war approaches faster.

The story of the Covington boys is that the left saw some boys wearing Maga hats, wanted to murder them, and then felt there must be something or other justifying their desire, and therefore confidently announced that something or other had happened justifying murder on every news medium – which announcements continue in spite of the fact that the entire incident is on video showing no such thing.  This is similar to what happens with rape or sexual harassment charges – a woman is sexually attracted to some man, being sexually attracted gives him a brutal and difficult to pass fitness test. He fails his fitness test, so she feels creeped out, so rapidly comes to confidently believe that some socially acceptable reason for her feeling creeped out must surely have happened.  It is a manifestation of an increasingly feminine and female dominated left.

Eventually they are going to start large scale actual killing, and we are going to have to actually start organizing large scale defense.  This will be easier than it sounds, because they are going to start killing each other.  On the other hand, history is that the left usually wins until it self destructs, so maybe we will just have to flee and hide till its over, which may take a while.  On the other hand the left does not always win, Sulla being the most famous counter example.

At almost the same time as Covington Boys incident, Speaker Nancy Pelosi announces that climate crisis is “the existential threat of our time … end the inaction and denial of science that threaten the planet and the future.”

In actual fact, of course, any warming that has happened, if any warming has happened, is humanly imperceptible, indistinguishable from recent variations in climate for warmer or cooler, and smaller than variations in climate over the past few thousand years.  In the past, sometimes you could sail the Northwest passage, and sometimes you could not, and today sometimes you can sail the Northwest passage, and sometimes you cannot. Past variations in climate are recorded in the  δ18O levels of ice cores, and if you look at any ice core that runs from near the present to the ancient past, there is nothing out of the ordinary about recent variations, nor any clear trend.  If warming is happening, you have to squint sideways at the ice core data to see it, and when you do see it, looks underwhelming compared to the Medieval Climate Optimum and the Little Ice Age.

Global Warming is just an excuse for hating on the civilization, the race, and the sex that created technology and industry, and any plan that purports to be a solution to global warming has nothing to do with Global Warming,  is in fact a plan to end that civilization, end those people, and end science and industry.

The Nancy Pelosi statement on global warming comes from the same roots as the lies about the Covington boys.  They want to do something monstrous, horrifying, terrifying, abhorrent, and enormously destructive, so feel that reasons must exist justifying the actions that they intend to take.

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  1. Mike says:

    On a completely different note, how cucked out of 10 is this piece? Sucks to see the Orthodox of all people making articles like this:


  2. […] us this insanity has been going on for some time now. (Here is an explanation of the picture.) Jim takes note. As does PA Blog, here and also here. Evolutionist X notes the moral […]

  3. glosoli says:

    Another nail in the coffin of natural selection evolution, courtesy of the faithful Vox.


    • jim says:

      A foolish argument. It is absolutely obvious that creatures are adapted to the lives that they lead. How could it be otherwise.

      • Koanic says:

        Hybrid Stabilization theory posits that the primary constraint is invisible, the difficulty of getting sexual reproduction working for a new species. Which is why species are not infinitely plastic, and optimization of phenotype to niche tends to be chunky and incomplete, leaving lots of room for improvement. It is the code that counts. There is a lot of flexibility built in over the eons of swapping and repurposing, but that flexibility has many apparently arbitrary hard limits.

  4. BC says:

    Jim when talking about end game here, doesn’t a Spanish style civil war seem likely? There’s a lot of parallels in the composition of the armed forces, the population divided but living close together, and leftists who’ve gutted the institutions that people used to believe in.

    • jim says:

      Yes, we are on that path. But Sulla failed because he attempted to restore the Republic, got an undead Republic, Pinochet failed for reasons similar to Sulla, and Franco failed because socialist.

      • Koanic says:

        Perhaps Trump will fail because Yankee. Can anything good come out of New York?

      • Mike says:

        This is one of the fundamental issues, other leftists in foreign countries. In Franco, Salazar, or Pinochet’s case, it is really, really, hard to stay rightist when leftists surround you on all your borders. Of course Jim would probably argue that they weren’t rightist enough anyhow, which is more than likely true, but even if they were it would still be a difficult existence when the entire UN wants to kill you.

        In regards to Sulla its the same situation we have now. Trump is trying to revive the Republic when it is beyond repair, which means that we probably will get an empire that pretends its still the Republic when it really isn’t, just like how the Roman Empire cannibalized the Roman Republic and kept the Senate around for hundreds of years.

        • vxxc says:

          I’ll take Sulla or Pinochet or Franco for the same reasons I’m still on the Trump Train.

          Of course the difference between those men and Hitler was….democracy.
          Hitler was a democrat.
          That should be kept in mind.

  5. Zach says:

    A 3rd option to build the wall?


  6. vxxc says:

    Trump opened the govt for 3 weeks to get a deal.
    He says if no deal by then he uses his “Constitutional Powers.”
    Based on his record of deeds and his actually shutting down the government just as he said he would he means it: he’ll use Emergency Powers.

    • Kevin C. says:

      At which point, some Hawaiian Judge™ immediately rules it unconstitutional and issues an injunction forbidding the military from doing anything wall-related, and then other lefty judges drag their feet in hopes of keeping the issue tied up in the courts — and the injuction in place (as with the transgender ban injunctions until SCOTUS finally ruled) — until after Nov. 2020.

      • vxxc says:

        —-and Trump knows about the gay judge in Hawaii.
        He made this move.
        He doesn’t have a plan to lose.
        He knows he has to deliver the goods.

        He may fail but going thru the motions isn’t the plan.

        Lets understand as well: Trump fail brings the right half of America closer to war. If we can’t build walls we can dig mass graves and fill them.

      • Starman says:

        @Kevin C.

        Do all women desire to be raped, beaten, and punished by powerful, charismatic alpha males?

        If a wife disobeys her husband, should the husband physically discipline her?

        Should the wife be required to provide sex upon her husband’s command?

        • Kevin C. says:

          1. Yes, save maybe the most butch high-androgen lesbians (PCOS, anyone?) and possibly post-menopausal mothers.

          2. Yes, though for most smaller things, ideally the mere implied possibility — “Lucy, you got some ‘splainin’ to do…” — should suffice; if it has to be used too often, that’s a sign of serious trouble — such as having a more “alpha” male (as women judge these things, of course) on her radar, prompting her to increasingly shit-test her husband with escalating disobedience requiring escalating punishment, as part of unconsciously prepping to dump him for the more alpha dude.

          3. Yes; though, again, if you have to resort to outright verbal commands — and more than token LMR on her part — with any real frequency, there is likely a problem needing dealt with somewhere.

          Not an inflitrator, just a deeply pessimistic sort by nature; when I look around, I don’t see enough evidence to support the enduring optimism I find here. After all, we’ve been slowly losing for the last half-millenium (since Luthor); what are the odds that *now* just happens to be the day it starts all turning around? There’s a lot of ruin in a nation, and a lot of civilizational “seed-corn” left for the Left to loot to keep their insanity propped up into yet worse and more murderous phases yet to come.

          • jim says:

            Whig history.

            Restoration was them losing, us winning, and the restoration gave us science, industry, industrialization, eugenic fertility, and world empire. Contrary to whig history, we were in the saddle from the restoration to the American Revolution.

            • Kevin C. says:

              Except “from the Restoration to the American Revolution” was barely a century, and we were unable to hold onto it, or exterminate in that period the “Enlightenment” ideas that came roaring back with the American and French Revolutions. Plus, you miss that mere decades after the Restoration was the “Glorious Revolution,” a Left-wing victory establishing that (per Wiki) “laws being considered to emanate from Parliament and not just the King,” and paving the way for those later Left victories. Even as we were, yes, building “science, industry, industrialization, eugenic fertility, and world empire,” the rot was already settling back in. I admit we’ve had some victories, but they are always damnably partial and temporary.

              • jim says:

                Restoration lasted about one hundred and forty years. Leftism has been triumphant in England for two hundred years and looks to self destruct any moment now.

                The runs are roughly comparable. That leftism has always been winning is Whig history. The restoration was leftism losing. The Napoleonic wars were leftism losing badly. The Paris commune was leftism losing badly.

              • Samuel Skinner says:

                Aside from ‘wiki lies’, I should point out that law has not always emanated exclusively from the King- Magna Carta the most famous example.

          • Starman says:

            @Kevin C.

            Just a check. I don’t know if it was you denying that SpaceX can launch and land its orbital rockets years ago on Outsideness blog. Lord Haw Haw and Tokyo Rose were considered traitors despite never actually fighting side by side with the enemy or spying for enemy.

            There has been some infiltrators commenting lately (and taking over other dissident right sites) and every single one of them failed the RedPill test. Spandrell has some pessimism, but he also pushes forth solutions and passes the RedPill test handily.

            • Kevin C. says:

              No, I was the one arguing on Outside In that manned moon colonies do not look to be anywhere near economically viable anytime soon. Sure, space is getting cheaper, especially non-manned and LEO stuff, but there’s not yet anything out there worth enough money to defray the costs of maintaining a large, long-term human-habitable environment. (I also maintain that the same thing is true, to a lesser degree, of “seasteading” — there’s no business one can engage in upon a seastead that can’t be done more cheaply, with better living conditions, elsewhere on land, save those that will have a US Navy destroyer parked along side your “seastead” in short order.)

              • Starman says:

                What’s the difference between SLS and Starship/SuperHeavy?

                Lord Haw Haw’s speeches were quite plausible at the time. Certainly if Hitler finished his nuclear program.

  7. Niiiidriveevof says:

    Is the CNN producer’s “gut instinct” point deer make horse?

  8. glosoli says:

    Hello Jim.

    It’s Friday 25th January, 2pm GMT.

