Gassing the Jews is worse than a crime

It is a distraction.

A Jewish neoreactionary accurately complains about today’s nazis:

being happily married, with children, and having regular employment, does wonders to stabilize and sober up the minds of creative, imaginative, intelligent people with energetic and action-oriented “free radical” personalities. Fatherhood as antioxidant. Socialization with other normal fathers as electrical ground. The longer one of these types goes without these moderators and governors, the more likely they are to keep drifting until eventually finding a social scene which amplifies ones impulses. Like Taliban groups of unattached single men are constantly pumping and psyching each other up for Jihad, right here, right now, even if it’s senseless. There’s definitely some kind of masculine failure mode there.

In the ancestral environment, if you were a reproductively unsuccessful male, you formed a tribe of young men, who went off and stole some land and enslaved some women. Holiness signalling about racial purity is tribe formation.

What their genes really want them to do is confiscate the Ivy League endowments, kill the males at Harvard, occupy the Ivy League buildings, and enslave the Ivy League women. Given that the alternative is near certain genetic extinction, this is not a stupid ambition, though purity spiraling, which generates the solidarity needed to accomplish this program, also distracts from this program.

Getting overly obsessed about Jews creates the cohesion necessary to address this problem – but also results in not conquering and enslaving women, which is actually the whole point of the program, just as females shit testing results in those females not having children and not forming relationships, even though from the point of the genes the whole point of shit testing is family formation – girls are behaving provocatively to find a male powerful enough to subdue them, but girls think they are behaving provocatively because they actually want power, freedom, and independence, with the result that they attain neither power nor family, and achieve freedom and independence as cat ladies.

Your genes don’t actually want you to gas the Jews. That is just a flag to rally around, and a club with which to attack your enemies. (Hence the tendency of Nazis to denounce everyone they don’t like as Jewish.) Your genes want you to gas the enemy males, take their land, revenue sources, and buildings, and enslave their women. Krystalnacht was assets being smashed, rather than transferred to individuals competent to use them. If you gas the Jews without winding up supported by the revenue from the campus endowment, in a nice home with a couple of ivy league slave girls serving you in what used to be an ivy league campus, it has all gone horribly wrong, like a thirty year old woman issuing an inappropriately brutal shit test to a beta provider male.

It is a “masculine failure mode” only if you don’t get the land, the house, and the slave girls. Recollect that in the American Revolution, the Whigs dispossesed the Tories, drove them out of America, and took their stuff. The alt right are today’s Tories, and their genes want a re-run.

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  1. Oliver Cromwell says:

    The argument for the Jew is this: White Nationalists want a race of high IQ self-interested ethnonationalists, who get rich and powerful and achieve great things. We already have a race like that and it is called the Jews. Why kill them just to recreate them? Go marry a Jew.

    • Anonymous says:

      >achieve great things.

      Such as…?

      >Go marry a Jew.

      Karl “100 million dead” Marx was a mischling.

      • Oliver Cromwell says:

        Quantum Electrodynamics.

        • Anonymous says:

          Imagine the 21st century without Quantum Electrodynamics, and without Jews.

          Fair trade-off, won’t you say?

          • Oliver Cromwell says:

            Since I am not a Jew that might be right. Missing the point though: the goal of White Nationalism is to turn Whites into Jews. Why not just marry a Jew and have Jewish children?

            • Anonymous says:

              >the goal of White Nationalism is to turn Whites into Jews.

              No, that’s not the goal. All Jewish traits are abhorrent to a White Nationalist, except perhaps the fanatical ethno-nationalism, but as I have myself argued here at length, Jews aren’t very good at ethno-nationalism. So really, a WN should find absolutely nothing desirable in the Jewish profile.

              >Why not just marry a Jew and have Jewish children?

              Illogical. If you want your own nation to be as powerful as the Chinese, it doesn’t mean you want your own nation to *become* Chinese.

              I know you want to convert to Judaism and marry a Jewess. Look, as a man I can understand the burning need to get laid. I’ve got laid. It’s overrated, and you shouldn’t destroy your ancestors’ heritage for that. And if you are going for such a strategy, why not buy an Eastern-European bride or, failing that, an Asian? On the inter-personal level, much less obnoxious than some kikess harpy.

              • Cavalier says:

                Do you not know why the National Socialists hated the Jews?

                It wasn’t the “stab in the back”, though there was some of that. It wasn’t extortionist moneylending, though there was some of that. It wasn’t the Red Terror, though there was some of that. It wasn’t the Jewish “international trade blockade”, though there was some of that.

                It was the philosophical Jew, the Jew as rootless cosmopolitan, as deracinated foreigner, as urban cloud-person, as trendy jet-setter, standing in stark contrast to the pretty-blonde-girls-in-wheat-fields yeoman.

                The farmer as spiritual German:

                “The delusion that some are the conquerors and others the conquered destroys the trust between nations and thereby also destroys the world economy. But the misery of our people is terrible! The starving industrial proletariat have become unemployed in their millions, while the whole middle and artisan class have been made paupers. If the German farmer also is involved in this collapse we shall be faced with a catastrophe of vast proportions. For in that case, there will collapse not only a Reich, but also a 2000-year-old inheritance of the highest works of human culture and civilization.”

                We are all subjects of our economic niche. The economic niche made the Ashkenazim what they are, with their high intelligence and their lopsided cognitive profile and their neurotic personality. The economic niche is what selects, what molds us all, and to the extent that we are rootless cosmopolitans, we are also Jews.

                “This is no isolated fact. The Jew has emancipated himself in a Jewish manner, not only because he has acquired financial power, but also because, through him and also apart from him, money has become a world power and the practical Jewish spirit has become the practical spirit of the Christian nations. The Jews have emancipated themselves insofar as the Christians have become Jews.”

                “Judaism has held its own alongside Christianity, not only as religious criticism of Christianity, not only as the embodiment of doubt in the religious derivation of Christianity, but equally because the practical Jewish spirit, Judaism, has maintained itself and even attained its highest development in Christian society. The Jew, who exists as a distinct member of civil society, is only a particular manifestation of the Judaism of civil society.

                “Judaism continues to exist not in spite of history, but owing to history.

                “The Jew is perpetually created by civil society from its own entrails.

                “What, in itself, was the basis of the Jewish religion? Practical need, egoism.

                “The monotheism of the Jew, therefore, is in reality the polytheism of the many needs, a polytheism which makes even the lavatory an object of divine law. Practical need, egoism, is the principle of civil society, and as such appears in pure form as soon as civil society has fully given birth to the political state. The god of practical need and self-interest is money.

                “Money is the jealous god of Israel, in face of which no other god may exist. Money degrades all the gods of man – and turns them into commodities. Money is the universal self-established value of all things. It has, therefore, robbed the whole world – both the world of men and nature – of its specific value. Money is the estranged essence of man’s work and man’s existence, and this alien essence dominates him, and he worships it.

                “The god of the Jews has become secularized and has become the god of the world. The bill of exchange is the real god of the Jew. His god is only an illusory bill of exchange.

                The view of nature attained under the domination of private property and money is a real contempt for, and practical debasement of, nature; in the Jewish religion, nature exists, it is true, but it exists only in imagination.”

                • Anonymous says:

                  You want a quote-war?

