The reactionary program for the coming civil war

The reactionary program is fallen governance for a fallen world: Immanentizing the Eschaton is the progressive program, it is the opposite of the reactionary program. Whosoever claims that the truest and most pure reaction will Immanentize the Eschaton is a progressive entryist, like those telling Muslims that Islam is the religion of peace, therefore the truest Islam is something that is suspiciously progressive sounding, like those telling Christians that single mothers are heroes, and that they should adopt blacks from Saharan Africa.

“hello fellow white male hetero sexual reactionaries. My reaction is purer than your reaction. And yet at the same time we need to be acceptable to moderates in order to obtain the broadest possible outreach.”

Reaction deals with fallen men as they actually are – hence we want our ruling bandit to be a stationary bandit evil overlord, and view the primary problem with government as mobile banditry – that anonymous bureaucrats have, as Taleb says, no stake in the game. We are worried about the evil overlord’s incentives, and not much worried about whether he represents the people, and not much worried whether he is nice and virtuous. We want a good man for Archbishop, but someone mighty like Trump for President, President for Life, King, God King, and Holy American Emperor.

If Trump successfully does a Stalin or a Cromwell, freezes leftism at the current year, that will be great, for the full implementation of the reactionary program is likely to be through all out war, where cities get burned, likely by nuclear fire, women and children get massacred, and the winning side is the side most willing to do the most terrible things.

If he does a Sulla, and rolls leftism back to 1933 that will be even better.

If he rolls leftism back to the leftism of the founders, better still. Best of all if he gets crowned God Emperor of the New Holy American empire, does a Charles the Hammer and a Charles the Second and rolls things back to 1660, in which case we are likely to get one hundred and sixty years of reaction.

The worst case outcome however, and a very likely outcome, is long, bloody, and terrible civil war with our enemies masters of the state. Trump gets impeached, not long after that imprisoned, and not long after that he and his entire family is murdered like the Romanovs as civil war and white genocide begins. In which case we will have to whip up our own state in one hell of a hurry.

  • Everyone who practices with a gun on the gun range is on our side.
  • Most men who lift iron are on our side.
  • Most men who practice the seriously dangerous martial arts on our side.
  • The great majority of young white males are our side.
  • Deus Vult. God is on our side.

But as well as that, if our enemies have a state, we will need a state.

Whites are in line for hot genocide. Whites also have more capability for war than any other race. No other race, no other people, have ever shown anything close to the capacity for organized mass violence. Which means that to re-awaken our capability, we need organization and mass.

To re-awaken the sleeping warrior, reward him for victory personally and individually with land, women and power, as well as with land and power for his platoon, his company, and his regiment. He will be back.

Set the status of women back to what it was in eighteenth century England, or better, back to what it was in the Carolingian empire. He will be back.

If the state remains in the hands of people who wish to destroy us, we will have to build our own state, and the quickest way to whip up a state from nothing much is feudalism and freehold – the full reactionary program. Every company and every regiment needs to be largely responsible for its own logistics, and will need its own pool of camp followers, thus will need its own domain of state power.

It would be better if part of the existing state comes over to us, with its existing institutions, in which case we will get something considerably less than the full reactionary program, very likely will get a Cromwellian program. We are not in this to build utopia. Reaction is impure in its essence, being committed to doing the best we can in a regrettably fallen world. The Cromwellian program would be great. Whosoever signals reactionary purity, signals leftism. We are, however, in this to win. If we cannot win with the existing state, or a breakaway part of it, will have to win without, and the full reactionary program is fully optimized for power, war, and the regrettable necessity of dreadful deeds.

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  1. R Daneel says:

    “When minorities riot, cities burn.
    When white men riot, continents burn!”

  2. […] Whites are in line for hot genocide. Whites also have more capability for war than any other race. No other race, no other people, have ever shown anything close to the capacity for organized mass violence. Which means that to re-awaken our capability, we need organization and mass. […]

  3. Trimegistus says:

    There’s a tremendous element of fantasy in these prescriptions you make. HOW shall we set the status of women back to what it was in the 18th century? Seriously, how? Post something on Facebook? Some Tweets? Make a law? A Constitutional Amendment? None of those would have the slightest effect.

    Instead of just wishful thinking about how things ought to be, we need to be paying attention to specific, achievable, tactical goals.

    • Yara says:

      Step 1: Abolish the court of divorce-rapeage.
      Step 2: Revert the marriage contract to its historical norm, a bill of sale between a father and a father-in-law.
      Step 3: There is no step 3.

      • The Cominator says:

        I agree with those two steps but that just reverts status back to the 19th century which IMHO is about as far back as you are going to get it without a total societal collapse.

        • jim says:

          Rotherham looks mighty like total societal collapse. Women are being torn from their fathers by social services, then handed over to the coercive control of Muslims. If Muslims can do that to us, we can do that to Muslims.

          • The Cominator says:

            I’m not too familiar with Rotterdam’s social service poz though I know its overrun by Muslims. Sweden is probably the worst place on earth on both counts though.

            I’m not a great writer and am trying to make a number of points here I don’t know how to make them eloquently or so that they flow together well so I apologize for this not being written very well.

            In general terms on the woman question… other then you and a very few others even the more radical anti feminist (Muslims excepted) at most want to roll back the clock to shortly before women’s suffrage and keep it there (make it part of the state religion and constitution that women’s rights beyond this point were a mistake, Jordanetics is actually pretty good with this).

            If you want to go beyond the 19th century I think you’ll run into problems of imposing something that not even most very right wing men will support. Getting rid of divorce rape and at least 99% of divorces is possible. Marriages 14-16 that are arranged is possible. Getting rid of the legal absurdity of “marital rape” is not just possible but necessary.

            BUT earlier marriage (then 14-16) will not be possible there is too much revulsion for it here. Ultra coercive arrangements for late term virginal marriage with Taliban like backing from the state (and 99% of women will lose their virginity without such arrangements by the time they turn 18) will not be possible because whites don’t historically go for it (and even East Asians who don’t care about women’s rights generally balk at it). You’re not going to be able to do too much about adultery (especially since marriage will be correctly be percieved as a societally imposed business arrangement and especially because marriages are arranged) you can let husbands beat their wives for cause. You can probably allow duels. Allowing murders or private justice will lead to blood feuds and revenge murders.

            Only Arabs/Muslims and some of central asian mountain people have historically had it in their nature to have the kind of controls you want for very long. Cromwell couldn’t do it effectively in England. Everywhere outside the Arab/Mountain people parts of the world the historical norm was to marry off women fairly early because they grew very uncontrollable round 17 and whites and asians were generally not willing to go full Taliban.

            The rule should be that a father can marry her off in her prime marriage years, if he can’t do it or is unwilling then any responsible unmarried man can claim her (bridal kidnapping?).

            Now you imagine you can change all this with a new regime but even if all we want with a reactionary restoration comes to pass any king that emerges will draw his support from the populist right and as such will be accepting in the words of Frederick William IV “a crown from the gutter”. Thus even if the king is a huge jim supporter he probably can’t push things back much farther then that. Demotic forces can be managed but probably not eliminated entirely. The right is also less malleable to propaganda then the left.

            Temporarily it won’t be a problem as most young women support the progs and if there is a war and they lose I imagine the prog women will be declared prizes of war and (non hereditary) slaves. Prog men will in 99% of cases (we can’t be nice this time) be “physically removed from society”… THEY can be subjected to the full Jim program.

            Now as far as doing things to Muslims… I don’t imagine they’ll be allowed to continue to stay in any restored countries above ground. Everybody outside of the extreme shitlib left hates Muslims (at least other then a few sufi sects). Nobody would care what any regime did to them.

            • jim says:

              > BUT earlier marriage (then 14-16) will not be possible there is too much revulsion for it here

              Bullshit. The revulsion is fake and synthetic, and that fake and synthetic revulsion is not one thousandth the 2002 revulsion against gay marriage.

              That fake and artificial revulsion is not one millionth the revulsion against murdering four month old infants in the womb, despite heroic efforts to suppress that powerful, natural, and spontaneous revulsion.

              That revulsion against very early marriage did not exist a couple of hundred years ago, when wealthy orphaned girls were often married at a very early age in order to provide them with a suitable male protector. Where did it come from?

            • jim says:

              > Thus even if the king is a huge jim supporter he probably can’t push things back much farther

              Politics is grabbing land, women and wealth from your enemies and giving them to your supporters. If he gives his supporters our enemy’s women, he is necessarily implementing Jimian solutions. Politics is the destruction of your enemies, the burning of their homes, the destruction of their businesses and crops, the seizure of their women. Right now children are being seized by child protective services and given as sex slaves to gays and Muslims. If he reverses, rather than merely halts, this process, then he is implementing my program.

            • jim says:

              Cromwell couldn’t do it effectively in England.

              I don’t agree with your interpretation of what Cromwell was doing or trying to do. Seems to me he was not implementing my program, but rather attacking marriage under the superficial guise of protecting it, though I need to research this question further before I can speak authoritatively.

              The way to do it right is to do what was done in Solomonic Israel, not to do what was done in the rabbinical Israel at the time of Jesus, and Cromwell was not even doing what was done in the Israel of time of Jesus. Cromwell was punishing men, not wives who deceived their men which is the opposite of the solution to the problem that needs to be solved.

              Even if your interpretation of what Cromwell was doing and trying to do is correct, and I do not have compelling evidence that you are wrong, it is obvious that my solution is a lot more popular, and has been a lot more widely applied.

              • jim says:

                In order to figure out what Cromwell was actually doing, I need to find out what someone charged with “adultery” was in fact doing. More recent Puritans have an anomalous definition of “adultery”, in which everything is adultery, except adultery.

                • The Cominator says:

                  From the Act of 1650

                  “And be it further Enacted by the authority aforesaid, That in case any married woman shall from and after the Four and twentieth day of June aforesaid, be carnally known by any man (other them her Husband) (except in Case of Ravishment) and of such offence or offences shall be convicted as aforesaid by confession or otherwise, every such Offence and Offences shall be and is hereby adjudged Felony: and every person, as well the man as the woman, offending therein, and confessing the same, or being thereof convicted by verdict upon Indictment or Presentment as aforesaid, shall suffer death as in case of Felony, without benefit of Clergy.”

    • jim says:

      Like stopping four hundred million male military age black Muslims from migrating here to live on crime, welfare, and voting left, it is a coup complete problem.

      The rightful king has to reward his loyalists by giving them secure property rights in the sexual, reproductive, and domestic services of women of the defeated and of formerly unowned women.

      If you are not in the business of seizing land and women for your followers, or resisting the seizure of land and women from your followers, you are not engaged in politics. White women get emancipated so that black Muslims can unemancipate them.

    • jim says:

      Easy as pie. Do what Muslims in cahoots with social services are doing to us.

      Instead of “child protective services”, we will call it “family values patrol”.

    • peppermint says:

      (1) White women are the collective property of the White race and are rationed one wife per man.
      (2) The wife of a heretic may divorce him if she feels he is derelict in his duty to his family.
      (3) All bastards are aborted, all pregnant women must have a husband before they start looking pregnant.

      Perhaps the most pleb Christian concept is the personal God. Dualism is faggotry that afflicts the higher classes and justifies them choosing far over near. God doesn’t address individuals other than rare emperors like ours. Young men don’t need God, they rightly do everything on their own, a successful man who bears other people’s trust needs God. The higher classes, instead of looking after their people, look up and ask how God wants their people destroyed to enrich them.

      “Love is love” to the “all you need is love” of the worst band of all time is blasphemy against His Name, heresy, and, being for the purpose of making whores of our good women, treason.

  4. Dave says:

    Any thoughts on the 29-year-old white guy who just crashed a stolen plane in Seattle? Had to be incel; no one getting laid regularly would do such a thing. We urgently need another 10,000 pages of regulations to prevent it happening again.

    • Evermint says:

      Ah yes, you refer to the Sky King, Lord of the Air, Patron Saint of the Barrel Roll, Self-Professed White Guy.


    • Dave says:

      Reading his blog, I find that he was a mediocre intellect (This class is awesome, it taught me to edit video and design a website!) working on a bachelor’s in “Social Science” and thinking it would get him a management job. He had a wife who was a lot cuter than him, but that doesn’t disprove the incel hypothesis, as wives have no obligation to satisfy their husbands.

