The vast majority of rape accusations and the vast majority of rape convictions are false.

It is perfectly obvious that few if any rape accusations against white heterosexual males are true, and the “rape on campus” case confirmed what was obvious to everyone who was not keeping his eyes tight shut.  There were thirty six rape accusations that year on Virginia University Campus, none of which led to disciplinary action, and if any of them had been the slightest bit believable, Rolling Stone would have run with them instead of Jackey Coakley’s story.

It is equally obvious that almost no convictions of white males for heterosexual rape are true.  If you look at the details of the case, they always sound suspiciously like “domestic abuse” cases, and anyone who knows women knows that few domestic abuse charges are true, probably none of them are true.  If a woman actually suffers domestic abuse that she does not want and does not aggressively seek out, not hard for her to wander off to another lover who will treat her like a princess.  But these women have the strange habit of wandering off from one  “abuser” to the next.  And if they don’t get “abused” they will attack their lover with a kitchen knife till he is forced to defend himself.   “Domestic violence” is merely a shit test that gets physical.  Watch female cats shit test tomcats.  Human female sexuality resembles feline female sexuality more than it resembles ape female sexuality, perhaps because we are primarily carnivores, while apes are primarily vegetarians.

But a progressive will tell you that they all true, because women never lie, and it is absolutely a miscarriage of justice that so few complaints to the police result in rape convictions, and that what seems glaringly obvious to me, is the exact opposite of what seems glaringly obvious to him.

One in nine rape complaints investigated by Scotland Yard resulted in conviction.   So, of those few convicted, how many were actually guilty?  Well, from what I know of women, I would say none of them, or none of them in the sense that a half drunk woman wandering in a dark alley with her boobs about to pop out of her dress who then gets into a car with a total stranger is not exactly a rape victim, but other people disagree with my assessment of women, so how will we empirically test this question?

Well, two Scotland Yard rape trials have recently collapsed, when it was discovered that the police had been concealing convincing evidence of innocence.  In both cases the accused was savagely defamed in the newspapers, his life was destroyed, and he had been kept in jail for a long time without trial as “a danger to the public”, on the whimsical and changeable word of some drunken sow, whose identity was protected, and who continues to be protected, despite evidently being guilty of malice and perjury.

So, with police cutting corners to get rape convictions, and imprisoning men without trial, they still only manage to get one in nine convictions, and their two most recent rape cases were revealed to be abuse of police power and miscarriages of justice.

If the most recent two, likely all of them.  The UK is now re-examining all currently active rape cases, which will no doubt mean the release of a great many males locked up without trial as “a danger to the public”.  How about re-examining all recent rape convictions?  But evidently the government does not want to go there, which itself tells me what they would likely find.

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  2. […] short week from Jim, covering one of his usual bailiwicks: the Woman Question. Jim claims that the vast majority of rape accusations and the vast majority of rape convictions are false. Understand, reader, that Jim is more hardcore on the Woman Question than you, and always will be. […]

  3. Mister Grumpus says:

    (Give us your take on “Q Anon” sometime, please.)

  4. TBeholder says:

    If a woman actually suffers domestic abuse that she does not want and does not aggressively seek out, not hard for her to wander off to another lover who will treat her like a princess. But these women have the strange habit of wandering off from one “abuser” to the next.

    Codependents are fucked up in such a way that they do exactly this, according to those who sorted out headcases (shrink4men, for one).
    But then, they don’t run around and complain to everyone about being abused, let alone run to police.
    Maybe could be bullied into blaming an ex by the new “star”, IDK… but even this would take time.

    • jim says:

      This is not true. Abused women love drama, and complain about real and imaginary abuse to any male who might plausibly be more alpha than their husband.

      • peppermint says:

        If codependents are a thing, why were they only discovered recently? The ideology underlying your claim is mental health, which is the wanker child of the solipsist professorial interpretation of Christianity, itself a professor’s coup against normal Whites.

        An actually abused woman can leave. No one is stopping her, and no one was stopping her 1000 years ago. Historically the husband would keep the children and of course the house, and she would have the same chance of remarrying as now.

        My parents said all the pious things about abuse of women and of course my teachers were all weird and broken people. I’m not sure when all the public school teachers went from being married men and women to being single women, but it was happening as I was going through. So I truly believed in abuse of women and endeavored to never do it and to protect women from it wherever I found it. And I never did find it, what I found was women trying to get their men to do things or just being irresponsible, and elite women wondering how to balance work and life by projecting their concerns on normal women like Marge Simpson. Maybe that’s just my White provilege, right?

        In fact, Black women did, at one point, make up for being Black by being slutty to get in with the elite, so it wasn’t such a big stretch to suggest that that’s the only reason for their reputation as loose. Now that all women are sluts and Black women have endless privilege, the same elitists, no lnger elite in any way, say the same thing and wonder why no one listens to them anymore.

