The Republic died at 2020-11-04T04-05

It is a new world now, new rules.

The Democrats have been committing electoral fraud for years, but now it is grand scale, out in the open, and for the highest stakes of all.

If they win, Trump and his family dies. If Trump wins, they go to jail.

If the state agencies of violence and propaganda install their puppets, Biden and Kamala in the White House, they will soon be killing each other. No Republicans will win any election anywhere, because mass fraud will now be legal, and those conducting it will be backed by the state agencies of violence, while Republican election observers will be deemed far right, beaten up and imprisoned.

Why does treason never prosper? Because if it prospers, none dare call it treason.

If Trump wins, he will win in the name of the Old Republic, and will say, and probably honestly believe, he is restoring the Old Republic, and will likely do his best to do so.

But the tide of history has him its grasp. If he wins, he will be Caesar Augustus (who also said, and likely believed, he was restoring the old republic). Seemingly normal elections will continue, and will continue for centuries as they continued after Caesar Augustus, but they will matter as much as they mattered under Caesar Augustus.

If Trump loses, he and his family are going to die like the Romanovs and Louis XIV. They will not be killed immediately, but will be arrested like the Romanovs and the French aristocracy, and when the winners start figuring out who is in charge, their continued existence will be deemed too dangerous. If they flee to somewhere outside the American Hegemony, they may be ignored, though they may be assassinated.

Notice that the French aristocracy deserted royalty en-masse to join the winners, but got executed anyway. When civil war broke out, the revolutionaries decided that the continued survival of anyone who had been connected to the old regime, even Lavoisier, was far too dangerous.

If Trump wins, he will find, as Caesar Augustus found, that what is necessary to rule in the new regime tends to conflict with what would be necessary to perform necromancy on the corpse of the dead republic, in whose name he governs.

If Trump loses, all traces of the old republic will be swiftly erased, as they were in Venezuela, as contaminated by racism and sexism.

A republic can only exist with a virtuous elite. Our elite now selects for dishonor, because they require point deer, make horse, 指鹿为马, of all applicants.

To restore the Republic for real, we will need an emperor who, like Charles the Second and King Alfred, selects for honor and virtue. It will take centuries. The battle of Waterloo was won on the playing fields of Eton, but in 1832, Eton changed.

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  2. TBeholder says:

    I doubt Trump believes “resuscitate the Old Republic” thing. In that if he thought it’s alive, could he expose its dead status as effectively as he did?
    He clearly knows the difference between “is” and “ought”. It’s a figurehead position, but he knew it is, and used the way it could be used as it _is_, not as it _ought_ to be. Which is why he blatantly trolled them. And made them demonstratively obstruct him while he was in fact obstructing them (it’s the only thing he could do for real: delay).
    So he made the entire Cathedral bark at non-existent trees until they missed everything else including breakfasts — while even slow people, on any continent, figured out that hey, this bunch are mad dogs.

    Continuing with what he did? In the best case, he would have a successor doing the same the next term and give the real opposition more time to build up. In the worst case, he would adjust the board so that the “hot” stage of this civil war starts on more favorable terms.
    I’m not sure he even had the plans for the next stage. But then, no one can know for sure.

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  4. BC says:

    Tim Pool’s currently begging Trump to do anything within his power to stay in office. The GOP base is 100% convinced this election was stolen, and the left is just ramping up their arrests lists and retribution plans more and more everyday. We seem to be heading to a Rubicon moment with or without the Supreme Court to legitimize it.

    Here’s a question, has any leader put in this position failed to cross? Failing to do so looks like suicide.

    • jim says:

      Lots and lots of people failed to cross.

      Pompey crossed, because the senate gave him a (clearly illegal) fig leaf of legitimacy, and then resigned the dictatorship after a short time, with catastrophic consequences.

      Caesar would not have crossed, had the Senate been agreement capable.

  5. Imhc says:

    Look up “Reasons why the 2020 presidential election is deeply puzzling” (preferably not by Google).

    • jim says:

      It is not in the slightest bit puzzling. I and Trump predicted this well in advance.

      • The Cominator says:

        I’m hearing mixed messages on this server thing but to the extent Trump anticipated this he seems like he was woefully unprepared.

        Trump seems to trust a lot of people he shouldn’t.

        • jim says:

          Trump does not have people.

          He has some of the optimates, but the optimates, in so far as they deviate from 2020 progressivism, adhere to an older heresy of sixties progressivism. He is re-orienting to old type Christians (gun rights, God given rights) They are the people he is going to need for the civil war, but he is hesitant to go that way, because he surrounded by a community that things they are gap toothed trailer trash.

          It is Caesar and Titus Labienus all over again. This always happens, the same causes producing the same effects.

          • The Cominator says:

            Well Trump has Erik Prince.

            Erik Prince thinks like US!

            Erik Prince can give Trump loyal people who can do for him what people did for Hillary, but much quicker and more effectively.

            The simplest and most risk free way Trump stays president is if the two alternatives and the house speaker take the plane ticket to Australia real soon…

  6. Pooch says:

    Follow up tweet by the god emperor:

    What does GSA being allowed to preliminarily work with the Dems have to do with continuing to pursue our various cases on what will go down as the most corrupt election in American political history? We are moving full speed ahead. Will never concede to fake ballots & “Dominion”.

    Don’t lose faith men. We will fight and win.

    • The Cominator says:

      Good he did it but his frame should be that Biden will never be president.

    • clovis says:

      Stuff like that makes me hopeful that Trump is well aware of the fact that he can’t concede.

  7. Pooch says:

    So the lockdowns are becoming more extreme now in PA, DC, etc. Stay at home orders being called. I wonder if they will use them as means to stall Trump’s court cases and obstruct his lawfare. That may be likely if he starts to get close to SCOTUS.

    • jim says:

      We are not going to get a good look at the midnight printed ballots unless and until Trump proclaims the insurrection act.

  8. Edit_XYZ says:

    New rules for the runoff election in Georgia.
    If Trump loses on december 14th and there’s no civil war, the senate and the supreme court will be gone by january.
    Then the real interesting times start.

    But I suspect both Trump and the democrats knows what’s coming for them if they lose.

    Trump is obviously trying to gain legitimacy – reach the supremes in time. He obviously worries that, if he reads the insurrection act, the vote fraud evidence is not enough to ensure support from the GOP/the army/perhaps the presidential administration.

    The democrats were and are brazen in their theft.
    They have the FBI/CIA/three letter agencies.
    They have the DOJ, too. Not investigating an attack on a senator these days; they’re in the open with their betrayal:
    Well, perhaps Rand Paul and his GOP colleagues will learn from this what to expect if they abandon Trump.
    But these are only enough to ensure their operatives are not inconvenienced while they are breaking laws. When things get kinetic, they can do little. So, why the confidence? What card do they have that they afford such openly criminal behavior?

    • The Cominator says:

      It will take them a bit of time to get around to packing the court but obviously between massive fraud and despirited GOP voters (even if somehow fraud is suppressed for this) the Georgia Senate races will be lost and with them the Senate.

      I am not worried though for the most part because in the end Trump has a larger army.

    • Javier says:

      Last Wednesday the German government threw away their constitution in a Phantom Menace-style ’emergency powers’ act supposedly to deal with Covid.

      They certainly intend the same thing here the way the left is talking about ‘executive ordering’ lockdowns and such. Fortunately I think that would spark the civil war anyway.

      Neurotoxin is right. It’s either civil war with Trump + the courts, civil war without the courts, or civil war post-Trump.

      • The Cominator says:

        What Merkel is the Fuhrer now… wow thats just pathetic. The Germans get a new Fuhrer and its an ugly old communist globalist woman.

      • Pooch says:

        Not sure if we get a civil war without Trump because we will be leaderless.

        • Neurotoxin says:

          “Not sure if we get a civil war without Trump because we will be leaderless.”

          If, God forbid, Trump leaves the White House without calling up his warriors, then the left gets total control of the federal government. This is the hard left now, essentially 20th century Communists, so as soon as they have consolidated power they will do what they always do: start trying to genocide everyone they identify as an enemy.

          When the left tries to kill them, at least some people – presumably most – will fight, thus civil war.

          • Pooch says:

            War requires cooperation. Cooperation requires hierarchy. Hierarchy requires leadership.

            • Neurotoxin says:

              You have some technical definition of the word “war” in mind. I am simply using it to mean two sides, each shooting at the other.

              • Pooch says:

                If one side is cooperating and one side is not, that’s not a war, that’s a slaughter.

                • Neurotoxin says:

                  “If one side is cooperating and one side is not, that’s not a war, that’s a slaughter.”

                  1) Word games.
                  2) Blackpilling.

                  I’m exiting this, since I don’t want to get involved in a largely semantic debate.

                • jim says:


                  You lost the argument.

                  We don’t call the Holodomor war, but slaughter.

                  The Vendee we call war, but because those resisting conscripted the old martial aristocracy to lead them. We are short of an old martial aristocracy.

                  And most of France was also short of an old martial aristocracy. The Sun King sawed off the branch on which he sat.

                • Not Tom says:

                  I don’t think he’s playing word games here, I think you’re being a little spergy. He’s obviously not nitpicking over the definition of a war, he’s pointing out that the side shooting back is going to get slaughtered if it has no leaders and no organization.

                  Likewise, if you’re arguing that the anticommunist side would in fact have leaders and organization, you should explain why (or rather how) you think that is the case instead of arguing semantics. As far as I can tell, Trump is the only person resembling a leader on the right, and he has yet to show us that he’s got the stomach for a shooting war – which doesn’t mean that he hasn’t, just that we have to consider the possibility.

            • Javier says:

              JFC, if goddamn Zimbabwe can find a warlord we sure as shit can.

              If Trump is smart he’ll send his sons to the far corners of the empire. No better reactionary story than the triumphant prince restoring the throne.

      • European Mutt says:

        The protests were fake and gay, I think their organizers were commissioned by German spooks. They all spread QTard narratives or weird theories like Germany actually being a corporation. Only thing that was real was the masses of people who joined the astroturf in Leipzig a few weeks ago, converting it into kinda, sorta a real thing:

        Looks like cops ordered to stand down to me. A real right-wing protest they would have beat up.

        The meme about the Enabling Act was spread by those same fake protest organizers. This law is bad (its main problem is actually that it allow arbitrary closures of factories, i.e. command economy), but it is a red herring, as is all legalism at this point. Like the German constitution was ever worth anything…

        Merkel is going to do whatever she wants until she’s stopped, law or no law. She crossed the Rubicon by opening the borders in 2015. Trouble is, there is no real opposition anywhere in sight. Only controlled opposition crazies. I don’t live there any more but I’m fucking worried about my family at this point. This might actually end up as Pol Pot, exact situation that Jim describes here:

    • Not Tom says:

      I’ve given evidence dozens of times for the DoJ not being owned by “them”. Stop repeating the black-pilled lies. There are disloyal elements, as there are in every organization, but it’s obvious that a substantial part of it is either batting for Trump or simply doesn’t care who’s in charge.

      Every day you come in here with a fresh batch of black pills. It’s fine to talk about bad news, but you need to do something about your emotional incontinence and constant catastrophization.

      • Edit_XYZ says:

        Not Tom, since the election, no faction from the DOJ seriously investigated the election fraud, arrested someone for it in the contested states, etc.
        I didn’t even consider the news about the DOJ not investigating the attack on Rand Paul as much of a blackpill (given the effect it should have on the GOP senators). At this point, it is to be expected.

        Ironically enough, I did read a blackpill today, and I didn’t put it in my post in order to avoid “catastrophization”.
        Here it is. Read at your own peril:

        • The Cominator says:

          I’ve NEVER been all that optimistic on the courts and certainly not the DOJ (almost all lawyers are both leftists and scum), I think in the end Republican legislatures probably will refuse to certify but if not Trump has the larger army.

          The larger army is the most important thing in the end. Trump’s base doesn’t give a shit about cuckservative memes like rule of law, we just want to know that if we obey the order that there will be sufficient forces with us to ensure success.

        • Pooch says:

          English-speaking Russian media are just shitlibs. No different than CNN.

