Hard core and softcore Trump appointments

Early appointments hard core, and primarily directed at those departments that you need to prevent a coup by the permanent government against the president, or make a self coup by the president against the permanent government.

Later appointments softcore cuckservative, and directed at those departments that are irrelevant in the event of a coup.

A big exception to this is the Department of State, which applies semi soft power to overthrow foreign governments and manipulate political outcomes within America. It does not directly control anything that can be directly used to make a coup, except for organizations like the CIA for which Trump has already chosen an establishment figure who is nonetheless extremely hostile to the State Department, but it does control the NGOs that can send out a mob of protesters to delegitimize the government and provide justification for a coup. Trump’s plans for dealing with the State Department (coup central) are unclear. I conjecture he is going to promise them someone they are happy with, then change his mind a few weeks after becoming president, once he has his own men in the army, the FBI, and the justice department.

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  1. SFC Ton says:

    Was the FBI part of heartland America at ruby Ridge? How about Waco?

    • Pseudo-chrysostom says:

      All aspects of the extant government are cucked, but some are more cucked than others.

      Revolutionary guards would not be coming after people attempting to escape the plantation without the will and orders from revolutionary councils to punish people attempting to escape the plantation (for their own good, of course).

      Since, of course, defections from the universal revolution anywhere would be a devalidation of the revolution everywhere.

  2. SFC Ton says:

    From what little I have read, Trump doesn’t seen all that interested in shit going on over seas beyond repairing damaged relationships and occasionally blasting the ever living fuck out of who ever attacks the usa. Don’t need much of a State Department for that.

    My exposure to the State Department makes it government agency #1 on my hit list. Most fucked up group of folks I have ever seen. Course that’s from the outside looking in but in 2’ish years I didn’t seem them get anything accomplished expect piss off locals, get taken advantage of and burn through money and good will. Which who knows, maybe have been their mission

    While I dislike mittens intensely, he’s probably a good fit for that role as long as trump stays mostly isolationist, focuses on trade deals and attempts to shore up broken international relationships plus he shores up his position with GOP insiders. Which he’ll need on more important fronts.

    All ifs so time will tell

    • peppermint says:

      ps. Carlyle suggested in his Latter-Day Pamphlets that the Foreign Office should be abolished and its work of informing the Government about events in other countries taken by a few newspaper reporters.

    • anon says:

      I hope this article is right, and that’s all there is to it.

      Reading the Daily Stormer’s article on the recount (“Electoral Chutzpah: Inside American Jewry’s Last Ditch Efforts to Steal Election”) had me worried (((they))) might actually find a way to overturn the results and steal the election.

  3. TTAAC says:

    The Left usually demonizes the CIA. I accept that the CIA’s intelligence analysis usually aligns with the State Department, but I am fairly certain that in the early days of the Agency there was a real divide between the Ivy League-educated analysts and the covert operators, many of whom were quite Right-wing. Consider, for example, this account of CIA-Cuban exile heroism in the Congo: http://capitalismmagazine.com/2005/12/the-real-che-guevara/

    Food for thought.

    • jim says:

      The CIA is part of the left – a marginally different brand of communism. The reason the left, including the CIA, demonizes the CIA is that whenever they install a leftist and he gets overthrown by peasant rebellion or rightists, they say the CIA did it. Example being the overthrow of Aristide and Allende.

      The CIA was not always left, but it has been left a very long time.

      • TTAAC says:

        Well, all I know is that Democrats led by Senator Frank Church gutted the CIA in the 1970s, and at that time its only defenders were Republicans. That includes Richard Nixon, whose venomous dislike for the CIA’s intelligence analysts is well-known, but who insisted that it had been a disaster to “castrate” (his word) the Agency, because covert operations are sometimes necessary.

        With Aristide, it’s easy to see exactly what you’re talking about. That’s not the case with Allende. You have claimed the USG “installed” Allende many times, but not once have you explained how, exactly, that was done. Official history holds that the CIA financed Allende’s opponents prior to the elections of 1964 and 1970, then armed a group of right-wing militants to kidnap general Rene Schneider in the hope that this would instigate a military coup and prevent Allende’s inauguration. There was also an effort by the U.S. ambassador to Chile to bribe the Chamber of Deputies to declare Jorge Alessandri, rather than Allende, the winner of the election.

        Is all of the above official history somehow fake? Is it merely our interpretation that is skewed (i.e., Schneider’s death rallied the nation around Allende, and THAT WAS SECRETLY THE PLAN ALL ALONG)? Are there any detailed counter-histories on this matter? This may be self-evident to you, but it probably isn’t self-evident to almost anyone else.

