Ferguson chimp out

Short recap of the Ferguson story:

Michael Brown, a huge black man helped himself to some tobacco in a shop, then strong armed the shopkeeper rather than paying.  He then walked down the street, expecting traffic to get out of his way.  When a policeman told him to stop jaywalking, he attacked the policeman, forced his way into the policeman’s car, and attempted to take the cops gun. The cop shot him.

According to heavily tattooed gang members wearing clothes intended to intimidate, after being shot, Michael Brown ran with his hands in the air, and the policeman shot Michael Brown again while he was holding his arms in the air and running.

This might well nonetheless be true, at least the part about him being shot while running, though not the part about his hands in the air, for if Michael Brown attacked me I might well do the same thing.  He is big, scary, violent, thuggish, and crazy.  Yeah, it would be the wrong thing to do, but when a big crazy guy attacks one out of the blue, one is apt to do the wrong thing.

The blacks proceeded to loot and burn.  The local police, facing collective criminal conduct, responded militarily, engaging in collective violence to crush collective violence – a military style response.

This “military”, which is to say collective, violence of course horrified the press, who blamed the police, and in particular the white cop in charge.  So a black cop was put in charge, and a huge round of news stories proceeded about peaceful protests and how everything was wonderful in peaceful civilized harmony, blithely ignoring events running contrary to story, blithely ignoring that the blacks were taking out one cop after another by collective violence, which the individual violence of the cops was ineffectual in preventing.  And then, contrary to story, the black cop had to resort to collective military style violence to keep his cops alive.

This is analogous to events in Gaza.  One might well believe that Israel blockades Gaza because they are evil racists, but when Egypt blockades Gaza, people of the same race and religion as themselves, it’s pretty obvious that the problem is terrorists operating out of Gaza, not Gaza’s neighbors.  And, similarly, the problem in Ferguson is individual and collective black violence, which collective violence has to be met by collective violence.

The larger story is that blacks destroyed Saint Louis, then, fleeing their own destruction of the city and each other’s violence, proceeded to move into a white suburb, which they are now in the process of destroying in turn.

This is a reason that the cost of housing is so high.  If wealthy people got to live where they chose, and poorer people got to live in the less desirable places, the inner city would be full of rich people, and poor black thugs would live in the exurbs.  The city would be safe and orderly, while slums far away from the center, places that no one ever goes to or cares much about, were dangerous and disorderly.  If, however, we look at where people live, it is clear that black collective violence trumps money, which forces up the cost of housing as white people bid up the small and shrinking pool of safe housing, which is usually located in places inconveniently far from the city center, forcing them to perform long commutes.

The white man buys a house.  To support his crushing mortgage he makes a long commute every day, along a highway with big wall to protect it from black people living much closer to his workplace than he does.  And then some section eight women and her nine kids by nine different thugs is plonked beside his house, and while he is at work, the section eight woman terrorizes his wife, breaking one of his windows and threatening to force entry.

This makes it hard for white men to reproduce, that white men are not able, not allowed, to protect their wives and children, in part because blacks can engage in collective violence against white people, and white people are not allowed to collectively defend themselves.   To have a safe place for one’s wife and children, it has to be possible to run bad people out of that place.

That blacks live close to where white people work, while white people are forced to live far from where they work, tells us that blacks have the upper hand over whites.  Slavery worked.  Jim Crow sort of worked.  Civil rights has been a disaster.


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  1. Shlomo says:

    > “One might well believe that Israel blockades Gaza because they are evil racists, but when Egypt blockades Gaza, people of the same race and religion as themselves, it’s pretty obvious that the problem is terrorists operating out of Gaza”

    Just like Americans killing each other in the Civil War showed WE were evil, right?

    Jews were banned from nearly every country, so the problem as the Tribe…right?

    Plus even Jews hated Jews, shown by kapos and sonderkommandos working for Adolf, Inc. So the shoah was kosher, right?

    Plus Jews at Masada loved death so much they killed their own kids, purportedly to save money on deli meat.

    See how easy it is to interpret things they way you want/need to see them?