                  “For their sake alone we must win the war. If we lose it, these harmless-looking Jewish chaps would suddenly become raging wolves. They would attack our women and children to carry out revenge. There are enough examples in history. That is what they did in Bessarabia and the Baltic states when Bolshevism marched in, even though neither the people nor their governments had done anything to them. There is no turning back in our battle against the Jews — even if we wanted to, which we do not. The Jews must be removed from the German community, for they endanger our national unity.

                  That is an elementary principle of racial, national, and social hygiene. They will never give us rest. If they could, they would drive one nation after another into war against us. Who cares about their difficulties, they who only want to force the world to accept their bloody financial domination? The Jews are a parasitic race that feeds like a foul fungus on the cultures of healthy but ignorant peoples. There is only one effective measure: cut them out.”

                  – Goebbels

                  “The destructive influence of race-mixing with the Jews proved especially harmful in our folk until the rise to power of National Socialism. These parasites of mankind have well understood to the present day how to prevent a complete merger with their host folks. Representing this is the statement of the English Jew Disraeli: “Every race must perish which subjects its blood to mixing without care.” If in the year 1928 for every 100 pure Jewish marriages in Germany there were already 53 mixed marriages, then this proves how deeply this slow but steadfastly working poison had crept into our folk.

                  Furthermore there existed the special danger that Jewry, by means of spiritual decay, had begun to systematically undermine the racially conscious action and thought of our folk, in order to raise itself politically and economically to predominance.

                  Alongside this undermining, miscegenation spread primarily in the intellectually leading groups of our folk. Jews made sincere feeling despisable and their propaganda aimed intentionally at the inner undermining and fragmentation of the folk body. The aftereffects of this destructive, decades-long infection are even today detectable in our folk. It requires intensive effort to eradicate the last traces of this pestilence and lead our entire folk back to the natural and only correct path of life.

                  The solution to the Jewish question has today become a vital task beyond the borders of the Reich for the peoples of Europe.”

                  – SS Race Theory

                  “But I most strongly protest against the flood of mean and dastardly calumnies and atrocity stories which have been spread abroad by creatures who have fled from Germany and have no honor and no Fatherland. By spreading these stories, the Jews of Germany have proved more conclusively than we could do in our speeches and attacks how right we were in our defensive action against them. Here the Jew is in his element, lying and concocting atrocity stories, from a safe distance throwing buckets full of mud at the people and country whose hospitality he had enjoyed for decades.

                  The decent Jews have only the members of their own race to thank that they are now treated all alike. They can send their protests to the Jewish organizations abroad which play the chief part in the atrocity campaign.

                  Our case against the Jews is not merely that the part they played in every profession was out of all proportion to their total numbers; it is not merely that they had made themselves masters of finance, capital; it is not merely that they carried on usury and corruption on a vast scale and that they exploited Germany and sucked the blood from her veins; it is not merely that they were primarily to blame for the crime of the inflation, that they pitilessly strangled their economically weaker German hosts. Our chief accusation against the Jews is that it was they who provided the Marxists and Communists with their leaders, and it was they who occupied the editorial offices of those subversive and defamatory newspapers which besmirched with their venom and hatred all that to us Germans was sacred; they it was who cynically distorted and ridiculed the words ‘German’ and ‘National,’ and the ideas of honor and freedom, marriage and loyalty.

                  No wonder, then, that the German people was at last seized with a righteous anger and was at last unwilling to allow these parasites and oppressors to play the part of master any longer. Only he who has observed the activities of the Jews in Germany, only he who knows the Jew from his behavior in Germany, can fully understand the necessity of what has now been done.

                  The Jewish question has not yet been completely solved. All that has happened up to the present has simply been defense of the people, a reaction against the ruin and corruption produced by the Jewish race. If we look at it from this point of view, we see that the revolution was perfectly ordered and bloodless. It destroyed what was old and rotten, and brought to the front what was new and undefiled.”

                  – Goring

                  Basically, the exact same stuff Jews are hated for today, only magnified by the veritable specter of Bolshevism. It’s not the philosophical, abstract “idea” of Jewry that the Nazis hated, just as it’s not the philosophical, abstract “idea” of Whiteness that the Jews hate. It’s a real, biological race war going on between rival nations. Otherwise, no measures would have been carried out against biological Jewry as a unified collective.

                • jim says:

                  “Biological Jewry” does not really exist. Jews are a cultural, rather than biological, problem. Biologically there are Ashkenazi and Mizrahi, and numerous other groups and subgroups, and the differences between them are as great or greater than the difference between anglos and Ashkenazi.

                  And biologically, Ashkenazim assimilate to white just fine, unlike blacks. The son of an Ashkenazi man and an anglo woman is anglo, while the son of black man and a white woman is black.

                  You think that there is such a thing as biological Jewry because you are in your own counter cathedral holiness spiral.

                • peppermint says:

                  Biological jewry doesn’t exist, why, because some jews are converts?

                • jim says:

                  No, biological Jews do not exist because not all Jews are the same race, and because conversion to the state religion does in fact work for the state religion.

                  Biological Ashkenazim exist, but they dilute out pretty well.

                • peppermint says:

                  If Ashkenazim were fashioned into kikes by Europe, why do the Old Testament characters keep jewing everyone all the time?

                • Anonymous says:

                  Your point is a moot, weak sauce, Jim. Yeah, from the perspective of the European peoples (unlike, say, the Palestinians), the Jewish problem was at the time an exclusively Ashkenazi problem. If you look at modern Israel, in contrast, you are absolutely correct about “biological Jewry” being a risible farce, and in fact, every full-blooded Anglo can convert to Judaism and become a cultural, or to be precise: halachic, “Jewish person”.

                  But that’s not the issue we were discussing; the subject matter was specifically the Jewry in Germany at the time of Nazism, and the exact grounds of the Nazis’ opposition to it; and Germany’s Jewry was indeed perceived as a primarily biological problem, as I claim, rather than as some sort of sublimation and incarnation of the “well-to-do urbanite” archetype, as per Cavalier’s argument.

                  To make an (admittedly convoluted) analogy: in Catholicism there’s “transubstantiation”, which is the belief in a literal change of the Eucharistic substances into the body and blood of Jesus. And then there’s the non-traditional view that it’s just symbolism, maaan. Well, you can say that I represent the orthodox view, that the Jewish problem has actually been seen as a literal “flesh and blood” issue which the Nazis sought to tackle, while Cavalier represents the other view, which is that the Nazis, cognizant of Jewry’s function as a market-dominant minority, perceived of the problem in rather symbolic terms; this, regardless of the praxis on the ground, which I think we do not dispute. Shitty metaphor, I know.

                  In short, we agree, I believe, about “how” the solution to the problem had been executed (heh), but each has given his own “why” regarding the reasoning behind the diagnosis. I do believe that I’ve made a solid case for my view. Not to brag, but I’ve perused Nazi literature at great length.

                • Anonymous says:

                  >Biological Ashkenazim exist, but they dilute out pretty well.

                  First of all, I’m not sure this is at all the case; secondly, this is “shifting the goalposts,” since we discuss Jews, full Jews, not mischlings – and we will continue discussing full Jews as long as full Jews exist, and full Jews will continue existing as long as the Ultra-Orthodox breed like rabbits (and some of them, let it be remembered, become secular).

                  Which is to say, we will continue discussing full Jews for a very long time.

