The vast majority of rape accusations are false

When the media goes shopping for stories of innocent black victims shot by whites, whom do they come up with?

They come up with nine year old honors student Martin Trayvon and gentle giant Michael Brown, that is who, because in reality almost every black shot by a white was committing assault resulting from a recent or intended robbery.

And when they go shopping for stories of innocent women brutally raped, who do they come up with?

They come up with Crystal Mangum and Jackie Coakley. Crystal Mangum is a whore.  Jackie Coakley will not stop when friendzoned.Crystal Mangum is a lying thieving drunken violent whore, who made up the Duke University rape story to talk her way out of an arrest for drunken violence after an industrious night of whoring. She is currently in jail for drunkenly murdering her boyfriend while drunkenly trying to steal his rent money.    Maybe we really should take a look at the character of rape complainants, rather than the character of the accused.

Jackie Coakley was friendzoned by Randal.  Naturally, being entitled to the boyfriend of her choice, she did not take that rejection lying down – well actually she seems to have done quite a lot of lying down but that is irrelevant to our story.  She invented a fake boyfriend, using a picture of someone she had never met, to make Randal jealous.  No reaction from Randal.  After a while, Randal and friends come to doubt the existence of this relationship.  Then she tells Randal and friends that her imaginary boyfriend has brutally raped her – which is potentially quite harsh for the real person on which her imaginary boyfriend is based.  Randal and friends piously say they believe, possibly because you can get in big trouble for not believing, but everyone in her circle of friends and his circle of friends behaves as if she is complaining about flying saucer abductions.  From time to time her story changes radically.  Randal declines to give her the sexual comfort that she appears to be fishing for.

Erdley, the journalist responsible for numerous tales of rape, tells us that she goes around shopping for rape victims.  Everyone she comes up with is incredible, which tells us that credible victims are in mighty short supply.

Renda testifies to senate about rape on campus, in order to shut down fraternities and due process, so that any man can be convicted by any women, regardless of whether he has ever met her, without any examination of the credibility of the accusation.

Sabrina Rubin Erdely goes looking for rape cases to backup Renda’s testimony

Meanwhile, on campus Jackie Coakley was friendzoned by Randal.   Erdely comes sniffing around the campus looking for rape cases.  And what she finds is Jackie Coakley – whose story, when told to Erdely, changes radically, changes to a remarkably good fit to Renda’s senate testimony, with Jackie’s story almost quoting Rendal.  Jackie Coakley has told numerous and incompatible stories about her supposed rape or rapes, all of them charging boys who either do not exist, or who had no relationship with her and were far away at the time.

If most rape accusations were real, if any significant proportion of rapes were real, would not Erdely have been able to find someone who had actually been raped?

Unjustified shootings of blacks by whites are so rare that they have trouble finding them, and so, when looking for a poster boy, black man shot by demonic white, come up with nine year old honors student Trayvon Martin and gentle giant Michael Brown.

And so it is with rape cases.  They look for poor innocent girl ravished by brutal blondes, come up with Crystal Mangum and Jackie Coakley.  Crystal Mangum is a whore.  Jackie Coakley will not stop when friendzoned.


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  1. 1 says:

    While the likes of Paris Saint-Germain, Bayern Munich and Real Madrid have also been linked.

  2. OldStudent says:

    Just read this again. There’s a new book called Hellstorm by Tom Goodrich
    about the atrocities and thousands of women raped by the
    Allies. I won’t bother to read it, though, because almost all rape claims are lies. Jim said so, it’s truth.

  3. Zach says:

    Brahs gotta keep brahs in line. Preferably this is personal. Now it is not.

    The heading is absurd Jim. Stop being a dumbass.


    • jim says:

      According to a police officer, all rape accusations made by adults are false, in that he has never encountered a genuine accusation, and neither have any of the other police officers he has talked to about the matter.

      And the only reason he says rape accusations made by children are valid is that he is counting them as incapable of consent, even though underage girls who have sex with adults are usually the sexual aggressors, and badly behaved and in need of a thrashing for multiple reasons in addition to having sex with adults.

      • Thinking about it more in the light of recent headlines, I theorize the situation is this:
        Guys don’t rape women who know their names in a climate where they are highly likely to be punished for it, and punished out of all proportion (in their eyes) to any pleasure they might gain from the act. Guys are not uncontrollably lustful, and control themselves when it is advisable. And for this reason, accusations against them in such climates (such as modern US) seem invariably to be false.