  2. ADOLF HITLERR says:


  3. Thales says:

    …aaand no indictment. 🙂

    • jim says:

      I turn on the news “Unarmed peaceful black man shot by police”. No mention of why the cop was acquitted.

      • Thales says:

        Prez who just went around Congress on Amnesty now says we’re a nation of laws.

  4. Sam says:

    A good friend of mine had Grandparents in St. Louis. They bought a house and over time the area became diversified. They couldn’t sell it. When they finally paid the mortgage off they just walked away. The house was worth nothing because of diversity.

  5. Barry Wright says:

    I completely agree except for the analogy to Hamas. Gaza as well as the West Bank is legally owned by Palestinians with deeds, but Israel wants them all out so it can have their land. If someone dares throw a rock at an
    Israeli ( US made of course, we’re the only backers of Israel, financially and in our media) for tearing down the house they legally own, they are often shot and killed by snipers. This is NOT how it is in Ferguson. Please don’t confuse rightful objections to illegal military occupation ( Israel) with mob looting and violence in Ferguson MO. ( USA). I mean, if someone tried to take your house what would you do? Be upset of course. The last recourse after more than 40 years of being attacked by a surrounding military force might be to take a poke at the bastards, don’t you think? Our media never shows us the truth about Gaza or the West Bank, Palestinians are all ‘terrorists’ because they don’t go along with the program to just die out, so they must be killed. Nazis operated pretty much the same way against Jews, but the roles are now reversed.

    • jim says:

      Supposing all that is entirely true, why does Egypt blockade them?

      Secondly, the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza shows it is not true.

      And if it was true, well, the Australian and American natives have made their peace. Refusing to recognize the white seizure of the land would just tick people off.

    • Was Enlightened says:

      “Nazis operated pretty much the same way against Jews, but the roles are now reversed.”

      Hey Barry, tell us what would happen if a community of Palestinians lobbed rockets at Nazi Germany from across the Rhine or the Vistula.

      The answer is that there would be Palestinians left alive only to the extent that I G Farben ran out of cordite.

    • B says:

      >Gaza as well as the West Bank is legally owned by Palestinians with deeds

      Amazing. Especially given that the vast majority of that land was owned by the Ottoman Empire, and they certainly didn’t sell it to the refugees and migrant labor that came flowing in around the end of the 19th century. For instance, today what you call a fair-colored Arab in Palestinian Arabic is “Bushnak.” This is the word that Bosnians call themselves, and indeed many came as refugees. For another instance, many of the Arabs have the last name Al Masri, which means “Egyptian.” For a third, the ones that are black were largely imported as field laborers in the 19th century to work on plantations in the lowlands. Etc.

      >If someone dares throw a rock at an Israeli ( US made of course, we’re the only backers of Israel, financially and in our media) for tearing down the house they legally own, they are often shot and killed by snipers.

      The rock is US-made? Your grasp of English is as bad as your grasp of reality. I would love for it to be the case that throwing a rock at a Jew would bring instant death, but unfortunately that’s nowhere near reality.

      >Palestinians are all ‘terrorists’ because they don’t go along with the program to just die out, so they must be killed.

      I would love for that to be the program (with the correction that I’d rather see them expelled than killed, and that the ones who pledged fealty could stay, possibly.) But as we can see from the fact that Israel has the ability to kill the entire population of Gaza overnight has killed about 2000 of them in six weeks of fighting, this is not the case. Ah, a guy can hope, though, right?

      By the way, when the rightful Native American owners of your house come along and stab up your family, I hope you’ll understand.

  6. Stephen W says:

    Cell phone video of the shooting released:
    He was did not have his hands in the air. He was not surrendering. He was within reaction distance and charging them.

    But in the last news bulletin I watched there was no mention of this video they where just repeating the same old misinformation. The media seem to be doing the best aggravate black riots and hatred of white people. Whatever happened to all that “avoiding increasing racial tensions” excuse the media use when they suppress information on numerous unprovoked black on white murders seems to go out the window as soon as a white or semi white person successfully defends themselves from a an attack. Suddenly you hear the phrases like “unarmed black boy” and “white shooter” over and over again. The medias slavish devotion to promoting hatred of whites with lies and suppression of truth is becoming quite obvious and blatant.

