John Bolton wants war

John Bolton’s plan for denuclearizing Korea:

“We have very much in mind the Libya model from 2003, 2004,”

Hmm, how did that work out of Gaddaffi?

In 2011 February Gaddafi gives up weapons of mass destruction. Then Obama, or rather a presidency that Obama was unable to control, immediately launched a color revolution, which failed horribly. The State Department then had Gaddafi murdered in a US air strike in on the 2011 October 20th. But the State Department is still unable to make its color revolution stick. When the State Department attempt at color revolution in Libya continues to fall flat on its face despite the murder of Gaddafi, the US proceeds to bomb everything of value and murder everyone important. The US was able to destroy the existing regime, but was unable to impose the regime it wanted, so just kept bombing, killing, and sponsoring various armed groups to kill and destroy. After three years of savage destruction, remaining State Department assets fled the chaos that they had created in 2015. Since then Libya has been one of the very few genuinely independent states, a defeat and retreat by the US empire resembling in many ways the Soviet defeat in Afghanistan and retreat from Afghanistan. The government of Libya is, of course, not recognized by “the international community”, and is necessarily somewhat furtive and semi hidden in order to avoid drone strikes, but nonetheless, since the State Department retreat in 2015, has been able to maintain a reasonable level of order, security, and safety.

Korea is one of the many branches of the US empire that are failing to show a profit for America and Americans. The obvious solution is to spin it off. Let the rulers of North and South make the deal that they say they want to make, and bring US troops and US nuclear weapons home from Korea. If, on the other hand, the US continues to rule and occupy South Korea (at a considerable loss) this obvious presents a grave threat to the ruler of North Korea, in which case Kim would have to be crazy to give up nukes. But this plan – peace and independence in Korea – is giving “the international community” fits. The international community is horrified by the prospect of Trump making peace and denuclearizing Korea, which they correctly see as retreat.

If you want an empire, you need colonialists who settle and stay, so that they have ties to the home country, and also ties to the subject country, so that they have reason to govern the subject country well. In order to have colonialists, you need a fertile ruling elite, which produces more offspring than there are statal and quasi statal jobs for in the home country, so the elite sends their excess offspring off to settle and rule the empire.. The State Department rules instead through carpetbaggers, who tend to steal everything not nailed down and then move on to the next target. To rule an empire, you need a cohesive, family oriented, ruling elite, or your empire will disintegrate through anarcho tyranny, no matter how enormous your preponderance of military power. The State Department attempts to rule the world, but lacks a ruling elite they can rely on to rule their subject countries, or even America itself. They don’t trust the US military, the red empire, to rule, but the blue empire is incapable of rule, as was illustrated by their utterly disastrous governance of Haiti. The State Department is itself “the international community” – rootless cosmopolitans who are hostile to old America and to legacy Americans, and not particularly loyal to each other, who lack honor or human decency, who feel themselves hostile aliens in a hostile alien land, exiles, men without a country, without a tribe, without a faith, without a future or a past, a string of sand. It rules the world, but is unable to rule anything. Not only do they want to erase whites, but also Israel. The difference between Trump and the Jews who hate him and seek to destroy him is that Trump has Jewish grandchildren, and they do not. Like Angela Merkel, they want the world to end with themselves. They have erased their past, and have no future. Their enormous wealth and power is ashes in their mouth.

Their only source of cohesion is to be lefter than thou, to double down on hostility to white males. Their only faith, their only religion, the only source of cohesion that they can draw upon, is that white males have got to go. Thus we, not Kim of North Korea, not China, not Russia, are their real enemy. This leaves them in better shape than the Soviets, who having lost faith in communism had no source of cohesion at all, but still poor shape as they drift towards war. This implies that China, Russia, and even North Korea, are enemies of our enemy. Of these enemies of our enemy, Russia is most like us, and thus most likely to be an ally, as we drift towards war, internal and external.

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  1. lalit says:

    Jim, Taleb agrees with you that Trump is crazy like a Fox. The Swamp Fox.

    Joke: Trump is Dead
    Woke: Trump keeps coming back from the Dead

    • jim says:

      Looks like he realized he was being manipulated by the state department, but had to play along with them to avoid the “Trump is beholden to the Russians” narrative.

  2. Mister Grumpus says:

    Fuck the truth hurts. But then, looking back, ignorance was worse.

