Women like rapists

In the current Muslim invasion of Europe, the invaders continually commit acts that would get a white male a long time in jail and permanent registration as a sex offender, but for the invaders, minor consequences or no consequences.   And you are seeing few if any complaints from women,unlike the extreme hypervigilance against imperceptibly slight micro aggressions by nerds.

A bunch of Swedish males protest about sexual assaults by the invaders against their women.  And Swedish feminists counter protest “We are not your women”

Decoding:  “You are insufficiently manly to grope us, unlike the invaders, we don’t want to be owned by men like you.”

In the manosphere, I see a whole lot of posts hopefully and optimistically proclaiming that all these assaults will show women that they need manly white men to protect them.

we are approaching a social tipping point where the physical necessity of conventional masculinity will outweigh the liability to women in ceding the power that feminine social primacy represents.

But women are not reacting that way.  Their reactions shows that to them, all these assaults reveal white men as insufficiently manly, not invaders as dangerously aggressive.  They rather like the invasion, and don’t really want anything effective done to stop the assaults.

Efforts to protect women from sexual assault by the invaders are unappreciated and unwanted.   Such efforts would only be appreciated and wanted if white men claimed and successfully enforced ownership over women, if individual white men claimed and enforced such ownership, with their individual enforcement backed by collective enforcement.

Women love it when a firm and confident claim of ownership leads to successful defense – and rather too much love testing claims of ownership by creating situations where the claim needs defending.  Absent confident and firm ownership claims, do not really like defense very much.

Recall that in the legend of Perseus and Andromeda, after Perseus rescues Andromeda from the dragon, he kills her fiancee, abducts her from her family and marries her.   He rescues her and firmly takes possession.

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  1. […] I’m sure I would’ve faced the usual conundrum that parents have to deal with, which is wanting to set their kids free enough to pursue happiness, yet also wanting to keep them on a short enough leash to keep them out of trouble. The only difference is, my possessiveness toward my daughter would at least have had a self-interested purpose. Self-interest is underrated sometimes, as Ayn Rand pointed out. Jim writes: […]

  2. Dog says:

    I don’t think feminists really represent women (despite what they want you to think).

    In my experience, most white women want a white man to protect them.

    Did you consider that women, too, might be afraid to speak out for fear of being labelled racist?

  3. Pseudo-chrysostom says:


    The ultimate infermity possesed by enemies of civilization is poor taste.

    To a great degree their preferences and predelictions are ultimately rooted in their aesthetic sensibilities, or lack thereof. Consider that common multikulti bromide; ‘we need it in order to get new ideas’. Such a formulation is emblematic of a being who is quite devoid of the imagination to come up with novel ideas, and being so devoid, are adroit in projecting this same mindset onto all others with a minimum of self reflection. In many ways it is a recapitulation of Aristotle’s third man argument: novelty in fact becomes impossible, because an infinite procession of ‘others’ from ‘elsewhere’ are required for every one (and never mind where they themselves get it, but such considerations take imagination).

    The eternal leftoid throughout history is a being that, by temperament, is predisposed to nominalism, autism, solipsism, and other synonyms. To such a person, their immediate reality (topically, the environment in which they live and the people around which they grew) feels banal, senseless, and frighteningly chaotic, adjectives which apty represent their perception. They develop within themselves a congenital anti-pathy for the immediate realities in which they are most familiar.

    Whereas on the other hand: ‘foreign philosophies resound with poetry.’ To such a person, things in which they are not familiar are so much more endearing, precisely *because* they are unfamiliar; they exist to them only in the abstract, and therefore they can idealize it. If by chance they occasion to become intimately familiar with it, it soon confuses, befuddles, and disgusts them. “Like Midas, the Rationalist is always in the unfortunate position of not being able to touch anything, without transforming it into an abstraction; he can never get a square meal of experience.”