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  8. Zach says:

    Jim, let me get serious for a moment…

    Is this blog archived somehow? That is to say, whatever happens, your words, if desired, will live on…?

    • jim says:

      This blog is archived only on my personal computer and personal backups, which I don’t think anyone else would be able to utilize.

      On reflection, I think I will place a copy of recent backups on the web page in the form of a zipfile, for the convenience of anyone who wants to reproduce the blog.

  9. Zach says:

    I was far too emotionally invested in the Trayvon Martin case to follow the evidence to this situation with any degree of rigor. However, it appears the evidence is piling up against the retard.

    Not surprising.

  10. Chris B says:

    Nice to see someone else has noticed the link between Gaza and Ferguson.

  11. peppermint says:

    While we’ve all been distracted by the race riots that always seem to happen when a location gets above a certain critical mass of Negroes – this is how they announce that the location is theirs, force the rest of the Whites out, and demand that the government be handed over to them – what just happened in Hawaii, the loss of the governor in his primary, is the biggest story of the decade. It marks the end of the Democratic coalition that these riots are a part of.

    I checked DailyKos, they have no idea what happened. We talk about race-whipped conservatives acting like colorblindness is cool; race-whipped liberals will be colorblind on demand and then instantly switch to being explicitly anti-White on demand. They were being colorblind this time, because what happened was a diversity won the primary. Not due to any ideological differences, but because the diversity was a diversity.

    Thus the giving diversities free stuff in exchange for votes and riots is over, not because the United States is out of free stuff to give to the diversities, but the diversities seem to be able to demand more than the NPR listeners are willing to give.

    Unless the swipples can figure out how to shove the diversities back to the back of the bus, it’s over for their party.

  12. Barnabas says:

    “Jaywalking” is generous. Much more likely he was walking down the center of the road daring motorists to do anything about it. That’s an implicitly violent behavior meant to intimidate his neighbors. Its also the type of thing that race hucksters and the media can present as completely innocent.

  13. Dan Kurt says:

    Solution of Colored Problem (Black and Brown):

    1) If economy holds together America with open borders gradually enters the Third World as the 2nd Brazil–low probability.

    2) Economic collapse somewhat contained world wide with North America, Europe and China main players–low probability. Result: Left discredited; Central Banks hung with blame; authoritarian government in USA able to contain disorder caused by shrinkage of welfare; Hispanics deported in mass with border in South moved into Mexico by 100 miles as a buffer and the Baja depopulated of Mexicans; Blacks treated like Japanese on West Coast during WW2 as Nation tries to cope with Black unrest. Eventual deportation of Blacks to Africa in millions.

    3) Economic collapse world wide with regional wars and revolutions–probable future. Europe suffers some Nuclear damage and then reacts by removing all Blacks, Browns from Europe. Middle East convulses with many nuclear weapon releases with the result that Israel is gone but so is Turkey, Iran, the Gulf States with the Muslim holy sites vaporized. India fights Pakistan in nuclear war killing off hundreds of millions, China fights itself as warlords arise and famine returns also killing hundreds of millions, North Korea is nuked after South Korea is overrun probably by a Japan which has the Nuclear weapons. The USA takes a few nukes and gives a few world wide then breaks up into independent regions but Blacks really overreact and are killed off in mass as are those Hispanics who don’t emigrate South. Illusions of the brotherhood of man vanish from the USA as Welfare disappears as well as the Federal Government. Ultra authoritarian regional governments will arise, population will fall and democracy will become a swear word. BTW, the Jews will get blamed.

    In all scenarios there will be massive population decline in the world as trade falls and food supplies collapse.

    Dan Kurt

    • Dave says:

      In the likely case that deporting blacks and browns is too expensive or complicated (e.g. too many new borders to cross), the undesirables will simply be adopted out to poor hungry white families, and no further inquiry will be made regarding their welfare.

    • Lars Grobian says:

      “Left discredited”?

