On fighting in the streets

The left does not win by fighting in the streets. Believing that is left wing propaganda and Whig history.

The left faction of the permanent government uses this myth to seize power from the traditional and legitimate government. They put rioters in the streets, forbid the army and the police from dealing with them, and then cry out, while the Czar is away at the front,

“Oh we have been overwhelmed by the mighty power of the justifiably enraged masses and have to surrender to them”

Thus, supposedly Berkeley would love to have Ann Coulter speak, but alas, to their great regret, the irresistible might of antifa prevents them from allowing anyone to the right of Pol Pot to speak, peaceably assemble, or associate.

We do not win by fighting in the streets either. We win via Sulla or Pinochet, not by “winning” at street fighting. But winning at street fighting undermines the “surrender to the justly enraged masses” narrative.

Sulla takes power, we tell him that he needs a priesthood that will tell the people that what he did was right and brave, and that it is glorious to serve one’s nation in battle. That is how we win, not by crushing antifa and driving them before us.

But crushing antifa and driving them before us is still way fun, and sticks a big spoke in the Cathedral narrative.

These are skirmishes, not war. War is about seven years off, give or take a few years. A skirmish is a reconnaissance in force. You provoke the enemy into revealing his capabilities and intentions, while trying to conceal your own capabilities and intentions.

The seven year estimate is about how long it takes the left to go full democidal. The proportion of the population that are deemed fascists has been steadily and rapidly growing, and has now reached about half, with the overwhelming majority of whites being “fascists”. The view that whites should somehow not be around any more is mainstream and high status, arguably the highest status view within the left, though not yet the official view of the left in power, not yet a required belief of the regnant left.

The view that this should be accomplished by violent and deadly means is not yet high status – it is a supposedly crazy fringe view – or at least saying it out loud is a supposedly crazy fringe view, though snarkily implying it is just fine.

Since Cthulhu swims always left, this view will shortly be the mainstream view from which dissent is impossibly dangerous.

This will likely manifest as war external or internal or very likely both – the Cathedral will go to war with Russia and/or China and/or Iran and/or legacy Americans. Very likely all of them. Holiness spirals and purity spirals work like that. The Jews revolted against the Romans and attacked their Greek neighbors, who were being equally oppressed by the Romans, simultaneously,

Our information systems are better than theirs, thus skirmishing is working in our favor. We are gaining useful information about their capabilities and intentions, them not so much. Crushing them and driving them before us is really cool and a great recruiting instrument, but at this stage does actually not win us anything real, other than revealing that our men are strikingly more manly, physically considerably stronger, more loyal, and more amenable to discipline than their men. At this stage, it is a battle of observation and information.

But driving them before us may make it easier to reach a settlement short of war. Trump is under dire threat from a color revolution. The battle of Berkeley must have profoundly discouraged the color revolutionaries, since winning in the streets is for the left, though not for us, of vital symbolic importance. They need to win in the streets to legitimize the permanent government doing illegal things, such as suppressing Ann Coulter and judges legislating, budgeting, and administering from the bench. But them losing in the streets does not actually remove the permanent government from power. To remove the permanent government from power we need a Sulla or a Pinochet.

Any settlement short of war has to halt the holiness spiral, thus will be by today’s standards unthinkably right wing radical. It will be the dissolution of the monasteries.

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  1. Pseudo-chrysostom says:

    At the end of the day the strongest signal there is, is strength.

    Beyond any other quibble or mitigating concern; propriety, chivalry, nobility, or whatever other virtue you want to signal, when That Man punched moldylocks in the face, when shitlords routed sjws off the street, they demonstrated superior strength.

    As far as memes go its slam dunk. You can just spam it and collect free dopamine dividends. Bad memes are exhaustive, while godly memes are regenerative. Someone attempting to criticize That Man has to spend a lot of effort spinning out a sophistical rationalization of some sort; you can just laugh in their face and reply with a Pwned image macro; because he won, and they lost.

    People who attempt to defend moldylocks are siding with a loser.

    Many of them intuit this on a visceral level, which is why few actual defenses have actually come forward, and what ones that have are often proximal and oblique in manner. In fact, the whole episode seems to have prompted something of a crocodile party on the left, offering laments over the trajectory of feminism that has led to this particular glorious moment.

  2. viking says:

    Trumps cucked and we now know the left has it all the deep state military the vatican wall street silicon valley all of it and they dont even care that we know, because well they have it all so theres nothing you can do.
    So civil war is in fact the only option.reaction is pretty useless on this front. yeah MM etc raised some points in millenial speak that were well known by actual reactionaries long before. but MM and co has fetishized crap like monarchy, which has bogged it down in stupid larpy speculation instead of actual plans for winning a civil war.On the other hand it has also made a cogent argument for sexism and racism that millennials seem to be getting.While its true ethno patriarchal nationalism is the only viable political organization for euro man, I doubt trying to win hearts and minds with neo nazism will scale to the size we need to win the war.What is needed instead of faggy comment wars about kings and rape is beautiful is discussion about how to win a civil war. this will entail discussions about propaganda for instance how do you ally with the remaining conservative christians without triggering them can their christianity be pwnd in a short time to de weaponize its inherent leftist bent or should christcucks simply be abandonned and forced to choose when the time comes, what in any case will they be allowed post leftism?
    Thats simply a an example of a large feild of 4g warfare. but this has to be the end of reaction alt right only waging propaganda, there must and will be a hot war and once we are ready the sooner the better for us. Obviously how to win a hot war against USG can only go so far in public but much farther legally than is imagined, and the first step in that is both a legal researched guideline to follow and legal offence fund to guarantee our right to such discourse.Obviously in the united states we have such rights and we have a government fundamentally opposed to what is the actual law of the land there isnt a shred of the constitution they dont revel in publicly flaunting, they are proud that they didn’t need to bother establishing a new republic or whatever they simply insist with guns pointed that black means white. This of course is a problem as there is no actual law anymore but there are ways to keep them from over reaching still, and their is probably tech to thwart them.
    Tech is certainly going to have to be developed for a war to be successful, first of course using propaganda to incite leftist legacy freedom privacy values while we still can. Trump turning fake news around on them was pretty good Ill give him that.But ultimately the tech will have to be definitive, ways to guarantee absolute anonymity without resorting to becoming a software engineer as well as a way to garunteee the web and other communications can not be shut down must be developed. this includes ways to break the states proxy propagandists the techfags social media monopolies. They must be broken shattered while leftists still value privacy and freedom open source secure alternatives must be developed and deployed successfully enough that the threat of private suppression of subversive ideas is impossible.tech is probably the way to destroy the universities
    The law the left often passes laws that the implications of dont become clear for a long time, they are thinking decades ahead and planning carefully , we must be doing the same. laws can be passed by cuckserves who think its for one thing but is in fact for a another purpose,
    ok this is a decades work for tens of thousands cant possibly be described in a comment, the point is the only hope for the survival of the human race and more importantly the white race is civil war. Its almost impossible to imagine the left will surrender without bloodshed so we are talking hot war by any means that will win and assure our survival and ultimate hegemony over the universe.Im sure a strategy that allows the left a bloodless surrender will be incorporated but i really doubt they will take the opening, we must be prepared to fight and win quickly and decisively.If you think this is not possible please go kill yourself you do not deserve the title white or man

    • Robert says:

      The problem is that only a very few at this time realize that a hot war is necessary for our people to have self determination. Until more of us realize this, there is not much that violence will accomplish. One of the things we should be doing is making real life connections (www.knightsofthewest.com http://www.order15.com) but in addition to this we need to have a funded media organization. Current TV shows and movies are terrible, their plots are weak, their acting poor, they don’t move people anymore. I think we have a great opportunity in this area to win hearts and minds. We also need to form a congress, an organized leadership body, one who would state clearly and plainly what exactly are our grievances with the US government.

      • viking says:

        its true the lefts now ridiculous and its art almost worthless because overt leftism. however there have been attempts at right media that rarely do well.It should be persisted but i think we shall have to have a greater share of adherants before enough talent can emerge.satire is easier I have had some idea of starting something like mad magazine a satire on a satire they couldnt possibly win in court even if wholly robbed after all its exactly what made them famous. also why not rip off the cuck icon and start ” nationalist review” Im better at organizing than creativity so i cant really do this, maybe i will get around to rallying some talent.
        yes its hard to convince many war is needed, so one place to start is convincing people of the possibility inevitability and necessity, this will require HBD red pilling as i said Im skeptical neo nazism is scalable, however if the nrx alt right hrx etx schisms prove anything is that HBD redpilling can be done at various levels, it needs to be figured out what worked on who, and also separately what exactly we disagree that HBD implies.and see if these differences can be resolved by interrogation of facts or at least a subset of implications agreed upon. a right wing ecumenicism.
        I have to say when ever i call for facing the need for war I am never happy the way it is repeated back to me.perhaps t is simply that I too am reluctant but It feels like those that agree and those that dont seem to hear me asking for muh militia to head to the woods.What I have tried to imply in the confines of a comment is that we are talking about taking on the most powerful empire in the world and will get only one shot. Its not that miltias insurgents couldnt possibly be a part of the overall strategy but rather that what i imagine the preparation to be would be millions of times more involved than that. we would need to be running probe operations eavdropping on the deep state allying with other actors false flags moles inside tech companies and the civil service and immense thinking. Moldbugs idea that the cathedral will simply collapse and Davos will call him to be king is absurd or a crafty jew red herring.On the other hand the cathedral is very vulnerable if enough smart people can be convinced we can take the cathedral down.

      • oogenhand says:

        The most important thing is to taste blood. If you do not even taste my blood, I will draw yours, like forced circumcision of Christians, and if you retaliate, you will find out why forbidding euthanasia is a bad idea.

        There is a movement, known as Universal Medicine, which commands circumcision and allows euthanasia, so my views are not THAT outlandish.

        Hell is eternal, hell is eternal, hell is eternal…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Off topic:

    (((Martin van Creveld))) has written an excellent article agreeing with much that has been discussed on this blog. He’s already written stuff in this vein on his blog, and furthermore, is the author of quite a few anti-egalitarian books. It all dovetails together very neatly. Much recommended!


  4. Turtle says:

    Here’s some news.


    Doxing happens, most often when someone is asking for it. This vain man might even be bi, at least effeminate. I’m sure he will make this a global story by not resigning… and Trump will comment. My church will be hilarious this weekend, like any other mostly cucked place. If asked to comment, I will surely have fun. This TRP subreddit is boring to me, but it does save lives, meaning those of gaslighted millenials and divorced older men.

    The key will be to say “many women like the red pill,” and further, “the red pill was invented by women, because the Matrix movie was made by trans-women.” That’s true, right? We may also note that red pill = normal, hetero, lasting marriage, in terms of which side somebody picks. So the cucks will choose to be cucks, at last making memes literal. This is not meta-humor, it is what some call kek, while I say, Re-Elect Fisher.

