The elephant in the living room

The Chinese look at America and see the glaringly obvious that Americans cannot see

Chinese advice to Chinese visitors to America

“11. Show Humility to Ladies—They’re In Charge

“In public, the Americans show particular respect for women. Everywhere is “Ladies First.” In social situations, men must show humility to ladies. Men must walk on the outside of the sidewalk, let the woman sit first, open the door for a woman, move out of the way on the stairs or in the elevator to let the woman advance, let women order first at a meal, and let the woman get up to leave first. And when you greet a woman, you must stand up.”

Despite the strident propaganda about white privilege and male privilege, the reality is perfectly obvious to outsiders:

In the streets, blacks and women act like aristocrats, white males act servile, like peasants. Blacks take up a lot more space than they did twenty five years ago, and are louder. Women casually interrupt anyone, including their boss, and talk right over him.

When I say that fertile age women are sex obsessed, I don’t mean that they think about the sexual act itself as much as men do.  If you skim through a romance novel, there are nine hundred pages where the male love interest demonstrates how aloof and alpha he is, a hundred pages where he breaks down, gets weepy, and shows his soft inner core of twu luving betaness, and one page where he tears the lady’s clothes off with his teeth and the couple finally at long last get some action.  As men understand sex obsession, women are not sex obsessed.

The female equivalent of the male executive groping his secretary’s ass is the female executive shit testing the CEO.  And observe.  Female executives shit test their superiors all the time, paying very little attention to the menial drudgery of merely running the business.  In this sense, women at work are seriously sex obsessed.

In this sense, it is sex all the time, work very little of the time.  The company is boyfriend and family.

For girls, shit testing men is like men looking at girls boobs. Women want to go into engineering to shit test men. Men want to go into engineering because as little boys they loved toy trucks and video games. Girls go sex crazy at ten and stay sex crazy till menopause.

When the boss talks to a male executive, it is about how to get production up and costs down. When the boss talks to a female executive, she demands that he inflate her self esteem, or else she is going to charge rape, sexual harassment, and discrimination. If the boss passes the shit test, puncturing her self esteem, he will get laid like a rug, but the company may be put out of business. If he fails the shit test by inflating her self esteem, gets no sex, but the company survives. Men want to become executives so that they can tell other men what to do. Women want to become executives so that they can shit test the hell out of the CEO.  If your boss is a woman, she is much more comfortable if you don’t really give her decisions.

Just listen to the conversation between a youngish female executive and her male superior. It is all shit test, all the time.  She demands he inflate her self esteem.  Work concerns cannot get in sideways. It is a romance novel with the company as boyfriend. In place of the normal transition, puberty swiftly followed by romance and marriage, puberty is instead followed by the job, but they act like the job is romance and marriage, rather than production of value. Used to be that women did not directly enter the male economy except as a producer within a family unit. They still don’t really enter the male economy, just go through the motions, but with the company playing the role of the family unit.

When the boss talks to a male executive, he tells him what he wants to tell him, and asks him what he wants to know. When he talks to a female executive, acts terrified. His words to his supposed subordinate are flattery, appeasement, and endless peace offerings, for which he receives no peace, like a courtier speaking to an oriental despot who might remove his head at any moment for any reason or no reason at all.   Which is why, despite hypergamy, you are apt to get more action than your boss does.

Feminizing the workplace usually does not result in turning it into a sultan’s harem, alas, turns it into a soap opera and a romance novel, one thousand pages of drama for one page of ripping her clothes off with your teeth.  More work would get done if it did turn into a sultan’s harem.

Feminism is driven by sex. They are always talking about rape and sexual harassment because they are always thinking about sex. They are not thinking about careers in engineering because they like the C language, but because the boys in engineering have a status hierarchy in which girls are at the bottom, so they want to shit test those boys by demanding equal, indeed superior, status.

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  3. Jefferson says:

    I suspect that the percent of women in engineering who do it as a shit test is relatively low compared to women elsewhere. My wife is an engineer, and her lady friends from work are, too. Very little crazy there, especially compared to the psychos in marketing.

