People who know too much about the Clintons have been suiciding with remarkable regularity, and no one paid much attention, but the suicide of Epstein was just one too many convenient suicides.

Attorney General William P. Barr issued the following statement:

“I was appalled to learn that Jeffrey Epstein was found dead early this morning from an apparent suicide while in federal custody. Mr. Epstein’s death raises serious questions that must be answered. In addition to the FBI’s investigation, I have consulted with the Inspector General who is opening an investigation into the circumstances of Mr. Epstein’s death.”

That there are going to be dual, and dueling, investigations into Epstein’s convenient suicide suggests that Barr, like myself, suspects that the FBI may have given Epstein a bit of help suiciding, in which case he probably also suspects that a whole lot of other people who knew too much about the Clintons may also have had a bit of FBI assistance in their similarly convenient suicides.

Now, everyone is a “conspiracy theorist”.  We are now in the latter days of the Soviet Union, when no one believed the narrative that everyone was required to believe.  Twitter has shadowbanned #ClintonBodyCount.  All other conspiracy theories about the Epstein alleged suicide are allowed, but not the obvious one: that the FBI arranged for his suicide to protect the Clintons and a host of other members of the elite. The suggestion that Mossad murdered Epstein is disinformation from FBI shills, and the suggestion that Epstein is still alive is just nuts. People who know too much about the Clintons don’t get sent to a remote tropical island. If that was not Epstein’s body on the slab, it would be because the real body showed indications of strenuous and violent disinclination to commit suicide.

That the story got out of control reflects loss of cohesion on the left – the crazy left went after Epstein because they deluded themselves he had something on Trump – every major media outlet was loudly announcing a nonexistent Trump Epstein connection, while ignoring the Clinton Epstein connection, and the connections between Epstein and all the usual rich and powerful older and more moderate progressives.  Epstein died twelve hours after this narrative predictably collapsed.

Epstein knew too much about too many important and powerful people. In particular he knew too much about the Clintons.

His continuing usefulness depended on him being pals with Trump, and thus potentially having the goods on Trump. The mainstream media was salivating over the Trump connection. So they put the heat on him to give them the goods on Trump. And then it comes out that though he says he is pals with Trump, though he told his girls he was pals with Trump, they never saw Trump palling with him.

Hence not useful. And, a few hours after this comes out, a few hours after it becomes known he is not useful, there is a convenient camera malfunction and he hangs himself in a room with nothing to hang himself from.

Yet another tragic suicide by someone who knows stuff about the Clintons. But this time, something is different.

Hating whitey is the KKKrazy glue that holds together the coalition of the fringes.  The very white and disproportionately Jewish progressive elite cultivated the crazies, and predictably, like Frankenstein, found themselves unable to control their monster.  The crazy left joined with the sane right to let the Epstein cat out of the bag.  It was crazy for them to do this, and sane for us to do this.

Used to be the left had all the smart people, because they had the elite universities, and they selected the smartest people for the most intense indoctrination, starting as early as possible, and then promoted smart leftists to high positions in the power structure. Recruiting the smartest people, however, led to embarrassing results. If you select the smartest and most civilized 0.1% of whites, and the smartest and most civilized 0.1% of blacks, the smartest black you recruit will be rather obviously dimmer and less civilized than the dimmest and least civilized white you select. For one hundred and fifty years, they have been tinkering with university entrance criteria to make them more inclusive, looking for criteria that will enable more members of under-represented groups to qualify, which tinkering has in recent years become alarmingly drastic as leftism has become alarmingly holy, with the result that elite universities are no longer recruiting the best, the left is no longer recruiting the best. They are recruiting the craziest. All the smart people in the progressive establishment have one foot in the grave. The left has long been the anti white party. It is about to have an anti white face.

Going after Flynn was crazy, and is predictably blowing up in their faces, and going after Epstein was crazy and has predictably blown up in their faces. Chances are that more crazy stuff is on its way.

The Flynn affair and the Epstein affair are good places to start draining the swamp, to purge the FBI of leftists. If Trump gets control of the justice department and the FBI, Trump will have a self coup. Once he has the FBI, if he gets the FBI, social media will then fall.

I have been predicting a Trump autocoup for a very long time, and my predictions have been wrong. I have also been predicting the great wall of Trump for a very long time and my predictions have been wrong. But now construction on the great wall of Trump has started. We now see you tube videos of the great wall of Trump, and it is starting to look great.

Trump is still not in a position where he dares hire Trump loyalists. Hence no one wants to be a Trump loyalist. But the prospect of him, or his dynastic successor, being able hire Trump loyalists, gets closer.

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  1. TringoTriavo says:

    You dismiss the notion that Mossad could have played a role and suggest that the FBI killed Epstein.

    I find it believable that the FBI killed him, but I’m surprised that you’d pooh-pooh Mossad involvement. Not only could they have been hypothetically involved in killing him, but more importantly they seem more likely than the FBI to have been handling him all these years.

    He was tight with Ehud Barack, he ran with Ghislaine Maxwell whose father was allegedly Mossad, he openly collected politicians and techies, etc.

    I would have thought that the “clandestine services” are more competent than the FBI when it comes to exerting leverage via things like sexual blackmail, favor trading, honey traps, etc.

    The FBI just seems a bit more….bumbling. And reactive. So again, I don’t doubt that the FBI does cleanup for the Clintons.

    But don’t we think that Epstein, as Acosta said, “belonged to Intelligence”?

    • jim says:

      What he knew threatened the Clintons and did not threaten Mossad. No one flew to Lolita Island that Mossad had any strong reason to protect.

