We just have to have stronger frame than theirs.

Their frame is that they are virtuous and we are wicked, and that we know they are virtuous and we are wicked.

They refuse to interact with anyone who fails to accept their frame of moral superiority – that they are better than us because they deeply care about people located in places that they cannot find on a map of the world.

In actual fact their supposed good intentions usually have horrifying and brutal effects on the supposed beneficiaries, and when their supposed good intentions have horrifying effects on the supposed beneficiaries they are entirely comfortable and have not the slightest hesitation in blaming the victims, as for example the recent aid to Haiti fiasco, the earlier imposition of Aristide on Haiti at gunpoint which resulted in Aristide torturing to death very large numbers of real, suspected, and imaginary rightists in highly creative ways, the humanitarian intervention in Syria which if Russia had not intervened would have resulted in the total genocide of the Alawites, the expulsion of Christians to Lebanon, and the expulsion or genocide of several varieties of Shiite, in particular the genocide of the Palestinian Shiites, and the very similar humanitarian intervention in the Congo which predictably resulted in many, perhaps most, Tutsi women in the Congo being vaginally impaled with objects larger than themselves

Our frame has to be that they are hypocritical sycophants engaged in an ever escalating contest to speak power to truth, that they mindlessly regurgitate ignorant and formulaic Stalinist boilerplate to ingratiate themselves to power, power that is alarmingly capricious, brutal, cruel, terrifying, and erratic. That goodness begins at home – which implies that a grown woman with no husband is a bad woman.

Their supposed goodness is confirmed in their minds a false history of the world in which white males cause black and female underperformance. They supposedly believe that women and blacks are equal while indulging female irresponsibility and black violence. Women are in practice treated as children, except that when a child misbehaves the child is hauled off to the responsible adult who is told to discipline his child, but women misbehave and get away with it, for no one can haul them off to the responsible male who will be told to discipline his women.

In their history of the world Rhodesia, the Belgian Congo, segregation and slavery were hurtful evil crimes against blacks committed because whites hate blacks. They read and believe a press in which covers in hostile and mendacious detail every incident where a white kills a black, while piously ignoring an enormous number of incidents where blacks attack whites out of hatred inculcated into them in school, in university, and in the mass media.

In fact, blacks were immensely better off under white rule in Rhodesia and the Belgian Congo than before and after, slavery was necessary because of black disinclination to work for a living, and ever since slavery whites have been carrying blacks upon their backs. Segregation was an early form of affirmative action for blacks, artificially creating a black middle class by protecting them from white competition.

Their supposed moral superiority rests not on actual deeds to friends and family, which are generally hateful and contemptible, but on what they have been mendaciously and flatteringly told about things that happened long ago and far away.

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  2. Korth says:

    Jim, I just came across a piece that expands on an argument you have repeatedly made on this blog about leftist singularities. I believe you will throughly enjoy the read:

    • peppermint says:

      …there are still tl;drx in the world

    • peppermint says:

      the reason people put up with ((Moldbug)) is that what he was saying was genuinely new and had citations to books that I’d never heard of. Also I never was a glibertarian, so the glibertarian stuff was new to me, too.

      • Oliver Cromwell says:

        Moldbug’s tl;dr was also part of a deliberate-ish literary style, rather than just a result of lack of editing ability or clarity of thought.

  3. Cavalier says:

    » blacks were immensely better off under white rule

    No one cares how much better off blacks were under white rule, except to notice the mass-rape and mass-murder of whites by blacks and regret that whites were too good to them by not slaughtering them all upon first contact.

  4. viking says:

    In fact, blacks were immensely better off under white rule in Rhodesia and the Belgian Congo than before and after, slavery was necessary because of black disinclination to work for a living, and ever since slavery whites have been carrying blacks upon their backs.