  3. EdensThaw says:

    John Bolton is there precisely because he wants war. So Trump can offer peace on his terms with war being the obvious and realistic alternative. Art of the deal, forever.

  4. John Sterne says:

    keeping Islamic at each others throats wouldn’t be so bad, its the nation building, immigration, israel submission,land wars, that’s bad, maybe, just maybe if not for all the rest we wouldn’t need to worry about islam but we have needed oil until recently and our “allies” still do.That said taking out assad seems counter productive if they hadn’t pushed russia into china’s arms

  5. “The difference between Trump and the Jews who hate him and seek to destroy him is that Trump has Jewish grandchildren, and they do not.”

    This is an instant classic. Incidentally, the idea that behavioral differences between men and women are socially constructed had to be invented by people who have no children and sold to people who have no children. It is impossible that people with children would believe something like that, given that you cannot even put on a cartoon on youtube for a mixed group of small children as the aggressive cartoons frighten little girls and the nonaggressive cartoons bore the boys.

    It is also said sometimes that JM Keynes’s infamous “in the long run we are all dead” had something to do with the fact that he was childless (because gay).

    • Alrenous says:

      It is impossible that people with children would believe something like that

      Unjustified optimism. The woke 8-year-old meme would like a word.

  6. Glenfilthie says:

    This is a major blind spot for both the reactionary and dissident right movements. It’s something both groups seriously need to address. You are looking at Libya in the rear view mirror, with 20/20 hindsight, and more than a little naivete.

    You have to look at what where these moslem mudflaps are going, not where they’ve been. Ghaddafi was a thug and led a gangster gov’t, same as Saddam. Left alone, he would expand his empire, undermine legitimate US foreign interests and investments in the area, and threaten our allies. He was quite clear about that and acted on it several times. He was warned repeatedly to back off, too. Reagan dumped a bomb on his tent that killed his daughter. If you ignore these animals – they grow. Eventually they’re going to come to you for a fight anyway, so killing them when they’re small, and keeping the arab world at each other’s throats is good for everyone in the long term. That was why Ghaddafi was killed, that was why Saddam was killed, and if we ever wise up about Iran – they will be next.
    This is merely world geopolitics in action.
    The only mistake Americans are making is letting the left have a say in military affairs. Putting boots on the ground to win hearts and minds is a waste when the locals are nothing but a bunch of fig farming goat feltchers. They should be killed with cruise missiles, drones and aircraft like the animals they are, and as a threat to the others should any of them get any wise ideas.
    One thing is sure – if the arab world ever reaches a point where they can act coherently and with unity and shared purpose… we are all in deep trouble.

    • Oliver Cromwell says:

      What planet are you on?

    • jim says:

      Gaddafi had been around for a while. He was not causing problems – or rather he abruptly and completely stopped causing problems after Ronald Reagan threatened his life and killed his daughter. The only problem was that the Cathedral wanted to rule Libya.

      • Oliver Cromwell says:

        There was a time when Gaddafi was a real problem, especially to the UK, whose cities he bombed in the manner of Luftwaffe, and whose enemies in Ireland he gave guns and semtex. Yet Gaddafi was quite safe at this time. Then, in the late 2000s and early 2010s, he shook hands with Blair, and reoriented himself as America’s kapo in North Africa. At which point he was sodomised to death.

    • Simon says:

      How on earth did you find this blog?! I know you’ve been here a while but you hold views that I would consider acceptable from the mentally retarded. It takes quite a bit of self-selection to find this blog, and I cannot work out how you found it, let alone continue to read it.

      • Glenfilthie says:

        Well let me help you out, Simon. First, retards don’t think or read or inform themselves. I do, and I write. I admire and respect other free and crime thinkers such as our host and his evil minions.

        One of my tactics in understanding or debating such men is in challenging them, and then see what comes back. Usually the pattern holds: if my thinking is flawed I am mildly rebuked and set straight. I’m human and sometimes I misunderstand people or miss things. Jim is one of the few guys that can catch me at it. If I am right in my disagreement – which is usually the case – the response I get is anger from people experiencing massive cognitive dissonance.

