The feminized police force and army

1. In response to the Orlando terrorist massacre there were women in uniform among those police responding. This was absurd, outrageous, despicable, shocking, and immoral. We should not expose women to danger – and because you cannot treat women differently to men, no police were exposed to danger.

2. In response to the Orlando terrorist massacre police of both sexes hid some distance away for three hours while the shooter continued shooting at leisure and victims continued to bleed out on the floor for three hours.

The problem is that if you are going to incorporate women in a workforce, you cannot tolerate masculinity. If you have women in the workplace, along comes the schoolmarmish attitude that men are brutes and this shocking brutishness cannot be tolerated. But there are some jobs, such as firefighting, policing, and war that just really need masculinity.

And even if, as in engineering, you don’t really need masculinity, it is really oppressive that men are just not allowed to be men.

A situation where unowned fertile age women are mingling with masculine men is socially intolerable. The woman have to be owned, or the men emasculated, and since keeping women under control is today deemed intolerable, the men are emasculated, and we are now seeing that it is costly to emasculate police, and the Brits have repeatedly demonstrated that it is very costly indeed to emasculate soldiers.

Fertile age women should not be allowed to mingle with men except that they are firmly controlled by some male who is present, in authority over them, and responsible for their good behavior, and the number of women he is responsible for is small enough that he actually can control them. In practice, the alternative is always emasculating the men.

It is interesting that the astonishing cowardice of the police is being covered up – shows guilty mind – that this episode of horrifying cowardice is not just some bad apples, but is recognized as a result of government policy, much as the reaction to the Fort Hood shooting showed guilty mind in that they recognized the Fort Hood shooting was the result of affirmative action promoting people who absolutely should not have been promoted.

Omar Matteen eliminated opposition, then proceeded to shoot a bunch of people. Police arrived, and were told to wait for the SWAT team. They waited, and waited, while he kept on killing people at leisure, and victims continued to bleed out on the floor. Police withdrew.

Eventually, after half an hour, he stopped shooting, maybe he was short of ammo, maybe tired. Then he called up the FBI, told them this was a terrorist attack. It is not clear whether he resumed shooting after that.

Two and half hours after the attack, police started taking out wounded people lying on the floor.

Three hours after the attack, the SWAT team finally counter attacked.

So it is not quite literally true that they waited three hours while he killed people at liesure. They waited half an hour while he killed people at liesure, then two and a half hours more while he could have killed people at leisure, and possibly did. They also waited two and a half hours while wounded people were bleeding out on the floor.

Hey, if they were arresting you for failure to show up in court, for a court hearing whose date had been changed without informing you of the change, would have shot blind through your door, then it would have taken them two seconds to shoot your dog, and three seconds to break your child’s face.

Large scale social cooperation, the larger organization of society, is something men do. It is part of masculine behavior. And if feral fertile age women are allowed to wander loose, you cannot tolerate masculine behavior, which makes large scale cooperation difficult. Either masculinity has to be deemed wicked, or fertile age women not under male supervision and authority have to be deemed wicked, or at least deemed feral. And so we have come to deem masculinity wicked.

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  3. vxxc2014 says:

    Actually local police exchanged shots outside and others responded, then grabbed their assault rifles and ran inside. Mateen at this point is cornered but his location unknown to them. They were inside for 15+ minutes.

    SWAT ordered the LT with them to pull out. SWAT was in command.
    It may be that the officers inside lacked Level III body armor [rifle bullets].

    At that point the hours delay began.

    This sounds more like a command clusterf**k than Feminism.
    I can almost see them wringing their precious hands.

    But let’s not disparage the courage of the initial responding officers.

    • jim says:

      If the initial responding officers had the balls that the Canadian Sergeant at Arms had, the terrorist would be dead before they had time to receive stupid orders.

      They took cover and did nothing while the terrorist continued shooting.

  4. The incompetence is shocking.

    This is good news for Nationalists.

    More, please.

  5. Alf says:

    I’ve recently experienced this firsthand in children’s psychiatry. Generally what happens is that a young boy is disruptive in class, is sent to the -almost always female- psychiatrist, is branded add/autistic and is given medication so that he may function in class. If he is still disruptive, medication will be upped.

  6. Thrasymachus says:

    Engineering requires masculinity. Science, not quite as much, but as well. I spent my early childhood around space program scientists and engineers and they were all pretty masculine, not in the way physical laborers are, but still masculine.