    Jim Blacks were not better off with colonialism than before colonialism,or rather before white contact.Its not for us to impose the standards we evolved for on them, the entire black problem is blacks evolved for a pre contacted african environment for which they were entirely suited. To the extent we give a shit about them as apparent humans or merely as fellow creatures shoehorning them into our culture is cruel as is crossbreeding with them and creating these half men that belong in no world. The Hybrids should be destroyed as should those too infected with white culture to be returned to the wild, this will leave small enough populations of various african genetic strains living as they have for hundreds of thousands of years in balance with the other large fauna. we can use drones and bots to keep them away from us when we do resource extraction after enough time they will probably develop a religion of drones and bots and helicopters.
    This must be done with the amerindians and all the rest even the muslimworld must be put back the way it was and contained, take away the technology and let them have their caliphate in the desrt

  5. Candide III says:

    That’s a bad frame likely to backfire, because ‘their’ convictions are usually quite sincere. Witness, for instance, all those girls going on Peace Corps missions to be sexually harassed and assaulted in various Third World countries. Instead, consider combining the old saw about roads paved with good intentions and Einstein’s definition of insanity (Einstein always goes over well with progressives, maybe we could find an Einstein quote for road-paving?) We could insist that their good intentions don’t matter if consequences are reliably and predictably bad and if they persist in not learning from experience. In fact, in view of the latter their good intentions are an aggravating factor because they aren’t being conscientious.

    • jim says:

      Witness, for instance, all those girls going on Peace Corps missions to be sexually harassed and assaulted in various Third World countries.

      They go there not to do good but in order to be assaulted. Female resistance to rape is merely a shit test of the rapist. This is why women are voting for open entry to rapeugees. Look at the propaganda. When they want to bomb Syria they show some child that has been blown up and explain that they need to bomb the shit out of Syria to prevent it from happening, but when they want rapeugees to be allowed into Europe they show some handsome manly rapeugee acting alpha, rather than pitiful children. The propaganda for open entry is clearly directed at the rape-me-too vote.

      Women want manly men, all this propaganda about explicit verbal consent at every step is just a shit test, and because white men are failing this shit test they want to bring in rapeugees. Violence is crack for chicks.

      • Candide III says:

        Don’t get stuck over an example, it’s just an example. Consider trans-racial adoption if you would like a different one. You can’t dismiss it as women wanting manly men unless you wish to contend that those adopting wives are persuading their husbands into adopting a Nigerian child so that it can rape them fifteen years in the future, clearly an absurd position. As for rapefugees and shit tests, notice that rapefugees act rapey largely because they form a de facto legally protected class. They aren’t much rapey at home because they are perfectly aware that if they screw Ahmed’s sister Ahmed and his brothers and cousins will honor-kill them and they won’t be able to plead restless dick syndrome to the magistrate. In Germany, they are aware that they can successfully plead RDS and get off with community labor or a reprimand, so they act as they please, but native males don’t have the privilege to plead RDS. If natives act rapey, they may succeed for a while on the strength of favorable female reaction to such behavior, just as a soldier may succeed for a while in charging through a minefield, but it’s not a prudent long-term tactic and (having lower time preference) natives generally don’t try it. This is natives’ political problem and the rapefugees are a red herring, albeit a dangerous and destructive one in other respects.

    • pdimov says:

      Their convictions are sincere for the simple reason that they have been taught them their entire lives starting from kindergarten (or pre-K or whatever) and because nobody has ever challenged them, including cuckservatives.

      They get quite confused when they learn that the wicked don’t consider themselves wicked.

      • Candide III says:

        The reason doesn’t matter for framing purposes. Their convictions are sincere, you tell them they’re hypocrites, they show you their 4 adopted Nigerians, game over.

        • jim says:

          Judging from past treatment of mascots, after the four nigerian orphans have been paraded through innumerable show and tells, they will be dumped in the gutter or fed through the woodchipper.

          As dividualist reminds us, a good man supports his family, is loyal to his friends, does his work in a reliable way and so on. Similarly, a good woman is loyal to her man, take care of her kids, does not spread ugly gossip about her woman friends. In other words, being a good man and a good woman is all about not defecting on people personally close to you. It is not universal. It is particular. A good man doesn’t just support a random family out there, he supports his family. A good woman doesn’t just take care of some random kids: she takes care of her kids.