    Yes, war is getting nearer, the leftist Trump versus the mad left, all wins will be temporary for either side.

    I just noticed that 3 and 6-month bill rates are rolling over, so just a matter of time before the Fed follows the market back down. They’ll say the usual BS, but they’re poodles, the rising cycle is over.


    Separately, I pray for wisdom (not IQ points) daily, and for Jehovah to use me to grow His Kingdom here on earth, hence my theonomy project. I recently discovered that King Solomon did the same. But Solomon was blessed with vast wealth as a result wasn’t he.

    Remember where you heard it first, and know that my foreknowledge was provided to me by Jehovah’s influence:

    The world is about to suffer some serious wrath from Jehovah, as there will be a stock market crash like 1987 over the next two weeks. The unholy alliance of atheists, fake Christians, usurers etc will all suffer, whilst I bank millions, most of which will eventually be spent on my theonomy project.

    You can hedge your portfolios, but not your souls. Please allow this comment through.

    • jim says:

      Fed hates Trump. News at eleven. Doing its best to crash the economy, not succeeding.

    • Carlylean Restorationist says:

      Glossy it’s far worse than you think.

      The curve’s been inverted for almost three months now and the three month is yielding less than zero when corrected for the Fed’s target funds rate of 2.4%.
      Six month to five years is fully inverted and the spread between one month and thirty years is two thirds of a percent.

      The only people buying this garbage are people who have no other choice. The US is becoming a wealth shredder just like Europe.

      None of this is accidental. No ruling élite deliberately impoverishes its own society for no reason.

      Meanwhile Roger Stone’s under arrest for conspiring to access public domain documents which might have contained proof of criminal wrongdoing by the Democrats, and Venezuela’s getting couped TFO for daring to put its people first.

      Sad times.

      • jim says:

        Interesting that Venezuela “putting its people first” results in starving people in Venezuela murdering each other to steal food and fleeing the country in enormous numbers, while it sits on a lake of oil and a mountain of gold.

        You guys tell us we are ruled by an evil overlord located in Wall Street – and then you tell us that the guy who owns the local Domino’s franchise is a minion of the evil overlord, so you have to go after him, and in Venezuela you guys tell the peasant with one cow that the peasant with two cows is a minion of the evil overlord and you go after the baker and the peasant with two cows –

        With the entirely predictable result that starving people are killing each other for food in Venezuela.

        And shortly after that due to the ensuing famine, you go after the peasant with one cow. And Venezuela is now in the phase where, having run out of other people’s money, the peasant with one cow gets beaten and killed, his children get beaten, his cow is killed, his crops abandoned, and his seed corn confiscated.

        You knock over the apple cart to grab some apples, and are surprised by the ensuing apple shortage.

        • Carlylean Restorationist says:

          Molyneux-tier “Venezuela’s starving” doesn’t bear even two seconds’ reflection.

          If what you describe existed in reality, there’d be millions of bodies.

          I see no bodies at all. Where are the 80s Ethiopia photos?

          Oh of course, there aren’t any because the media’s on Maduro’s side, right?
          Strange that they’re all salivating now for the next coup.

          You’re literally an apologist for the Empire at this point, all because you want to cling to your libertarian “‘”‘shibboleths'”‘”

          • jim says:

            There are millions of Venezuela refugees, and extensive reports of massive violence.

            Communist level crimes usually do result in millions of bodies, and everyone denies, helped by the fact that no one is allowed to see the bodies. Has Venezuela piled up millions of bodies yet? Maybe, maybe not, but a major part of the population has fled, and those that remain are facing terrible violence. Maybe they have piled up millions of bodies already, maybe not, but they have piled up a lot of bodies, and are headed in same direction as previous socialist experiments that piled up millions.

            Further, Venezuela illustrates the big lie of socialism. You tell me we are ruled by “empire”, by “capital”, by “the Zionist Occupation Government”, by the Freemasons, by the Rothschilds, whatever, but you always wind up going after the guy who operates the local franchise of Domino’s pizza. You tell the peasant with one cow that his enemy is “capital”, and then you tell him the peasant with two cows is a minion of “capital”, and then after you have killed the peasant with two cows, you take the cow and the seed corn of the peasant with one cow. The cow and the seed corn are capital, and you proceed, as promised, to liberate the peasant with one cow from capital.

          • jim says:

            > You’re literally an apologist for the Empire

            If Exxon Mobile gets to run Venezuela, as it should, as we reactionaries intend, then I will enthusiastically support American empire.

            Unfortunately, at present the empire is not the America Empire, but the anti American Empire. Instead of Exxon Mobile running Venezuela as it should, the actually existent Empire consists of progs looting Haiti and teaching Afghan schoolgirls to put a condom on banana – which actually existent empire you support, and I condemn.

            The problem with the current empire is not that it is an empire. Reactionaries support empire. The problem is that our actually existent empire is run by Yankee carpetbaggers – people who blow through on a rotation that lasts for months, rather than generations, so they have bad incentives, resulting in mobile banditry and anarcho tyranny, as in the looting of Russia and Haiti. We support an empire of stationary bandits.

            • Carlylean Restorationist says:


              • jim says:

                Deleted for telling us what Spandrel thinks. Are you posting on his blog telling him what he thinks?

                • Carlylean Restorationist says:

                  Translation: deleted for CITING Spandrell’s most recent article – go check, every single one of you mother fuckers GO AND CHECK.

                • jim says:

                  You cite Spandrel the way Marxists cite Adam Smith. A few words of Smith surrounded by a river of text explaining his supposed real meaning and artificially providing a false context.

                • Carlylean Restorationist says:

                  Fine, bare bald citation it is, without comment or interpretation.

                  You can censor this and nobody will know, but you’ll know.


                  “Capital has betrayed us. The libertarians have been playing a double game, and they are now pretty much the enemy. They haven’t just surrendered, or been neutralized. Capital today is perhaps the biggest force of the Left. They’re the biggest enemy.”

                • Carlylean Restorationist says:

                  > “Are you posting on his blog telling him what he thinks?”

                  Exploring the logical implications of it, yes. It’s not my intention to cause disagreements where none exist, and if you and Spandrell decide to mutually admire on sex and empire but stay silent on economics, that’s nothing other than sound best practice.


                • jim says:

                  In that comment you tell Spandrel what he should think – but you are not telling him he already thinks that – which is what you are telling me. You are telling me that I already agree with you, and that Spandrel already agrees with you. No we do not.

              • pdimov says:


                Or, stated differently, elegant objectivist philosophy assured us that the Ayn Rand Hero would be on our side, but he isn’t. And he seems rather sincere in not being on our side, rather than just havel-greengrocering.

                • Steve Johnson says:

                  We have a zombie economy – every firm pleases the state or fails. A bunch of true believers are running companies because companies not run by true believers are disfavored by an all powerful state.

                  Competition would clear that out but competing with priest favored businesses is forbidden.

                • jim says:

                  I may be in a better position to assess sincerity than you are.

          • Steve Johnson says:

            If what you describe existed in reality, there’d be millions of bodies.

            I see no bodies at all. Where are the 80s Ethiopia photos?

            Funny enough but Ethiopia was communist famine.

          • pdimov says:

            >Molyneux-tier “Venezuela’s starving” doesn’t bear even two seconds’ reflection.

            You should move there. It seems a good fit for your political philosophy.

          • alf says:

            If what you describe existed in reality, there’d be millions of bodies.

            I see no bodies at all. Where are the 80s Ethiopia photos?

            Oh of course, there aren’t any because the media’s on Maduro’s side, right?
            Strange that they’re all salivating now for the next coup.

            You’re literally an apologist for the Empire at this point, all because you want to cling to your libertarian “‘”‘shibboleths’”‘”

            You are slowly copying our words and style of argumentation. Good for you!

      • Cavalier says:

        >None of this is accidental. No ruling élite deliberately impoverishes its own society for no reason.

        Correct. It is always to secure power, because in general power precedes wealth.

        >and Venezuela’s getting couped TFO for daring to put its people first

        Moronic. Socialism is always an elitist phenomenon because it gives a faction of capitalists the coercive power to smash their rivals and suckle at the teat of the state. Usually the bankers, because they’re the highest form of capitalist, but presumably it could be any other kind. Oil, probably. Then other shady, internationally oriented extractive industries. Then everyone else bringing up the very distant rear.

        And in the long run, everyone occupying the tech-intelligence-military complex is educated by the school system. Thus, it is often the case that see the brighter variety of capitalist leave his “rebellious” phase, he seems to get into education somehow. Bill Gates is the prototypical example here.

        • jim says:

          > > None of this is accidental. No ruling élite deliberately impoverishes its own society for no reason.

          > Correct. It is always to secure power, because in general power precedes wealth.


          Obvious counter example: Khmer Rouge Cambodia. They had absolute power. They destroyed their country, they destroyed themselves, and lost power thereby. Indeed, the major reason for elites losing power is that by impoverishing those that they rule, they make themselves vulnerable to outside conquest. It is the story of history. Happens all the time.

          Individual rationality is not always easy. Collective rationality is considerably harder. Affluent white males are individually sane. Groups of people are usually collectively insane, evil, malicious, destructive, and self destructive. Collective rationality is very difficult to accomplish.

          And now the same disaster is unfolding yet again in Venezuela.

          The elite in Venezuela deliberately destroyed the economy and launched the mass murder of the productive minority for no sane reason, and will probably lose power as a result. The same thing is happening here, just Venezuela is further down the path.

          • Carlylean Restorationist says:

            Did you write that NYT article ‘James’?

            So ‘malnutrition’ and ‘starving to death’ are now interchangeable.

            Funny how these dark fade in, fade out slideshows create a certain expectation and mood……..