      > The FBI just seems a bit more….bumbling. A

      He was killed by a bumbler. It is not that hard to strangle someone without creating suspicious injuries, and then hang him from anything handy by his own belt.

      Mossad could have done it, but we have more reasons to believe the Clintons kill inconvenient people who know too much than to believe that Mossad kills inconvenient people who know too much.

      Clintons had motive and and power to do it. Mossad would find it more difficult.

      It is more plausible that Mossad would have kidnapped/rescued him to gain access to his blackmail material, than that Mossad killed him to erase it, but a kidnapping/rescue would be difficult, though not altogether impossible.

      Epstein was blackmailer. He would likely be killed by a victim of his blackmail, and whoever killed him has a lot of power and connections, because obviously the prison was in on it. Clintons are the obvious suspect. Mossad not an obvious suspect, not for lack of power and connections, but for lack of strong motive.

  2. Carlylean Restorationist says:


    • jim says:

      Your account of what I say and think is, as usual, inaccurate. The events you address would only be relevant to this blog if merchants ruled.

      Priests rule.

      Your account of what I say about these events would make sense if I agreed that merchants rule, and thought that these events mattered.

      Big tech censorship matters. Comicsgate matters. Soy Wars and Hans Soyboy matters. CEOs making vague declarations of piety do not matter.

      If you had posted a very similar comment talking about big tech censorship, Comicsgate, and the Star Wars franchise, I would have allowed it. Lets talk about the failure of Hollywood to realistically portray the mating dance for the past fifty years.

  3. Friendly Fred says:

    Here’s my sci-fi conjecture of the evening: the Clintons were always servants and puppets working for whoever ran the Deep State operation against Trump. Let’s call the people they were working for “The Masters”. Now, what motivates The Masters? They want to manage and control the Progressive lunacy that results in canceled opera concerts due to sex-harassment accusations (see Drudge), preventing the West from spiraling down into it. They want to keep it leashed. They off people who are about to reveal their operation. They wanted to take down Trump because they saw him as opening the door to uncontrolled reactive Prog lunacy — and in fact we’ve been seeing uncontrolled Prog lunacy since 2016, so maybe they were right.

    They might be thinking “We Masters are the only the alternative to death squads. We like Trump more than we like the Prog lunatics whom we used to keep under control, but the only way Trump’s going to be able to repress them is through death squads, taking out the Prog lunatic leaders themselves. And that’s not the way we want things to go. So we have to get rid of Trump and reestablish our Mastery.

    The point is that they’re not Progressives and their goal is prevent Progressivism from destroying the West.

    I don’t think that these are ultra-rich people; certainly not famous people. All of the usual suspects (Clintons, Comey, Brennan) only work for them. Maybe in a way they’re rich, in that they can get funds from their wealthy servants for any necessary purpose, because of their super-spy-powers. But they’re not especially interested in wealth. They might have sailboats, but they don’t own yachts — although they can “borrow” yachts if necessary any time they want to.

    (The obvious flaw in my conjecture is that it depends on “super-spy-powers.”)

  4. Vince Foster’s death was obviously a murder as well. That’s why the lead investigator, Miguel Rodriguez, resigned.

    The Wikipedia article has been cleansed (read the talk page), but here is a sequence of screencaps, mostly from official documents (lead investigator’s resignation letter, witness’s suppressed testimony in appendix of official report, etc.), a few from newspaper articles.



    Two witnesses describe a shirtless man sitting in VF’s car and man working on car after VF’s death. Testimony excluded from official report.

    Four emergency personnel describe a neck wound, as does a report by medical examiner. Official report: no neck wound.

    Suicide note was not found in the initial searches of VF’s briefcase, but was found in a search of his briefcase a week later.

    Three handwriting experts declared VF suicide note an obvious forgery.

    Suicide note was found torn into 28 pieces (with no fingerprints), with the only missing piece being the signature (hardest part to forge)

    X-ray machine operable according to autopsy report and technician. Official report says X-ray machine inoperable.

    Witness said VF’s car was not in parking lot at time of his death, so he didn’t drive to park. Witness claims he and his girlfriend were harassed by federal agents.

    Lead investigator Miguel Rodriguez says the whole investigation was a cover-up; he resigned in disgust.

    There is more concerning the gun and crime scene photographs, which you can read at the link.

  5. TBeholder says:

    Clintons are the most obvious suspects, because they are infamous for being his clients and Arkancide at the same time.
    But he obviously had partners collecting dirt on people with clout — most likely, some spooks. Otherwise, one of his clients would try to Arkancide him and take the goods on the others long ago.
    Clintons probably are in for it either way, but now he can’t tell who has the rest of goods.

  6. Contaminated NEET says:

    Why is it ludicrous to think Epstein is alive? Unless he was a moron, he’d have some kind of deadman’s switch.

    • jim says:

      If he is alive, he is currently being tortured to reveal the deadman’s switch, and will die when he reveals it.

      • Contaminated NEET says:

        That is entirely plausible. Arrogant sociopath plays with fire, gets burned.

        • Yul Bornhold says:

          That is not plausible. Any deadman’s switch would activate when he was reported to die. No quantum connection to his vital organs.

          I do wonder whether Trump may have faked the man’s death in order to place him in safety. In such case, we’ll certainly know when he reappears to testify.

          • Contaminated NEET says:

            >quantum connection to his vital organs
            Or, you know, he just has to check in with it regularly. Maybe he types in a password once a week or the info automatically gets e-mailed where it needs to go. Nah… That’s impossible. I must be proposing some ludicrous cyberpunk fantasy.

