The imaginary Free Syrian Army

The US is theoretically aiding the “Moderate Muslims”, the free Syrian Army, the FSA, which theoretically controls a small and rapidly shrinking patch of Aleppo.

In actual practice, those that control Aleppo will murder any male non sunni Muslim on sight, regardless of age, which makes them less moderate than Islamic State. The US is, as Putin observes, aiding terrorists.

Stuart Ramsay was in Aleppo when those moderate Muslims of the Arab Spring, the movement to make the middle east democratic and progressive, took control, and was there when they almost immediately lost control. It seems that the FSA only existed for a few weeks or months, with rank and file FSA fighters swiftly going over to those fighting holy war for race and religion, and the FSA leadership mysteriously vanishing.

In retrospect it is clear that the Arab Spring was an act of aggression by the Cathedral against middle eastern regimes, no doubt genuinely inspired by the most noble sentiments, but entirely without real local roots.

The “moderates” were, it is now apparent, rootless cosmopolitans who identified ideologically and politically with the “ïnternational community” and expected to get quasi governmental jobs, for example NGO jobs, media jobs, academic jobs, and so forth, provided by the international community, in international places.

Ramsay reports that the FSA made no real effort to set up a governing structure in the areas they controlled, unlike the various groups waging tribal and holy war against various other Syrians minutely different from themselves. This is the typical problem with quislings. They don’t really care because they expect their foreign masters to do the heavy lifting. If they do nothing, maybe their foreign masters will pick up the slack, if they do something, their foreign masters will capture most of the benefit. And if everything goes bad, they expect to be working for an NGO some place else.

The FSA, like the rest of the Arab Springers, were rootless cosmopolitans who acted the way quislings serving a foreign master typically act. And now they are all dead or fled, mostly fled. And they fled four years ago, and are now doing international community jobs like section eighting refugees into your suburb.


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  1. glenfilthie says:

    Random thoughts:

    Classical geopolitics with pisslamic shit skins has been to keep them at each other’s throats lest they go for ours. That is why we ‘meddle’ in the Middle East. In pisslamic culture deceit and treachery are art forms which is why nobody really has any allies there. The Russians will get theirs just as we get ours. As always, none of these conflicts are really about religion or politics – they’re about money and power and sho wields it.

    Classical peaceniks, historical ignoramii, and related political dim bulbs have always favoured neutrality and taking our ball and going home. They don’t understand that if we do that, the Law Of The Jungle will assert itself in the region, and eventually one monkey will murder all his competitors – and a local strong man will arise and begin amassing serious power. If that happens, protecting our legitimate interests and investments in the area will be in jeapordy as the new strong man will see us as just another group of rival monkeys he must eliminate, A La Saddam Hussein.

    If you recall The Buckwheat Administration was dead set against intervention in the area – but got drawn into it anyway because of these realities. Trump will too. There is simply too much money and power and opportunity there to leave in the hands of savages.

    There is not enough to warrant war with Russia or anyone else. All we need to do is throw the odd monkey wrench into area politics, and understand that the odd casualties are the cost of doing business in the area.

    • peppermint says:

      » keep them at each other’s throats lest they go for ours

      bullshit. the only way they could possibly invade us is if we let them, and our interventions help the traitors make the case that we should let them invade.

      » none of these conflicts are really about religion or politics – they’re about money and power and sho wields it.


      » protecting our legitimate interests and investments in the area


      » The Buckwheat Administration was
      » against intervention in the area – but got drawn into it anyway because of these

      • Father Thyme says:

        This map of the region says it all:

        “I will not cease from Mental Fight,
        Nor shall my Sword sleep in my hand:
        Till we have built Jerusalem,
        In Englands green & pleasant Land”

        Now London has absorbed that “Countenance Divine,” but it’s not quite as good as Mr. Blake imagined. Perhaps he should have read his friend Thomas’ works a little more closely.

        “The whole religious complexion of the modern world is due to the absence from Jerusalem of a lunatic asylum.” -Thomas Paine

        • Minion says:

          Too bad Thomas Paine was a militant liberal.

          If you are a liberal, I am not sure why you are here.

          • Father Thyme says:

            If you’re a Minion of Soros, I’m not sure why you’re here.

            • peppermint says:

              Minion is known to be a Muslim nationalist of some kind frustrated with us exporting cuckstainty and supporting the skype agenda in the Middle East.

              The difference between Minion and UBL is that Minion reads Jim and UBL read Chomsky.

              • 120 says:

                Minion is right about Thomas Paine though. Dude was one of the most left wing people in all of history, especially for his time. If Thomas Paine were alive today he’d be part of Pussy Riot or those chicks who protest naked or something.

                • Father Thyme says:

                  Oh sure. Quite the pussy riot, he.