      • Yara says:

        >mediocre intellect

        It looks like he was capable of writing reasonably coherent, if shallow blog posts with good spelling, grammar, and punctuation. And somehow he managed to get a tremendously complex turboprop airplane off the ground, first try, with no assistance and with no training and proceed to fly it around in a highly competent fashion, including advanced maneuvers, until his kamikaze dive. That barrel roll / loop-the-loop is one of the most outrageous things I have ever seen.

        It almost defies belief.

        >his wife was a lot cuter than him

        He and his wife were pretty well-matched in terms of physical attractiveness. If anything, he had a slight edge.

        >as wives have no obligation to satisfy their husbands

        Come again?

      • Dave says:

        The barrel roll was a wise choice because it’s the only way to invert an aircraft while maintaining one G, thus not subjecting the airframe to stresses it wasn’t designed for. A Boeing 707 was intentionally barrel-rolled in an early test flight.

        Look up “marital rape”. In most first-world countries, you can go to prison for non-consensual sex with your wife!

        • Yara says:

          Most normal airplanes not intended for aerobatic maneuvering are rated for a load factor of about -1 to +3 g. A cursory search suggests that the Q400 is rated for -1 to +2.5. It would be unsurprising if he pulled +4 on the exit from that extremely low-altitude roll.

          Re “marital rape”: one can also be imprisoned for a non-corroborated, unsupported account of physical discipline. If a woman can so sick the dogs of the state on a man with a mere word, the very concept of marital rape serves no purpose and has no meaning.

  5. vxxc says:

    Study these free gems online [I suggest].

    Battles and Leaders of the Civil War. Written 10 years later by the participants North and South.

    Especially this gem: Could they have not spared 40,000 Bales of cotton to purchase the British East India Fleet at half cost?

    Could their secretary of war instead of spurning 336,000 volunteers – Could he not at least have said ORGANIZE?

    The Confederate Government at Montgomery.
    R. Barnwell Rhett (Editor of the Charleston Mercury, 1860-62).


    ” Those men who had studied the situation felt great anxiety about the keeping open of the ports of the Confederacy. Much was said and published about the immediate [107] necessity of providing gun-boats and shipping suitable for that purpose. In the winter of 1861 Mr. C. K. Prioleau, of the firm of John Fraser & Co., of Liverpool, found a fleet of ten first-class East Indiamen, available to a buyer at less than half their cost. They belonged to the East India Company, and had been built in Great Britain for armament if required, or for moving troops and carrying valuable cargoes and treasure. Four of them were vessels of great size and power and of the very first class; and there were six others, which, although smaller, were scarcely inferior for the required purpose. On surrendering their powers to the British throne, the company had these steamships for sale. Mr. Prioleau secured the refusal of this fleet. The total cost of buying, arming, and fitting out the ten ships and putting them on the Southern coast ready for action was estimated at $10,000,000, or, say, 40,000 bales of cotton. The harbor of Port Royal, selected before the war as a coaling station for the United States Navy, with 26 feet of water at mean low tide, was admirably adapted for a rendezvous and point of supply. Brunswick, Georgia, was another good harbor, fit for such a fleet. The proposal was submitted to the Government through a partner of Mr. Prioleau in Charleston, Mr. George A. Trenholm, who forwarded the proposition by his son, William L. Trenholm. Its importance was not at all comprehended, and it was rejected by the executive. Captain J. D. Bulloch, the secret naval agent in Europe, who had the Alabama built, states that “the Confederate Government wanted ships to cruise and to destroy the enemy’s mercantile marine.” It was of infinitely more importance to keep Southern ports open, but this does not seem to have been understood until too late. The opportunity of obtaining these ships was thrown away. They were engaged by the British Government.

    To show the narrow spirit of those in office, an incident concerning Captain Maffit, who figured afterward in command of the Florida, may be mentioned. In May, after the reduction of Fort Sumter, Maffit came from Washington to offer his services, and when he met the

    Judah P. Benjamin, Confederate Attorney-General until Sept. 17th, 1861; Second Secretary of War; Third Secretary of State. From a photograph.

    writer was in a state of indignation and disgust. He said that after having been caressed and offered a command in the Pacific, he had sneaked away from Washington to join the Confederacy, and that he had been received by the Secretary of the Navy as if he (Maffit) had designs upon him. [108] The Secretary of War has stated that before the Government moved from Montgomery 366,000 men, the flower of the South, had tendered their services in the army. Only a small fraction of the number were received. The Secretary was worn out with personal applications of ardent officers, and himself stated that in May, 1861, he was constantly waylaid, in walking the back way from his office to the Exchange Hotel, by men offering their lives in the Confederate cause. ”

  6. Mister Grumpus says:

    (~100 comments in ~24 hours. It’s happening.)

  7. vxxc says:

    Jim – here is the coding and very assembly language of armies:

    History will bear this out – especially one group to which we presently bear a great resemblence: the Mongol ‘Nation’ prior to the Great Khan’s Decimal system being imposed on it. *YES* Yes we do…

    All regiments begin as small core groups [squads] around which the rest forms in this order: squad, platoon, company, battalion, regiment, brigade, division, Corps, Army. Chinghis Khan [Ghenghis] organized the Mongol Nation on the Decimal system of 10 down to the very family for a reason. He learned that from Turkic Tribes he allied with as a young man then conquered. Again the very Mongol Nation down to the smallest level was organized on groups of 10 – the Decimal system – as everyone can count 10 fingers. I said 8 as that’s the smallest squad [2 fire teams of 4 now can maneuver as 2 elements].


    • Yara says:

      Genghis is famous for shuffling up tribe, clan, and family in an effort to prevent kin alliances from disrupting his martial coordination, an effort that, quite evidently, was extraordinarily successful.

      • vxxc says:

        True that Ghenghis did that.

        Respectfully what we need is organization and his decimal system of all organize by 10s does that. ORGANIZE is what we need mist. Rest will follow.

        Possibly excepting the American “Warrior Class” of cops and Soldiers, Veterans who are coming from the same families and slowly intermarrying clusters of families we are nowhere near meaningful concepts of “Tribe” in reality. We are also quite “shuffled” already.

        There is much to be learned from the Mongols.
        Ask the Russians.

  8. The Cominator says:

    Without some defection on part of the military as a nucleus of opposition I’m not optimistic (but with it I’m sure we’ll win).

    No revolt without state/elite defection or foreign help has ever succeeded in the Western world that I can think of (in China they have).

    • jim says:

      Secret societies and new religions have commonly come close to overthrowing the state in China, and have sometimes succeeded. However, SOP is that you need a mutinous high ranking military officer of the regime to be overthrown, plus someone with a smidgen of legitimacy to denounce regime to be overthrown as illegitimate.

      Our secret society is kind of crappy, and while we have been working on a new religion, or rather resurrection of a very old religion, don’t have anything yet.

      • The Cominator says:

        As far as a new religion Peterson is the best thing we have going. Yes I know that Vox fucking hates him (which I don’t get at all) and you don’t trust him but I tend to agree with Spandrell’s view. As he says “you go on jihad with the prophet you have”.

        He is also way way off the progressive reservation on the woman question, he would not go as far as you but there are few who would. He clearly agrees with you though that female emancipation is a mistake… he can’t quite say that explicitly yet but hes implied it repeatedly.

        You don’t need a general per se… you just need units to cross over. A lot of sergeants can cause the army to defect. The generals are pretty poz’d but career noncoms (from what I hear) are still the same fellow right wing nutcases they always have been.

        • vxxc says:

          All the lower ranks of Enlisted, NCO and Officers are RW “nuts” which really means accepting realities we can’t escape.

          The Generals and more than a few SGM’s (Sergeant Majors) aren’t pozzed. They’re hollow, beaten down mouthpieces who said anything to get rank and found too late the rank itself was hollow. As are they.
          Worry not they are very sensitive weathervanes. The wind blows right so do they….

          • The Cominator says:

            I said fellow right wing nutcases.

            Which means I do not regard them as nuts but that progs and even centrists would regard them as nuts. I haven’t heard this story about poz’d noncoms. I’ve heard a lot of stories about poz’d senior officers especially generals.

            • vxxc says:


              There are few who reach General without mouthing the poz hollowing them out. There are none since Macarthur who dare demand Victory – or zero who didn’t accept defeat and betrayal at State Dept hands after winning in Vietnam and Iraq.

              We do have Colonels. But that’s usually as far as a warrior gets.

      • Koanic says:

        The fact that you can’t see it coming, just means they can’t see it coming either.

    • VIKING says:


  9. vxxc says:

    Jim I am so glad you came round to recognizing our situation.

    Now of course if the State comes to us via God Emperor Trump or whoever fine…if it doesn’t then we proceed as you discussed.

    We probably should be organized into local squads [cells if you like] in any case as quite possible God Emperor summons Right and White as Army…

    As Parliament summoned the Puritans. Our turn.

  10. vxxc says:


    “we need organization and mass.”

    For the DIY [everyone] you ORGANIZE by SQUAD = 8 men.
    I think most of you can find 7 allies from that list above.

    Squads build armies not other way round. 8 will flat out draw 8 more…and more…

    Strongest Horse leads.

    • Oliver Cromwell says:

      You have totally missed the point of this whole subculture if you think successful armies are spontaneously assembled by groups of privates.

      • vxxc says:

        You should really get another handle than Oliver Cromwell as you clearly know naught of soldiering, armies and war.

        I’ve been soldiering since childhood and warring since 91.

        What I said is absolutely true – squads are the core material of armies in terms of fighting and for doing all the activities of fighting. All regiments begin as small core groups [squads] around which the rest forms in this order: squad, platoon, company, battalion, regiment, brigade, division, Corps, Army. Chinghis Khan [Ghenghis] organized the Mongol Nation on the Decimal system of 10 down to the very family for a reason. He learned that from Turkic Tribes he allied with as a young man then conquered. Again the very Mongol Nation down to the smallest level was organized on groups of 10 – the Decimal system – as everyone can count 10 fingers. I said 8 as that’s the smallest squad [2 fire teams of 4 now can maneuver as 2 elements].

        I also said for our situation of DIY which is our situation. We have no Army to organize us nor will a general magically appear to do so sub-culture or no.
        I propose a practical step that would work.

        [you’re also wrong that private soldiers can’t self organize into fighting units but then again you clearly have no experience and read history the way you want to…]

        We need to organize which means self organize at a level we can understand, support in terms of resources and understand. Most people can understand a small band of men forming to protect their local community. Most people won’t get behind a Self Declared General BeWorthy without money, troops, munitions, heavy weapons, artillery, **support logistic trains*** who simply declares that Internet “SubCulture” is his BeWorthy Mandate.

        Above all Veterans and anyone who has ventured into violence farther than video games will not trust STRANGERS – in particular our 20 million plus Veterans. About 14+ million who could march into battle. OEF/OIF/GWOT taught us that outside your squad/platoon you trust no one. That’s the effect of Lawyers marching in with ROE. TRUST outside the small group is the scarcest resource of all presently. You will observe that few vets talk to anyone but other veterans about war.

        In truth the Left is organized [but not cohesive] while the Right and the Veterans are atomized. The good news for us is we’re naturally cohesive and the Left is naturally treacherous above all to each other. However the Left/State has tremendous resources of above all organization, money, intelligence, national and global reach, logistics assets. Few gunmen but seeing an army and a paycheck they’ll come. Gangsters perhaps but this isn’t a drawback but an asset as gangsters can self supply own logistics. They also fight, shoot and probably don’t spend a lot of time on the internet.

        As we’re atomized we must take stock of our situation: strangers don’t trust each other but they do trust people they know.

        We don’t have an army or organization. We can however form small bands.
        I said 8, it can well be 10 or 15 sized groups/squads.

        Leaders should be and will be the strongest horse. You’ll figure that out or die.

        We can’t support an army but squads can at this juncture support themselves being of course called anything BUT what they are – call it the HOA gun club or the sportsman’s club. A few hours a week is enough.

        There is what we can do and I outlined it above. From these building blocks an army can be quickly assembled. No soldier, veteran or Captain of History including Cromwell, Chinghis, Timur or Roman of Livy’s entire history would have any problem with what I say.

        Cromwell’s New Model Army of course instantly began drilling as *smallest practical maneuver units* and of course imposed discipline and written regulations as well as choosing and promoting on proven ability.

        The Cavaliers did not. Mind you the Cavaliers were nobility and as such knew the point of their existence was war and so were trained and experienced in it.
        What they didn’t do was scribble about it – nor did Cromwell or his soldiers.

