Not agreement capable

When the Russians were dealing with President Gay Caffè Latte, they complained the US was “not agreement capable”. They would make an agreement with one branch of the US government, and few hours later another branch of the US government would sabotage the agreement by blowing stuff up.

I have been trying to figure out US government policy on Libya. Some time ago the US color revolutioned the place, but somehow power did not fall into the hands of the Interim Transitional National Council, the collection of quarreling rootless cosmopolitan NGO employees that the US proclaimed were the new government.

So the US launched fourteen thousand bomber strikes, each strike dropping thirty tones of explosives, mostly on civilians, murdering about thirty thousand people, but somehow still power did not fall into the hands of the collection of quarreling rootless cosmopolitan NGO employees that the US proclaimed were the new government.

So the US government successfully had Gaddafi murdered, and somehow still power did not fall into the hands of the collection of quarreling rootless cosmopolitan NGO employees that the US proclaimed were the new government.

Then Benghazi happened, and the US government could not agree on what had happened, what was going to happen, or how they were going to deal with it. They do not know who is in power in Libya, cannot agree who should be in power. Whoever is in power (and I am pretty sure that whomever the coastguard answers to is in power) the US Government is simultaneously at war with them and at peace with them. Or rather some elements of the Permanent US Government are at war, and some elements are at peace.

President Gay Caffè Latte is no longer president. President Trump is president. The Permanent United States Government is in open revolt against him. But, as is evident from its current Libyan policy, the Permanent United States Government lacks a single leader, or even a united and disciplined politburo. The revolt by the Permanent Government against the merely elected government is leaderless, confused, and chaotic.

It is a truism on the alt right that there are only three independent governments in the world, China, Russia, and the US. Well, maybe five now, North Korea and Libya having become independent. North Korea because it is acquiring nuclear missiles, Libya because all the high value targets have already been blown up or murdered.

That Libya looks independent tells us that US government is weak and incohesive. There is no strong reason why the US empire does not collapse tomorrow, the way the Soviet empire did. People are rightly worried that if they revolt, then when the empire gets its act together, it will exact terrible and bloody revenge, but it has been a while, and the empire is not yet getting its act together.

Charlottesville was a disaster, and the response of the neoreaction to the rest of the alt right was:

“We told you so, frontal attack on the Permanent Government has always failed disastrously, purported rebels are always tools of the powerful. We should give up on freedom of speech and freedom of assembly, which are in practice only for those backed by state power.”

Which is true:

And also:

“The Permanent Government is invincibly strong, therefore frontal attack on the Permanent Government will always fail disastrously.”

Which is not at all true when the Permanent government is spectacularly incohesive.

Obviously if you hope to defeat the Permanent Government, you don’t bring Nazi symbols, because to your enemy, that means “The guys who lost last time”. And you need a better cause than the erasure and demonization of our past. These guys have been erasing and demonizing our past since 1830 or so. Pretty soon not only will Washington and Jefferson vanish down the memory hole, but even Newton and Darwin will be remembered only for raping their slaves, whom they personally abducted from Africa. And reliable electricity and affordable air conditioning will be equated with the Love Canal and Exxon oil spill. Global warming will be caused by demons unleashed by white people. (What do I mean “will be”? It already is. Mainstream science accounts of Global Warming no longer seriously pretend to be scientific.)

And freedom of speech and freedom of assembly is not a useful cause. You are fighting on your enemy’s turf. Freedom of speech is for them, not us. Any disagreement by anyone anywhere constitutes an attack on their freedom of speech. That is what freedom of speech and freedom of religion means. Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion means that businesses get shut down, as Sweet Cakes and the Bank of Beverly Hills was, if they permit their employees to show insufficient piety towards the state religion. That is what it has meant ever since the War of Northern Aggression. This really is not new. And before the war of Northern Aggression, it only meant that the federal government could not enforce a state religion. The individual states could and did enforce their particular state religions, and the war of Northern Aggression was fought to bring them all into line, to all enforce one single religion upon all.

But because our enemy is incohesive, they are bound to do something spectacularly stupid and wicked sooner or later. Maybe they will arrest or attempt to arrest Trump and his family prematurely, though somewhat to my surprise they have not attempted to arrest him yet. Maybe they will go to the mat on resisting the building of the wall, a color revolution against Trump over the wall. If a color revolution can fail in Syria and Libya, it can fail in the USA, though quite possibly with levels of violence more severe than in Syria or Libya. And because those stupid things have been foreseen, discussed and warned against, quite likely it will be some entirely unexpected and unforeseen stupid thing.