    He could also expatriate for a few years, fuck around somewhere like Vietnam. I suggest that, in the sense that he will accomplish too much here, like Cory Booker. Real leaders need constant guards, while Vietnam is more fun than politics.

    Fisher looking like George Zimmerman is the strangest part of this story. Can’t flim-flam the zim-zam, can’t cuck-ban the Rob-man.

  5. vxxc2014 says:

    7 Years until his 401K has vested LOL

  6. B says:

    7 years to what, exactly?

    Make a prediction that can be measured/falsified.

  7. Garr says:

    A likely outcome is that White “Dirtpeople” (Zman’s term) are eliminated through non-reproduction, while the Progressive “Cloudpeople” (Zman again), from professionals on up to people like Musk and Bezos, morph as a class into an HBD-accepting paternalistic (rather than Progressive) ruling caste with a genetic mix that’s maybe 75% NWEuropean, 10% Ashkenazi, 10% Oriental, and 5% Brown in origin. Thus, in the USA of 2150 a mostly White-origin, genetically homogenous (and genetically self-enhanced) master-race of about 50 million people will rule a Brown, maybe Muslim, underclass of about 450 million people. (This seems to be the vision that the people at SlateStarCodex already semi-explicitly endorse.) Given that your great-grandchildren could be members of this master-race, one that DOESN’T TELL ITSELF LIES (because it’s paternalistic rather than Progressive), would some of you encourage your children to join the present Progressive ruling-class, even at the cost of ritualistically repeating untruths?

    • oogenhand says:

      False opposition. Dirtmen can abduct and enslave Cloudwomen. Read “A Handmaid’s Tale”. I do not like Christians, but Artisanal Toad rediscovered many of my truths like polygyny and patrilinearity.


      Why settle for the lesser?! Hell is eternal, Hell is eternal, Hell is eternal…

      • Garr says:

        I’ve just read a plot-summary of Handmaid’s Tale — so you’re thinking that Dirt-Whites might seize power through a military coup or something like that? I guess that might happen, but it seems unlikely. Although you’ve pointed to something interesting — that (lower-ranking) military officers constitute a coherent non-Cloud class with Cloud-level intelligence. They’re not Dirts either, though. They’re unto themselves. (Well, I don’t really know; I’m just guessing.)

        • oogenhand says:

          The first and foremost trust of my blog is that all questions are ultimately religious. it won’t be a regular military coup, it will a holy war. Not Pinochet, but Khomeini.

          Anton LaVey claimed to have made up his religion. Is this true, or did he get assistance from the other side?! If so, the Satanic Bible IS a revelation, inspired writing, making Satanism a revealed religion.

          Is Das Kapital mère human evil, or diabolical revelation? For you to decide.

          Kek told me that there are food taboos. Sheep are unclean animals. To eat mutton is a sin. Those who eat mutton will burn in Hell!!!

          Hell is eternal, hell is eternal, hell is eternal….

          • peppermint says:

            I can get behind a food taboo targeting outgroups, but only ironically because puritanism must be avoided in appearance as much as possible. Rather than saying no mutton, or beans are gross, or curry is disgusting, try to make like a hipster and put bacon and cheese in everything, pissing off muds, kikes, lactose intolerant muds, oldfags who were told to avoid saturated fats, and most importantly, vegetarians.

    • jim says:

      Will not happen.

      Progressives are not reproducing because anyone who sincerely adheres to the progressive belief system is incapable of forming a stable family. If a member of a high fertility group, regardless of race, genuinely and sincerely converts to progressivism, he is now a member of a low fertility group.

      Since progressivism is taught in the universities, especially to women, such as porngirl Moldylocks, this is profoundly dysgenic.

      A light brown high IQ ruling elite could only be formed in America by progressives reproducing. But progressives fail to reproduce.

      • A.B. Prosper says:

        And dirt people also have a higher fertility as well. Its typical for them to have art least two often more children.

        if you have two and enough spares to counter the poz , you’ll win on numbers

        As the cloud people figure this out and find that the memes they use to poz people become less effective , they won’t have any choice but surrender or to use whatever force they can to attempt genocide.

        Given the dirt people often have military experience , combat experience, weapons, and are developing both the will and skills needed to fight well..

        To note, will see he street fighting, skill go read Western Rifle Shooters and the articles on urban warfare, I’ve seen open discussion of starving cities and urban warfare

        Now its possible the cloud people might get enough Chinese or other mercs or use bio-weapons but baring that it will be a hell of a fight.

        I tend to agree with our host, it will be war though I’m seeing 17 years or so, not seven 10 years after Trumpism is also a good estimate of when the Us will either begin to dissolve in a way that can’t be covered up or will start to undergo a hot civil war instead of the cold one we have

        • Cavalier says:

          1. Have MQ-9s.

          2. See onrushing hoards of grubby, tattooed, borderline-illiterate neo-Nazis coming to tear you from your gilded cushions in your well-furnished office in your employer’s building in your ivory city, and hang you from the nearest lamppost.

          3. ???

          4. Go home and play your your mischling chillunzes.

          • A.B. Prosper says:

            Wrong kind of fight. Its not 1968.

            Its all dirty war from here on out


            1 Have MQ-9’s but don’t want to risk using them as your pilots were doxxed, parts are scare and Hellfire missiles are useless in a city you want to keep anyway

            2 5 Death squad come out of nowhere and offs someone important and/or near you or hell just a single suppressed rifle shot from far away. Normally shot detectors would step in but the “bad guys” routinely ambush using that tech and use explosives . The Cops are more interested in going home or dealing with the various Google mobs (like the ones in California today)

            3 They go home, you go home minus a guy and scared shitless of the night letter you just got saying “walk away or die”

            4 Find a new job and/or gradually the system implodes from imposed costs.

            Also most of the people who are a serious risk aren’t grubby, illiterate skinheads . Those guys do exists in small numbers but they are in the public eye because they are low hanging fruit, good counter publicity and easy to deal with.

            Same as the Bundy Bunch who are too loud, too early

            Its the ones that blend you have to look out for are quietly determined, well trained and blend,

            Mobs are for chumps

            • Cavalier says:

              I exaggerate, but only slightly. If they have the weapons, which they do, and they retain the will, which so far they have, they will continue to possess overwhelming superiority of force. The true core of the state is unassailable by military means, and if it feels the end is near and can identify an enemy, that enemy is going to end up a smoking hole in the ground.

              • A.B. Prosper says:

                You can’t fight ghosts.

                The US has never won against an insurgency and it can’t use drones and SWAT teams to stop small groups from wrecking the power supply, abducting people or doing anything else.

                People have already attacked the power grid in SF , poisoned a Chiptole grill with a bioweapon and never been caught , wiped out entire crops including cash crops with bioweapons (Eucalyptus in California, Chocolate in Brazil) and done many more things we don’t know about.

                True people don’t have the will or stomach for it yet yet but its coming and if the will is there, the State can only win by destroying its own legitimacy

                They can’t reign in hell either, no economy.

                In fact I’d argue the only reason the US isn’t a right wing state is cucks

                • peppermint says:

                  — the only reason the US isn’t a right wing state is cucks

                  The genxers are the last generation to have benefited by going along with what the institutions were saying.

                  Milennials who try to believe the institutions end up gay, trans, cucked, and aren’t even guaranteed a good job for their trouble.

                  Those who continue to trust the institutions despite those institutions explicitly saying the goal is to cuck them are cucks.

                  The cucks are aging, and as they age their attitudes change in a way that they, as starchildren, never prepared themselves for mentally, thus they actually believe stuff like talking about “adulting” and bringing up Harry Potter all the time – which they blame on us – is normal for 40 year olds, and bizarre nostalgia shows like Bill Nye Saves the World are good, instead of cringy af.

                • Mister Grumpus says:

                  Buddy Peppermint:

                  > The genxers are the last generation to have
                  > benefited by going along with what the
                  > institutions were saying.

                  (Yeah well sorta-sorta, at least according to my experience.)

                  > Milennials who try to believe the institutions
                  > end up gay, trans, cucked, and aren’t even
                  > guaranteed a good job for their trouble.
                  > Those who continue to trust the institutions
                  > despite those institutions explicitly saying
                  > the goal is to cuck them are cucks.

                  That’s just the thing isn’t it? I’m very far from Captain Awesome Aryan Badass, believe me, but man, these Millennials just hit me as an entirely different form of life. Like those alien cave rodents without fur or eyes.

                  It must have something to do with being so consistently and ruthlessly gas-lit by absolutely everyone around them. They know they’ve been lied to, and that’s humiliating, but there’s no one for them to go to for the truth. Goddamn what does that do to somebody? The frustration, helplessness and alienation must be just paranormal.

                  (That said, “physician heal thyself”, and I’m still working on it.)

                • peppermint says:

                  — They know they’ve been lied to, and that’s humiliating, but there’s no one for them to go to for the truth. Goddamn what does that do to somebody?

                  We look to our fellow White men with fear and hatred because we don’t know what to think or what they think. At least mud “people” are reliable in their opinions and it’s clear how to behave around them to avoid trouble.

                  But within the last few years I’ve started to notice young White men looking at each other more as allies than threats.

      • Garr says:

        Progressive professionals in Brooklyn seem to be reproducing at replacement-rate or better — Park Slope’s full of kids. And, googling names of billionaires, I found that those guys are reproducing at way more than replacement-rate. Prole Whites don’t seem to be having as many kids as Prog Whites. Of course, the only Prole Whites that I see here in NYC are Sicilians, so maybe I have a distorted view. But aren’t the Midwesterners all stoned and ODing too?

        • Cavalier says:

          >Progressive professionals in Brooklyn seem to be reproducing at replacement-rate or better — Park Slope’s full of kids. And, googling names of billionaires, I found that those guys are reproducing at way more than replacement-rate.


          • jim says:

            You are looking at males. Wealthy and successful males are reproducing at moderately above replacement. But smart women are not reproducing.

            Male fertility is moderately eugenic. Female fertility is profoundly dysgenic, and females are harmed by progressivism far more severely than males.

            • Garr says:

              Do you mean that wealthy and successful males have several children by several different wives, as Trump did (he’s reproducing at 2+ times replacement, but his 3 wives each at less than replacement)?
              What about all the kids in Park Slope and Cobble Hill? Do you think that this is just a matter of the minority of upper-professionals in NYC who do in fact reproduce at replacement rate choosing to concentrate in these neighborhoods? I don’t know what the Upper East side’s like now, for example — are there many kids up there?

              • peppermint says:

                If the top 2% of progs have 4 kids and likely jews or other muds, and the average prog has zero or one and likely mud, progs are over except through brainwashing other people’s kids, people they more or less openly want to destroy.

                Difficult to brainwash someone when you want their whole family dead and don’t want them to get married, easier to brainwash while offering a career they can get married with. Thus college and k12 aren’t working as well anymore. Thus the alt-right.