        • jim says:

          That is a massive blackpill.

          Looks like Trump’s only prospect for him and his family surviving is to proclaim the Insurrection Act.

          • Pooch says:

            I’m not sure this is credible. I am seeing different information about Rudy’s appeal…


            • Edit_XYZ says:

              I think there are 2 different cases:

              The one the Supreme Court didn’t put on the list concerns the PA Supreme Court modifying election law, despite the fact that only the PA legislature has this competency.

              The one with the expedited review concerns Rudy Giuliani’s election fraud case in Pennsylvania.

          • The Cominator says:

            I can’t find any confirmation of this. The Trump campaign lawsuit is supposed to go to the appeals court soon. It hasn’t gone to SCOTUS yet.

          • Edit_XYZ says:

            I think we stereotyped the Supreme Court justices – 3 to 4 progressives, 5 conservatives; so we’ll win. In retrospect, this is far too simplistic.
            In fact, they’re all part of the ruling class – the corrupt so-called “elite” of a decaying civilization; the swamp.

            I think the supremes – much like the rest of the “elites” – want DC to go back to business as usual, which means Trump must be gone.
            They don’t want to lose their power, so after december 14th I assume they will take up Trump’s cases, and give decisions in accordance to the law, believing it will ensure fair elections, Georgia senators going GOP in january, and no court packing. But they will not apply their decisions retroactively, given that the electors have already chosen Biden.

            This implies massive normalcy bias on the supremes part regarding what Biden’s handlers will do once in power.
            If Trump loses, we’re sure to at least have a lot of shadenfreude moments.

            I notice that Trump has not tweeted anything in almost a day.
            Perhaps he realized the supremes are off the table, and is considering his chances of reading the insurrection act without their decisions.
            We’ll see what happens next time the left threatens with criminal charges a republican for simply doing his job.

            • Pooch says:

              Eh you’re still black pilling. Trump still has many lawfare cards to play before December 14th and the 3rd Circuit granting an expedited review is a good sign. You may eventually be right but December 14th might as well be an enternity right now. Things are happening fast.

              • The Cominator says:

                The biggest blackpill is this transition shit. Trump should maintain the frame that Biden and Kamala will NEVER be allowed to be president.

                Why is Trump tweeting anything that even might be interpreted as a concession… if he gives up hes a coward and deserves what he gets…

                • Pooch says:

                  Yeah I don’t like that. If she’s getting threatened where are the loyalist cops to protect her?

                • The Cominator says:

                  He should say maybe I allowed her to do it because her children were threatened or something but not to worry Biden will never be President and we aren’t giving him any information because he is a Chinese asset and national security risk.

                • Pooch says:

                  Yeah. It’s possible the fat bitch buckled under the pressure and he’s just doing damage control. I don’t know.

                • clovis says:

                  I can’t fathom why Trump would want to send the message that there is some possibility he would concede. Hopefully this is some chess I can’t understand.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Its not as if hes canceled his legal cases but the optics and the effect on morale is fucking horrible.

                  If this is a feigned retreat the thing with feigned retreats is morale needs to be high when they are done… and there are already morale problems and nothing will crack the morale of solid people more than the idea that Trump himself is cucking.

                • Pooch says:

                  I sure hope it’s a feigned retreat and they won’t be able to obstruct Trump in any way now that they have access.

                  I will say the left has no fucking clue that Insurrection Act is even on the table. They are completely oblivious of Trump’s ability to bring force, like the communists attacking Kyle were oblivious that their actions could result in 5.56 rounds lodged in their skulls.

                  Obama is on tv joking and laughing that the Navy Seals will escort Trump out of the WH with absolutely no understanding that Trump has 100% loyalty and chain of command of the US Special Forces.

                • Pooch says:

                  So perhaps that’s a good thing.

              • jim says:

                There are mixed signs.

                I predict that Trump will get nowhere through the courts, but he will get a bunch of court orders being ignored, which could provide ammo to proclaim the insurrection act.

                Because of normalcy bias, the courts will issue some court orders, which will fail to take effect, for we are now rapidly moving past the courts having effect, but they still matter very much for legitimacy.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Never fealt so bad as I did before this transition shit… does he want to go down in history as a failure and a coward.

                • Pooch says:

                  Full letter….lays out threats to her family and even her pets…


                • Pooch says:

                  To her credit, she basically says he didn’t win, the true winner will be determined by the Constitution, and doesn’t even refer to him as President-elect.

                • The Cominator says:

                  I don’t care that she agreed, but Trump tweeted

                  “Nevertheless, in the best interest of our Country, I am recommending that Emily and her team do what needs to be done with regard to initial protocols, and have told my team to do the same.”

                  This is the wrong frame, it sounds like he is semi conceding, it sounds cowardly. It also sounds like he is giving up if “legal” options are exhausted. His frame should always be that he may lose all legal options but his Ultima Ratio will not be legal…

                • neofugue says:

                  Calm down. Trump is not conceding the election, he is not sending a message that he might concede, he is holding back until the Supreme Court can make its case.

                  The Right does not have the ability to fight every battle like the Left because the Right cannot get away with violence, unlike the attackers of Rand Paul, Kyle Rittenhouse, and in this case, those who would have attacked Emily Murphy. Save your energy for the upcoming court case or court case obstruction, and then the proclamation of the Insurrection Act.

                • The Cominator says:

                  “Calm down. Trump is not conceding the election, he is not sending a message that he might concede, he is holding back until the Supreme Court can make its case.”

                  I don’t mind that he gave the girl permission to give the guy an office for his safety, I GREATLY mind the phrase

                  “Nevertheless, in the best interest of our Country, I am recommending that Emily and her team do what needs to be done with regard to initial protocols, AND HAVE TOLD MY TEAM TO DO THE SAME.”

                  I’m not saying its a concession but damnit it looks bad.

                • neofugue says:

                  If Trump’s administration faces violence, he will look weak. If Trump fights desparate small skirmishes, the Praetorians may think his strategy of countering voter fraud is empty. Without a Supreme Court ruling, it will be difficult for army loyalists to justify disobeying generals in January. Giving money to Biden’s team will not affect the outcome of these next two months.

                  We must be patient as Trump has few friends in the swamp. The three-letter agencies are most likely planning on storming the White House in January. The rank and file may like Trump, but fighting the FBI requires proper legitimacy.

                • The Cominator says:

                  I’m not saying the plan should be to have anyone disobeying Biden’s orders by January 20th.

                  Trump should damn sure make sure Biden and Kamala have gone on to their infernal rewards before January 20th and so has Pelosi. This is coup 101. And then either force the House to make him Speaker OR make sure there is no speaker.

        • Not Tom says:

          That doesn’t tell me anything at all. That’s a list of orders, not a docket, and the rest of the article is just hot air about cases from weeks ago or for which we already knew the outcome in advance (like the one before the Obama judge in PA).

          I know nothing more at the moment about the SCOTUS position or likely outcome than I did 20 minutes ago.

          Like I said, control your emotions.

          • Pooch says:

            English-speaking RT is about as credible as CNN. BAP did a whole podcast about how Russian english-speaking media are just wannabe American shitlibs apparently.

      • Pooch says:

        It is absolutely clear that Barr has very little control over the DOJ. Sidney Powell is working on the criminal case in lieu of the DOJ doing it.

        • The Cominator says:

          Sidney Powell may or may not be a shiny object, she did a good job with Flynn no doubt but she seems to be a Qtard and Qtards are Qtards because they can’t always filter out harmful misinformation. Trump should have strongly in no uncertain terms denounced Q years ago.

          The ballot dumps and overvotes, the stuff Rudy was describing are a much stronger simpler more concrete fraud case that normies can easily understand.

          • Pooch says:

            She’s no Qtard. Don’t buy into the Cucker Carlson propaganda. Rudy is working on overturning the fraudulent election. Sidney is working on rolling up the deep state since Barr is powerless to do it.

            • Not Tom says:

              Maybe. Don’t count your chickens before they hatch.

              An insightful comment from Vox the other day:

              I truly do not understand this apparent desire to constantly hare off after everyone and everything that happens to make what might possibly be a sympathetic noise.

              I do understand it – but it is incredibly destructive and you have to fight the urge. Your goal is to maintain a consistent level of hope and optimism over time, don’t blow your entire load on one long shot and then have to spend two weeks recovering in a black-pilled funk. The emotional extremes are what keep burning people out.

              I don’t really know anything about Sidney Powell, other than that she seems to have been working with the DoJ on getting the Flynn case dropped, and neither party has been able to cut through the judiciary itself. I also know that FBI and DoJ investigations can be open for months before any of us hear a peep about them; they only leak if someone wants them to leak.

  9. notglowing says:

    Seems like Cenk is worried now
    Have to preface that the owner of that twitter account is a furry and very likely homosexual.

    • The Cominator says:

      I’d feel better if Chunk Yogurt wasn’t worried… his prediction track record isn’t very good.

  10. jim says:

    Two years ago I said:

    If Republicans must be punished, can they ever allow a mere election to return Democrats to power?

    And if the Democrats do regain power, chances are that Republicans are going to be punished in a way that makes it impossible for them to ever return to power by democratic means.

    In 2018, the stakes were too high for democracy to function.

    Now the dysfunction has become more evident.

  11. BC says:

    Morale is flagging even over on the
    Shills are everywhere. Propaganda campaigns with mass shills and mass censorship tend to be effective given enough time.

    Lockdown protests are going to be a bigger rallying cry shortly if they’re not already. Trump should harness this by declaring the lock downs illegal and use whatever loyal cops he has to arrest the people instituting them.

    • The Cominator says:

      Remember in the end whatever happens with muh process Trump has the larger army.

    • jim says:


      Looks to me that more and more normies are awakening to the new reality, and less and less people are paying attention to the legacy media.

      • BC says:

        People know the score, they just feel helpless about it, which is the point the demoralization campaign. Maybe I’m suffering from blinders since since I live in a blue state, but the lockdowns are a much bigger point of anger for people around here. Of course we’ve been living with rigged elections for a long time now.

        • jim says:

          They are waiting for their commander in chief to give the command.

          Will he?

        • The Cominator says:

          Trump should definitely talk about what the left plans to do should he lose via killing the economy and all social life for the average person via lockdowns (but not for the leftist elite), and that the left plans to kill their dogs.

          He should mention that the Great Reset will be a new Great Leap Forward.

          • Karl says:

            And what would be the point of such talk?

            People would still wait for Trump’s command. The need for Trump to give the order, won’t go away from talk.

            • The Cominator says:

              So that the order to take over the state (and “helicopter” any Democrat holding office, and a good amount of Republicans who have failed us and committed treason) is met with applause and relief by normies.

              • Karl says:

                My impression is that we are already at the stage where Trump’s order to take over the state will be met with applause and relief by most normies.

                Anyway, those normies who would not welcome Trump’s order to take over the state, cannot be won over by anything Trump says.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Yes… I think he should just schedule rallies across the country in all state capitals at the same time and then read the insurrection act and announce he is taking over the government that Biden and Kamala Harris and all Democrats holding national or statewide offices are public enemies (and also any Republicans he should list) and are under a decree of outlawry. I think he should do this now… or at worst right after Thanksgiving.

                • Pooch says:

                  He’s waiting and timing the outpouring of support to be around December 14 or shortly before when certification happens. That is when we need the Trump support at a fever speech. That is the new Election Day now.

                • Pooch says:

                  Or at least until something reaches the Supremes.

          • European Mutt says:

            The dog thing is not normie-compatible enough unfortunately. I told my wife (well, biblical wife, not crazy on gay-marrying her at the gov office) who normally trusts me on everything related to politics. She’s my weather vane on normies and she said she believes it might turn Soviet maybe but that they won’t kill our dog. She just couldn’t imagine it.

            This might vary country by country but I do think many normies still have the ‘Elites are good but misguided and deceive us because they think it’s for our own good, Trump is good AND smart and honest’ frame. So Trump probably rather needs to show explicit, undeniable examples of evilness to get normies to accept that the other side is evil, full stop. Abductions by CPS (only those that can be framed politically, people are dumb they don’t understand Trump couldn’t just abolish that with a stroke of the pen), people beat up by Antifa, mobs looting and smashing stores, the threats to Rand Paul’s wife and kids etc.

