On the day of the rope

On the alt right, a lot of people correctly observe that certain groups are all enemies, and conclude we have to hang them all, or give them all helicopter rides to the Pacific.

That is a lot of helicopter rides.

Does not follow.  A lot of these people are Havel’s Greengrocer, and will chant the new slogans as mindlessly as they chant the old, without even noticing that the slogans have changed.

In the English restoration, people in politically sensitive jobs – preachers, university professors, etc, were invited to reapply for jobs similar to the jobs that they had before the restoration, at similar pay, but these offers were conditional on “conformity”.  So in the job interview, one had to display the same enthusiasm for the new political correctness as for the old, and most announced that they had always believed what they now believed in the post restoration job interview, despite the fact that in their pre restoration job they had had to enthusiastically display the opposite beliefs.

Seems to me that the English restoration was a huge success.  It eventually, after a long time, came apart, as all things come apart, but this was not due to any failure in the early purges.  It was failure to continue the early purges.  They stopped monitoring people in politically sensitive jobs for apostasy.

William Wilberforce should have been enslaved for apostacy and sold to cut sugar cane in the Caribbean, and if that had been done to him and the entire Clapham church, all of them that were in politically sensitive jobs, the British Empire would still be doing fine.

The dangerous ones are not Havel’s Greengrocer.  The dangerous ones are the ones who sincerely and strongly believe one thing, and conspire with other people believing that thing, while pro forma saying they believe a different thing – entryists.  You need an organization to watch for entryists in governmental and quasi governmental jobs (banking, universities, foundations, ngos, and major media), an inquisition, which takes stern measures against them, but you don’t want to put Havel’s Greengrocer through the inquisition.

The policy of the Spanish Inquisition was that if people said they believed what they were supposed to believe, and superficially acted as if they believed it, they were fine.  The Spanish inquisition did not torture people till they confessed.  It tortured people till they stopped confessing.  If someone was obviously practicing and advocating different religion, while claiming to adhere to the official religion, they would make him confess his “error”, confess that he was supposedly a sincere adherent of the official religion who had supposedly mistaken and misunderstood the beliefs and practices of the official religion, and give him a moderate punishment for his “error”, the purpose and the effect being primarily to make apostasy low status and economically unrewarding.  Unrepentant heretics, people who boldly claimed to be holier than the inquisition, they burned at the stake, but when you were in the hands of the Spanish Inquisition, it was mighty hard to stay unrepentant.  They knew that actually burning a heretic was a big win for heresy, so sought to avoid it as far as possible.

The Inquisition depicted in Warhammer 40 000 is very popular on the alt right, but the fictional Warhammer 40 000 Inquisition, unlike the Spanish Inquisition, is apt to arbitrarily torture and execute heretics without due process.  We need to be very careful to torture and execute the correct people.  No torturing Havel’s Greengrocer  (even if he is Jewish)!  Even if we don’t care about groceries, still a win for heretics.

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  2. White Man says:

    Havel’s greengrocer is a fictional character, just like Jesus.

    You can’t disincentivize the subversiveness, lying, and loxism out of a jew any more than you can take the carnivorouness out of a bear. The reason we keep having the same problems from jews is that they are still around.

    Our ancestors failed us. Phony confession and horizontal expulsion didn’t work. Only vertical expulsion will.

    I propose a can of RAID. You propose making the roaches promise not to misbehave again.

    • Cavalier says:

      If we press the magic red button to kill all Jews by autoerotic asphyxiation tomorrow, does that make USG, NATO, Hollywood, MSM, Wall Street, Federal Reserve, World Bank, IMF, and BIS a-okay with Pepe?

  3. Blogospheroid says:

    How much do the presence of the polygraph and other more sophisticated lie detection techniques in today’s world change this prescription? Will anyone be able to flip from one truth to another when their pupil dilation is being measured

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  5. Matt says:

    Sure, just re-employ Noel Ignatiev and take his word for it that he doesn’t want to “abolish” white people anymore.

    • jim says:

      That is roughly what they did in the restoration. Most of them cheerfully switched sides, some of them haughtily refused to switch sides (and thus were not re-employed, but were not punished other than by loss of employment, status, and wealth), and some of them promised to switch sides and lied about it. So you need continued monitoring, an inquisition, to watch for those that promised to switch sides and lied about it (entryists, or, as the Spanish inquisition called them, apostates). When the inquisition catches an apostate, it makes him publicly repent and say he was in error, and as part of his penance, he is punished by being removed from jobs and places where he can cause harm. This repentance lowers the status of his beliefs, which is more effective than killing him in a horrible manner. If he is reluctant to publicly repent and say he was in error, then you kill him, preferably in some spectacular and entertaining way, to deter entryists from lying to you in pursuit of influential jobs.