            “Expectation facilitates perception” – Matthew Hurley

            So since we believe what the NYT’s telling us, time for another war, only this time a Just War unlike all the previous ones?

            Wow you ever get that feeling that all this has happened before and all this will happen again?

            • jim says:

              When a major portion of the population flees, they are fleeing something.

              Venezuela is what happens when socialists run out of other people’s money.

              • Carlylean Restorationist says:

                Said every cuckservative ever.

                The problem with social democracies (Venezuela) is the same problem facing liberal democracies (Nederlands) and conservative democracies (Chile before Bachelet): Kinglessness.

                Oliver Cromwell and Josef Stalin were sub-optimal solutions, but solutions they were.

                If you think America and Britain’s problem with Maduro is socialism, think again: in what universe does Britain, land of the ‘mandatory gender pay gap report’ or America, land of affirmative action, give a damn about socialism? Redistribution in the name of equality is their bread and butter.

                Their problem with Maduro is he’s refusing to play ball with the Empire, whether that’s interfering with the ability of corporations to own natural resources or whether that’s allowing NGOs and multinationals to operate freely.

                Neo-liberalism is dyed-in-the-wool liberalism and everyone from David Miliband to Hillary Clinton talks a blend of redistribution-for-equality and the-right-to-do-business.

                • jim says:

                  The problem with Venezuela is socialism, and Hitler had exactly the same problems, the same causes giving rise to the same effects in Venezuela as in Nazi Germany, therefore, the problem is not social democracy.

                  The problem with American empire is that we are intervening in Afghanistan to teach nine year old girls how to put a condom on a banana, and not intervening in Venezuela to pump the oil and mine the gold.

                  I want an American Empire that intervenes in Venezuela to pump the oil and mine the old.

                  The problem with Maduro is not that he is failing to play ball with empire, but that he is failing to play ball with reality: That the oil is not being pumped and the gold is not being mined.

                  As Xenophon argued, if the free market is in effect, then gold is the best way to get stuff. If the other guy denies you market access, then steel, fire, and blood is the best way to get stuff. For the individual, there is no better justification for violence than that the other guy is harming your reproductive success. For the army and the state, there is, as Xenophon argued, no better justification for violence than that the other guy is denying you access to the free market in stuff.

                • Carlylean Restorationist says:


                • jim says:

                  Deleted for telling me what I think. Try telling us what you think. That I will pass.

                  If one reads a flat earther, he will confidently tell us that round earth scientists say this, that, and the other, which made up arguments he rebuts with great success, since the arguments he attributes to round earth scientists presuppose a flat earth, as the position you attribute to me assumes the truth of Marxism.

                  Not having that form of argument on my blog.

          • Dave says:

            Socialists of both parties have much to say about the rich, the middle class, and the “poor”. It’s all extremely misleading because it fails to distinguish between the fat-poor, who abound in capitalist countries (even Mexico!), and the skinny-poor, who are literally starving to death because the government, often one they voted into power, has destroyed the economy’s ability to produce food or anything that could be traded for food.

            Kudos to Maduro for creating the most effective weight-loss regimen the world has ever seen.

  9. Ichm says:

    The same goes as for a lot of Twitter blue checkmarks, of the “of colour” variety and what they have been tweeting about the Covington facts (and in general).

    The fact that these people aren’t crowd-shooed out of social media, out of their careers, and out of the country tells you all what you have to know about whites and their leadership, i. e. that who should be their leaders has sold them off altogether.

    Have a glance at these Twitter profiles and try to figure another country (Russia, Jaa
    pan, China, India,…) where they would be allowed to post the rank, lying-to-the-face anti-white racism they post as their main activity.

  10. Ichm says:

    The prospect of certain repercussions is the best fodder for the right neural systems, those that we’d all be better off if they reasonably grew in most heads.

    So, consequences for groundless allegations of sexual harassment should be severe.
    As things are now, ot only there are no negative consequences, but there are rewards, on different levels. This means incentivizing false allegations — and what do false allegations do? They raise, in count and shamelessness.

    They do what they are supposed to under the present system.

    • Ichm says:

      It wouldn’t take too many generations to women to develop those useful, to-be-hoped-for neural systems linked with integrity and responsibility and mindfulness, if not doing so had the righteous repercussions on their welfare.

      What has prevented this?
      Well for one the fact that men’s only pastime is bullying the next man, on their own initiative or at the behest of an inciting female.
      Men drink down the feminine primary culture imperatives, which are a suite of beliefs designed to make men feel proud of themselves when they do a list of things that, as it just happens, serve feminine-centred purposes.

      • pterantula says:

        > It wouldn’t take too many generations to women to develop

      • Dave says:

        What’s prevented the reprogramming of female instincts is the fact that men need wives, so large-scale culling of the female population, the only way that instincts ever change, is off the table.

        Now that we have the tech to harvest hundreds of eggs from a relatively virtuous woman and implant them in sheboons and trailer-park hos, your idea might have legs.

  11. BC says:

    Is Trump to get the left to overplay their hand? Conceding on the state of the Union is driving them into a round of patting themselves on the back and pushing desire to take the fight up a notch. It’s certainly the right time for it, the left is looking quite insane as they continue to hound the MAGA kids after the videos showed the truth.

  12. Encelad says:

    “White genocide” sign at women march.

    • Mister Grumpus says:

      A nicely printed sign no less. That’s not some dope with a Sharpie. That was made to be legible on 240p video.

      It reminds me of the “Rape Melania” sign at an early Trump protest, which I understand (maybe BS?) that Jack Posobiec staged.

      Where are the lines, anyway, between “trolling”, “A/B testing”, “test-ballooning” and “market research”?

      It’s like that sarcastic and taunting “White Genocide” skit video by Dan Friedman in South Africa. Make it goofy. Only squares get worked up over goofy stuff.

      • Mister Grumpus says:

        All right that’s it. I just have to be someone’s knee-jerking sucker for falling for this. I can’t believe it’s for real.

        Anyone? Anyone?

        • jim says:

          These marches are 100% astroturf. All signs are issued by central authority – Democratic campaign head quarters, or senior public servants, typically with titles like “under secretary of …”

          The image at seven seconds into the video “White Genocide Now” must have been focus grouped by the Democratic party, and linked to Cortez in order to build support and identity within the anti white faction of the Democrat party.

          That does not mean they are doing it in order to accomplish white genocide. They are doing it because hatred of whites is the KKKrazy glue that holds the Democratic Party coalition together, and they are not worried about whether it might lead to genocide after the next election, provided it keeps blacks and browns from slitting each other’s throats before the next election.

          • Mister Grumpus says:

            Come to think of it, such signs can also provoke more sad-sacks to shoot up synagogues. That’s an obvious win for them too.

            These tactics are so efficient and cost-effective, I have to salute how good these people are. Not that I enjoy doing so, believe me.

            • Koanic says:

              That’s no way to talk about a hero.

              • Mister Grumpus says:

                Who fed this is?

                • Koanic says:

                  If you were a brave man, you would recognize and appreciate another’s self-sacrificial act of heretical violence. But because you are a coward, you must denigrate it to protect yourself from the shame of your inaction. Call me what you will; your opinions are not backed by steel. I salute saints Breivik and McVeigh, and history, who honors even scum like John Brown, will most certainly agree.

                • Koanic says:

                  > Then three thousand men of Judah went to the top of the rock Etam, and said to Samson, Knowest thou not that the Philistines are rulers over us? what is this that thou hast done unto us? And he said unto them, As they did unto me, so have I done unto them.

                  Judges 15:11

                  The name of the cowardly Judahite is not recorded, but Samson the suicide bomber is immortalized with an eponymous book of the Bible.


                • Koanic says:

                  Even enemy braves such as Stephen Paddock do a service by lancing the boil of Ashtoreth’s “open society”, forcing a defensive return to patriarchy-compatible feudalism, ala Afghanistan.

                  It should not be possible for a man from one county and cult to set up a shooting position in a different county overlooking an enemy cult’s celebration. And soon, it will not be.

                  We will return to collective accountability, when Paddock’s action would mean the annihilation of his clan – and the genome will be cleansed.

                • Koanic says:

                  I do not advise making a suicide run against the USSA, because Americans are cowardly scum undeserving of the sacrifice, and the problem is larger than can be solved with bombs and bullets. However, I will certainly honor those who choose to lay down their lives for the greater good. Unlike American soldiers, these heroes had the courage and intelligence to actually die for their nation. They are the real Americans, and there are too few of them. If America were full of men like that, she would be worth dying for. But instead she’s full of eunuchs, faggots and whores.

                • pterantula says:

                  Okay, but conservatives will never accept attacks on enemy civilians. Assassination of enemy VIPs where useful, execution of enemy agents, and especially destruction of enemy things like the French are doing now are conservative warfare. Besides, the real enemy civilians are the families and friends of the professors. What if people were more afraid to associate with professors than with nazis?

                  What if the soldiers who pointed bayonets at those girls in that picture they demoralized us with in school mocking us with the claim they were escorting the girls were executed? Then the next soldier given that kind of order would be able to say, I’m not getting killed for Washington politics.

                  Conservatives need to go on the offensive more. When Prohibition ended, were the progressive networks rolled up, did they lose any physical capital? It was nah bro, nice try, and then MADD’s insane 21 and .08 became a conservative agenda somehow, while the same liberals who had been progressives let niggers ply young women with drugs, the same liberals who had been progresives trying to clean the streets of all whoring tried to assert whoring as every woman’s sovereign right, and if we let them, they’ll blame the current situation on conservatives and PUAs. Can you tell what ichm is planning downthread?

