Trump is on the ball

I had hoped for a self coup making Trump King and erasing the constitution by now, but he is making significant progress. Maybe we will see a self coup on his third term.  He is not yet in control, but he is definitely biting the permanent government at the edges.

Protecting American Workers

Trump killed the Transpacific Partnership, killed the Paris Treaty.

The Transpacific Partnership was not so much a free trade agreement as a system of economic regulation by the “International Community”.  Free Trade for corporations big enough to own a skyscraper in a major city and fill it full of lawyers. Lesser businesses would find themselves criminals because of a thousand pages of regulation that no one reads and no one understands, least of all those enforcing it.

He has “reopened” negotiations on NAFTA and, surprise surprise, the negotiations are not going too well – looks like NAFTA is going to die, or else be radically modified in favor of the US.
Trump prepares to give NAFTA the shaft
The biggest issue is that Trump wants forty two percent of a car to be built in the US, to get NAFTA status in the US. At present, the rule is sixty two percent of a car built in the US, Canada, or Mexico. Which in practice means Mexico, in part because regulatory burdens and corporate taxes are highest in the US. Canada has the lowest corporate tax rates, but a higher regulatory burden than Mexico.

Trump obstructs H1B, the program for legally bringing in cheap workers from India and Pakistan.

DOJ files suit against company for not hiring Americans

US agency raids Indian IT firms

Silicon Valley Staffing Firm Charged, H1B Fraud

China, U.S. reach trade agreement on beef, poultry and natural gas

China opens rice market for US exports for first time ever

First U.S. Natural Gas Shipped to Poland

Trump slaps tariffs on Canadian lumber imports

United States and Mexico finalize sugar trade deal

Crude oil shipment from Texas opens new vistas in India-U.S. ties

Argentina agrees to allow first U.S. pork imports in 25 years

Companies behind Trump’s $250 billion China deal

Fixing the economy

One important thing he is doing is fixing the economy, bringing back the flyover country jobs, the smalltown jobs, the lesser city jobs, that the regulatory state was systematically destroying.

When people leave flyover country to the big cities, they are outvoted by the horde of Democratic party voters imported to America to live on crime, welfare, and voting Democrat. More people in flyover country means more seats for Republicans, fewer seats for Democrats, increasing the Democrat problem that the horde of angry white hating criminals that they have imported to vote Democrat tend to cluster in certain locations that are already solidly Democrat. Obama used to dump Somali rapeugees on marginal electorates in flyover country in order to reduce this problem, but that program has of course stopped and those rapeugees are percolating back from marginal electorates in flyover country to big city electorates that are already solidly Democratic Party.

Pruitt on a mission to change the climate of the EPA. The ideology of Anthropogenic Global Warming is motivated by hatred of white men and the industrial civilization we created, and is a rationale for destroying us and destroying our civilization. It is evident from the Climategate files that climate scientists have absolutely no interest in whether the world is getting warmer or cooler, nor whether humans are causing it or not. They are after ammunition, not the truth, they are looking for any mud that they can hurl. The Paris Treaty disproportionately affected America because it was largely targeted at destroying flyover country.

Day One: Secretary Zinke Signs for Orders to Expand Access to Public Lands

Zinke Signs Secretarial Order To Streamline Process For Federal Onshore Oil And Gas Leasing Permits

Mulvaney: Obama Administration Had ‘Secret List’ of Regulations

Trump budget chief touts progress in rolling back regulations

Trump Cut Regulations 32%

Remember all those libertarians who told us that they supported sodomy, open borders, and race replacement, but they were supposedly totally opposed to taxes and intrusive economic regulation. Have you heard them praise Trump for cutting taxes and economic regulation?

No, they say Trump is the evil big government conservative.

Mick Mulvaney on the Budget, Congressional Scorekeepers and Staying Frugal

Research and Development Priorities. This prioritizes research towards questions that might result in prototypes and demonstrations of feasibility that entrepreneurs could develop for profit and jobs. This is a radical re-orientation from current priorities, which reward finding grounds to regulate private enterprise on real or imaginary externalities, which externalities connect everything to everything else, generating a flood of real and imaginary issues that make all matters too complex for human comprehension.

If an official scientist found something that expanded the power of the regulatory state, he gets cash and prizes, and anyone who attempted to replicate his results had better not disagree. Getting one’s results made into regulation or government programs tended to constitute decisive evidence for the truth and correctness of those results, as in the infamous animal fat controversy. Testing the animal fat question was deemed immoral and dangerous, because we already supposedly knew the answer, though in fact there was no real evidence on the issue, just a “scientific consensus”.

Trump Lays Out Plan to Privatize Air Traffic Control System

President Trump Announces “Massive Permit Reform” Push

Trump Signs Order Rolling Back Environmental Rules on Infrastructure

Trump vs. the Regulatory State

President Trump has proved to be a full-spectrum deregulator,

CFPB Now a Deregulation Department, Mick Mulvaney Staffing CFPB with Trump Loyalists The CPFB was a slush fund for the left. The CPFB would threaten to destroy people’s businesses unless they paid off left wing activist groups. Thus it would destroy the productive jobs of whites, and create highly paid political activists. Fewer employed whites therefore fewer Republican votes, more highly paid political activists, therefore more Democratic Party votes.  Trump has done far more to defund the left than Reagan did. Similarly, the Justice Department settlement slush fund.

Rick Perry and the “Texas Approach” to Renewable Energy and Infrastructure

Rick Perry’s Plans for US Energy Dominance

A Vision for American Energy Dominance

Trump approves US-Mexico pipeline: ‘That’ll go right under the wall’

Oil starts gushing through controversial Dakota Access Pipeline Notice the total lack of protests this time. The left’s inability to marshal its usual rivers of meat is because Trump has slightly reduced their funding. Since funds for the left tend to get stolen by leftists, funding is not very effectual unless continually increased, thus even a small decrease radically reduces left activism.