        Speaking of the New Model Army if anyone at this point launches into Theological discourses about the Puritans YOU MISS THE POINT OF THE NEW MODEL ARMY and frankly should avoid war…and giving advice about it.

        I couldn’t care less about the point of this Internet sub-culture.
        It’s been nothing but talk so far – but now the senior greybeard Jim says we should be ready for War. I humbly offer a practical way to organize for war with what we actually have as opposed to what we don’t – and what does not yet exist.

        Armies of the past that marshaled under any system to the King, Khan, Parliament or Congress were composed of local militia as the kernels around which their systems grew. Masses of men that report to a newly elected President/Leader who has no arms or other resources to support them are the first months of the Confederacy when hundreds of thousands presented themselves to Jefferson Davis – who sent them home without any instructions or orders other than he couldn’t arm or supply them [the truth]. Had he sent them home with one word: ORGANIZE then we’d have had a different Civil War altogether.

        You may find the above account verified in Battles and Leaders of the Civil War volume 1 – available online.


        As you/we can only do small groups do small groups.

        The rest follows but this ‘structure’ must have building blocks to assemble.

        No the Architect General BeWorthy doesn’t pronounce his manifesto and the army answers his Holy Call.


  11. Roberto says:

    Written in 2015:

    “It will happen. And the longer it takes to get here, the bloodier and more merciless it’ll be. Northern European whites are alternately the most generous and most violent people on earth, pathological altruists with a streak of ferocious blood lust.

    Right now all the nigs, nogs, wogs, dunecoons, sheboons, slants, slopes, gooks and camel jockeys can’t believe their good fortune. Whitey is laying down and letting them collect the biggest gimmedat giveaway ever. But, they’re like animals who’ve lost their natural fear of the predator, strutting around poking at the beast. They don’t understand or remember that European whites delay war for as long as possible because when it finally starts we prefer to bathe in a sea of blood.

    We’re not good at half-measure fights, police actions, or all the petty small war bullshit we always f**k up. We’re masters of the frontal assault and of making a war so terrible that it takes generations for us to want another. We tolerate outrageous s**t until it seems like all is lost, and then suddenly we don’t.

    So, there won’t be 4.5 billion people in Africa at the end of the century. I’d be surprised if there are 200 million. I’d also be surprised if there any Muslims living in Europe except for a handful of pleasant sufi gentlemen, mostly indistinguishable in doctrine from Quakers.”

    • Anonymous 2 says:

      As Europeans, we have a long tradition of fighting multitudes of petty wars. I think it’s been basically eugenic and driven us to ever greater levels of intelligence through the least stylized competition there is.

      The recent total wars, with Napoleon as prologue, have, I believe, been less useful in this regard since too costly.

  12. glosoli says:

    A post that depressed me in many ways. But I was picked up again by the comments from Viking. Maybe I will join him and his tribe in Idaho in the future.

    I suggest it’s time to stop using the word ‘the state’. It’s ‘states’ that cause the problem, nations not so much. ‘The state’ becomes an entity itself, always leftist, always stealing from the people, always giving the stolen goods to the usual culprits. Ditch ‘the State’, revert to a nation.

    Nation etymology: directly from Latin nationem (nominative natio) “birth, origin; breed, stock, kind, species; race of people, tribe,” literally “that which has been born,” from natus, past participle of nasci “be born” (Old Latin gnasci), from PIE root *gene- “give birth, beget,” with derivatives referring to procreation and familial and tribal groups.

    The state should be condemned to the shitheap of history, along with other globalist inventions.

    >It would be better if part of the existing state comes over to us, with its existing institutions, in which case we will get something considerably less than the full reactionary program, very likely will get a Cromwellian program.

    Seems like losing talk to me. You’ll end up with the Federal Reserve, the Treasury, the money men, who will convince you to shed your principles for their gold. Sad.

    >Reaction is impure in its essence, being committed to doing the best we can in a regrettably fallen world.

    Yet, you said that it would be better if the state comes over to you, which will give you a half-baked reaction, so it does appear you’re settling for (I dunno) 5th or 6th best, rather than the best you can. I sense some confusion.

    >Deus Vult. God is on our side.

    Given that none of you seem interested in actually following Jehovah’s actual written will, and most of you don’t actually believe in Jehovah, and most of you think Christianity itself is a problem, and all of you think that anyone who actually thinks we just should obey God and follow His plan is purity spiralling, I fail to see why you think Jehovah will be interested in supporting your plan. My view is you’ll continue to suffer the full weight of His curses until you ditch the hubris and accept His Wisdom and Power, and then His blessings. Can’t see that happening, given the comments in recent months at this blog.

    That’ll be my last comment here.

    Viking, you can reach me via my blog in the future, I have to stay in the UK for another c. 5 years or so, but I’ll leave eventually, one day we could help each other out. Don’t worry, in my ideal of a nation set-up, despite my faith, there would be no financiers, no usury at all.

    May Jehovah reach you all at some point in the years ahead. Amen.

    • jim says:

      > Seems like losing talk to me. You’ll end up with the Federal Reserve, the Treasury, the money men, who will convince you to shed your principles for their gold. Sad.

      Sure. I can put up with all of that stuff provided we don’t get genocide or bloody civil war, for the coming civil war will be bloody indeed.

      Halting the ever leftwards movement, even if it is halted at today’s levels of leftism, which is what Cromwell and Stalin did, would look and feel like a right wing coup. There would be black helicopters taking social justice warriors for a swim in the pacific. Judges would be imprisoned. There would be show trials of leftists, and secret disappearances of leftists. If we just stop the enemy from advancing, we can think about rolling him back some other day.

      What I hope for, the best plausible outcome, is that Trump does a Cromwell or a Stalin, and stabilizes leftism at current levels by the application of black helicopters taking people for a swim in the pacific, and show trials of judges and academics. Then one of his successors does a Charles the Second. Then we eventually get what we what without continents going up in nuclear fire.

      • X says:

        @viking is correct that culture is what really matters. You’re correct that whites are defeating slowly but surely because we’re not accustomed to subjugating our females and we’re optimized for cooperation. This originates from our history as Steppe people and for example manorialism. We prioritized feeding horses for war and travel, not wasting our arable land on food for maximizing the population which is why we ruled the agricultural and industrial revolutions. I could go more in depth on this, but my main point beckons.

        As a nation or State, we’ll always be decadent. We’re optimized for the small groups for an network of nodes.

        You’re correct that as long as we allow our females to destroy the culture for our offspring then we’re decadent and losing.

        I think the solution is IVF. Remove the female from ownership of the offspring. Form decentralized colonies of warrior Steppe culture males hidden from identification by the State. This ties back into your recent point about order only exists to drive greater disorder for this is the universal trend of entropy. If that were not the case, then we couldn’t exist because thermodynamics would be reversible and the past and future would be undifferentiated. So if we want more ordered existence, then we need to foster more disorder with our order. So our warrior men should go out into the soup of humanity and capture eggs for IVF. Hire females to bear and raise the kids. Cast off the ones that make trouble. The best sons inherit the most.

        Most of the folks here are all talk and BS. Any civil war is going to a total waste of time manipulated by the powers that be (i.e. the Jews).

        • Anonymous 2 says:

          We need to travel back in time and kill not Hitler but the inventor of the washing machine.

          • X says:

            The weakness in @viking’s argument is that the culture of white people in general is subject to manipulation by the controllers of State and mass media. Jim is correct that if Idaho has Facebook, then it is under psychological control of the Jews. The only civil war will be the one they choose to instigate, just as I predicted and documented how they employed for example their control of Wikileaks to elect Trump. There’s no way for the white folk to get organized en masse that will not be a subjugation of whites into a system of control.

            The only way for whites to win is for the most ruthless to become elites of a different genre than the Jews. Most whites are not ruthless enough warriors to compete effectively. Most whites are appalled by the notion of subjugating females. Our brethren vacillate between wanting to live a comfortable life and some fantasy of defending themselves with stockpiles of weapons when in fact they’re being defeated by system and they will never be able to overthrow it. The French Revolution replaced one set of Communists with another set. The true warriors will be diluted among a sea of vacillating snowflake betamales.

            Our history is one where we thrive in hardship:


            So yes, once the washing machine arrived we were doomed. The ruthless warriors among us must recognize the reality of our tribe and how we thrive.

            Jim looks back in history to our accomplishments when organized, but he needs to look more closely at the root drivers of that phenomenon which were manorialism, hardship, and the Hajnal line.

            • Lugh says:

              Can’t subjugate them – too busy watching their Black Football heroes and wearing their names and numbers on their person. Fake Tribalism and a fake life.

          • X says:

            When I refer to ‘ruthlessness’, I mean white folks are manipulated and subjugated by their desire for fairness:


            The Jews are merely feeding whites the system they demand.

            Jim’s fantasies about Trump being a leader of a new white order of ruthlessness are doomed because of the culture of whites. And @viking is delusional if he thinks the whites in Idaho aren’t subjugated.

          • peppermint says:

            The washing machine was inevitable. Maybe women leaving the home for extra income was also inevitable. Women would actually be good at selling hot dogs at 7-11 and even HR if they could be controlled.

            Feminism happened due to weakness and treason of the intellectuals.

            • jim says:

              There have been outbreaks of feminism and leftism long before there were washing machines.

              I don’t see any connection between the rise of mechanical technology and the decline of social technology.

              • X says:

                Technology has made it impossible to isolate females from R strategy hypergamy. Before modern technology she was dreaming of being invaded; now she is constantly invaded by Facebook. It’s impossible to enforce hardship on females now to keep them busy on what we want them to do. Even Idaho is invaded by Facebook and female driver’s licenses.

                So that is why I suggest the only path forward is to leverage IVF technology to take away control from the female of our offspring. Let the females go R strategy. We side-step it.

              • Contaminated NEET says:

                The connection is this: rising mechanical technology masks and mitigates declining social technology.

    • jim says:

      > > Deus Vult. God is on our side.

      > Given that none of you seem interested in actually following Jehovah’s actual written will

      Your interpretation of his actual written will is idiosyncratic, making you holier than God. It not only differs from my interpretation, it differs from that customary among Christians for the last couple of thousand years.

    • bibleater says:

      The book of Judges chap 19 & 20 provide a singular ensample of civil war. The “righteous” majority had misplaced sense of religion and thought that they had God’s blessing but had apostatized by seeking Mount Ephriam instead of the true house of God. Anyway, they got their ass kicked by the sodomites and fellow travelers severely before finally winning.
      A consensus on doctrine does not the truth make. The churches have been dictating to God what He really meant since Paul wrote to Timothy that ” the great houses will fall”.
      Churchianity is perfectly positioned to suck up to the false Jesus (Antichrist) when he shows up to fix the bleeding world. Most could not tell you what is the first prophecy in the bible (Gen 3:15) and they assuredly don’t know which Jesus comes first at the end (hint: 666 before 777). They really get pissy if you tell them that Adam was not Cain’s father either.
      “…the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophesy.”

  13. Doug Smythe says:

    Fighting men take their orders from the State, which in turn takes them from the priesthood or its functional equivalent (the Cathedral). Don’t worry about finding a supply of fighting, worry about finding a supply of priests. Fighting men; they are a dime a dozen. The problem is mobilizing them to fight, which can only be done by the State, which in turn won’t be done until there emerges a new priesthood capable of giving suitable instruction to the State. Until then, there will be no civil war, since Whites will continue to deliver themselves into voluntary servitude, while a few weekend warriors bluster on the Internet about shooting people and the Left rightly laughs and rides them even harder in response (since men who threaten violence and don’t quickly act on it broadcast their impotence to the world, with the result that women laugh at them and other men victimize them).

    • Bob says:

      I am surprised at how many peaceable opinion leaders are predicting civil war. This leads me to think that when the right feels it’s being attacked, more opinion leaders will point that out. Some will even say we should fight back. The next step of organizing a body that exerts political will (which sounds like a state to me) isn’t a big leap.
      Trump came out of nowhere. I think our priests will, too.