  7. Ron says:

    You’ve answered a question I’ve been trying to formulate an answer to for some time.

    Why is Milo Yiannopolous deemed “safe”? It’s clear that he is, he himself notes it, but why? It’s can’t just be because he is a practicing homosexual, it is something in his manner.

    You’ve given the answer. It is because he is effeminate. His coy responses, nervous laughter, constant joking, self degrading statements, etc. All of these are the opposite of masculine behavior and as such are deemed “safe” by those with an conscious or unconscious imperative to enact a large scale organization of society which allows women to run feral and loose.

    • peppermint says:

      Yes, and young people need to either figure out how to signal interest in women while acting like that during their initial approach, or only hit on women who can’t be taught to run away from masculinity, or only finger drunk women. Fortunately, signaling interest is the easiest thing in the world.

      Milennials could even get away with masculinity and telling nigger jokes in school to trusted friends. The first movie I saw the male lead waiting for the female lead to pursue him was Pirates of the Caribbean, which is for Milennials. These Post-Milennial 18 year olds, they are Evalion, they denounce cucks and degenerates on their personal facebooks, they say Hitler did nothing wrong on their personal facebooks, etc. The SJWs hate them no matter what, so they have no incentive to act otherwise.

      By contrast, the GenX movie Office Space, it was quite clear that the male lead was patriarchially oppressing the female lead and slut-shaming her, which GenXers feel guilty about. That misplaced guilt they feel is what makes them our enemy.

      The Post-Milennials are incredibly radical, and will uncuck this country if radicalized Milennials can slap enough GenXers.

      • Or, if uncucked GenXers can slap enough Millennials. It’s happening.

        • peppermint says:

          GenXers are the ones who feel guilty about their privilege and want equality for all peoples while acknowledging the supremacy of Western culture. Just ask “right wing” GenX ecelebs Gavin McInnis and RamZPaul. The White Man’s Burden is inherently cuckstain cuckoldry.

          Millennials want Whites to be permitted to continue to exist, ask Andrew Anglin and Andrew Auernheimer. Millennials are carefully trained to act like good goyim in public but some of us were radicalized by saying ‘nigger’ on the anonymous imageboards.

          Post-Millennials want Whites to continue to exist and in addition don’t care about people knowing about it, just ask Post-Millennial eceleb Evalion. They come out of high school already radicalized never having been taught to keep their mouths shut.

  8. cloudswrest says:

    “Three hours after the attack, the SWAT team finally counter attacked.”

    And probably took out a significant number of hostages themselves.

  9. Inquiring Mind says:

    The above FBI report claims 1) there were no shots fired between the time of the initial police officer battle with the shooter shortly after 2 AM and the SWAT raid 3 hour later, 2) that an air conditioning unit was removed from a wall to free more victims at around 4:20 AM, but 3) Orlando PD radio traffic indicated that people were being rescued (without specifics as to times).

    The Narrative is that an off-duty officer working outside as a “bouncer” (club security) shortly followed by two more officers from a patrol car exchanged gunfire with the shooter, leading to the shooter retreating to a bathroom where other club patrons had tried to hide from the shooter. The assertion is that for much of the 3 hours until SWAT breached the wall, the shooter was sequestered in a bathroom where he was holding hostages, and that over the course of the 3 hours in question, the police were evacuating victims from the area outside the bathroom.

    Were wounded left in the club over a substantial portion of the 3 hours in question? This is somewhat vague from the above FBI report, and defenders of the Narrative would insist no. I don’t know if you can really make the assertion that wounded victims were left to die with any certainty, but it is not entirely clearer either that this was not the case.

    • jim says:

      After the terrorist was killed:

      “Officers then walked into the nightclub and found the dead bodies of club patrons strewn about the club, with more bodies found in a nearby bathroom.”

      So, officers not in the nightclub until after Swat attacked the terrorist through the bathroom wall three hours after the killing began.

      If I am reading accounts correctly, the terrorist was in one bathroom, and they broke through the wall of a different bathroom, whereupon the terrorist came over and engaged them, in which case he was at no time “sequestered” anywhere.

      • Inquiring Mind says:

        I hear what you are saying, but the wagons are being circled on this incident just as they have been on other incidents.

