The Reichstag is on fire

If Trump had been successfully given the perp walk by social justice warriors wearing recently issued police uniforms on the basis of a court order obtained by Mueller on the basis of being an accomplice after the fact in Russian spying on Hillary from some judge no one has heard of, or if he had been successfully stuffed into a straitjacket by social justice warriors wearing recently issued psychiatric orderly costumes, on the basis of a long distance mental health diagnosis by some psychiatrist no one has heard of, this would have been a deep state coup by the permanent government against the merely temporary and merely elected government.

If, however, high ranking members of the deep state are arrested for illegally spying on American citizens, which is to say, illegally spying on members of the merely temporary and merely elected government, this is a coup by the elected government against the deep state and the permanent government.

For the elected government to act decisively, it necessarily has to be incarnated by its president, just as a corporation can only act decisively as incarnated by its chief executive officer. For a group to act decisively, one man has to decide, and everyone else decide to go along with it.

If on the other hand, no one gets arrested, well, we are getting closer to the point where someone does get arrested, and there will be a next time, for as the left moves ever lefter, there will be another crisis, each crisis bigger than the last.

I am not making a prediction about which coup will happen, or that a coup will happen now.  But I am telling you what it will mean if someone does get arrested,

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  1. The Cominator says:

    This older posting by Jim is very relevant to what is happening right now with McCabe.

    Also I think James Comey was working with Flynn and Mike Rogers (as a double agent) he could not have been this politically inept and gotten to where he was.

  2. […] observes that the (metaphorical) Reichstag is on fire. The Trump situation, as it stands right now, is unstable, and needs someone to take some kind of […]

  3. PBW says:

    Jim, Any chance that this long running intel community surveillance narrative combined with abject CIA failure could lead to a 2nd term massive intel reorg that Gen Flynn hinted at and even Erik Prince suggested the US do (replace with private spy agency) this past Dec? There’s definitely factional drive to reform the IC, so can the narrative be built up enough?

    • jim says:

      What is happening is unknown to me, and probably mostly unknown even to most of the major participants. Obviously Trump wants a CIA, DoJ, and State Department that is loyal to himself, rather than actively trying to overthrow him. He is probably flexible about how he gets there.

  4. glosoli says:

    Another nail in the coffin of that tired old theory known as evolution:

    Thanks to Tex for keeping it real.

    • BomberCommand says:

      Epigenetics doesn’t explain why the eugenics of the Nordic nations practiced from the early 1900s to 1990 resulted in a higher female and male beauty levels than other nations, but natural selection does. Where evolution breaks down is in its idea of junk DNA. It’s clear that DNA is more like a long-lasting, generally improving code library that’s frequently used in different ways when conditions change in a manner that’s not entirely controlled by natural selection. This idea isn’t well liked because it implies more order than the random selection of evolution calls for and in that the possibility of a creator.

      • glosoli says:

        Interesting, thanks.
        Is natural selection random, or orderly?
        Those Nordic peoples probably were quite deliberate in their choices.
        I wouldn’t marry a fat chick with tats and blue hair.

        • jim says:

          Natural selection is random and orderly.

        • BomberCommand says:

          >Those Nordic peoples probably were quite deliberate in their choices.

          Their governments were:

          >Between 1935 and 1976, the newspaper says, no fewer than 60,000 young Swedish women deemed mentally defective or otherwise handicapped to a degree “which makes them incapable of looking after their children” were sterilised. More embarrassingly, this happened under laws passed in 1934 by a vigorous new Social Democratic government—a hitherto esteemed forebear of Sweden’s present rulers. The laws lapsed only in 1976.

      • peppermint says:

        > more order than the random selection of evolution calls for


        > and in that the possibility of a creator.

        a creator wouldn’t need to do it that way

        do you know what existed before there were cells? no, you do not, cells ate it

  5. EdensThaw says:

    Trump looking mighty strong.

    • John Sterne says:

      not on immigration the only thing that matters. the dep sate may have left way too much evidence and so it looks like they could all get locked up , but that would be war and the cucks will offer a backroom truce instead or even since they are fully cucked cowards that surrender when winning they may even off trump for a truce

  6. Robert Brockman says:

    I have an OT question for people familiar with Mencius Moldbug (Jim, Peppermint.)

    Recently at an event in NYC someone asked Jordan Peterson a longwinded comment / question about the Holodomor and a book by Solzhenitsyn called “200 years together”:

    The guy asking the question sounds like Curtis Yarvin! The ums and uhs, the “Jewish American”, the carefully structured yet longwinded background, the eerie politeness, the primary source fetish — it really seems to me like Moldbug did this.

    Q1: I am I right, is this really Moldbug? Despite the considerable discussion online about this event, I have seen no claims about who the questioner is.

    Q2: If it was Moldbug, what motivated him to put JP on the spot like that?

    • Simon says:

      I doubt it was Moldbug.

    • Steve Johnson says:

      Not him.

      There are vids out there of Moldbug / Curtis Yarvin – the voice isn’t the same (or even really that similar).

      • Robert Brockman says:

        Man my hearing must be going bad then, sure sounds identical to this:

        at least by my ears.

        • John Sterne says:

          not curtis, too tall, too young, to fawning over JP who would be a cuck to yarvin. better question is, is moldbug setting up a controlled opposition in anticipation of a reaction to the jews earlier work.

          • Oliver Cromwell says:

            Yarvin’s half Jew, half Anglo; he even had some kind of Anglo upbringing at a faux-British private international school.

            It is clear reading Yarvin that he loves Anglo memes, common law, English history, and golden age English culture. His writing style is a fusion. He even uses English colloquial terms correctly, which I’ve hardly ever seen from an American of any race. Of course he loves them in a very Jewish way. And he fell down a little saying that Rhodesia’s army magazines felt like they were from a different universe, because if he had had a similar upbringing actually in England he would have met people like that. But that is a very minor quibble. He is not totally Anglo, but he is plausibly a cavalier-Jew.

            The deep cover argument also has to contend with the fact he quit academia at an early age. Dropping out of a PhD killed his cathedral career path, and it’s kind of unlikely he was planning ahead the creation of a controlled opposition at 20. Perhaps if he had succeeded in academia, he would have suppressed his Anglo-ness and promoted his Jewishness, as Caplan does.

            • John Sterne says:

              In all honesty I think hes sincere but couldn’t follow through because well it scares him and thats understandable.Its even understandable that it scares whites, actual nazism is not something to be repeated.But HBD implies pseudo nazism is inevitable, the irony is the more safe whites are through exit the more white we can afford to act.But that insight raises the JQ and triggers the anti demotists.The thing that seems to escape antidemotists is before the nazis there was never anything but ethno states in white nations so ethno states and socialism are not synonymous.It worth mentioning besides naming the calvinist moldburg really glosses over the problem that white proles at voting booths have been the only opposition holding leftism back.
              all that said moldys sincerity doesnt mean every jew that come into reaction is not an entryist or that every millennial snowflake not a cuck at heart, well some of them at least.Purging the alt right was one thing strategically but lets be honest it went way beyond optics its been religious anti racist zeal behind it.

            • anon says:

              “English colloquial terms”

              Which ones?

            • anon says:

              “because if he had had a similar upbringing actually in England he would have met people like that”

              Met people like what exactly?

          • yolo says:

            Peterson may be a cuck, but if he’s a cuck then he’s a Darwinist cuck.

            The interesting thing about Darwinism is that if you take it very seriously at all, you’re realizing that humans are biological organisms forming a population and populations evolve, and different populations evolve in different directions, so populations are different, and then you realize that Darwinism is all about leaving the greatest number of surviving offspring, then you get to thinking about how your own life would look like if you fulfill your Darwinian prerogative, and pretty soon you’re wondering how society might be optimized to better facilitate such an end.