            Everyone knows what lockdowns are like, so no need to get overly descriptive. Trump has emphasized constantly that the Dems want lockdowns, he doesnt, and rightly so.

            • The Cominator says:

              Every Trump supporter at least who I showed it too agreed with my interpretation that they planned to kill people’s dogs.

            • The Cominator says:

              Are you in Europe or the US?

            • European Mutt says:

              Europe. Were those open Trump supporters with MAGA hats who go to rallies or rather normie voters? Open and enthusiastic supporters are massively redpilled I know that, but normies too? If so, then this is great for the US! I rescind my criticism in that case.

      • Obake158 says:

        Kind of an odd point that most people are ignoring the media when they have succeeding in memefagging a fake second wave into existence and people are terrorized. More people than ever are tuning into the lying MSM and buying the narrative. We come to sites like this for a respite from the shilling. But forums like this and ZH and /pol/ also tend to be echo chambers and sounding boards for our own point of view. I have major Covid fatigue and to some extent Trump fatigue. I’m tired of fighting when 90% of the people I see on an everyday basis are demoralized and propagandized and believe in the MSM/Govt quackery. If Trump wants to win, for real, his team is only trickling out the info and it’s being ignored. He can end Covidiocy tomorrow by rescinding the emergency decree that all these Shitlib governor’s power grabs rest on. He can put this thing to the test with one strong press conference. But will he? I think Melania can’t wait to f’off from slumming in the White House, and get back to tanning in Mar a Lago with cocktails and shopping on Worth Avenue. The last thing she wants is another four years in that cesspool called DC. How much you want to bet that Trump feels the same?

        • Anonymous 2 says:

          “I have major Covid fatigue and to some extent Trump fatigue. I’m tired of fighting when 90% of the people I see on an everyday basis are demoralized and propagandized”

          Your problem is, the bullies won’t leave you alone even if you give up. If you see what I mean.

        • Not Tom says:

          The last thing she wants is another four years in that cesspool called DC. How much you want to bet that Trump feels the same?

          And yet, he fights, and she supports him. Do you learn anything from this?

          You must live in a blue state, because virtually no one in red states is buying into the “second wave” nonsense and no one is “terrified”. If you choose to keep living in a blue state (or some urban shithole), then you have to find your own strength; no one on the internet can give it to you, it’s just not the right medium. If you don’t have that resolve of your own, move to a red state where you won’t be getting demoralized all the time.

    • Not Tom says:

      Morale is flagging even over on the

      This happens literally every weekend, because not much of consequence happens on a weekend and people have a lot more spare time to bitch and complain. Haven’t you noticed the pattern already?

      I guess not – seems very few of us are able to notice patterns while they are actually still happening around us.

      Anyway, to me this says more about the mentality of the kind of people over there. Obviously morale will eventually sag if things look bad enough, but it’s not good when you need a constant stream of good news in order to stay positive. Even no news demoralizes them, which I think is why we have this cottage industry of Qtards and other fabricators who just flat-out make shit up.

      This is why prole revolution is impossible. At some point it may look like they are ready to revolt, but that can change literally over a weekend. If the war is won, it will be won by men of courage and resolve, who do not flinch in the face of danger and do not lose hope even in the face of certain defeat. It’s still anything but certain, but even if it was, it’s our job to not flinch.

  12. Pooch says:

    Bizarre statement by Trump team distancing themselves from Sidney Powell? Not sure what to make of it.

      • Niiiidriveevof says:

        Your immediate instinct with this stuff should be to distrust the media frame and assume questions are taken out of context. They will use any pretext to make it look like Trump is taking.

        • Not Tom says:

          Wouldn’t exactly say it’s out of context. My first instinct was to check the campaign site to see if it was real, and it is:

          There’s no additional context there. But I agree that it’s not necessarily distancing, could be just responding to some media narrative (not sure which one).

          • BC says:

            Everyone’s taking it as distancing. This isn’t good.

            • Pooch says:

              Lin Wood is vouching for her (who also isn’t officially part of the Trump Campaign). I think we are ok.


            • The Cominator says:

              Its wiser to base the case on the Giuliani old fashioned fraud because its easier to sell as fraud.

              Especially the stuff about OVERVOTES, OVERVOTES are the best possible proof of vote fraud that you can have. Its much harder to prove the machines were skimming a % of votes, and its much harder still to prove that until you’ve established that fraud occurred at a large systemic scale.

              So the 1st thing the Trump case should focus on is overvotes overvotes overvotes. Overvotes are 100% proof of fraud.

              The 2nd is that even in areas where they did not quite overvote that Biden in these specific swing state areas and only in them he outperformed 2008 Obama, whereas he underperformed Hillary in most of the country.

            • Pooch says:

              I think that’s essentially what their plan is. Giuliani’s case (who is the official lead attorney of the Trump campaign) is much more important in the short term for Trump to win the election.

              Powell’s case is not necessary to win the election but it may be necessary if the Civil War goes all the way and we need Old Republic legality to jail what would essentially amount to the entire Democrat Party, the 3 letter agencies, a bunch of corrupt, traitorous Republicans, and even Soros. It’s essentially a criminal case and it’s no coincidence she’s launching it in Georgia.

      • Pooch says:

        Ah ok. No reason to panic.

  13. The Cominator says:

    Teddy spaghetti is claiming he has secret information that puts us in far better position than the public picture… is he truthful, lying or believes he is truthful but is being a qtard.

    • Pooch says:

      I think he’s a qtard but I still think we are in good shape. He’s right if you ignore the never ending demoralization campaign of the left there’s signs that good things are brewing on our side.

      • BC says:

        The demoralization campaign is becoming more effective as they flood the nets with high quality shills with scripts. It’s also not helping that people have no idea what Trump is up to.

        However, they’re now screaming about a coup rather than just Trump is getting weaker. That shows real fear on the left.

        • Pooch says:

          Just heard a decent theory by Styx that the lawsuits by Sidney and Rudy exposing widespread massive fraud (causing mainstream media to freak out) are distraction for the Lawsuits attacking the unconstitutionally of mail ballots in general (Lin Wood has one in Georgia) which have a better chance of overturning multiple states. That would be a 4D chess move if true. Or Maybe all of the above has a good chance and something has to hit. We‘ll see.

          • Mister Grumpus says:

            Trump knows the power of noise, bullshit and misdirection. Remember Stormy Daniels?

            When I saw Powell I thought “Right. Lady lawyer. Some kind of bullshit.” But I had no idea what kind of bullshit, or whose. Still don’t.

            But boomer-friendly lady lawyer Powell, and this Venezuelan Dominian thing, is definitely the shiny object of the moment. Scott Adams is (publicly) guessing that it’s enemy disinformation, their “truther” planted cause, making Trump’s “poster child” case something that’s either BS or just impossible to actually get jurisprudence on in a timely manner.

            Or maybe that’s true and Trump is also using it as a shiny object to keep everyone off of his main ball, in the shadows, which is about either constitutionality at all, and/or civil rights (ejecting observers from counting, etc.)

            Because really, this Dominion, how on earth can you do a court case about all that in any less than a year (which is surely why they corporate structured it the way they did)? But the constitutionality and civil rights angles are obvious and quick.

            And this whole thing is going down in public perception anyway, not law. “Legitimacy”, remember? There are different factions and demographics on this game board, some matter more than others, and their felt standards for “legitimacy” are quite different.

        • Pooch says:

          And yes the longer time goes without any hard Trump wins the more effective the demoralization.

          • jim says:

            A hard Trump win is not getting an honest outcome through normal processes, because that is not going to happen.

            It is discrediting the crooked outcome obtained through extraordinary processes, thereby justifying extraordinary remedies.

            • Edit_XYZ says:

              I would say the massive vote fraud was already proven, redundantly.
              The legacy media just willfully ignores the evidence. The courts also refused to acknowledge it, so far.

          • Mister Grumpus says:

            The only “day in court” that Trump may ever get, or even want, is him and Rudy, in front of a rally crowd, tag-teaming through a jazzed up “PowerPoint presentation”, if you will.

            Like that Inconvenient Truth movie, but outdoors, to a much bigger crowd, and with more music and dancing.

        • notglowing says:

          >However, they’re now screaming about a coup
          That’s what we want them to be saying. If they just dismiss Trump it means we are not winning.
          I haven’t seen this yet though, but I have seen the narrative from MSM become ever so slightly more aggressive over time. It’s subtle, but in the beginning I was surprised that the MSM didn’t sound that hard on Trump at all and just said he was disputing election results, then things slowly tilted over the days.

          • Pooch says:

            Here’s a tweet that seems to represent the left’s current talking point about the Supreme Court. Basically an unhinged rant that there is no possible way any of Trump’s cases could possibly get there…


            • European Mutt says:

              This is the biggest whitepill so far for me. Narcissistic trigger symptom, this always means you did something very right.

            • notglowing says:

              It should be noted that “SCOTUSBlog” might have a checkmark but isn’t in any way connected to the SC nevermind an official source as far as I can tell.

              • Pooch says:

                Yes not an official source of anything but supposedly a non partisan SCOTUS news source with a fairly large following. Their demoralization rhetoric mirrors what I’ve been hearing from the MSM.

                • Pseudo-chrysostom says:

                  Quick mind hack: ‘non-partisan’ means ‘official power’.

                • European Mutt says:

                  … as do ‘independent media’ and ‘civil society’.

        • Edit_XYZ says:

          I’ve read speculation that the script about Trump staging a coup is preparation for the left’s plan if the vote fraud doesn’t work.
          Specifically, the script would go that they stopped the coup by assassinating trump – which assassination they will attempt.

          This fits with the left’s mafia-like modus operandi. When they couldn’t win elections, they stole them.
          If they can’t beat Trump and his followers, they’ll kill him, or try to. I think this is at least their plan if things get kinetic.

          • Not Tom says:

            They’ve tried it a few times already, always failed.

            Maybe this time they’ve got a better plan or someone on the inside. But I doubt it.

            • Edit_XYZ says:

              A few times? Without making the news?

              If Trump already survived a few attempts on his life, he knows what he’s dealing with, and what awaits were he to lose.

              • BC says:

                Don Jr. has said several times that Trump’s entire family will be locked up if they lose. That’s about the most you can say in normie land. It’s pretty likly that Trump knows the score.

              • Not Tom says:

                It did make the news each time, but they would portray it afterward as something else. Once or twice he was rushed on stage, another time someone tried to drive into his motorcade, etc. It’s the media, what do you expect? They didn’t just start lying this year, they’ve been lying for decades.

    • jim says:

      Some qtard stuff may well be real, though only by accident. A stopped clock is right twice a day.

      • Not Tom says:

        I know we can’t rely on the legacy media for authoritative information, but he’s started just linking to every rando making up random shit on their blog. There has to be some kind of baseline for reliable sources beyond “here’s someone you’ve never heard of and whom I’ve never talked about or linked to before who says he heard from his friend’s uncle’s urologist’s gardener that they got the German government’s permission to seize the servers”. I mean come on dude. Standards.

        I really do hate to dunk on him at a time like this because he’s doing a lot of good. And I think it’s plausible that he does have at least some kind of inside track. But he references way too many people and blogs that make totally unsubstantiated claims and appear to have no direct connections, and that makes it harder for me to listen than if he just said “don’t worry, we’re fine”. Sometimes less is more; no references are better than absurd and untrustworthy references. This is what happens to everyone who gets involved in the Q melodrama, it addles their brains, which is why we say Q is enemy propaganda.

        • Theshadowedknight says:

          This sort of thing is a bad joke. I see that and I roll my eyes so hard I risk whiplash from the inertia. However, if I had a super-secret inside line on some top-secret moves, I would be disguising it with so much obfuscation and absurdity it would make Alex Jones blush. Theodore Beale is only one part of Vox Day, as he has hinted in the past that he is not the only one to write on his blog. Whether or not that is misdirection is another question, but that is the nature of this sort of work. Whether or not Dominion is real, that is something he can sic his people on in his second term. He has to get there, though, and that almost certainly means force of arms coupled with a reasonable attempt to use the existing system to resolve the issue.