              • jim says:

                A wealthy and successful man is apt to have several children. A wealthy and successful woman is apt to have several cats.

                If we banned women from teaching males, from exercising authority over males, and from any job that requires high intelligence, we would immediately get eugenic fertility.

                • Ron says:

                  Yes, I think part of the problem is that women unconsciously test men for weakness. Hence they what they say they want conflicts with what they go for or for what works.

                  For example, a “religious” grandmother proudly talking sbout her granddaughter in the army carrying a rifle in the same way she would talk about a grandson. Why does she do it? Why does she engage in sabotage?

                  Because her female monkey brain is testing for weakness.

                  If the males around her are too weak to tell her to shut her shriveled mouth or be thrown naked back into the snow where she belongs, or too stupid to recongize thst she is little better than an animal; then they will be culled by her sabotage. And her daughter will be properly taken by males that do not suffer from the deficiency of weakness and thus her genetic code will survive.

                  Thus I have observed that strong, aware men, whether kind or cruel are treated far better by women than weak men, kind or cruel.

                  Practically, the effect of this knowledge means that when the unconscious female games of testing begins, I tend to treat them as adorable nattering children speaking pleasant nonsense.

                • Ron says:

                  A far worse part of the problem is weak and foolish males.

                  Belissarious from Procopius third history is the model for this, and I see it again and again and again.

                  It is moral weakness with the unconscious or even conscious purpose to sabotage other males for short term personal gain.

                  The grinning idiot that talks about how girls are tougher than men, the same moron who will be the first in a pack of a hundred other heros to dog pile a man that strikes a woman in retaliation.

                  The smug faggot who acts outraged when you insult someone’s mother then admits thst he tries to seduce straight insecure young males.

                  The man who insists on extreme forms of pious behavior and promises to stand by those who believe him and is the first to throw them to the wolves when he is safe and can gain from it.

                  Moral weakness for short term gain, that encourage seemingly pious behavior that in reality destroys the listener to the sdvsntage of the hypocrite who has no real intention of following his own words.

                • jon dough says:

                  A wealthy and successful man is apt to have several children.
                  A wealthy and successful woman is apt to have several cats.

                  Wisdom for the ages.

                  My favorite Jim quote, which I use again and again on my woman…

                  “I will keep you forever, and never ever let you go”.

                  Tingles ensue. Every damned time. Thank you Jim.

              • viking says:

                youre right my short term memories going

          • viking says:

            park slopes jewish jews have kids even prof jews, the white progs are having one usually a niglet and single mom situation sometimes a yuppie yuppie kid rarely do i see two kids with white parents anymore and i dont think ive seen three white kids in NYC in over a decade.

            • Garr says:

              Really? I see two kids with not-obviously-Jewish-looking parents in Park Slope all the time. Do you live there? If so, I’m one neighborhood over, in Sunset Park. I’ll buy you a beer or two at the Gate … we can discuss Ovid. (I finished the Metamorphoses — did you ever get started on that other translation you said you’d just gotten? The last part of it is really intense. It morphs from a female to a male point of view.)

              • Turtle says:

                So Ovid was a trans-themed author? Do tell!

                Which translation of the Metamorphoses is best? And do you want to learn Latin, too?

                • Garr says:

                  There are a lot of women-being-perversely-in-love interior monologues, arguing with themselves along “the law says X but my heart says Y” lines — and of course they always end up going with Y. (There are two woman-to-man metamorphoses, plus the Tiresias man-to-woman-to-man story.) But towards the end there are more crazy/weird violent male-hero stories, including the astonishing battle between Lapiths and Centaurs. I read the Mandelbaum translation. I’m unable to learn languages, or maybe just constitutionally too lazy — took a couple of years of high school Latin and a summer “intensive” during grad school but never learned. And I’m 51 now, so I never will.

              • viking says:

                Park slope jews are secular hippy cum bobo jews,not very jewy looking to a non new yorker. a fair amount of mixed marriages so its not going to look like borough park.But even secular jews still have kids and yes usually two. Im on the wrong side of the park crown heights.Dont remember that conversation about ovid.Thanks for the invite Im on the fence about coming out in NY so Ill pass for now.

                • Garr says:

                  On Xenosystems — wasn’t that you talking about desert (Jewish) vs. forest (Norse) vs. half-forest (Roman)imaginations? Maybe I’m mixing people up.

        • c23 says:

          I’ve lived in various parts of the country, and I have the impression that prole whites aren’t reproducing much – the modal prole white woman has one kid with a baby daddy who’s not capable of providing much support, and she’s too stressed financially and otherwise by the burden of single motherhood to want to have another.

      • Cavalier says:

        >Since progressivism is taught in the universities

        Maybe when you were a kid, back when people had books and fireside chats on the radio and there were still parts of the country that didn’t have electricity yet.

        Today, the total memetic weight of school doesn’t appear in the same league as TV, and TV is dwarfed by Facebook/Instagram/etc. and Youtube music videos (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5GL9JoH4Sws).

        • viking says:

          theres still lots of the country without electricity cable gas or even cell coverage youre just in your bubble.

          • Cavalier says:

            Well of course it wouldn’t make sense to have that stuff in places nobody lives.

            • viking says:

              people live in the rocky mountains millions of them and a lot of it for instance does not have power, same for alaska, wide swaths of the south and southwest.yes obviously theres an economic political tipping point where its not important enough to put in the expense, just saying having built and followed alternative energy systems out of necesity for 30 years Im aware the blank spots are much larger than most understand and the tech has actually allowed the areas to increase not decrease

  8. vxxc2014 says:

    The post is solid.

    These are skirmishes and are revealing the enemy. Or the idiot part of the enemy. I doubt that’s it.

    Remember that DC is at War over INTERESTS.

    Several Trillion reasons a year to go to War. That’s more formidable than idiot Antifa who are expendable in anyone’s calculus.

    As far as these are skirmishes not war …no, again war began with the campaign of killing cops. I emphasize for reasons: 1] they began the war and 2] we are at war.

    I caution against believing in an unlikely Savior in the form of a Sulla or Pinochet. If such a creature existed he can take DC but not the country.
    You see we are far too decentralized including organs of security/violence for that to happen. There are 89,055 political entities in America and 19,000 police entities, 52 State and Territory National Guards which include Air and Ground assets [fighters as well as Infantry, artillery] and of course the people in arms with 200 million guns and 12 Trillion rounds of ammunition held on the Right alone.

    We’re still far more organized under the Fyrd system than people realize.
    The Fyrd or local militia does not lend itself to centralization it is organized against it. Slow to be summoned powerful when done so…fortunately we’re not facing Vikings.


    • jim says:

      Remember that DC is at War over INTERESTS

      DC is not at war over interests. Holy war is coming.

      • vxxc2014 says:

        Jim to ignore Interests is to vastly misunderstand your enemy.

        Of course there are interests-several trillion a year is at stake just in direct extractions.

        To ignore interests is to ignore commitment, staying power, enemy allies, your allies and your staying power and what’s at stake.

        Even the 30 years war was protracted by interests and settled for money for the Swedish troops. Do you really think Islam has no interests?

        Not to mention that unified field theory is always misleading in understanding human movements and motives, war.

        • Alf says:

          There are a trillion interests but they are all petty and selfish, eg they hate one another. The only thing keeping them together is their faith, so the net effect is prog faith escalation.

    • Dave says:

      “If such a creature existed he can take DC but not the country.”

      It’s enough to take DC and cut off funding for all progressive causes. Local police and militias are not our enemies, and they will take care of any progressives who decide to riot and break stuff.

      The Achilles Heel of Progressivism is that it cannot survive without massive, ongoing wealth transfers from people who either hate it or only support it because it’s trendy.

      • glosoli says:

        That wealth transfer will speed up, as the US dollar heads towards hyperinflation at around 2030, after the globalists have pulled the trigger and oil trade has switched to the euro/yuan in c.2021, and gold has been reset at c. 7,000 euro. Nobody will need the dollar, and with the US trade and budget deficits, plus anti-US propoganda, collapse is inevitable, but it will be over and done with very quickly, then the reset, with the US totally subdued.

        The real powers behind the scene are in gold already, they know a change is coming, because they designed this system, and the next one. Twas every thus, the Roffs are always running the game we play.

        Progressivism will simply *go global*, each nation will have to kowtow to the UN under Putin/China, with the veto given away by globalist leaders (but, they won’t look globalist). Rest assured, there’s a lot of smoke and mirrors involved, and power is headed East, the West has had its c.500 years (and blew it), now over to China/Russia/Saudis/((())) to rule over us. ‘Twill not be much fun.

        • peppermint says:

          Rather than string together a bunch of smart-sounding talking points like a progressive but without the hope of getting a good job and woman out of it, maybe try being a progressive.

  9. vxxc2014 says:

    The War began on December 20, 2014 when the 2 NYPD cops were shot and more importantly the NYPD turned their backs.

    The campaign of shooting cops meets all definitions of war. Including Clausewitz’s Duel to compel the enemy to your will.

    NYPD turning their backs was Flagship Law Enforcement Organization of America under no less than Ray Kelly opening the door we are now walking through. NYPD was signaling their fellow defenders. Defenders in America come from same families so Vet=Cop=Mil=any Family gathering including dinner but especially funerals. We come from same families, same clusters of recruitment and that’s nationwide. Happened once Military service became voluntary, also for all your raging against women in uniform they marry men in uniform for last 2 generations so it’s become as they now informally call the Army ‘the family business.’

    Outsiders may not have noticed. We damn well DO.

    As for 7 years or how this plays out: War is walking into a Dark Room. We have no idea of timeframes or it’s twists and turns.

    One more thing: I’ve come to realize that Trump understands Chaos too.
    Just like Obama and Rahm understand Chaos so does Trump.
    It is necessary.

    Hold on.

    And fight dammit or be nothing now and nothing to posterity.

    • Cavalier says:

      The military is always the bitch of the economic elites, except in the short period of time between a military coup and the “economic elitization” of the former military leaders.

      And a grunt is ever a grunt.

      • jim says:

        In seventeenth and early eighteenth century England, the military was not the bitch of economic elites. Rather the other way around.

        Indeed, they are not the bitch of economic elites today. Rather, the problem today is that warriors are the bitch of priests, and this set in with the demonization of Lord Cardigan, and the valorization of Florence Nightingale.

        • Turtle says:

          And the Czar’s loss against Imperial Japan. That mattered too. And the rise of ‘human rights’, and genocide becoming a regular event at the same time. And bad chaplains, because priests like having doctors and lawyers as congregants, not low-status soldier grunts. So… fix the status problem, require priests to be military chaplains for 3-5 years, and things can get better.

        • Cavalier says:

          >Rather the other way around.

          Oh, I was under the impression that lords and ladies ran the show.