        • peppermint says:

          (sorry, clicked the wrong reply button on my cell phone)

        • TBeholder says:

          If codependents are a thing, why were they only discovered recently?

          It’s an inductive rabbit hole. Also, simply not true: “henpecked husband” is not some new phenomenon.

          The ideology underlying your claim is mental health

          Not really. It’s just stupid terminology, no more, no less.
          While psychololgy in general tend toward ridiculous, there seems to be a divide. Those who describe cases are “confessor” types, and they don’t seem to connect well with theology or rely on it – just cherry pick what aligns with observations and stretch it as needed. Some even go full heresy and make up their own theories (like Eric Berne).

          • peppermint says:

            Henpecked is something that happens to the husband and maybe it is or isn’t because of his situation and behavior.

            Codependent is something the husband is inside, regardless of situation and behavior, and it’s toxic masculinity to put “his” wife through that, and the solution is to bring in an expert to browbeat and metaphorically cuck him.

        • John Sterne says:

          “co dependents” were probably first identified in the 1939 edition of the “big book” of Alcoholics anonymous, where its noted that the alcoholics family particularly the spouse is effected in a way that leaves a lasting emotional psychological impact. In 1951 bill wilson’s wife founds alanon for those who are involved with a alcoholic to learn to live sanely. alateen was soon formed too.
          I could be wrong but my experience was it seemed by about the 80s AA had enough medical and mental health professionals recovering within AA that they started to think about synthesizing their two spheres of knowledge AA and psychology. This led to a lot of some good and some bad work thats technically nothing to do with AA since we have no opinion on outside issues meaning pretty much anything we stay out of.However AAs themselves were no more immune to this sort of recovery psychology as the rest of the population. and some was good, some a bit over the top.I don’t know how applicable this all would really be to the nrx hbd female conversation. for instance from one perspective 40s housewives were being loyal to the SOb drunk husbands cant fault that,stand by your man. Yes sure theres probably an element of the bad boy in the drunk Ok well more than a bit. But by the time a woman is being mentally harmed from us its gone beyond mere attraction to our rakishness.I mean we get pretty pathetic.Id have to say its a real thing but i have less sympathy for wives than children of course i think women have a tiny bit of agency.If they dont then i suppose its like the same as for children, which is to say its not the same womens game

      • TBeholder says:

        The dramatically distressed damsels want and seek “improvement” (or at very least proof of their worth), whether they are really “abused” or make elephants out of dead flies.
        And then there are those who seek to invent excuses for the partners treating them like crap and telling them they should be grateful. Of either sex – the henpecked dudes fall here almost completely. They avoid changes. Which is the part shrink4men clearly finds most frustrating – they apply only if they are about to get ditched and want someone to fix for them what never was anything but broken and obviously never could be.

        • peppermint says:

          TB, what is your definition of “broken” and “fix”?

          Because until the 20c people recognized that it’s impossible to know and doesn’t matter what’s going on in people’s heads, in fact no one really believed in the retard-tier dualistic soul theory promoted by losers like Plato and Descartes, the idea when people are married and capable of going along there’s something to fix and someone should give a psychologist money to metaphorically cuck the man by talking directly with his wife about what a terrible person he is when he’s in the room and not able to even speak up, would never have occurred to anyone.

          This idea that everyone deserves better, and better means infinite gay interracial transaged teledildonic sex in The Cloud, is the most astoundingly retarded idea since Plato’s Republic. And that’s exactly what Black Mirror unironically promotes to Netflix-watching bugmen.

          First they stole our future in with Star Trek and other pedo scifi. Then they stole our past. Now they’re trying to destroy us physically.

    • John Sterne says:

      youre stretching the term co dependent its a term for the spouses of addicts not syndrome would be closer

  5. Stephen W says:

    Of course they need to prioritise affirmative action rape prosecutions against innocent white men, before they even think of arresting knife to throat diverse rapists and Muslim Gang Rape Gangs.

    • Robertt says:

      Muslim “rape” gangs emulate sexually what gubbimints do to the rest of us.
      Gang “rape” is a high expression of Democracy: ten democrats vote to copulate with one dissenting voter. Before cultural insanity grew to the point of men allowing whining, screaming meemies to get suffrage extended to females*, the vagina carrier wouldn’t have been given a vote.
      * The majority of women opposed being compelled to vote. I say, “compelled,” S normal women had to vote to counter the feminist and effeminist vote.

  6. Ed Lonegan says:

    See: and also (top of 3rd page). Reading the content at these 2 links will, pretty much tell you all you need to know.

  7. John Q Public says:

    These are “great white defendant” cases. Too good to check.

