The next big thing in progressivism

Recently there was ass bandits. Then there was transgender.

For a while it looked liked the next big thing would be pedophobia – the “anti bullying” campaign sought to protect pre pubescent children of ambiguous sex who had physically affectionate relationships with obviously homosexual middle aged males from being “bullied” and sought to normalize pre pubescent children of ambiguous sex who have physically affectionate relationships with obviously homosexual middle aged males.

But no, it is clear that the next big thing is not pedophobia but killing white heterosexual males.

Ann Coulter reminds us:

as the country reels from the cold-blooded murder of five policemen in Dallas and three in Baton Rouge, Lezley McSpadden, mother of Mike Brown, America’s most famous cop-assaulting criminal, appeared on stage at the Democratic National Convention.

In this regard, I notice that six of the nine “Mothers of the Movement” have different last names from their snowflakes. The children with the same names as their mothers were the two who were gunned down by black gangs, as well as one schizophrenic, who, unfortunately, had grabbed an officer’s baton and was hitting him with it when he got himself shot.

Hillary claims to oppose cop-killing, so why is she using her convention to promote the biggest lie in the pantheon of anti-cop lies, and to celebrate a man whose most famous act was to violently assault a police officer?

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  1. Dave says:

    Jim, you make a strong case that white birthrates will never rise above replacement until white women are de-emancipated and become the personal property of white men.

    Do you think that will happen under President Trump, whose daughter just gave a speech promising free government daycare so new mothers can get back to work?

    What about Hillary, who stands in solidarity with the mothers of Freddy Gray, Michael Brown, et al.? Nothing would end feminism faster than a total breakdown of law and order. With “no justice, no peace, no racist police”, America would be like Pakistan, where every family lives in a high-walled fortress and no woman goes outside without a man, nor any man without an AK-47.

    • jim says:

      Have to suspend democracy first.

      Trump is the candidate who might do that.

      It is extraordinarily rare for fertility to recover. The normal outcome is that once fertility collapses, a people simply disappears from history. The same factors that lead to population decline also lead to military weakness – men without wives or children have nothing to defend, so sometimes the men are killed and the women enslaved by a more patriarchal group. Which in our case would be Muslims. A lot of Bronze age Greek males were massacred by groups of early iron age sea people, who killed the men, and took over the fields and the women.

      • A.B. Prosper says:

        Do remember the Muslims are starting on the fertility slide too.

        The Persians are about as fertile as the French and the others are starting in on the game too.

        In any case the world is grossly overcrowded and under considerable ecological stress .Getting the human population, especially the low IQ/Low impulse control population is a good thing.

        It reduces the size and scope of the inevitable die-back

        |And note too that a collapse of Western civilization will trigger said die-back. It either will happen when the West concentrates only its own and forces the others out or when the situation implodes,

        If the West is subjugated, everybody starves with the much lower productivity anyway

        There are no actions that can preserve such population densities, take the 80 million in Germany. One blip and most people die . there is no “singularity point” that makes that sustainable with the possible exception of cheap fusion under exceptional leadership and that isn’t going to happen.

        • jim says:

          Do remember the Muslims are starting on the fertility slide too.

          We have had that argument before. Some Muslims are on the fertility slide, some Muslims are not, and the difference between the two is obvious: Female emancipation.

          The Persians are about as fertile as the French and the others are starting in on the game too.

          Due to affirmative action for women, twice as many Persian girls go to university as Persian boys. Persia has roughly as much feminism as France does. Persian men who beat their wives get the same treatment as American men who beat their wives, and no normal respectable person on Persian television ever beats his wife. Persian universities resemble Sodom and Gomorrah, in that female sexual activity is forcefully encouraged, while males are terrorized, resulting in extreme hypergamy – a small proportion of the males fuck all the coeds.

          • A.B. Prosper says:

            Agreed, not all Muslims are on the low fertility side. That said, the highly fertile ones can’t sustain their numbers for long

            If they succeed in invading Europe and subjugating it it which I suspect is not going to happen (Europeans are resisting Muslims much more forcefully than Americans are Mexicans ) they’ll end up collapsing the system and dying anyway

            The drought, the implosion of oil and a host of problems are breathing down their necks

            If you want an example of how fast things can shift, look at Venezuela

            Fine to famine in a matter of months. Its smarter and has more impulse control than a typical Muslim nation

            The Middle East is richer than that but they are facing the same issues

            • jim says:

              Agreed, not all Muslims are on the low fertility side. That said, the highly fertile ones can’t sustain their numbers for long

              Why not? They know how to do it, they have the will to do it, and the Cathedral is afraid to mess with them.

              Further, we are seeing in Europe, and to a lesser extent in North America, very large numbers of white women convert to high fertility Islam for sexual reasons, as the adherents of high fertility Islam are the only males allowed to be manly. Also, very large numbers of fatherless white females are being abducted and enslaved into Islam, in substantial part into high fertility Islam. They are winning. Oil and stuff is irrelevant to them winning, because economics has no substantial effect on fertility. Zeal is the most important thing in the short run. Zeal prevents the Cathedral from destroying them in the short run, and in the long run, nothing matters but fertility, and that they have. Even without mass immigration (and we both know that Hillary intends to import into America hundreds of millions of black male military age Muslims screaming for infidel blood and white pussy during the next eight years) high fertility Muslims will be a majority in the west in one hundred and twenty years, a majority in substantial parts of the west in twenty years to thirty years.

              They are winning. Oil has nothing to do with them winning, because right now here in America and Europe they are winning.