          • Mister Grumpus says:

            “These marches are 100% astroturf. All signs are issued by central authority – Democratic campaign head quarters, or senior public servants, typically with titles like “under secretary of …”

            The image at seven seconds into the video “White Genocide Now” must have been focus grouped by the Democratic party, and linked to Cortez in order to build support and identity within the anti white faction of the Democrat party.”

            Hold on, player!

            Elsewhere you remind us not to over-project, in paranoid fashion, intelligence, coherence and planning onto what is probably just “emergent” status-signalling to out-flank an ever-accelerating crazy train. A thousand points of leftist light.

            But here you surmise that those signs are all focus-grouped and filtered ahead of time by the inexplicably six-figured undersecretaries of whatever.

            So which is it?

            Not trying to “gotcha”, mind you. I just want your take.

            • jim says:

              Signs get printed up by central authority. While each individual tries to out left each other individual, resulting in unplanned, unintended, and unwanted craziness, the person printing the signs is printing them to be carried by some random anonymous spear carrier, thus is not being driven by the holiness spiral. If some random person on twitter calls for “white genocide now” likely that is unplanned and unintended craziness. A printed sign, however, is planned and intended craziness.

              • EH says:

                If it had been planned by a prog, it would have said something like “END WHITE POWER” or “END WHITENESS”, not “WHITE GENOCIDE”. “Genocide” has very negative emotional valence, all progs think “genocide” is by definition very bad and it is borderline crimethink to apply the word to anything but the Jewish Holocaust. (Not that they don’t want white genocide, they just wouldn’t ever say it in those words.)

                It’s also too ambiguous – most progs would assume someone carrying a “WHITE GENOCIDE” sign was against it, as virtually everyone who uses the phrase online is against it, indeed anyone capable of phrasing the goal in such negative language must be a crimethinker, therefore ipso facto a “white supremacist” trolling IRL to make the progs look like the genocidal scum they are and warn their intended victims before the time is ripe.

                • Encelad says:

                  Here (6:40) the sign holder is interwieved.


                  He is dressed and talks like a stereotypical antifa. Also, he completely hides his face. Possibly a troll (he is white), but I can’t say for sure.

                • jim says:

                  His interviewer seems to be the voice of the left in power, and his interviewer is buying it.

                  Someone printed up that White Genocide Now sign, someone OKed it being in the march, and someone OKed the interviewer giving the guy a platform. If anything, the only person who is not buying it is the poor guy who was tapped to carry the sign and found himself, to his horror, in front of a mike having to produce a suitably pious justification for the sign he was carrying.

                  The signal is that white genocide is now in the Overton window – unlike traditional marriage.

                • EH says:

                  The guy with the sign would probably say the same thing whether trolling or sincere. If it was a from-the-top direction as Jim says, its ham-handedness may indicate an intention to burn the progs and switch horses, or it may be a test to gauge where the Overton window is in that crowd, or it could be an initiation hazing for the sign-carrier, or it could be the opening move in precipitating war that is intended to weaken both sides, or it could even be a straightforward push for White genocide. It could be some combination. But I think it is least likely to be straightforward, the directors aren’t straightforward people, but on the other hand they do seem often to call their shots publicly in a manner to brazen for their targets to believe.

                • Koanic says:

                  I tend to agree with Jim, that the Left has progressed to putting white genocide within the Overton Window. As unbelievable as that insanity is, insanity is what Leftism is, and like a one-finned shark it must keep swimming left.

                • Mister Grumpus says:

                  Thanks very much, Encelad, for the interview snippet.

                  There we see that the “White Genocide Now” sign wasn’t computer-printed all at once (with a wide-format printer), but rather is a “glue-stick collage” of words/letters that were printed on regular paper with a regular laser printer, and then cut out and arranged on the posterboard.

                  So anyone with just a bit of IQ could have made that sign. It didn’t (necessarily) come from the Six Figure Master Mind Under-Secretary of Whatever.

                  So we’ve discovered another trolling mechanism. Print up next-step-leftward signs and leave them on “the pile” the morning of the march. Wag their dog.

  13. vxcc says:

    Self Defense is going to be easier tham it sounds because they are going to start killing each other….er No.
    Self defense will have a terrible learning curve as most even armed aren’t organized. Organization is EVERYTHING -a pile of unused firearms is nothing.

    The Left doesn’t start killing each other until they’ve basically won – or are losing – to us.

    Should one be aware of any armed organization including paintball JOIN IT and leave the talk of politics at home.

    The Left radicaizes by education.
    We radicalize by arming.

    “Paintball” by the “Sportsmen’s Club” follows.

  14. simplyconnected says:

    An interesting take:

    • Bob says:

      Thanks for the tip. The chain is broken because, in part, the leftists are going too left, too fast, to best accomplish their aims. They can’t start piecemeal genocide until alt media sources can’t effectively notify everyone else. I think they can’t start large-scale genocide until the military is fully converged and whites don’t have significant political power.
      But many sure want to try anyway, which I think will look like blm riots in the metros until they are autonomous polis that can kick out the evil yt. Whether that starts a civil war, I can’t guess.

      • simplyconnected says:

        I did find interesting that he says the reason for the outrage is that the kid didn’t genuflect as he was supposed to be conditioned to by decades of humiliation. The author of the video then says the kid smiled because the chain that bound him was broken, but I don’t see that.
        Those kids probably talk among themselves without a badthink filter, so maybe that’s the reason they can’t understand what the big commotion is about.

        • Bob says:

          At first, I thought that the figurative chain is only now attaching to the boy, so what was his smirk about? I can only speculate, but on second thought, I think Devon Stack is likely right.
          During a boy scout outing I was at, the boys spent a lot of time mocking their feminist teachers and the “fake news”. I think the boy is well aware of what’s expected of him, because I completely control my media consumption and I still struggle to successfully get away from hearing “the narrative”. He had seen Trump commit heresy, had put on Trump’s hat, and committed one himself. He was metaphorically pushed, his friends had his back, the big black scary dudes wouldn’t touch him, and all that was left was an old man banging a drum.
          Man, I love Devon Stack.

          • simplyconnected says:

            > Man, I love Devon Stack.

            It’s good to the point that it’s surprising it’s still up.
            Another video with a related message, master brew’s the lion, was taken down despite/because-of being quite popular.

            • Bob says:

              Found a mirror. Thanks.

              • simplyconnected says:

                > Found a mirror. Thanks.

                Sadly the version on youtube isn’t the original video, I couldn’t find it anywhere else either. Seems to have been wiped.

  15. Carlylean Restorationist says:

    No comment on your analysis here, as promised, but I will defend my good character.

    Firstly I notice you’re still linking to Bloody Shovel. Well, either he’s a Marxist as well, or else I’m not barking after all. Sure I may be more radical in my capital-scepticism but give it a year, frankly…


    Secondly even (((Peter Schiff))) noticed today that “this wasn’t the government”. I sincerely, and I mean sincerely, hope he never cottons on to the JQ. It’d be heart-breaking for a genuine good guy like that.

    It seems to me the Moldbug account of state capture by church is basically right: when the chaos of Protestant dissent reached America and encountered the concept of a state formally separated from any particular religion, the new emergent religion had to abandon God.

    So far so good. Where Moldbug misses the point is he thinks the religion can co-opt the state but NOTHING can co-opt the religion. Enter the Tribe…..

    • jim says:

      You cannot tell the difference between one non Marxist and another.

      Spandrel thinks some capitalists need to be taken out and shot. I agree. He does not think capitalists rule the world, he does not think they are one being, he does not think the economy needs supervision from the priestly class, he does not think that corporations are the central locus of power. He thinks that academia is, in the long run, the central locus of power, and that the US permanent government is, in the short run, the central locus of power.

      Thus, for example, the Ukraine coup was the state department, not the Jews, not the capitalists. Pussy Riot is Soros and European University, but Soros is the State Department, and European University is the State Department and/or the CIA.

      You want to see who has power, look at who is letting illegals in and preventing the wall from being built, who is calling for the murder of the Covington boys, who sought to lunch the Duke Lacrosse team. That is where power is.

      Trouble is that the holy coordinate through shared faith, so are apt to find themselves out holied, resulting in events like Hollywood Jews being taken down by aging whores who are no longer able to hawk their pussy.

      • Carlylean Restorationist says:


        • jim says:

          Deleted for telling me what I think and what Spandrel thinks.

          The positions you attribute to me presuppose that “Capital” is a single entity, that I believe that “Capital” is a single entity usefully modeled as a single conscious being and that I am on the side of “Capital” – that I accept Marxist class theory, that everyone accepts Marxist class theory, that it is completely uncontroversial, the universal consensus, and universally accepted, just as it is supposedly completely uncontroversial, the universal consensus, and universally accepted that World Trade Center building seven suddenly went into free fall for no apparent reason.

    • Starman says:

      @Communist Revolutionary

      Spandrell easily passes the “Redpill on women” test… you don’t, commie bluepiller.

    • pterantula says:

      > when the chaos of Protestant dissent reached America and encountered the concept

      Abraham Lincoln: 87 years ago a new nation. Fourscore is to make it sound more like the actual 1863-1607(Virginia)=256. Massachusetts pilgrims arrived in 1620. At some point after getting everyone to identify with them, they rewrote Thanksgiving to be thanking their Indian friends, the turkey spirit, and Mother Earth.

      Thomas Jefferson violated the command you find at the end of your New Testament [Rev 22:19] by cutting the miracles, including the resurrection. If Jesus isn’t the Word made flesh [John 1], well, did Jefferson even believe in the Word? Without the resurrection, the apostles were never commissioned, but Peter is given the keys before that, which is also cut.