          • Not Tom says:

            he has hinted in the past that he is not the only one to write on his blog

            He has? I never saw that; do you remember the post or an approximate date?

            It’s definitely possible that some of it is obfuscation and misdirection. I don’t know, though, seems like he just attracts the kind of readers who go in for that sort of thing and is throwing them red meat. At least I’m pretty sure he doesn’t take it seriously himself, because like Trump’s supposedly stupid decisions, it’s inconsistent with previously-demonstrated levels of intellect and personal judgment.

            But that doesn’t make it any less cringe.

    • S.J., Esquire says:

      Are you talking about Vox Day? Calling him “Teddy Spaghetti” is about the gayest thing imaginable, going in fact past gay towards verging on full tranny.

      Vox can be a drama queen, but I’ll say this for him: in all the years I’ve been reading him, he is virtually always right, every time, even when I thought he sounded unhinged he turns out to be vindicated.

      • The Cominator says:

        I fully approve of his stance towards blackpillers here but Vox has some laughable beliefs…

        Believes in Q, believes in “gammas”, believes Jordan Peterson is somehow the worst guy in the media like beyond any Democrat shill… seems to endorse the expansive leftist definition of pedophile without naming the gay.

        Hard to say he is right about everything based on that.

        • Pooch says:

          He’s purple pilled on women and a bit too Alex Jonesy on the pedophile stuff but other than that he seems pretty good on everything else. He did not see the giant fraud coming like Jim did though.

        • ten says:

          I tried reading his jordanetics but lost interest after a few minutes. Apparently he is certain Peterson made some sort of devil pact, knowingly, intentionally betraying the Lord for his own personal grift and narcissism.

          And this in turn justifies VD’s own deceitful interpretation and retelling of every word of Petersons. For example, VD repeatedly states that Peterson has said he never ever read the old testament prior to preparing for his biblical series of youtube stage lectures, while the exact quote is available on film, where Peterson says his interpretation of some certain OT passage started coming into shape 20 years prior but didn’t click until while preparing for the series.

          VD lies intentionally whenever he thinks it is justified, because he has been told by his magic scrying glass the person he lies about himself is a child of the father of lies. I can’t know when he lies, so i can’t trust him.

  14. BC says:

    Any signs the left is worried about the supreme court?

    • jim says:

      I know they have a shill narrative prepared for expected loss in the supremes.

      They plan to go right ahead continuing to ignore the supremes. Which would be a very propitious time to proclaim the insurrection act.

      They have made plans that assume that they lose in the supremes, and then continue as normal.

      But their current plan is to get enough states certified while stalling appeals to the supremes against certification. Might work. Both sides are trying to run out different clocks in different ways. The second worst case outcome is that Trump proclaims the insurrection act without a few supreme court cases in his pocket.

      Worst case outcome is that he fails to proclaim the insurrection act, because the generals tell him he would die. And then he would likely be killed anyway, though initially he would only be arrested, and those arresting him would not, at first, intend to kill him and his family. But if he loses power, those arresting him would lose control of those to their left.

      Best case outcome is he gets some good supreme court cases in his pocket, proclaims the insurrection act on the basis that the surpremes are being ignored, and the ensuing civil war is brief and relatively bloodless. (Apart from a bunch of generals being executed for mutiny)

      • BC says:

        That make sense. I’ve seen them talk very little about the supreme court at all.

        I wonder what those plans are. Typically they leak this sort of stuff all the time, but things are generally very quiet on that front.

        • Pooch says:

          Yes they continue to say Trump has no legal basis to stand on and anyone saying otherwise is an insane conspiracy theorist.

        • jim says:

          They are leaking. They are prepping for losing in the supremes. But their primary plan is to stall this by any means necessary – supposedly because it has no legal basis – so that this stuff does not reach the supremes.

          • Eli says:

            Scott Adams believes that the conservative supreme court judges are put precisely to control the narrative, so that when Trump loses, Repubs will back down because “supreme court said so:”

            • onyomi says:

              Who determines these regional assignments? The SCOTUS itself?

              If so, I can imagine Scott’s theory is correct, though I feel like on some level the message sent would be even worse from the GOP perspective (though maybe normies won’t take it as badly as just liberal justices deciding against us): just goes to show you can have a Republican state legislature, you can elect a Republican president, and he can appoint Republican justices, but every time it really counts they decide against you anyway, so what’s the point?

              • Eli says:

                Yes. Trump’s power, whatever he has remaining, does not rest with nominal Republicans. Neither does it rest with “conservatives.”

                I have very little confidence that criers and “women hirers” like Kavanaugh will care more about truth and honor vs preserving — short-term — the Democracy facade/status quo. I don’t know about the rest of them, but I’m afraid that Scott raised a good point, even though it’s a rather depressing one.

                • BC says:

                  No need to black pill, there’s no evidence the SC is going to cuck on us.

            • BC says:

              Scott Adams future predictions are not very good because of normalcy bias. He’s a good bellwether for determining what normies are thinking but he misses things like the FBI trying to overthrow the President until normalcy starts to publicly break down.

              • Pooch says:

                Yeah he thinks Trump will run a news media company if he loses.

              • Not Tom says:

                I keep telling people… Scott has admitted the game that he’s playing, he makes scattershot predictions and then points people to the ones that came out sort of correct.

                If you enjoy him as entertainment, fine, but we shouldn’t take any of his analysis or predictions seriously. Dude’s a cartoonist.

              • notglowing says:

                If the issue is he has normalcy bias then that doesn’t really make our chances in the Supreme Court look good.

                • BC says:

                  You’re assuming the Supreme Court is suffering from normalcy bias. I rather doubt it. They know that Biden will gut the court’s power by stacking the court. The evidence of the vote fraud is also very obvious and that’s likly what the court will will focus on.

                  To the SC they have a choice between letting the fraud ride and losing all their power to the Biden Presidency, or to claim even more power by making Trump President. I’d bet on the later outcome. People like power.

                  Now if they’re threatened hard enough they might cuck but I rather doubt it. Powerful people don’t get powerful by being cowardly.

                • The Cominator says:

                  “Conservatives” lack power traditionally because they are cowardly, I think Trump wins but it may come down to him calling people out into the streets and crossing the rubicon.

            • Mister Grumpus says:

              Scott’s super smart and is great at finding new ways to look at things.

              He’s also a face fag, and can’t just be honest like an anon can. So he needs to shape shift and stay slippery.

              Has Scott even talked about normalcy bias before, his or anyone else’s? No I don’t think so, and not because he doesn’t know what it is.
              Heck, even acknowledging normalcy bias — one’s own or other people’s — is practically a thoughtcrime now.

              (As for Trump starting a TV channel and using it to humiliate the R’s and remoralize his loyalists, truth be told, that might actually be his best bet for staying alive if he can’t pull this off, to be honest.)

          • Kevin C. says:

            > They are leaking. They are prepping for losing in the supremes.

            Where are you seeing evidence of this?

      • pyrrhus says:

        I’m now seeing reports that a 2d recount will be ordered in GA, after the Governor tried to play both sides, but said many votes were questionable…Anyone know anything about that?

        • Pooch says:

          Yeah he seemed to say there should be an audit of signatures but then signed certification anyway. Unclear if the 2nd recount will check signatures. Lin Wood is also launching a lawsuit which he is confident reaches the 11th Circuit (Clarence Thomas) that the SOS unilaterally changed election law without approval of state legislature.

      • Edit_XYZ says:

        “Best case outcome is he gets some good supreme court cases in his pocket, proclaims the insurrection act on the basis that the surpremes are being ignored, and the ensuing civil war is brief and relatively bloodless. (Apart from a bunch of generals being executed for mutiny)”

        There is no way Trump will get a supremes decision until december 14th. Which means the above scenario has almost no chance of succeeding.

        At present, the best case scenario is that “Trump proclaims the insurrection act without a few supreme court cases in his pocket”, and and then the supremes ratify his actions.
        This can lead to kinetic civil war, yes.
        Well, the fundamental cause of the current situation is that Trump allowed himself to be massively outmaneuvered by the democrats/the three letter agencies with the election fraud. Normally, a political leader cannot make a comeback after such a massive failure; that Trump actually has a chance to recover, even with a civil war, is testament to the power of the presidency.

        • BC says:

          There is no way Trump will get a supremes decision until december 14th. Which means the above scenario has almost no chance of succeeding.

          I wouldn’t count Trump out yet. He always finds a way to surprise us.

          Well, the fundamental cause of the current situation is that Trump allowed himself to be massively outmaneuvered by the democrats/the three letter agencies with the election fraud. Normally, a political leader cannot make a comeback after such a massive failure; that Trump actually has a chance to recover, even with a civil war, is testament to the power of the presidency.

          I’m of the opinion Barr stabbed Trump in the back but I’d love to be proven wrong. Ruling without a state religion is very difficult.

        • Not Tom says:

          And your evidence of any of the above is…?

          Near as I can tell, you’ve just made a bunch of bald assertions, without even a hint of facts or logic to justify them. Worst kind of black pilling.

          • Edit_XYZ says:

            No hint of facts and logic?
            It’s known how easily a case can be delayed in reaching the supremes. FAR more than ~20 days

            It’s obvious that Trump was disastrously outmaneuvered with the election fraud. Do you seriously still think his precarious actual position is part of some 4D chess sting operation?
            The DOJ/FBI complicity with the democrats is obvious by now with the utter absense of any serious investigation of election fraud/any arrests in disputed states. This, despite massive evidence of election fraud – which Trump used lawyers to gather, because said agencies couldn’t be bothered to.
            There are even very good arguments that the Frankfurt server was CIA:

            • Not Tom says:

              Now you’re just repeating stupid stuff that was discussed and dropped weeks ago.

              Supremes can move incredibly fast when they want to. It just depends on how important and urgent they consider the case, or how else they’re “motivated”.

              You don’t know that Trump was outmaneuvered, that’s your opinion, not a fact and certainly not “obvious”. You are not allowed to attribute positions to us. If you want to state a position, state it as your own.

              If Trump wants to dismantle or weaken the three-letter agencies, but needs to consolidate public and party support, then having them exposed as accomplices to election fraud is certainly a good way to go about it.

              I don’t know if Trump will win in the end, as I keep saying, but this process sure has been phenomenally effective at smoking out the shills, entryists, grifters and traitors. Y’all keep pissing and moaning about his personnel problems, well he’s never had a better opportunity to clean house, and he’s already started doing it.

              • Edit_XYZ says:

                You certainly have a far more optimistic nature than me.
                Well, we won’t have to wait for long. In about 20 days we’ll see whether Trump really plays 4D chess sting operation or he is trying to recover from a devastating blow.

                • Edit_XYZ says:

                  Look here:

                  The Michigan Attorney General threatens the Republicans who oppose certification or even meet with President Donald Trump on the issue could be criminally investigated or charged?

                  Now the Michigan Attorney General is political police, threatening opponents with criminal charges for doing their job?
                  What more cause does one need for invoking the 14th amendment? The amendment exists in order to deal with this exact type of situation.

                • Pooch says:

                  Rudy’s PA case just got shot down by an Obama judge which is good because now he can appeal. He’s on track to reach the Supreme Court in time. Lin Wood is also confident he’ll get there too in Georgia and perhaps Sidney too. The Supremes know this is an emergency situation and should rule accordingly. No reason to panic yet.

                • European Mutt says:

                  If the Michigan AG attempts lawfare and wins, that is more grounds for the insurrection act, not just 14th amendment. Let’s hope Rudy gets to the SC soon and Trump gets the legitimacy to go through with it.

                • Not Tom says:

                  The Michigan Attorney General threatens the Republicans who oppose certification or even meet with President Donald Trump on the issue could be criminally investigated or charged?

                  Yes, and? Let her try to bring criminal charges. To me it sounds like an empty threat, wah wah wah you refused to certify. They already threatened their kids, this is actually a downgrade.

                  The threats are only credible if Democrats win. If the Republicans there aren’t caving, means they’re pretty confident in Trump.