        Ghadaffi was a major exporter of terror by proxy, as are most moslem strong men. He was pretty good at it too. What the reactionary and dissident right movements need to understand is that all wars and conflicts are about power and money. They also need to grow up and understand that those are valid reasons for war. Without rules to control and protect established power and money brokers – you will have chaos. When the rules break down or fail, You won’t go out to seek that chaos, it will come to you. It is the nature of man that power vacuums eventually are filled, and some of the men that fill them are much worse or better than others. Ghaddaffi was one of those men that couldn’t be allowed into the game because he played by his own rules… and he died by them too. He was not an innocent citizen leader; he killed his own people and ours, in his nation and ours. He armed, trained and funded our enemies to do the same. In a civilized country such men do not even attain power. The west was fully justified for taking him out and the evidence to support that is a matter of public record. As it was with Saddam Hussein. America acted nobly and virtuously against that villainy, protected legitimate interests and allies, and at expense to itself. It stepped up as a nation when nobody else would. Other nations were shamed and took part as well.

        Boys, you are entitled to your own opinions, but not your own facts. Hope that clears things up for you, Simon.

        • Samuel Skinner says:

          “They also need to grow up and understand that those are valid reasons for war. ”

          I’m not sure where you are coming from. Ironic (and not so ironic) Nazis are big on the alt-right. What about that screams ‘opposed to military force’?

          “He was not an innocent citizen leader; he killed his own people and ours, in his nation and ours. He armed, trained and funded our enemies to do the same. In a civilized country such men do not even attain power.”

          That describes the United States since the 1950s. It isn’t clear why it is evil and justifies military intervention when Gaddafi does it.

        • Pseudo-chrysostom says:

          >What the reactionary and dissident right movements need to understand is that all wars and conflicts are about power and money.

          What you and the reactionary and dissident right and anyone else need to understand is that even conflict for power and money is ephemeral in the face of conflict for expanding the race; what essential value there may be in money or other forms of power is, to a great degree, it’s proximal relation to the expansion of your bloodline.

          Carboniferous nanomachinic gestalts are a particularly clever method of gaining and maintaining existential real-estate. Each discreet unit carries the methods for their own manufacture everywhere with them. This, for one, makes the whole rather ontologically ‘persistent’, resistant to the shocks and curveballs Being may throw; even small amounts can be scattered like seeds and may bloom up into fantastic edifices. A Race is truly a divine super-organism, one of the greater forms in the concert of Powers that constitute Being, greater the greater it is, of which any particular individuals are merely temporary exponents. A successful set of creatus, which is to say, truly *threatening* creatus, would also respect the virtues of this form. Anything else would either, be occupying radically different niches, or be denuded in detail.

          I would trade all the power and money in the world to a man if it means im fucking his wife. Since, it will be my children who inherit all his shit, not his.

    • Nikolai says:

      “You guys have such a naive view of foreign policy, what you need to do is invade all those arab countries like all these neocon jews told me”

      Beyond parody. Boomers are political imbeciles

    • Carlylean Restorationist says:

      Actually Gadaffi was doing good things: some stable and immediately useful; some idealistic and immediately reckless.

      On the stable and useful front, he used Libya’s pivotal role as barrier to the emigrating hordes of vicious orcs as a bargaining chip. That was good for everyone because not only were the orcs kept away but the instability of war with Libya was kept at bay at our end.

      On the idealistic and reckless front, he tried to work around the Petro-dollar. It’s a mistake to take America at its word that there is no Empire.

      None of the above was malevolent or threatening (unless you’re a True Believe in the Petro-dollar, in which case enjoy the collapse in the US and Europe due to the debt component, coming to a place near you (and everyone else) soon.)

      If all you mean is that wars, once begun, ought to be fought to win, then you’re right of course, but if you mean the neo-con programme is desirable in some way, then no: it only serves one useful purpose and that’s to prevent nations capable of challenging Israel from developing to the point where they think about doing it.

  7. Oliver Cromwell says:


  8. Anonymous Fake says:

    The hard black pill to swallow is that suburban sprawling conservatives are the rootless ones and the State Department swamp monsters are deeply rooted in their location as well as ideology, traced by Mencius Moldbug.

    Rooted ideologies double down deeper until collapsing in a storm. Rootless cosmopolitans cuck out when they are needed most and only get real reactionaries hurt by being worthless fake opposition.