I am not predicting that the balloon goes up next month, though quite possibly it could. I still predict 2026, but the way the left singularity has been accelerating, next month is within the bounds of possibility. They could snatch President Trump tomorrow, and likely we would be in civil war the day after. It daily becomes less accurate to model our opponent as a single rational self interested being with a single will. In retrospect it is apparent that our opponents lost cohesion under President Gay Caffè Latte, and far from regaining cohesion, are continuing to lose cohesion. Power is about to fall into the street to wait for someone to pick it up. There is a lot of ruin in a nation, and this could well go on for a decade or so before the balloon goes up, but we are seeing a lot of ruin. The most likely scenario is internal and external collapse happening roughly simultaneously, escalating into roughly simultaneous internal and external war. The external collapse is foreshadowed by Syria, Libya, and North Korea, internal collapse foreshadowed by the election of Trump in the face of Permanent Government opposition.

If the Permanent Government dealt with weakness and disunity by temporarily moderating its external position and external demands while it sorted out its internal problems, it would have no problems, but disunity means it cannot rationally address weakness. Instead it responds to its own weakness by escalation. That does not necessarily mean war and collapse next month, but if the trend continues, means war and collapse sooner or later.

The election of Trump shows that the Permanent Government is just not all that strong internally. Libya and Syria show it is just not all that strong externally. And it reacts to these demonstrations of weakness by uncontrollably sliding into positions more extreme and aggressive. The wind has been blowing this way for some time, and continues to blow this way.

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  1. lalit says:

    Regarding the Freedom of speech at Charlottesville and elseqhere

    They want climate change skeptics to be punished. So much for freedom of speech.

    • Samuel Skinner says:

      You must be new here. Purging the university of right wing wrong thinkers dates back decades. Freedom of conscience was a championed by Martin Luther out of power, in power fought for conformity. Same with freedom of speech for the left.

  2. Just a thought: using Nazi symbols in a country whose soldiers have died fighting Nazis always baffled me. The most elementary basic instinct is that there is an ingroup and an outgroup. Your great-grandpa who was sent to fight overseas is your ingroup, hence everybody he fought is an outgroup, Nazis, North Korea, Japanese Imperialists. This is such a basic no-brainer… I think Americans who use Nazi symbols don’t understand something very basic about nationalism/patriotism… you cannot full put race above country, emotionally. Even if you think Jews somehow manipulated your country into fighting Nazis, it was still your country. If you don’t get why Omaha Beach is “your thing”, you don’t get some very basic about actual nationalism. That it is about actual people, not just abstract concepts. That it is about individuals as well as groups, it is about families stories about great-grandpa surviving the landing. If you take that kind of historic-patriotic nationalism out of your racial nationalism, your concept of race becomes extremely abstract and unreal. You see only faceless masses of groups and entirely miss the individual stories that make up a nation.

    Then again, reducing Nazism to some kind of perfect racism is another baffling thing. It is basically inverting the leftist perspective. Do people really don’t get that racism was not the main reason America fought Nazis? Up until 1945 nobody gave half a fuck about Jews. The main reasons were stuff like Japan and Pearl Harbor, the Greek famine, bombing England, splitting France, and attacking Poland after repeatedly promising the expansion phase is over. I.e. it was all about Nazis being an asshole with other white people.

    • Samuel Skinner says:

      1) For the same reason that the Papacy is in Rome, the country that executed Jesus. It makes more sense when you realize most people aren’t obsessive readers; if all the propaganda you are inundated with is leftist (aka modern America) and the only example of rightism is Hitler he starts sounding alot more like a prophet.

      “A whopping 72% of students failed to identify that the U.S. fought Hitler and Germany in World War II. Twenty-seven percent got this question correct, choosing the Second World War over choices including the Civil War, First World War, and the Vietnam War.”
      “Forget which war Hitler was a part of — many students have no idea who he was at all. Nearly a quarter of students can’t identify Adolf Hitler. Ten percent of students think he was a “mutinous manufacturer.””

      • pdimov says:

        You should keep in mind that in any multiple-choice question of this form about ten percent of the respondents choose an incorrect answer for the lulz.

  3. Glenfilthie says:

    Question, Jim. What about the military? I have a problem thinking any US serviceman would allow himself to take orders from a mutinous left. When they sign up the deal is that they protect the values of the Constitution from enemies, foreign and domestic. The left hates the military and has been shitting on them for over 5 decades.

    Sure, the Antifa kids and slugs can brawl in the street but could they mount a meaningful military force? I cannot see the inferior people mounting any real resistance in a civil war.

    • Cavalier says:

      >What about the military? I have a problem thinking any US serviceman would allow himself to take orders from a mutinous left. When they sign up the deal is that they protect the values of the Constitution from enemies, foreign and domestic.