          >Indeed, they are not the bitch of economic elites today.

          Then why is the military deployed in the Middle East? Come on man, why does _anyone_ care about the Middle East? Third World, check; poor, check; brown, check. But why not Africa? Why not SEAsia? Why not SAmerica? It must be the overwhelming spiritual power of Islam. Yeah, that’s it. Those dunecoons just entrance every great industrial power with their rich culture, their mystique, and their camels.

          • jim says:

            Then why is the military deployed in the Middle East?

            It is not to steal the oil, it is because Islam is the only live religion remaining in competition with progressivism, and they want Muslims to become “moderate” Muslims – in other words cease to be Muslims, cease reproducing, and become progressives.

            It is a holy war, not an oil war. There is no oil or gas in or near Afghanistan. What is in Afghanistan is the largest proportion of sincere Muslims and therefore the highest Muslim fertility

            • Cavalier says:

              >and they want Moslems to cease to be Moslems, cease reproducing, and become progressives

              Quelle horreur!

              >It is a holy war, not an oil war. There is no oil or gas in or near Afghanistan.

              It was a Puritan-Industrialist axis. It’s still a Puritan-Industrialist axis. Somebody’s getting the oil, lots of palms are getting greased along the way, and we all know who’s skimming off of every (petro)dollar in existence.

              Yes, Islam itself is a competing power center (though not a very powerful one). No, that’s not why Russia is aiding Assad, and it’s also not why Assad is up to his ears in muck in the first place.

              • jim says:

                Somebody’s getting the oil,

                Isis is getting the oil, which is not at all what the Puritans or the industrialists intended.

                The obvious solution is indeed to grab the oil, thereby depriving our enemies of funds. Or simply set the oil on fire so that nobody gets it – which solution I recommend as far cheaper than war without end and pretty good for America which has now become an oil and gas exporter. But our rulers are just not doing this, with the result that oil tends to wind up in the hands of those whose rules of holiness entitle them to grab the oil.

                • Cavalier says:

                  ISIS is indeed getting the oil. Thing is, they don’t have any air power, so if ISIS has managed to survive where Germany failed, it’s because a preponderance of Cathedral power wants them to stick around. And you look and you see that Assad is fighting the rebels, Russia is backing Assad fighting the rebels, Gaddafi suppressed everybody, Hussein suppressed everybody, etc. But USG keeps overthrowing perfectly functional Moslem governments, and training, arming, and funding these groups that later turn out to be ISIS or ISIS-like Moslem “extremists”, so clearly the Cathedral wants those guys in power.

                  What I’m saying is that, evidently, your definition of “enemy” differs from that of our benevolent leaders.

                  P.S. You’ve probably already seen this, but I figure it’s worth mentioning anyway: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9RC1Mepk_Sw. Oops.

                • jim says:

                  You are torturing the evidence to conclude that our rulers are acting in their rational self interest, much as Kevin McDonald tortures the evidence to conclude that Jews are acting in the Jewish interest.

                  On the contrary, there is overwhelming evidence that our rulers are crazy, evil, destructive, and self destructive, that they are acting out of a holiness spiral, which holiness forbids them to steal the oil, even though their objectives would be best served by stealing all they could steal, and setting fire to anything they could not steal, so as to deprive their enemies of money for arms.

                • Cavalier says:

                  >You are torturing the evidence to conclude that our rulers are acting in their rational self interest, much as Kevin McDonald tortures the evidence to conclude that Jews are acting in the Jewish interest.

                  MacDonald says that Jews act in the group evolutionary interest over the individual evolutionary interest, which is just nuts.

                  I say that people have a funny habit of believing in their own personal gain.

                  >so as to deprive their enemies of money for arms

                  Please tell me you’re not stupid enough to believe that our rulers fund, train, and arm their enemies.

                • glosoli says:

                  This blog has some interesting theories on the subject:


                  It depends on the time-frame.
                  I can see the coordinated plan from Putin/China/Israel, to create a *bogeyman* in ISIS and Turkey, then a Holy War, then consolidate global power, under jim’s moderate global (satanic) religion.

                  There would be nowhere to hide on the planet, genuine Christians would be hunted down. Eventually, Jehovah will sort it out, as always, so no point sweating these minor details on our little rock.

                • Pseudo-chrysostom says:

                  There are always at least two faces pursuing imperial projects throughout history.


            • I have heard some knowledgeable people say that defense of the petrodollar, and bringing the Islamic world under the rule of centralized banking, are also prominent factors in the constant war in the Middle East. I’m not able to devote the time, presently, to verifying that – but it sounds probable.

              Mopping up all serious ideologies that reject Progressivism does seem to be reward enough – though, who doubts that they siphon up whatever wealth and resources they can, in the process?

            • Stephen W says:

              I thought progs only wanted to stop Whites from reproducing. They always seem to celebrate growing brown demographics. I thought they just want Muslims to kill whitey.

              • peppermint says:

                They want high status jobs for themselves.

                They believe their propaganda that all souls are equal and the only difference is education and want to spread education. At the same time as they celebrate brown demographics, they want sand nigger women to consciously make the decision to have sand niglets after being educated to work on progressive programs, and to take care of natural resources and not have too many kids, and to have high fertility because brown is beautiful. People who don’t believe all of this at the same time get found out and fired so that people who do believe it can move up.

          • vxxc2014 says:

            The military is unfortunately sworn to obey civilian leadership and worse bitches -actual bitches – vote.

            Cavaliers of course went to war. Yourself?

            We learned the trade of war and no matter how we grit our teeth and have waited are good at it and have bonds beyond internet shitposting.
            It is likely our hard work and sacrifice will bear fruit. Nothing worth doing is easy.

            I detect the lesser man envious of the better men with all this bitch of this and that talk.

            But yes we’re sadly subordinate to civilians. Who are bitches.
            Yourself for instance.

            Subordination of us to slaves and bitches is unnatural and will end.

            • B says:

              Heh, a lot of these guys are in for a rude awakening if serious civil unrest/war happen. It’s a little different from spending an afternoon demonstrating and punching hookers in the face. How many of them, do you think, have spent any time making decisions while fighting fear, hunger and fatigue?

              • jim says:

                Some of them, a few, quite a lot.

                It was astonishingly obvious that our people were stronger, braver, more loyal, more caring for each other, more disciplined, than their people.

                They were armed, we were disarmed. Numbers were about equal, but we were better men.

                • Theshadowedknight says:

                  Been there, done that, have the shirt.

                  The Shadowed Knight

        • viking says:

          military is always bitch of religion, you have to brainwash kids into dying thats religion, you have to be able to get adult officers to also convince themselves they are doing something worthwhile. This usually means dying for the state, they train themselves by necessity to not think too hard too double think about what the state stands for, because other wise they would be questioning every order, so the military as its own sect of religion which is blind obedience.And the state understands this and it works well for them. Military officers are very reluctant to question authority, they invent a romantic idea of the state and follow orders unquestioningly police are similar. VXXC is correct they have noticed they are betrayed by the state are being killed with the states blessing, but they signed on to be killed with the states blessing its kind of their job description, they have little identity outside of state employees, soldiers police, because its a cult by necessity its extremely hard to separate them from state control, and if you succeed they are just another schmuck useless to you and they usually shoot themselves.This oathkeepers idea is a decsent attempt to work around the problem though I doubt its ability to harden itself against the cathedral but worth thinking about how that might be done.

  10. Mister Grumpus says:

    For us retards…

    I take it “monasteries” mainly include the universities?

    And also the quasi-state outfits like courts, banks, newspapers, NGO’s and TV stations?

    (I very much appreciate your framing this as a battle to de-establish and de-status certain organizations, rather than necessarily kebabing certain classes of people with sharpened broom-handles. Much more palatable and fun-sounding that way.)

    • jim says:

      Exactly so: Dissolution of the monasteries primarily means radically shrinking the universities, radically lowering their status, and depriving them of their artificial monopoly of credentialing.

      We need to not so much kill off lefties, as kill off the jobs program that makes leftism a great career path. We have more priests than we need. Not only do we need a reactionary state Church, we need a radically smaller state Church.

      The science profs can get jobs in engineering, the social studies profs can become greeters at Walmart.

      • Reactionary Oriental Libertarian says:

        Jim, pretty inconsistent of you to repress speech while allowing leading leftists to live lol.

        Just turn every famous leftist professor into an organ donor so the rest of us don’t have to worry about an inquisition. No man, no problem.

        • peppermint says:

          horsewhipping and blacklisting works better against ideas than killing

          the best part will be the sincere conversions and assertions that they really always were on our side. The left is angry that it rarely if ever got that out of nazis

          • peppermint says:

            WL Pierce and Harold Covington include professors of the future as heroes in their stories because they are boomercucks, same reason they include strong wymyn.

            Professors were never heroes.

            Scientist professors, which are few, split their time between science, “teaching” incompetent students and ensuring women and niggers get good grades, and grantwriting. When the universities are abolished, scientists can be relieved of those “teaching” duties and scientific progress can be accelerated. Euler was a professor sometimes but also sometimes an advisor to kings. Newton split his time between science and detective work. Tesla and Edison were never professors.

            In additon, the number of true and useful things the general public generally know, which is the purpose of education, will sharply rise when the universities are abolished.

        • jim says:

          Speech is always repressed to a greater or lesser degree. Where is the inconsistency?

          If we liquidate all existing leftists, well, a lot of existing leftists, probably nearly all of them, are merely Havel’s greengrocer. Give them a new set of slogans, and they will scarcely notice the change. Excessive to liquidate those guys.

          If power is vulnerable to subversion, people will attempt to subvert it. Even if we execute every Jew and every existing leftist, new subversives will appear to fill the vacant niche.

          If power is not vulnerable to subversion, all existing leftists will find that they are Havel’s greengrocer.

          • Reactionary Oriental Libertarian says:

            I do not advocate liquidating Havel’s grocer, only those who are power hungry enough that they cannot survive losing status if leftism is overthrown, which is pretty much all of the smart and ruthless ones. If someone is so dangerous to the state that they can’t even be allowed to speak, they should be killed. Restricting everyone else’s speech is unnecessary, plenty of good rulers tolerated lese majeste like Augustus or the English aristocracy

            • jim says:

              Tolerating lèse-majesté proved fatal to the English Monarch and aristocracy. Their successors have not repeated this error.

              We can tolerate the dogs in the street barking at the Monarch, but cannot permit any individual, and especially cannot tolerate any cohesive group, from gaining status through lèse-majesté. They have to hide behind transient anonymity. They have to be zero status. They have to be furtive. If they become visible, and claim status, they have to be treated the way Russia treats Pussy Riot and European University, like gypsies, beggars, tramps, thieves, and whores. Don’t even arrest them, just hit them with a whip and make them run away, as if they were feral dogs.