      The First Amendment wasn’t ratified by Jefferson, it was ratified by men who wanted Virginia, Maryland, and Massachusetts to live under the same Congress, direct election of senators and direct federal taxation weren’t part of the original agreement. Separation of church and state meant the limited Federal state, which pretty explicitly became unlimited to impose on local communitied.

      JFK gave a speech about being a Catholic running for President in order to say he looks forward to the day a Jew or Unitarian runs, he didn’t need to say a thing because it was always implied that someone from Maryland could be President. Q believers view JFK as a hero because he died a martyr’s death at the hands of the Deep State.

      In George Lincoln Rockwell’s American Nazi Party propaganda, he says the flag is the symbol of our country that our ancestors died to make a constitutional republic. That’s where you are in your understanding of the history and religion of the American nation too. We pledge allegiance to the flag and the republic for which it stands, one nation under God (okay, the pledge was originally statist and Lincolnist, not nationalist, but God fixed it). The Lord has been patient with us, the seed cast on this rocky soil, or amongst the weeds of the urban jungle, if at some point, as Mike says, He will separate the wheat from the tares, if Mike fears for the tares, then he should preach to them. You should take an interest in the Jesus Question.

  16. Encelad says:

    If CO2 emissions were responsible for warming the planet, one would expect NGO environmentalists offering practical solutions, such as gas plants, which have around half the emission rates per KWh. At least as a temporary solution for the next decades.

    But since, Instead, they just screech for totally unattainable goals while posting against “capitalism”:


    …it becomes clear that they are actually dreaming to seize the wealth of “the rich” (i.e. people with two cows) and sending them to the gulag. They are just looking for a holy excuse to do it.

  17. Mike in Boston says:

    This will be easier than it sounds, because they are going to start killing each other. On the other hand, history is that the left usually wins until it self destructs

    Consider 1917-1922. The left cooperated to kill or drive out the tsar and the Whites, then only later did the far left (in the person of Lenin) do the same to the not-quite-as-far left. Of course, history never repeats, and exactly what form the rhyming will take is hard for me to figure out.

    we are going to have to actually start organizing large scale defense. This will be easier than it sounds, because they are going to start killing each other.

    I wish I shared your optimism. Consider what happens to any sufficiently organized and effective right wing group: it is infiltrated and entrapped by the FBI, which is the very sword and shield of the left. What would prevent the same thing from happening to any group organizing large scale defense?

    • Starman says:

      @Mike in Boston

      Use the RedPill on women to smoke out potential infiltrators.

      Use the standard for keeping security clearances, but turn it up to eleven for the O5/O6 coup plotter inner circle (no debt! no indications of kompromat, physiognomy is your friend.). Test to see if they accept the reactionary def of class, not the marxist def on class.

      • Starman says:

        Every single infiltrator commentator on this blog reliably failed the “red pill on women” test 100%.

      • Starman says:

        When I was in the military, we were not really allowed to mention publicly something that everyone of us knew… that female military members would get pregnant to avoid deployment. But we knew.

        In the Nomenklatura and its secret police – the FBI – recruits have to totally believe certain prog sacraments to ensure no double agents. They are not allowed to even conceptualize forbidden concepts.

        Hence the continuous failure of infiltrators here to even understand the Redpill or reactionary definition of class.

        • pterantula says:

          why haven’t I come across a blog post about how Hindus use English helper verbs? Blogs are where colorless green ideas sleep furiously, right, the descriptivists somehow don’t see that as colorless.

          If redpill sexuality was ideological they’d be able to get it right, repeating other people’s slogans isn’t supposed to be difficult. What they can’t do is say shibbolet instead of shibboleth.

    • vxxc says:

      Whatever do you mean?

      Our group is a “Sportsmen’s Club” just out playing “paintball”.
      Just like the Muslim world needed “democracy”.

      Problem is some of you want a sure thing…now don’t you?
      Well gee. There’s no such thing… especially in paintball.

  18. Bruce says:

    What I’ve seen at work – the sad cat ladies justify their failure to have children with “well, we’re all going to boil anyway.” Women with PHDs literally say this. They are comforting themselves because they’ve utterly failed as a woman and they know it.

  19. Cavalier says:

    The inferior Red Russian fighting force beat the superior White Russian fighting force because the American Army was sent in to secure the Trans-Pacific Railroad.

  20. c matt says:

    Let me get this straight. Yearly temperature variations in this neck of the woods go from (F) 100+ to about 30+. A 70 degree variation over the span of a year. Yet, the world is ending because of (being generous) a 1 to 2 degree variation over a hundred years?

    • pterantula says:

      Sure, but, the intelligent young White men, with their asian wives, don’t want to talk about race or sexuality anymore, they never really did but now they really don’t, and no one can honestly take veganism seriously, so they’re stuck arguing that they’re not us because they know what Arrhenius knew about climate change, and unlike those chilly racist herringvolk they think there’s more biomass to be lost to desertification than gained in the permafrost, which would affect the environment of the majestic snowy owls and Siberian tigers anyway.

      That drunken old suffragette Hillary Rodham, whose husband only gave her one child in between unknown multiracial bastards, took the Party down with her and President Bill couldn’t hide his fear and shame as he watched it happen. It could have remained viable, if only those young White men were in charge, but having asian wives is pretty definitional of not being in charge.

      Compare the suave Bill Clinton forcing himself on Juanita Broderick to Joe Biden, compare Walter Cronkite to the very serious sodomite (lol) Anderson Cooper, compare Gore Vidal to Tim Cook, compare the philosophy academics of today whose only passion is for intrinsically disordered lust, other than that they’re so vain and boring they make Descartes sound reasonable, with past philosophy academics who somehow lost out to “cultural anthropology” and “transcendentalism”.

      Just how the h*ll did John Kellogg convince people to mutilate their own children and why did anyone even pretend to think prohibition a good idea? Lothrop Stoddard said before prohibition that it was already known that fetal alcohol syndrome doesn’t affect the children of the afflicted, so it couldn’t have been hay guise booze is somehow genotoxic. “Lips that touch liquor shall never touch mine” said the suffragette thots, we could steelman that into a desire to marry a serious man, now they say “das pussy ist nicht fur gefingerpoken und mitengraben, relaxen und watch das blinkenlights” like strippers.

      Peak insanity means the enemy is corrupt beyond all ability to even corrupt himself. There is no next step beyond “give your son girl toys because maybe the preference for boy stuff is imposed” and “teach your daughter that everyone’s afraid of her and she has to figure everything out herself because no one will ever dare tell her what to do”, men who go along with that are manifest failures worse than the ones whose multiracial children will never be at peace because they are at war with themselves. Men who don’t and need some level of approval from the System nervously drive Priuses and repeat the claim that if CO2 goes above 350ppm we’re going to have a nonlinear effect where the oceans boil and the carbon and sulfur are baked out of the rocks and the atmosphere thickened to optical opacity is no longer warmed by the greenhouse effect but by adiabatic lapse which means orange man bad.

      Besides, who else wanted to believe in climate change because nuclear power is cool as all hell?

      By the way, what’s happening on Slate Star Codex in between meaningless philosophy of science and psychology is “Imagine that twenty years from now, nobody cares or talks about global warming. It hasn’t been debunked. It’s still happening. People just stopped considering it interesting.”

      • The Cominator says:

        “whose husband only gave her one child”

        Chelsea was probably conceived in adultery with Webster Hubbell.

    • Cavalier says:

      Technology, next-quarter-earnings market competition, and the incompetence of government have made our civilization so fragile that a few degrees of cooling actually literally might kill it dead.

      3 days of food in the supermarkets

      Everything run by electricity, vulnerable to solar flare

      A smallish comet could completely reverse our contemporary period of unusual warmth

      Hark for the end might be nigh

      • jim says:

        I have lived in an area struck by a hurricane and major flooding. Not seeing this fragility of which you speak.

        • Mike says:

          To take his point in a slightly different direction, modern society has resiliency, but modern people have none. We are like helpless babies compared to our ancestors. Part of that is leftism (no one is taught how to grow up, be a man, be independent etc etc) but part of it is also just technology. If I don’t have to work-hard or learn tons of things to get stuff done, when something goes wrong I’m fucked. Just think about how much people freak every time the electricity goes out.

          • jim says:

            Civilization does not end. People get on with stuff. Yes, they are in trouble, because they have not had to do this before. And then they learn how to handle it. Three days of adjustment, and then everyone takes natural disaster in their stride.

            • Alrenous says:

              Something explodes.

              Movies: everyone immediately panics like a hyperactive 6-year-old girl.

              9/11: “Hey, you should probably evacuate.” Ash covered face says: “Sure, on it.” Casually starts walking.

              It’s not that panics can’t happen it’s that ironically it’s not normally caused by disasters.

        • vxxc says:

          Yes what is this fragility of which we hear?
          I’ve seen NYC/NJ go thru 9/11, Sandy and numerous storms and hurricanes. We’re stronger for it – esp the working class.
          You have hurricanes in the South the Cajun Navy shows up and self organizes everything off charity and volunteers. Including comms nets.

          The one fragilty I worry about is food distribution nationally if money’s value collapses but that’s an interim period of painful adjustment not the end of civilization. Our civilization is the Cajun Navy, the mass of volunteers, the communities that pull together, the first responders and utility workers, the National Guard, the Ironworkers at ground zero.!
          Their civilization has 3 days of food, blogs, works in a cubicle and can’t change a tire or fire a gun.

          Who are you worried about?


          Well if you’ll miss them then worry.
          If not prepare, organize and act when its time.

        • Cavalier says:

          Here’s what concerns me:

          * solar flares
          * cosmic impacts
          * supervolcanoes
          * solar minimums
          * Spanish Flu 2.0

          See any normal weather patterns there?