        • jim says:

          With Aristide, it’s easy to see exactly what you’re talking about. That’s not the case with Allende. You have claimed the USG “installed” Allende many times, but not once have you explained how, exactly, that was d

          The US installed Aristide. The US did not install Allende. Aristide was marched into power by US troops and was at all times guarded by white English speaking bodyguards. He was forced to flee when the US evacuated those bodyguards. I don’t recall suggesting that something similar occurred with Allende.

          The US opposed the election of Allende, but had no connection to his overthrow. Indeed, Pinochet, despite claiming otherwise, did not have much connection to his overthrow. A bunch of junior officers made the coup.

          • TTAAC says:

            “Whenever they install a leftist… Example being the overthrow of Aristide and Allende” could be read as meaning that both Aristide and Allende were “installed.” Thank you for the clarification.

    • Pseudo-chrysostom says:

      Over time time, the costal regions of a country are prone to transforming into foreign countries.

      The CIA is on the metaphorical coast, the FBI is in the metaphorical heartland, who are the real americans, and are more genuinely patriotic (*for* real americans).

      Degree of contact with aliens is an basic and essential vector for, or warning sign of, subversion.

      In Russia, after the collapse of the soviet union, it was ultimately the former security state that restored order in the end, putting paid to the khazar oligarchs and other looters, wreckers, and parasites. The uniformed services unfortunately were either impotent or even complicit in the orgy.

  4. Brit says:

    My girl is with child and have been researching vaccinations.

    Taking a completely random addition to one of the vaccines, Phenoxyethanol, it looks like the exact problem Jim was talking about in a previous post regarding aluminium salts. They only do research on oral intake, and assume that it translates into injection.

    This is rather frustrating. I am going to have to spend a considerable time reading about this, and then have make a difficult decision

    • Glenfilthie says:

      Nothing to agonize over. You don’t listen to global warming alarmists, and you don’t listen to the anti-vax crowd. Unless you LIKE listening to nutters drone on about fake science.

      With all the mutts flooding in from the third world a scientific approach to medicine in more important now than ever.

      • General Pinochet says:

        LOL. Glenfilthie is a shill. Linking global warming alarmists to anti-vaxxers? Ha.

        The establishment are the global warming alarmists and the vaccine promoters.

        Glenfilthie wants us to believe that the same people lying about global warming are telling the God’s honest truth about vaccines? Hmmm.

        In both cases the “science” is just politics. “Consensus.” “Settled.” “No more questions, please.”

        The funniest part of vaccine “science,” which is coincidentally all conducted by groups who make money selling vaccines, is this: “The reason we can’t do any actual experiments on vaccine safety is that it would be unethical to withhold a single one of these magical biological cocktails from a control group.”

        LOL. And so we see the results. Without any increase in disease, the “scientists” just happened to recommend a quadrupling in the number of injections children are given today vs. just a few decades ago.

        Funny, I don’t remember any kids at my school dying from chicken pox before the “lifesaving” “ethically untestable” vaccine came along.

        • jim says:

          There is no need for more vaccinations than is required for herd immunity. If most people are vaccinated, the unvaccinated minority is safe. Hence the most ethical solution is to vaccinate most people, except for a random minority, then monitor the health consequences for that random minority.

          Attempting to vaccinate every single person for every single disease is not science, but politics. If you only vaccinate 10% of the population, the tenth percentile gains an immense and undeniable benefit. But if you vaccinate 98% of the population, the ninety eighth percentile gains very little benefit.

          Some vaccinations are blatantly political, for example vaccinating schoolgirls against sexually transmitted diseases when the disease pool is homosexual men, and the transmission vector is bisexual men, the point of the vaccinations being not to control the disease, but to normalize active sex lives among schoolgirls.

          • General Pinochet says:

            All good points.

            Though I’ll wager that you’ll become more red-pilled on this issue over time.

            The greatly-expanded vaccine schedule now “addresses” a number of diseases that are not problems in the U.S. in spite of a lack of herd immunity (we know most adults don’t have these vaccines because the number of shots for kids have quadrupled in the past few decades.) And the powers that be are quite careful NOT to investigate the health of the unvaccinated.

            You correctly note that a lot of vaccination is done for the wrong reasons, yet you insist that “the ethical solution is to vaccinate most people.”