      I rest my case.

    • Theshadowedknight says:

      I know plenty of my fellow servicemen that would absolutely gun down Nazis. Antifa Nazis or Alt-Right Nazis are a threat to muh Constitushun. And enough of them think that Trump is nearly Hitler already. The military men are no less susceptible to propaganda than the rest. They like to imagine themselves as sheepdog, but it is the wolves that are going to pull us out of this. The sheepdogs guard the sheep for the shepards, where we wolves plan to kill the shepard.

      The Shadowed Knight

      • Glenfilthie says:

        On second thought you might be right. During the Buckwheat Administration, ol’ Jug Ears was pushing queers and degenerates as far up the military’s ass as possible. Do you think he compromised the command structure as well?

        • Theshadowedknight says:

          The command structure was of course comprised. General officers are political appointees, after all. That is not the problem. A general is one man, and an enterprising colonel will be able to neutralize him in the event of a coup.

          Think back to the Bonus Army. A bunch of veterans demanding what they were promised to survive the Depression, and MacArthur led a cavalry charge to break them up. Then the use of the National Guard to force desegregation. The military and police have been drawing lines in the sand, and then watching them be crossed, then redrawing them a little farther back for decades now.

          They are still drawn from Americans, and America is a communist country. There is no magic right wing initiation that makes the rest of their upbringing irrelevant. The military is a communist military, who sees it as noble to bomb a country into dust so that they can reach the daughters of that country to put a condom on a banana.

          The Shadowed Knight

  4. Zach says:

    Just need a small nudge to get the ruin going. Perhaps an EMP from an enemy which ties the hands of the military which enables all vs all to truly go at it.

    • John Morris says:

      EMP goes off everyone will be to busy trying to survive the zombie horde to make war on Zog. Zog probably gets eaten by a grue. Nobody wants EMP, everybody loses to EMP.

  5. lalit says:

    “I still predict 2026”

    Very interesting. In the novel Victoria by William Lind, he predicts the same year. The Novel, I believe, was written in the last decade, 2005 or so approximately.

    • peppermint says:

      That book is very interesting. I know what Weev and Anglin are thinking because they’re Millennials and what Limbaugh is thinking because my dad is a Boomer. That book helps me understand GenX christcucks like Vox Day.

      • lalit says:

        Hahahaha! No one can lay the insults like you, man! But you gotta show us a new religion before you consign Christianity to the Dumpster. You need a transcendental component (God) to rally your tribe. Where is it?

        There is a German professor who talks about this topic. He says when the time is right, religions will pop-up left, right and center along with their prophets. I remain skeptical, obviously. Creating a religion is a very hard Job, but the ideas he presented were very interesting and thought provoking.

        Damn! Why can’t I find that link? It was a damned good essay too. Would have loved to get Jim’s analysis on the Good professor’s thesis. Some one here or at Spandrell’s or at Giovanni Dannato’s showed me that link. Let me see if I can locate it on google. Might take a few hours.

        • Samuel Skinner says:

          “But you gotta show us a new religion before you consign Christianity to the Dumpster.”

          Are we agreed about tossing Protestantism?

          “You need a transcendental component (God) to rally your tribe.”

          Uncle Sam or Hitler look like two current contenders.

          “Creating a religion is a very hard Job, but the ideas he presented were very interesting and thought provoking. ”

          We already see that happening. People created a whole theology out of whole cloth for Pepe-Keke. It is mostly in jest, but if people start fighting and dying… the blood of martyrs is the seed of faith.

          • lalit says:

            Oh Come on! You are being facetious in a very serious discussion. How can uncle Sam and Hitler be your transcendental components?They make no promises regarding the afterlife. A transcendental component is merely a fancy way of saying, “I will take care of you in the afterlife.” I don’t know about Hitler but uncle Sam, lying blowhard though he might be, has made no mention of the afterlife, let alone any promises. It is precisely the lack of a transcendental component that is the achilles heel of communism and causes it a severe disadvantage vis-a-vis Islam.

            Regarding this Pepe business, we both agree that it was all good fun. But you do not have a real religion until you have people willing to die and kill for it’s theology and you do mention that as well. But, I just don’t see anyone dying or killing for Pepe/Kek Unless pepe/Kek are proxies for something else. Something Big. Something people take seriously.

            • Samuel Skinner says:

              “But you do not have a real religion until you have people willing to die and kill for it’s theology and you do mention that as well. ”

              Yeah, I disagree with that. Most people don’t know theology and their beliefs- when the catchphrases are stripped away- are exactly the same (Theological Incorrectness).

