Losing in Afghanistan

When the US accepted the Karzai government it snatched defeat from jaws of victory.

There is not point in continuing the war in Afghanistan unless we start by killing Karzai and everyone near him.

A government that executes people for converting to Christianity is always going to be a safe place for people to organize terror against infidels.

2 Responses to “Losing in Afghanistan”

  1. Bruce Charlton says:

    I too am very concerned about the Afghanistan war, in particular the hardship, injuries and casualties among the British troops.

    It feels like we are fighting the enemy with one hand, and building-up the enemy with the other hand.

    We have apparently forgotten how to win a war; and are fighting this one according to some new, crackpot, theories which seem to require that a conquered nation get to love their conquerers…

    • jim says:

      In all of history, no conqueror has ever attempted to win people’s minds and hearts before first grabbing them by the balls. Every conqueror’s first objective has to been to be feared. Only when all resistance has been crushed and completely ended has a conqueror worried about being loved.

      Of course, we were not supposed to be conquerors. No one wanted to say that the Afghan people had wronged us by submitting to a government that insanely chose to make war on a great power, and that regrettably had to suffer for the sins of the rulers.

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