                  “Government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil; in its worst state, an intolerable one.” -Thomas Paine

                  “Arms discourage and keep the invader and plunderer in awe, and preserve order in the world as well as property… Horrid mischief would ensue were the law-abiding deprived of the use of them.” -Thomas Paine

                • peppermint says:

                  Second quote is true, governments get their authority from the consent of the governed and from military capability and the governed having military capability is important to prevent corruption.

                  First quote is fundamentally cucked, governance is natural and right, the only way you could ever think anarchy is good is if you believe in the retarded souls hoax instead of evolution.

        • peppermint says:

          That may well be the truth about the region, explaining why our intervention is directly helping the skypes.

      • Glen Filthie says:

        They won’t invade us, P-Mint. They’ll go after our allies. They always do. And, when it suits them, they will ally with us and go after our former allies who are now deadly enemies. I disremember who said it, but essentially he said that alliances in the arab world are not graved in stone – they shift like the sands of the desert. It has always been so, and so shall it remain. We use them and lose them. They are expendable pawns in protecting our legitimate interests.

        As for legitimate interests? Well, if you were an adult and owned a home and a car, you would be concerned about gas prices. Living as you do in your parent’s basement, I suspect a lecture on petro-economics would be lost on you.

        Signalling? Who, exactly? And why?

        • peppermint says:

          » Well, if you were an adult and owned a home and a car, you would be concerned about gas prices

          if I was concerned about energy prices, I would build nuclear power and try to move freight and commuters to electric rails. But, of course, I don’t also want to include googles in everything.

  2. Alan J. Perrick says:

    No atheists in foxholes and no non-religious sticking it out for years in a warzone.

    • Father Thyme says:

      No traitors—who pledge allegiance to a New Jerusalem—in foxholes.

      • “Every knee will bend to me, and every tongue will confess allegiance to me.” -Jewgod (Isaiah 45:23)
      • “…the name of the city of my Jewgod, which is new Jerusalem…” (Revelation 3:12)

      They’ll sell out, every time, for imaginary status-whoring in a fantastical afterlife.

  3. Minion says:

    “In actual practice, those that control Aleppo will murder any male non sunni Muslim on sight”
    This is false, even Jabhat al Nusra (now know as Jaysh al Sham) only plans to exterminate Druze and Alawis (who in addition to being pagans, are also naturally loyal to the Alawi Bashar regime). However, they are quite tolerant of local Christian communities.

    That being said, the Cathedral obviously miscalculated the Arab Spring as the Arab masses demanding secular liberal democracy. Initially, those agitating for the Arab spring were liberals and secularists, but they quickly found themselves outnumbered and outgunned by Muslims. The only thing that will replace Assad will be a Muslim (“Islamist”) regime. The Muslim rebels have managed to liquidate any secular opposition to Assad’s rule two years ago.

    • jim says:

      “In actual practice, those that control Aleppo will murder any male non sunni Muslim on sight”

      This is false, even Jabhat al Nusra (now know as Jaysh al Sham) only plans to exterminate Druze and Alawis (who in addition to being pagans, are also naturally loyal to the Alawi Bashar regime). However, they are quite tolerant of local Christian communities

      Are they?

      They certainly were not and are not tolerant of the local Palestinian community.
      Pretty sure that every Christian in rebel held Aleppo is dead or fled.

      • Minion says:

        I remember a while back Nusra captured a bunch of Nuns as a bargaining chip, but they were eventually released and reported they received very humane treatment by their captors, and they were not sexually violated or anything (as Muslims respect the vows of celibacy for nuns and therefore cannot take them as concubines)

        • 120 says:

          Are you being payed to try to make the Muslim Rebels look better? If you support al Nusra against Russia and Assad you should just come out and say it. There are many historical examples of Muslims raping nuns. Christians overwhelmingly support Assad and have fought for him, while also saying the rebels commonly target Christians

          Btw many/most Muslims see Christians as effectively or partially polytheistic because of the Trinity, so that’s not that great of an argument.

    • Oliver Cromwell says:

      “even Jabhat al Nusra (now know as Jaysh al Sham) only plans to exterminate Druze and Alawis”

      Well that’s OK then!

      The Alwais are our guys. Assad (Alawite) looks awfully white, while the rebels look awfully brown. The theological content is irrelevant. Assad’s Alawis are likely a high IQ ethnic enclave, being threatened by the descendants of an ancient low IQ immivasion.

      • Minion says:

        Islam, like Christianity, has little tolerance for polytheistic religions.

        “Assad (Alawite) looks awfully white, while the rebels look awfully brown.”
        nope. White Syrians exist in both groups.

        Non Muslims in the Middle East are a high IQ minority, but that still doesnt prevent many of them looking like a poo in the loo

        • 120 says:

          Do you understand the concept of Averages? Yes, there are black people who have higher its than some white people.doesn’t mean that the white people aren’t way higher on average.