          Someone who proposes to take care of some random kids, is unlikely to take care of any kids.

  6. Dave says:

    You often say “war is easy, peace is hard” without explaining. I suppose war is easy because problems can be solved with bullets to the heads of the people who are causing the problems. Peaceful solutions are more complicated and harder to find.

    • jim says:

      War is easy and peace is hard for the same reason as it is easy to stop a car from working, hard to keep a car working. Most ways of behaving ultimately result in war. Avoiding war requires forethought, intelligence, realism, and effort. If you don’t view war as a real possibility and make an effort to avoid drifting into war, you will find yourself at war.

    • pdimov says:

      Chaos is easy, order is hard.

    • peppermint says:

      Assad didn’t want a war, the ((international community)) wanted there to be a war in his country.

      War seems difficult to us because after the War between the States the North didn’t really want to genocide the South and leave googlers in charge, but merely to humiliate the Southerners and leave them humiliated. Then after the Jews assumed direct control, they started pursuing direct genocide of Whites through lawfare since anything that raises a White army would be a threat to them. The exception would be if that White army was built around a communist party of some sort, but, the other White army wouldn’t be communist.

      Meanwhile Christcuckoldry promotes peace through surrender by offering the peace of death, i.e. Heaven.

  7. Inquiring Mind says:

    I find your point-of-view much closer to my thinking.

    But isn’t a counter-example Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwe? Yeah, freedom for American men to engage in “manspreading”, freedom to be slobs, but if Mugabe represents freedom from interference in your culture, there has to be a different way?

    Is Zimbabwe being driven into the ground by their maniac leader, or is this simply propaganda by another faction to invite U.S. intervention?

    • peppermint says:

      in about 50 years once we pogrom the Jews and reclaim and fill the USA, we’re going to start moving south and populating the hemisphere. Britain was already full when they started getting invaded, and once they pogrom their Jews and drive out their invaders they’re probably going to reclaim Rhodesia much sooner.

      • Cavalier says:

        Precisely. It is our destiny, specifically our Manifest Destiny 2.0, to civilize first all of North America, then South and Central America too. Mexico will become the Texico territory, and will be somewhat more sparsely populated than it is now, white people being descended from northerners and less inclined to live in vast hot desert regions. These lands will however finally be put to use for whatever they’re good for. Containing fourth-generation nuclear powerplants, perhaps? Anyway, Mexicans with a reasonable proportion of white blood (95%, perhaps) will automatically become Texicans under the Texican territory provisionalgovernment, learn English and abandon Spanish, and be full and free citizens of the Empire after they are deemed to have fully reintegrated into Western civilization—perhaps a total period, start to finish, of 50 years.

        South and Central America really are stunningly beautiful and eminently useful geography and real estate. It’s truly a crime against humanity to let them fall fallow and be wasted. Africa, too. It’s time to manifest our destiny and fulfill the prophecy of the high prophet Charles Darwin, peace be upon him.

        “At some future period, not very distant as measured by centuries, the civilised races of man will almost certainly exterminate and replace throughout the world the savage races. At the same time the anthropomorphous apes, as Professor Schaaffhausen has remarked, will no doubt be exterminated. The break will then be rendered wider, for it will intervene between man in a more civilised state as we may hope, than the Caucasian and some ape as low as a baboon, instead of as at present between the negro or Australian and the gorilla.”

        Shadilay, my racial brethren, shadilay.

  8. thinkingabout it says:

    I agree with most of your thoughts, but I can’t understand how one could rationally argue for black slavery and whatever was inflicted on blacks in Africa.

    That blacks were better off under colonial rule is not the point. That’s suspiciously similar to the argument progs make for a nanny state. Before colonization, blacks were free (or at least, had the pleasure of being ruled by people who looked like them). In the same vein, many men would be happier being allowed to act like men in America, than being told to sit with their legs together in Sweden, even if quality in life in Sweden for the average citizen is probably better than it is in the US.