      Nah, Left is never discredited. Left is Media. Who’ll broadcast the fact that broadcasters are a bunch of lying swindlers?

      No. The only future is third worldification and soft collapse.

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  15. outsider says:

    Unfortunately there appears to be no peaceful solution to this problem.

  16. J says:

    … shoot looters on sight…

    That used to be the rule in wars, earthquakes, revolutions and mass disorders. I saw it applied during the October 1956 Hungarian Revolution. There was remarkably little looting of private and State property.

  17. Alan J. Perrick says:

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  18. Alan J. Perrick says:

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  19. Anon. says:

    Nice descriptivism, Jim. You’ve done well.

    Quote In a healthy society, The Cities are the most conservative Unquote

  20. Anon. says:

    My comments aren’t coming through, unless I do somersaults and hand-stands.


  21. Anon. says:


  22. tg moderator says:

    Civil rights has been a disaster, but in a sense segregation is still with us. Consider the population of 17 to 30 yr. old black males in prison. It may not be cost effective, but it is segregation. Since we will never get along, one culture must dominate, or the cultures must separate. It seems hard to dominate another group long term when that group is more than 10% of the population. Separation is a better goal, but costly. The situation with native Americans remains an issue even after all these years. I traveled in the Pine Ridge Res. this summer, and they have problems. George Washington, our original liberal, tried to help the Indians by sending them spinning wheels, and farm implements. His efforts to help Indians assimilate helped part white Cherokee like James Vann become very wealthy. (Kind of like Steve Sailer’s mulatto elite today) Pure blood Indians usually did not assimilate during the period for 1776 to 1803, and were near starvation. President Jackson’s solution, what is now called the trail of tears, worked for white civilization. Not so hot for the Indians. If we continue to see more Ferguson type events we will eventually have another trail of tears, but to where?

    • jim says:

      Segregation, plus slavery and gelding for the hard cases, plus open a prison colony in Africa for the hard cases that no one wants to buy, which I suspect will be most of them.

      • Candide III says:

        Probably don’t even need an actual colony. Bribing one of the African strongmen presidents to accept the people would be cheaper. Italy ran this sort of scheme on the quiet with Libya, paying it money to accept deported “asylum seekers”, until the Libyan unrest made the international community sufficiently aware of the scheme and it was shut down.

        • peppermint says:

          40 million Blacks in the US * 250$ one way air fare to Liberia = 10 billion dollars

          Throw in another 20 billion dollars to give the government 500$ for each resettled.

          Throw in another 40 billion dollars to give each resettled 1000$ each.

          Worth it? Oh, so worth it.

          Food stamps cost 76 billion dollars in 2013, but only a third of food stamps are used by Blacks. Section 8 costs 20 billion each year. But how much do affirmative action and white flight cost?

      • Red says:

        The ones who won’t cut it would be eaten by the Liberians. Human flesh is still openly consumed in the capital.

  23. Ansible says:

    Draconian crimes call for draconian punishment. If the Ferguson PD had balls they would shoot looters on sight. The unrest would end faster than you can say “abra-ca-dabra”. The feral humans would run away screaming from the boomsticks.

    Also, in the article you linked I noticed that the man in the left corner at the start of the video looks remarkably similar to Dorian Johnson. Same facial structure, exact same haircut, carries himself in the exact same way… one could say they could be twins. He also has a black shirt slung over his shoulder and it is clear from your link that he wears a white shirt underneath his black shirt. That’s some pretty damning evidence that even a prog couldn’t ignore.


  24. Jamarion says:

    Dass Rayciss yo!

  25. Alrenous says:

    >white people are not allowed to collectively defend themselves.

    Passive voice. Or something. You know what I mean.

    I’m sure you know this, but it needs to be said explicitly. Some white people are collectively preventing other white people from collectively defending themselves from blacks.

    By ‘money’ I hope you mean what lastPsych calls the aspirational 14%. The actual 1% or 0.01% live as they please, because they have the prole 85% by the balls.

