Yet another PC outrage, again

point deer, make horse, 指鹿为马.

Lately there has been some hand wringing about how freedom of speech in Academia has just been killed.


Academics have been terrified, servile, docile, and submissive since the middle of the nineteenth century.

The purpose of political correctness is to humiliate and degrade by demanding that people accept an obvious lie, thus demonstrating who has the power and who shall submit.

Every so often a new act of submission is demanded to show submission to new masters, and all of academia absolutely without a single exception turns on a dime and endorses the new obvious lie, just as it endorsed all of the old obvious lies, for nearly two hundred years.

This is nothing new. What is new is that the lies are coming faster and faster, indicating greater and greater instability within the ruling elite – but they have been coming every faster for nearly two hundred years. This is a sign of decline, but decline has been happening for quite a while, ever faster.

Hence the Chinese saying: point deer, make horse, 指鹿为马:

In other words, absurd ideas are made up on purpose to humiliate people and check who is really loyal to which power holders.

Here is Spandrel telling the story:

Well the emperor died out of the capital, so nobody knew. The only ones who knew were his prime minister, Li Si, and his close minister Zhao Gao, who may or may not have been a eunuch. Well apparently Zhao Gao didn’t like the crown prince Fusu very much. He had reason to think that Fusu hated him, and would execute him as soon as he became emperor himself. So Zhao Gao gets Li Si and says “hey, dude’s dead, we’re the only ones who know. Fusu doesn’t like you either, so why don’t we get this kid Huhai and name him successor?”

Li Si took some convincing, as did Huhai himself. But eventually they got on the plan, and sent a forged imperial edict ordering Fusu to kill himself. Which strangely he did, even after opposition by his entourage. With crown prince Fusu out of the way, the three got back to the capital, and set up Huhai as Second Emperor of Qin.

Soon later Zhao Gao found some excuse and executed Li Si and all his family, and took his prime ministership. He obviously knew too much. Then he proceeded to execute all those little Schelling Points that were the emperor’s brothers and sisters, so there was no contest about who had the right title to the crown. Still after Huhai was secure in his thrown, he was starting to be a little uncooperative with Zhao Gao. The Chen Sheng rebellion had started, and the empire was having trouble suppressing it. The Emperor blamed Zhao Gao for the mess and he had a point. But Zhao Gao didn’t like that. He started to think that maybe they should have a change of emperor, but he couldn’t be sure he could pull it off.

So Zhao Gao brings a deer into the palace. Grabs it from the horns, calls the emperor to come out, and says “look your majesty, a brought you a fine horse”. The Emperor, not amused, says “Surely you are mistaken, calling a deer a horse. Right?”. Then the emperor looks around at all the ministers. Some didn’t say a word, just sweating nervously. Some others loudly proclaimed what a fine horse this was. Great horse. Look at this tail! These fine legs. Great horse, naturally prime minister Zhao Gao has the best of tastes.

A small bunch did protest that this was a deer, not a horse. Those were soon after summarily executed. And the Second Emperor himself was murdered some time later.

It is a compliance test. Will you be party to a blatant lie? If you will be party to one blatant lie, then you be party to each of the other lies.

So we get a ruling elite that lies without hesitation. But in fact it is not in the interest of people, society, or the state, to have a ruling elite that lies without hesitation. It makes elite cohesion difficult, which increases the likelihood that the elite wind up murdering each other in large numbers, usually murdering a lot of innocent bystanders in the process to provide cover.

PC is pretty much the opposite of the old honor codes. Instead of an honor code, we have a dishonor code. Instead of compliance testing potential elite members for courage, honor, and dignity, we compliance test them for cowardice, lying, and groveling.

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  2. Jacques says:

    I work in academia and my impression (sadly) is that your diagnosis is wrong. At least, if you mean that it’s obvious even to academics that PC stuff about race or sex or whatnot is false — if that’s what you mean by “obvious lies” — then it seems to me you’re wrong. Most academics really believe most of that stuff, as far as I can tell. They’re not enduring any kind of humiliating test of obedience by repeating bullshit and lies that they themselves know to be bullshit and lies; instead, it seems that the majority are happily spouting bullshit and lies that they deeply believe to be true, and they’re very proud of themselves for believing all of this stuff. (Because it makes them feel smarter than others and morally superior.) I guess it’s a test of obedience for some small minority, people like me. At least it feels that way to us. But it may well be that even those at the top of the whole system are so stupid and/or insane that they also believe most of this stuff. Remember that the system’s been selecting for these kinds of stupid and/or insane people for a very long time now.