            • Yul Bornhold says:

              Would need reliable internet access, not necessarily possible in prison.

              • Frederick Algernon says:

                His attorneys were in very regular and extended contact with him right up until the end. They are now silent with the “pending investigation” excuse.

              • Contaminated NEET says:

                >would need reliable internet access
                Sure, to KEEP the switch from triggering. You’d have to be a mongoloid to set up a deadman’s switch that triggers on your action rather than lack of action.

                • Steve Johnson says:

                  You’d actually be amazingly impressive to have a deadman’s switch that triggers on action – like having a round square.

                • Yul Bornhold says:

                  Me: would need reliable internet access

                  You: Sure, to KEEP the switch from triggering.

                  Great, we agree. I’m sure you also see that a deadman switch which activates prematurely would also motivate Epstein’s former friends to kill him–out of revenge, if nothing else. Thus, the riskiness of using an electronically accessible switch while imprisoned, unless he had complete confidence that imprisonment wouldn’t limit his access. Seems so much more sensible to leave copies of the incriminating information with agents who will release them when they read about your ‘suicide’ in the news.

                  But, five days in, it appears he didn’t have a switch of either sort. Foolish.

    • Dood says:

      So what makes you think he didn’t just off himself?

      • jim says:

        Epstein had the goodies on the rich and powerful. Why would he want to off himself?

        • Poochman says:

          It was doubtful he was going to escape a life sentence or a near life sentence. Offing oneself is a very reasonable thing to do when faced with a life sentence.

          • jim says:

            He escaped once, due to pull. Why not twice. Offer to cooperate in bringing other people to justice.

            • Dave says:

              That was when most people had never heard of Jeffrey Epstein. When 300 million people know you’ve been pimping teenage girls, the authorities are not going to let you off easy.

              • Poochman says:

                This. It wouldn’t have mattered how many others he brought to justice. He was squarely in the public eye for pedo-crimes. He was fucked and he knew he was fucked.

              • jim says:

                Pretty sure that I had heard of Jeffrey Epstein.

                That he had been pimping teenage girls to the rich and famous has long been known, known for decades. Just not reported in the mainstream press until Trump Derangement Syndrome started a rumor he had the goods on Trump.

                • Poochman says:

                  This is true but because not reported in the mainstream media, unknown to the masses. Now in the mainstream media because of Trump Derangement Syndrome, very much known to the masses. Now known to the masses, escaping without a life sentence no longer an option.

                • jim says:

                  Reality is that no one much cares about older men engaging misconduct with fertile age women. They only pretend to care, like they supposedly care about racism. If Epstein got off again on some excuse (such as nailing someone else) no one would care much. I know this from personal experience. If the masses were told it was OK to not care about Epstein getting off yet again, they would breath a sigh of relief.

                  Epstein was a bad man in that he was a procurer, a pimp, a panderer, a blackmailer, and a Satanist. That some of the girls he procured and pimped were under eighteen does not make this any worse, and no one genuinely feels in their heart that it makes it any worse.

                • Dave says:

                  It’s also a reality that no one much cares about white men being condemned to die in prison for bullshit non-crimes so that prosecutors can virtue-signal. I just hope James Fields can hang on until the Revolution, when he shall be set free and appointed occupation governor of the city of Charlottesville, with absolute power therein.

      • Not Tom says:

        No, see, that’s not how this works. When police officers rule someone’s death a suicide, they provide evidence of suicide through forensics, psych profiles, interviews, etc. It takes a long time before they can close that investigation, except in extreme circumstances such as when the suicide was in public in front of several witnesses, and even then they generally try to figure out if drugs or alcohol were involved.

        Here we have no evidence. No witnesses, no coroner’s report, no cause of death reported, no guards present, no means to commit suicide, prison had a spotless 100% suicide-free record, no suicide note, no suicidal tendencies, prior complaints that someone was trying to kill him, and now reports that one of the guards for the most famous inmate in recent history was not even really technically a guard. And yet the “authorities” apparently ruled that it was a suicide before the body was even cold.

        It’s an extraordinary claim, and extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, and we have not even seen ordinary evidence. We have the word of some journalists, whom we already assume to be lying pretty much always, citing anonymous sources whom we can’t evaluate for trustworthiness, who themselves simply said “looks like suicide!” and provided no other details. Does not meet the bar for credibility, especially when it happened within 12 hours of reports that he did not have anything incriminating on Trump.

        You think he offed himself? Prove it.

  7. yewotm8 says:

    Nobody in here mentioning the obvious that the father of his madam was a confirmed Mossad agent?

    I’d say it’s far more likely he was snuck out safely and his death was faked. He was a valuable asset, and your CIAs and Mossads and what not would want to show that they discard those who are loyal to them so easily.

    • The Cominator says:

      Epstein was CIA or FBI not Mossad, Mossad doesn’t have the juice to pull these kind of jobs within the US and hasn’t since Pollard.

    • jim says:


      Not obvious, and not believable.

      No, the father of Epstein’s madam was not a “confirmed mossad agent”.

      Any story that tries to connect Mossad to this quickly turns into a story that tries to suggest that Trump availed himself of Epstein’s services and writes Clinton’s visits to Epstein’s island out of the story.

      I am not suggesting that you are trying to write Clinton out of the story, but you got the “confirmed mossad agent” from someone who was writing the Clintons out of the story, and Trump into the story.

    • Anonymous 2 says:

      “British media tycoon Robert Maxwell was buried Sunday on Jerusalem’s Mount of Olives, according to his wishes, with all the pomp of a state funeral.