        OTOH, guys who have a good expectation of not being punished:
        for example politically connected elites who have expectation the police and system will protect them, the Rotherham rapists, occupying armies when their commanders give them a green light (but not when their commanders vow to string them up if they rape), guys in cultures that will let them get away with it, may all very well rape.
        This last, for example, seems to explain the fact that in Indian government statistics show very little rape, but surveys of guys there show 1/4 or some such say they have raped, almost always a wife or gf. So in such climates, accusations are likely mostly true, but avail the woman little, in fact generally lead to her further punishment.

        • jim says:

          Do surveys show one quarter of guys say that have raped? I find this hard to believe. Are you sure that those conducting the survey are not interpreting the responses in ways that would greatly surprise those being surveyed.

          • fnd says:

            Yeah, raping a wife or gf seems nonsensical to me. Probably the women where bringing some drama and the guy called bs


            These questions ask you about your sexual experiences with any girl/woman irrespective of your relationship
            with her/them.
            10.19. How many times have you had sex with a
            woman or girl when she didn’t consent to sex or after
            you forced her?
            Once in the last 12 months……………………………..2
            More than 1 time in the last 12 months……….…………3
            One time, over 12 months ago………….………..……4
            More than one time, over 12 months ago………………5
            No answer……………………………………………99
            10.20. How many times have you had sex with a
            woman or girl when she was too drunk to say whether
            she wanted it or not?
            Once in the last 12 months……………………………..2
            More than 1 time in the last 12 months……….…………3
            One time, over 12 months ago………….………..……4
            More than one time, over 12 months ago………………5
            No answer……………………………………………99
            10.21. Did you ever force a girlfriend or your wife into
            having sex with you?
            Once in the last 12 months……………………………..2
            More than 1 time in the last 12 months……….…………3
            One time, over 12 months ago………….………..……4
            More than one time, over 12 months ago………………5
            No answer……………………………………………99

            I haven’t seen the breakdown of answers.
            This appears to be the survey:

          • Actually, the Indian stats show an interesting sex relationship. Both sexes report 98% sexual satisfaction with current partner.
            Lowest alcohol usage by far of the surveyed countries. Both parties agree he hasn’t talked about his problems with partner, she has. Both parties happy with current division of labor in the home 98% and 97%.

        • HarryS says:

          American occupation troops in Europe and Japan raped both the conquered and the liberated women wholesale. They left under-18 women alone as they well understood that raping an under-18 meant the firing squad, the noose or, worse, Ft. Leavenworth.
          They were preferred by the women as American rapist troops gave them cigarettes, chocolates, food, underwear, and money as tips. The “Russians” (mainly eastern Mongol troops) gang-raped, tortured and murdered the women. Hey, they did the same to the USSR citizen women when troop columns were on their way to the front.

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  7. Dr. Faust says:

    Since when has leftism cared about the truth? It is a narrative of pathos not logos which speaks to the general stupidity of humanity and their subordination to emotion. By the heart they are lead to ruin.

  8. “And when they go shopping for stories of innocent women brutally raped BY WHITE MEN, who do they come up with?”

    There. Fixed that. I think there are plenty of stories about real rapes that could be reported, but the perp is always a little too swarthy to fit the profile in the story the media *want* to tell.

    • jim says:

      I went through a list of rapes by inappropriately dark skinned college athletes. I believe that every one of them represents an injustice, that none of them were rightly charged or convicted. Doubtless stranger rapes, which tend to be done by off campus vibrants, are real, but most supposed rapes are not like that. Most supposed rapes smell mighty funny.

      • peppermint says:

        the women I know personally who were raped in college by negroes, 2 of 3 were off campus, the remaining case, I don’t know if the negro was in the dorm stealing laptops and raping coeds because he was some kind of student or not.

        also, a friend of a friend once said she was drunk and followed some negroes into a hotel room and then was surprised when they pulled their dicks out and asked her to suck them

        anyway, I don’t really know a lot of people, or a lot about people, but I suspect that college Barack Obama is perfectly capable of getting liberated coeds to let him put it in the pooper, while Martin Luther King needs to pay prostitutes, and Eldridge Cleaver needs to use force.