              • Reactionary Oriental Libertarian says:

                English aristocracy got overthrown through leftist infiltration of the state church, which the inquisition will prevent and which I support. It was not overthrown because some guy made a speech in Hyde Park. Another long term factor was that state religions based on a creator god tend to be ineffective post discovery of evolution.

                • jim says:


                • Cavalier says:

                  Looks to me like England had its Cavalier vs. Roundhead struggle, with the Cavaliers generally keeping its Roundheads in their place, winning the English Civil War and all that, but then England exported that struggle to America, which was destined to become the economic powerhouse (and thus military superpower and thus high-status Rome-like power center) of the world. And then the Industrial Revolution happened, enabling the industrial North to devastate the agrarian South, so if you want to pinpoint a date of Anglo aristo overthrow you probably want to target the American Civil War.

                • Reactionary Oriental Libertarian says:

                  End of Anglo libertarian period is second reform act and civil war, both of which saw leftism defeat classical liberalism.

                  The point I disagree with Moldbug is that he thinks classical liberalism was leftist because without it supposedly the stuarts would have ruled until 2017. In reality, the old state religion was losing legitimacy due to people not believing in a creator god, classical liberalism was an attempt to design a better order which would function without a state religion. It failed, but without classical liberals the result would not be a continuation of the reactionary regimes but earlier victory by leftists. Reactionaries like Bismarck were also cutting off their own noses to spite the liberals by funding and implementing leftism.

                • jim says:

                  Classic liberalism did not take power by itself, but in alliance with the overtly and explicitly religious crowd, who though holier than Jesus, still believed in a creator God back then, back in the 1820s They took power with the smash Christmas, desecrate marriage, emancipate women, free the slaves, and destroy graven images crowd, dedicated to making first the churches, and then entire cities, ugly, depressing, and menacing.

                  This was of course a classic popular front alliance. You go into alliance with the radical left, you get eaten.

                  And the classic liberals were eaten by allies that were still at the time adherents of a creator God and who had a bee in their bonnet about graven images and Christmas.

                  Now, one may well argue that a Creator God is past his sell by date, and we will have to do something different, such as, perhaps, Odin.

                  But back then, that was not the problem. The problem was a hostile religion that was theoretically Christian, though in practice substantially Unitarian.

                • Reactionary Oriental Libertarian says:

                  Even back in the 1700s, Voltaire reported he did not know a single French aristocrat who was genuinely Christian. Pretty sure it was the same in England. Hypocrisy goes a long way. If Christianity was a living faith the philosophes would not exist.

                  Odin worship and the like will not work because they frankly contradict our cosmology. Something like Randianism infused with Confucian patriarchy might work well.

                • peppermint says:

                  Kek worship is crucial because meme magic is real and our enemies have been using it against us for centuries but now due tontheir fecklessness we control the memes.

                  Odin worship is perfectly compatible with what we know about the universe scientifically. In fact is it more compatible than ((Jehovah)) worship, because ((Jehovah)) worship includes the requirement that all souls are created by ((Jehovah)) and equal in the eyes of ((Jehovah)), while science says genetics, signaling, conquest and female sexually are real.

                  The old gods, understood with some detached irony, are more consistent with the scientific worldview than ((Jehovah)).

                • S.J., Esquire says:

                  ***Another long term factor was that state religions based on a creator god tend to be ineffective post discovery of evolution.***

                  Disagree. If we really had powerful state-sponsored churches, we would be finding “scientific support” for creationism left, right, and centre.

      • Mister Grumpus says:

        OK yes. Thank you. I’ve caught on WAY too slow to just how easy it is to make a buck by green-grocering.

        You see it everywhere: Public “servants” blundering around, signaling the right BS, blowing cash, fucking stuff up… and getting paid 50% more than the private-sector people working 50-60 hours/week and cleaning up their messes. It’s ridiculous.

        Funding, status and monopoly on issuing credentials (aka “status-printing”).

      • Mister Grumpus says:

        Again the Jim-Scott Status-Persuasion filter stretches my mind in positive directions.

        Here’s a reach for you to critique please:

        It’s almost as if killing ones enemies in a civil war isn’t even about killing at all, but rather about associating their side and symbols with being weak helpless losers who aren’t able to protect themselves from violent attack. ‘And my side with being strong winners who kill off opponents and get away with it.

        So the victory is when the opponent isn’t dead necessarily, but merely humiliated.

        • jim says:

          Exactly so.

          Hence when the Cathedral gets serious, it goes after your women.

          The Boer women and children were kidnapped and starved. Tutsi women were vaginally impaled with objects larger than themselves.

          Ninety percent of a color revolution is establishing the same outcome by mere memes, rather than actual violence, hence the constant refrain that Assad and Trump are weak, desperate, and in big trouble.

          • Mister Grumpus says:

            I love you man. Thanks again.

          • Reactionary Oriental Libertarian says:

            Source on Tutsi women being vaginally impaled by objects larger than themselves?

            • jim says:

              You can find plenty of stuff on women in the Congo being impaled. All the reports are extremely evasive on who was doing the impaling and who was impaled, which itself is ample proof that it was Cathedral impaling Tutsis, much as when “youths” of unspecified ethnicity assault other people of unspecified ethnicity for entirely mysterious and inexplicable reasons. If you dig a little further, you will find it was FARDC impaling women of unspecified ethnicity. Dig a little further, you will find that at this time FARDC was receiving UN ground and air support in its campaign against “Warlords”. Dig a little further, those “warlords” are Tutsis. You then have to yourself put 1+1+1+1 together to get 4.

              • Hidden Author says:

                That sounds more like a top-down government conspiracy as opposed to your earlier framing of street-level progressives giving each other high-fives over Tutsi women being raped with objects that you used to “prove” me guilty by “association”.

                Tl; dr: you’re a dickhead!

                • peppermint says:

                  ¿por que no los dos?

                • Hidden Author says:

                  Pay attention, peppermint. Jim alleged that it was being covered up yet somehow I was in the know. That’s extreme paranoia to think that the sort of person who comments in this blog would be a participant in a secret genocidal conspiracy.

                • Cavalier says:

                  Once a commie, always a commie. The ideology changes but the dialectic remains the same.

                • peppermint says:

                  Everyone knows that during WWII, the Germans, who are evil, murdered millions of Jews for no reason other than the color of their skin.

                  In reality, after WWII, the Jewish-dominated United Nations murdered millions of Germans for no reason other than the color of their skin. Anyone who finds out about this is supposed to think, good, they had it coming.

                  Similarly with the Rwanda genocide. Everyone knows that the Tutsis, who are evil, murdered Hutus for no reason probably because of colonialism.

                • Mister Grumpus says:

                  Say Peppermint:

                  > In reality, after WWII, the Jewish-dominated
                  > United Nations murdered millions of Germans
                  > for no reason other than the color of their skin.

                  Could you give me a couple keywords for what to search for to learn more about this?

                • peppermint says:

                  look for the documentary Hellstorm. After your blood boils for 90 minutes, you will have to give in to despair that if you mention it people will say it never happened, they deserved it, you’re a nazi for thinking it happened, why would you even want to know about that, and don’t say nazi stuff around me.

                • Mister Grumpus says:

                  Hellstorm. Got it. Thanks a bunch.

                • Cavalier says:

                  I watched Hellstorm, mostly at 2x speed as it was quite a yawnfest. The goal of the doc was to make me identify with the Germans and feel guilty about the poor, suffering victims and their subsequent pacification. Rather a Christian thing, no? identifying with and feeling the victim’s pain. Sorry, I’m just not about such christcuckery.

                  Vae victis!

                • Hidden Author says:

                  Cavalier’s “Vae victus” comment is an interesting point–it ties this thread to another comment I made about how Nazis rant about “Might is right” then whine like little girls when they are on the receiving end of that might. Ironically Hitler himself said that the Germans deserved to be destroyed if they were too weak to win the fight for their Führer–as if he was some god worthy to judge the inherent value of all their lives! But don’t worry–Nazis are only hateful to foreigners because they care so much for their own people…

                • Pseudo-chrysostom says:


                  If a swarthy sourthron were to amble up to you and your sibling in the street then stab them in front of you, what, vae victus?

                  Blood calls for blood; vengeance is a major theme in old norse legends for good reason.

                  A numb anesthesia to all pain and injury is taught to modern europoid man, which is called tolerance. He should cultivate his taste for revenge instead.

                • pdimov says:

                  “… another comment I made about how Nazis rant about “Might is right” then whine like little girls when they are on the receiving end of that might.”

                  This apparent paradox is easy to explain. What transpires is that you pick some comment that in your opinion says “might is right”, call the commenter a Nazi, then pick at random some other commenter who in your opinion whines like a little girl and call him a Nazi as well.

                • Hidden Author says:

                  So pdimov, ask Nazis if survival of the fitness makes might right thereby justifying Drang noch Osten or Manifest Destiny. Then get them to rant about how evil the Allies were to abolish Prussia via the ethnic cleansing of its Germans. If you listen to the standard rhetoric on these issues with an open mind, you’ll see that I’m right. And these issues, Jim, are more relevant than the “Battle” of Berkeley…

                • pdimov says:

                  So your argument is that Nazis consistently support Germany, which makes them hypocritical?

                  That’ll show them, I’m sure.

                • Hidden Author says:

                  It’s one thing to place passionate needs above reason. It’s another thing to attempt to reason with people with different values while having the “thinking” mentioned above.

                • Anonymous says:

                  >So pdimov, ask Nazis if survival of the fitness makes might right thereby justifying Drang noch Osten or Manifest Destiny.

                  You don’t pass the Ideological Turing Test on Nazism. The issue isn’t “fitness”. The issue is space being limited, and a race needs it living-space to survive.

                  It’s not “might makes right”, because “right” is irrelevant here – no Nazi with a brain argues that “abstract justice” calls for territorial expansion. Territorial expansion is chosen when it is indispensable. A race needs territory, and if there’s a conflict between two races over the same territory, and no satisfactory resolution is possible — if, to put it in exact terms, it’s not a mere political conflict between two states, but an actual *racial* conflict between two competing races — then one is bound to extirpate the other on the contested territory, and if the German race needs Eastern territory, or the seafaring Britons need to establish settlements outside their isles, then that’s that.

                  Now tell me: what living-space did the Western Powers need in Germany?

                  And while we’re at it: where, exactly, is the Jewish race’s living-space located?

                  (if you answered “Palestine”, then why are there Jews all over the globe today, hmmm? Oh, they themselves have been expanding, and on a global scale at that, you say? Then perhaps the whites indigenous to Europe should just send them back!)

                • Cavalier says:

                  >If a swarthy sourthron were to amble up to you and your sibling in the street then stab them in front of you, what, vae victus?

                  Neither I nor my sibling nor the swarthy Southerner are sovereign entities, so no, that’s just crime.

                  >Blood calls for blood; vengeance is a major theme in old norse legends for good reason.