    Its just an intangible benefit. Like how Palestinians fight tooth and nail to take their neighborhood in a direction more like Syria and less like Israel – which seems stupid on the face of it, but it speaks to a deep-rooted need to not have foreigners throwing their weight around.

    If you find an uncontacted tribe in the Amazon, the right and logical course of action is to do nothing. It betrays a quasi-Christian missionary mindset if you insist that it is somehow your burden to colonize them and bring them the wonders of the modern world.

    • jim says:

      We did not inflict slavery on blacks. Blacks sold us some of their slaves. By and large, the people they sold us were enslaved for vagrancy and petty theft (the penalty for major crimes being death). Hence we got the blacks who were disinclined to work without a whip on their backs. You will notice that recent free immigrants from Africa have a way better work ethic than blacks descended from American slaves.

      Obama is not descended from the ancestors of those who were sold to America. He is descended from those that sold them to America.

    • Cavalier says:

      » I agree with most of your thoughts, but I can’t understand how one could rationally argue for black slavery and whatever was inflicted on blacks in Africa.

      Africa is far to valuable to be allowed to lie fallow. We must civilize it. See my comment regarding Texico and you will understand.

      • Cavalier says:


      • viking says:

        why civilize just depopulate it if it makes you feel better do it accidentally.Lets face it blacks are a biohazard.We astoundingly are actually under threat from blacks, and as we go so goes humanity. How can this be, well a lot of stupid like Gates and Bono breeding a couple billion blacks and sally struthers keeping them alive to push out 6.2 per woman, and zog opening up the city gates to them while teaching them hate against us. We now have China russia and Isalam as well as our elites using blacks as weapons against the west. Blacks should be reduced to tiny traditional populations in game parks with every last trinket and bead and scrap of iron confiscated. the penalty for so much as coming within sight of a black should be death by drone strike on the spot. The same goes for amerindians and mixed blood amerindians.

        • viking says:

          short of that containment no one in or out till they kill each other or starve anyone objects gets sent there too. The reasoning is the west has already bankrupted itself 10 times over attempting to make blacks human it utter failure all we have is apes with guns, there is no way on earth the west can feed the billions of Gates babies so he should be publicly executed for crimes against humanity or animal cruelty as you prefer. and we wait out the inevitable die off. make no mistake this has to happen or we all die. the human world can not support the sub human world that has been allowed to out breed us 10-1, and if we could it would still destroy us, we need to move in the opposite direction to crispr and ubermensch

  9. viking says:

    are you a creationist that believes all men are created equal or do you accept the science of evolutuion.
    outliers are only important in people you meet in any policy consideration in a multicultural nation race and gender difference must be considered.
    because we are so different that scientist can tell even with 300 miles of where you were born from you dna multiculturalism is doomed. whats more its just as bad for nonwhites.
    Its not a question of nature nurture humans developed cultures that become part of the environmental feedback loop expressed biologically,therefore culture is neither fungible not interchangeable between ethnicities.
    Therefore minorities are at a disadvantage in anothers environment in tow way first because they were not selected for it, but also because they can not select for it
    In other words a minority in its own nation might find workarounds specific to its own dna that help it compete against the west but when living in the west these workarounds can not be permitted because they would appear a double standard.
    continuing trends will destroy the habitat of whites who already stopped breeding leftist hate campaigns and immigration will wipe us out, who then will help the remaining third worlders,? china?

  10. Sam J. says:

    The proper response to cries of racism is Ni! If they persist we shall say Ni! to them again.

    The Knights who say Ni! Watch the video to get the gist of it.

    When ever someone calls a White racist or anti-Semite all the Whites around them should start saying Ni! Over and over. It will annoy them quite possibly beyond their central nervous system to handle. A “tilt” trigger. (tilt an old pinball term when you hit or shook the machine too hard it would shut down and stop working).