            This is your mind on Darwinism.

            And Peterson, professional academic, nascent cult leader, and wordsmith extraordinaire, unabashedly cites Darwin’s works and gives undistorted accounts of them and their implications, in public, and not only in public, but in front of audiences of hundreds of thousands or millions.

            • yolo says:

              His cuckery looks a whole lot like a touch of lip service disguising multiple fatal shanks to several core pillars of progressivism.

        • Steve Johnson says:

          Doesn’t sound at all alike to me.

          Curtis Yarvin is much more clipped – his diction is much more precise.

    • Carlylean Restorationist says:

      It’s a big deal. If Peterson wants to carry on sitting on the fence the way he has been, talking about how we “need liberals”, he’s going to have to completely disavow Solzhenitsyn. It won’t be sufficient to say “he went mental later in his life”: he’s going to have to say the entire critique of Soviet cruelty and inhumanity was based on racist bias and amounts to a sick plan to bring back the Nazis.
      The easiest route will be to say that new evidence, as yet untranslated, suggests the possibility that Solzhenitsyn was a Vlasovite sympathiser rather than just documenter.
      (This is probably true. I’m a Vlasovite myself, and a Jacobite. Anyone who hates the left basically, and it would be ideologically consistent for Peterson to hate anyone who hates the left because he wants to claim the left’s a necessary part of a healthy society.)

      (He’s wrong, the left is nothing more than the drooling and whining of the ever-present stupid&evil mob that prefers to tear things down and replace them with immediate gratification and self-satisfied posturing, propping up the ever-present evil cadre of people who recognise the stupidity and wickedness of the mob and decide to turn a profit on it.)

      • anon says:

        It doesn’t matter.

        Conception of the world as “right vs. left” is outmoded and defunct.

        There are objective truths that transcend space and time and are not subject to interpretive whimsy.

        Our greatest problem is that we are fatally short of heroes and heroic deeds.

        • Carlylean Restorationist says:

          I agree but all you’re doing here it nitpicking terminology.

          I’ll rephrase what I said, to fit with your objection.

          Peterson claims that society needs innovative, open-minded experimenters as well as people who are dedicated, motivated and able.

          He’s mistaken. The former type is a subset and correlate of the latter type: there exist no disordered, undedicated unmotivated unable layabouts that society genuinely needs.
          Insofar as society needs experimenters, innovators and open-minded people, it needs ‘righties’ – people who favour order, getting things done, sticking to their word, defining principles and so on.

          The new Solzhenitsyn book will cause him to disavow “The Gulag Archipelago” rather than go anywhere near the JQ.

        • peppermint says:

          You mean to say marxism is dead and so is induhvidualism. Moldbug’s parable of the Urplatains and Jim’s Singularity Theory describe left and right.

        • Pseudo-chrysostom says:

          Politics is about who/whom; therefore, useful political definitions should also be about who/whom.

          Most popular definitions of ‘right’ vs ‘left’, including even it’s historical inception, tend to be conceived in terms of abstract systematics that can be processed as a sort of naive acontextual ‘calculus’ (like pretty much *all* popular philo-socio-political definitions, in fact).

          The liberaltarian sense of identifying right and left with ‘individualism’ vs ‘collectivism’ for instance, is a classic example of the sort of colourblinded side-stepping around questions of who/whom; purposefully and consciously, even. The credulous internalization of which of course trapping the subject in simulacrous caves of matterless theoretical operations, spending tremendous mental effort attempting to work through confused chains of reasoning in ways that would actually emend whatever matter at hand he is faced with, to rationalize what he always and already would wish to do.

          Even conceptions like hierarchy vs leveling, though, can suffer from similar problems, even if they have a more elegant ‘operating envelope’. Or to put it in other terms, they are describing different things, in different categories; it would be inappropriate then for all to be vying for the same rhetorical high ground in the form of ‘right’ and ‘left’, overloading the terms, creating exploitable ambiguities (such as definition shuffling for logic hacks).

          Certainly, if one side is consciously and enthusiastically exploiting the game of who/whom, the game of politics, it would serve your interests if your opposition has linguistic blindspots in this matter, *the matter of politics*, wouldn’t it?

          Politics is about who/whom, therefore, useful political definitions should tell you *who* is about *whom*.

          To say someone is rightwing or leftwing is, to a greater or lesser degree, to say *who does this person consider enemies*.

          The rightwinger is outwards looking; he sees further related as rivals, or obstacles, or offenses to god, to be overcome, that would inevitably become rivals or obstacles in any case; he sees nearer related as fellows to cooperate with in pursuant to such goals.

          The leftwinger is inwards looking; he sees his neighbors as rivals, or obstacles, or offenses to god; the inevitable rivalry between more further related groups he rationalizes as evidence of his neighbors wickedness; a vehicle for the prerational impulse of antipathy. Th inevitable rivalry between more further related groups he may use as a weapon; a vehicle through which he might strike at his compatriots. The degree to which he ingroups outgroups is essentially the degree to which he has no contact or experience or idea at all about them. For were he to go amongst them, were they to pass from abstract idealization in his mind, and into a concrete reality, inevitably does he begin to despise them as well, as is his nature.

          Or in other words, the rightwinger is mentally ordered, broadvisioned, pleasant and accomplishing to work with; the leftwinger is blinkered and monomaniacal, shortsighted and a chronic backbiter, knee-jerk reflexively scuppering affiliates elsewhere in the org chart, degrading the effectiveness of whatever projects that have the misfortune of hosting him; be they as small as a post office in Peoria, or as large as ‘The United States of America’.

          As the saying goes, when a solipsist criticises someone, he is telling them about himself.

          • anon says:

            >most attempted interpretations of left and right are hand-wavy astrology-tier abstract bullshit
            >gives his own hand-wavy astrology-tier abstract bullshit

            “the rightwinger is”:
            – mentally ordered
            – broadvisioned
            – pleasant
            – “accomplishing to work with” (whatever that means)

            “the leftwinger is”:
            – blinkered
            – monomaniacal
            – a chronic backbiter [ed: hawt]
            – shortsighted
            – compulsive scupperer
            – net value neg

            the warm glow of t r u e enlightenment, I feel. though a small niggle of doubt remains. if “the rightwinger” is so dramatically superior in every way, why is he riding bitch?

            • Pseudo-chrysostom says:

              All ideologies, which is to say, indeed including reactionary ones, carry method by which people may adduce an ‘unjust winner’. Point in fact, *any* non-trivial conception of virtue may inevitably entail the possibility of such a thing. If you think yours doesn’t, you’re either not selfaware enough, or the ‘ideology’ as such is trivial and has no matter, no proscriptive entailments, a mere restatement of identity laws in other words.

              That is, after all, the very genesis of reactionary critiques found everywhere in the reactosphere, from Moldbug onwards; ‘these people who are in charge suck’.

              To profit in life it pays to take care one is not to sawing off the branches one sits on, my friend.

              • anon says:

                the people who are in charge DO suck. but they suck because if they didn’t suck they would do either: 1. shape themselves up or 2. shut you (all) up.

                either nigger should be a thing people can say with impunity or everyone who says nigger should be locked up in a prison somewhere.

                the former is good governance. “we keep most of the money, we keep most of the power, but you can pretty much do what you want besides, incl. own women (i.e. marriage) and actually use them for their intended purpose (i.e. reproduce). the latter, obv, is tyranny. utter, total, complete tyranny. but competent tyranny. like Stalin, sort of.