                  I’m not German; I’m American. I wasn’t conquered and exterminated _en masse_. The documentary’s goal is to extend my in-group to Nazi Germans in the same way as Nazism’s goal was to in-group all Germans and Progressivism’s goal is to extend my in-group to “humanity”. Sorry, but it just isn’t happening.

                  >He should cultivate his taste for revenge instead.

                  One of my grandfathers, incidentally German by blood, shot down several Nazi aircraft, escaped with his skin and every limb intact, and came back to give me his excellent genes. For what, exactly, do I need revenge?

                  >A race needs territory, and if there’s a conflict between two races over the same territory, and no satisfactory resolution is possible — if, to put it in exact terms, it’s not a mere political conflict between two states, but an actual *racial* conflict between two competing races.

                  No group selection. Ad-hoc cooperation is possible but fleeting, unreliable, and dependent on personal gain. Race is not a discrete quality.

                • peppermint says:

                  Group selection doesn’t exist, but, Aryans are the undisputed masters of warfare, which caused Aryans to conquer the entire planet and make two additional continents their exclusive domain.

                  Aryans don’t directly go into battle in order to spread global White supremacy. To the individual, it’s about status and White sharia, and the preservation and extension of the individual’s family, community, and nation.

                • Hidden Author says:

                  I know I’m supposed to agree with you, peppermint, in order to raise my status in this blog or something like that but being stubbornly attached to the truth value of facts above and beyond their political value, I must disagree. Australia and Europe were once white nation-states but North America extends past the Rio Grande to Panama (in fact, if you look at a large enough atlas, you’ll see a nub of territory crowning Colombia that’s also technically a part of North America.)

                • peppermint says:

                  By 2100, the last muds in northern North America, Europe, and Australia will be dying, Africa will be once again added to White territory, the gooks will be confined to East Asia, and Aryans will be on the moon.

                  By 2200, the last muds in all of North America will be dead, the Middle East will be well along the way to genetic bleaching, the last niggers and amerindians will be in nature preserves in South America and Africa, and Aryans will have set up permanent settlements throughout the solar system.

                  By 2300, Aryans will arrive at the nearest star systems. Over the next one or two million years a wave of Aryan colonists will sweep across the galaxy and other galaxies close nearby.


                • jim says:

                  Deus Vult.

                • Pseudo-chrysostom says:

                  >I’m not German; I’m American.

                  To your enemies you’re both wypeople, and one will ever be a bludgeon used against the other; better get used to it, and better it.

      • viking says:

        I rent properties i own, its really disturbing I find almost 100% of young applicants work in some way as social justice warriors.Its anecdotal but I suspect there has quietly been a sea change in the economy and leftism is no longer simply an aspect in specialty fields like HR and social science but now pervades the entire economy like lukemia, there may be little economy besides leftism. science and finance and energy for instance are riddled with leftism, trumps now on board with globalist warming because huge investments in offsets and off course jew loans commoditizing leftist debt and all science now in support of leftism.this is on top of the fact that huge portions of these companies are affirmative action hires more than half all the women and non whites and fags and these employees can now bring these companies to their knees. Look how quickly trump was cucked less than 100 days and his assholes a bleeding pulp.Because the entire republican party the military and deep state and judiciary are all hard core leftists. hes done a great service exposing just how deep it goes, the bad news is its goes all the way and they dont care if we know it.

        • Turtle says:

          Can you advertise to other young renters, who do have real jobs? Do you want to house people with productive jobs only?

          It’s hard to believe SJW-ing pays so well. I know it’s a burgeoning field, but I’m not sure how it can be so big.

  11. Hesiod says:

    Crom! I never prayered to you before! No one, not even you, will remember if we were good men or bad. Why we fought, or why we died. All that matters is that two stood against many. That’s what’s important! Valor pleases you, Crom, so grant me one request. Grant me revenge! And if you do not listen, then to HELL with you!

  12. peppermint says:

    Strategically, the March for Science is a huge blunder, because it means that not just the universities and professors but the scientists the left depends on for legitimacy are now legitimate political targets.

    If Trump can keep the Internet free for those seven years, he will have fulfilled his purpose to us. If he can use the student loan bubble to crush the universities, he will save us.

    • Cavalier says:

      Science interpreted according to the “Will of Providence” is a core progressive unprincipled exception. Sooner or later, probably sooner, the hypocrisy will be resolved, and “scientific governance” really will become scientific. All hail Darwin.

      • Turtle says:

        Darwin was gret at studying fossil, earthworms, etc. Doing evolution was not worth it- the social anxiety panic attacks amde him miserable for decades. REad his bio.

        • Cavalier says:

          He sacrificed himself so that we might be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth and subdue it, and replace the progs and the nigs, and colonize the cosmos with our seed.

  13. Koanic says:

    7 years till I’m considered a sane moderate.

    Sounds sublime.

  14. HypeFree says:

    I believe that nothing short of outright war is the only option for the destruction of the Cathedral. I hate it. I don’t want violence. But the Cathedral has too much power and to infiltrate and subvert it the way the left infiltrates and subverts the right seems impossible. If it is possible, someone please inform me!

    In the meanwhile, stock up on 556 and keep your AR-15 clean.

    • lalit says:

      “I hate it. I don’t want violence.”

      What a high status view! Come on admit it. You love war, you want to crush your enemies’ skull and you want to take their women and force them to watch you forcing yourself on their women. Then you want to go home, drink, feast, go to sleep, wake up and start all over again. Own your Norse/Greek/Roman/Saxon/Gaulish heritage man! Goodness, but you people have still not recovered since being taken in by the words of a certain smooth talking Palestinian.

      But who am I to say this? We Hindus have still not recovered since being taken in by the words of an Old, Bald, Frail, half naked, halitosis afflicted Cathedral educated lawyer who did something very similar to us.

      • jim says:

        Yes, the biggest problem with Christianity is that we have been missing out on the lamentations of their women.

        • A Portuguese Man says:

          I don’t know what sort of people calling themselves Christians you have over there, but if you think vikings or barbarians in general fought or fight better than Christianity, or Christian nations say – for instance, Spain – you are delusional and never seen the Spanish fight.

          You want to make the leftist dread you? Invoke Generalissimo Franco and the Spanish army, not the fantasy pagans.

          You really ought to stop calling those people Christians. They are protestant sects. They think they can interpret the Scripture anyway any of them sees fit, including in non-Christian ways…

          • jim says:

            This argument against protestants would be more convincing if the Roman Catholic Church did not have a heretic as Pope, and the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople was not a wholly owned subsidiary of George Soros and the State Department.

          • oogenhand says:

            Internet Tough Guy.

            You cannot even organize a militia to beat the crap out of Alt-Right Pagans, a group despised by the System. Try it. Go to church and thatt you want to form a posse. Quote Charlemagne. Hahahahaha!!!

            It is the Antifa, not Christians, who beats up Satanists like Blackland, Graveland, and Marduk.

            It is Satanists, not Christians, that the Antifa attacks. As do Muslims.

            • Anon says:

              Satanist tend on average to be leftwing, as do pagans. That there are very notable and active exceptions to this doesn’t change that fact. Much like even though I saw plenty of young alt right internet people think that trump supporters were dispreportionatly young alt fighters like them doesn’t change the fact that Tramp’s actual base is normie Boomers other middle aged or olds.

              • peppermint says:

                False equivalence. Trump’s base is Whites. Most Whites are boomercucks and genxers. These people are heavily indoctrinated and are not activists. They responded implicitly to the implicit White supremacy of Trump’s campaign and the activists who supported it, which proves that they are incorrigible racists and must be wiped out.

                Satanists are activists by definition, as are pagans and other non-Christians other than the irrelegious. Activists are either left-leaning or nazis. Nazis get shut out of everything. Therefore pagans are eternally suspected of being nazis and eternally trying to prove they’re not.

                Christians are eternally suspected of being implicitly White and anti-degeneracy. In reality Christians love degeneracy and hate Whites, which wasn’t a problem until niggers started living in White countries and it became possible for faggots to make a living by talking about faggotry to their adoring Christian fans.

                • Anon says:

                  Ok but even if you adjust for race young whites are much more likely to vote for Clinton than older whites. This is also notable because its not the case in France, in France Let Penn gets higher percentages from younger voters.

            • In reply party to you, and to Jim above.

              For Jim: the Catholic Church does not have, and cannot have, an heretical pope, for the very tautological reason that all (public) heretics cease to be members of the Church ipso facto. For the same reason, the vast multitudes of “Catholics” who have apostatized along with him and his predecessors in the new religion, are not Catholics either, and their organization is not the Catholic Church. They are, rather, the “great apostasy,” and “the great delusion, which will deceive (if possible) even the elect,” long prophesied by saints and Holy Writ alike. The Church is being crucified in a public humiliation, like her Lord; but, Deo Vindice, She will rise again with Her enemies destroyed, to the confirmation of the Faith for many.

              Now, related thereto, in reply to Oogenhand: at my (actual) Catholic Church, there’s a group of men, mostly ex-military (army and marines), but also with some rowdy young hotheads, who are certainly down to fight, and whose moral and intellectual character easily outstrips all atheists and neo-pagan larpers I have known. Most of these men have already been in life-threatening situations, and have serious weapons/combat training and experience.

              I’m aware of the fact that “The JPII Catholic Center of Berkeley” is not likely to produce any warriors for Christendom and Holy Tradition; but Five Wounds Priory of the SSPX, or Our Lady of Quito chapel of the SSPV, certainly can and do. And I’ve never seen an atheist or neo-pagan larper with a brood of kids, whereas 5-9 white kids with masculine, patriarchal fathers is the norm in these places. Like it or not, the fact remains that the best, brightest, boldest fighting force for the Right, is still comprised primarily of traditional Christians – Catholic and Orthodox – in pockets throughout Western Europe and her colonies, or in greater concentrations in Eastern Europe and Russia.

              • jay says:

                Reformed Protestants are left out. Because heretics right?

                • The philosophical premises of Protestantism are the philosophical premises of Liberalism, whole and entire – they are simply first wave, rather than fifth wave. Necessarily, to be a Protestant is to be a Liberal (private arbitration of reality, justifying dissensions and intestine strife); some few of them have managed to retain politically Reactionary instincts, or still adhere closely to Natural Law based on reason and gritty experience, but the philosophical premises of their confession admit of Liberal promiscuity.

                  But I’ll admit that what few hardcore Reformed Protestants there are, can surpass most of the atheists, nihilists, neo-pagans, etc., in their commitment to the Alt-Right and a patriarchal society. I tend to overlook them because, of all the Reformed Protestants I know, none of them reject the Constitution or the Liberal principles upon which the USA is founded, none of them have large families, and very few of them have served in the military (under age 40). So I don’t think of them as traditionalist patriarchs plugged into that unbroken continuity of European culture which stretches all the way back to antiquity, for which they are ready and able to fight and to die, so much as essentially modern folk leading respectable lives with their 2 kids in the burbs, yet who are too mature, intelligent or cultured to humiliate themselves by any association with Evangelicalism. I live more towards the West Coast, so this could be coloring my perception. Perhaps in Vermont things are different.