        Oh, and Bill Cosby is a rapist now, while Roman Polanski, protected by his White privilege, is still getting awards.

        • jim says:

          Yes, I totally believe in rape by off campus blacks.

          As for the woman who was “surprised” when she followed some negroes into a hotel room. Oh what a big surprise!

          A woman came to the united states from a country with no negroes and stayed with me a while. She wanted to travel by train, and I told her “Stay away from the following areas, or you will likely get beaten and raped”, and carefully located on the map, and on the railroad line, where it was a really bad idea for an unaccompanied white woman to go, and specifically located one particular location, then the murder capital of the United States, as the absolute worst place in the entire world for an unaccompanied white woman to go. She firmly and definitely assured me she would stay away from those areas.

          And guess to which place she immediately went.

  9. jc says:

    The big problem is that the scary rape statistics that feminists love to cite, including that famous “1/4 of college girls are raped!!!” one, are based on a ‘progressive’ definition of rape that includes sex while drunk or regretting sex the morning after, and, despite the hyperventilation of SJWs, most people don’t find that sort of ‘rape’ very impressive. To really scare people into giving them more money and ceding them the moral high-ground, feminists need to find stories of real, forcible-penetration rape, especially involving evil White guys or some gory details like the broken glass the girl is forced to lie on… and rape of this sort is very rare on campus and also is usually perpetrated by diversity enrichers, which makes it verboten to talk about and obviously useless as a weapon against the Cis-White-Male patriarchy.

  10. Glenfilthie says:

    Stuff like this is only taken seriously by liberals and stupid people and those that consort with them.

    I have better things to do. These media attacks are mere theatre and politically correct trolling. I suspect that one day some ‘award winning investigative journalist’ is going to be shot for her slander and libel – and she will deserve it.

    I tend to avoid folk that fall for this tripe.

    • jim says:

      Most people that I know in real life think that Trayvon Martin was a nine year old honors student. Have not checked their opinion on whether Crystal Mangum and Jackie Coakley were brutally raped.

      • HarryS says:

        They also think that Martin’s victim was White when he actually is a Mestizo, half German and half Peruvian Amerindian. The fake-news media lightened his light brown complexion to lily-white and massaged his features.

  11. By the way, the Wikipedia article on False accusations of Rape, is a case study in PC. It gives a number of sources that it colors as showing almost all rape accusations are true. What they actually say is that almost no women are prosecuted for false rape accusations.

  12. I’m pretty old, and I can’t recall a rape case I’ve seen on TV or the web in my lifetime, where the woman wasn’t lying. The only one that anyone might question was Tyson, but the Tyson woman had been to one or more hotel rooms with rich guys before and then accused them of rape, and the jury didn’t hear that fact. He got a bum rap.

    Kanin (1994) studied a police department that pursued every allegation of rape, and found that 40% of them were later retracted by the women. (Of course, that doesn’t mean the other 60% were well founded.) Kanin also verified, whenever possible, for all of the complainants who recanted their allegations, that their new account of the events matched the accused’s version of events.
    They also looked at data from 2 midwestern colleges, and found about half of those were also recanted by the women. About half of the false accusations were to serve an alibi function, 45% served a revenge function.
    Kanin, Eugene J., “False Rape Allegations”, Archives of Sexual Behavior, Vol. 23, No. 1, Feb 1994, p. 81.

    • jim says:

      Agreed. Radish thinks the accusations of rape by black campus athletes are true, but I checked them out, am pretty sure every single one all of them is false. The problem is not that rape cases that fit the narrative tend to be lies. The problem is that rape cases tend to be lies, even the ones that run against the narrative.

      If Mike Tyson not a rapist, and obviously he was not, then who is?

      Damned few.

    • Let me hasten to add, I’m not accusing the woman in the Tyson rape case of lying, since I don’t even know who she is.