                “unjust winner” is just what current_losers start calling the current_winners when they start to suss weakness on the part of the current_winners. it’s salon song to the Vive la révolution song. or the Yankee Doodle song to the Shays song. or the Battle Hymn of the Republic song to the Marching Through Georgia song. you know how it is.

                but you can’t both make nigger the ultimate lese majeste and let people say nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger online to their heart’s content

                enough young men say nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger online enough and pretty soon the only reason they’re not saying it aloud in meatspace is because they don’t realize that the vast majority of other young men in their meatvicinity are of the same mind. yet.


                • Pseudo-chrysostom says:

                  There were people saying the same things we say now back when globohomos were at the height of their powers too. Revilo P. Oliver for instance.

                  Again, you should have a care when you find yourself decoupling ‘worthiness’ (ie, the selection of virtue) or *object level* differences from ones assessments, since such is just prefigured nominalism, and a concomitant inability to make meaningful distinctions.

                  >whats the difference between these guys here?
                  >well one side is lying about what they do, and the other side is honest about it

                  The ‘mandate of heaven’ is not wrong, literally. ‘If they stay in power in perpetuity they are worthy’. Great, but that *doesn’t actually say anything*.

                  Even if you restrict yourself to the contingency, ‘be/stay in power’, it naturally entails *prediction*, based on what things have better *cardinality* towards ‘being in power’. Which is to say, what things are more *virtuous* in this scheme, which can be then be induced by an observer, ahead of time even, easier as it goes along of course.

                  I often get the feeling that many peoples perspectives, on many sides in fact, are heavily distorted by the fact of the *sheer dominance* of europoids. More to the point, the fact that they so often *take it for granted*. People along this line of thinking can neither, to pardon a phrase, imagine something greater, nor, more pertinently, *imagine something worse*.

                  I’ve come to better understand the sinofetishism of people like Mr. Land. At first i figured it simply a sublimation of the usual xenophilia/nativphobia that is often common amongst more blue tribe descended folk, or that that same thing in them was loath to use co-ethnic counterparts as examples of the reactionary principles they espoused, or that fear of the same means pointing to exotic aliens doing the things you propound was more socially ‘permissible’ (which is true enough as far as it goes, for those very reasons).

                  However there is a element beyond that, and i’d say it is an element that also underlies other peoples attraction to things like the old state of Rhodesia (currently occupied), or life on the ‘frontiers’ in general; the fact that they are *living deliberately*.

                  They cannot *afford* to have zero sum, negative sum power conflicts with each other, because they (the chinese) are trying to move into the white mans market share (earth). They have to be able to *perform*, to *accomplish*, to *do things*, *better*.

                  The literary idea of uncaring alien powers showing up in ships (or sweeping down the steppes) and upending a private game board, is a very good and useful mental device i think for keeping ones thinking adaptive and disciplined, out of the rabbit hole closed system recrimination. It occasions a simple question; are you good enough?

                  “Why do you care if he crossed the field to cut the track race in half, he won didn’t he?”

            • Pseudo-chrysostom says:

              Also it seems like you missed the implied point of the critique (particularly given the use of words like ‘astrology’), which is about the continuum between more system level (abstract, in the precise technical sense of the term), and more object level definitions, which is that above all a personal label should be personally predictive.

              If you label someone as a given term, that term should be informative of *how they are likely to behave*, in the yet unexperienced future. Definitions of ‘right vs left’ in the first sense discussed (like ‘individualism vs collectivism’) are more or less orthogonal to this sense.

              (It also speaks to how all definitions based on binaries in the first place are inherently doomed to greater tensions, blindspots, or loopiness, and that threes and ones are much more metaphysically elegant, but that is a discussion for another day.)

              That is, after all, what concepts like virtue are at their essence. An object with a given virtue is *more likely* to tend or trend things towards a given desired state, the *telos* implicated or entailed by the virtue. All actions are an assertion of value, and all values are implicit teleologies. Not a means, nor a ends, but a direction. Cardinality.

              This understanding runs a red thread through pretty much everyone’s discussions about pretty much anything (especially wrt politics, or warfare, or sports, or criminal justice, and so on), though it is often intuitive and not formally recognized. It is the very basis of how cognition operates in complexity, after all.

              Conditional solipsists and calculatively adept conditional solipsists (mattoids, spegmatics, jews) tend to gravitate towards formalizing proscritive systems in deontological or consequential terms because they are simple to conceive of on a conceptual level. This is ironic because actually attempting to apply a system so based to praxis consistently quickly runs into limits of intelligence, and is the wellspring of pretty much every maladaptive ideology haunting the west heretofore.

              In the former case, because it quickly runs into calculation problems (in order to assess whether you are actually infact acting in terms of ideal means, you are obliged to be able to asses *all* means everywhere every time). In the latter, because it depends on having sufficient world formation capacity to even be *able* to conceive of a sufficiently holistic end state; which is to say, not *merely* in terms of if it is even possible, but whether it actually even *is* good, even *if* possible.

              The inherent method of thinking in terms of cardinality is not limited in these terms; you don’t need to *know* a teleology, in comprehensive or exhaustive terms, in order to be contributing too it. Ends justify means and you need right means to get desired ends, obviously. But actually trying to formalize things terms like that, for the purpose of creating a system of proscriptive calculus that may be utilized more naively by lesser geniuses than the creator, is a too common pitfall.

              The limitations of a system naturally reflect the limitations of its creator, after all.

              In fact, if one could characterize a common theme of much modern ideological theory, it is the *decoupling* of ideas like virtue from their systems. Instead of thinking elegantly in terms of like ‘this khazar will be exiled because he is likely to continue behaving in the manner that brought on this trouble in the first place’, people are gaslighted into discussing in terms of like, ‘what judgement would have the most fairness?’, or ‘what judgement would maximize utilonic happiness?’, or ‘what judgement would satisfy his cosmic debt/debt to society?’.

            • peppermint says:

              This is what happens when Nydwracu’s fnord concept is applied to NRx view of left/right. Well, we are forthrightly asserting our view of left/right. You have indeed boiled down its essence.

              Why does the left win? Because the left is the institutions. The left is in control of the institutions because each leftist feels safe with people further left than himself who won’t call him incompetent or a traitor, and influences hiring that way, and each leftist turns on the one to his right and calls him pagan, rustic, boorish, hide-bound, oppressive.

              The solution is to vest authority in a random man. That random man is usually chosen with half his DNA from the previous man and half from one of the most beautiful women in the community. This man needs the aithority to smash institutions when they become too corrupted with ideologies that imply that the leftest should rule.

            • peppermint says:

              Starscream is hawt because Megatron never smashes him. Megatron isn’t hawt because Optimus repeatedly smashes him. Optimus is only kinda hawt because sometimes he cares about Cybertron and sometimes he’s a cuck who puts stupid short-lived smelly organic humans before his glorious transforming robots.

      • John Sterne says:

        one good thing from the alt right and nrx bleeding together at he margins is people ike JP get asked questions they havnt had asked before. ive watched a number of the alt light losing their religion the past couple years as the reductio ad “absurdums” fracture their enlightenment consistency and they see they must choose to turn right or turn left

    • peppermint says:

      Moldbug is easier to read now that everyone is aware of what once only him and Jim were saying

      Moldbug links:

      Moldbug quotes:

      Was he a jew patching up marxism with additional classes or a part White expressing White virtues like integrity? Which did he have a bigger impact on the world as?

    • Oliver Cromwell says:

      Peterson comes across like a cult leader – an essentially leftist personality type seeing an opening for a high priest of the alt-right – whereas Moldbug comes across as an engineer with at least some people skills.