            The people promoting the HPV shots are the same people promoting the MMR shots. You acknowledge that HPV shots are blatantly political, but you accept what the same people tell you about MMR shots? It is foolish to trust known liars.

            At 20% of GDP, the U.S. medical “industry” is almost the size of an entire second federal government. With that size comes incredible influence and persuasive power. Much of what we grow up “knowing” about medicine comes not from “science” but from the medical industry itself. Buyer beware.

    • jim says:

      With most substances, it is reasonable to compare oral with injected.

      With aluminum salts, unreasonable, since the body has multiple mechanisms to resist oral absorption, aluminum salts being by far the toxic material most commonly and routinely encountered in nature.

  5. AltKike is a Tool says:

    1/ All of Trump’s foreign policy picks are extremist zionist interventionists veterans of lost wars albeit open to compromise with Russia on behalf of Israel

    2. His son in law’s father ran a gay blackmail scheme against the governor of NJ featuring an Israeli Mossad asset (NY Times)

    3. He shared a girlfriend,child pimp Maxwell, with pedophile island mossad asset Epstien.

    4. He is a protege of gay israeli asset roy cohn.

    5. Giuliani and Gingrich are very closely linked to Netanyahu funder Sheldon Adelson.

    6. His business interests include ties to Israeli organized crime prostitution rings.

    7. His casino vice operations were almost bankrupt until he was bailed out by important rothschild financial interests to whom he owes an eternal debt.

    8. All of his grandchildren are Jews.

    9. His wife is most likely a former escort involved in jewish ‘modeling’ networks.

    It’s easy to verify all of the above in business and MSM publications.

    Trump is not an opponent of Zog or a defender of the white race; he is an asset of a hostile transnational elite, a sex maniac blackmailed by mossad, a compromised errand boy . He is cursed and doomed to end in shame and scandal which is actually his purpose and meaning: to discredit European self determination .

      • Oliver Cromwell says:

        It’s in the rational self-interest of Jews to defect from a movement that wants to destroy Israel and flood every country in which Jews live with Muslims.

      • jim says:

        Because they rightly believe that the left wing Jewish conspiracies that run America are going to take a pounding.

        Jews are naturally priests. Put a bunch of supposedly non religious Jews on a committee and they will come up with something that looks mighty like a new religion possessed by demons. That is why some Orthodox Jews celebrate Trump’s victory.

    • jim says:

      You are full of shit

      • Cavalier says:

        Well, he _is_ swimming in Jews. Outer-borough Jews mostly, if I’m not mistaken. Maybe he’s at the head of a WASP elite remnant/nationalist Jew alliance. Nationalist Jews are alright with me if they help exterminate their international clique brethren.

    • peppermint says:

      The God-Emperor is not a pedophile. He may have been forced to participate a little for blackmail purposes, or may have been tricked into attending, but He is going to deport the pedophiles to the middle of the atlantic.

      Giuliani and Gingrich are hangers on and Adelson funds everyone on “the right” in order to control them.

      Everyone’s business interests have ties to Israel as long as finance is done the way it is, and Israel is of course the center of child prostitution and organ trafficking.

  6. Cavalier says:

    Recently I noticed that Trump’s new Secretary of Education is one Betsy DeVos, a woman of Dutch extraction with connections to an apparently still-extant Dutch Protestant denomination and whose son is the founder and CEO of Blackwater. Yes, that Blackwater. And she hasn’t been anywhere near the Ivy League; she went to a college called, of all things, Calvin College…in Michigan.

    And one thought ran through my mind…


    This is it, folks. This is the WASP counterinsurgency. May the small rootless international Brahmin class die screaming.

  7. Korth says:

    But if he fires the cuckservative secretary of state two weeks after becoming president, he will need the Senate’s approval to hire his replacement. GOPe senators might not be too happy about the bait and switch.

    My prediction is that Trump will ask Romney to kiss the ring and apologize for being a snake if he wants to serve as secretary of state, and then he will pick Guiliani anyway. Rudy and The Donald go a long way back, I don’t think there is anyone he can trust better with carrying out the purges when the day comes.

    • viking says:

      I just dont see Rudy as qualified and Bachanan wouldnt be any more provocative if thats what hes going for.Giuliani might be the supreme court though his mom re[ports hes actually a softie on people issues Id want assurance he would overturn birthright and the womens vote

    • Cavalier says:

      If the Reichstag—I mean, Capitol—burns down, where will the poor parliamentarians—I mean, congressmen—meet?

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