          On average, Christians and many other minority groups in Syria are whiter than the Muslims.

          • Oliver Cromwell says:

            Which should not be surprising, as in a Muslim-dominated community you cannot marry a Muslim without becoming a Muslim.

            The Muslims are the miscegenated population, while the “heretics” are endogamous.

            • Antipas says:

              Christians in the middle east are also more likely to have Greek/European ancestry dating back to Byzantine times.

  4. thinking about it 9 says:

    I think the main reason so many people become quislings is hedonism. America aka the international community is THE culture you want to be in, if you want unfettered fun fun fun all the time. Videogames, movies, porn, work and screw whenever and wherever. That’s why a lot of those movements are led by young people with minimal family responsibilities. And that’s why every so often the media goes gaga over how young Iranians love blue jeans, parties and rock music.

    • peppermint says:

      You say nihilistic hedonism, I say marginalized people cooperating because they know that if they don’t they’re going to be a burden on their family and feeling guilty about it, being unable to have a family anyway, and just drinking away the dirty money.

      And now that they get nothing for cooperating and at least the satisfaction of resisting if they don’t, they’ll get uncucked pretty fast.

    • Minion says:

      Another explanation would be that America is the most powerful country in the world. These secular Middle Easterners (wrongly) think that if they copy the West, even down to its cultural liberalism and atheism, that they would be as advanced as the West is, oblivious to any genetic and geopolitical reasons for their backwardness.

      Arguably, ISIS sells a much better vision of the good life for single young males than liberalism with its emasculating egalitarian nonsense.

      • peppermint says:

        what if the cargo cultists had NGO women coming to get fucked by them and NGO men coming to organize them in building their airstrips, while international corporations were coming in to drill for oil, and special forces were coming around to kill anyone who threatened the operation?

        It’s nuts, and terrorism isn’t the blowback, the blowback is NGO triumphalism and the cargo cult at home that tries to inject women and googles into every process.

      • jay says:

        Banging their cousins is why middle eastern Muslims have such a low-trust society.

        Uber-Clannishness allows idiots to have more reproductive success than they would have under a less clannish society. Also nepotism over talent.

        Also repeated cousin pairing results in lowered IQ and increased birth defects.

        • Minion says:

          “Banging their cousins is why middle eastern Muslims have such a low-trust society. ”
          Its the opposite. They marry cousins because they live in a low trust society.

          Low trust societies were the norm before the advent of modern communication and transportation. Most people did not step out of their village or town

          “Also repeated cousin pairing results in lowered IQ and increased birth defects.”
          Race is far more correlated with IQ than cousin marriage. Which is why American blacks are still dumb, despite not practicing cousin marriage like many African blacks. Spics have the same societal problems as the Middle East despite cousin marriage being relatively rare

  5. JRM says:

    What I’m wondering now is how supportive of proxy (or limited) war against Russia the American people are.

    It’s becoming obvious that HRC and the globalists have a major grudge against Putin. It also appears that the arguably US-created and backed Islamic State is being decimated by Russian force. One would like to assume that full engagement with Russia would be rejected by most, but in our current idiocracy, I can see women voting for easy abortions and war with Russia, no problem.

    Meanwhile, in spite of massive (apparent) failure in ME/NA, HRC is being touted as the most qualified candidate ever. I say apparent failure, b/c I think disrupting the region was a feature not a bug of US policy.

    Will women and minorities vote us into escalation against Russia? I don’t doubt it, they are low-information, Nanny State fans. Will the much vaunted “more education” HRC supporters who are White professionals join them? Most likely. Trump may have grabbed a woman somewhere once.

    Remember when BHO was going to bring world peace, and HRC had someone make a cute re-set button? Now HRC tars anyone who isn’t virulently anti-Russian, and the people are expected to revive a limited and otherwise gauche patriotism just in the case of Putin.

    p.s. Nice explication of the “quisling” mind-set. I had not thought about it the way you describe it. That model is quite useful in understanding these US-backed “popular uprisings”.

  6. Cavalier says:

    “and are now doing international community jobs like section eighting refugees into your suburb”

    Wonderful. And I mean that sincerely. The sooner every middle-class family has first-hand experience with the various species of subhumans, the better. The sooner every middle-class family finds itself unable to White flight to a new suburb free of the various species of subhumans, the better. The sooner every middle-class family is well and truly cornered and well and truly pissed-off, the better.

    Let’s bring this shit stew to a boil.

    • peppermint says:

      I fear Russians less than googles and skypes and wish Russia had the divisions to invade and forcibly marry my sister and put me to work in a coal mine.

      The middle class doesn’t exist anymore, said Revilo Oliver fifty years ago. Looking at all the middle class manchildren and polyamorous pansexual womanchildren, who are constantly telling me they would be married if they had the resources, I date the end of the middle class to ca.2005.