    The deepest, darkest reason why feminism is most favored by our elites is that women demand subdivisions. They despise walking. Ask a girl to walk with you and she’ll be tired and ready to lie down in half an hour. It’s the best pickup artist trick in the book. They want to drive everywhere and they force their beta male men to live away from the most important walkable cities where all of the important government and corporate jobs are. Commuting doesn’t cut it.

    Gay men have the nicest neighborhoods. They like walking, like men do. They love population density, for the “connections” (rampant random hookups). Predictably, they control the government which demands boots on the ground and highly centralized bureaucracy. The sprawling suburban conservatives don’t have any voice except voting, which is worse than worthless.

  9. Jefferson says:

    I’ve been thinking similar thoughts, at least regarding elite fertility and its implications. Are you still thinking ~7ish years before excitement starts?

    • jim says:

      Seems about right, but this close to the leftist singularity, events become unpredictable.

      The general pattern of the leftist singularity is that the elite doubles down on leftism to produce internal elite cohesion, while in the struggle for power each little elite conspiracy lefter-than-thous each of the other little elite conspiracies, attacking elite cohesion.

      Each time a pane of glass shatters, the details of its shattering are different, but that it shatters is the same. Since 1820, abandoning any restraints on female behavior, while doubling down on restraints on male behavior, has been key item of lefter than thou display, and this has had the effect that this time around, the fertility impact of leftism has been even worse than usual, which has resulted this time around in unusually nihilistic and suicidal behavior among the elite, worse than previous leftist singularities, Angela Merkel being exhibit A.

    • peppermint says:

      A bridge fell because no one bothered to check the design. In Harvard Square a business just closed and the sign in the window saying so is handwritten, poorly.

      • jim says:

        And the US navy has solved the problem of ships crashing into things by staying in port.

        We are seeing a fall in the effective IQ of the people who run stuff – resulting from the state intruding on businesses through HR and accounting, and proscribing policies that tend to exclude stupid people and select smart people.

        • Nikolai says:

          I’d add that quality of education has gotten a lot worse in the past few decades as well. So even if a genuinely smart guy attends a respected university, does well and gets a degree, he’ll still be rather incompetent compared to someone who went through the same process 70 years ago.

          • Carlylean Restorationist says:

            “Rather incompetent”?

            Enoch Powell read the classics in the original language.
            Peter Hitchens recites Auden and Eliot from memory.

            The head of your local NHS commissioning group probably says he likes the Harry Potter books but hasn’t really finished all of them yet.

            • Nikolai says:

              You’re not entirely wrong, but it’s not quite that bleak yet.

              My gf took a couple latin classes in highschool not that long ago. In her last class before college she translated part of Caesar’s account of the Gallic War. She’s no Powell, but she’s also not just reading twilight and hunger games.

              • peppermint says:

                Reformers were right that knowing Greek and Latin is irrelevant to knowing the history and philosophy of the classical world and having a reasonable perspective on how it happened that that world fell into a dark age from which dukes and monks rebuilt kingdoms and free cities into nation-states.

                It is very possible, even easier, to take a marxist and teach it classical languages and pre-modern poetry, than to teach it philosophy of history, easier to teach the modernist to recite scriptures than question dualism or modernism. TJG is an example.

                We are what is left of the old university in the sense that no one else has even the desire to recapitulate its function, they just want the prestige of its form, and the ones best imitating its form must be killed.

                The reason is that marxism and puritanism were introduced as an alternative to actually thinking with pre-planned insults for thinkers and a strategy of SJW convergence which is the same strategy as jews have always used to subvert and destroy their fractious enemies.

                This isn’t necessarily because Marx or Calvin were jews themselves or in any way knew what they were doing. The meme perpetuated in the institution for a reason: marxists and puritans believed that only other marxists and puritans should be employed and others didn’t believe that no marxists or puritans should be employed but, instead, that marxists and puritans should be subjected to the same explicit standards, classical languages, and if they’re smart, they’ll figure it out.

                The effect of allowing them in and letting them favor students with dispositions towards them was that they took over.

                The problem is that fighting for prestige takes as much effort as work that is worthy of prestige, so Donald Knuth ends up at the “March for Science” after the prestige chasers browbeat him into it.

                Mass executions, while desirable, is unrealistic. What was needed in the past was no standards so the enemy can become as stupid as it wants, then partial dissolution of the academy due to no standards (we are here), reimposition of standards to expel scum (coming when the student loan bubble pops), followed by explicitly purging marxists and puritans for being retarded and evil (or they keep the formal university and its dissolution can be completed), with mass executions to follow.