    • jim says:

      There is much truth in the statement that it is the Jews, in that the civil rights movement was primarily a movement of progressive reform Jews, but the reason that that movement worked for the Jews that they were out holying a White Anglos Saxon Protestant left that was already extremely holy and was getting ever holier, and was vulnerable to being guilted by higher levels of holiness. If ordinary Americans had said “You are Jews”, that would not have worked, because they would be conceding the greater holiness of Jews, but if they had instead said “blacks need to be treated differently to whites, because men were not created equal, are not equal, not individual men, nor groups of men, nor categories of men, nor are women equal to men”, if they had not conceded the superior holiness of the civil rights movement, that would have worked. The competition to be ever more holy in the treatment of blacks started long before Jews got involved in it.

      The national socialist position that all whites are equal does not work, because if you claim all whites are equal, someone who claims that all people are equal is even holier than you are, so if you start worrying about blacks making family formation by whites unaffordable, you should not at the same time complain about the wealthy one percent.

      • Thrasymachus says:

        All whites are equal to the extent all European nations norm at around 100 IQ. Furthermore a society of all white people will function quite well.

        • peppermint says:

          …depending on government, of course. The type of society is strongly constrained by genetics, but the USSR was the USSR, and if it had not collapsed in less than a hundred years, it may have began modifying the genetics of the Russians, like how several thousand years of Asiatic despotism affected the Chinese. I suspect that the Chinese started out behaviorally more similar to the Koreans and Japanese, who are almost like Europeans.

        • jim says:

          The difference between the top sixth of whites and the bottom sixth is twice the difference between whites and blacks. If you propose equality for whites, but not equality for blacks, you have conceded the holiness of equality, and have now been out holied.

          • Van Phauc says:

            IQ is not the only trait that makes black people suck.

            Conscientiousness, aggression, etc also play roles.

            More research is needed to make the case that 15% of whites are anywhere near as bad as blacks.

      • Alrenous says:

        The problem is conforming elites of all races.

        At 2% of Americans, there’s far too many Jews for them all to be true leader elites. It’s once again the fact that Jews have proportionally a high level of elites.

        If America somehow survives another fifty years, you’ll see discussions exactly like this about Asians. They also have extra elites, and their collectivism makes them well-suited to parroting progressivism. Indeed the antisemites and the anitsinos will probably squabble with each other about who is most to blame.

        I believe the ruling class is still over 50% white. Note that bureaucrats follow thought leaders, but these leaders never show up in the news so we don’t know their names.

        • peppermint says:

          Lots of Asians have been in California and Hawaii for a long time. Why aren’t they accused of the same things that the Jews are? Could it be that they are different from the Jews?

          • Van Phauc says:

            It’s also funny how the Parisis, that other famous race of ultra-high IQ middle man minorities, are renowned not for Jewing people, but for honesty and truthfulness in business, in keeping with the core values of their Zoroastrian religion.

            Some enlightenments just too dark for the Darkly Enlightened.

          • jim says:

            There is no end of things wrong with Jews, some of which I attribute to a religion of exile, and some may be the result of selection for the outsider role. But they are not responsible for the modern trend left.

          • Red says:

            Asians don’t get the same rap because they do their own work. Jewish existence is largely parasitical on it’s host population while Asians actually build, work hard and get their hands dirty. Don’t get me wrong, having a large Asian population is no use in maintaining America civilization in the long run, but they don’t go out of their way to shit where they live like the Jews do.

            There’s also the issue that Asians favor their own families over the group and tend to hate other Asian groups with a much larger passion that they hate whites. Where the Jews are always united about how horrible the goyim are, a group of Chinese guys is far more likely to be pissed at the local Cambodians or Japanese.

            There’s also Asian corruption vs Jewish corruption. Jews are currently looting the city of Chicago down to the pipes in the street where as corrupt Asians tend to take a nice manageable cut from the top while maintaining an actual functioning system to some degree.

        • peppermint says:

          by the way, the other day I saw some progressive throw around the word ‘scotched’, because at one point Maryland and Virginia farmers were getting scotched. There probably are countries where some word for Chinese is a slur; but Jews are know to jew people everywhere and by everyone since the first written words about them by others.

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