    The only way to end this constant bleating of racism, White Supremacy and White privilege is to make fun of them when ever they say it. They’ve really driven it into the ground like chicken little and I Ni! is the proper response.

  11. Pepe minion says:

    > We just have to have stronger frame than theirs.

    As someone said of King Charles I’s ineffectual efforts, “There goes more to achieving it than wishing it were so.” I don’t think this laudable reframing can be accomplished as a way of restoring a healthy civilization. If it happens, it will be a product of that restoration rather than its cause.

    People’s reasoning, using that word loosely, is usually shallow. A sick child arrives on a migrant boat? Surely he should be brought in and helped! Some people earn low wages? Minium wage! Unions! Democracy operates on the basis that most people don’t recognize such ‘remedies’ as the poison they are. You’ll never win against pictures of dead children with the honest answer “too bad but we owe them nothing”, you can’t out-frame think-of-the-children appeals. Not in a democracy with votes for women, government dependents, colonists, etc.

    I hope I’m wrong. It will be wonderful if Trump actually succeeds in reversing the trends since the ’60s (or should that be since 1789?) using constitutional means. The most amazing thing since the Berlin Wall fell, if not more so. But I wouldn’t count on it.

    • peppermint says:

      » too bad but we owe them nothing

      Which is why The Daily Stormer’s efforts to reshape the entire culture into total fascism is the only way forward. When you believe in radical individualism (for Whites, but since it’s sad that they’re poor, muds can have group identities), you have to say too bad. When you’re a fascist, you can laugh at dead muds for dying like muds.

      The key is to recognize that individual lives are meaningless, that religion is bullshit, and that family, nation and race are all that matters.

      • Mountbatten says:

        Isn’t faschism another form of leftism?

        Also regarding your statement that “religion is bullshit”, even Nazi Germany would have imploded if they had abolished Christianity. Even Himmler failed miserably to establish his occultism into a tiny portion of the SS

        Western Civilization is based upon Christianity and the Patriarchy, your failure to read the Bible “Peppermint” does not render this fact untrue.

        Without God we shall fail miserably, with God we shall be unstoppable

      • Mountbatten says:

        The fundamental problem of Western Civilization is not that ” religion is bullshit” but that Christianity has been corrupted, changed and compromised,

        Bring back the Patriarchy rape!

  12. Glenfilthie says:

    What’s gonna happen, Jim?

    I believe political correctness is going to be thrown out the window in the coming years, and the guys pushing it will be hung from the lamp posts – and good riddance!

    But – the human animal is what it is: stupid beyond belief, incompetent, irresponsible, immature, etc etc. Can such an animal recreate a nation state that disappeared back in the 70’s? So much of this shit is entrenched and programmed into the kids… just leaves me wondering is all…

  13. Tony Weener says:

    “They read and believe a press….” Indeed. You can have female suffrage or a ubiquitous mainstream media hate, but you CANNOT HAVE BOTH. Not if you want a pleasant and civilized society.

  14. Cavalier says:

    Indeed, like the Christians from whom they descended, they are on their holy moral crusade. Unlike the Christians, their holy moral crusade is flagrantly and bald-facedly unholy and immoral, and there is simply no substitute for reinforcing in many ways large and small their unholiness and immorality with vocabulary such as…

    good and evil
    civic life
    civic duty
    upstanding citizen
    just deserts
    Christendom (if you’re into that sort of thing)
    Western civilization
    barefoot and pregnant and chained to the kitchen stove

    moral crime
    anthropomorphous ape
    stigma, stigmatize
    pervert, perversion
    virgin wife
    bastard, bastardy
    spinster, barren spinster
    welfare queen
    hoi polloi
    unwashed masses
    effeminate, effiminacy
    fallen woman

    Yes, I keep a list, and feel free to add to it.

  15. Gilberto Carlos says:

    Their frame is that they are virtuous and we are wicked, and that we know they are virtuous and we are wicked.

    Our frame is that we are truth and they are lie, and they know we speak truth they speak lies.

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