      I consider Peterson ultimately dangerous, and likely to implode, much like Milo.

      • jim says:

        Yes, sure. Peterson is a priest, I and Moldbug are engineers with a keen interest in engineering people and institutions.

        Where is our Sulla and our Monck?

        Xenophon was an economist. His plan was to feed ten thousand and their camp followers while cutting a path of blood and fire through Asia to Greece.

        Clive was an accountant. His plan was to launch takeover bids against businesses with armed and dangerous shareholders.

        Monck was simply a general. His plan was to defeat his enemies and then report back to his superior officer.

        Judah Maccabee was priest. His plan was to suppress the heretics and enforce the true faith.

        What then, are engineers?

        When engineers start engineering facilties for people to interact and coordinatee, when they engineer people and institutions, they start to look quite a bit like priests. But an engineer is not going to suppress heretics with fire and steel, rather, like the engineers of Twitter, Google, and Facebook, he is going to cut the connections between heretics, while facilating connection and cooperation between true believers. Not so much because it is more humane, but because more cost effective.

        But the time approaches for fire and steel And engineers tend to be naive and incompetent about the human aspects of fire and steel, which is what Macabee and Monck were very very good at. Engineers, however, are good at logistics, making payroll, and focused fire. If you want to efficiently apply minimum resources to effect maximum destruction, if you want to maximize enemy pain and suffering while minimizing allied pain and suffering, an engineer is exactly what you want. If, in the coming war, our side has the engineers, the destruction is likely to be truly epic.

        The state department is very much into bloodless victories, victories won entirely by psyops, but when they don’t get the intended victory, tend to inflict remarkable amounts of destruction at intolerable cost to everyone in the general vicinity, including American soldiers and taxpayers, because they are inefficient at turning violence into power, while General Monck was very good at turning violence into power.

        Engineers also are not very good at turning violence into power, but can do an excellent job of turning power into violence. If the coming war results in a struggle between two sides, one of which has vast resources for violence, but is incompetent at turning violence into power, and the other has less resources, is also incompetent a turning violence into power, but has greater competence at applying those resources destructively, things could get interesting.

        • John Sterne says:

          The state dept WONT turn power into violence elsewhere and so cant hold a village of towel heads. Neither the state nor the state dept types CAN use there power into the violence needed to quell a civil war,ergo they don’t actually have any power of the nation.and they would quickly lose a civil war in the land of the Iphones.what they do have is power to act violently against criminal and terrorist enemies of the people. And nascent insurrection so terrifies them they will stop at nothing to frame it as criminal and or terrorist, further they do their best to give the impression all attempts at civil war will not be able to break free of that frame and are therefore doomed.Recently they have realized they have even less control through that than they even thought and have opted for standoffs rather than public failure.The war is inevitable, the question is, is anyone ready and able to exploit it when it happens. if not it may peter out or go to anarchy.defeating the cathedral is not the problem. having a plan to replace the cathedral is the problem. currently NRx has give the jews title to everything like kings and you cant rape and eight year old because shes already a whore, Brilliant.

        • yolo says:

          If Peterson is a priest he is a Darwinian existentialist priest. That isn’t nothing.

        • yolo says:


          He knows he’s playing the part of a messianic/martyr figure.

        • Oliver Cromwell says:

          The biggest problem with classes and groups that lack “priest aptitude” is their susceptibility to people who have “priest aptitude”. You need to be at least OK at it to recognise and resist it. On the other hand, a group full of priests trying to out-priest one another is horrifyingly dysfunctional. So there is an inherent tension here. Not priestly enough, and your nation becomes the soft slave of silvertongues; too priestly, and your nation ends up scattered to the four winds.

      • John Sterne says:

        Moldbug people skills? LMAO

        Jordy may be a cuck or at least stuck in judeo christian enlightenment and not know how to get out without killing God amd making everything permitted.But he at least get that the left cant scurvy back and forth between deconstruction and enlightenment slave morality whenever convenient. Now for those of us old enough to remember say the 90s lol this is not much but it turns out to millennials this is a few good clicks right on the old ratchet. For an academic nerd Jordy has indeed played his hand well, hes made himself a sort of academic rockstar not to the new york times crowd but despite the times crowd.That’s quite a feat. And hes done it without selling out his values which are not yet the far rights. but he has cleverly inserted wedges through interviews with classical liberal liberals like Paglia Haidt Harris and even a rational tranny.Its brilliant really. Milo really you think Milos on a plane with Peterson? Peterson isnt really on a plane with any of the alt light trite or cucks. first because he more accomplished and hes smarter and has much better game, but hes also the genuine article. he didn’t set up shop on youtube and start pontificating, he really was an academic pulled into a existential fight. That said i have no love for the alt right or alt light But i have noticed when i sneak a peak at the alt light they are steadily losing their religion.Only this time the inconvenient questions are coming from the right.The judeo christian enlightenment is a white gentleman’s agreement that cant stand up to people asking questions you are supposed to understand are not to be asked.Do you really think our forbears before dostoevsky and nietzsche didn’t know god was dead? They knew they also understood if word got out all was permitted.The stupid jew thought it was good for the jew to deconstruct god, perhaps in the short term, pretty sure when all is permitted he will find his sorry ass outnumbered by other interests asking what is good for the Goy.Already these questions are being asked and alt lights like say Molyneux have gone from all men are created equal to not so much shitholes.The enlightenment has two choices they can go down with the proposition on principle which implies it want worth fighting for, or they can admit its a particular truth to a particular people that must be preserved if only so particular people can from within a safe space minister to people generally.
        Moldburg on the other hand wont go there because well its not good for the jew. so he flatters former lefties by telling them they are special snowflakes that will inherit the earth if only they turn the earth over to some jewish trillionaire tech lords.Of course the earth is pretty much already sewn up by jew techlords but he assures of if they only had absolute title to it all and the goy serfs on their patches they would be much more nobilese noblige.Hmmm if I didn’t know jews so well i would think this was a brilliant anticipation of the reaction that was bound to happen and the jew wanted to get ahead of it with a controlled opposition of cucked white elites. but of course jews couldn’t do anything like that would they?

        yeah maybe Moldburg is simply a good jew and has done a good job critiquing leftism in a way millennial left libertarians can relate to, but he simply can go that final step and name the jew so he does these contortions to name the calvinist instead.It wouldn’t have been a bad start of a conversation even a great one except cucks are gonna cuck and evry white who entered the conversation piled on those calvinists and purged the “Nazis” and of course reaction filled up with clever jews understanding it was a good plan b for the jews.and here we are at sixes and sevens with our own people again. The worst part is how fucking convoluted the nrx thinking is its pretty clear they’re all crypto enlightenment’s with a few caveats but they be burned at the stake along with jordy before they admit its a philosophy of a particular people.

        well it is and the truth will out Jordy and land will lose their religion along with the rest of it.The nazis may have been commies but they were essentially right the universe belongs to the euros we made it we tried to share it that doesnt work the others will have to go, or we will all sink back into the muck. That may make my ape brain send some empathy signals but fuck it. The real questions is how to deal with the slants and the jews.They are not like us, they are tribal and while we can larp tribal to survive we are evolved different and tribal people are an existential threat to us. and frankly that life, competition. The jews well 0one things for sure they cant be allowed to rule us i dont care what kind of man crushes you have on them, its unseemly for ane race to have another rule them better to die on the field than live in that ignominy, seriously what kind of faggot doesn’t get that? To absorb them without being pwnd is probably possible through very extreme measure that they are not going to like but probably prefer to living in israel.The slants must be slowly starved of our support, and we can hope that will be enough and more extreme measure not necessary.

