Reasons for the endless movement left

I have identified several different mechanisms for the endless movement left.
Entryism, the conspiratorial takeover of organizations by other organizations.  This is exemplified by Acorn, which has a single headquarters, but a hundred organization names, the residue of all the many organizations they have taken over.

Phariseeism:  The Puritans were holier than thou, their successors holier than Jesus. “I am holier than thou, therefore you should obey me.”

The madness of crowds, the tendency of consensus to go horribly wrong

And metastatic apostacy, the tendency of official belief systems to mutate to greater virulence.

All of these tend in practice to be the same thing.  Greater virulence is apt to be the same thing as greater holiness, greater holiness is amplified by the madness of crowds, and the entryist organization, being holier than the entered organization, takes advantage of the madness of crowds.

Thus in a single movement left, for example entryists taking over the the Science Fiction Writer’s Association, one observes entryism, the entryists are pharisees, the process of entry took advantage of consensus decision making, and the progressive pieties uttered to justify the takeover reflect that the official belief system is now more virulent than it used to be.  Each of these mechanisms was involved.

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  1. bjiebfv says:

    Did you just seriously say Aristide gouged out the eyes of someone with his own hands? I can only assume, Zio-kike-faggot-nigger-liar, you’re referring to Buter Metayer? So Zio-kike-faggot-nigger-liar supports the ZOG backed overthrow of the Haitian government?

    Did the Zio-kike-faggot-nigger-liar forget Buter Metayer was in prison for burning down his opponents houses? Maybe someone should burn down your house, Zio-kike-faggot-nigger-liar “Jim.”

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  4. Handle says:

    There’s another mechanism – ‘legal slippery slope in the absence of a limiting principle.’ Justice Kennedy has worried over the issue on multiple occasions.

    I liken it to an ‘invasive species’ held back only by temporary social outrages. The least outrageous territory is colonized first, and like the tamarisk in the bayou, it dries up the next bit of swamp over time and lessons the outrage and makes it hospitable for the next wave of colonization.

    It’s similar to the ‘exception which swallows the rule’. For example, if the Constitution says the Federal government can regulated interstate commerce, but you let in anything that affects interstate commerce in the door, and then you find that it includes all human activity, and indeed, even ‘inactivity’ (since, as with Obamacare, you can mandate that people engage in regulated commerce), then you no longer have a Constitution of limited government. You have a government with plenary authority which can meet almost any challenge with “commerce clause” and the attempt to list specific powers is null and void.

    But the revolution doesn’t happen overnight. You take out the barrier island, but it can still take a generation or two for the erosion to gradually make it all the way to the far side of your waterfront property and wash away even the last inch of land.

    I’ll write a post on it this weekend, but here’s a preview.

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  6. Bill Wyatt says:

    No organized counterweight to Leftism, political or economic, remains because entryism is legally enforced in the U.S. Affirmative Action and “Diversity” are the means by which the politically-organized left has forceably infected every public or private organization of any size or power in the U.S. over the past 30 years. The principal beneficiaries of affirmative action, college-educated women, blacks and now gays, form a reliably leftist cohort whose presence is legally required in any organization that does business with a government or a contractor to a government (meaning virtually all of them). Moreover, these organizations are legally required to stay attuned to the concerns of this cohort, lest they be accused of fostering a “hostile environment.” Phariseeism, metastatic apostacy and the madness of crowds, arising initially from the competition to recruit the legally-required cohort and reinforced by the necessity of constantly mollifying it, are merely symptons of the infection.

    There is no hope of overturning the Left without a return to legally enforceable freedom of association, especially in employment. As we’ve lately seen, few are brave when their livelihoods are on the line.

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  8. spandrell says:

    The big question is how conspiratorial the entryists actually are. Of course they’d claim that leftist movement was wholly spontaneous.

    • jim says:

      My personal experience from the inside was communist entryism, which was, of course, as conspiratorial, criminal, and violent as one would expect.

      But one might suppose that progressive entryism might be less conspiratorial. It certainly is less violent.

      Observing Jeffrey Friedman’s entryists into the libertarian movement, they were total stooges, without genuine interest in libertarianism, or understanding of it, speaking libertarian buzzwords as sibboleths, without understanding of their meaning, so I would guess they were there because on a payroll administered by Jeffrey Friedman.

      Vox Day claims that the SFWA has been stuffed by “writers” that do not write and have little interest in science fiction, which, if true, is a pretty good indication of conspiratorial entryism.

      (The spelling sibboleth is deliberate. I mean that the entryists spoke sibboleths, thinking they were speaking shibboleths)

      • B says:

        Why did you leave?

        It is interesting that leftist criminality is actually avantgarde, and today’s criminals will be tomorrow’s Cathedral heroes, in fact, are today’s Cathedral heroic outlaws and tomorrow will be Cathedral mainstays (except, I guess, for useful stooges like the Black Panthers, but if they had stayed away from low IQ TNB like smoking crack and murdering random fellow travelers for no damn good reason, they would have probably been today’s establishment too.) See: the FBI document thieves.

        Given such an incentive structure, i.e., the opportunity to be part of a Mafia almost immune from government prosecution and with compounding yields on criminal behavior, and the disincentives involved in pissing off such a mafia, why would someone quit?

  9. Red says:

    Off topic: NYC is harshly charging a black for the knock out game… against religious Jews. Still no harsh punishment for knock out game attacks against whites and Asians.

    This works against the idea that religious Jews are not receiving special befits from the cathedral.

    • B says:

      You know how to read, Red?

      “He was arraigned Monday on five assaults, none as a hate crime, according to court papers. Prosecutors didn’t comment on the reasons for the downgraded charges.”

      Some special benefit.

      In fact, blacks get arrested all the time for TNB directed against whites and Asians, and charged as though this TNB was not racially motivated, which is exactly what we see here.

      Also, there is a large difference between NYC machine politics and the Cathedral.

      So when you see blacks engaging in TNB against Jews being arrested and prosecuted by the DoJ, while the NYT and Harvard chant “crucify him!”, then you can claim that religious Jews get special benefits.

      • Red says:

        They updated the story after I posted it about the reduced charges. You can tell by the comments. I’ll conceded this point. It does appear once the justice system discovers that it’s religious Jews being attacked they treat crimes against as they do with whites.

  10. Contaminated NEET says:

    Jim, when are you going to write more tales about your time as an entryist? Those are every bit as interesting and useful as your more abstract musings (not the abstract, philosophical stuff isn’t good, too).

  11. Konkvistador says:

    Did you happen top read my piece on Conquests Second Law?

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