    • Viking says:

      Only as long as the state is legitimate, if the state is seen as waging war on the people rather than criminals or terrorists it is no longer this becomes cloudy the police/military loyalty become cloudy. This is why the feds now surrender to militias they cant afford to risk an insurrection, ruby ridge and waco hurt them, i was at ruby ridge having just arrived in north idaho that spring and stranded at a general stores garage down the road not ten miles. It united the state and our AG charged the FBI with murder and we sued them for several other things, hippies and rednecks were united that the feds were thugs rural areas are like this politics are not separated like urbans everyone needs a gun wants freedom and is suspicious of state
      also the state that controls the men with guns
      there’s a lot of states in the USA and they all have guns states counties towns in states like Idaho Im telling you a fact everything from the national guard on down is going red, they may not go online and declare their allegiance to whatever which would be stupid, they will continue to use their police/military infrastructure computers intelligence etc but they will be doing it to defend the people of their area who like them happen to be all white right wing people, theyre used to be way outgunned by the people when Im stopped cops are very nice and polite and ask if I would stay in the car with my guns then thank me for helping them enforce the laws i voted for.

      • viking says:

        Lincoln destroyed america by destroying its basic construct of autonomous states (and of course free niggers to run wild instead of shipping them back to the jungle where they belong) It may have been possible to unite us as a single nation in a good way but it would have taken more time and the concessions would have been inconvenient so it was done quick and dirty leaving a lot unanswered. so now we will have a civil war to answer all those questions about the terms. Unfortunately in the meantime the left has filled the nation with niggers and spics and jews and towel heads and worst of all slants who lets be clear are the biggest threat and least being dealt with.
        let me say this again

        • Samuel Skinner says:

          “(and of course free niggers to run wild instead of shipping them back to the jungle where they belong) ”

          He tried; he was sending small samples back to model colonies in 1864/5. They mostly died.

          “It may have been possible to unite us as a single nation in a good way but it would have taken more time and the concessions would have been inconvenient so it was done quick and dirty leaving a lot unanswered. ”

          Not sure if that is actually possible. England and Ireland are currently two separate countries and the US was more diverse then them.

        • The Cominator says:

          Lincoln was a freesoiler not a radical. He certainly sympathized with slaves but did not think whites and blacks could live together without a lot of friction.

          He did not start the civil war the South chimped out over his election, seized arsenals etc. After the civil war the US government went back to not doing very much except building railroads.

          It wasn’t the civil war that started the poz, Woodrow Wilson and his progressive regime did. Progressives nailed the coffin shut in his time by giving women the vote.

          • Samuel Skinner says:

            “He did not start the civil war the South chimped out over his election, seized arsenals etc. ”

            The balance of power between the North and South was due to the Senate; while the last compromise had given the North 1 extra state, one of California’s Senators was a Southern slave owner. Lincoln’s election and refusal to admit any more slave states into the Union meant that the South would be outvoted permanently.

            Would you like your death fast or slow?

            “After the civil war the US government went back to not doing very much except building railroads. ”

            Aside from Reconstruction you mean?

          • jim says:

            The freesoilers in bloody Kansas looked plenty radical to me.

            • Mackus says:

              Well, Brown was certifiably crazy. What is amazing that he hacked five people to death, and wasn’t even prosecuted. After further reading, events following Pottawatomie massacre and such looks suspiciously similar to modern media excusing antifa’s and similar groups riots, and judges letting them of the hooks.

              You really should write post about causes of civil war.

        • Joe says:

          You have your third eye open I see.

  14. Strelnikov says:

    See you all on the barricades.

  15. viking says:

    It will start with a white on white war over something innocuous but last straw
    so normies aren’t immediately triggered mostly guerrilla personalized targets of whites and (((WHITES)))
    You set up cathedral for atrocities on camera so they cant maintain the ‘racist domestic terrorist criminal insane’ frame they need to maintain the men under arms and the normies
    As it escalates into real civil war because cathedral killed the children etc the niggers begin to riot on the urban liberals and the spics flee south home
    Men under arms now must go back to guard their own families in suburbs abandoning the elites to their nigger fate
    The cities are sealed of by anyone with a gun official and unofficial and the niggers and liberals all die.
    The jews are slipping out the country as fast as they can cause they know whats coming.
    The day of the rope goes on for years as the traitors and jews are found
    Patriarchy is always restored by war and while personally Id like to make some changes most of the men with guns are pretty normal and are either christian strong or muh constitution and that range of normie youre not going to impose any moldberg nonsense on them. But its going to be a no brainer that no more non whites fags or women in power and since the bloodshed will need accounting for the jews will rightly be held liable for that. youll get patchwork though as rural areas will each be held by coalitions of men

  16. some guy says:

    Everyone who practices with a gun on the gun range is on our side.
    Most men who lift iron are on our side.
    Most men who practice the seriously dangerous martial arts on our side.

    corollary: do these things, if you aren’t already.

    • Bruce says:

      Lifting iron is mostly useless except for your ego (full disclosure- I do it). Being “army fit” is good enough when you fight with army weapons. A big bodybuilder is an easy target to hit.

      • Space Ghost says:

        Yep. Assuming you meet a baseline strength threshold (which shouldn’t be too hard for healthy adult males), improving endurance is significantly more important for warfighting than improving strength.

      • BC says:

        A lot of this fight is going to be intimidation and propaganda. The human brain still responds to that basic animal instinct that the physically strong is more dangerous than the weak. Our side should be strong.

      • Pseudo-chrysostom says:

        >Lifting iron is mostly useless except for your ego (full disclosure- I do it). Being “army fit” is good enough when you fight with army weapons. A big bodybuilder is an easy target to hit.

        No need to worry about that: you won’t be a ‘big bodybuilder’ even if you wanted to be.

  17. Fred says:

    If you meant feudalism as in economic serfdom than that’s stupid. Now if you meant it to be the extraordinarily robust loosely affiliated groups of city-states model then that’s different. The nation-state is inherently weak. Allied City-states are more survivable.

    • Michael Rothblatt says:

      “Economic serfdom” is called manorialism. Feudalism is personal rule by barons descended from warriors who previously conquered said territory and who are tied together by oaths of fidelity. It says nothing about economic policies and said economic policies can be different under different barons. Serfdom in Medieval period came naturally as those that owned nothing gladly traded part of their liberty for a piece of the land and a guarantee that their baron will provide for them in times of drought and similar periods of low agricultural yields.

  18. Mark Matis says:

    I would merely once again note that it is this country’s “Law Enforcement” who will destroy all who stand against the Deep State. And they will do WHATEVER they are told, as long as that paycheck keeps comin’ in.

    Do you know where they live in your neighborhood?
    Do you know their schedules?
    Do you know their spouses’ schedules?
    Do you have a plan to make them regret choosing that career?

    • Dave says:

      Their paychecks come in only as long as dollars hold value, which eventually brings Fedgov to a fork in the road: Print to oblivion, or just pay police and soldiers, default on the debt, and tell their bureaucrats and welfare mamas (at gunpoint) to go get a fucking job. In the first case, Fedgov ceases to exist, and in the second case becomes so much like us that we can pretty much declare victory and go home.

      • Mark Matis says:

        Except when the $$$ lose their value, the government will merely tell the Only Ones that they can requisition whatever they need from the local populace. And the Only Ones will “need” everything you have.

        Nothing will change for the better until enough dead pig corpses are stacked in the streets. Although things will go quicker if their spouses’ corpses are stacked there as well. In THAT case, the Only Ones’ ranks will thin very quickly.

        • Yara says:

          Wew, boy.

          The agitprop shills are out in force today.

          Our interest is in averting the coming bloodbath, which is being instigated by your employers. Please feel free to crawl back to your Creep State maggot-hole, spook. Thereupon, consider suicide.

          • Mark Matis says:

            Keep on suckin’ them pigs, Binky! I’m sure they’ll treat you and yours well when the time comes.

            • Yara says:

              Keep projecting, Fednigger.

              • Mark Matis says:

                Kepp on postin’ on that laptop while you’re drivin’ down the highway in your cruiser, piggy!

                Burn in hell with your filthy whore. I hope you kissed her good bye before you went in to work.

                • Yara says:

                  Lol. I had no idea you guys hated cops so much.

                  You know what, I’m going to make a sizeable donation to my local police department in your honor. Just for you, bucko.

                  May you be eaten by your fellow swamp rats.

                • jim says:

                  Berkeley cops are largely black and minority, and are supposed to be reliably progressive.

                  But though they reluctantly take orders from progs, they hate doing so. They are our side, even though largely black and theoretically progressive. Being a Berkeley cop is like being a Trump supporter at Google.

                  I am more racist than thou, but just as Zimmerman was a really stand up guy, the Berkeley cops are OK.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Cops are pure order followers. Cops generally would herd their own families into gas chambers if ordered to.

                  They will never be on our side until the regime is overthrown.

                  Soldiers defect frequently throughout history, police never defect unless the regime is overthrown.

                • Pseudo-chrysostom says:

                  >Cops generally would herd their own families into gas chambers if ordered to.

                  How many examples can you think of?

                  For various reasons, i would predict that ‘families who’s clothes got aired in the delousing shack’ and ‘families with male members in the police force’ doesn’t actually have a lot of overlap.

                • BC says:

                  >Soldiers defect frequently throughout history, police never defect unless the regime is overthrown.

                  During the LA Riots I watched the media urge the police to disarm the Koreans who were fighting back against the rioters. The cops refused. Thier excuse was the Koreans would shoot them as well, the reality was that they wanted to do what the Koreans were doing, but were not allowed to. Cops as a whole are a cowardly bunch, but a bunch generally on the side of order and against the POZ. Just don’t expect them to stick their neck out to fight it, but they frequently will look the other way when they can get away with it. Hence the authoritarian use of CCTV and copy cams everywhere, it’s not to stop crime, rather it’s to make sure the cops always act as their progressive masters want.

                • The Cominator says:

                  “For various reasons, i would predict that ‘families who’s clothes got aired in the delousing shack’ and ‘families with male members in the police force’ doesn’t actually have a lot of overlap.”

                  They don’t generally have overlap but cops on the whole would do it (soldiers no they would mutiny immediately).

                • Pseudo-chrysostom says:

                  How many times has that been tried, though?

                  It’s not simply an idle observation. Enforcers tend to be loyal because people tend to select them for loyalty, and also tend to reenforce and reward that loyalty with status and privi legius. That’s just basic common sense.

                  Our contemporary, unfortunately lacking would-be masters of the universe today are increasingly lacking in common sense, however. We are embarking on novel new experiments, putting new questions to the test (that really ought not be tested and be considered preemptively by one with World Formation); how will enforcers behave when they themselves are attacked and have their status devalidated by their priests? By rogue (and even ‘rogue’) ruling agents of the System? Painted in the same brush even (for indeed, they *are* in reality of the same brush), as those who they might ostensibly be ordered to put into summer camps with complimentary soccer games between inmates and guards?

                  Fantastic new times await.

        • Starman says:

          The Berkeley police officers couldn’t publicly disobey the stand-down order, so one day… the cops released the photos and full names of the Antifa thugs…

    • pyrrhus says:

      95% of the firearms are in private hands, and LEOs are notorious for their poor shooting skills. Also, we know where they live….In our area of the West, most will not be willing to get involved.

      • viking says:

        Not true You obviously don’t know any let alone many. They will only defend the states orders as long as the state can maintain a frame of criminality and terrorism which wont be for long if the insurrection is of any size or duration at all. In the age of Iphones doing what george washington did (stay in the field until the army does what armies do and the people turn against them) wont take long during katrina it was almost instantaneous outrage. keeping communication open is key and being prepared to exacerbate an insurrection long enough to prolong it into the real thing. once cops and military know this is a civil war they are not taking any side but their own families they will abandon their posts if they have to to guard their families or outright mutiny if asked to fight against americans they have sworn oaths never to do that.the states going to lose the reserves nat guard because they are ocal controlled and rural states will use them as local defense not elite defense basically theyre ours. many general are cucks but not cucked enough to deploy batalians agains who exactly insurgents all over the place not going to happen.I really dont know a man in idaho without at least a dozen guns and ten thousand rounds im sure most ruralish states are the same ever since clinton banned the assault riffles these guys have been stocking up and every school shooting or riot they buy some more many of us have equipment to machine receivers etc and make ammo. I was in starbucks a while back and was wearing my 44 mag cowboy style cause id been working in the woods and we have a lot of grizzlybears lions etc this little old lady with blue tinted hair old school not punk style is sitting in a chair and starts asking me if thats the 11″ barrel etc and I laugh and say yeah and she pulls out her 45 auto and says she never leaves home without it. turned out she was a former air force colonel or something. anyway america is armed to the fucking teeth and we are specifically armed for a civil war.

      • vxxc says:

        The police are not the enemy.

        If they were the Democrats wouldn’t be shooting them, and glorifying BLM as the centerpiece of the 2016 Dem Convention.