    To such a person, playing with abstract systems feel more real than reality at large. They so desire formulaic ideologies by which they may calculate action and do the thinking for them, for they can conceive no better way with which they can grapple with being. Ironically, they are exactly correct, yet are also exactly the worst persons who should be coming up with such ideological formulas. But that is the irony of intellectual endeavor in general no? Beings are most prone to philosophizing about topics in which they have the most difficulty, which of course tends to mean they are uniquely unqualified for doing so (natural adepts in turn pay little mind to wheels that do not squeak, and so philosophies of things which are adaptive tend to appear mostly after they get lost).

    In the end, such a person is incapable, or less than capable, of appreciating things deeply, in more essential ways; so they desire an endless procession of superficially different novelties, much like how a woman desires an emotional rollercoaster from her lover boy. They cannot love stability.

  4. Zach says:

    I’ve noticed leftists in general think anybody from another culture is super duper cool!

    I’ve seen chicks go lusting after a few guys we brought over from India. There was nothing remotely manly about those fellas.

    • Alrenous says:

      Proles are boring. You can hack their brains with no effort.

      At least proles from other places are slightly mysterious.

      • Zach says:

        I think the unfamiliar helps females to open up, and not hammer on the judgment button all the time.

        In a weird way it’s a romantic version of the “poop in a bag” scene from Borat.

  5. Bruce says:

    Jim your hypothesis might be right but how can we know? White women (and men) have been taught to worship browns and blacks for a couple of generations now. Maybe the Swedish feminist reaction can be seen as a reaction to Swedish men committing sacrilege against objects of worship. We know browns and blacks are always sacred victims.

    Also, do we know if the Swedish feminist reaction is the general Swedish female reaction or just that of the most left-wing, vocal women?

    • peppermint says:

      Women will gleefully join in sacrilege, provided they are led by men of higher SMV. You have probably seen this in action.

      If you do not consider the SMV factor in womens’ actions, you will not understand womens’ actions.

    • peppermint says:

      There were these two women I knew in college, Grace and Charity.

      Charity was dating a loser who was making good money as a software programmer or whatever (he now has a wife and kids). She also makes good money in the office jobs industry. She dumped him citing sexual incompatibility, moved to a big ol city, and another big ol city, and has been officially single for a number of years, because none of those manchild brogrammers want to settle down. She doesn’t insult them as manchild brogrammers and won’t until they stop “dating” her.

      Grace dated this guy, Fortitude, who was such a loser he posted right wing stuff on his Facebook for a while, then dumped him coldly (the guy makes decent scratch as a software programmer despite being an idiot; he now has a wife and kids, and posts normie tier left wing stuff on Facebook). She then spent a year single, then started dating a mud man. When she graduated, she quickly got a job in the office jobs industry, dumped the mud man, and eventually found her White fiancé, who has lighter colored eyes and hair than her.

      You can say that people are afraid of Arabs, Arabs are violent and invaders, and all of that gives them SMV points. But White women really want a manchild brogrammer and don’t see mud people as being in their league. They also aim too high, take what they can get, and those SMV points from people being afraid of mud people end up worth something when the other choice is Fortitude and everyone seeing them as Fortitude’s gf.

  6. Toddy Cat says:

    I don’t always agree with you, Jim, but one thing I gotta say – you certainly do stir things up, and you get everybody thinking. Besides, just seeing various White Knight’s heads explode is well worth it.

  7. […] Women like rapists […]

  8. Irving says:

    I will re-post here a study (which is really just one of many–psychologists and other relevant specialists have known this stuff for decades) confirming that most women want to be raped: https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/all-about-sex/201508/why-do-women-have-rape-fantasies

  9. Alf says:

    This is such an important point. When we talk about the objectification of women we might as well talk about the wetness of water. Women WANT to be objects owned by men and if a stronger owner comes by that takes her she will be happy, for her ownership is improved.

  10. Alan J. Perrick says:

    “In the manosphere, I see a whole lot of posts hopefully and optimistically proclaiming that all these assaults will show women that they need manly white men to protect them.”

    Since women are remarkably flexible in their expressed beliefs, the manospherians are essentially having a conversation with themselves using the human female as a loci, such is the power of self-suggestion.

