the girls school of the faith of her parents. Does not look like genetics makes much difference. We see genius running in families. We do not see fertility running in families. Stable marriage is a social construct. A given genetics will only have high fertility if the genes are a good fit to the social construct

              Conservatism leads to high fertility, and faith leads to high fertility, and both of these are strongly influenced by genetics. But they lead to high fertility because they lead to preservation of social constructs that are rapidly being dismantled. The same people, raised in demon worship, will preserve low fertility social constructs.

              • Fidelis says:

                Of course if you look at the past the primary determinator will be religious and cultural, because that would entirely drown out the selection effect on other traits. If people are already near the maximum sustainable fertility because of external influences, you will not see selection on internal influences. My contention is internal influences exist, and in a half secular half outright demonic culture, traits that lead to successful children — internal drive, oblivious to norms, whatever it is that leads to success in our environment — are now being selected for.

                This isn’t an argument that it’s good these secular breeders exist, or that we can keep some secular society and not have a collapse scenario. This is purely nitpicking to establish that secular breeding traits exist, they were not selected for in the past but they are selected for in our current environment.

                • jim says:

                  > My contention is internal influences exist,

                  If they existed for the K selection strategy, happy family formation would be noticeably hereditary. Not seeing it.

                  For women, success in the K-selection strategy is that they wind up with a man who can make them submit, and who is also following the K-selection strategy. I don’t see how evolution can select for that. Female sexual preferences are four million years out of date, and they are not going to get updated for the woke environment any time soon.

                  For men, yeah, evolution would have more luck at selecting for male success in the K-selection strategy. But that does us no good in an environment of female consent. Sperm is cheap, eggs are dear. Nothing that evolution does with men can make much difference. Wombs are the bottleneck.

                  In the ancestral environment of evolutionary adaptation, female success at reproduction was accomplished by getting into an environment that rendered her sexual preferences irrelevant — hence the popularity of the Gor books with female audiences and the failure of evolution to update female sexual preferences. The only way to fix the reproduction problem is to make that environment available again. Absent that environment, evolution is going to give us r-selected hairless apes.

                • FrankNorman says:

                  Jim… so you don’t believe that female sexual instincts can be subject to variability and natural selection?

                • jim says:

                  Probably harder than breeding pigs to fly. We have flying mammals. I don’t think we have any K-selected mammals with female choice and family formation.

                  Empirically, has not happened for four million years. Female sexual preferences are four million years out of date, indicating our entire female genetic lineage comes through populations that had restricted or nonexistent female choice, that the K-selection reproductive strategy has always been imposed on women from above.

                  Now if female choice from now on exists everywhere and forever among humans, that is likely to change. But rejiggering female sexual instincts from scratch to provide successful K-selection is a difficult and complex endeavour, and while lots of birds have that, I am not aware of any mammalian species that have that. If they exist, mighty obscure. To the extent that female choice exists in mammals, we get r-selection, and r-selection will give us hairless apes and is right now giving us hairless apes.

                  The difference between birds and mammals may reflect the different sex determination mechanism. The mammalian sex determination system is all screwed up which makes it difficult for evolution to reliably generate sexually dimorphic characteristics, let alone an entire complex of brand new and radically different sexually dimorphic mating instincts. It is not like breeding guard dogs into watch dogs. It is like breeding pigs into flying pigs.

                  The happy marriage mechanism for successful K selected reproduction has a whole lot of complicated moving parts. Easy for society to come up with a lot of complicated moving parts. Hard for evolution.

                  Nothing that evolution does with male mating instincts can make much difference, for wombs are the bottleneck. And evolution has nothing to work with on women. It is not as if your pigs already had small wings that were not working well and you could breed the pigs for bigger and more effective wings. It is hard for evolution to start from nothing. It always needs to start from a pre-adaptation, something evolved for another purpose and that just happens to work a little bit for the new purpose, and then hone it to work better for the new purpose.

                  In our entire evolutionary history, all the way back to the little rat like creatures hiding from dinosaurs, evolution has never had any reason to give females sexual preferences suitable for familial reproduction in a K selected environment. Or if it had, never succeeded in mammals. And now it does have a reason, no starting point to work from.