        If the police are your enemy you’re going to have a very short war.
        =You see cops and military come from the same families and 19% of the police are combat veterans. You’ll be shooting into a large mass of dangerous men tied by blood and war. I’m not a cop BTW – I’m a vet.

        If the police were the enemy they could pretty much shut down reaction very fast ..and they don’t. Instead they get hunted by nogs for enforcing the law.

        The best approach for the police is armed neutrality – and de facto they seem to have chosen it. This has worked in other civil wars, taking a side doesn’t.

        For the ensuing Kill The Pigs comments: you’re full of shit. You have never done anything and never will. Mostly you’re paranoid the cops will arrest you for drugs – again.

        • Starman says:

          This cop is chomping at the bit to bash the Commie Antifa thugs!

        • The Cominator says:

          Attacks on cops is a left wing purity spiral driven from below. Its not because the cops are on our side, cops are generally mindless order following machines. They may generally hate the “people of diversity” and “progs” but their order following program overrides all.

          Cops don’t get convicted of murder in areas where Democrats run the show even when they are blatantly guilty either.

          Soldiers are not like this, if soldiers really hate the regime they will defect. I cannot recall any examples in history of police defecting.

          • jim says:

            Cops will not overtly disobey prog orders, but they will not necessarily follow them all that effectively. If the cops are sympathetic to you, you can get away with all sorts of stuff.

            Since prog purity spiraling means they cannot help pissing off the cops, if we are pleasant and respectful to the cops, they will find it strangely difficult to carry out prog orders to arrest us.

            • vxxc says:

              Ditto on cops Jim.

              The police can either see, hear or speak or they cannot.
              That’s quite legal BTW. SCOTUS approved even.
              Police who see, hear, speak nothing are even preferable
              to them openly siding with us: because then NOTHING IS REPORTED and all quiet in Reacto County. You see most law enforcement is local and Feds (who may also rank and file be sympathetic) go where the fire is- not to all quiet Reacto county.
              Thus establishing de facto safe staging area.
              Thus in terms of whats needed -de facto state.
              This done many times before.
              Common sense applies: don’t shit – or shoot -where you live.

              Be polite and respectful and further tell them that you don’t consider them involved in politics. Certainly not the Cop Killing Politics of the Democratic Party.

              Seriously folks: the Democrats shoot cops and justify it to get out the nig vote. These are gifts from God to us.
              Don’t fuck that up.
              Because not fucking it up gets you your very own safe, quiet staging area.

              Counterproductive Drama gets you leveled from the air.
              If however they don’t know you’re there they don’t waste limited and expensive air/drone assets on you.

              Politeness and Courtesy are never more recommended than in violent trades. Also common sense- don’t make enemies out of dangerous non-enemies.

              Don’t shit where you live.

              • jim says:

                > Seriously folks: the Democrats shoot cops and justify it to get out the nig vote. These are gifts from God to us.

                > Politeness and Courtesy are never more recommended than in violent trades. Also common sense- don’t make enemies out of dangerous non-enemies.

                What he said.

                It is amazing what politeness and courtesy can get you out of.

                And when that fails, a good lawyer can get you out of it, provided you have not given them a reason to make your life difficult.

  19. jay says:

    Sun Tzu Art of War is very useful guide on how to wage war with maximum results whilst expending minimal men and resources.

  20. DrDog says:

    When the Saxon gets angry Continents burn.

  21. Jeff Bloomington says:

    Ummmm, is this a joke? I sure hope so….

    Your “side”=unsuccessful white “men” who are scared of women

    The other side=Blacks, Jews, Latinos, Muslims, Asians, homosexuals, progressives, the young, women, minorities, the trans community, arabs,

    You have no chance.

    Black men are physically stronger. This explains their dominance in sports and the fact that white girls throw themselves at them.

    • Christopher says:

      No. Not a joke. Joke’s on you! We are all gonna fight, (well some of us are) and zulu and saxon and aztec and mongol up. What’s up! Meanwhile, something is gonna sit back and laugh. And laugh. And um snort laugh. Good job men. Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. When you stand before the Son of God someday. Tell Him how strong you are bro. He will probably be extremely impressed. Conversely white bros, when ya stand before the King of kings and Lord of lords, be sure and tell Him all about da saxons. All a bunch of pissy pussies. Enjoy hell on earth. Cuz that’s what’s coming.

    • Contaminated NEET says:

      >trans community
      >white girls throwing themselves at blacks
      >”men” in scare quotes to imply shameful lack of masculinity followed by lionization of homofags

      Persona is too inconsistent in too short a space to be legit; you’re clearly just pressing what you think are the most enraging buttons to generate butthurt.
      6/10, I replied.

    • pyrrhus says:

      Actually, white men dominate power lifting and other measures of strength…But do you really think this conflict will be fought with fists??
      Check out which group has the firearms, the training, and a proven track record in combat……Hint, it’s not any of the groups you are listing on the “progressive” side.

      • Yara says:

        >check out which group has the firearms, the training, and a proven track record in combat
        >it’s not any of the groups you are listing on the “progressive” side

        If not the military, then who?

    • jim says:

      From your ignorance of the nature of women, I can tell who it is that is scared of women

    • The Cominator says:

      “Your “side”=unsuccessful white “men” who are scared of women”

      Looks like we have a media matters/shareblue troll… Trump voters tend to be more successful then Trump opponents, though less so then cuck conformist establishment republican types.

  22. Roberto says:

    >Trump gets impeached, not long after that imprisoned, and not long after that he and his entire family is murdered

    You left out the possibility that Trump won’t be impeached, but will be assassinated by a leftist sniper or by an undercover alphabet agent disguised as a leftist sniper.

  23. viking says:

    I suppose I should try to not flame this post since its at least in the right direction. Acknowledging that power comes out of as gun and all.
    All organisms are “tribal” except a strain of whites” tribal whites were hung in certain areas until no more tribal like genes these are leftists they are non violent and look to authority not self action, Neoreactionaries come from these blood lines for the most part (and jews)this genetic abomination is what allows jews to pwn you.christianity is a carrier. Neo reactionaries are still looking for a white knight and you think guys like me are on your side. heres the thing you dont have a side you are faggots that don’t fight guys like me already have guns land women and honor never lost it, we have for a thousand years stayed clear of the mob of intellectuals and their hangmen looking to wring the masculinity and tribalism out of our necks we have our own geographics and systems. If war comes it will be because we decide and yes we will win because we are able we know how to fight make weapons build things you know how to talk and code like your leftist counterparts that cruelly locked you out. many of us tried to warn you a decade ago you were going full poz but things like naming the jew was a bridge too far, yet spending years arguing how young a child you could molest and still consider ir respectable was not a bridge to far(jim) arguing whether instead of an ethno state we ought to just do away with all humans because after all the point of life is not the well being our our people but machine consciousness (land) that all resistance is futile and the right should simply blog until they can assume power which will be granted by their absolute lords the (((techno cap patchlords))) who will own you like a slave or serf kinda like (((they do now))) moldbergs and we have various religius nuts who will tell us how if only this and that were emphasized in the jewish heresy it would work again like it did kinda sorta for maybe a few years when there were no niggers jews or leftists for thousands of miles

    The better question is post civil war whether guys like me can talk guys like me into not just cutting your balls off so you cant breed that pozzd shit you inherited back into the genetics of us prole whites you so despise.I mean for instance the entire state of say Idaho is full of men who have women that honor and obey them these men have that territory and have held it many are military trained all spent the ages from 16-20 having fistfights for fun fridays then got married they are soft spoken polite and despite your sneers they have the same range of IQS as the entire [population higher because its a white population but no they dont give a damn about hifalutin theories so when its suggested the Jim be made high inquisitor because he understands eight year old girls cant be raped because they actually want it well they’re going to torture you to death jim, and when its suggested a former marxist philosophy professor living in china preaching the extinction of mankind be made our theologian and a jew who thinks white men should bend a knee to the jew because hes so smart and makes shiny things faggots like well not going to happen.
    who will assume power is who already has it white men with a pair. you may think the left or the cathedral holds power but that’s an illusion white men allow for now.the left knows this which is why they have never dared to test it, they hope they can spin this illusionary appearance of power allowed them into real power. s o they tell niggers bitches and faggots and other morons that they have real power and should use it. A few of us saw some possibility in nrx once but it decayed into utter faggotrey about the time alt right triggered you faggots into the vapors over the JQ and such.Whats funny is you take UNz a jew with a 250 IQ and an actual techlord and hes able to face the JQ squarely and there’s dozens of such jews who have but because nrx are all former libs they cant its kinda like my catholic upbringing despite being a agnostic and def know there is nothing to any religion I still can be scared of the devil and possession that pre V2 latin shit runs deeps in your cases its kumbaya or rather however your boomer parents reinterpreted kumbaya for you
    what can you do are you of any use? Yes if youre as smart as you say in the tech field make me a drone airforce that can be made from parts that the state cant outlaw and can be deployed without personal risk, hack into the deep state and get me the irrefutable criminal evidence strong enough to create a crisis even today,figure out how to overcome the censorship and doxing and keep communication open,do something fucking useful philosophy comes after war, maybe if you had not been so ridiculous a decade ago and thought some sensible things that could actually be incorporated into the civilization white men with power already have you might have been able to nudge a bit but instead you jerked off about nonsense frankly heartiste has said more sensible shit that the rest of nrx combined in a lot of ways.You really need a self reflection on how nrx is really just more cathedralism. you need to get over the jew moldbug he was clever articulate funny and wrong about everything he didnt steal from others

    • jim says:

      > Guys like me already have guns land women and honor never lost it

      I see disruptive sexually motivated female misbehavior right in front of my nose, often starting four years before fertile age. If you do not dare see what is in front of your nose, that is a pretty good tell that you are powerless, impotent, and afraid.

      If what you were saying is true, you would know the nature of women.

      If you knew the nature of women, you would not be lying about my position on female sexuality. You accuse me of an outrageous and absurd position on female sexuality, because you cannot swallow the redpill – it is crimethink, and you will not think crimethink, nor even acknowledge my crimethink, instead accusing me of the nearest equally evil position that you are permitted to think.

      If you had guns, land, women and honor, you would have internalized the red pill. If you had women, you would know women. Instead, you are pozzed.

      You fail to acknowledge that female misbehavior is a problem, that females need to be brought under control. Therefore, your claim to have females under control is false, irrespective of the age of those females.

      • Viking says:

        Jim youre a college professor no? youre in a bubble.So you dont know what normal america looks like I have had a strange life and am an insider in practically every bubble there is i have had puerto rican welfare moms cook me rice and beams hundreds of nights, been to gals at the met dozens, I have owned a sawmill logging operation in north Idaho, and wored union construction in NYC, ownded businesses founded non profits,I have worked on wall street, publishing, television,I have had close dealing with nigger dominican and biker drug dealers and spent countless benders with cops,I could go on for hours I know american men. As for the women I didnt need heartiste to teach me game when i got sober in my late 20s i had to do an inventory id slept with close 200 women But i’ve also been married and in several long term relationships. I dont quibble with much HBD on women game is more or less right women are as fucked up as men in this post modern world like men some are a lot less fucked up than others, thers plenty of women Ive known heartiste would strike out with. I have had children which means Ive had contact with thousands of children and parents intimately and only one girl under about 13 has ever been flirty in anything other than a child like way and her father turned out to be a child molester and her mother was a Yeah I deny any fuckinng girls below puberty want to fuck you Humbert. And even if what you claim were true men have the power and men do not want to give their daughters to you and heartiste ever. they love their daughters and will kill for them or die for them. they want their daughters happy, they know their daughters and women natures they are constantly correcting behavior just as they know their sons behavior and correcting it. There’s a reason we dont let children make decisions for themselves they are not developed or experienced and would instantly wast a parents investment, so while its certainly possible to sell a pre 60s patriarchy perhaps even going back a century earlier your never getting your 17 virgins creep.Female misbehavior is a problem like male misbehavior dimorphic but the answer is not datinf 8 year olds thats fuckinginsanity only a product of post modernism could convince themselves of this And youre not ever reinstating Christianity its dying out and good riddance it was a jew religion fuck that, its literally the religion of they shalt always cuck. youre retarded for trying to reinstate it frankly I think neoreaction is just neocon 2.0, theres a lot of the least pozd people in america still religious like most americans always have they just take what they like from the religion without thinking to hard theologically and we are going to have to let that burn out capitalism is doing a wonderful job of taking care of that.
        Swallow red pills again I didnt need moldberg to redpill me on race or gender or tell me about carlyle old books etc. I can literally pile up baby arms no jim I can actually cut fucking arms off while eating and joking and sleep like a baby I seriously doubt anyone I have ever come across in reaction save vxxc can do that, I have no problem not facing what needs to be done I have a problem with larping, with taking up the time and energy of the few hi cog white men that might be of some use to me with larping about exits to space, instituting sharia or medieval christianity and serfdom. You’ve all talked so much you have stumbled through a bit of truth but you’re all such snowflakes you cant just do what will work you want something far fetched for glory this is what got us here, letting eggheads out of the lockers we stuffed them into to do math for us and letting them try and reinvent the world.
        HOW THE FUCK does nrx not get that an ethno state is the first step of anything that has a chance, how do you not get that if you want schelling point nothing trumps genetic proximity, how do you not see capitalism has been at least as destructive as socialism and needs to be subordinated to culture, no in no way does this mean socialism it means capitalism is not allowed to do things that destroy the culture that supports the people. we are the reason we are having a discussion ( well except land) we want to know how to make it better for us, we say capitalism makes it better for us, so we like capitalism. but if its destroying us we wouldnt like it (except land who really only likes capitalism because it will accelerate hi marxist communism) capitalism wont die if we forbid it to sell porn,
        This is pointless really you are all brainwashed by the jew moldberg and get triggered at anything that isnt from his little scam to get ahead of the next holocaust;
        Oh speaking of which HOW THE FUCK DOES NRX not get that jews are the main cause of left isms morbidity, even conservative jews get that. jews do leftism to get power part of their tactic is to get whites to help them thinking its doing good, jews can be both communists and capitalists no problem SOROS how is this possible? because when your real motive is not leftism or rightism but jewism then having both sides of the conflict is actually not a contradiction its an tactic- neo reactionary indeed He couldn’t have put it in your face any more clearly you have been cucked in the ass by a jew again and he actually named his red herring the same as the last faux conservative movement they took over, and what did you all do once up and running????? You purged the alt right just like they purged the paleos fucking pathetic.