              • Dave says:

                When those high-fertility Muslims invade rural America, they’ll become dog food for high-fertility Christians with night-vision scopes (aka my neighbors). Even the Amish know this country’s dying and are stockpiling guns and ammo. We’ve spent decades sterilizing Christian kids with Progressive propaganda, so poz-resistant strains are already well-developed.

                Imagine a war of well-armed rural communities that produce their own food versus urban ghettos full of semi-sentient monkeys entirely dependent on welfare. And they’re conveniently color-coded — if it ain’t white, shoot on sight! The end of the USA could be the best thing that ever happened to white people.

                Fertility wins only as long as infidels assign value to the lives of Muslims and their children. When they start getting slaughtered like the vermin they are, Muslims have no other qualities to fall back on.

                • jim says:

                  When those high-fertility Muslims invade rural America, they’ll become dog food for high-fertility Christians

                  Not seeing those high fertility Christians. Dalrock has been looking for them, cannot find them either.

                  Except for the Amish, who insist on controlling the education of their children, and the Mormons, who control their own state government, and the Muslims, who cut the throats of people who meddle with their religion, all religions in the US are subordinate to the Cathedral and are variants of progressivism. And Mormonism is being absorbed as state governments are rendered irrelevant and powerless. And any day now the Amish religion will be redefined as child abuse and their children will be forcibly taken away from them to be raised by fat blue haired lesbians who will surgically transition the children they acquire to their preferred type of sex toy.

                  American Christians have the same high divorce rate and low fertility rate as everyone else.

                • Dave says:

                  Unlike Dalrock, I have not attended my neighbors’ religious services (some Protestant, some old-style Catholic) to see if they support Pauline marriage, but I can attest that they have a lot of children.

                  If Christianity really is dying like Roman Paganism c. AD 300, Muslims will have to revive it so they don’t all starve. They could e.g. decree that any Christian man who’s paid up on his jizya shall have complete dominion over his wife and children.

              • A.B. Prosper says:

                I’m with Jim on the high fertility Christian issue.

                Now they do exist, I know some with 3 or more children but they are having retention issues and are not that common.

                the next generation isn’t anywhere near as fertile and the one after that a bit lower.

                There are all White families with three kids, I see them quite often but they don’t make up the majority or even a plurality of white people.

                The only upside is I see lots less Blacks and Mexicans too, they seems to have moved to lower fertility levels as well. I’ve seen at least as many White 3 child families as non White , though granted it could be observer bias

                The LDS a group I generally admire is way too liberal and despite massive recruiting and well above average family sizes isn’t growing basically at all.

                Anecdotes are not evidence but I know quite a few LDS people in their twenties here In California s and not one has a child or spouse which is weird for that community . Not one.

                This may change with time. people marry later but this will probably mean only two kids not three if that

                I’ve seen fertility crashes like this in families with messed up dynamics

                3 kids having among them only three children when it should have been 9 and among those three one child with no real interest or effort
                to marry or have kids, at all.

                fro an expected 27 grandchildren to one, that is extinction level fertility

                This is a product of a lack of incentive for men to marry, Jim’s patriarchy problem in a nutshell

                The economic issue is a component as well , it hinders family formation and in a society where “wife as property” patriarchy is not On the menu ,it takes on a greater import.

                To even stabilize the population will require work, steady, remunerative work for average men.

                I’m not sure we can have that. Beyond the immigration issue and female labor is automation and the religious mania we have for free trade and a “free market

                We will need that dealt with.

                That said if the system implodes we might return to hard patriarchy. However high TFR and high infant morality often cancel pout and while we’ll have more white people, well be much less developed and there will b in raw numbers many less since carrying capacity will decline.

  2. peppermint says:

    Meanwhile, everywhere you go, spiritualism is mocked, from /pol/, where cuckstains are currently fighting a losing battle, to the academic left, who are fully committed to, if not human neurological uniformity, then at least all people having basically the same moral impulses, which are affected by culture, but if you take anyone from anywhere and reason with them enough, they will happily behave themselves in our countries, this without a God to align he moral axes of different peoples, only the same or essentially the same evolutionary environment as Locke envisioned.

    The death of christcuckoldry is incredibly encouraging, because without spirituality, nationalism is the only thing that makes any sense, so even ranking operatives at the DNC can’t even get up a hateboner about the Shoah anymore.

    I just finished telling a Locke and Hoppe libertarian to can the spirituality and for once in his life take his own side because it is his side. It wasn’t hard because he already didn’t like spirituality and liked Whites.

    Hail victory.

  3. vxxc2014 says:

    So Jim and Ann Coulter dovetail….

    She’s moving very Right and Jim for his part is seeing reason for hope.
    I hope I don’t presume too much.

    I certainly do.

    Cheer up there’s plenty of nastiness ahead – and it’s our turn.

  4. Jack Highlands says:

    All Progressive evil to visit America, visits Canada first.

    The first Canadian jurisdiction to legalize gay marriage did so in 2003. So we the prescient have been making guesses about the Next Big Thing to be pulled from the ass of Big Prog for 13 years.

    The leading candidates have been trans, polygamy and pedophilia. Trans has seemed the clear winner for several years now, but now that it’s basically done, it’s almost like it never was – these people may be too damaged to sufficiently threaten normies, which is what Prog requires.


    • Jack Highlands says:

      Meanwhile, pedo requires baby steps and polygamy is linked to the kebab invasion. Prog time is running out on both counts.

      If it’s true, I welcome this unmasking of the Prog agenda to its true final goal: elimination of masculine White men. Let them get on with it, so we can get on to the cleansing.

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