How the middle eastern revolutions are working out.

As the US goes to war to secure victory for the revolutionaries in Libya, let us take a look at how the revolution is going in Egypt:

  1. Muslim terrorists who were lurking in the dark are now in control of the streets of Egypt, not the army.
  2. Schools have been closed since January 25 out of fear that terrorists will come into the school to rape and kill students, and the school administrators do not want responsibility for that.
  3. There are no police to speak of since they are the enemies of the Muslim Brotherhood. The police are hiding from the terrorists, and there is no 911 to call.
  4. There is a complete breakdown of law and order — not just in Cairo, but in all of Egypt.
  5. Women are being attacked, mugged and assaulted in broad daylight.
  6. The once-banned militant Islamic preachers are now back from exile and are openly preaching hate toward Christians, the West and Israel.
  7. Priests are being beheaded in their own apartments.
  8. Churches are being burned to the ground.
  9. On March 8, thirteen Christians were killed and 150 were injured — 48 of them seriously.
  10. The army is acting impotently, if not sympathetically, with the Muslim Brotherhood. In fact, the army is infested with Muslim Brotherhood members.
  11. The new government recently appointed by the military council is made up of cabinet members who are on the record as against the peace treaty with Israel. They also are sympathetic to the Muslim Brotherhood.

We are arming and aiding our enemies.

Bryan Caplan wanted people to go on record predicting the future of Egypt before the future becomes apparent.  My prediction has come true

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