              • He states the tautology that the Pope can’t be a heretic and the real Catholic church can’t be heretical, so therefore his church is the “real” Catholic church. So either he goes along with the Catholic church in Rome, Italy, or he’s a sedevacantist with his own little church recognized by no one else. Traditionally, the next step is to declare himself the Pope as mental patients are wont to do.

                Then he goes on to accuse OTHER people of being “LARPers.” The irony is delicious.

              • glosoli says:

                In fact, the Catholics have Pope Benedict still, as it’s impossible for a Pope to resign (hence why he still wears the garb and lives in the Vatican). Bergolio is an impostor, Benedict was a weakling.

                All of that takes nothing away from the fact that The Roman Empire very quickly co-opted and satanised the original Christianity (and old Judaism) in order to maintain order and keep the Empire tottering along.

                The bible mentions no pope, no purgatory, no need to confess one’s sins, and the ten commandments specifically prohibits false idols and false Gods, yet the Catholics worship Saints and Mary, and pray to them.

                We need another Reformation.

                The Cathedral will not enter into war with China or Russia, because those two nations are the head of the Cathedral, both commie nations. Both already under the heel of the (((masters))). And don’t look closely at the Jesuit/Catholic make-up of Trump’s cabinet, nor his Chabad-Lubavitch connection and Putin’s too.

                The left will be defeated, to be replaced by the left at the UN. A global leftist slave plantation.

                • peppermint says:

                  — it’s impossible for a Pope to resign

                  a pope just resigned. it’ll be impossible if you send an army to depose Francis and put Benedict back on the throne

                  — The Roman Empire very quickly co-opted and satanised the original Christianity (and old Judaism) in order to maintain order and keep the Empire tottering along.

                  yes, the Romans turned Christianity into a sufficiently White doctrine to be appealing to Whites before we discovered biology, ethology, and game theory. However, Christianity
                  * caused us to try to convert the muds after the Crusades, which meant Whites were ruling over converted muds, who were only too happy to see mudslimes take over again as soon as the crusader knights got too old.
                  * prevented us from taking Darwin seriously. Darwin could only have been English from after the British Empire removed all the communism from Chiristianity – but the communism was coming back to the extent that when he was speaking his words were already not just heretical but politically incorrect

                  — The bible mentions no pope, no purgatory, no need to confess one’s sins, and the ten commandments specifically prohibits false idols and false Gods, yet the Catholics worship Saints and Mary, and pray to them.

                  each of these claims is arguably false and argued to be false by some of the largest cuckstain denominations. The current normal interpretation, however, is that the papacy is a ceremonial role, heaven is where everyone who isn’t a nazi, including jews and mudslimes, goes, while purgatory may exist as a reeducation camp for nazis, the ten commandments are just another barbaric old behavior code (true, also, the old testament was stapled to the new testament to provide context, not initially because cuckstains were serious about worshiping kikes)

                  — We need another Reformation.

                  we need a restoration of White sharia

                  — The Cathedral will not enter into war with China or Russia, because those two nations are the head of the Cathedral, both commie nations.

                  its not the 80s anymore. the Cathedral wants war with Russia because Russia isn’t commie and doesn’t want war with China because China is mud, but if China wasn’t mud the Cathedral would be furious about their treatment of gays, mudslimes, lack of communism, lack of rapefugees, environmental pollution, and colonization of africa.

                  — The left will be defeated, to be replaced by the left at the UN. A global leftist slave plantation.

                  the left is in power for a reason. Once you understand that reason you will understand why the left is collapsing and will be replaced by White sharia.

                • peppermint says:

                  ps. there is nothing ironic about calling for restoration of White sharia. The fact that White women are so impressively beautiful from 18 to 26 after which their beauty rapidly fades implies that White women reproduced only if they got married then. The marriage age implies strong fathers and lack of reproduction otherwise implies monogamy.

              • viking says:

                no true catholic huh?
                forget this commie pope and all the other bad popes. The church itself is and has always been leftist to the core christianity is leftism it is the seed of all leftism. Yes sure been a big part of our cultural legacy, but once once non whites were included in the brotherhood of christ christianity becomes toxic to whites. even before that its destroyed every white empire ever built and in a hundred other ways undermined white power, oh sure to some extent it also helped whites but the fact is its no longer needed nor viable religion is a joke and a problem and must go.

                • glosoli says:

                  I have just read the New Testament.
                  Not a whiff of leftism in it as far as I could see.
                  But, I’d be interested in what you read that makes you think otherwise?
                  Its viability is more certain than anything else on the planet. It will become essential at some point, you sound like a satanist?

                • Cavalier says:

                  It does have leftist elements, though nothing too serious, or it wouldn’t have worked so well for so long. I would go so far as to argue that certain elements of Jim’s “leftism” are what make the white races so special, especially the Anglos, specifically our ability to tolerate and thrive with them.

                • Hidden Author says:

                  So the wars of Greek city-states over oligarchical vs. democratic republicanism occurred before or after Greece’s conversion to Christianity? Ditto the slave revolts in the Roman REPUBLIC?

          • viking says:

            this is funny coming from the man calling himself Portuguese

        • vxxc2014 says:

          Yes, the biggest problem with Christianity is that we have been missing out on the lamentations of their women.

      • oogenhand says:

        Yes! Yes! Yes!

        Jesus burns in Hell. Christianity can’t recovery because nowadays, unlike the Middle Ages, too many people know that Christians are supposed to turn the other cheek. The first Christians didn’t go Bar Kochba on the Romans but let themselves be thrown to the lions. Muh Crusaders?!
        There are ABORTIONISTS that call themselves Christian!!!

        Four wives is NOT enough.

        • Robert says:

          Have you guys seen this https://www.ordo-militaris.us/ Do not count Christianity out. In many ways we (Christians) have turned from God, and we are paying for it. I am a bible believing Christian, I agree with everything Jesus says, I would have no problem killing thousands of my enemies.

          • peppermint says:

            Feed the hungry. Clothe the naked. Comfort the mentally ill by hiring whores for them. Visit the imprisoned and advocate for the release of cop killers. Blessed are the niggers, they shall inherit the cities.

          • jim says:

            How does the Ordo Militaris feel about having a heretic for a Pope?

            How does the Pope feel about the Ordo Militaris?

            How does the Pope feel about protecting Roman Catholics from Muslim pogroms?

            I am pretty sure that when Muslims murder Roman Catholic men and rape Roman Catholic women, I know which side Pope Francis is on.

            • Turtle says:

              That Roman Catholics in Syria get very little support, both charitable donations and political encouragement, is indicative of the Roman ecclesial hierarchs’ priorities. They might give up, and close up the shop, rather soon. I don’t think they have another generation’s worth of Chthulu-as-Jesus in them.

          • oogenhand says:

            Well then, I invite you to start with WN Pagans and WN Satanists…

            • Theshadowedknight says:

              WN of any type are not a threat to Christianity. Why bother? We converted you once before, we can do it again.

              The Shadowed Knight

      • Turtle says:

        Which Palestinian? I have no idea.

        • Lalit says:

          Ok, maybe not Palestinian. Judean? Does that ring a bell? Come on, you couldn’t have not got that! He was born in a manger. Now?

          Don’t tell me you also don’t know the cathedral educated Hindu castrating lawyer was!

          • Turtle says:

            I don’t think Gandhi changed much – open colonialism was ending, and Hindu vs. Muslim war was going to happen too.

            Jesus is the greatest historical man, so they are not comparable.

      • Ron says:

        I do not want to take anyone’s daughter by force and I definitely do not want to force them to watch me do it.

        I would like the father of a woman to apporve of me enough to give me his daughter with her acquiescence, but I have no interest in the daughter of a man who does not want me to have her and I have no interest in either women who do not want me, or women that insist on some charade of faux protest.

        Much, if not all of the problems in the West boil down to men betraying one another to either take what is not theirs by deception or force, or to tear down what they cannot take in jealousy.

        It could be that there are parts of the monkey in which I am riding, my body, which wishes it. But I am not simply a monkey. I am a man, which as CS Lewis said, I am a soul inhabiting a body. Aside from that, even if there are parts of this beast which have such algorithms running, those are only some of the parts parts, and those are only some of the algorithms.

        Men who are spineless and weak tend to be overrun, true. However men that are comstantly brutal tend to become targets.

        Perhaps Lalit, you are trying to encourage ferocity because you see your countrymen as being too accepting of injustice and abuse?

        • jim says:

          The globohomos want one world which they rule. Therefore each national culture must be destroyed – white Christians here, Hindus in India. Thus we are all taught entirely one sided tolerance.

          It is time for some massacre and enslavement. The left was fine with slavery when communists are doing it. Recall the utterly ruthless methods the left used to crush the Boers and the Tutsis.

          • Turtle says:

            How different is wage slavery from formal slavery? I don’t know, really. It seems like needing a paycheck is the same as needing to obey a master.

            Because the bible permits slavery, I will concede that it is ok. I don’t know how or why it would be done right, but business, economics, etc. are all difficult. I’m not sure if slavery has any benefits – almost free, low-status labor might be more loyal, or less motivated, or both

            . I have tried to research such topics, but there’s almost no scholarship to look at. You seem to believe that whatever rightism does is correct, and will work out. But Trump is not a rightist- he wants to confiscate, according to his statements ~2000, ~15% of all elite wealth, to pay down the national debt. That is fine with me, but I prefer a national bankruptcy, with reparations later paid to victims of American-funded U.N. atrocities.

            • peppermint says:

              The difference between renting a whore and marrying a woman is you care about the woman. Same with wagecucks and slaves. No one should ever be a wagecuck. If you’re not a partner, you need a contract.

              But cuckstains fucked up the labor market.

              • Cavalier says:

                The difference between a whore and a wife is reproductive sex, otherwise to be known as the Will of Darwin.

                Speaking of buns and ovens, how’s your breadmaking business coming along, Pep?

              • Ron says:

                I think you are confusing marriage 2.0 with actual marriage.

                A whore versus a wife is the difference between renting a womans reproductive abilities versus aquiring a womans reproductive abilities, subject to reasonable rights and limitations.

                Unreasonable rights would be what we have today.

                For example, all sane men would agree that a man can aquire a cow. All sane men would agree that it is a mans right to kill that cow and eat it. No sane man would accept that his fellow should be allowed to tear off the skin of that cow while it is still alive and conscious of that pain.

                Now we get into the gray area, what happens when an r-selected sociopath decides to try to emotionally game the system to grant cows rights? Eventually we end up with cows becoming so legally dangerous to own that it is better to avoid them. Same thing with marriage 2.0

                • Cavalier says:

                  Prostitution is renting a woman’s intercoursal ability, not her reproductive ability.