    Among paleoconservative, last-man, and me-against-the-world types, I notice that their way of talking at somebody rather than talking too someone comes from them surrounding themselves with other betas and women. They’ve lost the ability to understand how truly alpha, leadership, perhaps “alpha and omega” types talk and think.


  11. Anonymous says:

    According to the Angry Foreigner, Swedish rape laws are actually pretty equal with regards to who commits. They let off actual Swedes with slaps on the wrist, too.

    • jim says:

      Julian Assange – charged with raping some groupies in that he neglected to put a condom on – would disagree.

      Seem superdupersensitive to “rape” by white males. Pretty tolerant of rape by nonwhite males.

  12. Orthodox says:

    Are feminist women normal? Remember post-occupation Europe where women who fraternized with the German invaders were stripped, beaten, heads shaved. By other women. The feminists, the real hard core types who are out there, should be treated as collaborators.

    • Wilbur Hassenfus says:


    • Irving says:

      >Are feminist women normal?

      It is in the nature of a woman to act in ways that are extremely irrational and detrimental to even her own self-interest when she is not under the firm and (when necessary) harsh authority of a man. Feminists are normal in the sense that they are doing what one should expect any woman to do when not under the authority of men.

  13. Danny says:

    Regarding women voting there is also a rather curious phenomena going on in germany.

    The AFD is the most right wing party one can vote without losing ones job and the only party with a chance of entering the parliament that wants to stop the refugee import.

    During the last election they got about 6% of all male votes and about 3% of all female votes, so about twice as many men as women.

    In current polls they get about 18% from males and only 2% from females, so about nine times as many men.

    My best guess is that this is due to women being more affected by social pressure. Since sylvester there is a massive ongoing media campaign denouncing the AFD as inhuman, nazis and so on.

    Of course, It could also be because they want to keep the refugees. That would support Jim’s thesis.

    (Obviously both good reasons for abolishing women suffrage.)

  14. Mister Grumpus says:

    Jim baby you know I love you, but dammit man when does the truth become LESS painful?

  15. Mycroft Jones says:

    Look at the way the media responded to Roosh’ meetups. They want foreigners to rape them, but they are OUTRAGED that native men would want relationships with them. Probably because they feel like whores inside, unworthy of a relationship. So any man that wants a relationship with them, must be unworthy too.

    • peppermint says:

      No, they don’t want to be tied down to a relationship with someone of about equal or be seen caring in any way about someone of slightly lower SMV, but don’t care about foreigners because they have much lower SMV.

      And won’t care about foreigners until they are personally threatened by them. Which they hope to avoid in their gated communities, but the only way to get there is to signal.

    • Contaminated NEET says:

      Doesn’t Roosh himself count as a foreigner?

  16. Wilbur Hassenfus says:

    Feminists are (overwhelmingly) white women who got started in the business of chiseling resources out of white men, and now that they have the reins of power they’ve gone beyond greed into lunatic hatred. Hence the hysteria about Haven Monahan and his imaginary brothers: It’s about putting the screws to affluent white men. If they had ever objected to rape as such, they would not have invented Haven Monahan.

    The dindus on campus who are *actually* raping Muffy and Buffy are all to the good; if you allow dindus to rape the daughters of affluent white men and forbid the fathers to do anything about it, that puts the screws to them further. And the only socially acceptable avenue for them to object to the rape of their daughters is to connive in the demonization of their sons.

    Yallahs and dindus in Europe raping or harassing white daughters is likewise all to the good, for the same reason.

    Also, yes, feminists also yearn desperately for a man who just might knock them across the room if they piss him off, even more than normal women do. They don’t consider rape a very great tragedy; they consider it a fulfilling episode of drama and exciting sex, and a useful story later on. Potentially a very profitable story. They aren’t people, but a rape story gives them an ersatz identity, almost like a real person. There’s nothing so sad and lost and bitter as a feminist who’s been denied her rape. It’s a silly little female parody of young men volunteering for combat.

    Feral women are interested in their crotches, men’s resources, and (last and very much least) their children, in that order.

