How to give effect to Brexit

Supposedly, if the British voted for exit, the government would immediately invoke article 50 – would give notice that Britain was resigning from the EU. That is what the prime Minister told them.

Well, the British voted for exit, and surprise, surprise, the government is not invoking article 50. The prime minister lied.

What a surprise. Are you surprised?

And every day, the most appalling scum, mostly black Muslims from darkest Africa, continue to pour through Calais to live on crime, welfare, and voting left. Theoretically England has a legal immigration policy that only lets in the better kind of migrant, but this has collapsed, as was always intended from the beginning, and now it is mostly violent black young male criminals, cannibals and terrorists. The supposed policy was collapsing from the beginning, and lately has collapsed faster and faster. If it had worked as officially intended, Britain would now be getting lots of high IQ Chinese, mostly wealthy Chinese businessmen. Instead it got a few, very few, low IQ Chinese, mostly poor Chinese waiters and welfare bums, and lately, rapidly increasing numbers of violent very low IQ black males. The supposed immigration policy was always dead in the water, and the real policy is now pouring over the border.

But look at Australia. Illegal immigration was abruptly ended totally and completely overnight with the stroke of a pen – well – with the stroke of a pen that authorized Australian Marines to shoot up boats and set them on fire anywhere on the high seas.

Legal immigration remained out of control in Australia, and has been getting steadily more out of control, but as the next Australian election comes very close, the Australian government has suddenly launched a crackdown to enforce the official policy, the official policy being “skills based”: that the rich, the pretty, and the clever are legally allowed in, and the rest not, while the actual unofficial policy was increasingly that the scum of the earth were legally allowed in to live on crime, welfare, and voting left. That unofficial policy has now, about a week before election time, been declared to be corruption, rather than high moral virtue. It is implied that the bureaucrats and judges that gave effect to the unofficial policy, gave effect to the actual policy, were, rather than acting according to the highest moral principles, bribed by migration agents. And by sheer coincidence this shocking and extremely surprising corruption was uncovered just before the election.

The official Australian story being that until a week or so before the elections, the government was too busy cracking down on illegal immigration to notice that legal immigration was a shambles. And until a week or so before the election supposedly no one had noticed. Or at least no one respectable had noticed and if anyone disrespectable noticed they probably got prosecuted for hate speech.

But now, they really are cracking down on both legal and illegal immigration. So if Australia can do it, so can Britain. The Australian government abruptly and totally stopped illegal immigration overnight, and it looks like they are now abruptly and totally stopping the scum of the earth from legally migrating. They got instant one hundred percent compliance last time, and I think they are going to get instant one hundred percent compliance this time. It is like lightning and thunder. Bam. Sudden radical change in policy immediately followed by sudden radical change in compliance. They had to shoot up a few boats, whereupon the rest fell into line, and I expect they will have to charge a few bureaucrats who thought themselves fireproof, whereupon the rest will fall into line. Sir Humphrey Appleby suddenly notices his minister talking quietly to a couple of large security guys about corruption. Swift and total implementation gives the enemy no time for counter measures. While leftist policies are introduced little bit by little bit so that the frog does not notice he is being boiled, rightist policies have to be introduced suddenly and totally, like a military offensive, like a coup.

The longer Brexit remains unimplemented, the harder it will be to implement.

In Britain, you theoretically have a sudden radical change in policy that is not being followed by compliance. Indeed, if anything, looks like they are getting in as many scum of the earth as fast as possible in fear that the compliance might be coming down the road. Slowly and eventually down the road.

So what are you going to do? As a reactionary, I say voting does not work, but voting worked in Australia. Eventually worked. Albeit after quite a while.

Vote for someone with the balls to give effect to policy decisively and suddenly. And if that does not work, because you have too many nonwhites voting against whiteness, and too many single women voting for rape by men of those races who are allowed to be alpha, well, then, there is always the reactionary solution.

The military and the spy agencies look perfectly loyal to the government, but so did the Chilean military, which had a long tradition of staying out of politics. The Chilean junior officers plotted and rehearsed the coup without anyone actually speaking the fatal words out loud until a few hours before the actual coup. The Thai coup is going smoothly, and in the Philippines, looks like a self coup is underway or has already happened. Obviously if you are in the military, you don’t go 1488 out loud, but if Brexit just does not happen, this discredits democracy.