        • jim says:

          But, the problem is precisely that we do let women and children make decisions for themselves.

          You attribute purity and virtue to women that they conspicuously lack. Women are not looking for protective masculinity. They are looking for someone with the stones to beat them and rape them, and not finding him.

          When you deny female misconduct, you allow them to continue to engage in that misconduct, at age nine, and at age twenty nine.

          I say I see women (of all ages) acting badly. And you say you only see women acting in ways that are socially approved for their age.

          Which tells me that you are impotent to stop them from acting badly at all ages.

          • jim says:

            > Ive had contact with thousands of children and parents intimately and only one girl under about 13 has ever been flirty in anything other than a child like way

            You say you see one thing in your personal life, and I say I see something completely different in my personal life.

            And what I see is out of control women driven to act in socially disruptive ways by their sexual impulses – yes, gets worse when they get older, particularly when they are running out of time to have children, but it starts early. We are disastrously failing to control nine year olds, and even more disastrously failing to control twenty nine year olds.

            So, to get an indication of when this bad behavior starts, let us look at children’s books.

            In certain stores, you will find them categorized by age group of reader, and though it is no longer permitted to categorize them by sex of reader, it is completely obvious that some are girl’s books, and some are boy’s books.

            And the girl’s books, starting at age nine or thereabouts, are all about which male love interest the female protagonist will choose, and continue to be that way when the intended reader is in her thirties and forties, while the boy’s books do not really feature hot chicks until the target audience reaches puberty.

            So people who write books and sell books see what I see. Girls books change in reading level, and in the lifestyles of the protagonist, as the target audience gets older, but the subject matter changes well before fertile age, and remains unchanging during the transition to fertility. Further, even if the male love interest is depicted as age appropriate, his lifestyle is always that of an older man. Thus in “Frozen” the protagonist is sixteen, but is the insert character for nine year old girls, while her love interests are depicted as in their early twenties, but have the lifestyles of older men, one being an independent small businessman, and the other a military commander.

            If you refuse to see bad behavior, you are impotent to control bad behavior. If you refuse to see bad behavior, it is probably because if you allowed yourself to see it, you would be impotent to prevent it.

            The problem is that women and girls are attracted to very bad men, and harshly test every male they meet to see if he is bad enough for them. In the case of older women, this testing disrupts the workplace, in the case of younger girls, deprives good men of the possibility of virgin wives.

            • rape says:

              Jim is right about women and Viking is right about Whites and jews.

              • jim says:

                He is right about Jews, but he is wrong about white cohesion. Whites are naturally incohesive. We are not incohesive because of evil Jewish mindrays. We are incohesive because we are the most dangerous animal on the planet, and therefore inclined to fear each other more than other kinds. We are our problem. Jews are not our problem.

                The white problem is whites, and the solution to the white problem is the peace of Westphalia, which worked until undermined by the universalism of the French revolution, and then undermined by whig universalism after the French Revolution was crushed.

                We should copy what works. The health system of Singapore works, the family law of eighteenth century England worked, and the peace of Westphalia worked, while the enlightenment shows an alarming tendency to darkness, superstition, and mass murder.

            • I think Viking’s mistake may be to see only flirtiness as bad behavior. What is see is girls shit-testing their parents at a far far younger age than puberty and sex would even go into the question. 4, 5 years old.

              That is when an 5 years old boy is disobedient, that is usually because he really wants something, like not going home from the playground yet. When a 5 years old girl is disobedient, it is a game to see if she can get away with it. My daughter really likes to bath, with all the bath toys she has, but still tries resisting when we tell her to go bathing every time, just to see if she can get away with it. I know it is a shit test because acting skills are not that good yet at 5 years old, sometimes she cannot help but smile while trying to look seriously defiant, or will laugh at a joke right in the middle of fake crying and then try to go back to it.

              I was definitely not like that as a boy nor other boys. We disobeyed when we really wanted something. If we liked bathing, we did not disobey. If we really wanted to not go home yet from the playground, we disobeyed.

              So shit-testing behavior is already there far before any sexual hormone would awaken or any thought of sex would be in the mind. Later on, with puberty, it turns into a sexual strategy for women. Before puberty it is just simply a game to try and take the piss out of parents and try to get away with it.

              In fact, I kind of hope that we give no room to this behavior at a small age, she will not be a big shit-tester when she grows up. It is entirely possible that overly permissive parental behavior at a small age created all this shittestocalypse. Perhaps all the nawalts I know come from strict families. My wife does. And my mothers father was brutally strict, absolutely fearsome.

              • jim says:

                I think Viking’s mistake may be to see only flirtiness as bad behavior

                Girls shit test a lot more than they flirt, and the younger the more hypergamous they are, hence the more they shit test and less they flirt. The dance is pursuit and predation, conquest and surrender. They are looking for someone with the stones to beat them and rape them, they want a fight, and hope to fight someone manly enough to defeat them.

                Men are polygamous, women are hypergamous, so a lustful man is nice to women, while a lustful woman is hard on men.

                As I said in Game:

                Men want to bang every fertile age chick. My little man salutes most of them. Women, however, only want to bang the very best. So men tend to be nice to every fertile age chick, while women give every attractive man a hard time, to see what he is made of, including the more attractive men in their place of employment, including the boss in their place of employment, so will invariably disrupt the working environment. They will give their husbands a hard time, to see what he is made of, and if you don’t pass the test, you become invisible to her. And if you are her boss, also invisible to her.

                A lustful man, such as myself, is nice to every fertile age woman he meets. A lustful woman does the opposite. Like Kate in “The Taming of the Shrew”, her disruptive behavior and misconduct reveals her hunger. And I see a great deal of disruption and misconduct in the workplace, which disruptive misconduct seems to be strangely invisible to everyone else.

            • Viking says:

              I have never refused to see bad behavior in wenches i have been pointing out bad behavior in wenches since the 70s, I have only pointed out that when you and only you and nambla try to apply thet to 8-12 year olds its you that are making an extraordinary claim no one else notices and its on you to provide proof. your proof is shit like 9 year old girls like to dress up like princesses and flirt with you something something. For a year or two i tried to get you to admit you were being bombastic or rhetorical or something but you always doubled down. What can one think jim. NRX seems like its trying to shit test men with ridiculous red pills, the real red pills are difficult enough to swallow for most people to insist 9 year old girls cant be raped because they are little whores that want it and if a father leaves them out of his sight a moment it proves he too wants you to rape them is fucking insane and automatically makes NRX (you being one of its leading lights) an absurd ridiculous idea not worth another moment’s thought.I am on record wayyyyy before you went down this rabbit hole asking hundreds of times “what is the difference if there is one, between reactionary patriarchy and other forms such as earlier white forms islamic asian etc.” this presupposed patriarchy of some form is a given , but was intended to highlight the difficulty of the question for too many reasons for this comment, your answer is not constructive.
              when you add to this all the other brilliant idiots of NRX little absurdities it makes what might have been an interesting thread as absurd and ridiculous as you harem of 9 year olds.
              Its founded by a jew, who in a decade digs into every conspiracy theory but the one we all know is the real problem what mischief jews do as the exercise their genetic strategy of parasitism. It would be one thing if Yarvin had at least looked at it and made a case instead he calls the conspiracy the “cathedral” and the conspirators “calvinists/puritans” and names the counter “neo reaction” councils whites that resistance is futile but if they just sit tight they will earn power, such power will be bestowed on them by their lords and masters the (((tech Cap Patchlords))) you know Zuck Serge Blankfein Soros- so hows that working out for you?
              Then we have land who is a commie married to a jew living in Asia while basically ranting that its not only whites that can actually build shit that are useless but humans in total and that the purest form of nrx is irst a multicultural Elysium (wtf are we living in now) as a stepping stone to programming AI to dispense with human apes entirely and express pure machine cognition for eternity hurray- Its too fucking stupid to even bother countering.
              we have then the religious right of NRX which is a leg of the trichotomy that should have been sawed off as soon as trichotomy was coined, But what jew controlled opposition with a NEO modifier would be complete without a religious right to tie it up in knots of fucking nonsense, and sure enough you of all people waste time on trying to fit some crazy jews 3000 year old superstitions into the space age.worse you cant go full jew so you have to go with this christ fellow whos crazier idea is gods a bloodthirsty racist but he wants all of us to be pure cucks.
              Instead of jettisoning the witch worshipers you purged the anti semites.And why same reason as NR did because you wanted to signal how much smarter and well bred you were.or maybe because NRX is full of jews and christians? Heres the thing if a jew cant face what the jews have actually done then they are not reactionaries Ron Unz and a dozen other jews i know of have in fact are who ‘redpill” me on the JQ which was a term I never even heard let alone a concept I was familiar with until Nick land Im no neo nazi in fact Im a native new yorker from an arty intellectual family that had lots of jews at thousands of cocktail parties, and while i grew up to love jews I grew up to know them as an insider because when jews are comfortable drunk at parties full of leftists half of who are jews they talk as if alone, and so I didnt nee to read mcdonalds or Unz or other jews traitors to know what jews are like I know jews I have heard them brag about their mischief since i was a little kid in the 60s. I heard them brag about pozzing the bright whites they would meet getting off the turnip trucks in the cities from flyover country. Dont tell me jews didnt orchestrate the fucking 60s I watched them do it from the village in new york and I heard with my own ears back then old jews tell of their efforts going back to the 20s to bring it to fruition.
              Capitalism is a big problem, Im an ayn randian let them eat shit austrian from way back so i dont say that lightly but its true and we have to understand that if we are going to keep capitalism as I think we must, but its a two edged sword, for instance their is no pre capitalist socialism.if we are to be the party/school whatever of HBD we need to understand apes are both socialist and capitalist that both are deep in our bones and therefore can be exploited by interlopers and we have to get ahead of that. perhaps more importantly we have to understand that culture is what is right after genes and we cant let anything undermine the culture we co design with our DNA, THis is supposed to be the bedrock of NRX as far as I was concerned. maybe we reached it through mining nigger crime and IQ stats but GNON applies to us all and we must acknowledge it.
              Which leads to the fucking no brainer Cultures therefore human organizations can only be genetic because that is the biological foundation under which nothing can subvert.this means ethno state is a no brainer yet NRX seems to have a fucking problem saying the words, oh i might offend Hsu or Khan or Land kike wife or god forbid Yoda I mean Yarvin- well too fucking bad its a fucking fact of Gnon theres nothing we can do about it, the entire fucking thing we are fighting Enlightenment/christendom/cathedral/synagogue is nothing more than trying to get around gnons first law. GNONS first law is survive by any means possible to replicate as close a copy of myself as possible any excess resources to go to next closest copy of myself- THIS IS THE WHOLE OF THE LAW there is no good or eveil or right or wrong or philosophical truth there is only genetic replication. If i flip a fucking tortoise i do it because one day i will eat that tortoise or its kin and they dont keep well in the sun on their backs
              A hundred years ago whites knew that we were the apex of evolution and had the power to delete all the others we did not fatal fucking mistake we never recover from why because jews and christcucks an enlightenment men. how that for a red pill jim can you swallow that? our goal should be the total elimination of all humans but whites from the universe. possibly we could manage some small populations in games reserves guarded by drones kind of like culture parks little archaic pygmies zulus arabs stripped of their white mans toys and reduced back to the condition we found them years ago – but probably safer to keep them in test tubes frozen.