  8. Glenfilthie says:

    I can’t speak to the issue of rape accusations – but it surely has the ring of truth to it.

    Unfortunately our host is absolutely right about domestic abuse. I did volunteer handyman and charity work for a battered women’s shelter years ago and quit in disgust. I will not do anymore volunteer work for them, or support their charities with cash or financial support – and you shouldn’t either because it’s mostly a sham. Most battered women that use social services for domestic abuse are substance abusers and drunks. Many do things to their husbands and children that MERIT a bitch slapping at the least – like getting caught in the act of banging the mailman, next door neighbour or neglecting the kids in criminally negligent ways. The shelters are usually run by elderly cat ladies and SJW harridans intent on being paid for their virtue signalling. In the couple years I worked there I think I saw maybe one case of obvious abuse. Needless to say, there are any number of secondary social programs pandering to these women that are scams too.

    The best description I have ever seen of domestic/spousal abuse is this: it’s a case of two idiots fighting, and the smaller or weaker idiot losing. That one came from a cop I know, who’s had to answer any number of calls involving this ‘crime’.

    It’s typically not something guys like us have to worry about unless we go around sticking it in to any idiot that spreads her legs at the drop of a hat for us. It’s unhealthy female behaviour that liberals unfortunately promote and enable. The good news about that is that their batshit crazy women are now going after the liberal manginas, white knights, and Marxist morons that enabled feminism in the first place. I mightily enjoy seeing idiots like Weinstein, Jian Ghomeshi, Spacey and other phonies being hauled off to Pervert Island and charged with sexual misconduct.

    Don’t fuck crazies and you won’t have anything to worry about.

    • Alf says:

      Heey a quality comment by glenfilthie! Wonders have not left the world.

    • herodian says:

      Except that the percentage of crazies increases every year.

      • Glenfilthie says:

        That’s because the lunacy is institutionalized now. Women are told to expect to get it all. They get this from the schools, the media, the courts, and the gubbimint.

        In reality today’s woman has more choices than a man does. She can have a great career, probably without having to make the sacrifices a man would – OR she can have a family. If she wants a good family, she will have to sacrifice for it the same way a man makes big sacrifices for a good career. All this is anathema to the feminist narrative and when narrative and reality collide at relative velocities – women go to pieces and more often than not, take others with them.

    • glosoli says:


  9. PBW says:

    Rationalize and cover for their poor decisions. Majority of calls to rape hotlines are merely women not happy with what they did the night before, not rape.

  10. peppermint says:

    The way they used to get young White men on board was to say that peasants used to eat nothing but grain while the aristocracy ate all the meat before FDR, whereas I watched my dad give up roast beef sandwiches as too expensive.

  11. Garr says:

    “Human female sexuality resembles feline female sexuality more than it resembles ape female sexuality, perhaps because we are primarily carnivores, while apes are primarily vegetarians.” — That’s an interesting and well-articulated thought/image.

  12. Mycroft Jones says:

    Occasionally, you see a crack in the matrix. A few years ago in Canada, there was a case of statutory rape, witnessed by dozens of people. A teen girl took ecstasy, then had sex with five men in a public park, as dozens of party goers walked by. According to Canadian law, what happened was statutory rape. The girl was a willing and enthusiastic participant, but was underage relative to the men fucking her. Passerby took photos. They spread like wildfire through the community. The girl was justly shamed for her conduct.

    Then the government rode in like a white knight, to her rescue. None of the men who had sex with this teen girl in public were charged. The people who took photos, that is, the people who gathered evidence of the crime, were charged. One young man was put on the sexual offenders list for possessing child pornography… because he photographed the event with his cell phone and showed it to the police.

    So, you can see from this, that the system fears patriarchy so much that it will suspend the regular “rape” rules in the interests of giving women every chance to whore around without consequences.

    How do you prosecute a child molester when it is illegal to have evidence that can be used against him?

    Drain the Swamp. Burn it Down.

    • Robertt says:

      Please don’t abuse the language. A teen girl is unlikely to be a subject of “child” molestation. A “pedophile” (literally “child-lover”) is an adult who is sexually attracted to prepubertal persons.
      A 15 year old girl, unless severely developmentally hindered, is post-pubertal. The reason for prohibiting pre-post-pubertal females from voluntarily engaging in sexual intercourse is to protect their vaginas from being damaged by adult dicks, not for infringing a girl’s ancient right to copulate.
      Before anyone jumps up objecting about other orifices, appendages or surfaces,sexually stimulating activities with other than dick and vag are from dimmest antiquity called “sodomy,” in which not even a decent, morally upright whore would participate.