                  If you want to make the argument that full Ashkenazim are indeed a bad bunch, but half-Ashkenazim are sooo awesome (because Moldbug) – let’s see, were Marx and Lenin full Jews or mischlings? They were mischlings. Marx’s ideas, carried out disproportionately by Jews and half-Jews, killed more innocents than basically anyone’s ideas. Is it “holiness signalling” to point it out?

                  Why the reluctance to admit that it’s a biological problem (whatever the racial makeup of the adherents of the Judaic religion, which is indeed extremely diverse and getting exponentially more diverse as we breath)?

                • Cavalier says:

                  >If Ashkenazim were fashioned into kikes by Europe, why do the Old Testament characters keep jewing everyone all the time?

                  Because the lunatics arose in the Middle East — everyone in the Old Testament was a Jew jewing Jews, whether Hebrew, Samaritan, Judean, Israelite, etc. — and all Semites are clannish and untrustworthy sandniggers; it’s in the genes. Arabs are just dumber, more warlike [modern] Jews; incidentally, perhaps modern Arabs are the truest reflection of Old Testament Semites.

                  Christianity, in banning moneylending and suchlike from Christians, and in enforcing Jewish endogamy, simply “outsourced” and thereby concentrated the “Jewishness” of society into an actual biological result. Think of the Ashkenazim, historically, as the safely siloed toxic sludge which enabled the shining city on the hill, the “purity”, for lack of a better word, of Christianity.

                  In Casanova’s memoirs, he mentions a few times having to call upon the local Jews for cash advances or other services. He doesn’t treat them rudely, as I recall, but it’s pretty obvious that he regards them as little more than unpleasant but necessary functionaries.

                  > Why the reluctance to admit that it’s a biological problem (whatever the racial makeup of the adherents of the Judaic religion, which is indeed extremely diverse and getting exponentially more diverse as we breath)?

                  Because it isn’t, not really. 1) The biology is merely a cumulative reflection of the ancestral environment, and 2) the meme > the gun > the dollar, and the commies were vaulted to power by the American dollar. And also, kept in power by the American dollar; the sheer scale of Lend-Lease was enormous; it truly is not much of an exaggeration to say that the Soviets fought the Germans on, in, and with American materiel.

                • Oliver Cromwell says:

                  The primary defence of the Jew as such is that anti-capitalism is bollocks.

                  The moneylender does not own the debtor. The profligate man enslaves himself to his stupidity. If he did not have debts, he would still be stupid. Debtor states, however, own creditors.

                  Nazis do not accept that anti-capitalism is bollocks, and so they go down the garden path.

                  Jim is right: if Germany had not launched WWII (based on some misunderstanding of trade relations) but had enslaved women and flooded Poland and France with 100 million German children, they would have won the 20th century.

        • Anonymous says:

          inb4 “you are moving the goalposts”

          Seriously, with all due respect to Quantum Electrodynamics, Jews have not actually invented anything worthy. Creative scientific endeavor, where the result is groundbreaking useful technology, is Aryan.

          • Oliver Cromwell says:

            The atomic bomb.

            • Anonymous says:

              Yeah, every day when you wake up in the morning, you should thank the Jews for their work on a weapon of mass destruction that one day may be used to annihilate white people, and otherwise doesn’t help your daily life one bit. What an awesome invention. /sarcasm

              Jim’s rule of poster girls applies here.

              • Oliver Cromwell says:

                The atomic bomb helps my daily life a lot, seeing as how it ended war. If the whites are killed, it will be with machetes, not any technological means.

                Anyway this is left-signalling. Not like whites never invented a weapon. Whites invented big, beautiful weapons. Just like Jews.

                • Anonymous says:

                  >The atomic bomb helps my daily life a lot, seeing as how it ended war.

                  Plainly, incomprehensibly wrong.

                  >If the whites are killed, it will be with machetes, not any technological means.
                  >Whites invented big, beautiful weapons.

                  Conventional weaponry intended for regular warfare benefits whites, because whites know how to use it to the full extent, while non-whites generally do not, and therefore, any war between whites and non-whites would result in a resounding white triumph.

                  Nuclear terrorism, or atom bombs at the hands of rogue/hostile regimes, on the other hand, can be used effectively against white non-combatants, and you have no deterrence.

                  As long as Americans have their rifles, machetes aren’t going to kill them all off. Not likely, at any rate. Meanwhile, WMDs can be used by various entities to kill whites.

                  It’s not “left signalling” to state that the weapons invented by Jews are a double-edged sword.

              • jim says:

                Nukes are the most awesome invention ever, and Jews did not create them, but they made a very important contribution.

                Nukes kept the Peace of Terror, without which communists would have probably conquered the world, thanks to their cheerful willingness to expend hordes of conscript cannon fodder.

          • TheAngryPhilosopher says:

            Can you really not do a quick search before you spout nonsense? First, as Cromwell pointed out, the atomic bomb. Hitler may well have gotten to it first, had he not idiotically chased three-quarters of the best physicists out of Europe. The real question is, what did Deutsch Physik ever accomplish?

            In addition to the atomic bomb, I could name all sorts of things. Of course, many of these are not entirely Jewish inventions – their development involved both Jews and non-Jews. And this list is quite incomplete.

            If you want technical / scientific achievements: Half of modern Computer Science (starting with John Von Neumann), and especially much of cryptography (ever heard of RSA? Rivest-Shamir-Adleman). 2/3rds of modern Physics. Significant amounts of modern hard science and mathematics. Optimization (Dantzig, Von Neumann, Kantorovich), in particular the Simplex Method (supremely practical, used everywhere). Lasers. The polio vaccine. Many machine learning techniques, e.g. AdaBoost (used a lot in practice).

            If you want everyday practical objects: Blue jeans (and yes, it was an invention, the design was changed to make them more sturdy, and not just “let’s make pants out of denim”). Ballpoint pens. Stainless steel. Cherry tomatoes.

            If you want military inventions: Atom and hydrogen bombs. Iron Dome. Predator drones. The Uzi smg. Trophy APS system. Early military aviation technology (pioneered by Marcel Dassault and Mikhail Gurevich).

            If you want practical technology: PageRank. Facebook. Viber. Waze. Akamai (whose systems underpin much of the internet). USB flash drives. Packet switching. The Intel 8088 chip (which powered the original IBM PC). ARPAnet. Voice-over-IP.

            Of course, I presume none of this will convince you, as you’re too set on believing that Jews are “useless”.

            • TheAngryPhilosopher says:

              And I might add that virtually every major tech company has a division in Israel, which would be very strange if Jews couldn’t invent things.

            • Anonymous says:

              In short, you have very few groundbreaking technologies to present. All the excellent stuff isn’t really Jewish, and all the Jewish stuff isn’t really excellent.

              >The real question is, what did Deutsch Physik ever accomplish?

              We will never know, because the grandfathers’ of today’s cultural warriors ensured Hitler’s defeat. And remember, kids: when Adolf Hitler loses, Magnus Hirschfeld wins! Hurrah, trannies! But in the counterfactual parallel universe I’ve just made up, space-travel and various medical devises are pioneered by Nazis.

              >Hitler may well have gotten to it first, had he not idiotically chased three-quarters of the best physicists out of Europe.

              Yeah, no.

              >Of course, I presume none of this will convince you, as you’re too set on believing that Jews are “useless”.

              Not convincing lol.