DOE Announces $6.9 Million for Research on Rare Earth Elements from Coal and Coal Byproducts. It is only a tiny amount of money, but it is an important symbol. For the last sixty years coal has been so evil, racist, hateful, and low status that no high status person would have anything to do with it, but now a bunch of high status people will have to be associated with coal if they want to get some of that gravy. Also, rare earth elements are as high status as coal is low status.

U.S. coal exports soar, in boost to Trump energy agenda, data shows. Remember all those highly credentialed economists swearing that the collapse of the coal industry was a natural result of economic forces, not a regulatory assault by bicoastal elites who hate white men in flyover country and want to destroy their lives. “Trump is lying, those coal jobs are gone and are not coming back.”

By the way, the U.S. has become the world’s dominant energy superpower

Coal Production Up 7.8%

President Trump’s executive order will undo Obama’s Clean Power Plan rule

EPA’s Pruitt moves to roll back over 30 environmental regulations in record time

Trump’s EPA To Repeal Obama’s ‘Waters Of The US’ Rule

EPA chief says administration to roll back Obama’s clean power plan

And these deregulatory measures are having the promised effect on the economy

Trump Cut More US Debt for Longer Period than Any President

2017 Debt Growth slows

Q3 GDP up 3.2%

Government spending as % of GDP down

Exports 2.5yr high

Record 6M job openings, 6.8M Americans looking for jobs

Small business confidence spurring hiring and spending spree

Wages up 2.5%

Inflation 1.7%

Consumer confidence NOV 129.5 17yr high

Consumer Sentiment Up

Economy Reaches Its Potential Output

63.1%: Participation Rate: Trump-Era High

Fewest Jobless Claims Since 1973

2.2M jobs added since election

2017 Unemployment record low in 13 States

Summer Youth Unemployment Lowest Since 1969

Black Unemployment Lowest in 17yrs

Hispanic Unemployment all time low

Unemployment to drop: lowest since 1969

Manufacturing Expands at Fastest Pace in 13yrs

Summer employers hired American, raised wages

Recovery Trickling Down to Least-Educated Workers

Median Incomes Climb- First Since 2007

Blue-collar wages surging

Job Satisfaction Highest Since 2005

1.5M Fewer on Food Stamps

Net worth rose 1.8%

New-Home Sales 11yr High

2017 Durable goods rose 5.4%

Dow: first eight-quarter winning streak in 20 years

Stock market powers wealth to $96.2t

Ok, but what about an out of control judiciary continuing to flood America with criminals, terrorists, and Democratic Party voters?

Trump Is Rapidly Reshaping the Judiciary.

And the Deep State?

Sessions Declares Fight Against Elite Pedophiles Top Priority

While eyes are on Russia, Sessions dramatically reshapes the Justice Department

How the CIA Is Changing Under President Trump

DOJ will intervene in campus free speech cases

Trump Defied Bureaucracy to Advance Immigration Agenda

Haley cheers cuts to UN peacekeeping: ‘We’re only getting started’ (UN peacekeeping in practice looks mighty like State Department terrorism)

US secures $285M cut in UN budget

Four charged with leaks from Trump administration

DOJ conducting 27 investigations into classified leaks

Sessions ask FBI for info on Uranium One

Sessions orders review after report Obama gave Hezbollah pass

Tillerson to shutter war crimes focused State Dept. office

It’s a bloodbath at the State Department

Tillerson Tightens Limits on Filling State Department Jobs

State Department to Offer Buyouts in Effort to Cut Staff

Report: Trump plans to cut foreign aid, merge State and USAID

Ryan Zinke plans overhaul because Interior Department employees ‘not loyal’

It is now a year, and still no wall

Final Panel in Upgraded Border Fence Installed

Army Corps starts pre-construction work on border wall

Texas Wildlife Refuge Prepared for First Border Wall Segment

Bill allocates $1.6 billion for border wall

Border wall prototype anti-climb testing begins

Feds take over Texas National Guard border mission

Border Patrol Morale at Highest Level

Border Crossing Arrests 46yr Low

Memo: ICE officers have free rein

ICE Morale Through the Roof

Raids target suspected gang members

80% jump in illegal targets

New crackdown on sanctuary cities

ICE wants smuggling charges on leaders of sanctuary cities

Denver To ICE: Stop Arresting Illegal Immigrants At Courthouse. ICE To Denver: Not A Chance

17 Texas sheriffs approved to partner w/ICE

ICE crackdown scaring families back to Mexico

Raids turn Oregon city into ghost town

Self Deportation Up 31%

Trump ends Obama-era delay tactic

‘Extreme Vetting’ for green cards

DACA Renewals Drop 21%

Reforms To Immigration Courts

Sessions announces crackdown on ‘so-called’ sanctuary cities

DoJ Stands by Texas’s Voter ID Law

New Order Indefinitely Bars Almost All Travel From Seven Countries

Trump takes more Christians than Muslim Refugees. Christians are being terrorized by Muslims. Muslims are not being terrorized by Christians. That is the way it always has been, even during the Crusades, when brave Christian knights actively defended Christians recently overrun by Muslim hordes. Why are we taking in Muslim “refugees” – oh yes, Christians might not vote Democratic.

