The new Egypt

Earlier I argued that no Muslims should be allowed to vote anywhere in the world, least of all in Muslim majority countries.

Brutally honest has some interesting survey results on what the Egyptian majority will vote for:

• 84% favor the death penalty for people who leave the Muslim faith.

Now 84% is an interesting number, considering that something like ten or fifteen percent of Egyptians are Christians (the number is rapidly diminishing due to rape, murder, and flight). So, supposing that no Christians support the death penalty for those that leave the Muslim faith, looks mighty close to 100% of Egyptian Muslims support the death penalty for those that leave the Muslim faith.

The survey neglected to ask how many supported Egypt going to war with the nearest infidels, but since 54% favor suicide bombings of civilian targets, chances are a considerable majority favor war.

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  1. Bruce Charlton says:

    Are you pro-democracy wrt The West? If not, then what?

    (Just so you know, my ideal would be a Byzantine style Christian Theocracy – not because it would suit me personally as I am now – it would not; but because it had the right priorities (salvation rather than hedonism) and was strong enough to last 800 years despite being beset by strong enemies – while maintaining the highest idealism and without lapsing into self-loathing suicidality and short-termist expediency – as all democracies have done. But I am more interested in learning your views than trying to push mine!)

    • jim says:

      I would be happy if democracy was restricted to qualified voters, men who owned significant property, were qualified to bear arms, and had an adequate credit rating. Dubai style aristocratic rule strikes me as pretty reasonable also.

      The trouble with theocratic rule is that if it is meritocratic, merit tends to be holiness, and it rapidly succumbs to holier-than-thou disease, with doctrine becoming ever more insane, for example Calvinist rule by saints, which also, with the passage of time, tended to depart ever further from the Bible on which it was supposedly based. Dubai and Byzantium are aristocratic theocracies, which are less inclined to go overboard. So yes, the Christian equivalent of Dubai would be pretty good, and would not suffer from the intellectual and economic stagnation that Muslim theocracies suffer from, or at least not to the same extent as Muslim theocracies suffer from it. But I am inclined to agree with Moldbug that we already have the theocratic successor to Calvinism, and it is going insane and suicidal.

      In a theocracy, holier-than-thou disease is a generalization of the phenomenon of “no enemies to the left, no friends to the right”. The moderates support the extremists, out of piety, and the extremists purge the moderates, also out of piety. In our case, the religion is progressivism, but the same ailment will send any religion rapidly mutating into madness, evil, and self destruction.

      I notice that even the Christian right these days is pretty close to being yesterdays Unitarians – they theoretically believe in the Trinity, but de-emphasize it, and they interpret away all the socially conservative parts of the bible about marriage, family, divorce, adultery, and so on and so forth so as to be less socially conservative. By the standards of the 1950s, let alone the 1830s, today’s Christian right are a bunch of dope smoking hippies all screwing naked in a great big pile. Thus a Christian right theocracy, if meritocratic, would swiftly recapitulate the path our rulers have already run, into madness, self hatred, and collective suicide.

      I am atheist. My ideology is economics and natural selection. Therefore, the system I favor is anarcho capitalism.

      The time of democracy is over, as the voters demonstrate their piety by voting for the reign of the saints, and their foolish short-sighted greed by attempting to vote themselves rich, both voting patterns sending the system into a death spiral.

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