  17. Xavi' says:

    Western men, undoubtedly will have to learn the hard way. Actually learning is for the select few, the majority will die in ignorance, viciously. This is tied directly to Evolutionary Psychology, but as the field has all but been discredited by our betters in Academia, as the Communist have convinced us we have “Progressed” beyond our base animal state, nothing of interest is to be found by inquiry.

    What am I saying? It is the Female that is in control, and for the foreseeable future always will be, unless European men rescue themselves from humiliation.

    Woman whether consciously or unconsciously, as a collective, ( consciously depending on how deeply invested one is within the system, unconsciously by simple observation and following of societal cues ) – Society being a synonym for Feminine Inspection, and Approval, has always known when one band of males, to put this crudely, “is on the out”, and all benefits of associating with this tribe are quickly diminishing to zero.

    Therefore; Woman, will not only defect in all ways. Passively, actively, via subterfuge or otherwise, but will facilitate the conquering tribe in its goals, stated and unstated.

    Via wholesale abortion, that is to say sophisticated infanticide. She no longer need smash the offspring’s head against the rocks by the creek, to make the jump to the opposing tribe bearing the enemy. That can be done in comfort, with the unpleasantness sanitized from view. Race Replacement, Mockery, Defense of the Invading Tribe etc. These all fall under facilitation.

    Civilisation ( which is a synonym for European male grace, and genius ) will either reawaken to the truth. The truth woman must be brutally subjugated. Or it will, simply, pass into the darkness.

  18. Jack says:

    Exactly. Democracy is inherently destabilizing, but if voting rigts were limited to men, then men would vote some sense into the government. That is because when you know that weak-minded, irrational creatures are voting with you, you feel that the whole procedure is a circus, which it is. But when you know that the responsibility for voting is conferred to you by virtue of it being a man’s job to cast that vote, you will be emotionally, psychologically incentivized to vote in a prudent manner. Having said that, democracy should probably be obliterated everywhere.

    >Such efforts would only be appreciated and wanted if white men claimed and successfully enforced ownership over women, if individual white men claimed and enforced such ownership, with their individual enforcement backed by collective enforcement.

    Bingo. Male ownership of women is private, in the sense that any individual woman belongs to an individual man, but this ownership is recognized and enforced by the community and the country, so no one may, for instance, “rescue” women from their owners in the event they attempt to flee, just so they can have comfort and “independence” rather than duty toward and nurturing of the household, which is woman’s job. Women have a role in society as wives and mothers, and not submitting to their Patriarch is a crime just as surely as rebelling against the Monarch is a crime.

    There is a positive aspect to the Islamovation: today more than ever, it’s clear that we either have a Patriarchy of our own, or a Patriarchy of their own. Egalitarianism cannot endure, the vacuum is abhorred by nature and will be filled with male dominance of one kind or another. This is an inexorable truism, and indeed:

    White women have demonstrated their willingness to serve men, it’s just about time these men will be their White husbands and not strange men. Leftism is cuckoldry and adultery, cuckoldry a sin against nature, adultery a sin against civilization. These shall be corrected or result in total ruin.

  19. peppermint says:

    » “You are insufficiently manly to grope us, unlike the invaders, we don’t want to be owned by men like you.”

    CH just posted about this: https://heartiste.wordpress.com/2015/06/15/why-less-attractive-girls-act-bitchy/ Women feel much more threatened by association with men just below their SMV than men who everyone knows are below their SMV.

    Besides, the invaders excite their maternal instinct.

  20. Mackus says:

    Well, there is a chance that once couple invaders get lynched (as Vox been predicting for a while), those women will look more favorably to those vigilantes, and leave their contempt for pc-crowd “male-feminists”.
    That women would scorn men for merely protesting, but not actually doing anything, is not surprising at all. Protesting, in defense of women who aren’t fucking them, is for pc losers “male-feminists”. Those protesters could gain at least some measure of respect, if in response for feminist counter protest (shit-test), they’d beat up feminist counter-protesters.

