Health care and stockholm syndrome

Observing enthusiasm for government health care around the world, it seems fairly proportional to the amount of involuntary euthanasia, the amount of murder by the state.

Government healthcare has been demonstrably successful in moving the population and voters left, in large part in proportion to its propensity to murder people.

Thirty percent of hospital deaths in Britain are murder by the state.  British hospitals literally stink of death, due to deplorable and obvious lack of basic hygiene.  They don’t apply enough hot water and bleach to cover up what they are doing, let alone prevent the spread of hospital acquired infectious diseases.

“Community acquired” diseases (a euphemism for hospital acquired diseases) are a big problem in Britain. These diseases are frequently anti biotic resistant. The proposed solution is to use less antibiotics, rather than the obvious solution: More hot water, soap, and bleach.

And predictably Britons are correspondingly enthusiastic about government health care.

However, when visiting Cuba, I noticed that there was lack of enthusiasm for its even more lethal government health care proportional to the availability of black market medicine. To the extent that people had to put their lives in the hands of the state, they loved the state. To the extent that they had an alternative, they did not.

We are already seeing medical tourism, regulatory arbitrage, and grey market medicine for advanced technologies. Dr Purita is a Florida doctor, but treats people in the Dominican Republic, where it costs less to bribe the regulators. The technology was developed in the USA, but due to regulatory obstacles, cannot be applied here.

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  2. JP says:

    “Thirty percent of hospital deaths in Britain are murder by the state.”

    What’s your evidence for this?

    • jim says:

      google the “liverpool care pathway”

      I find this kind of question irritating. Does not everyone know that the democratic welfare state is totalitarian, in the sense that most people are terrified to utter a dissenting opinion, that it routinely murders large numbers of people, that it causes economic decay, that science is collapsing and that technology is mostly stagnant?

      The long predicted crisis has arrived. The question is does the current order collapse around 2026 or so, when we have some technological and cultural capability remaining, or do we, like post Roman Britain and today’s North Korea, go all the way back to the stone age around 2080 or so, with only a handful of the rich elite possessing metal artifacts, while the masses scratch at the ground with digging sticks?

  3. Red says:

    Believing in free healthcare is believing in the goodness of God. God is still good and the healthcare is still awesome no mater how many natural disasters and the horrible care kills.

    BTW, I have a name for our system: It’s the God-State. The state is our god and it can do anything and everything. It’s all good, all knowing, and can do no wrong. Everything bad that happens is due to the non believers or because believers didn’t have enough faith to follow the god state in the path of righteousness.

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