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  5. j says:

    You Jim a4e confused, and I dont blame you because the situation is confusing. FEmales always were pampered as “the weak sex” and doors opened before them and coats laid over the gutter so they can pass without polluting their pure feet, and given first place on the boats while men – the Captain boss – went down with the Titanic. We males suffer all those indignities because women are hormone fired emotional wrecks, but we need them – they are imprescindible. I dont mean for sex, but for a stable home and family. We take it philosophically that they are given higher positions in the office and promoted to judicial and government positions, we suffer their hysterics and drama. Once in large congress, the translator woman felt that she had been ill treated and broke down in tears, the presentations stopped and hundreds of scientists patiently waied till she was pacified and returned to function. The man – innocent – was chastised for lack of social skills.It seems to me that Jim had never spent a long painful night hearing sympathetically some girl elling her boring stories of feelings and complaints and not being appreciated – all in expecttion that in the end she will get into the mood…

    • peppermint says:

      all in expecttion that in the end she will get into the mood…

      this is where hearing about ‘PUAs’ and their ‘game’ is important

      • B says:

        Peppermint, are you a virgin? NTTAWT

        • peppermint says:

          us far-right Carlylist-Hitlerists really need to stop using ‘virgin’ as an insult. To marry as a virgin is glorious, it means that you never got serious with someone and it didn’t work out.

          A conservative PUA would say that it’s sad that it doesn’t work like that anymore. A neoreactionary, not believing in political freedom or in making politics personal, should do their best to make it work that way in their own life.

          • B says:

            I’m just asking. I think Hitler wasn’t a virgin-he had syphilis, I believe. NTTAWT

          • R7_Rocket says:

            “A neoreactionary, not believing in political freedom or in making politics personal, should do their best to make it work that way in their own life.”

            Ah yes, political freedom:


            And if you point this out on National Review, you’ll eventually get banned.

  6. B says:

    I am friends with a programmer who is well respected in his profession, does well (I am not a coder myself so can’t speak to his abilities, but my impression is that he is good at what he does but not a superstar.) He was working as a consultant for a company which hires young Haredi women, trains them over a year or two to program, then hires them out for various projects at a very competitive price. He said they were solid. These are women who already have a husband, community and children, so to them a job is just a job, not a substitute for the above. If you’d like, I can ask him about his experiences in more details.

    On the other hand, reading Kaplan’s The Arabists, I was struck by April Glaspie, who seemed like a prime example of a woman who was married to her job and let bad boy Saddam Hussein walk all over her. One of her peers at State said that the Gulf War was fought by the US for affirmative action.

    • jim says:

      He has the job of supplying affirmative action quota girls, what is he going to say? That his company exercises a tax on software companies that they have to pay to avoid charges of sexual discrimination, and anti semitism, and that his “engineers”, competent or not, disrupt the workplace to shit test the CEO rather than doing any real engineering, and fuck the CEO and stop fucking their husbands should the CEO demonstrate his manly courage by taking the extremely dangerous course of suppressing any disruption?

      • B says:

        No, he’s a coder. Not involved in the HR stuff.

        In Israel, where he and I live and work, there is not such tax (yet, at least.)

        • jim says:

          He has the job of supplying affirmative action quota girls, what is he going to say? That his company exercises a tax on software companies that they have to pay to avoid charges of sexual discrimination,

          In Israel, where he and I live and work, there is not such tax (yet, at least.)

          You have women in the military and have to call them soldiers, therefore have such a tax.

          Quite likely, for survival reasons, the tax in Israel is not so high as in America, but I can see you paying the tax.

      • B says:

        Has the possibility occurred to you that the majority of programming work out there doesn’t require flashes of genius but is rather drudgework, and that a significant amount of women, especially in traditional societies and not the sewer that is the US, are capable of doing drudgework effectively without acting like psychotic whores?

        • Dystopia Max says:

          Even the drudge-work in programming requires a base mental acuity and modeling capability far above that of the average woman. I’m not surprised that most women instead got into DBA-ing, or pseudo-programming with a limited amount of inputs and possibility space, that tends to require more knowing what the database itself is meant to do (which search inputs to optimize and index where) then trying to keep a model of the entire program’s operation in your head as you figure out why the umpteenth error comes about.