      President Chaim Herzog and Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir headed a galaxy of dignitaries and politicians, both government and opposition, who attended the funeral.”


      It seems likely Maxwell (who as we recall also had a very suspect suicide) was involved with Mossad in some nontrivial capacity, and presumably Epstein too. However, taking out Epstein in jail the way it happened, much like Whitey Bulger’s recent killing aided by bureaucratic oops, would still make me think FBI is the number one direct suspect.

      Even assuming this, it’s still something of an open question who directed the FBI to do the deed. My impression is the intelligence services internationally have intertwined and grown together to an extent where it doesn’t matter much if we assign the blame to ‘CIA’, ‘FBI’ or ‘Mossad’.

      Or was it the Clintons? I’m a bit leery of this, since they are out of power and it then seems like something done ‘for old times’ sake’. Hillary Clinton was an obvious deep state figurehead, but should no longer be of much interest to the modern deep state. They are too young to be found in any ‘Clinton kompromat’ amassed in the 90s so Hillary presumably has little power over them.

      • jim says:

        Why should we believe that Maxwell was involved with Mossad?

        The Clintons have all the dirt on the deep state. If they go down, the whole deep state goes down.

      • Steve Johnson says:

        They are too young to be found in any ‘Clinton kompromat’ amassed in the 90s so Hillary presumably has little power over them.

        90s Clinton kompromat is an excellent tool to get leverage over people who generate up-to-date kompromat as long as you’re assiduous about keeping current.

  8. Dave says:

    Perhaps we should end all this honeypot nonsense by reducing sex with teenage hookers to a misdemeanor, punishable with fines, community service, etc. It’s normal for rich men to want sex with young women (and vice versa), and it’s not their fault your daughter’s a whore.

  9. I AM says:

    There’s another post in moderation.

  10. I AM says:

    Occam’s Razor: Hillary Clinton is ancient, demented, and on death’s door; the Democrats’ 2020 presidential lineup is hilarious in its inanity; and you are openly comparing [current year] America to, and I quote, “the latter days of the Soviet Union,” for the simple reason that the USA has been carefully set up to be purposely dissolved just as the USSR was purposely dissolved.

    O Saul! to look, but not see!

    • Not Tom says:

      You are too easily distracted by political theater. Electoral politics have very little to do with who runs the U.S. government, how they run it, and to what ends.

      • I AM says:

        The Presidency of Trump has revealed just how immensely powerful the Office of the President really is. Before the man was elected, my opinion was that the President and the Congress held very little power. Since the man was elected, my opinion of the power of the President and the Congress has been revised repeatedly upward. I expect this trend to continue until the man is removed from office or dies.

        The “trick” to ensuring extra-electoral continuity of government is to control who gets into office and what they can do once they get there. This is achieved by: the two-party sham; the role of money in the system; and the selection of morons (pliable persons) and sellouts (the voluntarily blackmailed).

        The [current year] reality has child trannies, “elite” pedo rings, and a suspiciously gravity-defying stock market. Get with the pogrom.

        • Not Tom says:

          The two-party sham is a sham because this is America 3.0, AKA the New Deal era. Elected officials can’t fire civil servants; therefore, it’s the civil servants and whomever gives them their real orders who have the real power.

          To some degree, constitutional “checks and balances” are illusory, inasmuch as a Holy Progressive such as Obama could flagrantly break the rules because the Intelligence Community was on his side, meanwhile Trump can’t take a dump without a district judge ordering an injunction. But this isn’t because the office of the President is inherently more powerful than previously thought, it’s because the governing structure itself is a delusion, and government is controlled according to more traditional laws of power than the illusory “rule of law”.

          Hillary may be old and decrepit, but the Clinton family still has a lot of power, and Hillary is still their main figurehead.

          • I AM says:

            The rank and file are as meaningfully political as they are effective. The nameless, faceless bureaucrats serving as the grist of the machine report to the department heads, which are installed by a visible, political process directed by the President and approved by the Congress. In recent years acting and former heads of CIA et al. have even been shilling their narratives on the alphabet TV networks. All foreign military entanglement continues at the sole whim of the Office of the President, which the Donald has exploited several times to date. It is quite apparent that in every case, the power flows right to the top. Except in the case of (U)SAP, which may or may not exist, and in which all bets are off.

            The 30k emails revealed that Clinton begs for penitence from Rothschild. Why is that, do you think?

            • Not Tom says:

              Show us which emails show that. Otherwise I will summarily dismiss your question as “MUH ROTHSCHILD” nuttery.

            • jim says:

              > The 30k emails revealed that Clinton begs for penitence from Rothschild. Why is that, do you think?

              Not seeing any begging in the 30K emails. The Clintons seem supremely arrogant and are contemptuous of their wealthy supplicants.

              Well, I have not read the whole pile. If you think that the Clintons are begging for penitence, point me to a specific email. But I would expect that if anything there amounted to the Clintons kissing ass, it would be as widely publicized as “Trick to hide the decline” was.

  11. I AM says:

    Within a period of about ten years, the Eternal Anglo’s British spooks, as idealized in popular media by the suave and sophisticated Russian Jew James Bond, had: established the international banking system in America; assaulted the American people’s mind and subverted the American people’s will-to-splendid-isolationism; vaulted the Bolshevik regime in Russia to power; set up the conditions of Prohibition, which forever cemented the foothold of organized crime in America; and laid the foundation on which the Zionist project was to build the State of Israel.

    The Mossad is the sword hand of the Crown as the sordid offspring of the OSS are its guard. To reflexively absolve the Mossad and portray it as being some sort of benevolent institution is exactly what I would expect of an Anglocuck.