              They just need a clear cause, a clear enemy and clear social rewards. While you may care about the contents of the tribal totem and insist they are really important (and so the people who know them and design them are high status), the fact of the matter is they are nearly irrelevant. All that matters is the totem exists and that everyone who is high status in a society respects it.

              • jim says:

                Which is of course, extremely vulnerable to lèse majesté, so you have enforce that everyone high status respects it.

                And if someone who claims high status disrespects it, you not only need to punish them, but punish them in a way that shows they are low status. So you don’t imprison Pussy Riot, you chase them away with whips as if they were stray dogs.

                But if some one who is not making a bid for high status disrespects it, no problem. The dogs bark but the caravan moves on. The problem is people who are disrespecting your high status symbols in the course of their own bid for superior status. Low status people you ignore, thereby confirming their low status. Claimants to high status who commit lèse majesté in the course of claiming high status you cannot ignore, but have to punish in ways that avoid affirming their importance. Which is tricky and delicate, though it needs to look effortless and casual.

                • lalit says:

                  Suppose someone commits lese majeste in a bid to raise his status (lets call him Aspirant). Suppose some low status grunt (Believer) takes exception to this and decides to off this fellow who committed lese majeste, the king being the appointee of the Gods, etc.

                  Should the king punish this Believer who offed this Aspirant at all? Should he let him off? Or just offer him a slap on the wrist followed by a lengthy, expensive, rehabilitation program which includes essential skill training, meditation/yoga classes to get back into the economy and become a valuable member of society? The idea is that the even though the believer was imprisoned for his murder of the aspirant, he must see a noticeable rise in status after release from prison in comparison with his status before he went to prison.

                  Seems to me that the King must lightly encourage de-centralized violence (in a backhanded way) against those who commit lese majeste or at the very least not discourage it too strongly. After all, this is the tactic Lefties use.

            • jim says:

              Supernatural rewards are overrated. Observed behavior tends to be motivated by status in this life, rather than the next.

              • lalit says:

                Does not explain Islamic suicide Bombers

                • BomberCommand says:

                  >Does not explain Islamic suicide Bombers

                  It increases their children’s status. Most Islamic bombers have kids before before they blow themselves up.

                • Garr says:

                  I imagine that all martyrs (including those who are committed to the doctrine that there is an afterlife [in a literal horizontal-timeline sense] in which extra-high status results from martyrdom) think of themselves as attaining extra-high status in an Eternal Now that projects vertically upwards and downwards at the instant of their martyrdom.

                • lalit says:

                  @ Boomercommand Nope! Most Islamic suicide bombers are single males. Barely a married man with kids among them. In fact I don’t know any

                • lalit says:

                  @Garr Can you repeat what you are saying in English?

                • Samuel Skinner says:

                  “Does not explain Islamic suicide Bombers”

                  Tamil suicide bombers were secular. Kamikaze pilots were not offered a divine reward.

                  re Garr’s example
                  Imagine viewing your life as a narrative. Having a capstone that is high status makes everything leading up to that capstone higher in status because it lead you to that moment.

                • lalit says:

                  Tamil Suicide bombers of the LTTE were not Secular. They were Christian.

                  As for as the Japanese Kamikaze, how do you know they were not offered a supernatural reward. The Japanese believe in Kami. How do you know their Kami were not offered an exalted place in the here-after. To be fair, i don’t know what they were or were not offered. But I would be surprised if they died thinking this life was all there was. It just does not happen. Even the Atheist soviet soldiers fighting the Wehrmacht in WW2 carried Crucifixes which the CCCP quietly tolerated in a don’t ask don’t tell policy.

      • peppermint says:

        * Lind makes his Mary Sue character born in 1988, but he’s actually a genxer, not a millennial.

        * environmentalists and feminists provide much lulz as opponents, because Lind predicts the USA is knocked out early. However, he does have a better answer to air power, spy sattelites, artillery, and nuclear weapons than Harold Covington did.

        * the professors are dealt with with a massacre and the annunciation that cultural marxism is forbidden, as if the Nazis Lind hates so much are right that 20c Jews are the only problem with universities

        * then the universities are reopened while computers are banned so that newspapers and academics can once again control the flow of ideas.

        * enforcing the voluntary computer and car ban, phone operators disrupt phone service to modems while antifa throws rocks at cars, which is somehow better than government doing it directly

  6. pdimov says:

    “There is no strong reason why the US empire does not collapse tomorrow, the way the Soviet empire did.”

    America is still too strong economically. Largest food exporter, not dependent on oil revenue. No great power capable of taking it down, either. No collapse forthcoming.