                  Well, in a sense evolution has given women such a sexual preference. Women have an obvious preference for men and tribes that can take sexual choice away from them, and men and groups who can take sexual choice away from women have an obvious preference for stashing them in harems, rather than brothels. That is something we and evolution do have to work with. If you want to do it differently, it is going to be like breeding pigs to fly.

                • Fidelis says:

                  Is desire to submit to one man and disregard of state and culture influences impossible to develop? I agree with your general case that family formation is required, but not the impossibility conjecture — improbability, sure.

                • jim says:

                  Women have an obvious desire to submit one man in a sense, though not a sense useful to us in an environment of female choice, and though they tend to have high regard for the circle of female friends, and fictitious female friends presented in media, are otherwise apt to cheerfully disregard state and official culture. Official culture primarily manipulates them by presenting childless female role models in school and through media.

                  Unfortunately the one man they desire to submit to is Mister One in Thirty, who is apt to be a little too busy to form a family with Miss Average.

                  My wife was just watching a netflix video where a justly divorced women past the wall with one child was being passionately courted by a rich and famous movie star. Because men with average looks can get hot women, women tend to believe that women with average looks can get hot men. So in movies targeted at women, we see the insert character, someone the female viewer can identify with (ordinary looks, a whole lot of baggage that makes her completely unmarriagable) being passionately courted by Mister Rich, Famous, Powerful, and Handsome. Also, because women are attracted to men who have banged one hundred virgins and dumped them, they tend to believe that they will still be attractive, indeed even more attractive, after taking one hundred dicks up every orifice, and we see a whole lot of movies catering to this delusion, where the female insert character impresses the male love interest by acting like the bad boy that women find so attractive, by acting like the gay males that women find so attractive.

                  Further women do not exactly have a desire to submit. They desire a man and a tribe who can make them submit. And are not finding him anywhere.

                  When you see in the chick flicks Miss Unattractive Past the Wall with a big Pile of Baggage, being courted by Mister Rich Famous, and Powerful, Miss Unattractive shit tests the hell out of him, and the big drama is: will he pass these disturbingly harsh and difficult shit tests?

                  In this sense, in the sense that Miss Unattractive in the Netflix chickflick hits Mister One in a Billion with thermonuclear shit tests, women do not have a desire to submit. Even though it is completely obvious (he passes) that they do have desire to submit.

                  You have to build on what evolution has already provided. And what evolution has already provided is that women can be easily made to comply with taking their sexual choice away.

                • Aidan says:

                  “Makes it difficult for evolution to reliably generate sexually dimorphic traits”

                  This is important and many don’t get it. Gigachad warriors and aristocrats have Lady MacBeth daughters. You need extremely manly, dominant, proud, and willful men to defeat other groups of men and provide for peace and plenty at home. Their daughters will inherit those traits, and they often present in a disordered fashion in phenotype, because the female mental substrate is not meant to handle the expression of the genes of a Robert the Bruce, but they pass those genes down to their sons. In India, men tended to marry down, married women from lower castes, but in Europe, the daughters of aristocrats were in high demand as wives. But, these proud and willful Lady MacBeths need powerful social controls on their sexuality so that they get married, stay married, and have plenty of kids.

                  Today, the women of the best genetic quality are having the fewest kids, and this has in fact been going on for several generations. A loosening of sexual control on women affects first and strongest the kind of women that will breed you the best sons. If you breed with extremely pliant, agreeable, and submissive women (in character; all women are sexually submissive) you end up with pliant and submissive sons.

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  In India, men tended to marry down, married women from lower castes,

                  I thought the whole point of castes was that intermarriage was forbidden? You either find a woman of your own caste or you don’t marry.

                  Whereas in England, less successful men of the upper classes often married down, spreading upper-class genes into the middle and lower classes.

                • Aidan says:

                  Dowries get too expensive, female infanticide starts to be widely practiced, not enough elite women, so have to marry a lower caste. The caste system obviously did not prevent intermarriage; if it did, India would be ruled by blue eyed blondes. A man who has to “marry down” today is in a similar situation.

                  England was different- a surplus elite would marry down, when his own status was lowered. There were almost no cases of aristocrats marrying peasant women for lack of females.

                • skippy says:

                  Code of Manu explicitly permits men to marry down but not women.