    • jim says:

      Possibly. When the wind changes we shall see if Havel’s greengrocer has a sudden change of heart, and people notice what Chesterton’s fence was protecting us against.

    • peppermint says:

      yeah, which academics are you talking about? Certainly not the people who grew up in communist countries in the physics department.

      You probably mean the part of academia that no one would miss if they all died tomorrow, not even their parents.

      “Power never gives up anything without a fight”, “if you’re not careful the media will have you hating the oppressed and loving the oppressors”, “if voting changed anything it would be illegal”.

      The window for them to switch sides will close before they even notice that no one cares about their bullshit anymore. One day these “people” will show up for “work” and find a bottle of zyklon-b instead of a paycheck.

      Scott Alexander is pretty much on the far right of respectably academic opinion, or, at least, that’s why I gleefully scroll through his blog and recognize all the red pills everywhere. Who exactly is ? Well, he was linked to by Scott Alexander, and Brad DeLong replied to one of his articles, so he’s not exactly Andrew Anglin, but notice the similarities between his assessment of critical theory and .

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  5. Dave says:

    Jim, what do you think really happened with the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989? Or the Tlatelolco massacre of 1968? Everything I know about them comes from the jews media and Wikipedia.

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  7. Samson J. says:

    Great premise, and great post.

    But the issue I haven’t seen anyone address yet is this: if the intent is to humiliate, and cause the enemy to lose heart, how does one avoid feeling humiliated and losing heart?

    I think the answer is actually simpler than it may seem. Just – don’t lose heart. That’s it.

    *Understand* what the enemy is doing, and instead of accepting every humiliation as evidence of total defeat, *understand* the enemy’s behaviour as a tactic of war that, yes, will inflict some casualties.

    But then keep fighting, where and when you can.

    • BobbyBrigs says:

      Samson, read The Gulag Archipelago and you’ll find your ideas don’t mesh with reality.

    • peppermint says:

      thats some nice autism you have there 🙂

      • Erik says:

        If autism stops you losing heart, that’s a point in favor of autism.

        • peppermint says:

          yes, it is. But not everyone can be autistic, and the sperglords can be individually shamed and silenced. Telling Whites that they’re dying because they’re not autistic enough isn’t a solution. Getting rid of the religion according to which Whites must show deference to niggers to avoid hurting their feelings is. To hell with cuckstainty.

  8. Alan J. Perrick says:

    -all of academia absolutely without a single exception turns on a dime and endorses the new obvious lie,-

    There’s at least one I know of who didn’t, “Jim”… He’s not insignificant to me.

    Best regards,


    • jim says:

      What academic failed to flip in past flips?

        • jim says:

          That the witchfinder general finds witches, is not evidence that witches exist.

          So, some academics dispute evolutionism. But no academic doubted that the Soviet economy was doing great, even though it was obviously collapsing.

          • Alan J. Perrick says:

            Well, I have a better example, but he’s a Roman Catholic, so he needs to go…Not be used as a model of emulation.


        • Anon says:

          Intelligent design isn’t a noble fight against political correctness, it’s borderline retardation.

          Does proclaiming the Earth as round and not flat make one a Cathedralite as well Alan?

          • Alan J. Perrick says:

            In your case it makes you a retard, but not in anyone elses, “Anon”.

            “I shall fight on the day I see a worthy cause, and not before that day”

            Pansy, too.


          • Mark Citadel says:

            If you’re a Dawkins-ite, yes. However, some are more partial to order and design than chaos and accident. This is a spiritual disposition. I see order in the world, and this allows me to see profound disorder as well, and why that disorder must be remedied since it is the act of poor managers and equality fanatics.

          • peppermint says:

            It’s not enough to merely disagree with faggots. Disagreeing with faggots that sex is fun is worse than not disagreeing with faggots. The correct disagreement with faggots is that it is possible to normalize beta sexual strategies without harming civilization, which is based on all males trusting each other to follow the alpha strategy.