    • glosoli says:

      For now this is the case.
      But the globalists, notably the BIS, have been preparing to ditch the USD for over 60 years..
      All elements of their plan are now in place. The next recession will be when they pull the trigger.
      I predict an ECB QE into physical gold. Paper gold markets destroyed.
      Oil producers and China sell some gold to the ECB, all switch to euro and yuan for oil settlement. Quickly all others follow suit, and for all trade.
      Bye bye USD. Hello hyperinflation.
      2021 for the gold bid and trade switch.
      Maybe 2026 for USD hyperinflation.
      Very little of the above is speculative.
      Google oil, gold, USD. It’s already happening.

      • Cavalier says:

        Mentioning BIS? 🙂 You naughty boy.

        Everyone knows that the world is ruled by American national elite.

        Had the USSR survived, would there be 60 million Mexicans in America?

        I predict one cryptocurrency future. For the commoners consumers, at least. Bearer bonds and similar instruments will probably continue to exist; power will still need black budgets.

      • Garr says:

        What would move someone to plan 60 years ahead? Possibilities: (1) he’s attracted by the vision of a beautiful-seeming future state of things; (2) he feels (as nationalists do) that he’s part of an existing group whose identity requires continuing progress toward this goal; (3) he wants to be remembered as having been among the great men who brought this state of affairs into being; (4) he wants his grandchildren to be comfortable; (5)he’s an immortal being who wants his own life to be fun for him and perhaps also for his friends 60 years from now.

        (1) seems unlikely. Perhaps there’s an odd globalist or two who’s so into his vision of a beautiful-seeming future state of things that this would move him to plan 60 years ahead. But the beauty of a envisioned future wouldn’t move “the globalists” in general. Yes, strange people can have vivid science-fictiony global future-visions, but not enough of them will coincide to make concerted action to realize them possible.

        (2) seems possible. People have obviously been motivated by their shared desire to establish new nation-states. Here there’s already a shared sense of nationhood, and every step along the way toward nation-statehood is rewarding because it feels like movement toward the birth of what already exists as a developing fetus. Or, the image might be that of a prisoner escaping — every step brings him closer toward his goal. “Globalists” might have an analogous feeling about their own project, feeling as though they’re an existing global-aristocratic caste moving ever closer toward actualizing its promised position in the scheme of things. [Although this is a possible answer, it’s hard for me to accept because I find it difficult to believe that anyone really feels as though he belongs to such a caste. Maybe Cavalier has this feeling, though.]

        (3) seems unlikely, because “globalists” are almost by definition (with some exceptions such as Soros, I guess) behind-the-scenes manipulators and therefore couldn’t expect to be sung and celebrated by the people of the future.

        (4) seems unlikely, since their grandchildren would probably do okay anyway.

        (5) is close to what many people actually believe about the “globalists”. A popular view seems to be that human “globalists” are the tools of immortal demons and know themselves to be the tools of immortal demons — they even perform demonic rituals. So, it’s really the demons who plan 60 years ahead. The human “globalists” just do what the demons tell them to do, in exchange for wealth and power over other human beings.

        • peppermint says:

          Christianity consciously teaches people to worship demons instead of doing what’s best for themselves, their family, and their nation, which is called selfish, prideful, etc.

          • Mackus says:

            Do tell, what sort of demons non-converged churches teach people to worship?

            Your visceral hate of Christianity would be more convincing argument, if all current neo-pagans hadn’t been even more pozzed even than unitarian universalists.
            Not that many pagans or neo-nazis having families or fighting to protect their homelands. It’s largely Christians who do so.

          • Mackus says:

            Catholic and Orthodox churches east of iron curtain promote marriage, fertility, and patriotism.
            Not all churches west of iron curtain do so, but if there is someone who’s in favour of marriage, fertility and patriotism, is member of a non-pozzed church.

            If facts contradict theory, to hell with facts, eh?

          • glosoli says:

            ‘Christianity consciously teaches people to worship demons instead of doing what’s best for themselves, their family, and their nation, which is called selfish, prideful, etc.’

            Instead? Man, you’re really ignorant, or stupid, or both.

            Like loving your neighbour as yourself?
            Not murdering them?
            Not stealing from them?
            Not coveting their stuff?
            Not banging their wives?

            You have so little clue about precisely why Christianity is the very best thing for family and nation. It’s laughable.
            Stop making yourself look like a fool.
            Read the bible, learn some lessons, become a saviour of the West.