                • Cloudswrest says:

                  … and fictitious female friends presented in media …

                  Funny you should mention this. I stumbled upon this recorded Devon Stack live stream last night, and he started off with “Sally Jessy Raphael”, plumbed into housewives across the nation while their husbands were at work. The excerpt was about how “lesbians are just like you and me.”

                  INSOMNIA STREAM: THE GAY 90’s part 1


        • Anonymous Fake says:

          I am living proof that the more conservative the upbringing, the more strictly one is expected to take schooling. Only an absolute genetic pureblood who homeschools can avoid the Cathedral’s tentacles.

          • jim says:

            You are working as a shill, and live in a progressive bubble. You are unfamiliar, not just with reactionary right, but with mainstream conservatives and mainstream Christians. This inclines me to doubt you had a conservative upbringing, or indeed know anyone that had a conservative upbringing.

            • Anonymous Fake says:

              The liberal dumps his kids in school because he just doesn’t give a damn. The conservative [*you don’t know any conservatives*]

              • jim says:

                If what you say is true, why is the FBI designating parent’s groups that attempt to influence their local school terrorist organisations? You were giving us (and I deleted) the familiar shill payload “There is no resistance, everyone loves progressivism”. If no resistance, why the terrifyingly forceful state repression? Why are parent teacher organisations turning deadly dangerous? Mainstream conservative parents are not going along with all this. They are pretending to go along with it because anyone who does not pretend gets state terror. Parent teacher associations used to be the epitome of respectability and conformity. Now they are on the terror watch list.

                • Anonymous Fake says:

                  Conflicts between parent/teacher groups are usually left vs liberal. Conservatives do not show up to question teacher authority, but they do demand their children perform well, and this is enforced at home. It was a forced meme for conservatives to pretend to care about school boards and it’s a waste of energy.

                  Conservatives do not pretend anything. With conservatives, what you see is what you get.

                • jim says:

                  So according to you, the parents that are now on the FBI terrorist watch list are Biden voters.

                  It is completely obvious that normie mainstream conservative parents of schoolchildren, normie trump voters, are outraged by what is happening in the schools.

              • HaHaHa says:

                Here we see Jim LYING yet AGAIN.
                He says anyone can speak on any subject without censorship.
                Yet here he DELETES their words and puts HIS OWN in place.
                [*deleted, because here anyone can speak freely who is not under supervision that prevents him from speaking freely of the topics of this blog, and forbids him even to notice other people raising the issues of this blog*]

                • jim says:

                  If I allowed government shills here, they would swerve every conversation away from topics forbidden everywhere else, topics that are difficult or impossible to address in any other forum. Which is why government and quasi government organisations send you here – to shut down conversation of forbidden topics by swamping them with noise.

                  Anyone can speak on any subject who is able to speak on any subject. If you don’t like what people here are a saying you have to address what they are saying, not ignore it and make stupid noise.

                  No one on this blog is silenced for what they say. They are silenced for what they are strangely unable to say.

                  You guys have to respond to what is said on this blog by arguing against it, not by refusing to notice what was said and trying to drown it out with noise and distractions.

    • skippy says:

      It is hard to take over a “real nation” by running [the equivalent of] a TV show in which a Russian-speaking Soviet Jewish comedian becomes president, then making him president by founding a party for him that has the same name as the party in the TV show. This does not sound like something that happens to real nations, but something that happens to arbitrary collections of people who have no national elite or institutional continuity.

  15. Why would anyone want to move to the south of France? France is rapidly turning into an islamic hellhole, and kafir are in danger of getting beheaded.

    • Milosevic says:

      You’ve obviously never been to South of France.

      • A2 says:

        It’s very nice, heavenly at times, but we will need to get rid of all the hook nosed devils to get it back to what it was. There are, unfortunately, plenty of them.

  16. Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

    >Top scientists warn of possible crossover infection of bird flue to cattle

    Killing people’s birds is fine, but what they really want to do is figure out how to kill people’s cows.

    It’s like their white whale. Demon worshipers throughout history, across time and space, have had an almost atavistic antipathy to noble man’s transformative companion.