    I’ve been thinking about female suffrage. Obviously bad idea on account of both democracy and females being part of it, but if one would “damage control” it, how one could do it? One idea that came to my mind, was variant of weighted vote, where almost everyone votes, but some votes are worthy more. So landholders and soldiers get more vote. Aristocrats votes matter more than small-scale farmers, and those farmers are worthy more than city-proletariat. Officers votes are worthy more than those of sergeants, and sergeants are worthy more than landless-civilians. Individual women get vote only if married to a man that is not disenfranchised, and even then get only half a vote of least worthy man (and perhaps be limited only to regional elections). System is explicitly non-equal, based on economic and military prowess, so there should be no leftist spiral, should it?

    • peppermint says:

      It’s clear that killing increases your SMV, and considering the movie American Psycho, killing defenseless niggers probably increases your SMV too. Certainly clearing that train station increased the SMV of the men who did it. It’s likely to be pretty complicated to come up with an arrangement by which people can brag about their affiliation with nigger killing, though.

  21. Jehu says:

    Women’s suffrage has got to go.

  22. Danny says:

    There is some degree of truth in that, especially regarding women wanting to be raped.
    I think there are even some studies showing that successful date rape often results in a relationship whereas unsuccessful attempts usually result in criminal charges and the girl feeling traumatized.

    On the other hand, women usually do not like to be owned by low status males and refugees are beyond doubt the lowest status males currently existing in germany (they were and are the target of much much female social status signaling through helping welcoming them).
    Regarding cologne: groping females in groups of 10 or 20 males to one women does not really establish ownership and whether more than a few they have the balls to do it one on one remains to be seen.

    Also we already had a few million muslims in germany and as far as I can tell there is not much sexual contact between them and german girls, much less certainly than would be expected given their percentage of the population. They usually have to import their women from turkey.

    I also have a theory that too large IQ differences make males unattractive because they are too easily controlled. When we lived in London my ex-gf (also german socialized) got herself a black male, originally only for sex, but within a few weeks she was managing his money (keeping his credit card), sending him to work, preventing him from drinking and so on, which she thought fun at first, but rather quickly lost interest in him.

    Given the countries they are from refugees should be on average 20-30 IQ points below the german average, which is quite much. Some even seem to have trouble using our toilet technology. Status wise they will never be a good catch.

    Also, does not the storm of sexual molestation charges by german women after silvester show that these women did not consider their rape experience satisfactory?

    • jim says:

      Also, does not the storm of sexual molestation charges by german women after silvester show

      Was there a storm of sexual molestation charges in the sense of invaders being jailed? Please supply links. What I read was that five arrests were made, but no charges.

      • Danny says:

        In cologne there were more than 500 charges (in the sense of complaints to the police), but up to now only about two or three have been detained. Plus a few more have been identified for theft (but those usually aren’t detained at all). The problem is that they can’t be identified (i.e. the refugess look mostly the same to us, and there is no database anyway) and on the night itself the police only managed to detain a few of the worst cases and mainly for violence and throwing fireworks into german crowds.

        So, this is mostly due to police incompetence (or unwillingness). But I guess a happily raped women would not complain to the police at all.

        Maybe there are some cases, but I’ve yet to see ANY refugee+german-girl couple and there is a mass of them walking around here, but either alone or in big male-only groups.

        Also, at least from my point of view rapes by strangers who are refugees are not really a serious problem, even on a larger scale. If the woman gets pregnant she will probably just get a free abortion (but many use birth control anyway). And by proper conduct women can probably avoid almost all rapes anyway, if they want to.

        I would be very much more concerned if german women would associate with refugees voluntarily, but they don’t.

        • jim says:

          So, this is mostly due to police incompetence (or unwillingness). But I guess a happily raped women would not complain to the police at all.

          To separate the worthy rapist from the unworthy, a woman has to give all rapists are hard time. Resistance to rapists is the equivalent of shit tests to PUAs.

          Trying to give rapists a hard time is part of the game – but trying too hard to give rapists a hard time is not.

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