Trump is the man

Among the red pill community there is a debate as to whether Trump is an exemplar of manliness, and his latest move in blowing off the presidential debate is an example of manliness, or whether it is the opposite.

Obviously, if someone treats you with disrespect, as Kelly disrespected Trump, the manly thing to do is to blow them off and ignore them. And critics of Trump say that by throwing a tantrum over Kelly, he is not ignoring her.

Well, perhaps. But if he showed up at the debate and accepted her as moderator and responded to her hostile interrogation, he would even less be ignoring her.

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30 Responses to “Trump is the man”

  1. Stephen W says:

    I wonder how many viewers Fox has alienated with their anti Trump stance?

  2. Dystopia Max says:

    Akinokure has probably the most incisive take on why they continue to have these low-ender, low-poller debates:

    “having tuned in to all of the GOP debates so far (minus the most recent one that Trump skipped), a very different image jumps out — they are painful initiation rites for those who are aspiring to join the Establishment at the highest possible levels. Certainly if they’re trying to be President, but also if they’re just trying to secure a VP slot, or a place in the Cabinet, etc.

    To begin with, there is almost zero informational content to any of what the candidates say that has not already been revealed, broadcast, and chewed over ad nauseam by the time the debate takes place. And of course they don’t actually debate each other, but at most engage in slapfights or smackdowns….

    1. …Loyalty oaths to the senior members / gatekeepers….

    2. …Dealing out pain to the initiates.

    3. …Doing the bidding of their paymasters if they want the job, AKA spreading wide on the casting couch, with cameras rolling and everything. Their Establishment donors — except for Trump, who is self-funding — pay them big money to do their bidding, and mainly that means advocating forcefully for the talking points of the donors before a national audience, without the donors themselves being visible.

    This is what distinguishes the debates from a mere job interview, which also has elements of purity tests and hazing. There is a naked quid pro quo — you advocate for my wants (and against my enemy’s wants), and I’ll give you a boost in getting the job you want…”

  3. Mackus says:

    >>Should have put her in her place publicly
    He put entire Fox in their place.

  4. Zach says:

    Trump is dumb, shows up in three different versions infinite times, and lies out of his ass. Fuck him.

    Running away from a whore is abject cowardice. Behavior becoming of a protected baby. Should have put her in her place publicly at the last debate they met. Alas, but this is not why he didn’t show.

    It’s endlessly amusing the nutriding Trump is getting. meh It’s entertaining at least.

    • peppermint says:

      Megan Kelly is a distraction.

      This distraction caused the liberals on my Facebook to defend Fox News, which they have up to now claimed is responsible for the conservatives on my Facebook being benighted.

    • Mackus says:

      Why should Trump let FoxNews get extra million viewers?
      He told them “replace Megan Kelly on the debate”, they didn’t listen, hence goodbye viewers.

    • bob k. mando says:

      “Trump is dumb”

      which is why he’s leading the polls and made himself a billionaire.


      • jim says:

        He was born a billionaire, and has lost it and remade it several times – but the remade it part indicates he is no fool. His dad was working class made good, and Trump is culturally working class, which is one of the things that pisses off the elite – even though he is not really new money he acts like new money.

        • bob k. mando says:

          all of which i was aware of … and which was irrelevant to my point.

          if Trump is “dumb”, then what the fuck does that make Zach? should Zach be permitted to walk around outdoors off of a leash? because, by his own criteria, Zach is going to lucky to be pushing a 60 iq.

  5. Glenfilthie says:

    That snub was not an appeal to manliness or manly voters. I didn’t see a tantrum so much as a gesture that was a rejection of a stupid woman and a corrupt media outlet.

    • Alan J. Perrick says:


      You’re right, it’s more about Mr Trump maintaining his momentum, as he surely doesn’t want the mud oozing into his boots this early in the game.

  6. ..peppermint says:

    Trump has nothing to gain from sharing a stage with those losers and letting them snipe at him, but gains by proving that he’s in charge and the media can come to him on his terms.

