Military incapacity illustrated

Shortly after my post “Military Incapacity”, a few hundred Tutsi rebels evicted the “Congolese Army” (poorly equipped black Cathedral third world armed forces) and seventeen thousand “United Nations International Peace Keepers” equipped with helicopter gunships and suchlike (better equipped and not quite so black Cathedral Armed forces) from the city of Goma in the Congo.

This a straightforward conflict between a minority less inferior black race, and a majority inferior black race, with the Cathedral, naturally, backing the inferiors.  The inferiors were in the way of efficient extraction of mineral resources, in that their intolerable crime levels disrupted  productivity, hence the need to evict Cathedral forces so that order could be imposed and commerce proceed.This is not the beginning of the end, far from it.  The beginning of the end will be when something similar happens a lot closer to the European heartland.  I have been expecting anarcho piratism.  The rebel takeover in Goma is much more orderly than I expected,  imposing the order required by the productive, rather than destroying what little order the Cathedral supported and then stealing whatever is not nailed down, which is a promising portent for the future.  The unproductive, living on Cathedral welfare, were evicted, which the Cathedral perceives as disorderly, though I see no reason why the Cathedral should not feed its pet parasites somewhere further away from anything that they can wreck.  The rebels are acting like stationary bandits right from the beginning, rather than undergoing a long, slow and gradual transition from mobile bandits to stationary bandits, which is what I was expecting, and still rather expect.


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  1. I was student teaching 12th grade government back in ’88. Invited one of my college friends, a black guy from Kenya, to come give a talk to kids. I remember him, in response to a question that I forget, proposing some sort of pan-Africanism with South Africa at the head of it. South Friggin Rayciss Africa… 1988. Well, so much for plan A. But, hey Plan B, semi-civilized Tutsis might just work. Turns out those rayciss Belgians may have had a foot in reality after all.

  2. James James says:

    It’s Mencius Moldbug’s term for the coalition of academics, journalists and hand-wringers that controls the US empire. Search the web for cathedral

  3. Euro says:

    Could someone kindly explain to me what “Cathedral” refers to?

    • Thales says:

      Harvard Law and the London School of Economics.

      The Cathedral is what sets “public policy”, which scribes the modern Left’s liturgy. Those standards inform academia, mass media and government, the pillars of the Establishment.

  4. elf says:

    The Tutsi rebels won the Rwandan Civil War because they are well disciplined and well led even then. At the time an US Officer remarked they were the only 3d world troops he’d seen that didn’t point their weapons at him on sight.

    They also weren’t committing atrocities and genocide, which is an added plus.

  5. red says:

    Very interesting. If I’m not mistaken Germany went from anarcho/tyranny(Cathedral induced) during the 20s and early 30s to order and Nazism without a full anarchy phase.

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