That escalated quickly

First Damore at Google, then he gets fired, then the Charlottesville march to protest the destruction of white history is violently crushed, then then the erasure of white culture and history is dramatically escalated, then protest march about Google’s mistreatment of Damore is threatened with the Charlottesville treatment, and folds in the face of clear intention to terrorize them as at Charlottesville.

At this rate, we will be at democide and infinite leftism by Wednesday.

I still predict the left singularity for two thousand and twenty six or so, but if I was going by the latest headlines, I would predict it for Wednesday.

I don’t think it will happen by Wednesday, but these events make it more likely that they will shortly attempt to arrest the God Emperor on the basis of an arrest warrant issued by some judge no one has heard of, without bothering with the obsolete inconvenience of a two thirds senate vote.


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  1. Marc Joliet says:

    Who among us is ready to die? Could happen sooner than expected. Recommend making non-violent/strictly legal preparations.

  2. vxxc2014 says:

    If Trump was in trouble over this you might just hear one Colin Powell speaking against him…and I haven’t.

    Powell is a reliable weathervane. If he’s not speaking against Trump, Trump isn’t in trouble.

  3. Mister Grumpus says:

    Just in time for the eclipse too. Man.

  4. bro says:

    I actually envision a possible good scenario re judge arrest warrant. Judge no one has ever heard of issues arrest warrant. Wimpy antifa/sympathetic cops attempt to arrest Trump. Manly Trump bodyguards defeat wimpy cops. Trump retaliates with overwhelming force, finally recognizing who is enemy is, and that it is a shooting war.

    • vxxc2014 says:

      Yes that is quite likely.

      What is quite unlikely is Trump will allow himself to be arrested.
      Or even impeached/convicted.

      You see Trump’s supporters won’t allow that either, it is not in Trump’s character to bend over…and with his support that counts in a fight…he can’t.

  5. sy says:

    Accelerationism anyone?

  6. Styr says:

    Trump As Russian Agent failed to move the public, so new attack angles are launched. Now anyone who does not fully endorse and support violent extreme left antifa mobs is to be considered a nazi.

    • jim says:

      Democracy Spring

      • Turtle says:

        But now, the broad ‘upper middle class’ of wannabe comissars (not SJWs per se, but their enablers) don’t know how to behave. They’re too stupid to get subtle messages, so they have, around me, been wiggling, as in “we’ll win this, but we don’t even know what we’re fighting for, how, why, etc.”.

        They can’t act out their power-lust so much when everyone else is already doing it. They’ve saturated the sin market. Yes, there is always room for more evil, but I’m pleased that the liberals who try to be Christian are quiet now (I conclude they secretly like Trump).

        Trump going back to His Tower of Glory is great. He’s more prepared than his enemies, a better man, a greater historical figure, and our HAE continues to win, on all fronts. Defeat in Syria means the enemy, meaning demons, will be discouraged and go back to hell. They aren’t bothering me much, because I unsubscribed from crap email and replaced that with prayer. I’m happy now.

  7. Poochy says:

    Jim, what are the odds that we can have a bloodless divorce of blue and red as Nick Land hopes for? There is more than enough land mass to make this feasible. Is an all out Civil War part 2 unavoidable at this point?

    • jim says:

      We face a universalist religion, and ask it to abandon universalism. Hence civil war 1

    • peppermint says:

      Bloodless divorce is impossible because blue wants to rule and feed its pets.

      The best outcome is red assuming control and ruling the Holy American Empire (White Americans choose civic nationalism).

      The only other possible outcome other than utter destruction is bloody civil war followed by the creation of nation-states (White America choses ultranationalism).

      What we just witnessed was His Majesty acknowledging ultranationalists while telling them he disagrees with them, which invalidates their concerns. The left was trying to prove the ultras right.

  8. Bane Blumpf says:

    So what happens if they lock Trump up? Civil war? What should the right do?

    • Rick Sean says:

      It seems like the Right can’t even organise a barbecue, so probably take it in the ass and hope it feels good.

      The cuckservatives are siding with the communists, Even Mattis is for transgenders rights. There’s no organisational power on the right anymore. Now is the perfect time for infinite leftism, before the right has any chance to organise itself.

      • Issac says:

        The establishment was never useful and leftist over-extension is the only way that the dissident right will gain any ground. You should hope they start demanding all Colonial founders are stricken from public space and history.

      • peppermint says:

        This isn’t the first time the left has screamed and the cucks have wet their pants. If Trump can head this off – defending the right of people with a permit to give speeches in a public park is actually still possible in America – antifa is over, Tim Kaine is toast, several key cuckservatives are done, and the dhimmicrats are going to lose a lot of morale over the whole openly supporting censorship thing.

        • Mister Grumpus says:

          Well surely someone is going to sue somebody over the intentionally/incompetently-bad police protection, revoking of free speech rights, etc. Something will definitely happen then, don’t you think?

    • jim says:

      Surrender will not protect us. Recollect Vox Day’s manual on surviving SJW attack. Revise to include guns and death camps.

    • vxxc2014 says:


      Organization lacking can be made up along the way.
      I’m not entirely certain we lack the necessary organization
      and people especially Americans self organize well under pressure.

      Fight. That we’ll be good at.

      PS if you don’t have your own gang yet well see above but seriously…how serious were you ever about this?

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