  17. Lol at USA says:


    • jim says:

      You keep posting this same quite innocuous comment over and over again. And I keep silently deleting it over and over again. If you want it to go through, pass the shill test described in the moderation policy and get white listed. Anyone white listed can post anything they like (apart from repeating themselves excessively without responding to their interlocutors arguments against their much repeated point, or insults that lack entertainment value.)

      Freedom of speech is only possible if there is no freedom to derail other people’s conversations with irrelevant noise manufactured by large centralised bureaucratic organisations. The problem with your innocuous comment is that it is suspiciously innocuous. No one here is silenced for the positions that they argue and the evidence on which they argue. People are silenced for what they are mysteriously unable to say, not for what they say.

      See also

      There is absolutely nothing wrong with your comment. I see no shill payload, other than strange failure to notice enemies in power, when addressing an issue where that is overwhelmingly relevant: The problem was not that Hillary, the state Department, and the TLAs hated Russia and Russians, but that they hate us and hate flyover country. What pissed off Russia and the Russians is that they did not like America doing to them what it has been doing to Americans. Being nicer to Russia would not have been possible, because the nastiness of our rulers is directed at everyone white, or Christian, or male.

  18. Cloudswrest says:

    Re. Today’s shooting/assassination attempt on Slovakian prime minister Robert Fico.

    According to Wikipedia Robert Fico was opposed to Ukraine aid.

    “Fico ran on a campaign to cease military support to Ukraine during its invasion by Russia.”

    If the shooting does not prove fatal, one wonders if he’ll get the General Patton treatment in the hospital.

    • Calvin says:

      This assassination attempt comes right after Slovakia and Hungary vetoed sanctions on Georgia, which the GAE is currently attempting to color revolution. Hope Orban has beefed up his security.

    • jim says:

      Probably the same organisation as killed Kennedy, for the motive is the same.

    • Upravda says:

      He was, although in opposition back then, also opposed to covid hysteria, covid demon worshiping, and vaxx. And gays. All that despite being some kind of leftie, but obviously more of a old-school leftie, not current progressive one.

      • Upravda says:

        And, he announced comprehensive investigation of all that covid demon business, from vaxx supposedly being “safe and effective”, via all that Big Pharma business with EU and Ursula von der Lügen, to excess deaths.

  19. FrankNorman says:

    Do the people who think in terms of how much they can steal before the roof falls in ever consider that they might run out of places to disappear off to?

    What will the people with mansions in the south of France do when the Bear is at the Rhine, and the French military are about to do what they are infamous for?

    • Ex says:

      The French military conquered parts of Spain, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Poland, Balkans, and generally had a great track record until Napoleon tried to invade Russia in winter.

      Contemporary demon worship might have hollowed out every EU army, but let’s not kid ourselves about French history.

      • someDude says:

        I think up until Napoleon, their only significant far reaching loss was to the Brits in the 7 years war. Thats the war that lost them both India and the Americas

  20. Big Brutha says:

    That the public diplomacy section of the U.S. Embassy in Kiev thought that the image of Blinken playing guitar in a Ukrainian night club conveyed anything but the fatuousness of U.S. and Ukrainian elites tells you everything you need to know about the time of day in the GAE’s halls of power.

    • Varna says:

      Good catch. This is Bill Clinton/Tony Blair diplomacy from the 1990s.

      Maybe blind cargo-cultism magic that tries to bring back this peak era; maybe a conscious attempt to convey that the peak era never ended and is still alive and well.

      Interesting titbit: in 2010 both Medvedev ( and Putin ( met with the rock music elite of Russia to hear them out and possibly develop some sort of relationship.

      Didn’t happen, but the attempt exists.

      • Big Brutha says:

        That is a perfect encapsulation of what it is. It very much hearkens back to that era: the cool and sophisticated “Third Way” boomers showing everyone that their time had come and they were going to make a better world. Clinton started it with his saxophone on Arsenio Hall.

        They drank their own Kool-Aid about the “End of History” as provided by Fukuyama who was part of the same cohort.

        Clinton was born in 46, the beginning of the post-war era. Fukuyama and Blair in ’52 and ’53 respectively, with A. Blinken in ’62 at the end of that era.

        An almost uninterrupted litany of screw ups from 1992 until 2024. 32 years of pissing away the gains that came from the end of the Cold War.

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