            • jim says:

              The ten commandments make capitalism possible. Of course the rules against adultery and coveting have been reversed. Adultery, under the old testament definition of a woman sleeping with one man, then sleeping with another man, and coveting have now been made sacraments. Making coveting a sacrament sinks the “thou shalt not steal” commandment, making capitalism unworkable.

              And thus comes to pass the corporate HR department and that the vast university administration, with lots of jobs for single women and minorities.

            • Garr says:

              I’ll ask you again, Glosoli. What would motivate “the globalists” to plan 60 years ahead? Please offer a psychologically plausible account.

              • Cavalier says:

                Q: What motivates anyone to plan 60 years ahead?

                A: Family dynasty.

                Actually, “they”, I would imagine, have hundred year plans as well, though those would be subject to periodic revision in light of changing technologies and social conditions.

                It’s probably best to think of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion as real, even though it may or may not be “the Jews” and the document itself may or may not be forged.

                • Garr says:

                  Did pre-Henry VIII English lords plan 60 years ahead? In concert?

                  I’m reading Belloc’s book on Cromwell. The new post-Henry VIII wealthy families don’t seem to have been planning that far ahead. Nor are they very coordinated. The “global elite” are supposed to be coordinated.

                  If at no time in history has an “elite” (not just one family but an alliance of families) planned 60 years ahead it’s unlikely that the “global elite” of 1957 was planning for 2017.

                  But I can believe that immortal demons would plan 60 years ahead. That would be like us making plans for the coming weekend. The old ladies of sites such as Conservativetreehouse believe that immortal demons are behind the globalist conspiracy. This is at least psychologically plausible. It’s much more plausible than the proposal that the mortal, human heads of twenty or more wealthy families are making plans together that reach 60 years into the future.

                  The “Elders of Zion” are imagined either as being themselves immortal demons or as being the willing instruments of immortal demons.

                  Elon Musk and people like that might figure out how to cybernetically transform themselves into immortal demons, but I don’t think that there are yet immortal demons among us.

                • Cavalier says:

                  Immortal demons? Come on.

                  >If at no time in history has an “elite” (not just one family but an alliance of families) planned 60 years ahead it’s unlikely that the “global elite” of 1957 was planning for 2017.

                  Nobody wants to change the course, only be the one at the helm. Or to put it another way: “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.”

                • peppermint says:

                  Immortal demons like “the arc of history”, which everyone fears and hopes to take advantage of by anmouncing that they are crimestopping themslves, or don’t have to crimestop, regarding preferred gender pronouns.

                • Garr says:

                  “Immortal demons [such as] the arc of history” — but, Peppermint, I’m trying to elicit a psychologically plausible account of ultra-long-term (at least 60 years into the future) planning by a ruling caste. Believing you’re glued to “an arc of history” would if anything decrease your interest in long-term planning because you wouldn’t feel the need — the arc’s going where it goes regardless of whatever plans you do or don’t make.

                  I agree with you, Cavalier, that immortal demons aren’t Behind It All. But if there were immortal demons, they’d be likely to plan 60+ years ahead. Human beings, as presently constituted, seem unlikely to plan that far ahead.

                  Okay, maybe 20-year-olds start 401K plans, looking ahead to their lives at age 80. But would a bunch of middle-aged guys make plans for society as a whole reaching a couple of generations past their own deaths? I just don’t believe it.

                • jim says:

                  Not seeing this long term planning of which you speak: Notice that the left is composed primarily of people with no real interest in the continued existence of our society – Jews, who have a bolthole, and childless menopausal women.

                  Notice that leftists in their personal individual lives do not show a whole lot of interest in long term planning, and generally want the society around them to go down in flames, mass murder, and terror, as for example, Venezuela.

                  Leftism aligns with the forces of entropy and death, thus is planless.

                • peppermint says:

                  Liberals don’t plan beyond their careers, but the Arc of History coordinates their plans.

                  The fact that no individual can stick to an agreement is the reason democracy is unsustainable.

                • peppermint says:

                  No young person putting money into SS expects it to be there in the future, and no intelligent young man putting money into a 401k expects it to be there, and no one expects money they put into gold or btc expects it not to be confiscated, and real estate is overvalued and taxed at valuation. If money they have, they must invest, yet there is nothing to invest in, because it will all be stolen by boomers and their government.

                • pdimov says:

                  Gold is hard to confiscate. It has survived mostly intact many collapses and regime changes throughout history.

                  You can only confiscate gold easily from white people who surrender it voluntarily when asked. Or keep it in safe deposit boxes.

              • pdimov says:

                “What would motivate “the globalists” to plan 60 years ahead?”

                This is a fairy tale specific to America – on one side, the Globalists, on the other, the Ordinary American. Since USD is the Ordinary American’s currency, it follows that the Globalists want to destroy it.

