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Dude, where is my flying car?

Monday, August 27th, 2012

The first man on the moon has died, and pretty soon the last men on the moon will be dead also.

where are the space settlements?  By the year 2000, we were supposed to have flying cars, space settlements, and cities that looked like this: (more…)

Freedom in Russia and the US.

Monday, August 27th, 2012

Observe that Brandaun Raub was arrested for calling for the imminent start of Civil War 2, whereas Pussy Riot committed numerous acts of subversion, desecration and obscenity in their own venues without encountering any response, before they were arrested for desecrating someone else’s altar in someone else’s venue.

So we are moving from the position that subversion in the US is likely to lose you your job, because your employer may be punished for your views, to the position that you yourself may be punished directly by the state.  We are, however, not there yet.  Brandaun Raub was predictably released.  Someone is just trying it on to test the waters, and found that the US is not yet ready for direct repression of dissidents.  But then, a couple of years ago, was not yet ready for gay marriage. (more…)

Decline of the west

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012

US meat consumption per head
According to official statistics, living standards are rising, inflation is low, and unemployment is falling.

If living standards are rising, why are people eating less meat and buying fewer cars?

[In the comments Bill makes a telling rebuttal:  That people are eating less meat and buying fewer cars because of increasing inequality accurately reported by the official statistics: that the decline in equality renders official statistics compatible with consumption statistics for particular items.]

Legitimate rape

Tuesday, August 21st, 2012

Todd is deep trouble for using the phrase “legitimate rape”, for implying that a lot of rapes are not legitimate – implying that a lot of rape allegations are false rape allegations, or the post hoc reinterpretation of profoundly ambiguous events as rape.

Evolutionary psychology predicts that women will be far more upset about consenting to sex with someone that they subsequently deem a creep or a loser, than actually being forcibly and unambiguously raped, thus false or delusive rape accusations are likely to be common.

Surveys show that it is very rare for a woman married to the head of her household to be raped, and very common that the rapist is an acquaintance of the woman.

This suggests that most rapes occur under courtship circumstances, where it is apt to be inherently ambiguous whether the women consented or not.

In practice, the only common cases where a woman unambiguously consents to sex is marriage, where she consents verbally in front of witnesses, and prostitution, where she accepts a fee for service.  In other cases, consent is seldom verbal, and not merely merely non verbal, but, as in cats, pre verbal, making it genuinely hard to apply our contract based concepts of consent.  Illicit sex is usually inherently ambiguous sex.   You cannot really say she consented except she comes back or sticks around, she herself cannot really say whether she consented unless she observes herself coming back or sticking around. These days, much, perhaps most, sex outside marriage does not involve people sticking around or coming back. (more…)

Western sponsorship of “Russian” protest

Saturday, August 18th, 2012
Hot half naked Russian chick chainsaws someone else's crucifix in Russia

Hot half naked Russian chick chainsaws someone else’s crucifix in Russia

Observe her protest is written on her in English – she is not protesting for the Russian or Ukrainian audience, but for the western audience. This a western propaganda offensive against the last major Church to stick with Christianity. (more…)

Pussy Riot attacked freedom of speech and freedom of religion

Saturday, August 18th, 2012

And the longer they stay in jail, the more secure freedom of speech and freedom of religion is in Russia.

If you desecrate your own altar in your own venue, that is freedom of speech and freedom of religion. If you desecrate someone else’s altar in someone else’s venue, you are suppressing their freedom of religion, and, in that an altar is symbolic speech, you are silencing their speech. (more…)

Ann Coulter goes anti democracy

Thursday, August 16th, 2012

Ann Coulter favorably quotes Le Bon

Mobs, according to Le Bon, have a “fetish-like respect” for tradition, except moral traditions because crowds are too impulsive to be moral. That’s why liberals say our Constitution is a “living, breathing” document that sprouts rights to gay marriage and abortion, but the age at which Social Security and Medicare benefits kick in is written in stone.

Le Bon says that it is lucky “for the progress of civilization that the power of crowds only began to exist when the great discoveries of science and industry had already been effected.” If “democracies possessed the power they wield today at the time of the invention of mechanical looms or of the introduction of steam-power and of railways, the realization of these inventions would have been impossible.”

Ann Coulter says “liberals”, but in the context of Le Bon, not to mention an electorate that is majority protected groups, approaching majority underclass, on government  handouts, and illegitimate, “liberals” means universal suffrage.

A tell revealing central authority over the official line

Friday, August 10th, 2012

The most useful tells are short and sweet – you twit someone with something, and their response reveal their real beliefs and real motivations.  This tell is, unfortunately, long, tedious and complex, but it not only reveals an elite that believes or pretends to believe in official truth absolutely regardless of evidence, but reveals that there is an official line, and the politically correct know it – reveals that they do not just believe certain improbable things because its is fashionable, or because it is what all the right people believe, they believe in the edicts of a a highly centralized authority, after the fashion of Orwell’s Winston Smith, believe because they are damned well told to, fear punishment from on high for heresy, that they are not speaking what they believe, nor what is fashionable to believe, nor what is high status to believe, but what they are damned well told to believe, like communist party members who would spout the official line, and claim to have always spouted that line, and that the line had never changed, even when the line had reversed itself yesterday. (more…)

Where the doctrine of equalism comes from

Tuesday, August 7th, 2012

“View from the right” is Christian rightist, and there they are arguing all men are made in the image of God, and therefore, equally entitled to rights and dignity.

Of course, they can argue this without being totally insane since they believe that everyone has an immortal soul inside, regardless of physical and mental inequality and propensity to depraved acts, but when Christians ditched their Christianity, while retaining equalism, thus becoming progressives, which began with the anti slavery movement and was more or less completed in the late 1940s, early 1950s, then, having ditched immortal souls, they then had to argue that men and women, blacks and whites, and so on and so forth were all literally equal in mean and distribution, which position is transparently insane and contrary to casual observation and common sense. (more…)

The left singularity continues

Wednesday, August 1st, 2012

Moving left faster

Increased repression brings increased leftism, increased leftism brings increased repression, in an ever tighter circle that turns ever faster.  This is the left singularity (more…)