Fewest Monthly Refugee Arrivals in August Since 2002

Trump signs order cutting refugee quota to lowest level since 1980

Trump Announces ‘Extreme Vetting’ Plans

Trump set to DEPORT 300,000 refugees

Trump to announce new refugee admissions cap, stronger vetting rules as ban expires

U.S. walks away from UN migration agreement

War on Guns

DOJ Halts Operation Chokepoint, Which was Targeting Gun Dealers

House approves concealed-carry reciprocity, gun bill faces challenge in Senate

War on men

Campus Rape Policies Get a New Look as the Accused Get DeVos’s Ear

DeVos’ meetings with ‘men’s rights’ groups over campus sex assault spark controversy

Betsy DeVos Is Right: Sexual Assault Policy Is Broken

DeVos to Replace Obama-Era Sexual Assault Guidelines

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  1. […] he has so often in the past, as a dispenser of white pills re: Trump. This week, he reminds us that Trump is on the ball and getting things done. This particular post is more linkfest than anything else, linking well […]

  2. TTAAC says:

    So Trump is a “Very Stable Genius”?

    • peppermint says:

      Yes, a year later, he’s openly mocking them, and they have no chpice but to report that he said it and that they disagree for no real reason.

    • jim says:

      He is a genius.

      Every time liberals go “shithole shithole shithole” they remind the voters that they are about to shutdown the government to import voters to vote for making America into a shithole.

    • pdimov says:


  3. glosoli says:

    Jim, I just noticed (after c. 18 months) that your strapline reads: liberty in an unfree world.

    Wouldn’t you agree that liberty is a myth. We will never be free, and that’s the incoherent point of liberalism: some authority has to impose our freedoms on us. We need to ensure that we have the right authority ruling over us, sane and just laws, ideally Jehovah Himself, via a tribe of men, but otherwise a just godly King and a nobility.

    How about changing that liberal line to: Jehovah’s authority in an uncontrolled world. Or something similar if you want to avoid pissing off the minty one.

    • Oog en Hand says:

      From 2012 on, I started to preach hard-core theocracy as the solution. Hell is eternal!!!

    • TBeholder says:

      How this isn’t holiness-baiting?

    • peppermint says:

      Jim explained liberty in his essay about Drone, Alter, and Hold. Liberty has existed many times in White history, but leftists used their liberty to say first that Drone and Alter should be put away because we’re in stage 3, and then that we don’t actually have liberty (thus their name liberals as if they would provide it) because we had rules – sometimes they said they wanted a stage 4 with no rules, and people just thought they were selling lameo stories to each other as a small industry within the normal economy.

      They took over the entertainment industry with these stupid and salacious stories not in small part because the non-leftists were putting on insulting morality plays, but also through crypto-Jewish ethnic networking.

      While peace, order, and liberty are the three stages of White conquest of other Whites since time immemorial, it was always mendacious to refer to the mechanism of one stage as obsoleted by the emergence of the next. We need the Throne and Altar to exist or the Freehold will fall, not immediately, but over the course of many years, as observed.

    • peppermint says:

      You’re right though. America was founded by a cult of modernity, deism, and the rational man citizen scholar, more Lucifer than Dildolech. Dildolech entered the pantheon later.

      • peppermint says:

        Lucifer is a cuck, he told his followers to worship the choice of choosing Dildolech

        • peppermint says:

          (thus pride tops the sin list. Is personifications of virtues and sins, recognized as forms, then asserted to be real by a reverse hylomorphism, the way Platonism infected Christianity?)

    • jim says:

      The freehold part of “Throne, Altar, and Freehold” is the best implementation of liberty we had. Liberty for freeholders. Liberty for those capable of using liberty responsibly and effectively.

      What is wrong with liberalism is that it attempts to provide liberty for people who are by nature slaves.

  4. TBeholder says:

    He is not yet in control, but he is definitely biting the permanent government at the edges.

    But, but, “he will not divide us by zero!”
    Oh, right, this orgy already already have begun. 😁
    The “left singularity” continues to spin up ever as it rolls away from power to enforce anything?
    Or they lost coordination once boys working directly for Soros and Clintons got more important things to do?

  5. John Q Public says:

    This reminds us that being reactionary, rather than some idiosyncrasy, is just the result of dealing realistically with the world we live in. The Inner Party has brought disrepute on modern representative democracy by constantly attempting to “elect a new people.”

    • peppermint says:

      Democracy means rule by ((media)), but before it meant that, it meant constant, exhausting civil war by other means, and before that, the death of Socrates. Give it up already.

      • TBeholder says:

        There’s a difference between democracy and ochlocracy.
        Though in the end both lean toward oligarchy.

  6. Alrenous says:

    I never bothered to check, I just assumed NAFTA stood for “Not A Free Trade Agreement.” I didn’t need to check, it turns out. It’s mercantilist, and Trump wants to make it more mercantilist.

    If making the car more American is more expensive, then it will increase the price of cars. Since cars cost more to make, there will be fewer of them. Since America will now have less aggregate wealth, inflation will result, due to slackening demand for dollars on behalf of goods. Everyone will take a pay cut. Deadweight costs being what they are, the gain from car makers will be less than the loss to everyone else.

    Of course if you do only one or two industries, the effect is negligible. Just some special favouritism. If you do all the industries, the economy will collapse.

    • Simon says:

      And then the economy will re-structure.

      • Alrenous says:

        It is logically impossible, unless Trump also attacks the bullshit regulations that are making American cars expensive.

        Mexican cars should cost more to make, due to unreliable labour and the extra security costs. If they don’t, it means USG is really fucking up. (Well, actually not fucking up – outlawing manufacturing is the point.)

        • jim says:

          Trump is attacking the regulations that make it expensive to build cars in America.

          The affect of protectionism on cost is second order. The effect of deregulation on cost is first order.

          Thus the net effect is bound to be an improvement in the affordability of cars.

          • Alrenous says:

            The net effect of Trump is probably more affordable cars.