                The fact that the USD is the global currency doesn’t seem to impede the train of thought.

                • peppermint says:

                  USD is worthless and everyone knows it. BTC, XAU, and so forth will be confiscated. Runescape gold has value in ve because it can be farmed and escorted but no game gold is going to have value here. US domestic equities will lost their value because they’re overvalued by Boomers pumping money into 401k’s and the obvious lack of acual investment of that money means it no longer exists.

                  Americans have no money. We can buy guns and ammo maybe, and maybe hide some gold, maybe.

                  Before His Majesty appeared on the scene I thought the best we coud hope for would be to disappear so that we could dono more damage to Western civilization. Now I trust in my Emperor and light candles to Him at my shrine to Him.

                • jim says:

                  Even gold is rated at well above its actual use value. Before the collapse of bronze age civilization, people accumulated stores of bronze axe heads that were clearly not intended for actual practical use.

                  All money is a bubble.

                • glosoli says:

                  Gold isn’t money Jim.
                  It has no use, except a way to store inter-generational wealth.
                  It just sits in vaults, unused.
                  Those that own most of it have uses for it,maps we will see in due course, when its value is pushed way higher.
                  It’s real,miss limited in supply, and it is durable. Better than any money.

                • glosoli says:

                  iPad. Hope it makes sense.

              • glosoli says:


                I used to think the BIS/ECB group were benevolent old-money Europeans planning for the inevitable demise of the USD.

                Then I became red-pilled.

                Now I think they’re part of the globalist cabal, satanic, keen to destroy the US, keen to wipe out the savings/pensions of billions of White western men, and transfer the wealth to the elite financiers (like Roths, major shareholder in BullionVault), the Chinese, Indians, Saudis.

                The USD system was always going to collapse.

                But the way it will be done will be evil.

                Maybe the original planners weren’t evil? I suspect they were. They openly admit to wanting to remove monetary sovereignty from European nations.

                Anyhow, do get yourself some physical gold, you can front run this thing. Share the info with the Right people.

                • Garr says:

                  “satanic” — so immortal demons are doing the ultra-long-term planning or are at least employing the human globalists to do the long-term planning for them? That’s psychologically plausible, anyway.

                  (I don’t understand all of this money stuff at all — something in my brain shuts off when people talk about it — but thanks for the advice.)

                • glosoli says:

                  Read this thread (if you can):


                  I’m sure it’s genuine, and the small bit on the next monetary system was confirmation of that.
                  These families don’t know the minutiae of what lies ahead, the nooks and crannies, but they know the valleys and the mountains very well.

                  They own the world, nearly. Just NK and Iran to be toppled in due course.

                  Pure evil, same guys who crucified God on earth. They lose eventually though, hah.

      • pdimov says:

        Currency strength is a consequence of economic and military power, not its cause.

        • Cavalier says:

          There are exceptions, like when the people who own and operate your financial institutions aren’t particularly interested in their putative nation’s interests to the exclusion of others.

        • Oliver Cromwell says:

          The most stable currencies in the world seem to be those of countries like Switzerland and Singapore that have strong military forces relative to their resources and a will to defend themselves, but are far from the strongest countries or biggest economies in general.

  7. ilkarnal says:

    The secret police are too well-funded, and too ruthless. The cucked:uncucked ratio among leadership in the military and the secret police is very very high. Maybe if Trump had been vigorous about promoting and empowering people loyal to him, this would get a little interesting. But as it is, he can be squashed at any time if the permanent government decides it wants to accept the cost of drawing all that attention.

    The permanent government really doesn’t want to be recognized as the permanent government, because with that they would get the rage and contempt that was previously whipped upon their elected flak men. But I think they are way more powerful than anything arrayed against them domestically.

    Indicting Trump seems too daring, honestly. They can just wait for the next election. But if they do indict him, that might be good – bringing the permanent state out of the shadows might be the only major thing Trump can actually accomplish.

    • Mediocre IQ White Nationalist says:

      I agree with this. They might be weak but they are far stronger than anyone opposed to them.

  8. Dave says:

    On the plus side, wherever in the world bullets start flying, foreigners all rush to the nearest airport to be evacuated back to their homelands. No one wants to be cannon fodder in someone else’s civil war!

    So when President Anglin takes office in the smoking ruins of Washington DC, the Jews will be in Israel, the Chinese will be in China, the Mexicans will be in Mexico, and so on. He’ll only have to deal with whites, blacks, and feather-Indians.