    His enemies should have used his absence to make his strongest opponent look like a winner. But they can’t coordinate to do that quickly enough.

    Mygyn Kylly is just a causus belli, that liberals on Facebook are predictably talking about as if they had always liked Fox News. This damages their narrative of hating Fox News. Now they can be seen as hating the people who watch Fox News more.

  7. pdimov says:

    A ridiculous debate on a number of levels. He’s ignoring in the proper manner of not including Kelly in the calculation when formulating his decision. (If he made his decision on the basis of whether it would better look like he was ignoring her, he wouldn’t be ignoring her.) And the game isn’t between him and Kelly, it’s between him and Fox, Kelly is merely a pawn.

  8. Brit says:

    Even better Jim, he is double ignoring her:

    By the way, I read “Losing small wars”, which led to the CO of my OTC noticing, giving it his complements, and informing me that Frank Ledwidge will soon be speaking nearby. Looking at previous wars, it seems to me that the British have a good track record of losing initially before adapting, reforming, and winning, and are still capable of that.

    In my opinion, the essential problem at the core of the British failure has been the generals – rotating in a new general every 6 months so that they can collect their “work experience” and medals, at the expense of the long-term aim. Once we get rid of that, once we have “celebrity generals” again, when the average person knows that “Iraq’s war is General X’s war”, then every other reform will flow from that, since there will now be the correct incentive to give accurate estimates about what can be achieved, and to accept criticism and reforms at the lower levels.

    • jim says:

      We need generals to become celebrities for killing people and breaking their toys, rather than for making their men build playgrounds for girl’s schools while under fire while their general sits in an air conditioned base.

      When priests rule over warriors, warriors get rewarded for doing priestly stuff. We need them to be rewarded for doing warrior stuff.

  9. Alan J. Perrick says:

    I think that the Republican Party has more than a few screws loose to have all of those people with single digit polling numbers up there on the debating stage, taking the spotlight from their own front-runners. Can’t you too, smell that cuckservative weakness?


    • Alan J. Perrick says:

      Maybe try Disqus for comments.

      • jim says:

        I am, for some reason, unable to comment on any blog that uses Disqus. This fails to impress me.

        • Alan J. Perrick says:

          Hm. Well, then we must agree to disagree, “Jim”. For me, Disqus is one of the most user-friendly systems on the internet. I wish they’d branch out to doing e-mail, that kind of thing.

          Best regards,


          • peppermint says:

            Disqus is great, but they just banned The Daily Stormer, so they’re unlikely to be useful for long

            • jim says:

              It is entirely possible that Disqus has banned me – or maybe I am just running into bugs.

          • pdimov says:

            You probably trolled liberals, who reported your comments as spam.

          • Alan J. Perrick says:

            With as much propaganda as I push through the Disqus system, I have been both blocked from individual Disqus-using sites and “ghosted” from Disqus entirely, wherin my comment does not “stick” in any Disqus comments section I post. The latter problem disappears, and has not surfaced in many, many months after the creation of a new Disqus account. The former problem, evidenced by a large, red “You have been blocked by…” bar is easy enough to work around as I simply avoid the site and find other places to propagandise at, enough to serve my purpose…

            Glory to God!


            • jim says:

              This sounds like you are industriously using software controlled by hostile people who intend you harm and intend to silence you. Not my idea of a fun time.

          • Alan J. Perrick says:


            Nah, that’s only me explaining about my run in with a bug.

            It’s a lot of fun at Radix Journal and Alternative Right. There’s a reason Mr Spencer kept using the Disqus format when he moved onto Radix Journal and left behind Alternative Right. The Right Stuff uses Disqus as well, but that kind of place is not for me, though it’s very very popular.

            Best regards,


          • Alan J. Perrick says:


            There is also Info. Wars which uses Disqus for comment. Alternative news is a good gateway into understanding that something isn’t right with the world that the info. consumer lives in.


        • Stephen W says:

          I find Discus does not work in Chrome but does work if I login from Explorer or Edge, which is anoying having to open a different browser for certain sites.

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