      • Roberto says:

        >The reason for prohibiting pre-post-pubertal females from voluntarily engaging in sexual intercourse is to protect their vaginas from being damaged by adult dicks

        Hmmm. Let’s see…

        “During twenty-three days in every month (in absence of pregnancy) from the time a woman is seven years old till she dies of old age, she is ready for action, and *competent*. As competent as the candlestick is to receive the candle. Competent every day, competent every night. Also she *wants* that candle — yearns for it, longs for it, hankers after it, as commanded by the law of God in her heart.”

        The “pedophile” who wrote that 7-year-old girls desperately desire to be vaginally fucked? Oh, just a poor nobody named Mark Twain.

        Inb4, “Roberto, are you promoting sex with horny 7-year-olds right now?” – no, but you can’t legalize jailbait if you don’t examine the full scope of the development of female sexuality, which nowadays is strictly taboo. Every normal man, every healthy testosterone level possessing man, wants to legalize jailbait, but you can’t have that as long as you’re terrified of the p-word, which your enemies will always use against you.

        So what do you do? Go full-Jim, that’s what.

  13. Mycroft Jones says:

    News to celebrate: Paris Hilton, whore extraordinaire, has been disinherited. And her parents, who didn’t exercise proper parenting, have also been disinherited. There are still people with standards in this world, even among the wealthy set. This is a reason for hope. Not every billionaire is into the Eyes Wide Shut lifestyle.

    • Thales says:

      Eh? I thought Paris Hilton was “disinherited” years ago in a manner similar to Warren Buffet’s kids.

      • Mycroft Jones says:

        You are most likely right. It may be old news, but it is still good news. 🙂

      • Robertt says:

        And Buffet took his cue from Andrew Carnegie, Scottish penny-pinched extraordinary, who came to ‘Murica with $26 and matured into a Steel Magnate. His billions, of which the measurement numbers have been multiplied 100x, disinherited his children, leaving them with a small (by hundred-billionaire definition) bequest.
        Donald Drumpf’s dad did similarly, leaving the Duck with a nice little $250 million starter packet.

  14. Mycroft Jones says:

    The real problem is that “rape” is a made up crime to act as a proxy for the real crime, the one that noone dare speak aloud, now that patriarchy has been outlawed. And what is the real crime? The real crime is against a man’s honor, when a man seduces or otherwise defiles a sister, wife, or daughter who is under his care. Once you understand this, all the wierd rules about “rape” and the disproportionate penalties make sense. It is, however, a POOR proxy, since people can’t be up front about the real issues, justice is never really served. Rape is a proxy for the crime of enwhoring women who have been stripped of their patriarchal guardians.

    • StringsOfCoins says:

      Theft is the real crime.

      But we’re all supposed to larp that women own themselves, while they keep throwing themselves in utter desperation against any man who shows a sign of owning them.

      • jim says:

        Exactly so

      • peppermint says:

        To do that, they had to replace the ethnic ethos that was unfortunately referred to as Christian Anglo-Saxon civilization via the solipsism of sola fide personal salvation with the masturbatory notion of mental health, according to which it could be claimed that nothing was wrong with whores, since after all they are simply acting out thier nature when separated from their men, but maybe something personally wrong with the men fucking them.

        While mental health was teased in Batman: The Animated Series, it is only hated now that everyone knows someone hurt by the drugs and now the tranny stuff. Cannabis legalization is happening in no small part because people hate mental health professionals and their drugs. The collapse of mental health coincides with the collapse of the entire baizuo outlook.

      • Mister Grumpus says:

        Direct hit!

      • Mycroft Jones says:

        This ties in with Jim’s earlier comment about pimps being cucks. A pimp is a cuck, but the pimp/ho relationship isn’t about cucking. It is more primal than that. Women WANT to be given or sold. They want a father figure to give them permission to have sex. The pimp acts as the father to the ho, “legitimizing” the sex act in her limbic hind-brain. Remember, sex isn’t safe if daddy catches you in the act. That is why even after hundreds of years of being cucked, the wedding ritual still has the father “give away” the bride to the groom.

    • jim says:

      Yes – we over punish and credulously over believe rape, because 白左 do not allow us to punish whom we really wish to punish.

      • Theshadowedknight says:

        We also have hostile holy men playing monkey in the middle. On one hand preventing the fathers from taking command, and on the other desperately seeking the white rapists of whom their faith speaks, while interpreting the signs and omens of the sacred feminine, e.g. thots.

        The Shadowed Knight

  15. Theshadowedknight says:

    Tell someone their job depends on finding something, and he will find it for you. Subset of believing what he has to believe. Police taking orders from priests on violations of holy law. Inquisitors, not police, but pretending to be police. Shows need to separate inquisition and police powers. King should have Grand Inquisitor and High Sheriff, one each.

    The Shadowed Knight

  16. […] The vast majority of rape accusations and the vast majority of rape convictions are false. […]

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