UN Peacekeeping

Trump proposes radical cuts in US taxpayer funding for the UN, and in particular and especially, “Peacekeeping”

Now if you are a typical reader of this blog, your reflexive assumption is likely to be that “Peacekeeping” is code for mass murder, terror, and artificial famine.

A major part of our peacekeeping is Ivory Coast, where we “democratically” installed some guy with extensive connections to Harvard and the UN, but no particular connection to Ivory Coast, in power.

This was democratic because of population replacement. The people lost the confidence of the UN, so the UN elected a new people, importing the new people and expelling and dispossessing the old people.

OK, that is not mass murder and artificial famine, though it certainly is and was terror. But peacekeeping in the Congo (now wound down) was, for the most part, mass murder, terror, and artificial famine.

Another significant part of our current peacekeeping is Haiti, which is not mass murder and terror, but it is, or very recently was, artificial famine.

If you are an empire, you have to do this sort of stuff from time to time. And if you are an empire that is pretending it is not an empire, you have to do this sort of stuff one hell of a lot more that you would if you just put proconsuls openly in charge of your protectorates.

Of course if the world was not an empire, there would be chaos, and other actors would be creating mass murder, terror, and artificial famine. But they would be the ones paying for it.

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  1. Mister Grumpus says:

    (Can’t wait for your angle on the FBI/whoever hearings going on today.)

  2. Alrenous says:


    • Cavalier says:

      Social justice, tolerance, open-mindedness, freethought, authenticity, philanthropy, science, non-governmental organization.

      War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength.

  3. Mister Grumpus says:

    We’ll know whether the UN is full of shit if-when-and-how they involve themselves in the upcoming South African Civil War. Goddamn.

  4. Mediocre IQ White Nationalist says:

    The way to have peace is for one side to utterly crush the other.

    • jim says:

      UN peace keepers are blue empire troops. Blue empire blissfully unworried when blue empire troops commit enormous crimes. Frightfully indignant when red empire troops hurt people and break their toys.

      • vxxc2014 says:

        Red Empire Jim made a Devil’s Pact that has now been broken.

        The pact unspoken since the Korean War is tactical excellence and full funding, eventually
        the all volunteer force and highly disciplined force we possess
        in exchange for bowing to defeat due to Strategic Perfidy by Blue Empire.

        That Blue Empire is perfidious is now known and broadly accepted.
        That something must be done is unspoken. At present undone.
        Believe Red Empire of nothing until they do it. I’m Red Empire
        nearly by birth and by Oath since teenager. Still serving.

        Broken pact due to pathological Blue Perfidy: our tactical
        excellence [which exists and we’re quite capable] is fatally compromised
        by ROE/Rules of Engagement which have JAG involved in
        everything down to Battalion TOC level.
        [Tactical Operations Center aka Command Post]

        And of course the money is gone now too. $54 Billion? Trifling. We need a Trillion to rebuild.

        We can’t win tactically now either. For instance our Victory on the Battlefield
        is ultimately usually by firepower and the real firepower is artillery and air support.
        Both of which are now so hamstrung bureaucratically that no more
        legal interference is required, fear of the phantom of jail and war crimes – and it is largely
        a phantom in truth – the phantom menace will in rapid high intensity combat/war paralyze
        or retard their response times to render them useless against a foe more intense than tribesmen.
        For that is already the case for 15 years. There are many exceptions to this situation and indeed
        it’s dependent on command but you simply cannot count on artillery or air support in general.
        They’re too risk avoidance minded the old risk being fratricide [friendly fire] the new one
        being fear of civilian casualities. This will slow them down in rapid [WW2] army on army conflict
        to the point of being irrelevant to current battlefield by the time they clear fires. Now Commanders
        can overcome this but that’s because their commands are temporary fiefdoms and that’s personal
        moral courage dependent.

        If we are put to a real test half the Army will choose the Prussians at Jena [glorious and futile annilhilation in charge]
        and the other half will be the French Staff in 1940. It was the overly cumbersome French Staff processes
        that doomed them to fatally slow ability to coordinate a response to the Ardennes thrust in 1940.
        That their staff processes – which the American Army practices as DOGMA not Doctrine presently – their
        staff processes were known to be too slow by far in the 1870s. They didn’t change. They lost it all nearly.
        Our brave commanders will if put to the test be DeGaulle in 1940 – tactical success where he commanded
        but the war was lost.

        To get rid of all these known deficiencies is beyond Mad Dog or Trump.
        It would require a Bonaparte.
        Or Stalin.

        • vxxc2014 says:

          Or on the other hand they could be corrected internally – internal to America – by the victor of Civil War. Which leaves our disposition in the hands of the better and best American soldiers.

          For if we can’t get a Bonaparte and may not want a Stalin we can settle for a Cromwell – or Lincoln.

          • viking says:

            Sadly I see no way to avoid too many bad scenarios to list except through civil war. I doubt the best way to fight that war from the red perspective would be muh miltia against the cathedral. But that is always the counter argument to do nothing. Even if it were that kind of war I think cathedral loses same reason the british lost, washington only needed to say in the field until the british turned the population against themselves, which will happen much faster and decisively in internet age.I think cathedral understand this post ruby ridge/waco/oklamhoma and will avoid setting off a civil war, and will use all resources to keep any outbreaks framed as law enforcement. But just say it happens anyway and the narrative gets away from them. I really doubt our military will fight a civil war.would be interested to hear your thoughts on this.

  5. Alraune says:

    But without the UN, who would pay Bangladeshi mercenaries to rape Haitian children?

  6. Alrenous says:

    It was obvious even as a child that peacekeepers couldn’t be serious. All this high tech and they can’t keep peace between some goatherders? Look, you stand between the army and offer to shoot anyone who starts anything. If necessary, you crush both armies.

    This isn’t aggressive conquest because it’s righteous, you see. And it’s okay to kill all the soldiers because they’ll rape and pillage the peasants, as soldiers are wont to do if they get to fighting. Collateral damage as a consequence of having to fight on top of someone’s farm or in a city or whatever.

  7. viking says:

    god gave the white man several continents so je didnt need to stupidly build empire

    • vxxc2014 says:

      Yes and we need to just keep our continents -which are North America, Europe and Australia and expand our markets and civilization into Space.

      The rest of the world is hopeless and will – WILL – lead us into being the 4th Reich.

      • viking says:

        exactly this idea of seceding portions of our continents to leftist scum is geopolitically insane. Unfortunately the 4th reich is the only sane response to the war on whites.We dont need ovens this time, we have jumbo jets everyone can be sent home within a year safe and sound for less than welfare will cost that year.

      • Pseudo-chrysostom says:

        Expanding in to space means deconstructing the earth and planets in general to nix the gravity trap and shutting down the sun to get all that sweet reactive material to power systems and processes.

  8. The power of suggestion is great:

    > Now if you are a typical reader of this blog, your reflexive assumption is likely to be that “Peacekeeping” is code for mass murder, terror, and artificial famine.

    I had never much thought about UN Peacekeeping, except vaguely in connection with Douglas MacArthur and the Korean War, but now that you mention “mass murder, terror, and artificial famine,” it sounds most plausible.

    So, you would seem to be converting me into a typical reader of this blog.

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