              • Cavalier says:

                >In short, you have very few groundbreaking technologies to present. All the excellent stuff isn’t really Jewish, and all the Jewish stuff isn’t really excellent.

                There are perfectly legitimate points on which to criticize Jews, but cleverness, imagination, curiosity, and inventiveness aren’t them.

                Jews accounting for all the stuff mentioned by TheAngryPhilosopher, and more, is instead of seeing by a list of famous inventions a bunch of “Shekelsteins” and “Steinembergs” dotting the landscape, you saw a bunch of “Adderssons”, “Johanssons”, “Karlssons”, “Svenssons”, and “Olofssons”.

                Those dastardly Swedes!

                • Anonymous says:




                  Abysmally low.


                  Below average, though could be worse.


                  Not the kind that matters.

                  1/4, then.

        • Anonymous says:

          Thing is, Oliver, Jewish uselessness could be forgiven, had only Jews been nice. Have you seen that pic of the old wrinkly gray-haired ugly Jewess holding a sign that reads “I will replace you”?

          • Anonymous says:

            (That’s not the pic)

          • Cavalier says:

            That woman and her sign are irrelevant. People power is streetfare, and streetfare is Charlottesville, and Charlottesville was a false flag.

            • Anonymous says:

              You do have a point: Jason Kessler is one suspicious individual. And he was suspicious even before the event, so the participants were foolish for going along with him. Probably FBI plant.

  2. Oliver Cromwell says:

    I’m skeptical of the Jew conspiracy theory by nature, but stuff like this just keeps turning up:

  3. FrankNorman says:

    Genes don’t have desires, so literally speaking, your genes do not “want” you to do anything. The idea that we should all be trying to kill other people and take their women in order to pass on our genes sounds like a recipe for a world in which life is, to quote the famous phrase: “Nasty, poor, brutish and short”.

    • jim says:

      sounds like a recipe for a world in which life is, to quote the famous phrase: “Nasty, poor, brutish and short”.

      Well, ideally I would like to get to Pauline patriarchy through a state church that enforces patriarchy, Pauline marriage, and female chastity on its adherents, but killing other people and taking their women seems a more readily achievable path, and it is what usually happens when societies that emancipate women go belly up. No one is willing to fight to defend emancipated women, or to fight to defend a society where they have no prospect of family formation, so those women get taken and that society gets conquered.

      The best alternative would be a state church that imposed Pauline patriarchy, Pauline marriage, and chastity on women, modeled after 1790s Australia, but the likely alternatives are quiet extinction, or “Nasty, poor, brutish, and short”. And given those alternatives, I would go with nasty, poor, brutish, and short, rather than gentle extinction poolside at the decline.

      • Turtle says:

        > No one is willing to fight to defend emancipated women

        But betas are women’s sex slaves, frustrated but aggressive. They defend their oppressors, just like women beaten excessively by their non-husbands like that treatment.

        So what? Women need our forgiveness more than our fighting to defend them. We will be the ones hurting them if we don’t forgive them. We will be the ones they need defending from if we are not patient in enduring their evil deeds, weakness, etc. So I ask God to make me adore them, patriarchally.

  4. Mediocre IQ White Nationalist says:

    Ok, so update to say “gas the male jews, seize their assets and make sex slaves of the jewish women”. Doesn’t roll off the tongue as easily anymore but it is probably better, thanks Jim.

  5. vxcc2014 says:

    No Jim this is what YOU want…and I suppose the Jim-lings are supposed to go get it for you?

    “Your genes want you to gas the enemy males, take their land, revenue sources, and buildings, and enslave their women. Krystalnacht was assets being smashed, rather than transferred to individuals competent to use them. If you gas the Jews without winding up supported by the revenue from the campus endowment, in a nice home with a couple of ivy league slave girls serving you in what used to be an ivy league campus, it has all gone horribly wrong,”

    I want to burn Ivy League down. I have a job, don’t need campus endowments. As far as J -I don’t care as long as their NOT IN POWER AT ALL including influence…but I don’t care after that.

    I do think they should run though, but I’m a decent fellow at heart.

  6. peppermint says:

    American White Nationalists are actually American ultranationalists.

    Ultranationalism is the concern, expressed by Hitler in Mein Kampf describing how under the Habsburg Empire parts of Vienna were looking like a Czech city, that the imperial state is cucking the dominant ethic group and desire for a state that exclusively cares about their interests.

    The other nationalism on the part of Americans is of course the belief that the Empire is or can be good for Americans. His Majesty, of course, believes this.

    • peppermint says:

      His Majesty didn’t defend ultranationalists so much as suppress a purity spiral that would have threatened His government. That is, of course, aligned with the incentives of the office of God-Emperor, which is why it is necessary to have a God-Emperor, and it’s what all American nationalists, and, really, all Americans needed our God-Emperor to do. Civil war would mean foreign intervention and significant distruction of the American people if not total loss.

      • Turtle says:

        Unusually reasonable and correct comments, peppermint. Thanks for accepting the HA Emperor’s discipline. But, we always have foreign intervention in this age. We need good intervention!

  7. viking says:

    You know it also is worth asking though Im no expert but what was so bad about nazi germany. seems to me like they had the exact problem we have jews had infected their culture and were destroying it and they solved the problem evicted the jews restored the culture if the jews hadnt got america and britain to fight its battle it probably would have been better for the european people. I seriously doubt the “socialism would have survived the decade.

    • Samuel Skinner says:

      The problem with Nazi Germany is it wasn’t sustainable. It was built on running a massive debt in order to build up war material and then invading other countries to get resources to put off collapse.

      The good examples to look at are right wing states that were destroyed in the war- Spain and Portugal. Unfortunately they fall to leftism (both currently have a tfr of 1.5; yes, that is worse then American white conservatives) so we don’t have a surviving model. Internal problems or foreign subversion- I don’t know. The former, hard to solve, the latter, near automatically solved (unless China picks up the slack).

      • jim says:

        Even if we gas everyone who is more than a quarter Jewish, a quarter hispanic, or a sixteenth black and totally shut down all non white immigration, if our population keeps falling we get conquered, and if our elites continue to have even worse fertility than our masses we turn into something very like blacks, as depicted in the movie “idiocracy”.

        • Koanic says:

          The will to implement the above is more than sufficient and motivated to solve for eugenic fertility.

          • jim says:

            That is not how social movements work. Hitler’s actions on the woman problem were in the right direction, but were half hearted and ineffectual because he pedestalized women.

            • Koanic says:

              Your measures are harsher than Hitler’s. The corresponding eugenic actions would also be more extreme.

              Also, we have the Internet now. Once equality breaks, it breaks hard.

              The Boomers are dying. With them, the broadcast era dies.

              • jim says:

                Hitler’s eugenic measures were feeble. He killed off defectives, when merely discouraging them from reproducing would have sufficed, but failed to give men authority over their wives and children, which would have encouraged them to reproduce, and failed to enable and encourage higher elite fertility by restraining female sexual choice. (Fathers tend to choose the suitor with the corner office, but daughters tend to choose Jeremy Meeks.)

                • Turtle says:

                  Is it true that Mr. Meeks has no corner office? If he dates a billionaire’s daughter, hasn’t he taken over the office?

                  And have you noticed that his ‘tear drop’ tattoo seemingly means he killed a woman? It’s odd to me, that anyone with this tattoo is not prosecuted.