                • jim says:

                  > Yes, and? Let her try to bring criminal charges. To me it sounds like an empty threat

                  Not empty at all.

                  Empty if Trump remains in power. If Trump loses, likely death in prison.

                  We cannot arrest people for attempting to murder Kyle on video, while they can arrest and imprison people for crimes invented out of thin air.

            • jim says:

              > It’s obvious that Trump was disastrously outmaneuvered with the election fraud. Do you seriously still think his precarious actual position is part of some 4D chess sting operation?

              He lawyered up well in advance, and some of the cases were obviously prepared well in advance of the actual crimes indicating he knew roughly what crimes would be committed.

              • The Cominator says:

                To be a bit critical of Trump… he should have people set to physically storm the counting centers in Detroit, Milwaukee, Philidelphia, and Atlanta (ESPECIALLY Atlanta because Kemp would find it a bridge too far to have the GOP support dislodging counters).

                I do believe in Broward county in 2000 when they were making up phony votes it was stopped by a bunch of Republican polo wearing types physically storming the vote center.

                • jim says:

                  Yes. It is time. And I am not seeing the events for which the time has come, which worries me.

                • Pooch says:

                  What events are you looking for? I see him getting ready to launch quit a bit of lawfare, likely with evidence seized by the US Army which quite possibly is CIA owned evidence implicating the entire deep state. Isn’t this what we want?

                • Edit_XYZ says:

                  Sidney Powell, the attorney, says she has enough evidence to turn Georgia in a week in the courts.
                  Perhaps Trump waits for this.

                  But the Pennsylvania case also had more than enough evidence to turn the state, and it was rejected. Now Rudy Giuliani says it’s all good, because they’ll reach the supremes.

                  Trump consistently shows normalcy bias in this situation – believing courts and recounts can rectify this.
                  As I’ve said, the biggest mistake he could make is playing by the old rules – which he does as of now. Worryingly.

                  He should invoke the insurrection act and roll the dice. If the army is not on his side now – which I think improbable – and he loses, he only shortened his life by a few days.

                  Nowadays, his twitter has commentary on some fake CNBC article nobody cares about. This is what he finds important now?

                • jim says:


                  Trump positioned four conservative supremes for the districts of the four states that matter. He had all this planned years in advance.

                  His plan is to get it to those district courts, then the full supremes, then whatever the supremes decide will be ignored. And then …

                  This is starting to look like it may unfold like Syria – when it looked like he had cucked, we were betrayed and defeated, then when the dust settled it turned out he had been playing 4D chess.

                • jim says:

                  > He should invoke the insurrection act and roll the dice. If the army is not on his side now – which I think improbable – and he loses, he only shortened his life by a few days.

                  Nah, he will live for quite a while even if he cucks out. Neither the Romanov family nor the Louis XVI family were executed immediately after they lost power. They were executed when the $%!# hit the fan, when they became too dangerous to live.

                • Edit_XYZ says:

                  It’s true, we’re not privy to his plans and intentions.

                  Trump may well have the lawfare, and the subseqent insurrection act declaration all planned out. This could be 4D chess brinkmanship, but if so, he is cutting it pretty close.

                  I am worried because time is running out – not much left until december 14th. After which date, his position will deteriorate significantly.
                  And so far, lawfare didn’t do anyting in courts. It did show to everyone rational that the election was fraudulent, with an abundance of evidence – which may become very important.
                  And I see that his opponents get to threaten his supporters with no retaliation. Credible threats.
                  And whatever plan he had for the election, it didn’t work out. There is no way he would have damaged his position to this extent just in order to smoke out some deep staters.

                • Not Tom says:

                  December 14 is 3 weeks away. A whole lot can happen in 3 weeks.

        • jim says:

          > At present, the best case scenario is that “Trump proclaims the insurrection act without a few supreme court cases in his pocket”, and and then the supremes ratify his actions.

          The supremes don’t get to ratify his actions. He just decides that the situation warrants his actions.The insurrection act makes the president dictator for the duration of the emergency, and the president gets to declare the emergency.

          The President, by using the militia or the armed forces, or both, or by any other means, shall take such measures as he considers necessary to suppress, in a State, any insurrection, domestic violence, unlawful combination, or conspiracy, if it-

          so hinders the execution of the laws of that State, and of the United States within the State, that any part or class of its people is deprived of a right, privilege, immunity, or protection named in the Constitution and secured by law, and the constituted authorities of that State are unable, fail, or refuse to protect that right, privilege, or immunity, or to give that protection; or

          opposes or obstructs the execution of the laws of the United States or impedes the course of justice under those laws.

          Loyalist cops, army, national guard, and or the unorganized militia.

          “such measures as he sees fit”. Such as detaining people and questioning them, and then keeping them detained.

          Maybe loyalist cops will suffice. I hope so. If he has to call out the militia, we are in for interesting times.

          What little precedent there is for calling out the unorganized militia implies that the president summons a particular category of person to report to some other person or existing organization who is in his location to pursue some goal under supervision – the precedent is that the unorganized militia gets organized on the spot.

  15. Edit_XYZ says:

    As I see the situation, Trump has no illusions about his and his family’s imprisonment and death in the event he loses the power struggle. His latest moves indicate he will not concede willingly.
    What are his chess pieces? He has the means to legally declare martial law. Why didn’t he?

    Worst case scenario – he cannot make enough of the military obey. The FBI and DOJ are obviously working for the enemy.
    In this case, we’ve already lost.

    Best case – he has another ace he wants to play. Perhaps revelations related to the server seized from Germany. Perhaps he is confident in a Supreme Court win. And then he wants to call upon the military.

    The events of the last few days – his lawyers talk as if his victory is ensured. But talk is cheap, and so far there are few and unimportant court victories.

    The GOP – too many cucks; the rest seem to be too polite, too steeped in normalcy bias to be effective against the mafia tactics of the democrats.

    The situation is in flux in the disputed states. But no win for Trump. No disputed state turned red. And time grows short.
    For example – Georgia certified the election – not even the recount; the first count. The secretary of state and governor’s behavior there is outright traitorous.
    But the new circuit court judge there is Clarence Thomas. The legislature is very quiet. They may change the outcome. Or maybe not.

    A question – if Biden is certified at december 14, what presidential powers does he gain until january 20?

    • jim says:

      > As I see the situation, Trump has no illusions about his and his family’s imprisonment and death in the event he loses the power struggle. His latest moves indicate he will not concede willingly.

      > What are his chess pieces? He has the means to legally declare martial law. Why didn’t he?

      Proclaiming the Insurrection act and invoking Article Four of the constitution will go down more a lot more smoothly if he has some supreme court victories, and the supreme court goes on being ignored.

      But, if the supremes cuck, he can still do it. Will he do it?

      We shall see. But it would make life a whole lot easier if he had a few supreme court verdicts in his pocket when he proclaims the insurrection act.

      He is unlikely to survive unless at some point he proclaims the insurrection act and invokes article four. If they win, they will arrest him. They will not at first intend to kill him, but the arrest will set in motion a chain of events that will eventually result in them needing to kill him and all of his family that they can get their hands on.

      If, on the other hand, he proclaims the Insurrection act, and wins the ensuing civil war, they go to prison.

      • Anonymous 2 says:

        Helicopter prison, one hopes.

      • Edit_XYZ says:

        If Trump seriously suspects the supremes will cuck, he should invoke the insurrection act now, before the supremes have a chance to decide, and put them before the fait accompli.
        A supremes decision against Trump will be a disaster for his legitimacy. Far better to make his move now, based on the vote fraud evidence.

        The supremes can also chose to not decide before 14.12 or 20.01; the cases can easily be delayed. In this case also, trump must invoke the insurrection act at the latest in january.

        • Not Tom says:

          Then by your own logic, he clearly expects the Supremes not to cuck.

          • Edit_XYZ says:

            Either that, or he seriously miscalculates the situation, what the democrats are, and doesn’t consider declaring martial law an option.
            I think the latter is unikely. If Trump were so naive, he would never have become president in the first place.

            His greatest disadvantage, at present, is the fact that the DOJ/FBI/etc. doesn’t have his back. No arrests for vote fraud, not even official investigation, which means continued blatant disregard for the rules.
            Trump will win exactly no state back if his enemies are allowed to continually break all the rules with impunity. Not until he is no longer chained by said rules, at least.

            • Pooch says:

              He doesn’t have to win any state back. All he has to do is prevent Biden from getting to 270 and Trump would win. Right now Biden doesn’t have 270.

              • Edit_XYZ says:

                Proving the vote counts are massively fraudulent is winning a state back.

                Representatives from the Michigan legislature just visited Trump. They then said they’ll name electors in accordance with the vote. If the vote number is not proven wrong, they’ll chose democrat electors.

                I don’t expect the other contested state legislatures have the spine to choose differently, or not to choose electors.
                Maybe there will be an exception. I seriously doubt there will be more than one.

      • Diaz says:

        What going happen if Supreme court does not agree with Trump? All news is saying he losing court cases.

        • jim says:

          The news is Baghdad Bob levels of unreality.

          But the authority to invoke the Insurrection Act rests with the president, not the court

        • Not Tom says:

          More accurate to say that people who aren’t Trump or with the Trump administration or campaign, but are going to court more or less on behalf of Trump, are losing their cases in state kangaroo courts. Hardly surprising, knowing what we know about the judiciary.

          SCOTUS is a different animal. Which is not to say I know he will win there; no one can truly know that. But I can say with confidence that the outcomes of all these rinky-dink cases will have no material impact on the SCOTUS case(s).

    • S.J., Esquire says:

      “The secretary of state and governor’s behavior there is outright traitorous.”

      Yeah, for the benefit of those of us (like myself) who are still on the short bus, let’s be clear that this doesn’t mean Georgia actually went blue. It means blatant rule-breaking by everyone, everywhere, is where things are at. The Georgia business will go down in the history texts as a footnote example of what was going on: in the prelude to civil war, Georgia leaders, for instance, simply decided and then announced the outcome of the election.

      • Edit_XYZ says:

        If the democrats – and their Georgia puppets – get away with the fraud, they will do it again, as often as needed.
        Georgia will never be red again, as long as elections will be held. Except for some GOP puppets the democrats may decide to name as leaders.

        If Trump loses this power struggle, the remaining options for americans to resist the marxist takeover are far worse and far more uncertain.
        Essentially, they must form a coherent large scale command structure when opposed by the presidential power – this time, with the full support of the deep state – three letter agencies, etc.
        And they must do it fast, before the holiest marxist factions decide it’s time for some mass killing of the enemies of the state.

        • Mister Grumpus says:

          I don’t know what’s real and what’s Fedsterpiece Theater anymore, but speaking of Georgia, here’s someone from there calling into the Rush Limbaugh (who has 10,000X as many followers Jim and BAP together) radio show:

          A small sample set, but this is not someone overly concerned with “legitimacy” anymore. This is someone desperate for any alternative to going out like South Africa (slow grinding humiliation) or Turner Diaries (quick and painful).

          And we’re only 3 weeks in now. Come January there will be a lot more fellows who will be more than happy to look the other way and lose their cell phones if and when Trump does some gray-zone stuff to hang onto power and punish his persecutors.

          It will be particularly satisfying if he reserves 90% of his wrath for GOPe Republicans. The party grows stronger when it purges itself.

          • Edit_XYZ says:

            Have you read about Biden/the left’s program?
            Forced covid lockdown; forced buyback of arms; closing the oil industry; money for diversity commissars and climate change commissars; for the upper levels of the party, permission to sell whatever can be sold for bribes; etc
            Trump is to be buried in criminal accusations for his ‘illegal acts which betrayed the Constitution’, for starters. Blacklists for his people, and criminal accusations, for starters.

            And this is the left under severe self-control, with no murders, barely a few riots, barely a few death threats, etc. They are afraid Trump can call upon the army with martial law, and don’t want to give him excuses for doing just this.

            But, after january 20, if Trump loses power, there will be no more restraint.
            Soon, very soon, the program above will be the program of the moderates in the democratic party. So moderate, these leftists will be far right, literally Hitler.
            The program of the main democratic party will be far more…ambitious.