        The FBI report I linked to was remarkably coy on the question of whether wounded were left for 3 hours to die, resorting to dropping hints that they were not without being able to outright claim this was indeed the case. There is also the account of having to remove an air conditioning unit over two hours later to let people escape. Narrative, Megaphone, Cathedral and all that, it gets might hard to contradict a line that the guys-in-charge don’t want contradicted.

        I guess the one thing I offer in defense of the Orlando PD is that at Columbine, there was a lot of criticism that the police waited for SWAT to show up and could have saved people if they had just rushed those two guys. The Columbine shooters were inexperienced losers where the police would have the advantage in a gun battle from their training, but this guy appeared to be a lot more dangerous in terms of being able to handle guns and shoot straight.

        • jim says:


          Recall what happened when the Canadian Parliament was attacked by a terrorist. The Sergeant-at-Arms, an old fat guy in fancy dress looking rather like the clothes worn by the Wizard of Oz, picks up his gun, and heads towards the sound of gunfire. Does not pick up the phone and call for a security team. Takes care of the problem man on man. That is a man.

          The few men remaining are mostly his age.

          So this terrorist can shoot straight? Can’t cops shoot straight?

          • glenfilthie says:

            The cops are guests at my rod and gun club every other week when we close down the rifle ranges for them to train and qualify.

            No, Jim, most cops cannot shoot straight. I am a competent shooter and I could make mince meat of them if I flipped my gourd. Younger shooters like your boys here – with brighter eyes and steadier nerves and the right training… Would fill the morgues with them.

            Women don’t like cops. They want nannies… or at least they THINK they do. We will eventually solve this the way the Israelis did with their female soldiers of the IDF : women will get the soft cushy jobs while they pose for the media photo ops looking tough and mean with their Tavors and M4’s. Men will be deployed to the hotspots to dispatch the more violent rag heads with extreme prejudice, while the liberal media ass hats fawn over the he-women.

            This is why I like the evil jooooos: Everyone wins! Women can pretend to be as tough as men, the media can turd polish their sexual narrative, and the men can go kill the fig farming goat felt hang moslems that desperately need killing!

            It is no coincidence that Israel holds even though they are surrounded by enemies that want to kill them!

        • Sam J. says:

          According to Judge Napolitano saying that according to the transcript he read that “No One” died before 5:13 in the morning when the SWAT team entered.

  10. viking says:

    I hear you on Ruby Ridge which i witnessed first hand the spring i moved to north Idaho about ten miles from Naples was living in my truck at the general store while its transmission was being fixed so i could get back up to the land I eventually built my homestead on.Well at least the Idaho AG filed murder charges against the FBI agent not that it got anywhere. You know the other side of this coin is cops shoot now instead of kicking ass because theyre all faggots that cant fight.

    • peppermint says:

      What do you make of, in Dirty Harry, when Dirty Harry taped a knife to his leg, the police captain saying “you know, it’s disgusting that a cop would know how to use a weapon like that”?

      What I got from that is police have been getting better at fighting, though they are now under the same shoot to kill if you have to fight at all rules as everyone else.

  11. Rob says:

    So, what happens if feral women and masculine men mingle?

    They all fuck in a great big pile, negro style?

    • jim says:

      Sometimes. Not often, but more often than can really be tolerated.

    • theshadowedknight says:

      No, you very quickly get owned women, or, if the women is not worth owning, you get a gangbang, courtesy of the tragedy of the commons.

      In the Marine Corps, I saw some women pair up with an alpha, while some women were passed around the rest of the alphas and whatever betas were deemed attractive enough. Then, a lot of rape accusations from the barracks whores. They felt that they were being treated like whores and felt bad, so it must be rape. Then they started in on the rape culture, and instituted rape education.

      The cost of feral women required a solution, and rather than dealing with the feral women, they emasculated the men.

      The Shadowed Knight

      • jim says:

        Tragedy of the commons, in extreme form, takes the form of a pile.

        • theshadowedknight says:

          Never heard of it happening, but would not be surprised. I knew that through two women alone, more than half my battalion were eskimo brothers. At that point, a gangbang is just a formality.

          The Shadowed Knight

        • theshadowedknight says:

          There is a gangbang where several men enjoy a woman all at the same time, and then there is a gangbang where one woman enjoys several men, one at a time. I heard of women in the barracks going from room to room, man to man in a single night. Either way it goes, it is extreme, and extremely degenerate.

          The Shadowed Knight

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