Losing in Afghanistan 2

When the US began its attack on the Taliban in Afghanistan, I said that destroying our enemies anywhere in the world would be easy, but building states would be hard, would most likely fail, for no one understands how a state is built, and the trend of the times is for states to fail.

And today, we again see state building failing.

In an earlier post “terror works” I said of our Afghan policy:

Forming a government in Afghanistan looked remarkably like selling our allies into the hands of our enemies, like Chamberlain selling Czechoslovakia to Hitler. The people who fought for us are outvoted and disarmed, which is why things are now going bad in Afghanistan. It is as if the Czechs had fought and won, and then Chamberlain sold them to Hitler.

Michael Yon is giving us the grunt’s eye view of Afghanistan:

we are fighting the people in general, and not some small group of Taliban … We generate the electricity and the Taliban collects money for wattage.

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