        • jim says:

          Women are quite good at database programming, probably better than men. It requires tidiness and careful organization rather than genius, and there is a plentiful supply of reasonably smart, tidy, and organized women. But the psychotic whore tendency is inherent in them. They will fuck the alpha male. If not all of them, one hell of a lot of them. Then, to prevent them fucking the boss, you introduce sexual harassment laws and stuff to disempower the boss, whereupon they shit test the hell out of their boss, aka “act like psychotic whores”. Chaos ensues, calming down only when they hit menopause.

          • B says:

            Affirmative action tax involves not making people hire contractors of a given minority but create special permanent positions for that minority. These women are contracted, they come in in teams (women only) for a specific term and set of tasks. Again, they come from a traditional culture, have a husband and children and a community, and are thus unlikely to act in the way you describe (though people are human.)

          • peppermint says:

            and you’re sure that now that they have demonstrated their ability there won’t be demands to make them full-time employees because…

            …because the Jews have just about finished destroying the West using feminism among other things and thus would never seriously impose those destructive tendencies in their own country.

            ps. Christianity’s growth in China has just reached Scott Alexander’s ear. Convincing Europe to worship a Jew, thus getting Europeans used to having Jews around, was the best trick the Jews ever did.

            • jim says:

              …because the Jews have just about finished destroying the West using feminism among other things and thus would never seriously impose those destructive tendencies in their own country.

              I wish it were so, but since B is in denial about Israel’s suicidal tendencies towards a one country solution, and in denial about American Orthodox Jewry implementing gay rights, and in denial about Orthodox Jewry in Israel implementing women’s rights, I figure he is likely also in denial about Israeli feminism.

              If Jews were as sane as anti Semites claim, not only would Israel be in far better shape, so would we all. If we actually had a Zionist Occupation Government, we would at least have sane rulers.

              It is more accurate to complain that we are ruled by blacks and women.

              To which Peppermint replies that blacks and women are incapable of ruling.

              Indeed they are.

          • B says:

            Did the Jews also shit your pants?

            Was Susan B. Anthony Jewish?

            Was the Oneida Community Jewish?

  7. Zach says:

    I’ve read or heard somewhere that women have a large influence about how much money is spent where. Something like 80%.

    Presumably, behind each marriage, is some wife, telling the guy where to go, and what to buy.


  8. Alan J. Perrick says:

    The solution wouldn’t be a change from the C.E.O. (employees into concubines or whatever else). It would be a change from the H.R. department, especially the genocidal policy of “Equal Opportunity” which derives from the ’64 “Civil Rights” Act and its successors. This is a marked distinction between China and the United States. The C.E.O.s of both countries are the same kind of person (as defined in this blogpost) and, barring massive change of their individual natures, are incapable of taking any effort to amend or repeal things like the 1964 Act.

    This is probably why the C.E.O.s of smaller companies would be the only kind of businessman to make motions towars legal change – as the ones for larger companies would have had already been vetted against it. A Techno-Commercialist purist would be one who Exits until he finds what he wants.


  9. Dave says:

    What of opinion polls in Japan reporting that 2/3 of women and over 1/3 of men have absolutely no desire to have sex? These are people age 18-34, who should be boffing like rabbits. Is there something in the water supply, or is this just sour grapes?

    • jim says:

      If anime is any indication, Japanese males are suffering from a terrible, and rapidly worsening, testosterone deficit. Two thirds of women not wanting to have sex may, however mean that two thirds of Japanese women don’t want to have sex with their male equivalents because their male equivalents register as lower status than themselves.

      Again, observe the famous prank where someone pretends to be a generic celebrity: Most fertile age females want to have sex with him on the nearest horizontal surface. I bet Japanese women would react the same.

      • Brian says:

        The idea that women are not interested in men with lower status than themselves is an insight I wish I had 20 years ago.

  10. Devalier says:


    I worked at an American software company with lots of twenty-somethings. This definitely happened. I had a cute woman on my team who would shit test me all the time. I would often intentionally fail the tests because I didn’t actually want her to be attracted to me, since she was a head case and I had a steady girl already. She eventually got fired because she wasn’t doing enough work and a new boss didn’t like all her complaining. She cried after being fired, “I was so busy fighting battles, I didn’t have time to do my work.” The problem stated, precisely, with no self awareness. At her next job, she ended up with conflict with her bosses, when to HR complaining about the “boys club”, got fired, and then ended up suing the company.