  9. Candide III says:

    Come on, don’t leave it on a cliffhanger, that’s bad taste. Who are those shadowy masters of the academia?

    • jim says:

      There are no shadowy masters. Everyone is terrorized, they all terrorize each other, some more successfully than others. Academia is like the Bolsheviks before Stalin. Before Stalin, no one was safe. Once Stalin had supreme power, only Stalin was safe.

      • Candide III says:

        I think you ought to add these remarks to the main text, even if only to spike the ZOG crowd.

        • Alan J. Perrick says:

          C. III.,

          It would take away from the clarity of the main point, o bloodthirsty one.


    • spandrell says:

      The bureaucrats giving the grants surely.

      • Candide III says:

        I’m sure they rely on informal advice from some of the grantees or ex-mentors or whatever in those instances when their education and the prevailing public opinion doesn’t make the answer obvious. Or maybe Twitter.

    • peppermint says:

      I’m not saying it’s the Spawn of Satan, but whenever you hear the names of these masters of mendacity from the 20th century, they echo.

      The Holocaust hoax is necessary because it’s the one thing liberal democracy hasn’t done, and liberal democracy is important for self aggrandizement?

      Why did Boasian anthropology catch on? Marx and Freud help me crush pussy. How does listening to some boring kike lie about pots help anyone score, unless they’re a nigger or a jew?

      It helped Margaret Mead get stuffed and cuck her faggy Lutheran theology student husband; is that enough to gain traction?

      • jim says:

        Why did Boasian anthropology catch on?

        You credit this to Boas, but if Boas had the power, Mead would have fucked him.

        Yes, there always seems to be a Jew in the vicinity of any Cathedral shenanigans, but is he the matador or the cape?

        It is the matador that gets laid. Scott Alexander, famously, does not get laid.

        • peppermint says:

          So who gets laid based on Boasian anthropology? It’s not a Samoan conspiracy, is it?

          If neither Scott AAronson nor Scott Alexander can get laid based on current SJ whaargarbl, where I was able to, does that make SJ my conspiracy?

  10. Alan J. Perrick says:

    The universities are bloated and some of the most decadent places one might find anywhere. Therefore the ideas are dull and are allowed to keep on being dull. Can any formerly male-dominated industry, such as higher-education, be otherwise when women make up such a large percentage of its employees?


    • peppermint says:

      (1) I publicly confess to having believed the lie of sexual orientation theory and having scored with chicks, multiples at the same time, while telling them it was liberation. Of course I never directly mansplained anything.

      (2) it’s comically obvious why Freud and foot reflexology caught on, Freud offered to let people talk about sex in an scientific way, and foot reflexology lets people talk about massage science, which can lead to practical demonstrations and sex.

      (3) Marx lets middle class children disparage the achievements of their betters while making plans for what should happen when science is in power and how to put science in power. Talking about power isn’t power, but girls don’t know that

      (4) …and SJWs have a lot of institutional power anyway.

      (5) Besides putting the entire editorial staff and most of the journalists of every major publication before the firing squad, maybe on a charge of genocide, we need to create jurisprudence under which it is possible for individuals to sue anyone who tried to get them purged, maybe under an accusation of genocide or just tortious interference. The usual remedy should be enslavement, in some cases extending to the immediate family of the SJW, with the provision that sex with slaves taken in this manner shall not be construed as a violation of monogamy, and it is not possible for a sex crime to be committed against the slave, but the production of a half-human abomination retains the penalty of death if the monster is not killed within 72 hours of its birth.

      (6) but how can we destroy the universities before such jurisprudence can be arranged? Can these rampaging niggers do what Ronald Reagan couldn’t? Or will they just continue to slide into irrelevance like the rest of the System before our Organization seizes control?

      • Alf says:

        “it’s comically obvious why Freud and foot reflexology caught on”

        Hahaha, yes. It’s basically a socially accepted way to talk sex and I think modern society has invented many ways towards this purpose.

        Though in their defense the Christian way of dealing with sex (taboo) has pretty much failed – might as well just flop our penisese out. What alternative is there?

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