Nationalism rises from the dead

White nationalities have been told, and have believed, that they don’t deserve to have nations, that they are too wicked to have nations, that their evil thoughts cause nonwhite nationalities to underperform.

And if you look at the capitals of what used to be white nations, looks like most white nationalities no longer have nations. White males are merely individuals, isolated, alienated, emasculated, and permanently outvoted. The single white women vote for minorities that are still permitted manliness and rape.

And if you look at polls, looks like most whites agree, that whites are too wicked to have nations, that whites deserve to cease to be.

And the left, confident in those polls, has opened the borders to one billion one hundred million Africans, to live on crime and welfare and voting left.

As the frog gets dumped from the hot water to the boiling oil, he twitches slightly.

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19 Responses to “Nationalism rises from the dead”

  1. Alan J. Perrick says:

    What comes after? Remember, that today is the Feast of St John Baptist, near midyear when the days stop waxing.


  2. Texas_Lamar_ says:

    Jim, you’ve mentioned before that Europe advanced and became civilized by punishing its most violent individuals over the centuries.

    While I agree I think that they pursued this policy much too far and have damaged themselves greatly by it. Society needs somewhat violent people to function, and thus

    Australians and other prisoners hundreds of years ago may have been the scum of the British blood at the time, but now they are among the finest.

    This reminds me of a scientific study involving spiders. Biologists breeded two separate groups of the same type of spider. One group was selected for coeperation and peacefulness. One was selected for violence.

    In a controlled environment without any predators, the peaceful spiders did the best, cooperating with each other more and fighting with each other less. They had a higher and healthier population.

    When they were put into a wild environment, the peaceful spiders were quickly utterly wiped out by rival species and predators. On the other hand, the violent spiders, while having a hard time, managed to repel the predators and other hassles and survive.

    A civilization can get too “civilized”, like the peaceful spiders. I’m not saying I approve of mindless violent senseless slaughtering brutes, but sometimes intelligent violent senseless slaughtering brutes, when guided by a good moral system, can be very effective indeed.

    • Oliver Cromwell says:

      I do not think the selection acted on predilection for violence or such but rather ability to control violence.

      The Japanese are plainly not incapable of tremendous brutality but they only use it when it is socially accepted by other Japanese.

      Civilised people do not prosper under governors unwilling to command violence.

      • Texas_Lamar_ says:

        Right, it’s a good impulse overall. But if you take it to an extreme you have people who are unwilling to commit violence against foreigners or outgroups at the top, and people who even if ordered won’t commit violence at the bottom or middle.

        Of course, the top and governors now are willing to command violence, just against their own people. Or perhaps it would be better to say that they now see their ingroup just among the very elite, or even feel that their ingroup are saudi arabians or whatever.

        What country are you from, Cromwell? USA? England? Other anglosphere? If you’re part of the USA may I ask you what general region or even state if it’s not too personal?

        • Oliver Cromwell says:

          A society where people commit random violence against foreigners despite government and social disapproval won’t look civilised.

          I am not sure that the state is particularly willing to use violence even against in-groups. The state did not crush the Bundy militia with great bloodshed.

          The state is certainly less willing to justify violence against out-groups than in-groups, but it prefers to act by setting loose uncivilised people to inflict random violence while commanding the victims with social pressure not to respond. It prefers to decline to act than to act.

          • GameOn says:

            >I am not sure that the state is particularly willing to use violence even against in-groups. The state did not crush the Bundy militia with great bloodshed.

            The state didn’t crush them because they were massively out gunned and they ran away like bitches when the protestors pointed sniper rifles back at them. They would have had to call in the military to stop it and there’s always a chance the army might defect. Liberals never trust the military to back them.

          • Oliver Cromwell says:

            The state could have nuked the Bundy ranch.

            They lacked the nerve.

  3. Well done, England!

    Now, what are we going to do about the Scottish Problem?

    A new set of Clearances may be in order.

    • Trimegistus says:

      Border Reavers.

    • Wilbur Hassenfus says:

      1. Repeal the Acts of Union
      2. Dig a 100′ trench along the border and fill it with flaming gasoline.

      Then play it by ear. No need to install electrified razor wire right away.

    • Dave says:

      Easy: Scotland leaves the UK and joins the EU. Not only would England no longer pay taxes into EU coffers, they wouldn’t have to pay welfare benefits to Scottish NEETs either. A wall or fence would be prudent, in case Scotland turns into another Greece.

      • glenfilthie says:



        Britain was the first domino. Now it will be a race to get out! The EU was doomed the second the PIIGS learned that they could spend like drunken sailors and leave the big boys with the bill.

        Also not said: consider what happened here, and WHERE. Britain has become a bastion of liberal political correctness. These are the guys that shut down restaurants because moslems might smell the frying bacon. These are the guys with hate laws that make it illegal for you to defend yourself from a mudflap who’s trying to kill you. These are the guys that believe truth can be hate speech and that thought police are needed to keep unenlightened, icky free speechers like you boys here – from starting WW3 and reviving the Fourth Reich. None of the above is an exaggeration.

        In the midst of that… The Brexit. The British want their country back, the rest of them will too. Once the benefits of classical white rule are re established the rest of Europe will want it too. When the migrants and vibrants rise up to oppose that the next inevitable steps will be taken.

        This tide will turn – it has to. Whites will not voluntarily commit cultural suicide to appease liberals. This is concrete proof that there is a breaking point, and that we are coming close to it.

        And let us have enough of this crap about all women being mud-sharking liberal hoes craving black alpha cack. They may THINK they want a quick boink with the dark meat… But only the craziest ones want to marry them and raise their kids in their culture.

        What you’ve just seen, boys – is the gloves quietly being taken off. Stock up on ammo and popcorn… You are gonna really enjoy the show in store!

        • jim says:

          And let us have enough of this crap about all women being mud-sharking liberal hoes craving black alpha cack. They may THINK they want a quick boink with the dark meat… But only the craziest ones want to marry them and raise their kids in their culture.

          If they think they want quick boink with the dark meat – which an awful lot of them do, they are mud sharking liberal hoes. A huge problem is that only the underclass is allowed to act alpha. By and large, nurses and female doctors boink white male doctors, but female lawyers don’t boink male lawyers, let alone white male lawyers, they boink underclass criminals, and frequently nonwhite underclass criminals. Female lawyers have sex lives that would embarrass a truck stop stripper.

          Yes, they don’t marry them, but the result is about fifty percent cat ladies, fifty percent marriages where they cannot stand to have sex with their beta husband, and so continue pursuing alpha cock in an ever more degrading manner as they lose their looks.

      • Contaminated NEET says:

        >welfare benefits to Scottish NEETs

        Touch our autismbux and you will reap the whirlwind, normalfags!
        Whirlwind of muttered complaints, that is.

      • jim says:

        The day approaches when the remaining countries of the European Union are all Greece – poor, corrupt, and with an open door to Africa.

        • Irving says:

          The end of the EU is going to destroy E. Europe. Basically every country east of Germany is cooked.

  4. It’s almost as if we need a Nationalist Revolution.

    May a million Thomas Mairs rise up.

  5. Contaminated NEET says:

    That’s a little grim for the occasion, Jim. You’re not wrong, but let’s take a day to celebrate and swim in the ocean of globalist tears. Brexit is not a panacea, but it is a win for the good guys for once.

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