    So this definitely happens, I’ve seen it. There were other twenty-something women at the company who would do the same thing, though they weren’t on my team so I didn’t see it as much.

    There were also solid female workers. One person on my team was a married woman in her early thirties. She was quiet, productive, never shit-test, and always willing to do whatever the task was. She was more of true nerd engineer than a fake, trendy nerd.

    • jim says:

      Yes, I have met solid female workers. But the female inclination is to be disruptive, and the authority to stop them, the power and will to stop them, is not there. Maybe it is just that disruptive female workers are more salient, but also it is a matter of their response to male authority – a female who is OK because she is loyal to her boyfriend suddenly becomes disruptive (by shit testing workplace males) when her boyfriend cheats on her.

    • Zach says:

      No man, anywhere, intentionally fails a test.

      This is a lie. The rest reads accurately.

      • Matthew says:

        Neal Stephenson, The Confusion

        “What is the Intelligence Test?” he demanded to know, and swept the curtain aside.

        “A private joke,” said the annoyed Padraig.

        But Jack saw good reasons to explain it, and so he said, “Cast your memory back to when Fortune had set us ashore in Surat-”

        “I remember it every day,” said Surendranath.

        “You stayed there to pursue your career. We fled inland to get away from the diverse European assassins who infested that town, and who were all looking for us. Soon enough, we came upon a Mogul road-block. Hindoos and Mohametans were allowed to pass through with only minor harassment and taking of baksheesh, but when it became known that we were Franks, they took us aside and made us sit in a tent together. One by one, each of us was taken out alone, and conducted to a field nearby, and handed a musket-which was unloaded-and a powder-horn, and pouch of balls.”

        “What did you do?” Surendranath demanded.

        “Gaped at it like a farmer.”

        “I likewise,” said Padraig.

        “So you failed the Intelligence Test?”

        “I would rather say that we passed it. Van Hoek did the same as we. Mr. Foot tried to load the musket, but got the procedure backwards-put the ball in first, then the powder. But Vrej Esphahnian and Monsieur Arlanc loaded the weapon and discharged it in the general direction of a Hindoo idol that the Moguls had been using for target practice.”

        “They were inducted,” said Surendranath.

        “As far as we know, they have been serving in the armed forces of the local king ever since that day.” Jack said.

  11. Shenpen says:

    It is also very weird that these “Red Pill” blogs suggests that most American men would gladly have sex with women but not live together with them. So like they are “paying” for sex with marriage and investing into the family, the household.

    I think it is the other way around in Europe, people are tired, stressed, have low sex drive. But they want to live with a woman. It is more comfortable. You combine your incomes, and get to live in a bigger home. You don’t have to eat dinner alone. You have a partner to do some hobbies, activities with on the weekend. You can share housework with someone. So it is overally more convenient.

    What could cause this difference?

    American Red Piller men talk so much about men investing resources into women. This is to my European mind weird.I have no idea what I would do with my resources if not for women. I don’t want to buy anything. I don’t think buying things makes me happier. (Shopping is a chore for me, I order 10 identical blue shirts online, done.) But my wife and child taking away my loneliness does take me happier. And it gives me a purpose to live for. Bachelor life was so empty, I just worked, worked, and then did nothing, just waiting to work again. The too much free time, the lack of duties confused me. I had no idea how to fill the time.

    • spandrell says:

      Maybe this is not about you. Maybe some men exist who like drinking and sports and hunting and fishing and whatever that doesn’t involve women, and those men dont enjoy staying at home with an ugly wife and some brats.

      I’m closer to you, but men like the above are the majority, at least outside Germany.

      • jim says:

        This may be a response to the fact that marriage 2.0 is a really bad deal for men.

      • Zach says:


      • B says:

        >Maybe some men exist who like drinking and sports and hunting and fishing and whatever that doesn’t involve women, and those men dont enjoy staying at home with an ugly wife and some brats.