          • jim says:

            Solar flares happen all the time. Since the internet switched to fiberoptic, their effects are limited.

            Small cosmic impacts happen all the time, big cosmic impacts are rare. The last really big one happened sixty million years ago.

            Supervolcanoes are rare, volcanic eruptions happen all the time. I have been through a volcanic eruption. No big deal.

            Solar minimums happen ever decade or so, and really severe solar minimums every few centuries. Most people don’t notice.

            Epidemics happen all the time. Seldom serious enough for us to apply the well known and effective solution: Biblical style quarantine.

            The major impact of natural disaster is that people get their act together and make it less fragile.

            • Cavalier says:

              >Solar flares happen all the time.

              Carrington Event type solar flares

              >big cosmic impacts are rare

              Younger Dryas impacts killed Atlantis 14kya, wiped out a majority of all megafauna, and very nearly wiped out all humans everywhere. you’re not doubt familiar with the human bottleneck detected by recent genetics research; that’s why

              >supervolcanoes are rare

              Yellowstone is due

              >solar minimums aren’t noticed

              Reportedly the solar minimum in the Middle Ages corresponds perfectly to the abrupt and complete cessation of cathedral building.

              England once had vineyards.

              “no one notices” is absolutely not true

              >epidemics happen all the time

              not since we started depending so very heavily on high technology

              computers last, at maximum, 5 to 10 years before shitting themselves. that really is not very much time at all. just knock out a select few fabs, for instance, and we’re back to chips made by comparatively simple lithography at low volumes and high cost for several years

              in how many minds worldwide is cutting edge processor technology stored? a few hundred?

              many things we continue to be able to do on simple fact of inertia, but if we had to start from scratch would require much reinvention

              • jim says:

                > > supervolcanoes are rare

                > Yellowstone is due

                Yellowstone is due sometime in the next one or two hundred thousand years. All your proposed natural disasters are like that – rare, or not very disastrous.

                Dark ages are due every few hundred years, total wars, revolution, and social decay and collapse that utterly destroy nations happen every eighty years or so.

                Massive human caused disaster is enormously more common and enormously morely likely than disaster from natural causes, and we are looking at a human caused disaster coming up right now, as people grope around for a reason, any reason, for murdering white people – whether it be climate change or the Covington boys.

                There were no supervolcanoes etc in the last few thousand years. There have been more major democides than you can shake a stick at during the twentieth century, and it looks like another one is coming right up.

                Lets compare the number of people killed by volcanoes and climate change and such in the last few thousand years, with the number of people killed by war, mass murder, and artificial famine in the last century.

                • Cavalier says:

                  The biggest immediate risk to Western civilization, i.e. my greater bloodline, in order, are:

                  1. A comprehensive program of genocidal terror by the system of control

                  Nothing else comes close.

                  But I also recognize that the biggest risks are the ones we don’t think will happen within our lifetimes. We discount those because we think they’re Someone Else’s Problem.

                  Plus, I forgot one: AI.

                  When human intelligence is no longer a valuable economic asset, we’re going to need an alternative system of value or the natural endpoint is the death of all humans.

                  I don’t purport to have an alternative system of value. I’m just saying, there are not very many possibilities: we’re pretty much going to have to choose between reverting to an earlier stage of technology, some form of man-machine merge, or death.

                  Or we could outlaw thinking machines except in the form of CRISPR, but however much that’s the best choice, it probably isn’t going to happen.

                • jim says:

                  AI is not a threat. Computers are intelligent, but not conscious. Intelligence without consciousness is on everyone’s smartphone, which is actually smart, but not conscious.

                  When driverless trucks make deliveries on suburban streets, then they will be conscious. Zero progress towards consciousness so far. No one knows what it is, or how to get started.

                  Computers that were intelligent and conscious would be a threat. Not happening. No one has any idea of how to get there from here. No one is making any real progress towards there.

                  Driverless trucks are not happening, and it never looked like they were going to happen. It was all hype and vaporware, lies and madness, from day one.

                  AI and the singularity is the new religion, the religion of Less Wrong. Our problem is technological stagnation and political singularity, not technological progress.

                • Steve Johnson says:

                  AI is not a threat. Computers are intelligent, but not conscious. Intelligence without consciousness is on everyone’s smartphone, which is actually smart, but not conscious.

                  I don’t know about – obviously AI is almost certainly going to be intelligent without being conscious – seeing as how we don’t even understand exactly what consciousness is we can’t replicate it. That doesn’t mean that AI isn’t a threat – it’s possible that you’ll get a situation where multiple corporations have AIs that are producing non-socially optimal results but they out-compete companies without AIs. No one can turn off their AI because their competitors won’t – prisoner’s dilemma.

                  Of course, the worry about this scenario is greatly lessened by the fact that this is the exact same story that socialists pretend is true of *all* corporations.

                  A lot of AI worry seems to just be Marxist reasoning that this time their story about how the economy works will be true because AI will be different without ever really explaining how.

                • Cloudswrest says:

                  Have you seen Nvidia’s latest self driving car video?


                • Mister Grumpus says:

                  “Driverless trucks are not happening, and it never looked like they were going to happen. It was all hype and vaporware, lies and madness, from day one.”

                  Can we discuss this more please? I think it might be an example of people (myself not excluded, embarrassingly) prophesying a future rapture event that would do their status-war wet-work for them.

                  Because we know it’s white men who drive trucks, right?

                  And simultaneously, in rootless cosmopolitan town, “our” primary contact with weirdo Africans with unpronounceable names is when we’re riding in an Uber.

                  And the less pleasant public life gets — even errands to Whole Foods — the more I want to do everything through my smartphone and have smell-free obedient machines take care of all the IRL stuff. Robots don’t put their impulsive children into my kids’ school or block the highways for gibs either, etc.

                  It’s naughty for me to complain about these irritants, but it’s socially acceptable to shake my talismans and cast spells for “driverless vehicles”.

                • Alrenous says:

                  I continue to know what consciousness is and have a good guess at how to build it which follows from said theory.

                  Consciousness can be effective only because it has different efficient computations as compared to Church-Turing-equivalent machines. This is something that is logically necessary and is yet another point of evidence pointing to the conclusion that consciousness is not physical.

                  A robot can decide to do anything I can decide to do. However, I decide to do things in a different statistical pattern as compared to an equivalently capable machine. Most likely because I can e.g. make comparisons extremely cheaply. For my wanting to be at all relevant I have to be able to identify something out there as something I want, which a silicon computer cannot currently do reliably at any price.

                  A machine with consciousness capabilities -might- be a threat, but still probably not. You would necessarily be able to negotiate with it.

                  Similarly, grey goo seems scary, but has already happened, only the goo was green and we called it the oxygen catastrophe. If eating the entire planet was a stable lifestyle under natural selection it would have already happened.

                  If the machines rise up we will still be able to just shoot them. (Unfortunately.)

                  Something like a brain made out of metal costs approximately a trillion dollars, whereas a brain grown the normal way is at most $200,000. Economies of scale could bring that down only so much. Technology still vastly favours the squishy, despite many horror flicks to the contrary.

                • pterantula says:

                  do it faggot

                  kronecker didn’t think about what cpu would execute his algorithm either

                  last consciousness thread someone was singing “pleasure and pain” like a slut. Only a curry-African-American would try to figure out how many atomic pleasure units he gets from doing that, p. sure you’re just vainglory posting for the atomic pleasure units but I would just be painfully embarrassed

                • Koanic says:

                  AI will be a threat when it develops a survival instinct. The info-tech infrastructure is already training this through survivorship bias. For example, smartphones are parasitic symbiotes on individual humans. “AI” does not ever need to leave the symbiosis stage to erase most of humanity.

                  It is not the virus that should concern us, but the anti-virus. Not the hacker, but the state firewall.

                  I agree that AI is not the next threat, but a long-term threat which we would be fortunate to have to deal with. However, the progress of technological dehumanization is the context in which the AI threat must be placed, and the lethal Left singularity holiness spiral is merely another effect of the technological dehumanization process. I believe Revelations foretells the amplification of a global Left holiness spiral by AI-empowered globalism.

                  However, I don’t think anybody should be worried about AI except those who can do something about it, which is very few people, although I consider myself to be one.

                • jim says:

                  > the lethal Left singularity holiness spiral is merely another effect of the technological dehumanization process.


                  We have had holiness spirals before. The leftist holiness spiral in tenth century Islam very much resembled our current holiness spiral.

                  Leftism is not caused by technological advance, rather it is happening in spite of technological advance, which is why the left is hostile to technology. If you are blue pilled or purple pilled on women, you are a leftist, and if you are opposed to technological advance, you are a leftist.

                • Koanic says:

                  I am of course not opposed to technological progress, because it enables superior races to conquer inferior, and because it is militarily decisive.

                  > We have had holiness spirals before. The leftist holiness spiral in tenth century Islam very much resembled our current holiness spiral.

                  Yes. I am using “technology” in the broadest anthropological. In my view, technology use begins with tool use. Humans were first gracilized by the advantage of fine motor control in controlling primitive weapons to achieve superior lethality over unarmed combat. In that sense, technology has been domesticating humans for a very long time. I believe the first major technological amplification of the holiness spiral was the advent of intensive agriculture. This technological departure from the ancestral environment gave rise to social and nutritional dysfunctions for which evolution has yet to fully compensate. From sharpened rock to silicon supercomputer, it is one continuous process. Much that was good has been lost along the way already, and we should be conscious of the journey to preserve what nobility from our animal heritage remains.

                • Koanic says:

                  Alrenous> Similarly, grey goo seems scary, but has already happened, only the goo was green and we called it the oxygen catastrophe. If eating the entire planet was a stable lifestyle under natural selection it would have already happened.