              • alf says:

                obveously NRX and jim had sort of a splitup it is pretty well known by now that they are divided over the loli quesiton so saying Jimianity and NRX are the same thing is incorrect. NRX is slightly cucked over the loli question just like you are but it is understandable because betas only get depressed when facing the cold hard nature of women because feral girls seek out Jims and not vikings so the only catharsis that comes from understanding the loli question is understanding that GNON is a dick.
                its obveous that jews are for a large part assholes with strange neurotic tendencies I read the Unz article it made sense but to focus on those 14 million as the scourge of all evil is liek watching foot fetisj porn all day and calling it the ultimate pron. Focusing on Jews alone is a fetish and does not solve the problem because the problem is larger than just Jews and the way to akshually adress the problem is by building a coalition with people who want to work with you whether they are christians or MGtow or ex-libertarians or hell even my black handicapped lesbian friend against people who hate me and want to see me killed who likely include Jews but include a lot more white leftists and probably some Christians as well.
                jews historically like to perform black magic which is only magic if you believe in it because if you dont believe in it its just a guy sticking needles in a doll and if you believe its just guys sticking needles in a doll you can tell them to take that crap to israel which solves the problem. But if you believe they aksuelly perform blak magic than you are dominated by jewish evil minddrays and their blak magic worked and now you see them as more powerful than they really are and you cant effectively deal with the problem bekause they have become your fetish and everytiem you think of anuthing you think of JEWS just like the foot fetish guy can only thik of FEET.
                whites are powerful whites are at the top of the pyramid but whites are wolves to each other you are blinded by this which betrays your weakness in fact that you come here online to fight with other whites pretty much destroys your point if it were really the fault of jews why do we disagree is that foot fetish oh i mean jewish evil mindrays too?
                Ethnostate dont work without cooperation framework and if your cooperation framework is ‘without jews we won’t lose’ it is set up for failure and you will failr becaus of that I stikc with Jim who may not have all the answers but he has a hell of a lot of em.

                • Anonymous 2 says:

                  Mutually Assured Walls of Text. You maniacs! You blew it up!

              • jim says:

                > I have never refused to see bad behavior in wenches i have been pointing out bad behavior in wenches since the 70s, I have only pointed out that when you and only you and nambla try to apply thet to 8-12 year olds its you that are making an extraordinary claim no one else notices and its on you to provide proof.

                Regarding bad behavior in the workplace:

                1. Failure of organizations with mixed male and female leadership is one hundred percent, as near as makes no differemce.
                2. The distribution of complaints about sexual harassment (predominantly female workplaces have lots of women complaining, predominantly male workplaces very few women complaining) indicates that even though it is women complaining, the sexual interaction is female initiated – they are complaining because they fell of the bottom of some man’s booty call list.

                Age at which girls become interested in men:

                • They start reading and watching romance at about age nine, about four years before fertile age. The chick lit market for ten year olds is not a whole lot different to the chick lit market for thirty year olds.

                Shit testing starts absurdly early, but shit testing charismatic pre selected unrelated males sets in about eight or nine.

                > to insist 9 year old girls cant be raped because they are little whores that want it and if a father leaves them out of his sight a moment it proves he too wants you to rape them

                Obviously I would never suggest such a ridiculous thing, and that is almost the opposite of what I have said repeatedly in every post on the topic.

                The concept of “rape” attributes agency to women that thirty year olds no more possess than ten year olds. “Rape” used to mean dating a girl without the consent of her male head of household – irrespective of age, and the modern meaning does not map well to human behavior.

                The modern meaning of “rape” maps quite well to the behavior of ducks, but not at all to the behavior of humans, cats, or zebras. You are attributing to me the blue pill position on the sexuality of human females that I repudiate and ridicule in every post on this topic.

                Notice that female concern about “rape” has the same reverse distribution as concern about sexual harassment in the workplace: Notice that women are blissfully unworried by a massive amount of rape by black Muslims, terribly worried by nonexistent rape by white frat boys – obviously what is troubling them is not rape, but rather the lack of it.

                What I am saying is that the sexual behavior of ten year old girls needs to be controlled, and the behavior of thirty year old girls needs to be controlled in the same way for the same reasons, and that ten year old girls are apt to resist such controls – not as strongly as thirty year old girls, but to similar degree.

                What I am saying is that monogamy and chastity is a male plot against women that needs to be imposed on women with a stick, starting at age nine or so. This is almost the opposite of the position that you attribute to me.

                You are denying that women need to be controlled, and I am asserting that they need to be controlled. Also asserting that such controls need to start early.

                There is an enormous epidemic of extremely bad female behavior right in front of your face. That this epidemic starts at a very early age is just a small part of what you are refusing to see, and this small part is no different from the rest of it.

                • Michael Rothblatt says:

                  You’re right Jim. We had historical examples of women wanting to avoid being ravaged (what blue pills today call “rape”). They committed mass suicides with the coming of barbarous hordes (most notable example being nuns of Constantinople throwing themselves off the balconies), they did not display welcome signs to conquerors. They did not walk half naked through dangerous ghetto alleyways during darkest hours.

                • jim says:

                  Surrender is considerably more common than those historical examples.

                  Do we in fact have those historical examples, or are they semi mythical? Xenophon gives us eyewitness testimony of one such incident, but that incident was perceived as extraordinary and exceptional.

                • Koanic says:

                  German women hung themselves and their children from their wagons after the Romans defeated their men, in one incident I recall reading.

                  It is an extreme and unusual behavior.

                • peppermint says:

                  Extreme. Unusual. Commendable. Behavior that all Aryans, even our traitors, recognize as worthy of the name Aryan.

                  If we would survive, we must become worthy of it. That means no more degenerate infighting over using our own women as whores and ridiculous foreign ideas like polygyny or nonsense like polyamory. The Boomers could and did behave like ridiculous animals because their ancestors gave them the world but with jews in positions of power. If we need to call the sexual behavior of our ancestors Christianity, so be it, we must return to it or, not behaving like our ancestors, we will not be able to do what our ancestors did.

                • jim says:

                  Polygyny is fine provided all men who work and fight for their King, God, and tribe get at least one virgin wife. It is only pathological when worthy men wind up celibate or have to put up with used goods.

                • Koanic says:

                  Women becoming war brides is evolutions’ consolation prize. Suicide is un-Biblical, unless your K:D is epic. Kamikaze yes, harakiri no.

              • Michael Rothblatt says:

                >Surrender is considerably more common than those historical examples.

                Indeed it is. It is, as you said, extraordinary and exceptional. It requires women virtuous and loyal to the utmost extreme (which women these days obviously are not even close). It was so rare that the Church canons, in fact, do not consider ravagement to be ravagement at all (as you say, “rape” does mostly not exist, which church fathers knew). Rather, they presume that if woman was ravaged, that she has commited a sin of fornication (and adultery if she is married), except if the woman in question was known to be of good reputation.

        • Roberto says:


          The vagina can be penetrated by a small penis since age 7.

          Females develop a mild sex drive at age 8, with andrenarche.

          The vagina can be penetrated by a large penis since age 10.

          Female sex drive hits with a full force at age 10.

          Females become sexually attractive (to an extent) at age 12.

          Viking is a blue pilled white knight cuck.

          • Yara says:

            And the female pelvis matures between 16 and 18.

          • peppermint says:


            Do you remember who you were attracted to in middle school?

            Very few 12 and 14 year olds are hot. Virtually all 19 and 21 year olds are hot.

            • jim says:

              Hence the problem. Very few males are attracted to nine year old girls. Nearly all nine year old girls are attracted to males (not you – they are attracted to the heavily tattooed forty year old motorbike gang leader and ice dealer with the lengthy criminal record)

              Thus ninety nine percent of the problem is not stopping men from going after nine year olds. It is stopping nine year olds from going after men.

              But because of the blue pill doctrine that women are chaste and pure, and any bad thing that happens must be the fault of males, we let women of all ages run wild.

              Notice where all the complaints about workplace sexual harassment are coming from: Very few women in workplaces where males outnumber them ten to one complain about being sexually harassed. Lots of women complain about being sexually harassed when there is a male shortage, hence, supermarket checkout girls and actresses – the least chaste of women. From which we can conclude that a complaint of sexual harassment, like Jackie Coakley’s complaint about being glass raped by Haven Monahan and his seven evil minions, is generally the result of dropping off the bottom of some guy’s booty call list. Jackie Coakley made up the rape to get the sympathy and attention of Ryan Duffin, after he failed to give her a second booty call.

              (Because making girls jealous works for men, girls think that making men jealous will work for girls. It does not. Ryan Duffin was unenthused by the prospect of being ninth in line after Haven Monahan and his seven evil minions.)

              All all sexual harassment complaints are false and reflect bad female sexual behavior, disruptive in your face behavior in the workplace that I can see yet which seems mysteriously invisible to everyone else. All rape complaints are false, as near to all of them as make no differemce. All rape convictions are false, as near to all of them as makes no difference, in the sense that even if a white girl was raped at knife point by nine blacks in a dark alley, she had probably been repeatedly cruising to the alley and back with her boobs about to pop out of her dress.

              • TheDividualist says:

                Supermarket checkout girls are least chaste? No idea. My idea of least chaste is sociology student. Checkout girls are often farm girls taking any job they can in the city?

                • jim says:

                  Farm girls who move to the big city are analogous to tourist chicks in a major tourist center, except that they don’t have a time limit to get nailed.

                  I have limited and perhaps unrepresentative experience of farm girls who move to a big city, but can report on tourist chicks. Freed from the restraints of friends and family, they go wild. They are also not much worried by a substantial age difference.

            • TheDividualist says:

              Look up “life in the fast lane – Fast Life History Strategy” one of the rare good parts of mainstream psych

              Tldr: stressful childhood: puberty at 9-10, good childhood: puberty at 13-14

              • The Cominator says:

                This is only for women right?

                Terrible childhood… puberty at 13-14 for myself.

            • jewish pedophile says:

              >Do you remember who you were attracted to in middle school?

              Yes: my female classmates, *and* some hottie teachers.

              >Very few 12 and 14 year olds are hot.

              Lots of women those ages are hot, albeit not as hot as some older women.

  24. Bruce says:

    I know liberal guys who sit on the toilet when they piss to please their wives. They seem to hate guns. I can’t imagine they can fight but who knows.

    • And they make up a small minority of Democrat voters. Who makes up the majority of Democrat voters? Answer that super difficult riddle and you will find men who can pull a trigger. Although they might hold the gun sideways.

      • Bruce says:

        Absolutely and was going to mention in the other thread that they are incompetent in everything except killing each other.

      • Dave says:

        There’s a reason why every historic battle between armed blacks and armed whites is called a “massacre”. When for the 1989 movie “Glory”, Hollywood set out to celebrate black gallantry in the Civil War, why did they choose a battle that the blacks lost? Why do we see headlines like, “Shootout on MLK Blvd: 50 shots fired, one person injured”?

        • TheDividualist says:

          Generally and by large blacks managed to kill white colonists in Africa or are still doing it in SA. Hispanics kicked out Spain from Latin America, even defeated Americans in the Bay of Pigs. Yes, white American support was a big factor but so it is in this hypothetical scenario. I would not so easily write off a coalition of faggy white libs being the brain and nonwhites the muscle. Take it seriously. STUDY Antifa, dammit, really do, because Sun Tzu. Do you know the enemy? Do you really really know down to details how Antifa is structured? Get to work, now. STUDY them .

          Hubris kills.