        Don’t care where you come from
        As long as you’re a black man
        You’re an African

        Don’t mind your nationality
        You have got the identity
        Of an African

    • jim says:

      It is also very weird that these “Red Pill” blogs suggests that most American men would gladly have sex with women but not live together with them. S

      I don’t think they do. Roissy’s blog presupposes that men would rather have family and children, but the current environment makes this impractical, and attempting to do so ridiculously stupid.

      • B says:

        Roissy is being a disingenuous hedonist, and wants the best of both worlds-“gosh, I’d really just want a nice, traditional family with lots of kids, but whatayagonnado-unpossible! So I live in DC and dedicate all my spare time to banging sluts, but it’s not really my preference, just making the best of the hand I was dealt.” This is the exact analogue of a career woman complaining about how she just wants to find a good man and have kids, while choosing the exact lifestyle guaranteed to prevent that from happening, and cutting down every decent man she comes across. The only way we can accurately speculate on true preferences is by watching revealed preferences and ignoring stated ones.

        • jim says:

          I well know men, age about thirty, who paid a horrifyingly high price for a chance of traditional family with lots of kids. It is hard these days and getting harder. Cannot blame people reluctant to pay that price. The Roman Catholic Church will stand behind you to shoot you in the back.

          • B says:

            Let’s not get into personal details, alright? All I’m saying is that we all make our choices. You can tell how much somebody wants something by the price they are willing to pay for it. If someone wants a real family, they will move to a traditional community that lives by traditional values, with a high cost of entry in terms of opportunity and a high continued cost of entry.

            And then they give it the ol’ prison try and don’t bitch too much if it doesn’t shake out. Or they don’t, and say, look, I like chasing sluts and living in DC, no interest in marriage or children, I prefer to be one of the Beautiful Ones on Rat Planet.

            But Roissy is like one of those men who says, oh, you were in the military and did XYZ? Yeah, after high school I really wanted to enlist-I was gonna be a SEAL! But you know, I can’t stand people ordering me around. That’s the faggot way.

        • R7_Rocket says:

          Don’t like Roissy? Then remove the Family Court judges, B.

          • B says:

            I’ll get right on that.

          • Alan J. Perrick says:

            “I’ll get right on that.”

            Just look at the sneer on this fellow.

          • B says:

            I talk like a fag, too

          • R7_Rocket says:

            Looks like B wants to ignore the elephant in the room…

          • B says:

            We don’t have an elephant gun on hand.

            That being the case, there are three choices: hedonism,pursuing virtue as best we can in the face of the odds and taking our lumps, or hedonism while proclaiming ostentatiously our desire for virtue.

            The first is not very admirable but understandable. The last is completely despicable.

            • jim says:

              I am old. I did things the old fashioned way when it was still relatively safe, easy, and rewarding. I banged my virginal wife to be at seventeen.

              One of my sons has done things the old fashioned way now that it is profoundly dangerous and unrewarding. He banged his virginal wife at thirty. And I have no inclination to criticize those that decline the great risks and poor reward.

          • R7_Rocket says:

            “We don’t have an elephant gun on hand.”

            The elephant gun might have to be nuclear powered…

          • B says:

            Saying the elephant gun might be nuclear powered is the same as saying that there will be a deus ex machina. Meaning, effectively, that it is hopeless.

            In truth, nukes wouldn’t help. The problem isn’t lack of force. The problem is lack of conviction, which results in lack of force. Lack of conviction is caused by lack of culture, which is caused by lack of a real set of principles shared by a cohesive group of people. And those principles would have to be much, much better than those of the Cathedral. In other words, neoreaction won’t cut it. To the degree that it has basic moral principles beyond utility, those principles are no different than those claimed by the Cathedral-fairness, etc.

          • R7_Rocket says:

            “The problem is lack of conviction, which results in lack of force.”

            In the words of Lt. Col. Tom Kratman, “Always bring a religion to a religious war.”

            I don’t know the exact state of Orthodox Judaism in Israel, but I do know that Christianity is doing a piss poor job of fighting Progressivism in the West.

            “In truth, nukes wouldn’t help.”