    Suck a dick, you fucking Brits.

    • jim says:

      You are nuts. Britain has been powerless since world war II.

      • Frederick Algernon says:

        Minor contention; Britain has been powerless since the Suez Crisis, though the seeds of that failure were sewn in the 1940s. Interesting to note that, though on the wane, the still managed to pull out victories in Indonesia, Oman, and the Falklands (and to certain extent NIreland). That being said, the abject failure in Basra confirms that the Brits are a meme power at best.

        • Steve Johnson says:

          Reading Blind Man’s Bluff (an excellent history of 20th century submarine warfare) I learned that the post WWII USN learned how to conduct modern submarine warfare from the British – the country at least had a lot of capable men.

          • BC says:

            The rot was pretty bad in WW2 Britain in both the army and airforce. Both massively under performed at every turn. Navy was the least affected service thanks to lots of nobility running the show.

            • uranus rises says:

              Interesting difference. Any sources for this?

              • Frederick Algernon says:

                I disagree in a minor way with BC’s nobility assertion, but only in a matter of degrees. Nobility always ran the navy, the question is which sect.

                Blind Man’s Bluff was a fun read, but it is pop history (very good, nonetheless, i’m not disparaging it). I recommend Gordon’s The Rules of the Game. It is a hardcore historical breakdown of the Battle at Jutland. I mean, it is literally minute-by-minute… after Gordan explains what happened to turn Nelson’s brilliant navy into the pomp and circumstance joke fleet of 1890. It is very dense, but it is a brilliant work. It also goes a long way towards explaining why the US navy manages to smack into slow moving tanker ships. Cannot recommend enough.

                …and while we are on the topic, i also recommend Shield and Sword by Marolda and Schneller.

                Where i disagree with BC is that i think he casts too wide a net over the other branches. True, the rot had set it in, but it was top down. There were oodles of excellent mid-level officers in both branches. To follow this narrative, i recommend James Holland’s three part WWII series and Victor Hansen’s Second World Wars.

    • Frederick Algernon says:

      Are you Irish? you post like you are Irish. Britain birthed Israel, that is true, but if you want an example of what they became, look no further than Rhodesia.

      • I AM says:

        Guilty as charged.

        • Frederick Algernon says:

          Dont get me wrong; the more i study, the more i come to believe that the bongs are largely responsible for much that is wrong in the world. So are the jews. So are men of power. So are whites. But these groups have also done much good. It is hard to parse how we should respond to information and ascribe guilt. We have to learn from the mistakes of our forebears as well as emulate their successes. The only things that should be off the table are that which is anti-Civilized.

          • I AM says:

            Right on every point.

            You mentioned Rhodesia. I meant to follow up. The story of Rhodesia is simple: in 1965, Ian Smith made the fatal error of publicly embarrassing the English Crown. Some years ago, Moldbug masturbated himself quite violently over this “unilateral declaration of independence”. The decade and a half following this, the greatest middle finger to the flaming Redcoats since the great and noble American Revolution, saw a few thousand thoroughly blockaded Rhodesian operators successfully suppressing a non-stop tide of spontaneous, coincidental, and purely unrelated black communist insurgency. Ultimately, the great Henry Kissinger, a Bavarian Jew who infiltrated America by way of London, was brought in to put a stop to this perpetual outrage. He met with Smith, smiled his ghoulish smile, and promised: unless Rhodesia stops fighting communism, I will paint your entire country in a bright napalm orange.

            The Vietnam War just having ended, this was a credible threat. In four years, Rhodesia was no more.

            • jim says:

              > The story of Rhodesia is simple: in 1965, Ian Smith made the fatal error of publicly embarrassing the English Crown.


              Ian Smith made the fatal error of ruling blacks far better than they could rule themselves, thereby demonstrating the falsity of the claim that all men are created equal.

              This is another “Rothschilds” post, made from an alternate universe with absolutely no resemblance to our own.

              You are blaming magic invisible forces for actions that clearly spring from the Harvard priesthood.

            • Frederick Algernon says:

              i gotta agree with Jim here. you are making connections where they suit your message. Kissinger was a scoundrel and a jew, but so were all the guys quietly supporting Rhodesia in South Africa. It was Carrington, Flowers, and a whole host of other Anglos that put paid to Rhodesia. Jim nailed it; they proved that certain types are suited to certain tasks. This could not stand. Unwittingly, you’ve buttressed NT’s point about carry over influence of Anglo chicanery being the cause of silliness more so than Chosen tricks.

    • Not Tom says:

      Out of curiosity, what is the “international banking system” and how does it differ substantially from the original Bank of England?

      Seems a lot less likely to me that Britain as a world power did these things to America, and more likely that Americans inherited some of these ideas and institutions from their own British ancestors and imposed their own innovations on Britain centuries later.

      Mossad conspiracy theories are a joke. Given the number of real conspiracies that have been definitively linked to the FBI and CIA, as in using actual evidence despite obvious attempts to cover it up, you’d think the anti-semites would have been able to dig up at least one viable link to the Mossad, but all we ever get is innuendo and “you’re stupid if you don’t believe the Mossad did it”. Okay, where is the evidence? Let me guess – you’d have that evidence if only the Mossad wasn’t so ruthlessly efficient at covering their tracks.

      • I AM says:

        “How does it differ substantially from the Bank of England?”

        You are quite right to ask that question. It is exactly the right question to ask. And the answer is that it does not differ substantially from the Bank of England. The people, philosophy, tactics, strategy, and affinities are all the same.