        • Oliver Cromwell says:

          “Moldbug people skills? LMAO

          Yes, he’s no cult leader, and he looks sorta dorky.

          But he went to this conference, he gave a talk, he expressed his point clearly and concisely, and gave it a funny and memorable acronym (RAGE – which I still remember, though I watched this video years ago and didn’t rewatch it now).

          Much better even than most people who are in the people business. Sure, not good enough to take over the country.

  7. John Sterne says:

    well I hope you’re right of course but schumer literally wrote the SAT test after scoring perfectly on it, so implying hes a fool is imprudent. if i were the left i would simply call trump on his offer knowing it will cost him a second term and destroy the republican party. then they will just do as they have been doing and disregard the law.

    • John Sterne says:

      If i were trump i would muse out loud why i am forced to negotiate with lying dems on immigration when i won the election on drastic immigration reform including

      “deport them all, even the children, no not breaking up families, the parents will be deported with them”

      and my party holds both houses and the presidency and supreme court, id point out the congress has a nuclear option it could use to do anything it wants like for instance obeying the will of the people who won the election, and if it is not used its over for the conservatives forever.

      The people who voted for trump voted for him precisely because the republicans are worthless cucks, they expected trump to crush the cucks, not become one. there is no need for 4d chess against the left what is called for is a baseball bat against his own party.we shouldn’t have to even speak to the left let alone play 4d chess with them.It is only because the republicans are cucking despite the election that should have washed away all doubt in cucks cum fill;ed brains.Ant republican still cucking is simply a traitor and must be identified before midterms so he can be singled out as the cause of trumps agenda not being implemented. Yes its quite possible the GOP will again turn on trump en mass that is better to have that happen clearly for all to see and end the party on a clean not than allow the cucks to compromise Trump on the main issue he ran on.Because that unwinds the clarity of the election. the election was about the fact that we do not have a conservative party we have a traitorous controlled opposition gaslighting the conservative half of the nation. Holding on to that realization is even more important than immigration and immigration is existential in immediate temporality.

      • jim says:

        That is civics 101, and civics 101 is a lie. The permanent government has the power, and the merely elected government, in order to do those things, has to perform a coup against the permanent government. The current scandal is plausible grounds for such a coup, hence the title of this post.

    • peppermint says:

      Schumer has a base composed of {catladies, faggots, service sector faggots}, kikes, niggers, bean niggers, rice niggers, sand niggers, and also some working class boomers and older who still think the dhimmicrats stand for working people.

      Because they didn’t do the Michael Moore coup after 2016, they’re stuck with illegals and trannies to run on. That alienates working class and boomers. Boomers were willing to tolerate faggots and didn’t care about marriage. Making them confuse themselves about pronouns simply angers them. Grab em by the pussy is a singular they, which is how we know it’s hypothetical.

      Consequently they need more voters. But Trump is cutting off their supply of new voters while taking their alienated voters. Schumer was arrogant to go into the shutdown, but he needed to get cucks and flakes on board to force new voters in or the dhimmis have no future.

      It’s an election year, so there will be no new voters. The Republicans probably won’t even lose seats. Then we roll them in 2020, then we get more America the nation First policy.

      (n.b. working class means net positive contribution to the economy through actual manufacturing of products, as opposed to cost centers like government that isn’t military and police, entertainment, most of finance, and of course education, i.e. what a Puritan would consider frippery, minus great art, the countersignaling of which is the Puritan’s signal)

      • John Sterne says:

        youre very optimistic, trumps gained some ground with economics part luck but we will take it. but we are still on the edge of the cliff i wouldnt count on any more elections just yet. we didnt vote for trickle down economics we voted for deport them all even the children if he breaks that i dont see any surety we win anything ever again. because while he may make some inroads with some economically even niggers kikes bitches maybe but those who understand demography is everything he will lose and if the cucks get even a whiff that they can go back to cucking because trumps cut taxes for the rich and people are feeling flush then its game over.

        • peppermint says:

          Keep in mind that what you see on TV is what the jews want you to think.

          Keep in mind that people were willing to tolerate the existence of faggots provided they stayed away from children (see Dirty Harry, 2nd movie I think), but hate tranny pronouns and are appalled by child trannies.

          Trump won because it wasn’t supposed to be possible for an Americanist to get through the primary. He won because Marxism is so obsolete that “A spectre is haunting Europe… workers of all countries, unite!” sounds nationalist instead of Nazi instead of commie. He won because, the aristocracy having been annihilated, the working class now turns on the bourgeoisie. He won because, deep down inside, the muds actually want to be White and don’t actually believe the White master race will treat them unkindly. He won because the daughters of feminists hate their mothers, and male feminists can no longer get laid by telling women to loosen up.

          Dhimmicrats can’t possibly win unless they can reverse their policy of illegals and trannies, which they are, all of them, fully committed to.

          • peppermint says:

            He won because transhumanism now clearly means a telos of destroying Whiteness on Earth and being uploaded to The Cloud for infinite sterile transaged sex, while nationalism as felt in every heart and seen on the Discovery Channel is the only viable world system.

          • Steve Johnson says:

            Very well put except for this:

            “He won because, deep down inside, the muds actually want to be White and don’t actually believe the White master race will treat them unkindly.”

            By now we’ve bred a large enough class of half and quarter NAMs that NAMs naturally look to for leadership but who absolutely despise whites for creating them – like say, the last president.

            More memetic evolution of progressivism. The one drop meme worked to preserve the white genome and when the context was segregation it meant that mixed race people could only hope to rise to the top of the non-white social ladder. Now that that’s gone everyone fights tooth and nail to get into white society and one really easy way in is to be the NAM who repeats back what progs want to hear about racism but can do it in prog-speak rather than in Jesse Jackson-like “gibs me that” speak.

            • peppermint says:

              Creating a mixed male is one of the worst crimes imaginable, they will never be at peace because they are at war with themself. Mixed females can be accepted into the tribe they look like as the husband of a man of that tribe.

              A half ashkenazi (itself a half dune coon), a quarter rice or sand nigger, an eighth nigger, these have a choice of embracing and being embraced by Whiteness, or siding with mudhumanism.

              Halflings aren’t all mud. Look at their Facebook photos. They’ll post leftoid nonsense because their White mother likes it, but their photos are the Whitest photo of themselves they can find. These poor partial humans have partial White souls and can and often do embrace Whiteness, they will clean up after themselves, they will do their best to fit in, and they are deeply offended by whiggers who don’t. We don’t have to spurn them, we don’t have to let drug dealers and pimps ruin their neighborhoods and let kikes scam them, we can have them earn an honorable living instead of giving them section ape on the condition that they don’t have a nuclear family.

              We don’t have to be what the Jews say we are, either full exto nazis or cucks. That’s what Jews are, that and their parasitic nature is why they are scum.

              Jews say our grandchildren will be brown. We can say, your grandchildren will be Whiter than you.

              • yolo says:

                >on the condition that they don’t have a nuclear family

                it’s all or nothing. you give people the ability to cohere and reproduce and thereby manifest order internally and externally, or you don’t, and they don’t cohere, don’t reproduce and thereby manifest chaos internally and externally

                the choice is simple: they’re in or they’re out. they make it into the future or they don’t. if they’re out, put them out of their misery sooner rather than later. the alternative is deliberately imposed existential torture—the ultimate evil.

                • peppermint says:

                  is it existential torture to let part Whites participate in building up Whiteness and White civilization? Why is it less existentially torturous for them to do the reverse? Everyone knows the cooperativeness, willingness to do the right thing, beauty, of Whites is an ideal. We once brought civilization to the turd world before what Moldbug referred to as the second Scramble for Africa. We can bring civilization back to our countries.

