Shooting Gennady Kernes

The Ukraine, like most of the former communist lands, experienced a five finger conversion to capitalism. State assets mysteriously wound up in the hands of some individuals. Gennady Kernes was prominent among those individuals. In the Ukraine the new plutocrats have proven less competent at utilizing assets than stealing them. Ukraine lacks law, tradition, and custom for the orderly exchange of capital assets, so, in the absence of Gennady Kernes, his fortune is probably sliding into other people’s hands. He was probably shot by some random militiaman who was worried he was next in line to be arrested, but his assassination must be making some Ukrainians wealthy and a lot of Ukrainians think that they could get very wealthy by the suitable application of violence.

What Ukraine needs is an environment where productive assets have clear owners, and are capable of being exchanged, sold, and mortgaged. That Gennady Kernes title was “Mayor”, not “CEO”, that he was arresting people, and himself threatened with arrest and execution by the authorities that the Cathedral recognizes as legitimate suggests that it lacks that environment and lacked it even before the coup.

Mayor Gennady Kernes initially opposed the Maidan coup in the Ukraine (as I have mentioned many times before, Maidan was created by George Soros and its website is in English written in the dialect of the American ruling elite) and was threatened with arrest and assassination by Maidan forces. However, no arrest happened. Police, evidently, decided they could not arrest him. However, he switched sides. He then arrested a bunch of anti Maidan militia for possession of Molotov cocktails and pipe bombs. Well, if you arrest men with deadly weapons, better arrest them all, because if you miss some …

Bottom line, Maidan has trouble killing its enemies. Anti Maidan forces seem to have less difficulty. Although each side accuses the other of the assassination, and the only death threats were issued by Maidan, the assassination is obviously a reaction to him changing sides and arresting people armed against Maidan.

Ukrainian Army and police will not obey orders to arrest or kill the enemies of Maidan. Anti Maidan activists will beat up or kill their opponents. Thus, anti Maidan activists have superiority of force, but no organized government or central leadership. Ukrainian armed forces go looking for someone to surrender to, cannot find a Napoleon. It is said that comes the hour, comes the man. The hour has come, but no man is to be found.

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  1. josh says:

    They need to make the transition to a civilized regime where productive assets are transferred by entrapping each other into saying something vaguely “racist”.

  2. mlr says:

    This bit of spot-on analysis is much appreciated: The fact that you’re so reliably able to apply a neo-reactionary lense to current events makes you one of the leading lights of the DE. I’ve read Moldy from back to front, and follow the theoretical blogs, but I find the part of my brain that -applies- those concepts to real world situations as-they-happen just doesn’t get enough exercise.

    That you supply exactly that, in spades, will keep me coming back everyday.

    Thanks again.

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