                  But I just remembered, not so relatedly, Japan has better tattoos; it’s not just a quieter place, they are beautiful people. My anti-Mongoloid bias was incorrect; I can’t marry them, but they are not all bad.

                  My LJBF non-friend just said she’s too busy recruiting more orbiters to see me. I’m surprised by her greedy mis-ranking of men, but she’s right that I won’t be upset as in ‘no cucking me, I’m special.’ Something has changed, as Rollo Tomassi says, with open hypergamy- they have stopped pretending to be good women.

                  But, I stopped worrying about their morality. Heaven does not need more good women. Sinners need Heaven, not the other way around. So I was backwards about value-necessity. God condescends, but is independent.

                  I am increasingly sure He wants me to admit I am succeeding in Christ, and be “of good cheer.” My old low self-esteem was intentional, and fake. So Trump is correcting my ego.

                • Alrenous says:

                  How do you discourage defectives from reproducing, short of castration or spaying?

                • jim says:

                  Tying their tubes suffices, but defectives that cause problems should be spayed or castrated.

                • Alrenous says:

                  Should work, yeah.
                  Not possible, though. They’re not going to volunteer to be sterilized. Even they’re not stupid enough for that. Hence, they need to be coerced, which invokes public choice. The program won’t be used to reduce the agony of being Darwinnowed. It will be used to sterilize their political enemies.

            • Anonymous says:

              I dunno. Overall, what you can find in chapter 13 of Stoddard’s “into the darkness” (1940) doesn’t sound *too* pedestalizing. I’ll quote 5 paragraphs in case you’re disinclined to RTWT:

              “One of the first tasks of the Nazi revolution was to sweep away all the new ideas concerning domestic relations. Adolf Hitler had pronounced views on the subject. In one of his campaign pronouncements he stated: “There is no fight for man which is not also a fight for woman, and no fight for woman which is not also a fight for man. We know no men’s rights or women’s rights. We recognize only one right for both sexes: a right which is also a duty–to live, work, and fight together for the nation.”

              In this forthright attitude, Hitler apparently had a large section of German women on his side. From the very start of the Nazi movement, women took a prominent part and were numbered among the Fuehrer’s most devoted followers. These women declared they wanted neither “equality” nor “women’s rights.” What they were after was a home. For the mass of German women, “emancipation” had meant little except hard work at meager wages, and the idea went completely sour with them when economic depression made countless unemployed men dependent upon their womenfolk. Thus, any program which promised confidently to change this abnormal situation could count on enthusiastic support from many women as well as from men.

              That was just what National Socialism did promise with its pledge to re-establish the traditional order of domestic relations. It painted an alluring picture of a regime of manly men and womanly women–the manly men as provider and fighter; the womanly woman as wife, mother, and guardian of the domestic hearth.

              According to Nazi economic theory, woman’s natural career is marriage. By following the delusive path of Liberal-Marxist materialism, said Hitler, woman herself had been the chief victim. Having invaded business, industry, and the professions, women threw men out of jobs and became their competitors instead of their helpmeets and companions. In so doing, women not only robbed themselves of their crowning happiness (a home and children) but also became largely responsible for the economic crisis which ultimately left women financially worse off than before. When both men and women turned into producers, there were not enough consumers left to consume what they produced.

              That was the Nazi theory. And it caught on like wildfire. Nazi women orators denounced the Weimar regime as having degraded German womanhood into “parasites, pacifists, and prostitutes.” It was these feminine zealots who converted their sisters wholesale. The “Woman’s Front” of the Nazi movement soon became one of its most influential branches. And the interesting point is that it was run by the women themselves.”

              – – – – – – – – – –

              Could the Nazis have went further? Definitely. But it’s not like they were anyway similar to some modern Feminist Nazis (literal “Feminazis”) who actually do pedestalize women. The Nazis were, however, strict political monopolists; so they shut down MRA, as you can find written here:


              It’s an educational link, folks. Did you know that MRA in Vienna — technically the first MRA movement — was founded by a Jew named Leopold Kornblüh? And hey, a surprise guest is to be found there in the person of Charlie Chaplin!

              • Anonymous says:

                Also, completely irrelevant to everything, here’s an old portrait of Hitler doing a Pepe:


                (meme magic has always been real)

              • jim says:

                Could the Nazis have went further? Definitely. But it’s not like they were anyway similar to some modern Feminist Nazis

                As I am always saying, Nazis were, and in substantial part are, leftists who have been left behind by the left endlessly moving further left. They are right in that they are eighty years behind the current year, while republicans are about four years behind the current year.

                Sure, look at them from the point of view of today’s madness, they look like fresh air and sanity on the woman question. But look at them from the point of view of 1790s Australia, you can scarcely tell the difference between them and twenty first century feminists.

                The early years in Australia were kind of like the Taliban take charge of spring break at Cancun. Finding that it was impossible to restrain female sexuality among women separated from family, finding that they had to take over the job of restraining female sexuality that had formerly been performed by fathers and so forth, finding women getting pregnant to unknown men, the authorities were soon shotgun marrying women in large numbers, and pressuring women to get married in a hurry on pain of assignment. And when a woman was married, they enforced respect and obedience, with floggings for disobeying or speaking back to one’s husband.

                • Turtle says:

                  > And when a woman was married, they enforced respect and obedience, with floggings for disobeying or speaking back to one’s husband.

                  Reading and imagining that just cured some muscular tension for me, from the lower abdomen to calf tendons. Wonderful!

              • jim says:

                What did the Nazis do to enforce the husbands authority, prevent women from wandering off to fuck Jeremy Meeks, and restrain women from sexual immorality?

                • Turtle says:

                  It sounds like they gave them pleasant rewards for good behavior, but no punishments for bad behavior. Rewards are better than nothing.

        • viking says:

          if we got rid of the non whites no gassing needed just plane tickets, we would cease to continue our failing

          • jim says:

            We have been failing since the attempted divorce of Queen Caroline. You can plausibly blame the Jews for all manner of things, but you cannot blame the Jews for our failure to control women, and the resulting dysgenesis and failure to reproduce.

            • Koanic says:

              You cannot PLAUSIBLY blame Jews ENTIRELY for it.

              You can plausibly partially blame Jews for the most recent excesses.

              You can implausibly blame Jews for all of it to the emotive masses, or at least associate it with Jews.

              If Jews fall, feminism falls. And once feminism falls, it falls hard. Because internet+science. Same thing for racial equality.

              You are right dialectically, but the truth makes terrible rhetoric. Easier just to call it shrewish kikery.

              • jim says:

                Feminists were dismantling marriage starting in 1820 or so, and smashed it pretty thoroughly in 1865, with nary a Jew in sight.

                Everyone who enthusiastically supported Queen Caroline was destroying marriage, female chastity, and the family and there just were no Jews involved. It was all “evangelical Christians” – aka unitarians and puritans.

  8. viking says:

    especially if that island is continent sized and full of natural resources

  9. viking says:

    So let me see if I understand Professor macdonald, ignore the jews attacking you nations and redistributing your possessions to niggers concentrate on attacking your own institutions and raping your fellow whites women. Because something something cant chew gum and walk at the same time.

    Whats the neocon er neoreactionary obsession with protecting the jews? Let me tell you its because you think jews make natural reactionaries.