                  You intend this to be reassuring, but it is not. The oxygen catastrophe happened because there was a ladder Earth’s ecosystem could climb. From one perspective, we could say that the thermodynamic complexity of life is accelerating exponentially. “Grey goo” would simply be another spike on this graph, as the oxygen catastrophe was. What has happened before can happen again. Infotech is building the ladder rungs to grey goo, which cannot arise out of primordial stew.

                  It is all well and good to say that holiness spirals are far deadlier than scary sci fi scenarios, but the point is that technology continues to weaken the resistance of the human species to holiness spirals. This is no idle concern. We know that tech-empowered globalism will culminate in a terminal holiness spiral, as prophesied in Revelations.

                • jim says:

                  Not seeing it. Looks like technology is improving our ability to resist holiness spirals. The sane can avoid isolation and call out the madness.

                • Koanic says:

                  Jim> Looks like technology is improving our ability to resist holiness spirals. The sane can avoid isolation and call out the madness.

                  Of course. Technology amplifies man’s ability to do everything.

                  However, you must acknowledge that without technology, globalist totalitarianism would be impossible. Technology makes it possible for us to institute a reactionary society, but in practice it trends towards domestication, dysgenics and degeneracy. The weight of human depravity and Satan’s Earthly rule draws the double-edged sword of Damocles ever downward.

                  History is like Poe’s bladed pendulum, which drops a centimeter with every swing. And we the deli meat.

  21. Big Brutha says:

    This is a set up for the Left to declare a state of emergency/imminent crisis to give themselves powers to implement their agenda. It mirrors the fact that Trump has said he may declare a state of emergency to build the Wall. The Left WILL use climate change as its causus belli when it comes to their naked grab of the levers of power. This will be the go-to tool for divesting those on the Right of their rights and property. You can take it to the bank. This is the logical end of the climate change long con and why they want to find a way to punish climate deniers.

    • Koanic says:

      I dunno man, it’s pretty tough to call their causus belli when one week it’s pensive frogs and the next it’s smirking high schoolers. We have to kill them all; it’s the only way to be sure.

      • vxxc says:

        Caedite Eos: alll of them….works.

        Nice simple mission statement.

        Now organize. Your local sportsman’s club needs some paintball.
        The Middle East needed some ‘democracy’ – your local “Sportsmen’s Club” needss some “paintball.”

        Not only do deeds not words count all labels should be innocuous.

  22. alf says:

    In Europe the left is also turning more and more into Mother Gaia’s party.

    I think they realize immigration lies are not winning hearts, so they’re doubling down on global warming lies.

  23. 12345 says:

    The leading theory about the Covington Boys smear is that Amy Barrett is expected to be appointed to SCOTUS, and they are trying to discredit Catholics in general. Some speculate key players have been leveraged to lose face on purpose. And of course, they could just be screwing up real bad…

    Interestingly, both Kavanaugh and Barrett are Jesuits. https://pulpitandpen.org/2018/07/10/brett-kavanaugh-roman-catholic-jesuit-unlikely-to-overturn-roe/ https://www.americamagazine.org/faith/2018/07/09/i-grew-charismatic-group-amy-barrett-heres-why-they-are-good-thing Neil Gorsuch too https://www.americamagazine.org/politics-society/2017/01/31/what-trumps-scotus-pick-means-people-faith

    • jim says:

      I think we paranoically attribute too much rationality to our enemies. My theory is its just the craziness getting crazier.

      Does this lot sound sane to you?

      • Walt says:

        I sometimes think that there may be method to their madness but it quickly dissipates. A stopped clock is correct twice a day and so coincidently, the Progressive Lunacy looks at times like it has been effectively orchestrated. Then the other 95% of the time they are just attacking normal human behaviour. My tip for the latest Lunatic nonsense is facial hair on men. Women cannot grow beards and men are using them to intimidate underage girls. A lot of working-class white men have beards. A lot of stereotypical rednecks have beards.

        • Cavalier says:

          5% of it is in fact organized.

          95% of it is in fact spontaneous.

          But don’t make the mistake of thinking that the 5% doesn’t fundamentally drive the 95%.

          The organized elite always drive the disorganized rabble.

          • jim says:

            Of course, trouble is that you are pointing in every direction except the obvious ruling elite.

            reflect on what happened with the recent pussy hat march. Obviously the people who can put a million women in ridiculous hats on the street, or not, at very short notice, are the ruling elite.


            • Mister Grumpus says:

              Or that “March for Our Lives” anti-NRA event. Whoever the heck it was, they put that show together FAST.

            • Cavalier says:

              When Adolf Hitler was democratically elected in 1933 he made two (literally) fatal mistakes:

              1. He sacked the Freemasons’ temples
              2. He ransomed Rothschild

              It is only natural, when the War was over, that the East German flag would therefore be a square and compass.

              • jim says:

                Troofer style made up facts.

                The East German flag indeed has the compass, but not the square. It is consists of wheat, symbolizing the peasants, the hammer, symbolizing the workers, and the compass, symbolizing the intelligentsia. East Germany was ruled by the Vanguard of the Proletariat, not the masons, and not the Jews.

                You are throwing anything at the wall to see what sticks, but it is absolutely obvious who our ruling elite is. Our ruling elite are the people who can put on a big river of meat in the streets, or not, at quite short notice.

                • Cavalier says:

                  The fact that the square was made round makes the symbol as a whole no less irrefutably a square and compass

                  Re: Rothschild:

                  >In 1832, when Pope Gregory XVI was seen meeting Carl von Rothschild to arrange the 1832 Rothschild loan to the Holy See (for £400,000, worth €43,000,000 in 2014), observers were shocked that Rothschild was not required to kiss the Pope’s feet, as was then required for all other visitors to the Pope, including monarchs.[43] The 1906 Jewish Encyclopedia described the Rothschilds as “the guardians of the papal treasure”.

                  It’s right on the Wikipedia page, O Rearguard of the Overton Window. Look it up.

                • jim says:

                  > The fact that the square was made round makes the symbol as a whole no less irrefutably a square and compass


                  I am silently deleting all your evidence that anyone except the obvious ruling elite is secretly the real ruling elite, because all of it is like this stuff about the East German flag.

                  The commies were to blame for communism, and the progs to blame for enabling the commies.

                  Just as the Troofers have a hundred different mutually incompatible stories that anyone is to blame for 9/11, except Mueller and his FBI turning a blind eye to Islamic terrorists while the FBI vainly searched for white male Christian terrorists, you have a hundred different mutually incompatible stories that anyone is the secret real ruling elite, except for the ruling elite that is actually ruling us and has official titles announcing that they are doing so.

                • Cavalier says:

                  Final point: when I deride and denigrate the common jew for being the backbone of the meat shield of the system of control, I’m doing so in a loving manner.

                  Unlike him, I understand that after he has helped his intraracial superiors destroy me, that he will himself be in turn destroyed.

                  All white and whitish races everywhere are slated for extirpation. Including, with a diminishingly few exceptions, white jews.

                  To all racial jews reading this: to save yourself, you must first save me. From this day forth, you must completely unleash your inner Roy Cohn / Stephen Miller / Nick Sandmann.

                  Go forth and prove NAJALT.

                • calov says:

                  yet they didn’t manage to ever get a crowd out for Hillary

        • George says:

          Yes, as the baizuo zealotry intensifies, their general functioning becomes more degraded due to diversity hires, intra-baizuo witch hunts and so forth. Unfortunately they don’t need to be very functional to get a lot of non-baizuo killed – see South Africa.

          The war approaches faster and it will not be very skillfully fought, but it doesn’t have to be if only one side fights. Once the origin of baizuo insanity is understood, their aims and methods become intelligible to some extent. The mystery, it seems to me now, is the non-baizuo whose pathetic passivity in the face of mortal threat is bizarre. They’re out to kill us and we’re resisting by… posting blogs and comments on the public Internet. Are we doomed? It looks that way to me.

          • Samuel Skinner says:

            People desire power. Organizing to resist has the problem of someone indulging their desire for power by turning everyone in. This is encouraged by the secret police forming organizations dedicated to overthrowing the state and then arresting people for showing up.

            This leads to a total loss of trust and so any defense is piecemeal and hidden.

            The left has the same exact problem which is why it eats itself.

            • pterantula says:

              “they can take our lives, but they’ll never take our [physical expression of normie culture currently under attack from academia and government]!”


              call it “conservatism”

            • George says:

              Mr Skinner, your reply is such a good example of the pathetic passivity that s going to doom us, I could not have crafted a better one myself!

              Let’s add ‘ignorance’ to ‘passivity’, an ignorance you can reduce if you wish by studying counterexamples to your defeatism: the Bolsheviks, the FLN of Algeria and the IRA.

              • Samuel Skinner says:

                Yes, you can win if you have a foreign power backing you or significant amounts of traitors in the government. If you have some way to convince the Chinese to sponsor us, don’t tell me, tell them.

                • jim says:

                  This is correct.

                  It is obvious that Trump is encountering deeply entrenched opposition in the government, so how then do we win?

                  • The Sulla/Pinochet stuff – leftists piss on the military, and create their own counter military – which sucks badly. Military re-assert their monopoly in a short and one sided civil war, revealing the total suck of the left wing alternative military.
                  • Cambodia, Szechuan. Leftists kill everyone, especially each other. Vacuum and outside intervention.
                  • Cromwell, Stalin, etc. Left wing leader notices he is about to be outflanked on the left, cracks down, ending the holiness spiral. Sanity slowly comes back over decades quietly and underground at first.
                  • Moses option. Civilization collapsing, religious leader of a bunch of refugees becomes political leader, institutes a sane social order which the disintegrating civilization lacks the will and focus to shutdown.
                • Koanic says:

                  Let’s do Moses with a digital exodus. Technomagic is real.