                  Between women there is variation in inherent tendency to stable, lifelong monogamy. So, after some generations of absent social and governmental coercion, we would expect to find that any given 20-year-old woman with non-divorced parents and grandparents is significantly more inherently monogamous than one without. Like all behavioral traits, this propensity is likely vastly genetic.

                  While all cows are dangerous, some cows are a whole lot more dangerous than others.

                  Not signing on the dotted line and avoiding cows entirely are not quite the same thing.

                  Absent coercion, the civ- things are going to hell in a handbasket, though. There just aren’t enough natural aristocrats to make up for the rest.

                • peppermint says:

                  Yes, cuckstains fucked up the sexual market as well as the labor market.

                  The proper definition of marriage is pair bonding and family behavior and the social recognition and enforcement thereof, and is specific to the Aryan race, though similar behavior is observed in penguins and can be coerced out of niggers.

              • Turtle says:

                ‘Contractors’ are not paid with benefits, but do have contracts. I would prefer the best deal I can get, not the nominal dignity of free-will employment. The recent rise in firing normal salaried employees and replacing their labor with underpaid contractors is what I mean- why prefer contracts?

                The labor market might be broken cyclically, as in Peter Turchin’s work, Strauss and Howe’s, etc. I think the main problem is hypermobility of the greediest geographically, but hypomobility as in meritocracy.

                • peppermint says:

                  (salaried employment is a more serious contract than at-will employment that can be ended by either party at any time, which is a difficult arrangement for people to understand)

          • Hidden Author says:

            “It is time for some massacre and enslavement.” “Might makes right.”

            In other words, forget morality, let’s have total war! Yet when the other side forgets morality, you whine about what a poor wittle victim you are. Just like Nazis, Friedrich Nietzsche or any other aggressive far-right militarist!

            And yes, what I just said sounds like a left-wing cliche but even a stopped clock is right twice a day…

            • peppermint says:

              the default is to be on the right, the economically productive as opposed to those with institutional power and their clients are on the right. The left needs rightists to exist in order for them to have taxes to spend. The right only needs the left because the institutions make their lives better. Right now every institution exists to destroy us – and even so we have a hard time cheating them directly even when it’s easy, because rightists are honorable.

              Some day, soon, the rightists will decide that the institutions are irredeemable and the people running them will need to figure out how to worm their way into new institutions or the productive economy.

              Only the first Dirty Harry movie was genuinely good. In the third, Dirty Harry needs to stop some RWDS, and tell them he hates the system but until they come up with something that makes sense he’s sticking with it.

              Dirty Harry wasn’t wrong.

              What we need is White sharia in a White ethnostate. This is a fully formed social and political programme that is optimistic and inherently has the youth we need with it. It will happen because young White men want it and there is no force powerful enough at this point to say no to us.


              • Hidden Author says:

                Way to change the subject: You guys want a fight but whine like little girls when you get hurt!

                • jim says:

                  The recent combat at Berkeley says otherwise.

                  You were armed, we were disarmed, but we crushed you and drove you before us.

                  The only thing missing was the lamentations of your women, and that is because you don’t actually have any women (porn girl does not count, because she will not screw you except for pay, nor bear your children, nor lament you).

                • Hidden Author says:

                  Jim, why do you assume that everyone belongs to the Progressive-Left/Fascist-Right binary? I am a third party that insists on his right to think independently. If I happen to denounce the Fascist-Right more on your particular blog, it’s because I want to make sure that I am no one’s dittohead!

                • jim says:

                  Because polarization. Everyone does belong to the Progressive-left/Fascist-Right binary.

                  War comes, there is no neutral ground. Because of recent events, any Libertarians who have not gone full shitlord, now totally support ruining people’s lives for words said in private behind closed doors with the blinds drawn. The libertarian position now is that you can fuck anyone you want, except your wife, but you cannot say anything you want. And you cannot associate with anyone you want, especially your children.

                  Anyone who does not totally support a completely insane left wing program predicated on destroying technological civilization and the white race that created it, is necessarily deemed a fascist, so has little choice but to group with his natural allies.

                  A Jewish couple were operating a fruit stand near the riot. Antifa reflexively attacked them, being opposed to order, property, and civilization. Fascists reflexively protected them, being in favor of property, order and civilization. No neutrality is permitted.

                • Hidden Author says:

                  Well yes, if you’re a political activist, then you must by necessity tribalize yourself through alignment with a group if ever you hope to have power.

                  But me? I’m an ill-socialized Aspie whose unemployment is due in no small part to my inability to network in spite of a Master’s and a 130-140 IQ. As a nerd on a fundamental level, I care about the truth value of facts above and beyond their political value.

                  I could list the ways I differ from the Progressive-Left but the last time I tried it went over your head like water over a duck’s back.

                • jim says:

                  On reading that you claim to differ from the pink haired culturally Marxist eunuch left, I reviewed a bunch of your past comments. I failed to notice any salient differences.

                  For example you attribute to the Nazis the “might is right” doctrine, blithely ignoring “Rules for Radicals” and “Their morals and ours”. You complain of the mote in the Nazi’s eye, and fail to notice the beam in the eye of the pink haired culturally Marxist eunuch left. Therefore you identify with Trotsky and Alinsky, you feel that smearing them is smearing you, much as B is offended by punching Moldilocks.

                • Hidden Author says:

                  Well, I did say that mass, genocidal-level murders are evil regardless of whether its perpetrators are the Left, that current policy about integrating women into the armed forces is bad, etc., etc., but even if you let me post a long guest post about my differences with the Left, you’d ignore them the next day because a complex reality is far more disorienting than a cartoonish pantomime…

                • jim says:

                  Well, I grant that when you notice that integrating women in the the armed forces is bad, that is a point of difference between you and the cultural Marxist eunuch left. But you identify with them emotionally and support them viscerally. They are your tribe, and nothing that they do is very bad in your eyes.

                • peppermint says:

                  The alt right must get things right because the truth of the things we say is out only defense for saying them.

                  You know this, and you recognize the truth of certain things but haven’t yet agreed to the whole programme.

                  The reason you haven’t accepted the programme is you don’t appreciate human biology. You still believe in rational souls that decide based on lived experience what to believe and then argue with each other. Reality has genetically driven behavior, cultural influences, resources and status, and signaling.

                  If you had a deeper understanding of status and signaling, you would be able to take your 2 sigma IQ, get a good job and a hot wife, and write like Jim.

                  The refusal to recognize status and signaling and the truth about sexual behavior and consequent lack of a framework for discussion of current problems like the migrant crisis is the #1 reason cuckstainty is cuckstainty and needs to be suppressed.

                  Don’t forget that up until very recently it was low status to call a man a cuck because cuckoldry was considered socially beneficial behavior.

                • peppermint says:

                  By the way, Aspie makes you sound like a faggot who wants to be a child. You’re a sperglord.

                  Women aren’t attracted to children and men who want to be children. Women are attracted to men who are honest with themselves, have stuff going on in their lives or a plan to get stuff going on in their lives, and they want to be one thing in the life of a man instead of the man worshiping her as the only thing in his life. They will try to take up more of your time as a shit test because they want you to demonstrate that you have other priorities as well.

                  Trusting women to express what they want is a common trap for sperglords that the government gleefully promotes. Ironically, spergladies posting porn on Tumblr are the most honest about what they want. If normalfaggettes are too hard for you, you could find a sperglady who will tell you to pin her down and pull her hair instead of just assuming that if you’re a good man you’ll know what to do, but then you have the problem that the spergs is at least partially genetic.

                • Hidden Author says:

                  I could be a phony through status-signaling but if that’s satisfying or even viable for very long, then why don’t you guys go to Berkeley and adhere to Mao Zedong “Thought”?

                • jim says:

                  Does not seem to be working for male leftists.

                • peppermint says:

                  hey, back when I was in college I had a little red book and point out the most progressive and anti-USG passages to impress women. It didn’t actually work all that well, because communism was passe and didn’t seem all that dangerous. Back then Venezuela hadn’t even collapsed, but everyone kinda had already seen that movie.

                  Right now, if you try to status signal your way into a woman’s pants as a progressive, you need to simultaneously say that women deserve cunnilingus and blowjobs are oppressive, and that you’re going to shove your dick in her mouth and pussy and not even bother fingering her very much. It’s a hard thing to say and I fucked it up a lot, not the least because I actually believed in progressivism and actually thought the Bolivarian Republic would succeed because communism would surely work with computers the lack of which caused it to fail in the USSR.

                  There were recent articles calling young leftist men ‘cuckboi’, written by young feminist women.

                  If you want to status signal into a woman’s pants, you really need to go alt-right nowadays. Which is the #1 reason for the explosive growth of the alt-right. The #2 reason is, if you want a normal family, you need to more or less surreptitiously (but you can count on the full support of any women around) implement White sharia, regardless of whether you call it that.

                  When you understand these things, you will make the necessary adjustments to your attitudes because you’re young and introspective enough to. Boomers, by contrast, aren’t even worth talking to, because they’ll never stop cucking for any reason.

        • viking says:

          its not simply killer apes, all life on earth even plants are fundamentally killers, there is no code more deep than, there is no life without it, without this ruthless competition for resources life would never have survived its first iteration.There is no work around, no transcendance, and subsequent code must be supportive of this prime directive or it will be killed off.Our brains have recently tried to ascribe meaning to strategies that simply mean survive by any means to reproduce.These meanings or morals are simply bullshit there is only one law and the whole of the law is survive to reproduce.In order to do this we have evolved strategies varying by species. These often involve cooperation, these contracts are subsidiary to the fundamental mechanism of evolution which n sexually reproductive species is always at the individual level. we mistake these short term alliances as moral imperatives and ascribe to them voodoo power, they are simply strategies that can be implemented when enough success with resource acquisition allows secondary tertiary etc strategies, yes they work well and lead to civilization which leads to less death of individuals- until it does until niggers are paid to have niglets and white women are paid not to.This is why religion can not be allowed in a rational civilization it can bypass reason and hack into monkey brain stem and allow lies like niggers be humans,jews be proto whites, to propagate. Its not radical individualism, its that tribal strategy can not lose sight of prime directive.
          That said Jims bombast can be quite annoying even to those sympathetic. he should drop the act and get serious about developing the war plan.

        • peppermint says:

          — I have no interest in either women who do not want me, or women that insist on some charade of faux protest.


          • Hidden Author says:

            Yes romance and soulmates are all gay–there are never male-female interactions involved!

            • peppermint says:

              Only a sperglady, or the trashiest whore, will take her pants off and tell you to fuck her, and both will request if not require a final display of dominance in the bedroom. You think you’re cleverly avoiding responsibility thus making her wet. In reality you’re signaling not indifference but fear and indecision, and making her dry.

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