    • jim says:

      Jews are doing a large part of the decadence and subversion but they are not doing all of it, and not all Jews are doing it. So eradicating the Jews does not fix the problem.

      But regardless of who is at fault, any solution that does not wind up with family formation is not the solution. Family formation started declining in 1820, long before Jews were significant in the left, and family formation continues to decline, even though Jews are less significant and less powerful in the left, and Muslims ever more powerful.

      • viking says:

        family formation did not do that when i was growing up three kids was the minimum and 6 or more was not so uncommon everyone didnt know a few families like that

        wtf jim stop making shit up to match your rants

        • jim says:

          From 1933 when the nazis took power, to 1963, feminism went into remission, and marriage and fertility rates improved. But from 1963 onwards, the problem resumed. Feminism shows up in the marriage rate and the total fertility rate.

  10. Anonymous says:

    >Holiness signalling about racial purity is tribe formation.
    >[paraphrasing] Your genes want you to get laid.

    In the beginning of this post, you give a quote about family formation. Okay, what family formation? If a white man gets laid with a negress and forms a family with her, is he fulfilling his genetic imperative? From the individual perspective, it may not matter all that much if the resultant family is racially pure or not, although it still does matter, because genetic proximity ensures maximum propagation of one’s genes, since your wife shares your genes.

    From the perspective of the racial community, one’s volksgemeinschaft, if whites form families with non-whites, the race is on the path to perdition. This is not an ideological statement, but a biological one. Race-mixing is the annihilation of at least one race. While there is definitely over-the-top holiness signalling about racial purity — which is fun to engage in, actually: “hey, I’m 99.8% European while you’re only 99.4%, so I’m whiter than you are” — racial preservation is still vital and essential. Getting laid is better than not getting laid, but eugenically, inferior children are better not born, and it’s in the interests of the racial community that racially pure children be born, rather than racially mixed ones.

    From all this, it follows that Jews *may be* a racial nemesis of whites. Are they? You may not think they are, but evidently, the alt-righters have reached a different conclusion from yours, which conclusion is perfectly logical and consistent with the principles of race science. If Jews are an alien race, which pushes race-mixing on whites, then you can’t really blame whites who want the Jews eliminated. It’s neither a crime, nor a distraction, as such.

    • jim says:

      From the perspective of the racial community, one’s volksgemeinschaft, if whites form families with non-whites, the race is on the path to perdition.

      Unfree women reproduce more successfully than emancipated women. Right now whites are reproducing at about 1.5, which is extinction in rather few generations. The problem is not race mixing, but failure of family formation.

      The elite is reproducing at about 1.1, with elite women reproducing at about 0.7, which is whites becoming blacks, as in “Idiocracy” in a few generations. The problem is not race mixing, but massive dysgenesis.

      Need to lower female status. Ideally, we would make all white women property on the Pauline model rather than the Viking model, make them legally pets rather than legally slaves, while emancipating all other women, especially black women. But the Viking model is simpler to implement than the Pauline model and more incentive compatible, and indiscriminate slavery simpler to implement and more incentive compatible than racially selective slavery.

      Jews are not the problem. Reproduction is the problem, which means that women are the problem.

      Ideally, we institute a state church that is primarily white, and adherents to the state Church get patriarchy, female chastity, and Pauline marriage coercively enforced, with shotgun marriage for misbehaving females, as in 1790s Australia, while blacks merrily continue with black style marriage, but without welfare.

      But what your genes are working on is the Viking solution, even if you think you are working on gassing the Jews.

      • Turtle says:

        > The elite is reproducing at about 1.1, with elite women reproducing at about 0.7

        That is dire, and encourages me to marry sooner. But I don’t know if America is the right place for white families.

        Jim, would you disagree with me blaming myself for the world’s cuckedness? I was a bad son, and wanted to be a monk without ecclessial or familial permission. That’s why I’m still single, I think- because I rejected eligible, pretty girls who were tender and lady-like enough to approach me without any shit testing. I could blame women too, like my mother who made me a monstrous tom-girl, but that’s a distraction from the devil, the evil one who un-sexes God’s sexually-created children. I just need to keep praying for what I need, including a wife more than ever before.

        I’m still asking the married and match-making saints to help you, too. But they likely won’t obey my request if I can’t get you to join a church or even pray on your own (which is only as cucked as your house, so, not at all). Prayer books are very cheap, like $4.50, so are factory-made icons ($7, $12) and everything else in home chapels, like incense and candles (minimal budget ~ $50).

        Jim, what’s holding you back- your ancestral tradition? Then just be an Episcopalian on your own, without the dyke-bishops. I don’t demand Orthodoxy, it’s just the best I can suggest. Western Christianity is just as valid, and in particular, I suggest you look into St. Columba and Alaskan saints (that’s the new West). St. Innocent was a manly married priest before losing his wife, and St. Herman ran an orphanage as the Aleuts’ Apa.

        These guys want to help us, including both protecting and guiding us. Saints also punish the unrepentant, enacting God’s holy vengeance. That’s another reason to accept their blessed, military authority (the idea is that saints command some angels, according to their respective ranks). Jim could start Orthodoxy by going on pilgrimages, too, but that’s much more expensive, and the monastics are challenging people.

        Jim, do you want more encouragement, or should I be patient about this?

  11. Issac says:

    Everything has to be about us and that’s why a lot of us are hated. Jim, you should know by now that posts like these make it worse for the Jews than anything the agitprop nazis can come up with. Whites took a beating in Charlottesville and the media along with both major political parties took time to remind everyone that whites have no civil rights because nazism.

    How tone-deaf can you be? Only the most neurotic of my American cousins could possibly look upon a few dozen nazis in a crowd of patriotic American nationalists and think that the shoah was returning. And only an even more neurotic and insane cousin could possibly NOT see the imminent danger of a brown majority United States ruled by the myth of equality and multiculturalism while Israel attempts to retain her Jewish nature surrounded by the blessed brown Palestinian hoards that the left loves so much.

    • Hidden Author says:

      You don’t understand mainstream American political thought. When you act as if the Nazis were a threat of the past, you’re putting them in a file where you can gradually forget about them, as if they were Romans, Babylonians or Egyptians. If you forget about the six million for six minutes before remembering them again as vividly as ever, it’s as if you’re killing them again, as if you were at Adolf Hitler’s side as he did what he did. The Hitler/Holocaust/WWII theme is pushed almost as aggressively as I described and anyone who’s content to keep that theme in its own context is damned as a bigot!

      • Anonymous says:

        Anyone who has a twitter account following alt-right accounts and doesn’t want to boil Jews in hot excrement right now is a damn fool. The “based” “nationalist” Jews want all their leftist brethren to make aliyah and thereby AVOID THE CONSEQUENCES of their own genocidal behavior. No! The Jews of America should be prevented from escaping to Israel like a bunch of rats, so that on the day of the rope they could all suffer for their anti-white actions. The well-poisoners should not live peacefully in Israel after setting the US on fire; they should have their skulls bashed. And if Israel ventures to save them, I hope Iran is given a thousand nukes.

        • Hidden Author says:

          But if the positions were reversed, wouldn’t you want your errant brethren to repent, change their ways and redeem themselves instead of damning them all to hell?

          • Anonymous says:



            Yair basically tells Linda the Arab slut: “if things go bad, we subversive well-poisoners will flee the consequences of our own genocidal actions and live peacefully in Israel while America burns. So if eventually the Nazis get to us, as we deserve, it’s good that Israel will take us.”