    • HarryS says:

      In the Kanin study to be classed as a false accusation the woman had to have recanted. Unprosecutable cases in which the alleged victim stuck to her story – or stories – are classified as “unsubstantiated.”
      So many women claim “rape” but then can’t keep their story straight that even women police rape specialists are astounded by one false rape accusation after the next with almost all “false,” and the remainder “unsubstantiated.”
      It is claimed (mainly by SJW rape counselors) that the psychological impact of rape causes mental confusion, which then the prosecutor refuses to go forward with. Even if this is true, then, well, ladies, them’s the breaks. Just think of being on the receiving end of a false accusation of rape by your son, your brother, your boyfriend, your husband. Reputation smeared, education stopped, job lost, even if he isn’t arrested.

      • jim says:

        All rape accusations are false, as near to all of them as makes no difference. Not because women do not get raped, but because they seldom complain about successful rapes. The vast majority of rape accusations result from failed shit tests. A few result from failed rapes where the rapist chickened out, and a few more from retroactively regretted sexual activity, often regretted only under pressure, or when the rapist suffers fails a shit test the morning after the night before.

        Because of massive female non cooperation with our existing rape and sexual harassment laws, we have to make rape and sexual harassment a crime against the father, husband, or betrothed, and define rape without reference to a woman’s consent.

        • The Cominator says:

          The woman’s lack of consent should not impact whether the man is guilty but there are cases where it should effect whether the woman is.

  13. Lars Grobian says:

    It’s clear that Erdely shopped around until she found a spectacularly lurid case — a case that could only be fiction, a fiction a fanatic would nevertheless believe.

    It can’t be that hard to find a girl who really got raped. It is however, difficult to find a true, unambiguous forcible rape by a white fraternity brother, and impossible to find a genuine case of behavior by white fraternity brothers which is lurid enough to get Erdely’s juices flowing.

    The same is true of the cop-shoot-vibrant stories: Only a cold-blooded execution will satisfy the fanatics, and those stories are all hoaxes.

    • jim says:

      > It can’t be that hard to find a girl who really got raped.

      I have found girls that really got raped. It is impossible to find a girl who really got raped, complained to the authorities about it, and has a story that would convince a jury of the guilt of the assailant in half way fair trial.

      • Karl says:

        You have a high opinion of juries. Why?

        I’m pretty sure that a jury can be found that will is convinced of the guilt of the assailant before the trial starts and will keep that conviction no matter what.

        I know that there are juries who will let an assailant go, no matter what the facts. The jury of the kate steinle case is an example for that.

  14. Dave says:

    I guess we should campaign for men’s rights on campus, but when you see how much college costs, and how academic rigor has been replaced with leftist brainwashing, why bother? Most men are better off skipping college entirely and getting a four-year debt-free head start on their careers.

    And if you find a good job but women won’t “date down” to a guy without a college degree, find a wife overseas. Why fight the system when you can bypass it instead?

    College administrators know that the student body will never be less than 40% male, because at that point it takes on the sexual dynamic of a Bangkok bordello, and large numbers of straight women transfer out.

  15. Northy says:

    The primary function of University has been lost.

    Instead being places of learning, they are just four more years of state-sanctioned babysitting and agitation. Make university available to White men and serious females (Who truly want nothing to do with family life) only. Kick out the sluts and student “afleets”.

    • Peppermint says:

      A university is a library and some conference rooms and labs. Everyone has 7″, 10″, 13″, and 22″ screens now to read any book ever written on, and every coffee shop from McDonald’s to your local library has comfortable chairs.

      A university was also a corporate charter to provide legal and medical services to scholars visiting the library. This was needed in a patchwork age, but patches of the future should be able to provide links to scholar-friendly businesses on their website.

      I look forward to seeing writing and calculus professors who don’t really know or do anything reduced to begging for hot dogs outside 7-11. I don’t know what we’re going to do with the hundreds of billions of dollars in buildings that have been constructed recently, but that can be figured out in bankruptcy proceedings.

      • jim says:

        Dissolving the universities, like dissolving the monasteries, is a political change, requiring not merely economic forces, but the application of political power.

        • Dr. Faust says:

          How many of the current students should actually be students?

          • peppermint says:

            probably 1-5%, though it’s hard to lowball. But get rid of the words ‘student’ and ‘professor’. Students and professors hold classes; even if classes were socially useful they are brutally undercut by Salman Khan. But they’re worse than a waste of time for everyone involved. Idle hands do the Devil’s work. Read Crime and Punishment to hear about NEETs, the problem has only gotten worse since.