            The net effect of mercantilism is less affordable cars. There will be fewer cars, or they would already be made in America. If there is less stuff, there must be less wealth. Indeed there might be slightly less other stuff because welfare bums know they’re poor and factory workers don’t necessarily, thus they will waste more.

            Maybe through second/third-order voting-less-Democrat effects, you may end up will less expensive cars. Highly indirect.

            Perhaps it’s politically impossible for even Trump, but what he should do is scrap NAFTA entirely and open the borders entirely, then change whatever it is about America that’s driving carmakers away. Pray to Gnon, don’t dictate to him. Gnon will win regardless.

            • jim says:

              > The net effect of Trump is probably more affordable cars.
              > The net effect of mercantilism is less affordable cars.

              Undoubtedly, but the net effect is irrelevant. The important effect is the effect of Trump’s mercantilism on likely Trump voters in likely Trump states, who are likely to enjoy a substantial benefit, since the costs are largely born by the loss Angeles area, the Bay Area, the New York Area, and the Massachusetts area, while the benefits go largely to white people in the other states.

              Also, even if the effect was totally destructive, it would still raise the status and dignity of people who manipulate atoms relative to people who manipulate bits, just as burning down Ferguson raised the status of black males relative to whites.

              • Alrenous says:

                No, Trump’s mercantilism will harm Trump voters on average. They are poorer and more vulnerable, and less than 90% of them work in car factories.

                Nevertheless there will be more Trump voters. Partly this is because Trump on average is good for the economy, and partly this is because voters are dumb.

                • pdimov says:

                  >They are poorer and more vulnerable


                  <$50,000: 53% Clinton, 41% Trump
                  $50,000-$100,000: 46% Clinton, 49% Trump
                  $100,000 & over: 47% tie

                  Your mental model is slightly off.

                • peppermint says:

                  Since Marx, jews have come out in the open, and there are also dirt, bean, sand, curry, and rice niggers everywhere; race is a more important aspect of identity than class.

                  Marx said that there are three types of people, boo jwasy, petty boo jwasy, and pro lateral. Moldbug had a different model with more classes, while the Marxists of the early 20c claimed that the reason the White working class in the US was conservative is that they were the “labor aristocracy”, trying to tie that to imperialist superprofits or whatever to pin means of production on them, but everyone knows that these labor aristocracy are actually the middle class, and the difference between them and the petty boo jwasy, despite their strict separation in relationship to the means of production, is minimal.

                  We must furthermore distinguish, not only between the ((media and governmental bosses)) and the normal economy bosses, and their workers and the normal economy workers, but within those industries, the men who work for a living and don’t have access to the women, and the men for whomst’d’ve the women always taken as part of their compensation package.

                  That’s why pound me too is actually a right-wing meme, and why mercantilism not only works for the right now, but has always worked for the right, while classical liberalism was from the beginning leftist.

                • jim says:

                  > No, Trump’s mercantilism will harm Trump voters on average. They are poorer and more vulnerable, and less than 90% of them work in car factories.


                  Trump voters are primarily white males. White males are not poorer and more vulnerable – as we are continually reminded.

                  Trumps mercantilism creates jobs in non hub towns. His deregulation destroys quasi governmental jobs in major regional hub cities. It is a massive transfer of jobs and money from places that vote ninety percent democrat, where no republican has the slightest chance of winning, to the people located in the states that voted for him by a slender margin, or that he lost by a slender margin.

                  Mercantilism benefits the group that voted for him – moderate to low income people that work in low status jobs. The benefits go primarily to them, the additional costs go on everyone – most of whom are either high income, living on quasi governmental jobs, or low legal income, living on crime and welfare, who tend to be predominantly located in areas where no republican can possible win.

                • peppermint says:

                  Maybe racism became a sin in the 40’s because since the 00’s there were only three classes of relationship to the means of production, and because progressives agreed with commies on goals, jew commies took over all the progressive institutions. Moldbug was trying to fix commieism by adding enough classes that Whites would continue to define themselves in terms of class.

                  Progressives were tolerated because they do have the right to advocate for social changes as long as they’re not collaborating with foreigners or conspiring against the government.

                  Conspiring against the government was strictly legal and few recognized the foreignness of jews.

                  We need to add to the conditions under which progressives are allowed to advocate that not during a civil war. And voting is a civil war.

                  But voting wasn’t such a civil war in the beginning. It became a civil war when political parties were formed and when they became wrapped around identities instead of merely disagreements within one identity.

                • Alrenous says:


                  There’s the stats. Very rich people voted Hillary. Perhaps more precisely, I should say: white Hillary voters are richer and less vulnerable. Definitely, the overwhelming Trump income segments are going to be noticeably harmed by mercantilism, because they are not rich.

                  Trumps mercantilism creates jobs in non hub towns.

                  Jobs fetishism. It doesn’t matter if people work. It’s all about stuff per capita. Mercantilism results in less stuff per capita.

                  Check: if robots did all the work, then there would still be plenty of stuff for people. (Though there might be a distribution problem.)

                  it isAs I keep saying, Trump is. Trump’s mercantilism is not.

                  Mercantilism benefits the group that voted for himMercantilism benefits the favoured group. In this case, car factory workers, at the expense of everyone who buys a car. The former group is much smaller than the latter group, even if we only consider Trump voters. If you stack enough of these, then even the car factory workers will suffer net harm, along with all the other ‘favoured’ groups.

                • jim says:

                  Not seeing it.

                  White people in Alabama build cars for brown people living on welfare and crime in Los Angeles to drive. If you raise the price of cars, the effect is a large transfer of wealth from brown people living on welfare and crime in Los Angeles, to Trump voters, a large transfer of wealth from states that voted overwhelmingly for Hillary, to states that were marginal during the 2016 election.