            Who cares about “what if the positions were reversed”? They are not reversed. Should Jews escape the consequences of their own actions? Should the criminal escape punishment? Should all the anti-white agitators, those “””fellow whites”””, go unscathed?


      • Issac says:

        Jim is far from mainstream, and that’s precisely my point. What on earth is the point for a reactionary to wring his hands for the poor Jews at a time like this?

        Whites get kicked in the teeth for wanting to speak in public, then Jim comes along with another post about how bad nazis are and how inappropriate it is to hate Jews. THAT ISN’T DOING US ANY FAVORS JIM!

        Obviously, we can count on mainstream pundits to ring the bells and remind everyone of how bad nazis are. Nobody needs a reminder of that here. Your people are getting their shit pushed in sideways and when that happens and you respond with “what about the poor jews,” you’re dredging up nothing but more hatred for us.

        Your people are concerned about their own. Leave the worrying about Jews to us. Your concern is welcome when we’re actually under attack, but that is absolutely not happening right now.

        • pdimov says:

          Very well put.

        • Hidden Author says:

          But both sides, pro- and anti- white ethnocentrism, have talked way too much about the Jews already to put that theme back in the bottle. If you want an ethnically diverse society run according to the principles of political correctness, you fellate the Jews; if you want a white ethnocentric society, you fellate Der Fuehrer’s ghost!

          • Issac says:

            What animates the mainstream has nothing to do with Jim or his readers. We’re outside the main by a good margin. My point was that here Jim strikes the pose of a mainstream pundit and clearly antagonizes whites who are cognizant of the fact that nobody even got to speak in Charlottesville, much less harm a Jew.

            • Hidden Author says:

              The mainstream is only on one pole of the dichotomy I explained; the white ethnocentrist is on the other pole.

              • Anonymous says:

                Issac’s response is typical Jew hysteria. Jim isn’t going to foster antisemitism by presenting his views about Jews not being the matador. Antisemitism is fostered whenever kikes whine against free-speech for someone, and right now, as kikes whine about “how important it is for us Jews” to shut down the nazis from all the platforms, it is *they* who are fostering antisemitism.

                The Jewish support for censorship, for the sake of Jewish interests, will be the downfall of Jewry. It’s Jewish totalitarianism. What is the Jewish end-game, after all? This:


                Read this shit, read it again, memorize it, internalize the fact that this is what Jews are up to.

                Read it. Look up who wrote it.

                Do you get it?

        • Steve Johnson says:

          Whites get kicked in the teeth for wanting to speak in public, then Jim comes along with another post about how bad nazis are and how inappropriate it is to hate Jews. THAT ISN’T DOING US ANY FAVORS JIM!

          You’re making the same error as the nazis are when they claim jim is a Jew or a Jew lover or whatever – the post wasn’t written out of concern for the Jews.

          “It’s worse than a crime – it’s a distraction” – in context means “a crime against the Jews is totally insignificant – the real reason this action would be bad is because it distracts from the necessary difficult action – which is to get the relations between men and women right”.

          • peppermint says:

            Getting men and women right? We have it right here, and it would take almost no time at all to spread the message to all young men, except for a censorship agenda… and who could be behind it? Why, it’s the ((fellow white people)).

            • jim says:

              Aaronson and Alexander defend Damore. It is easy to find Jews defending him, hard to find Jews censoring him. Looks to me that his defense was more disproportionately Jewish than those attacking him.

              It is just not true that Jews are responsible for the pedestalization of women and the censorship of those speaking the red pill.

              • Koanic says:

                Feminism is heavily Jewish.

              • Steve Johnson says:

                Aaronson and Alexander defend Damore.


                This was part of Alexander’s “defense” of Damore:

                What if all this stuff about sexism driving away women is all a big hoax? And so after we make women feel safer, stamp out prejudice, enforce common decency, and encourage everyone to treat each other with compassion – darn it, we created a better world for nothing! If the goal is “eliminate malignant sexism” – and surely it should be – why be so upset about one argument for eliminating malignant sexism which might not be entirely accurate?

                In other words:

                Sure, Damore is factually right but we should change nothing because feminism is still the highest good. We’ll have to stop to think of some different reasons as to why it should be a society-wide rule that every man should defer to women as meekly as I do instinctively (due to being part of a lower sexually dimorphic sub-species with feminzed men and masculinized women) but it would be easier to defend the conclusion if the primary argument for it wasn’t so blatantly false. People notice the blatant falsehoods and there’s only so much clever sophistry you can sell. Just come up with something plausible so I can use my writing to handicap men who aren’t as much of a pussy as I am. Please.

                • jim says:

                  He is telling his readers that sexism driving women out of tech is all a big hoax, and Damore should not be fired. Yes, he is a pussy, and feminist, and literally a cuckold. But that he is being cuckolded is not evidence that Jews rule the world. It is evidence that they do not.

                • Oliver Cromwell says:

                  This conspiracy theory doesn’t make any sense.

                  Men from less dimorphic races need enforced marriage and social subordination of women more than men from more dimorphic races.

                  Sexual free-for-all benefits the top 10% of most attractive men. Yvain Alexander may in fact still be a virgin.

                  Maybe Jews are crazy. But the Torah says enslave women. The Jews survived thousands of years somehow.

                • Steve Johnson says:

                  He is telling his readers that sexism driving women out of tech is all a big hoax, and Damore should not be fired.

                  Yes he’s saying that sexism isn’t driving women out of tech.

                  No, he’s not saying that Damore shouldn’t be fired – he never says that at all.

                  Oliver Cromwell –

                  It’s not a conspiracy. Reread the quote. All “good people” know that women should never be subjected to the treatment that high test men routinely give them. Men who treat women like they’re silly pretty empty-headed creatures do very well with women. Men like soy-tits Scott take the words that come out of women’s mouths very seriously and are dateless until they’re 27 (yes, literally). Scott Aaronson considered chemical castration rather than actually acting like he had balls (ironic I suppose).

                  When confronted with the reality that he’s screwed up in his interactions with women a man can go a few ways – he can suck it up and accept that women are different than he’s been told, he can accept that women are what they are and decide that they’re not worth dealing with, or he ignores it and doubles down on his resentment of men who don’t follow his self-imposed rules (read that quote again – it’s very telling).

                  Yes, doubling down isn’t his best interest. His best interest would be someone slapping him and telling him to act like a man – like this:


                  but they’ve built a whole damned ideology around never letting anyone do that (trigger warning! everyone must use the pronouns picked out by the trannie, etc.). Yes, a man who acts like even more of a pussy because he’s afraid of the disapproval of a woman isn’t acting in his own best interest – obviously – but these guys really are motivated by that fear of a woman saying something bad about them. Both of these guys have had “traumatic” interactions with feminists – where feminists said mean things about them.

                  Rather than a conspiracy it’s a particular failure mode that cowardly guys are subject to.

                • jim says:

                  No, he’s not saying that Damore shouldn’t be fired – he never says that at all.

                  Yes he does say that, in that he complains about ever more extreme witch hunting.

  12. Pseudo-chrysostom says:

    You’re trying too hard here Jim.

    Heebs getting iced as a spandrellic consequence of rightist furor upswelling and exercising power is a non-negative outcome anyways.