    • purpletigerbot says:

      > So when President Anglin takes office in the smoking ruins of Washington DC, the Jews will be in Israel, the Chinese will be in China, the Mexicans will be in Mexico, and so on. He’ll only have to deal with whites, blacks, and feather-Indians.

      This is why we need a hyper stylized pseudo civil war that looks ferociously war-like on TV/internet, but results in few casualties. Destruction of DC is of course permitted.

  9. Steve Johnson says:

    “The election of Trump shows that the Permanent Government just is not all that strong internally.”

    True – not a new point either. a while ago Moldbug pointed out that the permanent government was weak and has lost faith in itself and really only gets energized for the one thing they really believe in – that their domestic enemies should never be allowed to have any power and should be destroyed.

    Weak in Libya doesn’t mean weak in the continental US because they have no idea what to do about Libya (other than instinctively hating order) while they do know what they want for the US and think that only the wreckers on the other side have prevented their vision of utopia here.

    • Andrew E. says:

      True – not a new point either. a while ago Moldbug pointed out that the permanent government was weak and has lost faith in itself and really only gets energized for the one thing they really believe in – that their domestic enemies should never be allowed to have any power and should be destroyed.

      And maybe that’s exactly what happened if Kurt Haskell is right about Charlottesville.

    • peppermint says:

      Old liberals want civil war because they want their Star Trek communist techno utopia. They literally want it, you can ask them. No one under 35 wants it. Andrew Anglin, however, agrees with Star Trek communism, except no niggers.

      Star Trek was retarded evil cultural marxist propaganda and Picard, from the generation after the crypto-Jew Kirk, was the last possible White captain, and he was haunted for most of his career by a small battle with a Ferengi in which his first officer died leaving Picard to take care of his wife and son, following which, instead of letting her marry someone else, of leaving her a widow with a pension ad helping her son get into Starfleet, he evilly strung her along for seven seasons, humiliating her son into destroying his career because he saw all of Starfleet as as feckless and irresponsible as Picard. After Picard, no White man could possibly achieve that rank, since Picard failed at Wolf 359 and other humanoids are equally or better qualified.

      UBI will never happen.

      Gas the professors, information war now!

      • Samuel Skinner says:

        You are letting nostalgia glasses blind you. Episode 3 of TNG was the planet of the black people, involving their leader with-holding a life saving cure in order to have an opportunity to get into a white chicks pants before being bitch slapped by a black women.

        TNG was ridiculously liberal but by modern standards they are literally Nazis. They certainly promoted POZ (although no-homo until Abrams) but they had Space Jews and Space Blacks.

        • Contaminated NEET says:

          The evolution of the Ferengi over the course of TNG and DS9 from evil capitalist male-chauvinist shitlord Klingon-replacements to comic-relief cartoon Jews complete with stereotypical domineering Jewish mothers was hilarious. The best part is, it was done by actual Jews.

          I’ve noticed that, far from being hurt and offended, people generally love cartoonish stereotypes about their groups. Mexicans get tattoos of Slowpoke Rodriguez; Anglos don’t know who Slowpoke Rodriguez is. Of course, it’s one thing to poke fun at your own group, but quite another for the out-group to do it.

          • jim says:

            Odd that there do not seem to be any comic relief anglos.

          • Oliver Cromwell says:

            They were always evil capitalist male-chauvinist shitlord Klingon-replacement cartoon Jews, which no one could take very seriously as an enemy for fightin’. If they were actually meant to be Jews, they would not try to blow up the Enterprise or kill its crew with energy whips, but rather induce the Federation to send it on silly suicide missions all the time.

            Something which the Federation did anyway, indeed was the main point of the Federation, which was run by Anglos.

            • Contaminated NEET says:

              >no one could take very seriously as an enemy for fightin’.

              Watch the first couple Ferengi episodes of TNG. It’s obvious they were meant to be a serious enemy for fightin’. It’s equally obvious why that was a bad idea and it didn’t gel, but they were seriously meant to be the Federation’s new martial rival.

              • Oliver Cromwell says:

                Yes they were meant to be and they were canned because they looked ridiculous which is my point.

                Roddenberry never depicted his evil Jews having evil Jewish characteristics. Meanwhile the Federation itself had most of the characteristics that anti-Semites impute to evil Jews.

              • jim says:

                Question is: Why did the Ferengi not work as a serious enemy for the federation to be fighting, why did they turn from evil capitalist imperialist colonialist zionist Jews into comic relief Jews?

                They started off as Jews as depicted by Jewish Trotskyists, and turned into Jews as depicted by Jewish comedians.

                You would expect Jews to complain “Hey don’t make bad guys who are obviously Jewish”, but no such complaint was heard. Instead, they just did not work as bad guys.

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