            Do you think if Dostoyevsky was writing today, his NEET would rape someone? I think it’s likely and I think ‘pressure rape’ is a real thing that can be solved by having a ‘you break it you buy it’ policy regarding hymens. Women’s opinions don’t matter because women are mindless animals.

            By the way, the first non-politically-correct thing I noticed was that every single female professor was an affirmative action, including the ones that people assured each other were super smart and did good work. The saddest thing I saw was a pregnant grad student, she was sad because no one was looking at her because she was obviously taken.

            But actually, females *should* be professors. Only freaks are capable of being scholars, and as much as there need to be professors, instructing the young is what they are biologically designed for. Of course, they would need to be married or single of good character.

      • Dr. Faust says:

        Why did you use writing and calculus as examples?

        • peppermint says:

          most striking examples of classes that do not need to be taught to anyone who would actually be any good at them, but are taught to everyone who walks in for a few thousand dollars and a few months of time they should be spending on raping women / getting raped by men.

          • Hidden Author says:

            You bring up Eldridge Cleaver when I’m sure he would agree with your support of women and denunciation of women as mindless animals? Wow!

          • Hidden Author says:

            Correction! When I said “support of women”, I meant “support of raping women”. Big difference!

          • peppermint says:

            raping and being raped is a better use of one’s time than sitting in writing and calculus classes. That does not mean it is a good use of one’s time.

            Women will do what they are told by the authority they perceive, even when it goes against their family, even when it goes against their basic sexual desire, as when they are told that they like faggy guys and then try to like them. Feminism is the ultimate proof of this.

            Cleaver may or may not agree with me about women. He also may or may not agree with me about the impossibility of coexistence between Whites and Negroes on equal terms in the same communities.

          • Hidden Author says:

            You’re dancing around my point which is: You use the topic of rape to prove that I don’t have the moral high ground because we all know rape is a horrible crime. Then in another conversation you casually let out your belief that meh, rape isn’t that bad of a crime after all.

          • peppermint says:

            if only you had the moral high ground because your attitude towards rape was more moral than ‘well, it’s more productive than sitting in a writing class’

          • Hidden Author says:

            I see. You’re a troll.

          • peppermint says:

            I’m a troll, and you’re a few unprincipled exceptions away from supporting any level of communist terror. Can you refute it, or are you going to distract yourself with assuming that a rape joke means a bad attitude regarding rape because anyone who doesn’t have a bad attitude is too scared to make jokes so all the jokes are made by people with bad attitudes to undermine the anti-rape culture?

            A few years ago, /r/shitredditsays was the funniest site, it gathered all the best jokes on Reddit. Openly racist posts outside of /r/niggers were deleted, and everyone was not just frightened but truly believed the government line on racism. Recently, however, people have increasingly been posting openly racist stuff, so /r/shitredditsays no longer aggregates jokes.

            When everything is political, there can be no humor, only calls to laugh on demand at the enemy, while saying that humor is the best weapon.

          • Hidden Author says:

            I think my point of view is more mainstream than neo-reaction. If such (relatively) mainstream views are Communist, then Communist is just a word that is used by neo-reactionaries to make certain concepts politically incorrect. The difference is that they are politically incorrect by the neo-reactionary version of PC instead of the mainstream version of PC.

            • jim says:

              I think my point of view is more mainstream

              Today’s mainstream or last year’s mainstream?

          • peppermint says:

            there isn’t a neoreactionary version of PC. PC is not a system of terms that destroy meaning and name-calling, which would be laughed at and ignored. It is an apparatus consisting of such a system and terror. See for the US version; the Swedish version is less subtle.

            And you’ve gotten so used to living under PC that you can’t understand that sometimes a joke is just a joke. I mean, I have the same problem. Someone says something vaguely political, I instantly freeze up and try to figure out how I’m supposed to feel about it before responding.

            In the end, the particular things being argued about no longer matter, and as Scott Alexander just pointed out in his usual obtuse way, propaganda is produced not to inform or persuade but to humiliate. It’s about terror, and terror is the result of democracy being a war of all against all.

            The solution to people caring about what each other think is to invest all political rights in particular people as private property.

      • HarryS says:

        Dead brick-and-mortar college and university campuses litter the landscape, with more to come. Some survive by going to online-only operation but the b&m campuses are standing vacant and abandoned.

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