        Your other ideas would make much more sense had America any interest in turning two successive limited European conflicts into so-called “world wars”. In fact the Republic was unwillingly dragged into these conflicts by a tag team of Anglophiles and the Zionists they had purchased with the Balfour Declaration and subsequent.

        And in the process the Republic died. Not of natural causes, but of murder. Toynbee had it exactly wrong: civilizations don’t die of suicide, except by four shots to the back of the head.

        • Not Tom says:

          Your other ideas would make much more sense had America any interest in turning two successive limited European conflicts into so-called “world wars”.

          We have primary sources indicating that the major power centers in America, namely the Foundations at the time, did have such interest and explained why they had such interest: it would help them promote progressive ideas at home. People are easier to control when they are panicked and distracted. That was the first world war; in the second, America massively benefited from the subsequent de-industrialization of Europe, at least until the de-industrialization of America decades later, and many in the government saw it as an important step toward convergence with the Soviets.

          Regular working-class Americans didn’t vote for war, of course, but since when has the U.S. government ever cared about the opinions of regular working-class Americans, except as an obstacle to loftier goals?

          That Zionists could have been responsible for the first world war is just dumb, and the evidence strongly indicates that even in the second world war, the USA cared not one whit about the Jews; that rationalization came years later, even decades. Anglophiles, certainly, but then of course they were “Anglophiles”, because they were Anglos. America is an Anglo nation. Again, we’re talking about ancestry, not foreign influence.

  12. Mister Grumpus says:

    The thing about “suiciding” that really irks me is the false “status balance” of the thing. This is real lead-into-gold sorcery that we’re talking about here:

    The “lead” (murder) frame makes me look good and my killer look bad: I serve a bad man, but then have a change of heart and turn against him to try to redeem myself, but get found out and murdered for it. I’m a righteous martyr, and my death confirms his evil.

    The “gold” (suicide) frame is the other way around. It makes me look bad and my killer look good: I serve a good man, but disloyally/selfishly turn against him, then have a change of heart and commit seppuku to escape my guilt. He’s a victim, and my suicide confirms his righteousness.

    The survival-first lizard brain picks up on this. The guy who dies was in the wrong… because he’s dead.

    To murder someone, but then make it look like he committed suicide out of his shame for crossing me the avatar of life and goodness itself… I mean wow-just-wow. That is some might-makes-right next level shit.

    • Not Tom says:

      Why do you think anyone “[made] it look like he committed suicide”. Sure, all of the Cathedral-controlled media are reporting that it was an “apparent suicide”, and yet to the best of my knowledge, not a single one of them has offered any specifics on how the deed was done, or even precisely what the deed was.

      Was there ever any evidence whatsoever that Epstein committed suicide, or just the say-so of the same people who already lie to our faces every day?

      For all we know, he “committed suicide” by shooting himself six times in the back of the head.

      • Mister Grumpus says:

        I agree that the Epstein “suicide” is pretty dang blatant. I was more talking about the optics of the fake-suicide practice in general… up until last week.

  13. luke says:

    I don’t understand why the Clintons are still important. Is it that they are a lynch pin for the ‘deep state’ ? I can understand that they have information, or that prosecuting them may restore some respect for the law, but I just don’t see why Epstein was charged again, and why it’s important to notice the Clintons involvement in the sex trafficking/blackmail scheme.
    I could ramble on, but really my point is, I’m confused and hopefully someone can help me out with a summary of what might be going on.

    • jim says:

      Epstein got a deal that buried all the dirt he had on important people. The right complained, knowing he had dirt on the Clintons, but were, of course, ignored.

      Then Trump derangement syndrome led the left to insanely imagine that Epstein had dirt on Trump, so his case was reopened. When it became obvious that he had nothing on Trump, he was murdered.

      The Clintons are still important because they have the goods on the deep state. If they go down, most of the swamp goes down with them.

      • luke says:

        Oh. Thank you.

      • Steve Johnson says:

        The Clintons are still important because they have the goods on the deep state. If they go down, most of the swamp goes down with them.

        Schelling point for the deep state – since 1996 the Clintons have had the goods on the people doing the promotions and hiring. Those people would be loyal and would bring in and promote loyalists. The basis for coordination with these people would be loyalty to the Clintons – even beyond the ones who were (initially) compromised.

  14. Friendly Fred says:

    A guy runs a fantasy-club for powerful people with the understanding that if the operation crashes then he kills himself — he promised to do so and, having had a great life making peoples’ (especially the girls’!) fantasies come true, he keeps his promise — being a decent, dependable guy. The powerful people whom he served make sure he has an opportunity to kill himself and he virtuously avails himself of the opportunity.

    • Mister Grumpus says:

      I’m feeling this.

      It reminds me of the Toltec (or whatever) sacrifice boy who gets to live for a month, or a year, or whatever, in a special palace with all the food, fun, women and frozen Snickers bars he wants… but then gets his heart cut out in front of a crowd.

      Or just being a “made” guy in the mafia but then letting down the big bosses.

      No free lunches. Pay now or pay later. It just keeps on coming out that way.

    • Not Tom says:

      Epstein wanted to seed the world with his DNA, in his own words. The man was clearly very high on the dark triad traits. Men like him do not commit suicide; there is always a way out, always another angle to play.

      Besides, if he intended to commit suicide, then why would he have warned prison officials that someone was trying to kill him? Does not even come close to adding up.

  15. The Cominator says:

    The sad thing for the Clinton’s is that if this is the murder that brings them down… it might not be them this time. Epstein’s honeypot just had too many rich and powerful people in it who wouldn’t want him to talk and the Clinton’s have lost most of their power since the election.