                • Pseudo-chrysostom says:

                  Jobs fetishism is not nothing; people who don’t have stuff to do are people laid up at home or on the street with directionless energy, which can lead to criminal activity, or worse, political activity.

            • pdimov says:

              Hurting your enemies is not the same as dictating to Gnon. I’ve said so before – the left uses the state to hurt you, that’s how the game is played; if you don’t use the state to hurt them because libertarian principles, they win. Your regulations and their regulations are zero sum, as you compete for the same fixed car price.

        • pdimov says:

          You use classical economics when it suits you – higher price, therefore less affordable – but you don’t apply it in other ways.

          Cars are already sold at whatever the market will bear, and they will continue to be sold at whatever the market will bear. What will change is what fraction of the price goes where. At the moment, it mostly goes into safety features Trump voters don’t care for and don’t need, and into regulatory costs ultimately benefiting the left.

          Increasing the cost of labor that goes into the car will leave less of it for other things. Trump voters better off, leftists worse off.

          • Alrenous says:

            Are you a liar or do you need more points in reading comprehension? I use Austrian (that is, true) economics, and your accusation only highlights that I use it more consistently than you do.

            The ‘safety’ features are there because they’re legally required. If labour costs increase, the ‘safety’ features are not going anywhere unless Trump attacks them independently.

            Moreover, cars made in Mexico still need these features. It has no effect on where they’re made.

            Alternatively, if Trump attacks things like OSHA and EEOP directly, the car manufacturers would move to America without being forced.

            If you like OSHA (and you should only if you think voters are serfs) then yes you need tariffs on all countries that don’t have identical rules, because otherwise all it will do is put folk out of business.

            • jim says:

              The safety features are an absolutely insignificant part of regulatory costs. What is expensive is compliance, jumping through the hoops to show that you have the safety features and have implemented them correctly.

              The government generates gigantic and impossible administrative costs, and then dumps these costs on other people. Trump is always talking about this problem, and it is a problem that is much easier to solve by executive order than the safety features themselves, which are almost irrelevant.

              • Alrenous says:

                Mexicans have to verify the safety features too. It does nothing to drive factories out of America.

                Another major factor is personal taxation. I don’t know how free the American labour market is, but in a free market, wage taxes are basically a fee the factory pays for labour.

                The cost of the worker is driven down to the risk-adjusted capital cost. They get paid that. If there are taxes, their wages can’t go down: they can’t work on less. Hence, the tax falls entirely on the factory. Hence, the factory sees higher labour costs due to personal taxation.

                • jim says:

                  NAFTA institutes an international regulatory system. Factories in Mexico do not have to verify compliance to the same bureaucrats in the same way as factories in Kansas, and in practice, regulatory compliance is vastly less burdensome.

                  If you go to California, you will see that white people face enormous restrictions on adding extensions and making alterations to their house, let alone building a house in the first place. Mexicans in California don’t. Whites in California cannot drive a car without a license. Mexicans in California can. Whites in California cannot drive while dead drunk. Mexicans in California can.

                  Regulatory compliance for a factory in Mexico hiring Mexicans is far less burdensome than regulatory compliance for a factory in Kansas hiring whites.

                • Alrenous says:

                  Factories in Mexico do not have to verify compliance to the same bureaucrats in the same way as factories

                  Yes, on OSHA and EEOC and EPA etc, as I’ve been saying. Not on the safety features in the cars themselves, which must exist to be sold in America.

            • pdimov says:

              >because they’re legally required.

              Legally required things only happen when they are economically feasible. Make them infeasible, they disappear.

            • Alrenous says:

              Speaking of serfs, if you think the voters are serfs, the answer still isn’t OSHA. The answer is serfdom.

    • jim says:

      At present NAFTA is mercantilist in ways that do not favor America.

      Suppose that adjusting NAFTA to be pro American mercantilist harms American consumers more than it helps American workers, as it well may, nonetheless it will help American workers to live and work where their votes matter,and among the consumers harmed will be a horde of people living on crime, welfare, and voting Democrat.

      By helping workers it will primarily help whites, and will primarily help whites located where their votes matter. By harming consumers, it will in large part harm nonwhites, and will in large part harm them where their votes do not matter.

      • Alrenous says:

        Must concede that is true.

        • Carlylean Restorationist says:

          It is true and it’s a deep truth at that.

          We righties have long been conditioned that laissez-faire is morally superior to government interference on the grounds of ‘natural rights’, but natural rights is a liberal concept and doesn’t really explain our revulsion at government interference. What we’re really objecting to is the idiocy and wastefulness of it all. What we crave is efficiency, not (equal) natural rights.

          When interference protects productivity, our fetish for ‘natural rights’ leads us to mistakenly shun it, favouring wastefulness and stupidity. That’s how we classical liberals cuck ourselves. It’s funny how every variety of rightist in the current year ends up being led to cuck themselves.

          It hurts at first to shed this little fetish for natural rights but once you see that a Whig is a Whig is a Whig, it all gets a lot easier.

          • peppermint says:

            > What we crave is efficiency

            I don’t care how much sugar queenie has in her pile and son’t want to get uploaded to The Cloud for infinite gay transaged sex after I die.

          • peppermint says:

            > Aryans don’t belong to a factory or a hive or even an extended family clan, we belong to a nuclear family group inside a nation. We seek resources to build up our nations and support our families so the kids can grow strong and have a chance at success in life.

            A brilliant insight. Tricky bit is aligning the state with the family group. Another tricky bit is “nation”.

            Whites always have a synthetic tribe, an adoptive tribe. And religion is an adoptive tribe.

            • pdimov says:

              Perhaps make another account without edit rights, or make the edit links red? Now rest of the comment is gone and it has the wrong byline.