                • George says:

                  > a foreign power backing you or significant amounts of traitors in the government

                  While there is no “you” to back, then indeed no foreign power will back you, nor will disaffected insiders support you. Well spotted, Mr Skinner. The movement must exist first.

      • 12345 says:

        Yes it does.

      • Doug Smythe says:

        It is a waste of time looking for the hidden rationality in the feminine mindset, and all the more so in a LARPing caricature of said mindset.

        • Doug Smythe says:

          Like looking for linguistic messages in white noise.

        • Bruce says:

          The feminine mind – solipsism of a particular type where the mind is particularly associated with emotions and emotional experience.

      • Alrenous says:

        Paul Fussell, Class: A Guide Through the American Status System.
        You don’t really need the whole book. I read maybe a ten-page summary and it was plenty.

        The top class is called top-out-of-sight. This is because Fussell noticed that in egalitarian America, the richest need to hide their plain superiority lest an envious mob appear at their door. Rather than parading through the streets in gold-leafed carriages, openly displaying their unique legal right to wear a sword, they cloak their estates in layers of forestry and go out wearing ripped jeans and ratty hoodies.

        Similarly, there is a top-out-of-sight political class. They do not appear in the news and I would be unsurprised to find that they do not write for each other in public at all.

        In a Sophist regime like America’s, there’s a problem in that you tend to get high on your own supply, as happened to Hitler. A stable regime has almost no contact between the public-facing (lying) part of the apparatus and the part that holds genuine decision power.

        We can trace a few of these levels in Google. Schmidt is the local handler, responsible for handing out the supply. Schmidt in turn was brokered by John Doerr and Michael Moritz, who you’ve probably never heard of before, but can obviously be found in public documents. Whose money did Doerr and Moritz represent? Who groomed Schmidt so that he could be brokered?

        Basically, someone tells their general secretary to tell Moritz to tell Schmidt what they want done. Between A and B the message gets massaged from exquisitely pure Machiavellianism to something with palatability and optics. And, you know, that whole ‘being legal’ thing. Usually. Eventually Schmidt will get high on the supply and be replaced. Anyone who doesn’t play ball suffers things like the Microsoft antitrust suit (which was mysteriously dropped when Gates caught up on his political contributions). Google, as Jim points out, is rather continuously at risk of hostile workplace lawsuits.

        Speaking of high on your supply, it seems Gates really cares about malaria now. What a fag.

        Another name you’ve never heard of is who decides who gets to be editor-in-chief at Nature. The editor has the power of desk rejection, in other words the ability to decide on his sole discretion what is, and is not, science. Although I’m not sure if it’s grant agencies that try to please Nature or vice-versa. More likely, both try to please whoever appoints the editor.

        Moldbug points out that Michael Mann, climate Stalin, was just a flunky of some shadowy person who could presumably cut the entirety of climatology if they had a mind. The simple fact we know Mann’s name is enough to be sure he had no real power.

        These top-out-of-sight people are not insane. Power is always competitive. It is incredibly easy to take down someone who is genuinely crazy. An organization run by someone who is insane can be destroyed by individuals – me, for example. I would simply stand in their blind spot with something dangerous until they died. “Why isn’t the CEO a Muslim immigrant yet?” Normally, having someone actually attack them is redundant.

        Because they are not actually crazy, it’s not them that would be destroyed if I tried this, but me. They would recognize a genuine threat and quite possibly they would ‘discover’ I had evidence that could lead to Hillary’s arrest… Or maybe I would get lucky and they would merely ‘discover’ I had a drug problem.

        There are however a few problems with this approach.
        First, because they have little to no formal power, if the genuinely-crazy shock troops get hysterical, (*as they get more hysterical) there’s little to nothing they can do about it. Indeed even if they do have formal power, doing something about it would reveal this power, they would no longer be top-out-of-sight, and an envious mob will appear at their door, either spontaneously or with the encouragement of their rivals. It is an admission of weakness.

        The other problem is that demand for hiding spots exceeds supply. Which means the CPU running this machine is rather underpowered for the size of the machine. As problems arise they can deal – at length – with the most threatening. This is why Alphabet toes the line so very carefully, for example. Should they try to form their own independent power they will feel swift(ish) and terrible wrath. Schmidt’s job is to remind them of this fact, more or less.

        However, they can only deal with a very limited number of problems. I’m sure they would dearly love for SJWs to sit down and shut up. However, the logic of the system gives rise to them far faster than they could possibly be put down. They are certainly trying to temper DNC’s headlong drive into being the nonwhite party. You can tell as otherwise it would already be over.

        As the decaying system, like a lemon car, throws up ever-more serious problems at an ever-faster rate, the CPU throughput will get ever-more mismatched with the number of internal contradictions that must be resolved. Finally the steering wheel will come off in their hands, so to speak. They probably won’t even notice right away.

        However, if the PoCs come for the gated communities, they will at last order the army to fire. And that will certainly be an interesting day.

        • jim says:

          > These top-out-of-sight people are not insane. Power is always competitive.

          If the holiest person gets power, the person who gets power is likely genuinely insane. The Jewish rebellion and Khmer Rouge Cambodia were unambigously insanity in power.

          We are not in fact ruled by elite people. Selection for holiness results in selection for stupidity. If you look at the tastes, the culture, the recreations of our super elite, they are not elite. They are rather dumb. Also, their writing level. Observe the decline of World Bank papers. If there was a smart top-out-of-sight group, there would be smart people writing papers at the world bank.

          Stalin was the sanest of the Russian commies, but as the long telegram accurately analyzed him, pretty far nuts nonetheless.

          The top people are not very bright, and they are getting crazier fast.

          • Koanic says:

            Agreed, and the vapor chasing is both tiresome and harmful.

          • vxxc says:

            The selection for stupidity is marked in the various Priesthoods.
            We just went thru sexual harrassment training again.
            Cuz we’re deploying and its top priority.
            > the creature giving the class -squeaking voice and physnogminy needs only a white van to complete the profile.
            He’d get arrested if seen near a playground.

            This is who you fear for those who tremble before them.

          • Dave says:

            Alrenous sees a stampede of cattle, points to those in the front rank, and says, “I see the leaders!” Those cattle aren’t leading, they’re running like crazy to not be trampled to death by the rest of the herd!

            • pdimov says:

              Alrenous sees John Doerr and Michael Moritz, who are “venture capitalists”, allocating “capital”. That’s not exactly running in front of a stampede, is it now.

            • jim says:

              For this program to be incentive compatible, men need secure, enforceable, and enforced, property rights in wives and daughters.

        • pdimov says:

          Nice post, thanks.

    • No FUckin Way says:

      “The leading theory about the Covington Boys smear is that Amy Barrett is expected to be appointed to SCOTUS, ”

      Leading theory? The only “people” following this theory are the plants dropping bait on message boards left and right. Fuck your astro turfing.

  24. BC says:

    The fake news Buzzfeed story followed by the Covington Boys hysteria levels is interesting. Reading reddit they got much more hysterical about the Covington Boys than the idea that they finally got Trump. It’s almost like they needed a higher level of insanity after the last bubble popped. The next hysteria event is going to be off the charts with this rate of progression.

    • jim says:

      Supposedly only a few years remain for climate action, aka destruction of western civilization and extermination of the white race, or else the world shall end. Everything is going off the charts hysteria, and this is a continuation of a trend line that has been accelerating since about 1780-1820. Each drama tops the last, and the dramas come closer and closer together.

      People have been predicting peek insanity for over a hundred years, but the peak just keeps getting higher.

      • Koanic says:

        People are always insane, so we may as well be insane in the stoning Sodomites and blasphemers direction. It’s very sustainable if you pitch underhand.

    • eternal anglo says:

      The Covington event is an important step because it has thrown everything into perfect clarity, even for normies:

      1. Last year, the Left wanted to kill white males for alleged rape decades ago. That was a pretty thin figleaf, but now, this year, they are perfectly open about the fact they want to kill you for failure to assume a correctly abject facial expression while white. Any idiot can now see they are just filled with genocidal rage which gets more intense every week. Everyone is commenting on the acceleration and wondering where it will lead.

      2. The smirk. Nobody has ever aroused this much rage with a simple, wordless expression, no-one ever in history, not even Trump. More and more people are beginning to understand status warfare, that fashion > ideas > guns, that a smirk at the right place and time is more effective than a thousand deebly goncerned thinkpieces. Like a man using iron hard frame on a bitchy woman, we must *signal* superiority, not argue and tell them explicitly why our ideas are superior. Which, in this political context, means we must stop vainly trying to talk sense into the left, and embrace increasingly outright, plain, mutual hatred and contempt, which is our (long overdue) half of the spiral into war.

      • BC says:

        The smirk.

        “It was terribly dangerous to let your thoughts wander when you were in any public place or within range of a telescreen. The smallest thing could give you away. A nervous tic, an unconscious look of anxiety, a habit of muttering to yourself – anything that carried with it the suggestion of abnormality, of having something to hide. In any case, to wear an improper expression on your face (to look incredulous when a victory was announced, for example) was itself a punishable offense. There was even a word for it in Newspeak: facecrime, it was called. (1.5.65)”

    • Ichm says:

      The hysteria is the offspring of one thing they know, rationally or instinctively.
      They know that an example of non-subservience let be in Covington in day could become 2 somewhere else tomorrow, 5 next week, and 20 nex month, because they know people follow see-and-do behavioral routines.

      They know it could get out of hand. They know if it got out of their hands they could no longer engage in what activity they cherish most of all (and maybe the only source of pleasure in life): anti-white racism. It would be like being casted out of heaven, for them.

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