    Epstein was murdered but there are so many possibilities that I don’t think it could easily be known.

    • jim says:

      Epstein was murdered from inside – therefore FBI, therefore Clintons.

      • The Cominator says:

        Possibly but there are other interested parties with enough juice…

        With Prince Andrew being named MI6 is a good possibility as well.

        • jim says:

          MI6 might want to knock off Epstein, yes, possible suspect, but FBI has the insider edge. They have motive and opportunity. There is no end of powerful people who wanted Epstein silenced, but the question is, which of the innumerable people with motive to silence Epstein were in position to do so.

  16. Karl says:

    “Trump is still not in a position where he dares hire Trump loyalists.”

    Please explain. Do you think that it is more dangerous to hire a loyal man than an illoyal man? That sounds absurd.

    • Samuel Skinner says:

      If you are strong people obey you. But if you are trying to get stronger, every spiteful asshole comes out of the woodwork to take you down. Activities that look like trying to gain additional power are schelling points for your opponents to rally around and attack you.

    • jim says:

      Part of the hiring process is a background check for “controversial” – where Trumpism is, needless to say, controversial.

      • Karl says:

        I understand Samuel Skinner’s reasoning, but the remark about background checks doesn’t clarify your position. So the hiring process comes up with a recommendation to hire someone illoyal to Trump and an even stronger recommendation not to hire the Trumpist. Where is Trump’s risk in hirining the Trumpist against such recommendation?

        Your use of the word “dare” implies that Trump could hire the Trumpist and that doing so would involve a significant risk. Where do you see the risk?

        • jim says:

          The press, and the presidency, would be outraged.

          He rules through people who would not be too happy to see Trump loyalists hired.

          • Karl says:

            Sure, but the press has been outraged ever since he was elected and the presidency wasn’t too happy that he was elected. I understand your reasoning, but I am not convinced. I still think Trump would be better off hiring loyal men instead of illoyal men.

            Arguably, the fact that he rules through people that would not be too happy to see Trump loyalists hired is the reason why Trump doesn’t seem to do much ruling at all.

        • Not Tom says:

          In my opinion, there are two issues here. First, it is very difficult for Trump to adequately vet unknown quantities, because the field is chock full of grifters, attention whores, and metaphorical or literal assassins. Second, he does not yet have the ability to protect everyone in his charge, as was demonstrated spectacularly in the Flynn incident, therefore can only attract staff who are or claim to be independent, such as Barr. Others who might be loyalists, or at least be reasonably aligned, like Peter Thiel, are too afraid.

          As a distant third issue, Senate confirmation is still a problem. The Republican party has, just over the past few months, finally started acting like a real political party again – arguably, the Kavanaugh confirmation was the catalyst – but still has a long way to go toward “party discipline”.

          Just as the left’s holiness spiral is a vicious cycle, appearing to collapse very quickly and very suddenly after decades of slow decline, Trump’s self-coup – should it succeed – will appear to be a virtuous cycle, leading with agonizingly slow and subtle gains, until one day all of the chips suddenly appear to fall in place at the same time.

          We can see him getting better (not great) at protecting his assets, and better at vetting personnel or at least firing bad personnel, and very slightly better at wrangling the idiots in Congress, but these things take time. Lots and lots of time. It took two Caesars to get control of Rome, and that was after Sulla had cleared a path.

          • jim says:

            > It took two Caesars to get control of Rome, and that was after Sulla had cleared a path.

            It took Augustus twelve years after marching his army into Rome, taking the title of imperator and every important Roman office, and taking the power to execute anyone he pleased, to get control of Rome. Even with the power to kill anyone, and the title of imperator, everyone said “Yes, Imperator”, and then ignored him.

            Even Trump stages a self coup, that will be the beginning, not the end.

            • I AM says:

              Augustus was 36.

              The Empire was a shadow of the Republic. The Republic was a shadow of the Greek city-states. There was a concomitant gradient of racial degradation.

              America was founded as a White Nationalist federation by the Fathers. In all else, they were preternaturally wise.

              Man will never escape his gravity well.

              • Not Tom says:

                Irrelevant factoid.

                Insane backward narrative of history in which democracy, female emancipation and rampant buggery “degrades” into empire, patriarchy and male cooperation.


                Useless prediction disguised as profound closing statement.


            • I AM says:

              Augustus was 36.

              The Empire was a shadow of the Republic. The Republic was a shadow of the Greek city-states.

              America was founded as a White Nationalist federation by the Fathers. In all else, they were preternaturally wise.

              Man will never escape his gravity well.

              • Starman says:

                @I AM

                “Man cannot escape his gravity well”

                Only if Soros makes it illegal.

  17. Steve Johnson says:

    I’m not entirely convinced he’s dead but if he’s still alive my expectation isn’t that Mossad smuggled him out to protect their asset (or the Clinton machine did the same) but that Trump did. I give this a very low probability but still see it as possible.

    Possibilities in descending order of likelihood:

    1) Clinton machine killed him
    2) Some unknown party killed him

    Way less likely

    3) Trump’s people had him put into some kind of secret protection
    4) Some kind of bank shot play where someone kills Epstein to make the Clintons look guilty
    5) Killed by a burst of neutrinos from space and suicide was announced because they thought no one would believe something so improbable
    6) Suicide

    That there are going to be dual, and dueling, investigations into Epstein’s convenient suicide suggests that Barr, like myself, suspects that the FBI may have given Epstein a bit of help suiciding, in which case he probably also suspects that a whole lot of other people who knew too much about the Clintons may also have had a bit of FBI assistance in their similarly convenient suicides.