            They’re helping the Russian Orthodox Church in grabbing back its power from the Progressives in Russia.

            • jim says:

              The Cathedral always pats itself on the back for using soft power, but the reason its soft power works so reliably is because when soft power fails, it has no hesitation in using the most brutal and terroristic hard power, as, for example, against the Boers.

              If Russia had not had nukes, would have been swiftly brought to heel by any means necessary, and those means would have been written up in the mainstream media as the successful use of soft power and Russians spontaneously coming to their senses.

          • B says:

            The Russian Orthodox Church has no power. It lends its insignia to the ruling clique. Which indeed has its rule preserved by nukes (I guess) as well as many other factors. All of which hasn’t kept its divorce rate from being significantly lower than that of the US. On the other hand, Chile has no nukes and a divorce rate of 3%. What up with that, dog?

            • jim says:

              We are always ruled by warriors or priests. Stalin treated the Russian Orthodox Church as though it had seven divisions, and Putin’s treatment of it is even more respectful.

          • B says:

            >We are always ruled by warriors or priests. Stalin treated the Russian Orthodox Church as though it had seven divisions, and Putin’s treatment of it is even more respectful.

            You mean when he was putting their priests in the ground and blowing up the Church of Christ the Savior and replacing it with a giant statue of Lenin/a huge swimming pool? Pretty respectful.

            • jim says:

              After unsuccessfully attempting to crush the Orthodox Church, Stalin cut a deal with them.

          • B says:

            >After unsuccessfully attempting to crush the Orthodox Church, Stalin cut a deal with them.

            After completely crushing the Orthodox Church, which had been largely crushed prior to his coming to power, Stalin reanimated its corpse and used it occasionally for his purposes.

            The wiki article on the Catacomb Church adequately discusses what a tiny and irrelevant remnant those who wouldn’t lay down for Stalin were.

            • jim says:

              I can tell a live religion from a dead one. If Greek Orthodox was dead, the Cathedral would not be going after it.

          • B says:

            It’s a zombie in the service of a competitor.

    • fnd says:

      Whenever American SJW criticisms comes, i eventually see some sort of European concern troll, stating that this problem is North America only. Most of these concern trolls appears to be liberal leaning. And the bad news is that it’s not an EUA only problem. EUA sets the trend and the world follows, slowly but surely, except Sweden and UK.

  12. Shenpen says:

    I also don’t understand the action at work part. Maybe it is because the median age here is 42, everybody is married and loyal. There is zero sexual tension at work, of neither kind. The marketing manage way as well be my mother and I am 37. Most women are older than me. I have not seen women below 30 work in office jobs. And most men seem to have both aged and drunk beyond the point where erections are regular. I don’t think I would check out a woman at work even if she was 25, it is not fear, just disinterest, I just don’t have much of a drive anymore, it went out of the window after college. I can see the same on European men. There is not that erotic drive, they want a partner, but not focus so much on the erotic aspect but more like because it is more comfortable to live that way. It seems around here people over 30 are not driven by their genital at all. And not work much under 30.

    I think the whole workplace stess thing causes it. We are so angry, frustrated etc. every evening we just want to kick back with some booze. I think nobody sees here work here as something empowering or inflating the self-esteem, most women and most men would be more than gladly domestic and avoid all that stress if their finances allowed it.

    • jim says:

      I don’t think I would check out a woman at work even if she was 25, it is not fear, just disinterest, I just don’t have much of a drive anymore, it went out of the window after college.

      Testosterone levels falling world wide. I can assure you that not very long ago, that would not have been the case. Used to be the case that if it bends over a seventy year old male would tap it.

    • jim says:

      Well, I don’t know what really happens at your workplace – but you don’t necessarily know either, because if all women are automatically higher status than all men, you will not notice them being hostile and disruptive.

      A test for the latter hypothesis is college attendance. If two women go to college for every male, and non one thinks anything odd about it, then all women are automatically higher status that than all men, in which case your perception of their behavior is likely to be unreliable.