            The fundamental problem Trump has is that most of the population, of the army, of the cops and judges, of the GOP, etc. don’t realize this – normalcy bias. Perhaps Trump doesn’t fully realize it, either.

            If the majority realize soon enough what’s coming after the left gains power, Trump will be Caesar. It would no longer matter what the fake vote counts say, that the DOJ/FBI/etc betrayed him, what the supremes decide, etc.
            But that’s a big IF.

            • Pooch says:

              Patience. Let Trump expose the fraud to the American people in its entirety. They’ve only made an opening statement. He has time. The final sentencing will be Trump proclaiming, “I hereby name all involved as enemy of state and are under immediate arrest.”

              • Mister Grumpus says:

                Just wait. By January the casus belli may not even have anything to do with election fraud. By then it could be about preserving human rights, or preventing a Holocaust, or who knows what. By then, maybe we’ll have forgotten about the voting thing forever because we’re too scared of other stuff.

            • Mister Grumpus says:

              Oh I’m totally with you. They’re going to unleash absolute hell. And then the absolute hell commissars will be overtaken and eaten by the even holier absolute super total hell commissars, etc.

              This must be why Trump is staying home now, to let them get drunk on anticipated power and start showing off how cruel they’re going to be. He’s using them to bad cop themselves. If he came out front and said “watch out, these guys are going to do X, Y and Z” then they’d know to shut up and hold it for just a little longer. So instead, best to vacate the field and let them run out to out-plan and out-signal each other. That’s my guess.

              That was his playbook for BLM. The question is, looking back, who was using the BLM Summer to practice against whom?

              If you think Mount Rushmore was a powerful camera angle, just wait. This one is going to be some Lord of the Rings type shit.

    • pyrrhus says:

      O/T NYT, Harvard says Covid-19 tests are so oversensitive that 90% of positives pose no risk to anyone….
      A crack in the Cabal?

    • Gedeon says:

      The FBI and CIA only have HRT and SAD, respectively, for competent trigger pullers and their power is truly limited to humint, psychological influence and wetops coercion.

      The real MAGA flex is not to use the military, but to flex on the Pentagon and greater MIC by calling up a citizen militia. There is a historical precedent for the POTUS authorizing civilians to hunt enemies of the United States and one such precedent is none other than Abraham Lincoln.

      I would be surprised if you all are familiar with the Sandcreek Massacre, but Mt. Evans in Colorado was named after the man who put the citizens to work against rebellious Indian tribes.

  16. Pooch says:

    The way the tea-leaves are reading is that Sidney has something explosive from the seized Dominion servers and basically everybody is implicated. If Trump wins, it’s going to be scorched earth for both parties.

    • BC says:

      The other possibility is she’s trying to keep Trump’s base supportive while the case winds it’s way to the supreme court where it will be decided.

    • European Mutt says:

      Any sources yet about what was on the seized servers besides QTards? From what I can gather US army in Germany is largely Trump loyalist so I think there is a high chance it was our guys who got it, but I don’t trust QTards at all.

      I doubt Obama played a leading role in this (he did not play a leading role in the presidency either) but quite possibly he was in on it.

      • stan says:

        I still doubt that any servers were seized by US army in Germany. Germany is not a 3rd world shithole where Americans with guns can operate at will. If something like this happened there would be a public outrage in Germany and a diplomatic war would be raging on and it would be all over the mainstream media. But it’s completele quiet.

        • jim says:

          It is the American Empire. The USG can do much as it pleases. Germany is not a genuinely independent state.

        • ten says:

          Germany is strangely quiet about the many american military bases in her territory and the thousands of troops, that operate under american jurisdiction and tells germany not a single word more than they want to, if germany as you say would cause a ruckus over american troops operating within her territory.

          • European Mutt says:

            I know some specifics about this but I don’t know how to phrase them without putting myself at risk of getting doxxed. So I’ll just say you are absolutely right.

          • There was a big ruckus about the NSA spying back 2013 or so, especially when it turned out that Merkel’s cell phone was tapped too. The informal rules of the empire seem to be that you can make a ruckus when your own people are targeted, while if a foreign (Canadian) company then just try not to notice it. “No skin off my back” mentality.

        • Not Tom says:

          Perhaps – unless they don’t want to admit that the servers or data exists, or they don’t want to admit that the troops exist, as others have noted.

          Media creates a controversy when media wants a controversy, but if any of this is true (and I am not 100% convinced of that either) then I can see it as being the kind of thing they’d want to keep quiet.

      • EH says:

        According to Unraveling the Deep State Coup by (ex-State, CIA and Sp. Ops) Larry Johnson, at his “Sic Semper Tyrannis” blog, the servers were CIA running under military cover.

        I am reliably informed that a unit under the command of USEUCOM (i.e., United States European Command) did in fact conduct an operation to take control of computer servers. But these servers belong to the CIA, not Dominion or Sctyl. The U.S. military has full authority to do this because any CIA activity in the European theater is being conducted using military cover. In other words, CIA officers would be identified to the German government (and anyone else asking) as military employees or consultants.
        Such an operation would have been carried out with U.S. law enforcement present to take custody of the evidence. That means that the evidence will be under the control of the Department of Justice through US Attorneys and can be used in court or other judicial proceedings.

    • Arky Shrugger says:

      I don’t know. The “Dominion servers in Germany” sounds to me like a CIA/Dem gay op designed to discredit the stolen election narrative.

  17. Mike says:

    Ok, this is fucking hilarious. Amazing grift from the Dems, maybe they realize that Trump has a chance of stopping their plan?

    • Pooch says:

      Politicians by definition are grifters. They’ll use any opportunity to ask for money. Republicans do the same thing.

    • notglowing says:

      This is a completely new level of grifting that the world has never seen before

  18. Jehu says:

    Hey, here’s another question for you Jim.
    Trump has tons of lawsuits working their way up the various court systems, and I assume he’s going to have more of the same. Think there’s any chance he’ll go for getting a case with the Supreme Court having original jurisdiction ?
    Per the Constitution
    In all Cases affecting Ambassadors, other public Ministers and Consuls, and those in which a State shall be Party, the supreme Court shall have original Jurisdiction.
    So any reasonable way you could shoehorn a complaint into that framework? Maybe getting other States to sue the battleground States?

    The reason I ask is that actual evidence and testimony etc gets done in the original jurisdiction, not so much in the appellate. Claims of actually being innocent, even if provable, for instance, are generally not appealable. And who hears it originally matters a lot.

    • jim says:

      > In all Cases affecting Ambassadors, other public Ministers and Consuls, and those in which a State shall be Party

      That is a mighty clever idea, but I don’t see how to arrange it.

    • The Cominator says:

      Trump could get DeSantis who is loyal to him to sue the fraud states saying that they’ve violated Florida’s right to have the President selected in a fair election or something…

      • jim says:

        But suing the state governments is not a matter in which the supreme court has initial and primary jurisdiction. You have to sue the federal government, or its agents in their role as acting for the federal government.

        • Jehu says:

          Maybe if a state was in a NPV compact or something similar it could be sued for popular vote fraud? But I think all the states in NPV are blue. I’m not sure if Ministers or Consuls is something that could be useful.
          Thing is though, there’s serious green lanternism insofar as jurisdiction goes. If the SC claims it, who can dispute it?

        • Jehu says:

          I believe if one state sues another, the SC has original jurisdiction.

  19. Starman says:

    Notice that all the conservative and Trump-appointed Supreme Court Justices are now heads of districts for the disputed states…

    Clarence Thomas for GA. Alito for PA (where the Philly Democrats openly defied Alito’s court orders), ACB for WI, and Kavanaugh for MI.

    Roberts gets DC, LOL.

    • The Cominator says:

      Arizona and Nevada getting Kagan is not so good.

      Gorsuch may be a moderate squish but should put him on the 9th circuit and move Kagan to where Gorsuch is now (which has no disputed states).

  20. Pooch says:

    Looks like Kemp is going to certify the fraudulent audit which Trump can then still get another recount since it’s below the 0.5% margin, but have no despair gents as long as we keep the enemy under 270 we will win. WI, MI, and PA all looking good.

    • The Cominator says:

      The secretary of state is going to certify it probably, but its not clear what Kemp and the legislature will do.

      Georgia outside Atlanta is fanatical Trump country (as are all non urban areas in the South) and the legislature there will be facing clear suicide if they do this, also the Republicans will lose the Senate.

      • Pooch says:

        Early indications on twitter are that Kemp will certify (he has until tomorrow I believe). It’s unclear to me what the legislature can do without a special session according to state law, though. Obviously state legislature’s have finally say according to Article II but it seems they need a Supreme Court ruling to give them that power back. I’m not exactly sure.

        • The Cominator says:

          Bush v Gore gives them that power.

          • Pooch says:

            Yes absolutely, but the case must still be brought before them for the ruling but I could be wrong on that.

            • The Cominator says:

              Its my understand the state legislature has to confirm…

              • Pooch says:

                Each state has different rules, but you may be right. Either way, not hearing anything from the GOP state legislature which is not a good sign.

      • Kevin C. says:

        > The secretary of state is going to certify it probably, but its not clear what Kemp


        “Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and Gov. Brian Kemp certified the results of the general election Friday, making it official that President-elect Joe Biden won the state’s 16 electoral votes.”

        • jim says:

          Georgia refused to hold an audit.

          Had the power to do so, obviously needed to do so, failed to do so.

          • onyomi says:

            I just struggle to comprehend why. Do they really expect Georgia Republicans to reward them at the ballot box for this next time around? Are they foolish enough to believe Dems and moderates will? Are they just afraid of the wrath of BLM et al.? Cucking’s just in their Republican DNA?

            • Not Tom says:

              “Ballot box next time?” You do realize the topic of conversation is massive election fraud, right? The ballot box was irrelevant in this election and will be irrelevant in all future elections.

              We can start asking traitors why they turned traitor after they’re in helicopters, lined up against the wall, etc. There’s little point in speculating about motivation between the crime and the arrest.

              • onyomi says:

                “The ballot box was irrelevant in this election and will be irrelevant in all future elections.”

                I realize that, but not entirely sure Kemp et al. realize that.

                “It’s likely both the SOS and Kemp are connected to Dominion and very corrupt.”

                Not improbable, but the whole GOP Georgia legislature? Maybe they’re in on the deal too? Possible, but if so, goes to show how deep the rot is.

                • Pooch says:

                  No many members of the GOP legislature are pissed but can’t do anything unless Kemp calls a special session. If he doesn’t call a special session, they can force a special session through the courts. It’s looking like that is going to happen.

            • Pooch says:

              It’s likely both the SOS and Kemp are connected to Dominion and very corrupt.

    • Edit_XYZ says:

      In Wisconsin, they almost certainly used indefinite confinement ballots for the ~150000 fake Biden ballots.
      The number of voters with these indefinite confinement ballots is WAY UP in 2020 – at 169282:
      These do not require ID. How will they be verified?

      In Georgia – Cobb County:


      And this result is certified

      Each time one of these recounts gives the same result as before, Trump loses a lot of legitimacy. A few more of those and Trump won’t be able to credibly make an insurrection act declaration.
      What is he doing?

      • The Cominator says:

        Calm down… news overall is good everywhere except Georgia.

        • Edit_XYZ says:

          On a different note:

          “Sidney Powell just now on Glenn Beck:
          Servers from ScytI in Germany were in fact confiscated and “I AM HEARING THAT IS WAS OUR FORCES THAT GOT THE SERVERS.””

          If Trump has the servers, he can prove how the votes were switched. It really is time to bring out the big guns.

          • Not Tom says:

            No actual clip posted. Maybe she said it, I don’t know, but I’m not going to trust anything from “anonpatriotq”. Q is enemy propaganda.

            Also, while I think Tucker went way too far, I’ve also been thinking since the beginning that we need to be very careful not to put SP on a pedestal. She certainly says the right words, but is she doing the right work? Maybe, and hopefully, but we don’t know yet. She hasn’t succeeded in the Flynn case yet either. She may be a true fighter and a woman of perfect integrity, but even if so, we don’t know if she can deliver the goods.