      The older White ((Yahweh)) cultists who feel White guilt can’t possibly be beaten and raped by the imported muds fast enough to bring about change we can believe in. Do they need to fear googles and skypes more than they fear Nazis? By the time this is over, they will wish they had done what the skypes demanded in the first place and shut down our organization while they could have.

      • Cavalier says:

        You should fear Russians little, but more than googles and skypes, who you should fear not at all. The skypes in America are at their end, thanks to miscegenenation with their host population, though the significantly mischling rootless cosmopolitan class they founded lives on. They are who you should fear, as they are not bounded by ethnic or national loyalty of any kind, not to Whites or skypes or anyone, but only to themselves, and they blend in seamlessly, more seamlessly than skypes ever did.

        I have no idea why you consider pansexual genderfreaks as middle class.

        There are still middle-class families in this country, they aren’t dead yet, though their oases are shrinking at a rapid clip. Which is why we need to hit the boiling point sooner rather than later. Today, mobilization is still possible. In twenty years, it won’t be.

        • peppermint says:

          Those middle class families with one or maybe two kids told those kids that they are the most important person in the world and they can be anything they want, except for Nazis. So they became gender freaks.

          And as they realize the system is designed to cuck them, they will become Nazis, and they will be führious at their parents and teachers. Boomers would get more retirement cash from Mexicans than from Millennials.

          • Oliver Cromwell says:

            The American experiment cannot and should not be saved.

            The French experiment may not also be saved.

            The world will be divided between the British Commonwealth and the Russian Empire.

            • Father Thyme says:

              Is Khan of Londonistan going to wage Opium War III and retake China?

              • Oliver Cromwell says:

                Although I wrote that post while drunk, I will defend it.

                Islam is a secondary problem to dilution of high IQ peoples by low IQ peoples. British immigration is not much affecting the national IQ, while French and German immigration are cratering the French and German national IQs.

                An Islamic Britain would not necessarily be worse than a Christian Britain and would be much better than a Progressive Britain – not that it has gone nearly that far. But in 50 years France and Germany will simply be incapable of winning wars against 100 IQ countries.

          • Cavalier says:

            I doubt that blue-haired problem-glasses-wearers and metrosexual hipster cucks will ever repent, accept Adolf Hitler into their hearts, and be baptized in blood and soil under the eternal Aryan symbol of sacred sun wheel swastika, but if ever I see such things I will know that the end time is come.

      • Father Thyme says:

        >> The older White ((Yahweh)) cultists

        They anesthetize their brains with Christian booze, e.g.:

        • “I don’t worry about it, because God is in control!” (So I can sit on my ass and do nothing.)
        • “Whatever happens now, they will be judged in the end!” (So I can sit on my ass and do nothing.)

        “Two great European narcotics, alcohol and Christianity.” ―Friedrich Nietzsche

        • Minion says:

          Muslims are also theistic fatalists, but they are not spineless betas.

          The vast majority of atheist Westerners are still betas despite leaving Christianity

          • Father Thyme says:

            They never really left it.

            “Today, the Puritan church has morphed into the basically atheist Unitarian Universalist Church and the United Church of Christ, which promotes, ‘liberal views on social issues…'”
            Species of Exit: Pilgrims, Memes, and Genes
            November 6, 2015 | evolutiontheorist

            They still believe the Sunday School song that says, “Red and yellow, Black and white, They are precious, In His sight” as the following philosophers have observed:

            “In Western societies, the Judeo-Christian image of humankind—whether you are a believer or not—has secured a minimal moral consensus in everyday life. It has been a major factor in social cohesion. Now that the neurosciences have irrevocably dissolved the Judeo-Christian image of a human being as containing an immortal spark of the divine, we are beginning to realize that they have not substituted anything that could hold society together and provide a common ground for shared moral intuitions and values.” p. 297 –Thomas Metzinger, The Ego Tunnel: The Science of the Mind and the Myth of the Self. (Basic Books, 2009)

            “Liberal humanist values are merely a hollowed-out version of a theistic myth.” -John Gray, What Scares the New Atheists (The Guardian, 2015)

            “The liberal belief in the free and sacred nature of each individual is a direct legacy of the traditional Christian belief in the free and eternal souls. Without recourse to eternal souls and a Creator God, it becomes embarrassingly difficult for liberals to explain what is so special about individual Sapiens….The idea that all humans are equal is a revamped version of the monotheist conviction that all souls are equal before God.” p. 231 –Yuval Harari, Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind. (Harper Collins, 2015)

            It’s called “Liberal Creationism,” as William Saletan puts it. It makes the same basic mistake as literal creationism.

      • Alan J. Perrick says:


        • Father Thyme says:

          If you weren’t a race cuck, you’d call the “Holy Land” the land that you were born upon, and you wouldn’t be wishing for an eternity in a distant Jewish capital city kissing Jewgod ass.

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