                • yolo says:

                  There are two ways to make a society. The first is to establish a set of high ideals by which standard to apportion status and its identical twin reproductive success i.e. Darwinian fitness. A perfect Aryan phenotype gazes solemnly into the distance. The second is to establish an arbitrarily defined minimum threshold below which everyone is üntermenschen and above which everyone is basically equal. People tend to put their best foot forward, so whatever a guy advertises himself as is probably the best thing he has going for him. A fat schlubby dude sets up a tent with a defaced American flag and miscellaneous paraphernalia and salutes a long-dead low-class foreigner and avowed enemy of his civilization.

          • glosoli says:

            Nah, he won because he’s one of theirs.
            That anyone is unable to see that is beyond me.

            Look at his cabinet, his Jerusalem decision, and the usual neocon nonsense.

            And wait til he starts war with Iran and Turkey and the Norks.
            All nations must be bought into the (((BIS))) central banking cabal, they want to own the whole world, and they will nearly get it.

            No wonder Trump was their man, from NY, a money-lover, vainglorious fat old boomer. Sold to the highest bidder.

            Ron Paul never got near a TV show, the news or the White House, because he wasn’t their boy, but he was genuine.

            Relax though, it’s all in God’s hands, when it gets so bad you can’t take it, remember His wrath for turning away from Him does have bounds. You may survive, although you will burn for eternity unless you read the bible and find the Truth, I pray that you do, you have a good heart I think.

            • peppermint says:

              > start a war with nk despite their rapprochement with ko, facilitated by the completion of the breakdown of the first world/second world thing and affirmation that nationalism is the only viable philosophy, as affirmed, ironically, by Obummer in Cairo

              > start a war with NATO ally tr on behalf of Kurdish terrorists in ru satrapy sy, to fulfil Hillary’s campaign goals of ruining sy like she ruined ly and starting a war with ru

              > jews in jerusalem matter to anyone

              > personal immortality taken seriously by non-faggots

            • jim says:

              Israel, the neocons, and the progressives want Assad overthrown, and Syrian Alawites and Christians genocided. Trump faked that he was on board with this program, supporting it with loud and noisy acts, while undermining it with quiet acts. Therefore, not one of theirs.

              • glosoli says:

                Iran, that’s the play, not Syria.

                • jim says:

                  Very likely, but Trump turned out to be our man on Syria, likely he will turn out to be our man on Iran.

                • glosoli says:

                  Time will tell, but I think he’ll be their man on Iran. If he were the real deal, he’d leave well alone.

            • Oog en Hand says:

              Yes, hell is eternal. Even if the bible is wrong.

              • peppermint says:

                in starcraft, the zealots are all like “my life for aiur” and “what now the cause” and then when they get too much acid spit at them by zergs and there about to die they have there souls bonded to dragoon armor and then they’re all “I HAVE RETURNED” and “MAKE USE OF ME” and the templars are all “your thoughts?” and “you see as I do” until they get overwhelmed and bond there souls to each other to form an archon and are all “OBLITERATE”

                but what does the world and the tree of life and family nation and race matter let god sort it out whatever man

                hell is eternal and i want infinity ice cream and porno forever

  8. John Sterne says:

    well the cuck emperor just offered to amnesty the dreamers in return for 1/3 of what he promised on immigration. why because he can tell if the elites that have snubbed his queens ass all his life will respect him finally if he gives them this cause hes such a great 4d chess negotiator

    • peppermint says:

      Look at how he humiliated the Schumer on the shutdown. Keep in mind that the dhimmis need more than daca to win in the future, as they’re literally running on trannies and illegals. He’s going to get some damaging concessions out of them, then wreck them, then get the rest of what we need.

      The right is used to being betrayed, so we agonize over every hint.

    • jim says:

      You assume he is lying to us. But now that the dust has settled, looks like he was lying to our, and his, enemies.

      • Koanic says:

        Nobody can follow all of Trump’s fakes. That’s what being reckless is for. He’s not trying to follow them himself. Just examine the results after the fact and make your decision soberly, like he does.

        • jim says:

          Reflect on the shutdown

          Oh please don’t shutdown the government. I will give you anything.


          Anything is not good enough. We will not take “yes” for an answer. We are shutting down the government.


          Sucker! I will give you nothing.

          • Mackus says:

            Looks as if it is the case, and repeatedly so.
            Left-wing activist are uniformly rejecting the newest immigration deal even though it’d guarantee their total victory in 2020 elections.
            Looks as if Cthulhu swam so far left that salami tactics that worked so well for last two hundred years are now literally nazi.

      • Starman says:

        Cuckgress isn’t used to dealing with a REAL deal-maker like Trump.

    • jim says:

      Observing the shutdown, looks like he is a great 4D negotiator.

  9. John Sterne says:

    Thanks Ill add it to amazon but books are packed getting ready to sell brooklyn house and start organic farming on idaho property.

  10. John Sterne says:

    The inflection point is that i would be willing to bet my entire net worth that the clinton foundation has been pay to play from the get go, that everyone from obama the clintons and most of the deep state tried to rig the election by illegally spying on trump that the two planes meeting was a clumsy attempt to meet without wiretaps that blew up and they have all been scrambling to cover the conspiracy with the russia gate i bet they have the goods on obama mccain and comey at least and the clintons have the goods on the deep state.The jews are in it up to their pyas but are probably well covered.THe question is can this be forced out and people actually go to prison if not nothing changes. there’s enough out republicans now know trumps a harmless idit with decent instincts and they have been cucked in the ass by a criminal conspiracy for decades, the question is are they going to cuck and recuse themselves and betray america and leave no choice but war or are they going to send some navy seals into the nsa and cia and fbi and drag them out by their hair

    • Contaminated NEET says:

      >the question is are they going to cuck and recuse themselves and betray america

      Are Republicans going to cuck?
      Are geese going to fly south for the winter this year?
      Are bees going to make honey?
      Are Africans going to kill each other over stupid shit?

      • Garr says:

        Characters in Greek myths kill each other over stupid shit

        (for example, Ovid tells us that Meleager kills his uncles for snatching the prize from Atalanta after the boar-monster is taken down — she doesn’t really deserve the prize, having barely scratched the boar with her girly arrow, but Meleager gave it to her because he has a crush on her — and then Meleager’s mom kills him for killing her brothers)

        so I’m thinking that maybe EuroAmericans could write great story-poems about Africans killing each other over stupid shit.

        • Samuel Skinner says:

          That sounds like The Wire. Although I believe the biggest complaint is the criminals were too smart.

        • peppermint says:

          then the White kids will use it as an excuse to say nigger, which being daring is an expression of masculinity, and to discuss their own masculinity, without, in the main, becoming like niggers themselves, and if anything less comfortable with their women fucking niggers, as niggers are seen as more of a threat

      • John Sterne says:

        yeah I agree it is written

        but will trump cuck too, what will happen then because a lot of people have understood for a long time whats been going on that conspiracies are real that evidence is out there that the laws are only used against one side. trump was a last ditch effort at politics, will a third party be tried or will it be war

        • Garr says:

          Viking, I recommend Tasso’s Liberation of Jerusalem (title of Wickert’s rhyming verse-translation, which I finished a couple of weeks ago — wow, what a great war-fantasy novel. It’s like Lord of the Rings set during the First Crusade. I think you’ll really enjoy it. I’ve just ordered Esolen’s prose-translation, entitled Jerusalem Delivered. I should have ordered the Esolen to begin with, because rhyming-translations are bound to distort the narration in awkward ways, but Wickert did a good job.

    • jim says:

      If the deep state can strike at republicans with impunity even when there is a Republican majority and a Republican president, then next time around Republicans are going to jail.