            I’m not saying expect the worst, not advising pessimism. I continue to assert, “don’t panic, we’re going to win”. But also, don’t declare heroes before they’ve actually done any heroic deeds. That’s the degenerate state of democracy, getting all gushy and fired up just because someone told you what you wanted to hear. Let’s see what she actually comes up with and how she does in court before staining our underwear. We’re operating in a low trust environment, and trying to build high trust, but can’t go from point A to point B in two seconds flat. Keep your powder dry.

      • The Cominator says:

        Also the circuit judge in Georgia is Thomas, the Trump campaign just needs to file for emergency injunctive relief. Thomas is the most reliable judge and personally deeply hates Biden.

  21. notglowing says:
    Are they starting to sound more upset?

    • Hesiod says:

      “Do you guys need the Canadians to come down and remove the criminal from office?”

      Will Geddy Lee lead the charge?

  22. Jehu says:

    Hey Jim. Trump and his lawyers are now arguing that they can prove voter fraud in the 3-4 million vote range at a minimum. Probably more than that. Is there any sort of established process at all for voiding that many votes? Or is it a matter of some judge going ‘Green Lantern power ring’ on it, and just dictating that, you guys cheated, therefore you lose?

    • jim says:

      Well, how many people supposedly voted in Detroit? (In every election they supposedly have very large turnout, but actually have absurdly small turnout. This year their turnout was well north a hundred percent in some districts)

      Wayne County not certified, therefore Detroit not certified. I would guess that around four million votes.

      The process is going to be “Not certified, Detroit does not count” versus “Was certified, and should be counted whether certified or not”

      Supposing that at some point the supremes say “not certified, therefore does not count”, then things get interesting. At that point, Insurrection act and/or Article Four of the Constitution will likely come into play. Judges hide under their bench while soldiers put on the Green Lantern power ring, and things might get messy.

      • Pooch says:

        Sets a mighty good precedent.

      • Not Tom says:

        Crowder actually pored over all the election data in Michigan; looks like the fake absentee votes came out to about 173,000. The rest of the data actually shows between 10-20% turnout.

        It’s pretty astounding to look at, not a single one of those vote dumps corresponds to a single registered voter, even in their publicly released election data. They admit that those “votes” are completely unverifiable. Nevertheless, doesn’t add up to 4 million.

        But that’s just one county in one state.

        • jim says:

          Almost all Detroit votes are fraudulent every election. This year, however, normal Detroit fraud proved insufficient, so they topped it up by adding an unreasonably large number of fake ballots. Detroit votes are a large chunk of four million votes.

          • Not Tom says:

            Maybe if we’re willing to use a very loose definition of “large”? I’m telling you what the actual final numbers of votes were, post-fraud. Detroit has a theoretical population of 670,000 (actually much lower) and the total votes, regardless of candidate, with an actual paper trail, whether true or false, showed a turnout of between 10-20% per precinct.

            There were about 100,000 “potentially real” votes from Detroit that actually corresponded to a registered voter, whether legitimate or not, and then another 173,000 with no voter data at all, just numbers on a piece of paper with no identity attached, at least according to their own published data. That tallies to under 300,000 votes, not a very significant chunk of 4 million.

            Why would all the votes come from Detroit, anyway? We know there was massive fraud in all the machine cities – Philadelphia, Atlanta, Detroit, Milwaukee, and probably several areas of Virginia and Nevada. Maybe there was more in California to capture house seats. There’s enough to go around that we don’t need implausible theories like 4 million votes all coming from Detroit when the entire city doesn’t even have 1/10th that many votes counted.

            • jim says:

              I did not intend to say that Detroit was four million votes.

              Just that almost every ballot in Detroit is fraudulent, and that is a good start on four million.

              The blue shift was seven hundred thousand. But the blue shift is the hasty last minute addition to the election fraud.

              The blue shift is a hasty top up on top of the planned fraud already committed. Which is likely around several million. Detroit, which did not have much of a blue shift, is still all fraud from top to bottom.

              • Not Tom says:

                Okay, I see. Well, their system seems pretty simple: set up political machines in big cities with lots of blacks and/or third-world immigrants and absurdly low baseline voter turnout, so that the manufactured votes always have plausible deniability and any attempt to deal with it can be cast as racism.

                Which means there is probably massive election fraud in every big city with lots of blacks and/or third-world immigrants. According to La Wik, about 130 million people live in urban agglomerations. We can take off about 30 million in Florida and red states (whose machines have probably been dismantled), and, as a first-other approximation, cut that number roughly in half to eliminate suburbs and assume 10% real turnout in the metros, in line with Detroit. That comes out to about 5 million true urban votes.

                So if they all follow the same pattern as Detroit, of roughly doubling the vote count (1.3x fake), that’s 6.5 million fraudulent votes. Making a ton of assumptions, of course, but definitely in the right ballpark.

                • Pooch says:

                  Some of the deep blue suburbs also got in on the fun. Philadelphia for instance couldn’t make up the enormous Trump lead by itself so needed help from the surrounding blue counties to print ballots.

            • Pseudo-chrysostom says:

              Just picking nits, but i’d say 1/10th of 4 million is a pretty significant chunk.

      • Jehu says:

        There’s also the allegation that lots of votes all over the place were manufactured out of thin air and Trump votes were switched by Dominion’s cheat codes.
        Thing is, it isn’t enough to just nullify enough of the fraud to make Trump win the requisite number of electoral votes. The punishment, assuming we’re not going full Civil War 2, has to be sufficient to deter a rational actor from trying anything like this ever again. Something like, the democratic party is henceforth outlawed and all who ran in this election are disqualified automatically, even if a reasonable person would agree they’d have won sans fraud. All existing democratic party officials nationwide are removed from office and have their civil rights revoked, Civil War I style. But I don’t see that being offered or accepted. I think we’re going full Civil War on or before 2021.

        • Not Tom says:

          Outlawing the Democratic Party doesn’t sound politically feasible if Trump wants to do the “restoring the republic” act. But rounding up and Gitmo’ing everyone who was in on the fraud – including not just the fake votes/ballots but also the coverups, the “no evidence” lies in the media, the doxxing and threats, etc. – would be tantamount to the same thing, because Dems would not win another election for decades, but would be completely legitimate because it’s only punishing those with clear guilt.

        • jim says:

          > The punishment, assuming we’re not going full Civil War 2

          If Trump wins, the win will likely be a short Civil War 2 with little bloodshed. Possibly full Civil War 2.

          At some point, he is likely to need the Insurrection Act and/or Article Four. He is trying to find a way through without using the Insurrection Act, but the enemy is not agreement capable.

          • Jehu says:

            Just hope they don’t opt for a minimal solution that just makes Trump president without also looking at every other election under a microscope. It has to be sufficiently punitive, and Trump is more of a deal maker than a punisher by nature. Agreement capability, specifically, the lack thereof though makes this extremely likely to escalate, and it’s probably best for the country long term if it does. Just makes for a super unpleasant couple of quarters.

            • BC says:

              There’s no chance of that. I’ve been talking to Democrats, all they’re interested in murdering Trump and anyone who voted for him. Civil war under Trump, or Civil war with months of Trump losing, it’s coming.

        • Mister Grumpus says:

          There’s a whole lot of Coup Complete problems out there, but if Trump stays in, at least we know that “election integrity” is the iron that’s hottest, along with de-warring and de-lockdowning.

          I know this is theater, but one can imagine all kinds of overhauls to voting systems —like Federal Voter ID, paper ballots, purple thumbs like in Iraq, militarizing polling places, fancy blockchain wizardry, who knows — that could perhaps be rammed through in the name of “voting rights”.

          In fact, they should write this stuff up right now!

          Calling bluffs. Troll politics. Making the other guy live up to his own professed principles.

          Either they go through and Ds stop winning for some time, or — and this is what would actually happen — the Ds say Hell No and declare war instead, because a negro vote should be worth 5/3rd of a white one, don’t you agree?

          There is hay to be made from this, with the right focus and salesmanship.

          • The Cominator says:

            You cannot make the left live up to it’s own principles because it doesn’t have them.

            • Mister Grumpus says:

              I know. My point (sloppily made) is that the Orange Throne can actually be scaffolded, for now, by making elections more fair.

              Counter-intuitive yet true.

              The “democracy” cause can be grabbed up by The Lion and actually used for the Augustinian cause, with a straight face.

              I would never have guessed!

              Don can now go on the attack that the left hates democracy and put them on the defensive. The gun is his to pick up, and he should, and pronto.

              • jim says:

                > I know. My point (sloppily made) is that the Orange Throne can actually be scaffolded, for now, by making elections more fair.

                Democracy is the final stage of Republics, and it always self destructs. 2016 was the last democratic election. There will not be another.

                A Republic needs a virtuous elite. We don’t have one. A Republic becomes a democracy when the elite can no longer handle its internal conflicts, and brings them to the people. And pretty soon that stops working either.

                And here we are.

                While Trump would gain legitimacy by making elections more fair, nothing is actually going to work in getting election results that everyone is willing to accept.

                An election is essentially a trial run for civil war. You play by rules, and agree to accept the outcome without the cost and inconvenience of actually running a civil war. Which requires willingness to play by rules and accept the outcome, without which it turns into real civil war.

                Not seeing willingness to play by rules and accept outcomes.

                • Mister Grumpus says:

                  Making the Ds the bitter losers next time would help.

                  And yet the next “next time” is an inconceivable 100 weeks from now, and who can possibly imagine the state of play then?

                  But taking up the “fair elections” cause now, even for just the next month, would make the D’s freak out in the very short term, and that could help concretely.

                • BC says:

                  But taking up the “fair elections” cause now, even for just the next month, would make the D’s freak out in the very short term, and that could help concretely.

                  No one cares anymore. Once election officials children were threaten with violence the voting debate became moot. Now the only things that matter is the supreme court and men armed with guns.

                • Pooch says:

                  As Moldbug said, elections are just mock battles where both armies show up but don’t actually fight, and a truce is made so the bigger army wins. The Democrats reniged on the deal so now the armies aren’t going home.

                • stan says:

                  “Pooch: As Moldbug said, elections are just mock battles where both armies show up but don’t actually fight, and a truce is made so the bigger army wins. The Democrats reniged on the deal so now the armies aren’t going home.”

                  I am no Moldbug scholar but I understood his position differently. If you win the election with any amount of fraud and you can make the victory stand then you are the top dog and therefore you can legitimately govern. Like a king who won the decisive battle. You don’t get to scrutinize how he won it.

                • jim says:

                  > I am no Moldbug scholar but I understood his position differently. If you win the election with any amount of fraud and you can make the victory stand then you are the top dog and therefore you can legitimately govern.

                  This presumes that in fact you have the bigger army, you are well known to have the bigger army, and you are just pretending to hold a pretend election with people who do not matter, as with Roman elections after Augustus Caesar.

                  Well. Who does have the bigger army?

                  This is unclear. They have the generals, but we have the cop on the beat and the tip of the spear. The never ending election is likely to end with it being clarified, and the clarification may well go all the way to summoning the militia.

                  If we want to seriously restore the Republic, a project I think to be hopeless with the tide of history running the way it is now running, we will have to restrict the vote to people who do in fact matter if the election should become a real civil war (thereby ensuring that it does not): Men who use force in an organized fashion, and men who own property and pay taxes. Fighting soldiers (not logistics costumed in soldier uniforms – they have to be redefined as camp followers), cops on the beat, bouncers, security guards, mercs and so forth. Plus taxpayers who own property, and retired taxpayers who had sons and raised them.

                • Sam says:

                  That only works to a certain point. Once the level of fraud is large enough it stops being a reliable proxy for military support which means the ‘loser’ has a decent chance of winning military confrontation.

                • Not Tom says:

                  f you win the election with any amount of fraud and you can make the victory stand then you are the top dog and therefore you can legitimately govern.

                  Can they make it stand? That is the question.

                  More than 2/3 of Republican voters believe the election was stolen. Probably even higher percentages at a state level, in the actual states where it was stolen.

                  “Making it stand” implies that both sides are willing to accept the outcome. Since it looks like neither side is willing to accept an unfavorable outcome, no matter what process is used, democracy is officially ended.