When Napoleon entered the Council of Ancients with a squad of Grenadiers, they heckled him. One deputy called out, “And the Constitution?”

Napoleon replied “The Constitution! You yourselves have destroyed it. You violated it on 18 Fructidor; you violated it on 22 Floreal; you violated it on 30 Prairial. It no longer has the respect of anyone.”

And so it should be if Brexit has no effect. Our next Napoleon should tell parliament about Brexit.

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  2. Alrenous says:

    I don’t think voting worked in Australia. I think someone who was going to do that anyway used voting to legitimize the action. The electorate was allowed to vote for their frontman, or whatever.

    Further, didn’t their frontman get kicked out? Why is the policy continuing?

    There may or may not be a similar wereman with similar capability in Britain. He may or may not allow the Brits to vote for him.

    • Grotesque Body says:

      Australia is in Black Sabbath mode: a new frontman every year.

      • Alrenous says:

        Seems the frontman is purely decorative, then. “Even if you destroy our man at the polls, the policy will continue.” Which implies Australia has already had a silent military coup. Permanent bureaucracy B replaces permanent bureacracy A.

  3. Zach says:

    Nigel Farage:

    I love that guy!

  4. jack arcalon says:

    Don’t worry once the Conservatives have figured out how to appoint Cameron’s successor that person will appoint a commission to study the economic impact of the various negotiating positions in due time.

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  6. Gladio says:

    Jim – in your view what’s the significance of this story being broken by Fairfax and the ABC, particularly just before the election? Surely they realise this will help the right?
    The Greens seem to be trying to spin it into an investigation of the skilled immigration setup, presumably for a shift of emphasis in favour of reffos and family reunification.
    To me it seems more likely that this will become an excuse for the Liberals to go hard on boats AND planes (if Turnbull has the will, admittedly a big if).

    • jim says:

      Seems to me that the subtext is “oh no, those filthy reffos have been sneaking in by plane. Vote Right, because you know the left lacks the will to stop them.”

      And the greenie spin confirms that the left lacks the will to stop them.

      This is like Trump manipulating the media. They cannot help themselves.

      They publish Trump is an asshole, and the reader reads that Trump is an alpha male, and they publish that evil visa agents are exploiting the oppressed masses, and the reader reads “Filthy reffo garbage found another way in”

      • Alrenous says:

        Is Trump manipulating the media, or is he giving them what they actually wanted all along?

        Men shit test too, occasionally. Effeminate low-T men shit test a lot more.

  7. Alf says:

    Would be nice if Nigel Farage read this blog

  8. glenfilthie says:

    The fact that it didn’t speaks volumes, Oliver. There was a time when it certainly would have. The wheels are coming off the leftist machine and everyone (except the leftists) can see it.

  9. Oliver Cromwell says:

    Calais is full of mobs because people go there and get stuck. If they were getting through Britain would be full of mobs and Calais would be peaceful.

    • Glenfilthie says:


      And while we’re correcting our esteemed host – please, let us dispense with this ‘women are flooding Europe with black baboons in hopes of getting railed by alpha cack because they’re bored with their own white beta men…’

      It makes you sound foolish and insecure in your manhood! Some men think with their cacks, and therefore assume that all women do too. They don’t – they think with their emotions and feelings.

      Do you seriously think a woman of status would want to get raped and treated like dirt by some filthy coloured cur that literally is infested with fleas and worms? GAH! Women see that and feel PITY and THAT’S why you have massive immigration. Further: Britain is three generations deep into this multiculti demagoguery and ass hattery. They have been indoctrinated and conditioned with it since birth. It is enforced at the judicial level and is the law of the land. So successful has this conditioning been – that even now people approve of mass immigration and oppose Brexit.

      Do not downplay the Brexit outcome – this is literally a massive win against seemingly overwhelming odds. Why, last week some kippered femncut MLA was gunned down for pushing ‘REMAIN’. Vigilantes in Hungary are hunting vagrant migrants for sport and the media is covering up their doings – which promptly end up all over the social media.