          • Yara says:

            Antifags win for the same reason Moslem terrorists win: because they have USG security apparatus on their side. Or am I missing some mysterious knowledge about their “structure” that I might gain by intensive “STUDY”?

          • Bruce says:

            We own guns, they don’t and those that do can’t shoot because it’s hard to aim while you’re holding the gun sideways and grabbing your crotch.

            My redneck neighbors daughters have pink AR-15s and can shoot them very accurately.


          • jim says:

            Not really true. Rhodesia did not lose militarily, it succumbed to western blockade and spiritual pressure.

            Bay of pigs was betrayal from within. All these battles were not whites losing to browns, they were whites losing to whites with browns as mascots and proxies, whites fighting whites over browns, not whites fighting browns.

            • This was my point, that white lib support was an important aspect, but in this civil war scenario it would be too.

              Let’s simplify it. One needs T and IQ to win. My point is that the white libcuck has IQ and the nonwhite gangsta has T and they can cooperate. For this reason, underestimating them just because the libcuck is cucky or the gangsta is dumb is a mistake. The advantage of the conservative side is that they have these traits inside the same persons. Is that very important?

              WW2 Soviet generals were often smart (Zhukov), but they often treated their soldiers as cannon fodder, human waves, hence not utilizing whatever IQ the soldiers had, effectively treating them as dumb whether they were so or not. So theoretically cucky but smart libs can direct human wave attacks of the dumb and have success with it.

              Of course I casually assumed that the leader needs only IQ, not T. This is not actually so, as it is very difficult to get actually obeyed that way which may be their weakness.

              • jim says:

                Let’s simplify it. One needs T and IQ to win. My point is that the white libcuck has IQ and the nonwhite gangsta has T and they can cooperate.

                I don’t think they can cooperate. We see childless aging desperate women turning on their “male feminist” allies and we see nonwhites turning on their white allies. Although they mostly imported dumb as a post voters only capable of living on crime and welfare, and therefore incapable of being a threat to the elites who imported them, they also imported too many smart nonwhites, who figure that being more plausibly “minority” than Jews, they can replace the prog Jews – a replacement that will likely involve killing the Jews, quite possible in east Asian alliance with white nazis, the classic left wing alliance with far against near.

                Despite the appalling behavior of Jews now that white genocide is starting to become an issue, we need to keep a place open for Jews in our movement, because once the left starts murdering them, they will change their minds. Obviously a Jewish reactionary’s primary loyalty is and should be to a Temple based Israel, which may well in future conflict with us and with our objectives, but right now, a temple based Israel would be great for us, and great for Jews.

                As white feminists age out of their fertile years, they are filled with demented rage and hatred at the sight of the babies of those white women who have babies and husbands, and are determined to murder them all, but they are primarily focused on the murder of the children. They will not be much use to their black allies against soldiers.

                • Nobody says:

                  > we need to keep a place open for Jews in our movement

                  This plus apologetics for molesting little girls. You keep this up and you might find yourself getting a book deal and some positive press.

                • jim says:

                  When I say women are behaving badly, people hear me say “It is Ok for men to behave badly”, because they see women behaving badly in front of their noses, are impotent to do anything about it, frightened to do anything about it, so they blame men for female misbehaviour.

                • says:

                  Woman’s unsocialized sexuality is broader than men’s. They are attracted to other woman, animals, and kids (even nursing their own turns many on). Also develops at around the age Jim says. Your craven refusal to see this uncomfortable but conspicuous truth is the reason your wife is cheating on you and your daughters are stripping on liveme. It is not their fault they are destroying their lives, it is yours. Their impressionable and moldable sexuality became ugly through lack of leadership. Your refusal to face and accept their flaws makes you an unfit leader.

                  If the current power structure stays stable long enough to normalize pedophilia it will not be because powerful Jews wanted to molest disposable kids (they already are) it will be because omnisexual sex-positive voices from female dominated spaces came to dominate pedophopic patriarchal oppressive fathers who wanted to control their daughters sexuality. Jim is arguing for the exact opposite thing you accuse him of.

                  On Jews, I think Jim should be a bit more immune sensitive to Jewish identity, but genocidal purity spiraling Nazis who are allergic to Jewish ethnicity are even more wrong. Stupid causes as much evil as perfidy; I would rather marry my daughter to a slightly perfidious alt-right Jew than many stupid alt-right proles. Jews believably denouncing Jewish identity should be welcome in the alt-right.

                • rape says:

                  >we need to keep a place open for Jews in our movement
                  This is akin to allowing women to be in charge of things here and there once the right comes into power through whatever method it cares to, if the woman proves herself to be a sufficiently based right wing thot. The analogy even extends to the fact that the women wouldn’t act out if they knew what was good for them in such a scenario.

                • vxxc says:

                  The Left has organization, money, intelligence and much of the apparatus of the state esp in logistics.*

                  The right has none of that but a bunch of guys with guns.
                  The Right does have cohesion.

                  Right will also get most of the army and if the police must chose nearly all the cops.

                  The Left may get some of the Intelligence community and will get by default Finance. It may get if we [unwisely] make this a racial conflict most of the minorities in the military and the minority veterans.

                  *guns don’t work without bullets, men need food and water, vehicles need gas. All need transport.
                  Logistics is very important.

                • jim says:

                  > Right will also get most of the army and if the police must chose nearly all the cops.


                  The ordinary fighting men are on our side. The low ranking officers are on our side. Logistics, and logistical officers, not so much, but they don’t matter.

                  What does, however, matter are the high ranking officers.

                  Successful insurrections against the Chinese empire generally need a high ranking officer to rebel.

                • The Cominator says:

                  To all you people implying Jim is a cuck or something for arguing we need to keep a place open for non prog jews two major points.

                  1. The Dark Enlightenment sprung from Moldbug (a jew’s) open letter to open minded progressives.

                  2. Decreeing that being jewish is a capital offense regardless of political history makes jews the monolithic enemy you imagine them to be.

                  Jim is right and you are wrong.

                  I tend to agree on the “optics” of the woman question. It should be enough to say that they should be married off between 14 and 16. We should not discuss things before that age the optics are too bad.

                • jim says:

                  As long as we blame men for widespread, open, and intolerably bad female misbehaviour, we are weak, and we look weak.

                  Everyone consciously or subconsciously knows what’s going on.

                  Denial is weakness, and is seen as weakness.

                  Everyone likes the strong horse. Nobody likes the weak horse.

                • jim says:

                  The real optics are that women are behaving badly, everyone knows it,everyone denies it, blames men for female misbehaviour, and that blaming men for female misbehaviour is weak and looks weak.

                • Samuel Skinner says:

                  “It may get if we [unwisely] make this a racial conflict most of the minorities in the military and the minority veterans. ”

                  If it turns into a racial conflict, the minorities turn on their ‘white allies’. I’m not certain that is a bad thing.

                • Severitas says:

                  “As long as we blame men for widespread, open, and intolerably bad female misbehaviour, we are weak, and we look weak.”

                  I agree. ‘Nobody’ seemed disingenuous, my critique not entirely generalize. Although I think, even without property rights, a patriarch bears some responsibility for his woman.

              • VoxDay's body betrayal boner says:

                You attribute too much to Jewish genetics. Not that dif from whites – slightly more necrotic and perfidious, slightly smarter. Also similar appearance will allow real assimilation if toxic culture is killed.

                • peppermint says:

                  Behavior is too different. I’d sooner assimilate the Japanese and Indians and Chinese.

                • VoxDay's ... says:

                  Behavior is partly culture, hence my parent.

          • Aesop says:

            Name the “Americans” defeated at the Bay of Pigs…
            I’ll wait.

            Last I looked, it was Cuban v. Cuban with “Americans” staying out of that fray for all intents and purposes, which was precisely the proximate cause of the debacle and just enough fingerprints left on it to embarrass serious warriors.

            And Africa is far more the history of events like Rorke’s Drift than of Isandlwana. That’s why, left to their own devices, the natives there can mainly only kill each other, unarmed missionaries and tourists, and idiots who think warfare is fought under Marquess of Queensbury Rules.
            The rest of the time they look like Carthage after the Third Punic War, and thus has been the case for only three millennia. That’s why they peaked as colonies, and never amounted to much before or since that time, nor ever will.

            Latin America?
            Tell the class who Pizarro and Cortez were, please.
            Bonus question, how many Spaniards did Cortez bring to conquer the entire Aztec empire, and how long did it take them?
            Next slide.

            When Diversity riots, it’s free Nikes and big screen TVs.
            When Whitey riots, continents burn.

            You have to know history in order to teach it.

            Antifa is overwhelmingly just cannon fodder, useful idiots whipped up into a fury, and lightly funded by Soros bux and small intellects.

            They are a mob, dangerous en masse toe-to-toe, and a plethora of targets in any other context.

            In short, unless you’re caught in your swimsuit and flip-flops shopping at the mall when they throw a hissy, Antifa is not your problem, nor even their so-called “leadership”, i.e. a bunch of left-over hippies and would-be Lords of the Flies, with the strategy of baboons, and the intellect of houseplants.

            The people funding Antifa are your problem.

            When we take down trees, we chop the trunk, not the leaves.

      • Gator says:

        Can pull a trigger, sure. But just about anyone can do that. Just like most people can afford to go buy a decent quality AR and pistol. But there is no substitute for training. Sure, you don’t need training to spray rounds into a crowd, but simply being able to spray rounds wildly doesn’t win battles. There are 10’s of millions of people who have spent years learning how to shoot. Most veterans are on our side as well. Owning a gun and being physically able to shoot it isn’t enough, you gotta know how to run it, and that takes practice, and lots of it. Same with being in decent shape and being able to fight. Like shooting skills, staying in shape is a lifelong commitment.

        Another category to add to that list of people on our side: CCW holders. Its estimated there are 14.5 million of them, which seems rather low to me. Most of them are on our side.

        • Pete says:

          Muslims have seized permanent control of England and western Europe without any “serious martial arts” or firearms training.

          Those things don’t matter.

          • Samuel Skinner says:

            The Muslim population in England is pretty small; they don’t control the country, they control London. And only because the British elite let them in.

          • Aesop says:

            The Muslims have seized nothing, neither in Britistan nor on the continent.
            The Quislings intent on self-destruction have acquiesced.

            Both disconcerting developments, but hardly interchangeable concepts.


            Cultural shifts, such as that underway in Britistan currently, always end in warfare.

            It doesn’t count when only one side is doing the killing, as Mohammed’s goat-humping baby-raping grandchildren are eventually going to discover firsthand.

            When you irk a population to the point that dashing babies’ heads on rocks goes from gauche to trendy (and mark well, that point is very near), the reset will be positively medieval.
            Exactly like it was the last time around.

            The English experience with Islam was mainly second-hand, during the Crusades. Have a look at what they got up to in just their intramural contests from 1500-2000, then imagine what they’ll do to Aloha Snackbar when they finally, inevitably, cry “Havoc!”

            When you look at the last thirty years there, the rule of mutual funds applies:
            Recent returns are no guarantee of future performance..”

            Mo has pushed the pendulum pretty hard and far.
            Physics dictates the return swing is going to be a wrecking ball.
            Brexit was just them letting folks know that mean high tide had been reached. The hardening response from the Baltic to the Adriatic and over to the Mediterranean is another indicator.

            A storm is coming there, and it’s going to leave a mark that will last for centuries.

            • soapweed says:

              Cannister on target, again…. Reload, Repeat. Well done,sir

            • Bob says:

              Aesop is here? This is like running into your doctor and your priest at a 3-gun match.

              And people say the right can’t coordinate.

              • 858x70 says:

                “… running into your doctor and your priest at a 3-gun match.”

                Has that happened to you? If so, I want to live in your town.

      • Tango says:

        It’s not just basketball Americans who will be shooting at us. It will be ALL non whites.

  25. 12345 says:

    Speaking of royalty, I am akeptical of this particular youtuber (she has some kind of communications training, usually a bad sign) but…

  26. eternal anglo says:

    It’s really going to happen, isn’t it?

    What are these seriously dangerous martial arts?

    • Steve Johnson says:

      Ones where you regularly practice against a fully resisting opponent.

    • Newlyreacted says:

      Wrestling boxing brazillian jiujitsu and muay thai. Traditional martial arts and thsr tactical offshoots dont work. Punching kneeing slamming and strangling d. And the only way to get good at those is to spar a live opponent.

  27. Steve Johnson says:

    >that anonymous bureaucrats have, as Taleb says, no stake in the game.


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