  6. Samson J. says:

    *Does not follow*

    This is an important point, one which I have been reiterating for several years now, in fact it’s very useful and important for those who tend to get demoralized easily. I first became aware of it in the context of the discussion around homosexuality, which is something about which recent social attitudes would be ridiculously easy to reverse.

    The moral is: if you’re easily prone to being demoralized, take heart from all this.

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  9. vxxc2014 says:

    The difference between Hitler and Franco was Hitler was a democrat.

    Franco wasn’t.

    • peppermint says:

      another difference between Hitler and Franco was that Hitler’s country got invaded while Franco’s country got subverted by Opus Dei, who convinced Franco to hand all authority to this king dude who wasn’t on board with the interests of the nation but wanted to look cool internationally.

  10. vxxc2014 says:

    You want to save anyone?

    And now that it comes you do don’t you?

    Get out there and earn it. That means cred. That means man up and do it.

    We don’t need mass executions: Don’t we? Democracy is engaged fully. Democracy is waging Holy Existential War. The diet of carnivores remains a constant. Democracy will demand it’s literal pound of flesh by the metric ton.

    We’re going to implement all these smart power solutions…oh yes? We who?

    Pray that Trump understands Septimus Severus: pay the soldiers no one else counts…and so above all he uses the warrior caste to not put down but lead and so control the mob. We’ll listen to our cops and veterans who’ve been dying for us and are daily. They’ll listen rather I am one – or so you’d better hope. It won’t make that much difference to me or mine. We paid in.

    Better choke back that whiff of grapeshot punk snark you’re thinking commenters. We have the grapeshot. We are the grapeshot.

    If you want any influence you’ll have to earn it. Should you get a chance get out and fight. It wasn’t beneath Socrates, Plato or King Frederick. For that matter Alcibiades. If you want yea voice in this get out there and earn it if you get the chance.

    Don’t make any plans you can do more than wish for before you get punched in the face by war. Never too late to learn.

    • theshadowedknight says:

      Cops are not soldiers. They did not pay in–they were paid their thirty pieces of silver. As far as them dying, too bad. They were willing to go along with the left when it benefited them. Now they discover that the cost is higher than they expected. Shooting dogs and punishing whites who defend themselves means that they are as much the enemy right now as BLM or SJWs.

      The Shadowed Knight

  11. Dave says:

    We don’t really need mass executions; the private sector will purge itself when government subsidies for left-wing nonsense are abolished. This must be done at the same time we deport millions of beaners, so that former professors, journalists, bureaucrats, and NGO do-gooders can get jobs picking fruits and vegetables.

    In case they feel unsuited to working 14-hour days under the hot sun, strong black men will patrol the fields on horseback and lay the lash into any liberals who slack off.

    • Samson J. says:

      Yes; likewise a LOT of PC foolishness will reverse itself almost overnight with the simple removal of penalties for telling the truth. Be of good cheer!

  12. vxxc2014 says:

    scary when it gets towards real huh?

    Find some nerve. You’re in balls deep without any qualifiers possible.

    Find the real nerve. We ain’t going where we’re going to talk.

    Only killing cred allows any say and wiggle room on who swings and who don’t.

  13. Alan J. Perrick says:

    Importing Africans in the 2nd millenium, just like importing third-worlders today, in the 3rd millenium is a policy that should not only have ended, but been reversed. Globalisation’s weakness is what forced the British Empire off of the stage of history, and there should be no Cemmonwealh of Nations today, but instead be multiple monarchies of Anglo heritage instead, as well as possibly a popish one for the Puerto Ricans (you thought I would have put “Quebec” there instead, didn’t you?).

    To the point, the professors are being given their chance now, and while victorious executions are bad for the souls of the countrymen, any anti-whites who are identified after policies of White Genocide are ended get taxed into poverty for the rest of their lives and their offspring are looked at as candidates for taxation themselves.


  14. Mackus says:

    The first on the list to torture an execute, would be those inquisitors who are so enthusiastic over inquisition that they don’t care if they are torturing the right man.

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