      Reflect on the Cathy Newman affair. The left expects and demands that “internet trolls” be sent to jail for criticizing Cathy Newman’s behavior, this being internet bullying and such. If criticizing Cathy Newman is violence, then criticizing Obamacare is lynching Obama.

      • Eli says:

        I’m surprised neither you nor anyone here has commented on the just finished trial of the gymnastics doctor. It was public lynching. The guy should be found guilty only of breaking contract and also marrying without fathers’ consent (hence need to pay some reparations or face death sentence only if betrothed, but prison should be out of question). And the judge who “presided” over it is a feminist law school cunt. From

        A mother again—at 52
        When her two older kids went to college years ago, Aquilina was faced with the empty nest—and hated the idea.
        So, at the age of 42, she and her longtime boyfriend (since separated) welcomed daughter Johanna.
        Ten years later, when Aquilina decided she wanted more children, she went to a Michigan sperm bank her doctor recommended, and chose a father who was the same nationality and makeup as her family.

        • peppermint says:

          No, what should have happened was the fathers of the girls should have been given permission to beat him to death. Instead he’s going to jail.

          • Eli says:

            If the fathers did not beat him to death when he molested their daughters *before* the trial, why should they be allowed to do so now?

            Also, weren’t they the same fathers who sent off their daughters to show off their labia major, er, “athleticism” in widely broadcast events?

            Seriously, those fathers are cucks.

            • peppermint says:

              Gymnastics is athletic and you know it. If a father contracts services from a medical professional, he does not further consent to fraternization, and you know it. If the fathers had beaten the guy to death, they would be on trial, and you know it. Go fuck yourself.

              • Carlylean Restorationist says:

                This bears repetition, and you’re worth it Peppermint because you’re smart.

                The cult of ‘consent’ is nonsense. A woman alone in a room with an able male is, by default, ‘asking for it’.

                That’s why if you’re a sane father/brother/husband you just simply don’t allow that predicament to befall her.

                • Eli says:


                • peppermint says:

                  It is not historically normal for doctors to rape children, where rape means against the father’s wishes. It is historically normal for servants of the father to be afraid of the father, and for the daughter to sense that fear and be turned off by it.

                  This happened in the context of what happens when a mud person is injected into this role, where by what happens, we mean anyone who notices a difference is anathema. If Whites traditionally had the idea that if a man and a woman are in a room together for any reason, they will fuck, none of this would be possible.

                  It will not be possible to tell Whites that it’s normal for men to fuck 12 year old girls. It will be possible to tell them that now muds and pedos are everywhere and they’re not allowed to notice, they can’t leave their daughters with professionals, but only as a stopgap until these “people” can be expelled.

                  This mud will not get love letters in prison. The guy who just stabbed his cheating whore gf in England will.

                • jewish pedophile says:

                  >It will not be possible to tell Whites that it’s normal for men to fuck 12 year old girls.

                  Oh yeah, faggot?

                  Just how confident are you, about this specific proposition?

                  No, really. Come on. I’d like to hear just what % of certainty do you attach to this very prediction that you have predicted here, hmmmm?

                  Go ahead. Throw your figurative bet about this one, pussy-fag.


                • jim says:

                  Predictions that people will react in a politically correct manner to politically incorrect things tend to be profoundly unreliable, because of preference falsification and fake consensus.

                  I have a young looking girlfriend. She looks a lot older than twelve, but by her looks could be incorrectly judged to be below legal age. I regularly playfully mistreat her in public. I am no longer fat, but have grown a big white beard for an upcoming event where I will be dressed as Santa and hand out candy and small gifts to children, so I now look about as old as Santa. (But fitter.)

                  The only time any one raises her age as an issue is when I buy us drinks, and she gets carded. Nobody reacts in a hostile way to an old man mistreating a youthful looking girl in a playful but sexually aggressive manner in a public place. Indeed, I get the same cloak of invisibility effect as when females misbehave in public. Events that do not fit the narrative cannot be seen.

              • Eli says:

                Hey, slime, I gave you a reply, but that’s not a recognition of your status of human as high as mine.

                No sane father would like his daughter to be touched by a male “coach,” treated by a doctor without his supervision, and then paraded in a skimpy outfit in front of crowds, doing tricks.

                “Female athletes” is nonsense invented by elites who groomed girls for themselves, their sexual entertainment. Pretending that this doctor is a beast while the fathers who gave up their daughters are these innocent kind suckers is why civilization is failing. Cuckery needs to be exposed for what it is.

                • peppermint says:

                  Every little girl has always wanted to dance and sing, there is a long history of them being taught, and 50 years ago there were a lot more girls a lot better at it.

                  Now most girls are couch potatoes with only their natural graces. Are you interested in the fact that some put some effort in? No, all you want to do is insult the father who signs his daughter up for dance class and isn’t told it includes being molested by a mud “doctor”, where a normal, White doctor both wouldn’t do it and would have a system to punish him severely if it looked like he was going to.

                • John Sterne says:

                  another chomo on jim’s blog what a surprise. are there like links to it all over the dark webs child porn sites? why dont you go back to your camel fucking jew tribe in africa and let whites work out how we will alter our higher civilization. white fathers do in fact want a civilization where we needn’t stand guard over our daughters we have invested in 24/7. I realize to you sand niggers daughters are like goats but we actually love our daughters. and while we may not be feminists there’s just this really huge space between the sand niggers goat status and no wait i wouldn’t want you guys near my goats either. you’re just nigger animals that if not expelled will fuck our goats our daughters your own daughters orphans you import from the philippines.

                • Eli says:

                  It is more entertaining when I read this from someone who kept talking about “White Sharia.”

                  There is a difference between letting a girl learn to sing and dance and letting a girl sing and dance under unrelated male supervision. In pretty much all traditional cultures such learning was done under supervision of older women.

                  There is a difference between letting a girl learn graces acceptable in her society/tribe/culture and making her do things that are outide of tradition and, moreover, put her on the loose, traveling and being acquainted with stranger men without paternal supervision or even knowledge.

                  You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

                • Eli says:

                  @JS: am unable to parse imbecilic, homey. Gave up. Try English next time.

                • peppermint says:

                  “nigger dogdor raep loli” is a great red pill because Whites see it as not only completely unaccepable but even unthinkable.

                  Given the fact that all women are owned, exception being non-fertile-aged women who have a family, White Sharia is the policy that the owner should be as local to the woman as possible so they can give a shit about the woman: ideally a husband, a father or other adult male relative (Hank is Luanne’s uncle in law), or an abbot.

                  White Sharia forbids aggressively coming on to a woman without her father’s consent, let alone fugging her where marriage would not be legal.

                • yolo says:

                  >Given the fact that all women are owned


                  >exception being non-fertile-aged women who have a family

                  grandmothers, you mean?

                • jim says:

                  Widows with grown sons.

                • Starman says:

                  Amen, Eli. The wisdom of the ancients should not be ignored.

                • jewish pedophile says:

                  >all you want to do is insult the father who signs his daughter up for dance class and isn’t told it includes being molested by a mud “doctor”, where a normal, White doctor both wouldn’t do it and would have a system to punish him severely if it looked like he was going to.

                  Please, faggotmint (and also your friend viking, aka “John Sterne”), go on explaining why teenagers would never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever fuck their choreographer or their physician or whatever. Go ahead, faggotmint; I am waiting for a long, detailed, and precise explanation for why teenage females are pure, chaste, asexual angels who would never such a dick. I am sure you have it saved, somewhere.

                • jewish pedophile says:

                  >fugging her where marriage would not be legal.