          • TBeholder says:

            «All sentient beings are created unequal. The best society provides each with equal opportunity to float at his own level.
            —The Gowachin Primary»

          • Alrenous says:

            You see ‘Natural’/’human’ rights vs. not rights and think property rights are the former.

      • Pooch says:

        Could you give more detail on how it would harm nonwhites? It would definitely harm rich liberal whites in democratic areas but do nonwhites living on crime or welfare really have money to buy things like new cars?

        • Rhetocrates says:

          You’ve never lived in a Black neighborhood, have you?

          Here’s how it works. Momma draws the welfare check to support the family. Baby-Daddy-of-the-month works a side job, sometimes legal and sometimes not, and almost always ethnically connected.

          Momma keeps BDotM around for three reasons. The first is the deep-seated need of the female of the species for male headship. The second is the sex. The third is, all the money from his side job is disposable income. They blow a LOT of money on cars.

          In the US, for households with an income of $50k or below, luxury spending is inversely correlated with total income.

          (That last bit is something I just pulled out of my ass, but I’d stake real money on it being strictly true.)

        • jim says:

          Looks to me that nonwhite people living on crime and welfare spend more money on cars than white people with jobs spend on cars.

    • Koanic says:

      If you believe in free trade, I’d like to rent your daughter.

      • Alrenous says:

        Fun fact: free trade is the opposite of non-trade, it is not coerced trade!

        • peppermint says:

          What’s the difference between forcing you to rent your daughter and making it so the only way she can compete for attention from anyone she would even consider marrying is to offer her pussy for free?

          • Jehu says:

            That really only applies to a daughter who is NOT a virgin. Quite a few guys will court a virgin with an eye towards marriage without insisting she give it up. But only a fool would do so for a woman who is not a virgin. Why? Because if she gave it up for HIM, but not for you, she’s obviously not that into you.

            • peppermint says:

              If a woman makes it to 22 with her virginity intact, which used to not be very hard, she still has to compete for 26 year olds for attention before she can marry one of them. But 26 year old men don’t marry anymore. She has to wait until she’s 26 – still known as a frigid bitch and weird by everyone – to compete for the attention of 30 year old men. Then, at long last, her virginity is a selling point. But she competes for the attention of weird okcupid guys, not normal guys who marry someone they’ve been fucking for a while, whereas their slightly more slutty friends have been in long term relationships the whole time, and some of them are already married.

              Thus, my first serious gf in college was willing to give it up for me if I had been willing to lie and say I expected it and had done it with my high school gf. As soon as I told her I was a virgin, she immediately recognized that she could keep me as a sweetheart without giving it up.

              Do you know how normal women have relationships with muds? This one non autistic but plain looking girl I knew in college finally got a mud to say it was her boyfriend. She took all kinds of in a relationship pictures with it and paraded it around. She tried to get in a relationship with autistic me first, and I should have, but didn’t, take her up on the offer, since I knew that there was this other guy in our circle who had wanted her first, and didn’t want the drama. When I met it randomly during their relationship, it looked at me with eyes full of fear. When she got bored of being in a relationship for the sake of saying she’s in a relationship, she dumped it, and was single for a while. Her next bf, who she is currently married to, is a normal White man. They have two dogs and no kids.

      • Ron says:


        I now finally understand why the verse tells men not to prostitute their daughters.

        Because that is renting them out.

        Instead we are obliged to permanently sell them.

        That is called a successful marriage.

    • pdimov says:

      “If making the car more American is more expensive, then it will increase the price of cars. Since cars cost more to make, there will be fewer of them.”

      In roughly the same way in which if you increase the tax rate for the rich, the rich will pay more taxes. Except that’s not how it works because there are second-order effects.

      It’s better to look at “car incidence” instead. There are people who can afford a car and those who can’t; and after the change, these groups will change accordingly. In what direction?

      • pdimov says:

        I now see that Jim’s made the same point, in a more Jimean manner.

        • Alrenous says:

          No he didn’t.

          Yes, the incidence in cars will change. Mostly the poor will lose cars, and the rich will have slightly smaller cars.

          • pdimov says:

            The important thing is – “yes he did” – will the median Trump voter be more able or less able to afford a car?

            • Alrenous says:

              Less able. Trump voters are disproportionately poor. The rich and powerful voted Hillary.

              Some of Jim’s supporting facts are wrong, but don’t kill his argument. The move would/will convert some welfare dependants to factory workers, in other words D->R. Despite the fact that, to exaggerate, they won’t be able to afford a car anymore.

              • pdimov says:

                There was an article making the case that Trump voters were already unable to afford cars, which is why Trump won. I can’t find it though.

                • James says:

                  Trump’s voters, on average, earned more than Hillary voters. Trump’s voters were the insecure working poor plus a large contingent of moderately well off types like engineers and small business owners. Hillary’s voters equivalent to Trump’s working poor were the non-working poor.

                  The rich are not numerous enough to impact voter demographics.

            • jim says:

              Right now, the ability of the median Trump voter to afford a car is improving. It is on economic policy that Trump is having big success. And his economic policies are clearly targeted and benefiting the median Trump voter, also at locating the median Trump voter where his vote is likely to be effective. So chances are, that when he is finished with NAFTA, the result will be more of the same.

    • peppermint says:

      …and Americans should do well in school and go to college to get service sector jobs

      • Alrenous says:

        This is a prime example of how sophistry is about recruiting low IQs as an army against higher IQs.*

        It works on folk dumb enough to think I like teachers. However, it works on all such dumb people, which naturally outnumber anyone tall enough to ride, and wins popularity contests, such as voting.