    “Shhh, just let it happen baby, just let it happen.”

  13. ilkarnal says:

    There’s a tradeoff between speed and efficiency in exploiting resources, including human resources. Smash and grab works, if you can keep smashing and grabbing. That strategy hasn’t been doing so well for a while now, though. The value of steady and sustained exploitation has been too high comparatively.

    ‘Harvard’ won a long time ago. Revolution is ill-starred. The secret police are very numerous, well funded, and ruthless. They also share the demographics of prospective revolutionaries.

    You can surrender, fight, or leave. Of the three the last seems like the best by far. The ability and will of the enemy to project power shrinks drastically with distance. They may come for you wherever you are, but in distant lands a victory against weak pursuing forces will win you peace.

    Cooperation with nonwhites is obviously a must. To pick a bone with Jared Taylor and his fellows, it also isn’t unnatural. Evidently, upon encountering alien races the natural human response is to ally with them to clobber the enemy next door. There’s no evolutionary reason to expect anything else.

    Race realists should restrict themselves to the correct observation that different races have very different traits, and that whites are the best performers – like if border collies won all the dog contests that were popular, they would be the best competitive breed. The moralizing of this information needs to be tossed into a fiery pit. The reverse of nonsense is not wisdom, you ought not reverse the SJW demonization and black propaganda about whites. Whites are the best performers, and if a bunch of them go crazy and want to kill you, you should look for allies anywhere you can get them. A border collie that tries to bite you should be shot, and when a pitbull shakes apart a rabid border collie the correct response is a cheer and an attaboy. Pitbulls, in general, are more likely to bite those who interact with them than border collies are. If you happen to be faced with a friendly pitbull and an implacably hostile border collie, you better favor the pitbull instantly without a second thought.

    I’m hopeful that a reversion to mean in American politics will throw some cold water on the Stormfront types and a portion of the alt-right. When you think you are ‘the White race’ of course you can do as you please and make arbitrary tactical errors in the name of pride and unity. There’s no talking sense into someone who believes that tomorrow they will be swept into absolute power by a spontaneous wave of sanity. When that illusion is shattered, there will be two paths for those who haven’t given up – the path of Breivik, and the well-worn path of exit and colonization of distant lands. I will vigorously advocate for the latter.

    • jim says:

      I’m hopeful that a reversion to mean in American politics

      Politics does not revert to the mean. Historically, politics is chaotic, tends to extremes, and from time to time there are terrible convulsions, frequently resulting in massive transfers of property, massive destruction of property, and the rapid disappearance of major population groups. You are misled by survivorship bias. The average location in the world has had extremely destructive wars and democide from time to time. The world is dominated by anglos because they repeatedly dodged the bullet, but this is not an indicator that they will continue dodging the bullet. They show the same processes and symptoms as everyone else.

      • Pseudo-chrysostom says:

        Living on an island is an unprecedented geographical advantage.

        • Dave says:

          If the island is too small, your nation will be tiny and weak (e.g. Iceland), and if the island is too big, you won’t be able to control all of it. Great Britain was an island of just the right size for one ethnic group to dominate with the technology then available.

          • Cavalier says:

            To be fair, Ireland was an enormous thorn in the side of the Crown until the Ulster plantations, and even Scotland was always kind of its own thing.

            • Hidden Author says:

              …In the next 15 years, continuing the Ulster Plantations will be an issue that comes to a very sharp fork in the road…

              • Cavalier says:

                Like, the Conquest of Ireland?

                “Estimates of the drop in the Irish population resulting from the Parliamentarian campaign range from 15 to 83 percent.”


                • Hidden Author says:

                  I think that if the UK Government of the 21st Century could leave Ulster without recriminations over abandoning the Loyalist voting majority, they would then do so…

  14. Mycroft Jones says:

    Argument? Conclusion? WTF? Jim was just speaking Truth, that is all. Why drag a social construct like “logic” into it?

  15. Oliver Cromwell says:

    I don’t see the connection between the argument and the conclusion.

    Some people claim Jews are an enemy race and very powerful. I don’t necessarily agree with this argument but if it is true then we need to get rid of the Jews to take power, regardless whether we want to take power to enslave Ivy League girls or not.

    • jim says:

      Whether they are or are not, that is not the reason that the Nazis are thinking obsessively about Jews. The reality of actual Jews is almost irrelevant to the social dynamics of Nazi belief, and thinking that it is relevant can cause you to miss your actual target. Which is to get laid.

      • A Portuguese Man says:

        What Nazis?

        It’s sometimes really hard to figure out if an American is being really naive or really deceptive.

        The only Nazis that ever existed were Germans. National-Socialism as we know it is a German thing and I would bet that few other peoples have the ability for the iron disciple required to make it work better than Communism – which it very much did.

        Any non-German calling himself “Nazi” is just LARPing. Nazis didn’t fly Fascist flags. They made their own and flew only those.

        Nazis didn’t really obsess that much about Jews. They just didn’t like them and didn’t want them around. Not the first time it happened in History, won’t be the last either.

        They did, however, obsess about racial purity and such things.

        Also, the Nazis didn’t gas any Jews…

        • jim says:

          Yes, I am aware the Nazis did not literally gas the Jews, but the Jews still wound up dead. And I am aware that the American Nazi movement does not seriously propose to actually gas them either, but they talk about gassing them a lot, and I suspect that the Jews might still wind up dead.

          • viking says:

            well jim its not like the jews havnt had ample time and opportunity to shed their pre war reputation and prove hitler wrong and become true whites. but no instead the war hadnt even ended and they moved their operation over here. They are the enemy the neo nazis may be morons for the most part but they happen to be right that the very center of the war on white men is jewish. Its jews who orchestrated the civil rights movement feminism communism and most importantly immivasionism. Your constant denial of this reality and the leftist smear tacticts you use against those who at least get this basic truth is pretty typical of neo reaction and why it has died. It couldnt move beyond the jew moldbugs cucky do nothing 2005 ideas

            • Turtle says:

              Not all Jews are like that.

              Religious Jews, as B and Jim mostly agree, do act Old Testament white, with some foibles and sins, but overall, compared to everyone else, are white-ish. Everyone moral acts like whites are claimed to be, so it’s a misnomer- you want good people, not good genes or skin color.

              And I’m drifting towards HBD a bit… as in moral diversity: sinners are all mutants, while saints have perfect genes. This unifies religion and biology, disposing of both racism and anti-whiteness.

              • viking says:

                no all jews are not like that and many that are dont understand how they are impacts whites. not all niggers are thugs and all muslims are not terrorists

                so whats your point none of those groups on average are a good thing for us so why the fuck would we put up with any of it.

          • c23 says:

            A lot of Nazis are unironically calling for the extermination of the Jews, most notably Anglin and Linder.

      • viking says:


  16. Sig Sawyer says:

    Spot on. I recall swearing to myself while in college that I would see the place reduced to rubble one day.

    The subconscious logic of all the Nazi stuff is to make people transgress a taboo for group loyalty. Like a crip committing murder as an initiation, a good Stormer tells a journalist that he’s going in the gas chamber.

    Generally, you’d want a leader of these angry young men to see through the veil of group dynamics and rhetoric well enough to direct them at the real goal. Ideally, you want loyalty sworn to the King as a man and not the Kings ideal. Otherwise, any Stalin can usurp the King in the name of the ideal

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