                  You (Puritan Feminist cuck) are not going to replace the Age of Consent with an Age of Marriageability. There will be no AoC/AoM; it is marriage by *abduction* has been the Old Testament law, and shall be again come the restoration; and marriage by abduction has nothing to do with the age — be it 8 or 28 — of the lucky bride!

              • jewish pedophile says:

                Girls are horny, faggotmint. Deal with it.


                By the way, fellow JEWISH PEDOPHILE Dov Katz did absolutely nothing wrong when he propositioned the 15-year-old slut for a bit of the ol’ “bareback” condomless sex. Perhaps you (little soft son-of-a-bitch) would like to explain what precisely Dov Katz did wrong, while you consider answering the other questions that I have asked you with my signature politeness.

          • jewish pedophile says:

            >No, what should have happened was the fathers of the girls should have been given permission to beat him to death. Instead he’s going to jail.

            No; you should have been beaten to death in 1820, when you first opened your fetid lying mouth; and once again in 1890, when you passed legislation based on your malicious lies.

  11. peppermint says:

    “Democrats stand up for illegals, never for Americans” and “…because they want more voters” are now normie memes. The next normie meme is they tried to subvert the constitution to subvert the electorate. That memo will drop with everyone remembering the daca shutdown.

  12. Orthodox says:

    If the memo is bad enough, there’s no need to release it now. If elements of the FBI and DoJ are investigating what is in that memo, the time to release the information will be when arrests are made.

    • John Sterne says:

      Im guessing if you have been reading andrew Mccarthy’s analysis which is one of the only things worth reading anymore at NRO hes a former fed prosecutor so hes had a good take and hes pretty much made a good case that what we all suspect as soon as we heard they were “wiretapping” trump what was going on. and yeah trump nailed it too. The only remarkable thing is how obvious it was whats been going on and how far we are from the rule of law that its been so ignored and instead the counter narrative of russia given cover to it.In a sane lawful nation half the obamadmistration would be in prison including the nigger and clinton clan

    • jim says:

      You want the FBI and DoJ to investigate itself?

      I can predict the result: The Zeroth Amendment to the constitution is that FBI and DoJ should be able to do as it pleases.

    • peppermint says:

      The idea that they’re garbage, horrible, incompetent and deserve it needs to be trickled out before they can be beaten to death with the books they fucking love, simply arresting them all without saying why won’t give normies a way to explain why they’re okay with it. Then, after they have a black eye, xirs and millennials who are somewhat comfortably plugged into the system and instinctively know to keep their heads down can start grumbling about how no one ever sticks up for Whites.

      I was talking with a pre-Boomer lotus eater recently. He proudly displayed that he didn’t know anything he wasn’t supposed to and had all the politically correct ideas, though of course his wife was very feminine. What was odd is how he seemed to genuinely care about history and ideas in a way that no Boomers and no one younger do. If the dhimmicrats get a black eye and he’s allowed to notice, the Boomers may end up being the last White dhimmicrats.

      • glosoli says:

        (((Trump))) the Boomer, how ironic eh.

        It’s all just a play, a little diversion to the right in the ongoing flow leftwards, which never ends, without divine intervention.

        • peppermint says:

          we’ll get the boomers on board the second they get ridiculed instead of praised for cucking, and we’ll have no more respect for them than the jews did

        • jim says:

          Trees do not grow to the sky, but they grow till they fall.

        • peppermint says:

          People have a sense of the meaning of propaganda and meaning for them personally that goes beyond the bare meaning. Up until now White boomers who identify with the parasitic sector of the economy have been able to browbeat other White boomers with abject nonsense about children needing their balls chopped off.

          Today, almost explicitly pro-White memes are normie memes, meaning that those boomer dhimmicrats, if they would keep their social status, have to post demoralize&confuse propaganda, aimed at pro-Whites, explicitly for the benefit of muds. They know that they’re traitors, their friends know that they’re traitors. What they do, then, is post more gblt nonsense, post about the good old days not even so much of fighting racism but of when they felt alive, and their d&c shilling is really directed at themselves.

          In the end, these old commie fucksticks are going to let us take our country back while grumbling only to keep up appearances.

      • Oog en Hand says:

        You know my views on enforcing euthanasia. I also agree with you we need to put to death most GenX-ers.

        Again, those who oppose us will burn in hell for all eternity….

  13. Kitten Hitler says:

    You’re a drama queen.

    Trump has never planned a coup. The deep state has never planned a coup.

    • jim says:

      Remember all that stuff “Is the president subject to the rule of law”, arguing that it is legal to arrest an unimpeached president.

      Some people in the deep state were certainly arguing for a coup. When that was rejected, there immediately followed the long distance psychiatric diagnosis arguing that Trump needed to be forcibly institutionalized for his own good.

    • Oliver Cromwell says:

      Trump has surrounded himself with an awful lot of generals.

      Can the cathedral coordinate a coup that takes down Trump with the approval of McMaster and Mattis, men who are largely outside its coordination, punishment and reward networks, and who deeply distrust it? McMaster having made his career in large part by writing a book about how deceitful, malicious, and incompetent a previous incarnation of the cathedral was?

      Does not look likely. And a deep state coup that is taken down by McMaster and Mattis would look an awful lot like a Trump coup.

      • Starman says:

        The 2nd American Triumvirate!

      • jim says:

        Coups happen without generals all the time. They are called “color revolutions”. They often succeed bloodlessly, but also often, as in Libya and Syria, turn horrifyingly bloody.

        The trick is that you persuade the generals that interfering in the coup would be illegitimate.

        Thus the gimmick is that if a bunch of people dressed as cops and equipped with a court order and arrest warrant from some judge no one has heard of show up to give Trump the perp walk, will the secret service shoot them?

        If not, successful color revolution. If, on the other hand, the secret service opens fire, you get Libyan style attempted color revolution that slowly becomes civil war, like the communist coup in Russia, or current and recent civil wars in Syria, Libya, and Sudan.

        • Oliver Cromwell says:

          Trump has chosen generals who have a personal following with the troops and made them complicit in his government.

          • vxxc2014 says:

            Yes. Oliver Cromwell is correct.
            Trump chose well.

            Not to mention DC is not the country.
            And the country is not DC.

            Obama had DC and not the country, Trump has the country and not DC.

          • jim says:

            A wise precaution, particularly when we see all this talk “is the president above the law” (meaning is he above some random judge no one has heard of)

    • John Sterne says:

      Jim may be a drama king but in this he is correct we have all known for a year that obama and his nigger jew and depstate cabinet used the deep states intelligence apparatus to spy on trump and attempt to wreck his campaign and fix the election and when they failed either because they had to unseat him to avoid prison or because they were still determined to unseat him they continued this coup by pretending it was he not they involved in a conspiracy to rig the presidency.Unless your point is semantics about what is exactly a coup and what is merely a conspiracy to rig an election and rig an impeachment then you’re either stupid naive or part of the cheerleading.

    • Samuel Skinner says:

      Nixon got eliminated by what was essentially a deep state coup. FDR got pretty close to president for life. So yeah, these have precedent in the United States.

  14. John Sterne says:

    Assange is offering to match up to a million dollars in bitcoin all donations to have the memo released. I thought this pretty significant but then came to understand the memo it seems is just the republican intelligence committee’s report so may just be some speculation on their part. We all know perfectly well the nigger faggot and the clinton crime family conspired with the nigger cabionet and deeply cucked state to fix the election and failing that to nullify it.proving it is another thing and getting them arrested and convicted yet another. It is good to note they couldn’t simply rig the count by computer.But thats small beer compared to learning just how thoroughly even our inteligence agencies are pozzd.

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