        *This only works until the higher IQ starts lying themselves. In principle the higher IQs could lie such that the voters do something smart and consistent, even though their beliefs are inconsistent. (E.g. Cathedral doctrine is inconsistent, but that doesn’t harm it much.)

        However, in this case we can see the side effects: to reject Prussian school, the sophist’s gull also has to reject sound economics.

        Although Cathedral doctrine can maintain some pretty tasty inconsistencies, it’s impossible to say, “We need to get rid of teachers because good economics is bad, and also keep good economics.”

        “All races should have equal representation because all races have equal IQ, and also niggers are dumb.” See? It doesn’t work. (In this illustration, we assume equal representation is necessary or desirable.)

        So the nearly-high IQ tries to win against the high IQ, but all that happens is the high IQ starts lying, which as we can see causes unlimited decay in middle class morals. They attempt to imitate what they believe is elite habits, but is in fact merely elite lies. (E.g. middle classes apologize for being raped, elites look for ‘good schools.’)

        Since lies are reliably more rhetorically powerful than truth, this is why free speech is bad. Ultimately it desecrates middle-class behaviour. Anyone speaking without an unavoidable financial penalty upon lying should be assumed to be lying and censured. Of course this policy may be impossible, but it’s the right starting goal.

        But while we’re talking ideals, there also needs to be some loophole for earning trust. The above, implemented straight, is a self-fulfilling prophecy in most cases. Nobody is trusted, therefore, nobody can earn trust, ergo, nobody is trustworthy.

        Luckily, right now, since the penalties don’t exist, earning trust can be done easily. Still a catch-22, because the whole problem is that in practice trust cannot be lost. “What a web we weave…” Right, but if it’s not your first rodeo the gull is almost infinitely gullible.

        • peppermint says:


          • Alrenous says:

            Low IQ gulls: “Ha ha! Yeah, I don’t have more than 15 seconds of attention span either! Let’s get a beer!”

            The diligent or smart know peppermint responds to and posts long comments all the time. A transparent lie. Probably couldn’t think of anything better, or is just throwing shit to see what sticks. Works, though.

            Again, the tactic only wins if A) it’s a popularity contest and B) the higher IQ themselves refuses to lie. Popularity contests are almost strictly in contradiction with knowing true things. Like, feminism kind of works and female equality is widespread. Come on, what did you think was going on.

        • peppermint says:

          > Anyone speaking without an unavoidable financial penalty upon lying should be assumed to be lying and censured.

          Now we just need some nonpartisan fact checkers.

    • glosoli says:

      If there were to be less demand for cars from dollars, and therefore those dollars are not spent on cars, that would be deflationary, not inflationary, as the velocity of money would decline in that case as dollars would sit in the bank, not spent on cars. Maybe some would be spent on horses & carts, still not inflationary. Inflation is determined by the amount of dollars in existence, and the velocity with which those dollars are spent. Not the price of cars.

      Good try though.

      • Alrenous says:

        Velocity is meaningless and if you think is isn’t, it demonstrates you do not think for yourself.

        • bob k. mando says:

          says the guy who wastes time denominating “Wealth” in a currency.

          • Alrenous says:

            Are you a liar or do you need more points in reading comprehension?

            • bob k. mando says:

              i can, right now, today, hand you a bill denominated for 100 hundred TRILLION dollars.

              that is, or was, legal tender at the time that it was printed.

              and you presume to call me the Liar.

              a Currency based on a specified quantity of some Commodity ( such as the bi-metallism the Constitution requires our Currency to be ) can make a claim to representing actual Wealth.

              not only does our Fiat ( “an arbitrary decree or pronouncement” ) Currency not have that ability, given that we actually ‘create’ it via fractionalizing DEBT ( the precise opposite of “Wealth” ), but our existing faux-Currency was designed for the express intent of raking Wealth off into the coffers of the Banking Class.

              since the creation of the Federal Reserve, the Central Bank has destroyed 98% of the purchasing power of the USD.

              and this was intentional.

              and you’re so fucking stupid you presume to use an inflationary, fiat, fractional reserve metric as though it has any rational meaning.

              • peppermint says:

                hey numbnuts, currency has value because people think itnhas value, same as everything else, the question is always of how much work you can hire for it

                • bob k. mando says:

                  hey numbnuts, go tell the people of Weimar and Zimbabwe how valuable their currency is and how it represents ‘Wealth’.

                  what you’re talking about is Speculation and has less intrinsic, substantive, Objective Value than a Dutch Tulip bulb.

                  and, as i’ve already pointed out, +98% of the Wealth that people thought they possessed in 1913 has been destroyed, inflated away into thin air.

                  because *you* accepted a Lie ( “an arbitrary decree or pronouncement” ) as having intrinsic value.

    • peppermint says:

      I don’t care how big queenie’s sugar pile is.

    • peppermint says:

      Rigidly systematic thinking that ignores how people relate to each other followed by abrasively expressed but funny paradoxical conclusions is the political expression of autism. Try getting some marijuana – it works, I use it – and thinking about how people feel about things.

  7. Oliver Cromwell says:

    Trump is a rightward blip in a leftward trend. If he doesn’t coup – and he might – it would have been better to have elected Clinton, who would have committed the US to some war for leftism in which it would have been completely humiliated. This would at least have permitted some of its colonies to break away.

    • peppermint says:

      Could the US have destroyed Poland and Hungary and Russia if the war had started last year?

      At this point, if the Jews stage a coup right now, the White race will survive in those countries. The Jews face a new threat: no White person with nationalist leanings will ever trust them again, and one White country they don’t control has nukes.

      At this point, American nationalists can focus on our country, whether we will get it all back, a rump state, or make them explicitly destroy us.