      Another test is who interrupts or talks over whom. If someone higher in the officer hierarchy tends to talk over people lower in the office hierarchy, then the hierarchy is functioning as designed. If women in the office tend to talk over men in the office, including their boss, then the hierarchy is being disrupted by high female status, and women are being disruptive, and their interruptions probably consist of irrelevant hostile shit talk, which you fail to notice as irrelevant hostile shit talk, because their talk seems status appropriate to you.

      • Shenpen says:

        Interruption is a good point. May I ask why do you take it for granted that people are impolite, lack good manners and thus interrupt each other? In our workplace nobody really does it. It is not proper etiquette. It sounds very competitive, harsh.

        But you gave me the idea so I listened today. Women did not really interrupt men because it was largely like women asking questions, how should I do this, what should I do, when will you do that, can you do this, and men replying. However it definitely seems had the initiative in the sense that coming up with new things do while men were generally defensive, this cannot be done, that cannot be done. Since outside the business owner are are one team, there is no other hierarchy, I am not sure what it means.

        • jim says:

          Women did not really interrupt men because …

          By “really interrupt” you don’t mean that they do not interrupt men. You mean that when a woman interrupts a man it is not impolite, not competitive, not harsh, therefore not “really” an interruption, whereas when a man interrupts a woman it is rude, competitive and harsh, and therefore is “really” an interruption.

          But when the high status person interrupts the low status person, it is always seen as not really an interruption, not impolite, not competitive, not harsh. When the low status person interrupts the high status person, it is always seen as really an interruption, as rude, competitive, and harsh.

          Count actual interrupts, not “real” interrupts. If the the person who is supposedly lower status in the hierarchy gets away with interrupting the person who is supposedly higher status in the hierarchy (and by “gets away with” I mean exactly that you perceive it as “not really an interruption”) then the hierarchy is being disrupted rendering the firm dysfunctional.

          So just count the actual number of interruptions and one person talking over another, rather than what is “really” an interruption.

    • thinkingaboutit says:

      I think along with the marriage part, the urge to screw strangers is dampened in the west by too much intermingling of the sexes. If you are surrounded by non-wife women all the time, you have to consciously or subconsciously suppress your sex drive in order to avoid being driven crazy by lust.
      Western men have grown up surrounded by unrelated women in school, college and the workplace. Maybe falling testosterone is a response to maintain their ability to function normally.

      • Nyan Sandwich says:

        that might be it. Holy shit that might be it.

      • peppermint says:

        also, if you live in one of the major cities, you need to ignore a lot of things that look like human female but are actually garbage, such as dago sows and polackettes.

    • Zach says:

      Good post shenpen.

      lol we’d be brahs I think. Too bad this is not possible.

  13. Shenpen says:

    You are either making this up or maybe it is some American specialty, because it is entirely unknown in Europe. I work in Vienna, Austria. Discussion between men and women at work are short, succint, to the point, objective, professional. Overally people are not very social so there is no chatting, no coffe machine talk and similar bull, it is succint. It’s “can you send X tomorrow?” “no, I am waiting a reply from X to finish it” “OK I will push X to reply to you today”. That is all. Dicussion between men is similarly succint, it is not a living room, we are not much interested in each other beyond what contact is necesary for team-work. (Team-work is a very often used term, to remind people they have to cooperate, otherwise they would just do their own thing their own way.) Women do gossip a bit at lunch, I guess it is in their blood.

    • VXXC says:

      1] American women have the power of Feminist Sharia over us, and with us as slave Chattel. Not men. By Law.

      2] America is not yet conquered, and it’s key to Progressive world domination, as well as it’s Financial component. Most of our Political conflicts stem from the root conflict that our elites have conquered the world, but not their own people.

      3] Our women fulfill the function here of the STASI in East Germany.

      4] If the Hapsburg’s were still a world power, your politics would be different too.
      Especially Progressive Hapsburg’s.

    • Zach says:


      Shenpen, get real. Europe is silly.

    • Brian says:

      Jim has delivered a startling insight, with a good deal of explanatory power. Again.

      I don’t know if it’s true on the deepest level, or merely a way of looking at dysfunctional corporate culture from a different angle.

      But, as Jim has done in the past, he’s outlined something that explains much, even if it’s fearsome to contemplate that he may be right.

      God help us all.

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