      Good things are on the way. The Elitists might have no problem turning us into the third world, but the law belongs to We The People, not They The Politicians. Rest assured if they want to get stupid about it they will get the worst of it. The tide is turning – our mission now is not to go from the frying pan into the fire.

      • Oliver Cromwell says:

        She was probably gunned down for pushing opening the Calais fence. Not tgat that is good in any respect – her assassin almost lost the referendum for Leave.

      • Steve Johnson says:

        “It makes you sound foolish and insecure in your manhood! Some men think with their cacks, and therefore assume that all women do too. They don’t – they think with their emotions and feelings. ”

        The lack of self-awareness is amazing.

        “Think with their emotions and feelings” translates to “think with their pussy and fire off enough squid ink to hide it from low ranking men”.

        Do you think emotions and feelings are just random? In women they exist to put her in positions where she can favorably reproduce.

        • Hidden Author says:

          Isn’t it ironic that Nazis think Freud and Fromm were subversive Jew bastards and yet the two men got it right when they said that much of Nazism stems from sexual insecurities?

        • Glenfilthie says:

          “In women they exist to put her in positions where she can favorably reproduce.”

          Maybe in women with no restraint or self control – but even so: if we are going to plumb the depths of the sewers of science and indulge in evopsych – women on the genetic/instinctual level will want to pair up with men that will give them SMART kids and PROVIDE for them and those kids. How does getting gang raped by a congress of black welfare baboons play into that?

          Look at the fiction women like to read: fairy tale bullshit with gallant white protagonists battling for her favour! They read that shite because it appeals to their emotions – and by extension their preferences in reproduction.

          • jim says:

            Look at the fiction women like to read: fairy tale bullshit with gallant white protagonists battling for her favour!

            I have been checking some of that fiction: Usually has vampires, werewolves, and demons battling for possession of her.

            • glenfilthie says:

              With a romantic intent, Jim. Their fiction does not seem to tend toward getting gang raped by a bunch of blue balled black baboons.

              If women truly hungered for and yearned for gang rape it would show up in their ‘chick-lit…’

              • jim says:

                Their video porn, however, does tend to getting gang raped by a bunch of baboons.
                Female oriented porn is disturbingly perverse.

                Female Romantic lit seldom features gang rape – usually they get raped by the King, or a space invader – only one. It is perverse also, in that sex with demons, the ultimate asshole, is rather popular, but yes, there is not much gang rape in chick lit. Just in chick videos.

                Jackie Coakley’s sex fantasy famously featured the most degrading and brutal gang rape.

      • jim says:

        Do you seriously think a woman of status would want to get raped and treated like dirt by some filthy coloured cur that literally is infested with fleas and worms?

        Seen it. High IQ high socioeconomic status girl engaged to a high socioeconomic status male made a considerable and determined effort get herself gang raped by a mob of blacks, got herself gang raped and robbed by a mob of blacks in an alley in East Palo Alto near the McDonalds.

        The more the brutality and degradation, the more they want to give it a whirl. Girls on tours away from their home countries do extraordinary stuff, because they figure there is less chance of word getting around to the boys they are going to marry.

        Lawyerettes are the worst.

        • Cloudswrest says:

          ” in an alley in East Palo Alto near the McDonalds.”

          The one by Ikea or the one off on Bay Rd? 🙂

        • Glenfilthie says:

          I don’t doubt it.

          But one look at the homosexuals should tell you that sexually degenerate and perverted behaviour is independent from IQ. There are hookers with more brains than you have – but the exceptions ARE the exception.

  10. Oliver Cromwell says:

    I am not sure you are very familiar with the situation in Britain. Calais is a negligible source of immigrants; the government has actually very effectively shut down Calais as a usable route.

    The main routes for low quality immigrants in the past were Pakistani clan marriages, and diploma mills. There were pretty much wide open between 1997 and 2010. After that some action has been taken against them – it is easy to tell that it has had some effect because the BBC has reported it as a shocking violation of human rights etc. etc. – but it is not totally clear to me how open these routes still are.

    • jim says:

      I am not sure you are very familiar with the situation in Britain. Calais is a negligible source of immigrants; the government has actually very effectively shut down Calais as a usable route.

      This news does not seem to have reached Calais, which appears to have rapidly increasing and ever more violent mobs who believe otherwise.

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