    Disagree slightly on this – I think that, yes, the Clinton org had him killed but not really because he had compromising information about the Clintons (although he almost certainly did) but because he had compromising information on so many other people. Although the Clintons likely had strong intelligence community links going back to college (Bill was a Rhodes Scholar, Hillary was at Yale Law) the big power breakthrough for them was when they pulled the FBI files on everyone in Washington in their first months in the White House (there are some amusing elements to the thing – such as the guy who did the actual pull having as his only qualification to be hired as WH security director that he was a bar bouncer and that he now edits the wikipedia page about the FBI files scandal).

    Knowing that there’s likely a lot of compromising material on everyone in power just the public knowledge that the Clintons have possession of the FBI files when people don’t know exact what’s in their own file lets them pressure people because of the information asymmetry (“do us this favor, we know what you don’t want us to know” vs “can I afford to call that bluff? is it even a bluff?”). This move let them lever up and place networks everywhere. My guess is that they feared that the knowledge Epstein had would let Trump do the same thing. This seems more likely than that the Clintons feared public knowledge of bad behavior.

    • info says:

      According to AC:

      “Epstein’s body” that was carted out didn’t have the eye pattern that the real Epstein had. So he probably may have been smuggled out.

      But if he’s dead. Same difference. Lots of powerful people chose to take this risk.

      This hit is a on par with the Chernobyl nuclear disaster which brought down the Soviet Union.

      • info says:

        *Ear Pattern

        actually rather than “eye pattern”

      • alf says:

        Great, another Q-believing (((((((THEM))))) obsessed kook. You should change your name to disinfo.

        • Lil Ben says:

          To a nearest approximation, all Q-believers are philosemitic. Your post is thus incoherent and you should feel bad about it.

          • jim says:

            Q was on the side of Mueller. Mueller is the source of the antisemitic trooferist theory.

            So Q is antisemitic, or at least on the side of antisemites.

            I don’t see any basis for your claim that Q or Q believers are philosemitic. Unless everyone that fails to scream that Trump is an orange Jew is a philosemite.

          • alf says:

            Seen two Q-believers so far. Both were anti-semitic.

        • info says:

          And how does this disprove the possibility? Ad hominem not an argument.

          • alf says:

            Well it was a creative insult.

            OK fair enough.

            Epstein being smuggled out and a double put in his place implies a lot of planning, deviance, and competence. All of which the left is thoroughly lacking right now. The theory fails Occam’s razor.

            Also, when I look at the picture of supposedly not-Epstein’s ear, I clearly see Epstein’s ear.

          • jim says:

            You depict an improbably clever and powerful conspiracy.

            We are dealing with idiots who keep stumbling over each other.

            Smart and able right wingers attempted to reopen the Epstein inquiry, but were completely unable to accomplish a damned thing until joined by left wingers driven mad by Trump Derangement Syndrome. Knocking off Epstein was a clumsy and ham fisted attempt to fix the ensuing disaster.

      • Reziac says:

        I noticed that too — the earlobe structure was not a good match, at least far as what could be seen from those angles.

        So either the photo is wrong, or the corpse is wrong. Doesn’t necessarily mean he isn’t dead, tho… substituting corpses might be done to avoid an incriminating autopsy.

  18. alf says:

    Was hoping to see this post. Lot of suspicious deaths over the years, but the evidence was too inconclusive (eg Seth Rich). But with Epstein, evidence stares you in the face. A camera malfunction! Crazy.

    • Reziac says:

      I read the police report on Seth Rich. Aside from people don’t hide in the bushes to off themselves, they also don’t neatly arrange their limbs after the deed, especially if they’re so untidy as to hide in the bushes. So pretty obvious he was hauled there, probably already dead.

    • The Cominator says:

      Seth Rich evidence not inconclusive it was a hit not a robbery that was declared a robbery (when his wallet wasn’t taken) and to my knowledge only Clinton’s people had cause to have him hit (Podesta email’s also had him talking about making an example).

      I’m certain that either Hillary or Podesta gave the order to kill Seth Rich, I’m not so certain where the order came from with Epstein. Clinton’s people are a possibility, but MI6 and all sorts of assorted spook deepstaters (Epstein was a glownagger running a honeytrap and they did not want all the details of that coming out) wanted him dead as well as many and rich and powerful people.

  19. Anonymous says:

    First Julian Assange and now JE, are you sure he’s dead..?

    • alf says:

      Funny, I used to not understand where the crazy theories came from. In retrospect, obvious: they are disinformation strategies, by, amongst others, the FBI.

      The strategy serves two purposes: one, divert attention from what has obviously happened, namely FBI involvement in the murder of Epstein. Two, conflate true conspiracy theorists with wack conspiracy theorists, to make the true conspiracy theorists lose credibility.

      • Steve Johnson says:

        It’s a variant of the typical leftist strategy of accusing the opponent of doing exactly what you’re doing to blur the issue.

        They also use this tactic to try to kill off memes that sting them – like “snowflake” – which they use obsessively to ensure that it can’t be used against them.

        • TBeholder says:

          I think you still give too much credit to them.
          The ones who swarm microblogs and forums are monkeys. They are most likely aping “snowflake” grade memes used against them because they think “two can play this game”.
          1. Monkeys gets beaten by it.
          2. Monkeys figure it’s the new “silver bullet” needed to win.
          3. They go “finders keepers” and imitate.
          4. They get somewhat confused and upset if the new “silver bullet” does not work. :]

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