      • peppermint says:

        Ten years ago, if the political situation hadn’t changed, the Jews would be able to rule over mongrelized mostly caucasoid populations in virtually all formerly White countries and tell the remaining White working class they must compete with mongoloids, followed by intermarriage of Jews into the ruling classes of remaining White and mongoloid countries.

        Today, instead, the Jews face more or less organized resistance in all White countries and caucasoid countries, and, seeing what’s happening to Whites, will never be allowed to insert themselves into mongoloid countries. They have just pulled the plug on Muslim Nationalism since Iran started cornering the market on it.

        Arguably, the Book of Esther never happened, and at any rate our people were bait and switched into pretending it’s a Good Book. The history of Jews in Europe since ((Jesus)) was successfully confused and at any rate it was ultimately our choice all along. The things the Jews have done for the long 20th century, however, are so well documented, and the knowledge of evolution, game theory, and race so well founded, that no nationalist of any other nation will ever again trust a Jew.

        They can’t continue escalationism, because open civil war means they lose. They can’t de-escalate, because open conversation means we survive. They can’t continue what they are doing, because antifa is totally gay, and transsexualism has a very short shelf life as political lifestyle movements go (traps are cute for maybe one decade). The goyische left must continue full steam ahead because the internal logic of the movement demands it.

        The White working class now grabs the pussies of the daughters of the governmental and entertainment and education sectors, where the reverse used to be the case, while the sons of those sectors film themselves getting their dicks removed.

        • Sam J. says:

          Very good analysis. They see this as well as you do. I speculated that the tension with China and Russia might be one of their many cracked psychopathic plans. They get a US vs Russia/China nuke war and while this is going on nuke Europe and the middle east. I doubt this will happen now whether Trump is totally on our side or not.

          The Jews are not able to control their hatred and deviant behavior and more and more people realize it every day. This time is different because of world wide documentation. They can’t just pick up and move somewhere else and proclaim they were abused by the former mark.

    • jim says:

      Yes, if he does not autocoup, he merely will have slowed the frog boiling.

  8. Trump must be winning? Now the media (aka deepstate) is attempting full throttle “gas lighting” of our President. What the hell is happening at CNN?

  9. pdimov says:

    Don’t know how true is Fire and Fury, but it’s fun.

  10. glosoli says:

    Sadly all of it is too late.
    The mighty dollar will soon be a terminal case, leading to full-blown hyperinflation by 2032.

    The rats will have stripped the carcass and fled home, or to the East.
    Good luck to legacy USA, it’ll be a bloody civil war.

    • peppermint says:

      (1) why do you care about the dollar? Dollars are garbage that oldfags think are cool because they looted our economy in dollars, by loaning the SS money to the treasury then looting the treasury money leaving IOUs that will be called in when SS doesn’t have enough income tax revenues as if the treasury will, and by importing beaners to drive up the price of housing and do cheap home improvements for them to drive up the value of their houses so they can reverse mortgage them for dollars.

      (2) the rats are fleeing? GOOD! They are the #1 threat to the future of the American nation.

      (3) civil war? Bring it. We all know how that ends: either the Americans have a rump state to themselves, or at least the rest of the Aryan race knows exactly what is at stake and survives.

      I hope for a peaceful resolution to the democracy crisis and genetic uplifting of the mixed populations on this continent, while the pure non-Whites can be given wildlife preserves.

    • Mack says:

      The God-Emperor will initiate hyperinflation.


      Because to implode the almighty United States Dollar is to implode the almighty United States Government.

      One cannot exist without the other.

      One will not exist without the other.

      Deus vult.

      • Carlylean Restorationist says:

        With the greatest respect, readers of this blog are familiar to some extent with the Chinese perspective. At no time did currency debasement shenanigans lead to the end of the Chinese government, sadly.

        Once the dollar’s been inflated away, they’ll make a new one. It’s possible the libertarian/prepper analysts will be temporarily right and the US will adopt SDRs or even gold-backed Yuans, but in the long run it’s inflationary/confiscatory fiat all the way.

        Democracy means the plebs gets to vote themselves your stuff. It doesn’t mean the plebs get to vote themselves your stuff once until the dollar collapses then never again. It means they get to vote themselves your stuff.

        • Mack says:

          Jackson killed the bank because both pistols misfired.

          After Lincoln was shot in the head, the greenback was quietly forgotten.

          Kennedy was the last President to preside over a currency issued by other than the Federal Reserve.

          Donald Trump has a bust of Jackson in his office and eats the worst food in existence because he’s afraid of being poisoned.

          Donald Trump cannot build a wall because he has no money of his own, because the money is controlled by his enemies.

          I’ll be conducting my business in Trumpbucks; how about you?

          Deus vult.

    • Dave says:

      The best thing about civil war is that everyone except white goyim, blacks, and native Americans will pack their bags and go home at the first sign of trouble, not wanting to be cannon fodder in someone else’s war.

      I’ve been banned elsewhere for saying this, but government is not the League of Women Voters, it’s the League of Men with Guns. Currency debasement proceeds apace until the men with guns notice how little their paychecks buy and start agitating for a coup.

      Usually, as happened in Russia, the government then changes course, printing just enough money to pay the men with guns, and telling everyone else to sod off. Sometimes they even default on bonds denominated in their own currency!

      This is a head shot to feminism, as the government no longer subsidizes female independence or enforces female supremacy in the home. A Russian man can now have a divorce in 30 minutes by handing the judge a wad of cash, and the wife gets nothing.

  11. Carlylean Restorationist says:

    We’ve all been so used to being downbeat and downtrodden for so long, it’s hard to break the habit.

    Good job you’re being objective about all this Jim.

    You’re right, real progress is being made. This is important stuff.

  12. Cavalier says:

    Long live the Trump.

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