                Nothing is more certain than that White leftists have no future, also likely futureless is universities and the jew community in North America.

                • Nikolai says:

                  Tbh when I first started reading this blog years ago I thought your comments were dumb, but this is great stuff.

        • TJ's Ghost says:

          Do you think recruitment of Ethiopian Niggers (Acts 8:26-40) and elevation of Niggers to the status of “prophets and teachers” (Acts 13:1) is a personnel strategy that the troubled US Navy could successfully copy from the Church to improve its personnel problems? Or should the US Navy ignore the Jew Testament’s example?

          • jim says:

            Not reading the same bible as you are.

            Explain why you think these people are black or Ethiopian. The ethiopian in question is unnamed and illiterate, so it does not seem likely he was recruited to administer the church.

            Ethiopia was and is markedly more competent than sub saharan Africa, because of its Jewish elite, which was probably who they were recruiting – and the church, even the Church in Ethiopia, seems to have been quite plainly run by non ethiopians.

            • TJ's Ghost says:

              Jim, it’s the same damned Bible. You’re lying to evade what is contained therein.

      • BomberCommand says:

        The bridge design wasn’t that bad it was the installation by an all low IQ can barely speak English crew and engineer that caused the failure. However, the real failure in the event is no one will be punished or charged for their stupidity and negligence. Failure to punish bad outcomes will just invite more bad outcomes.

        • vxxc2014 says:

          In the early 2000s the Navy decided that Basic Seamanship didn’t need to be school taught and practiced on training ships anymore and issued each Officer a CD/ROM on the subject.

          It just took time for the old salts to retire and the consequences to catch up to them.

          Whoever made the decision should have the pensions ended and do a bit in Leavenworth. That would get the message across to our mercenary Flag officers both Generals and Admirals and a few former Colonels and Naval Captains [O-6’s] should join them.

          Basic training for the Army went to shit too.
          They’re discussing getting rid of Land Nav [map, compass].

          The reason they cut the basics and spend the money elsewhere is the money elsewhere comes back to their pockets when they retire.

          Some of them Dream of an all robot army [can’t handle those pesky troops-who don’t even pay back in contracts in on the side ROI].

          It’s not IQ it’s fucking leadership or the lack thereof. When they’re not corrupt they’re incompetent cowards.

  10. TJ's Ghost says:

    “the international community” (((Matthew 28:19)))
    rootless cosmopolitans (((Luke 9:58)))

    More like Jesus State would ever be.

    • jim says:

      You appear to be reading a bible radically different from that which people have been reading for the past two thousand years, probably a twenty first century version created by radical leftists who hate Christianity, males, and white people. I recommend the King James version (standard text of 1769)

      Unless we are reading the same bible, your citations are unlikely to be clear to me.

      • TJ's Ghost says:

        Yes, my reading of the Bible is radically different from your excuse-making, Jim.

        As far as hating white (gentile/goyim) male hierarchy, that was Jesus’ position.

        But Jesus called them unto him, and said, Ye know that the princes of the Gentiles exercise dominion over them, and they that are great exercise authority upon them. But it shall not be so among you. (((Matthew 20:25-26)))

        KJV there.

        Your excuse-making, Jim, is wearing thin. (((Jesus))) hated you, and said so. Hate him back.

        • Carlylean Restorationist says:

          Do (((you))) think those parentheses fool us, massa?

          Go home.

          • TJ's Ghost says:

            “JEWS FIRST” Romans 1:16 KJV

            Your evasions don’t fool anybody.

            Your home is a foreign country, because you’re a traitor to your own people. You worship a foreign king of Israel. (John 1:49) You consider a foreign capital city to be “holy.” (Rev. 21:2)

            Me? I’m home right where I stand. I haven’t forsaken my blood and soil (Luke 14.26, Matthew 19:27-30) as the Rabbi you worship has commanded you traitors in the Jew Testament.

            P.S. Don’t forget to send shekels to Jerusalem in gratitude for le happy merchant’s afterlife scam, goodgoy. (Romans 15:27)

  11. BomberCommand says:

    This is the type of post where everything is so clear and indisputable there almost nothing to comment about.

    Bolten even bringing up Libya is an attempt to derail peace here by scaring the North Koreans.

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