                • onyomi says:

                  What is it called when one side could beat the other in a no-holds-barred fight (political or kinetic), but continually fails to do so because of lawful good sensibility, “just wanting to grill,” etc.? Because my only fear is not that we would get seriously kinetic and lose but rather that we will continue to lack the will to do so until too late. Of course, the power to keep us demoralized, divided, uninformed, etc. is itself a real power the enemy possesses to a greater degree.

                  That said, I suspect that, if any good has come from covid, lockdowns, etc. it may be bringing normie boomercons a lot, lot closer to the brink than he ever was a year or two ago, maybe finally close enough?

                  I have to admit that, up till fairly recently, I thought Jim was being a bit hyperbolic claiming Trump out of office would end up like the Romanovs, but the enemy is, in a way, doing us a favor by telling us all the nasty things they’ve got planned before our leader’s even relinquished the reins of power.

                  Conversely, people suggesting Trump 2024 or, like Scott Adams, that Trump can just pivot to become a media mogul or something are, intentionally or unintentionally, doing harm by (incorrectly) suggesting now is less than a do-or-die moment.

                • Not Tom says:

                  What is it called when one side could beat the other in a no-holds-barred fight (political or kinetic), but continually fails to do so because of lawful good sensibility, “just wanting to grill,” etc.?

                  Cowardice, if you’re an incurable optimist. Entryism and grift, if you’re a cynic.

            • Pseudo-chrysostom says:

              That’s rather the point actually; makes for easy pretexts to do what always and already needed to be done.

  23. Pooch says:

    Well Tucker just turncoated and openly bashed Sidney Powell. He’s an enemy agent now. Don’t these people know that turning this late in the game simply guarantees their slaughter regardless who wins?

    • Hesiod says:

      At the very least, Tucker’s handling of Powell tonight was very poor form and reeked of butthurt over “doesn’t she know how important my show is?” Fox News shot itself in the foot with its election coverage being nigh indistinguishable from the other NPC networks. I expect better from Tucker as he’s the only reason I turn on the TV these days, but it’s looking more and more like he’s playing some sort of game to gain greater control within the Fox hierarchy. He hinted as such last week about how his show will gain wider prominence on the channel. But it’s not much of an honor to be made captain of a ship already sinking.

      • Pooch says:

        Yes looks like Hannity is the last one holding the line on Fox.

      • Javier says:

        Tucker lost me when he threw his staffer under the bus for shitposting without any sort of a fight. You can’t pontificate about free speech if you cave under the slightest pressure.

        Or worse, he was actually offended by what his staffer wrote. Boomer Civnat faggotry.

    • Mr.P says:

      > He’s an enemy agent now.


      I watched the entire press conference. Rudy waived and read from signed affidavits. Sidney Powell on the other hand made impassioned claims without a smidgen, not a hint, not a peak, of evidence in her possession.

      Maybe she can’t reveal anything, but Tucker has a point: Don’t be Adam Schiff. Show us something, anything, just a hint of tangible evidence to support your claims. (“This is Venezuelan interference in our precious democratic election!” Not saying it’s not true, but for f-sake: Ugh.)

      • Pooch says:

        Now is not the time to countersignal the President’s troops. Tucker may not enemy yet, but he cannot be trusted anymore and has proven he’s no loyalist to us.

        • Publius says:

          He’s not trying to “countersignal the President’s troops”. He’s trying to protect his own reputation in the event that Powell’s allegations are bullshit. You can’t blame him for that, especially when it’s plausible that Powell really doesn’t have enough evidence to substantiate her specific allegations. If she has the evidence, where is it? Of course the left cheated, but we have to be specific and honest when explaining how they cheated.

          • Evidence Defender says:

            The evidence will be presented in court. The woman who spoke after Powell said, “this is simply an opening statement. This press conference is not an episode of Law & Order.” The main evidence they have so far is affidavits. That’s witness testimony. Is there any penalty in America for being an anti-prog witness that you can think of? Listen to the entire press conference. It covers very specifically all the different ways the DNC cheated.

          • INDY says:

            Wrong and gay. He did a video segment that any dipshit can rub in Joe Sixpack’s face and say “See what your Tucker thinks about your Orange Man?…no fraud!” Bad for Sixpack’s morale.

            He could’ve kept his mouth shut and if she flops, his reputation is fine. Where else are his viewers gonna go? Instead he says “That’s not who we are.” Turncoat Tucker is a company man.

            This the same Publius that posts at PA’s?

          • pyrrhus says:

            Sidney has explained the reasons for keeping certain things undercover, but didn’t you and Tucker notice the 6,000 votes switched to Biden by the machine in MI? Sidney Powell is the epitome of an ethical lawyer and former prosecutor, and Tucker is a dirtbag for attacking her without a shred of evidence that she is wrong…You are sounding very like a shill, but just may be an ignoramus…

          • Not Tom says:

            we have to be specific and honest when explaining how they cheated.

            Yes and no. We shouldn’t raise bullshit allegations that lower our credibility, but it’s also absurd that we have to explain exactly how they did it. Not only will they not accept our explanation regardless, but the whole point of the constitution and federal election law is that states have to be able to prove that they ran fair elections. They have to explain how all the irregularities and improprieties are not fraud; we don’t have to prove where they actually came from. And yet, Trump’s team is doing exactly that anyway, probably to win in the court of public opinion.

            But this constant burden of proof inversion is bullshit. Just because the courts are cucked or compromised doesn’t mean that the law requires irrefutable proof of fraud and fraudulent intent. And if your response to that is that the law doesn’t matter… well then just invoke the Insurrection Act already. As we’ve explained, these legal battles could be just a way to stall for time before doing exactly that, in which case Tucker’s “reputation defense” is totally moot.

            The only outcome in which Tucker’s attacks actually benefit him is one in which Democrats win, Republicans concede, and deplorables go back to watching TV talking heads, working overtime to pay for Green New Deals and Building Back Better (whatever the hell that means) and quietly sulking or cracking insipid politically-correct jokes about muh liberals. So that is obviously the outcome he anticipates, regardless of what outcome he might want. A really extreme case of normalcy bias, far more than anyone here has been credibly accused of. Either that or he’s just a conman, though I prefer to believe the former, as that’s correctible.

          • The Cominator says:

            People talk too much of what Sidney said, Giuliani’s claim of overvotes and law being violated via observers being kicked out in certain dem cities is on much much more solid ground.

            To prove what Sidney said you need source code, observations with timestamps across multiple districts in the same state (since it was apparently used across the country) and insiders who can tell a pretty tale.

            What Giuliani claimed about more old fashined fraud ramped up to a mass scale is much much much easier to prove.

            • Pooch says:

              I believe she has a Dominion insider willing to come forward. There’s no cost in exposing all the fraud. Just means more people we can arrest when the shooting starts.

              • The Cominator says:

                No its not bad to talk about it in general terms but there is good reason to not go into too much detail about this dominion stuff, source code and specific mathematics are too boring for the average Tucker fan.

                The strongest proof of electoral fraud possible is overvotes and the dem cities completely ignoring election law followed by ballot dumps in the middle of the night (and he has witnesses everywhere) easier to win the case on that and go after Dominion later.

                • Pooch says:

                  The firehose approach of massive blatant fraud is the right approach. Uncover it all. Rudy spent an hour talking about old school machine fraud then Sidney followed it up with the Dominion fraud. To the court of public opinion and the men with guns, it’s the same case. No one actually believes Tucker that there’s no evidence of Dominion fraud. He’s spewing enemy lines and cannot be trusted anymore.

                • The Cominator says:

                  The best evidence of Dominion fraud is this Coomer’s guys social media account claiming Trump won’t win I made sure of that.

                  But without inside witnesses the evidence of Dominion fraud is not something you would want to talk about on tv because it would deal with source code and mathematical patterns.

                  Much of Tucker’s audience (at least before all this) were proles… most proles do not want to hear Sidney talk for an hour about source code and statistical pattern commonalities across the country. Statistics like more people voting than voters in Dem cities is something they can understand, but it gets harder when you talk about complex statistical analysis. Even if the proles in the audience believe it if they go out to talk to others about it they will do it in such a way that leftist midwits around the Thanksgiving table or in bars etc can poke holes in…

                  The Giuliani old fashioned fraud case is simple and easy to understand…

                  Yes Dominion has to be addressed and yes it was good to bring it up and who Dominion has ties too…but its not good to get into detail with the public. Tucker if he is not acting as a shill should fucking understand that… also he should understand why Sidney would not want people at Fox News (who are enemies now) to have details. If Tucker has not crossed over to the enemy, he has at least shown extremely poor judgement.

                • Pooch says:

                  Sidney also confirmed the Dominion servers in Germany were seized. She wouldn’t say if good guys or bad guys got them but it’s looking like good guys got them. Trump is attacking them on multiple fronts with the Dominion fraud and the machine fraud, which only strengthens his support with the people.

                  As for Tucker, he always had sort of a faggot face. Definitely not the face of a hardcore rightist. Trump never gave Tucker full-throated endorsement like he did with Hannity, again showing his good instincts.

                • Not Tom says:

                  Hannity has been hit or miss too. He folded after the election and then sort of cautiously unfolded.

                  When it comes to all of these media types, I’d rather not speculate as to whether or not they’re ourguys and instead just assume that they’re all selfish bastards sniffing the wind. That means a simple reward and punishment strategy, praise them for good work and tear them a new one when they screw up. But don’t imagine them as either loyal allies or sworn enemies.

                  Tucker fan club looks pretty silly right now, Hannity fan club may look very silly next week. To me these Fox Newsers all just whores with varying moods and standards.

                • Pooch says:

                  I don’t watch him every night but Hannity has been an attack dog on fraud and only fraud from what I’ve seen. He was drilling Ted Cruz for the need to send Trump electors 2 days after Election day while Tucker was talking about how wrong the polls were. Who gives a fuck about polls? Similarily, Laura read an eulogy for Trump, but now seems to have uncucked a bit.

                  But yes your point stands. Anyone still getting a paycheck from the media establishment may have varying levels of usefulness but cannot fully be trusted anymore.

                • Diaz says:

                  I think they are trying to distract the population with irrelevant news stories like thanksgiving covid rules and latinos voting for Trump. Laura Ingraham look like big traitor and she ask Trump to “gracefully concede” if election results are unfavorable.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Hannity is not the brightest bulb but he is a good loyal man. Post election despondency for a good loyal man is understandable I think most of us (Jim expected them to go beyond plausible fraud so wasn’t surprised) had a period where we were feeling bad.

                  Tucker is much smarter… but no he isn’t loyal. I think his hatred of the woke left is genuine but his image as a truthful arbiter is more important to him than Trump who he is not all that loyal too.

      • ~loclun-midwyt says:

        What do you mean not a hint of evidence? Links to Venezuelan government, Clinton foundation, Soros. Even CNN admits this is true. That already is enough to suspect something shady. At least its the kind of connections Tucker might normally point out.

        Sidney did have an affidavit she read, and I’m fairly sure almost everything she claimed is easily verifiable, aside from actual instances of flipping votes. But that’s always going to be hard to have direct evidence of without having access to the raw data and logs.

        Tucker cucked hard. Described Sidney’s stuff as the big bombshell, then quickly dismissed it as not credible, effectively implying that the whole press conference was not credible. He’s been acting weird since the Hunter stuff.

        • Mr.P says:

          I stand corrected.

        • RedBible says:

          Link showing CNN admitting those things? I’ve got some normie friends who would find such a link “helpful” so to speak.

          • Pooch says:

            CNN is fake news.

            • RedBible says:

              I know that, and everyone here knows that, but for some of my normie friends, harder for them to dismiss it when a “trusted” source says so.

              • Pooch says:

                Yeah. If they suffer from TDS there’s probably not much you can do for them, but if they don’t and can actually think logically the way to go is to prove to them that the mainstream media blatantly lies to fit their Democrat narrative. They are absolutely not trusted sources.

              • Not Tom says:

                The problem with CNN, of course, is that they kick up an enormous fog around the facts to confuse you. But the facts are there:

                Smartmatic was founded in Florida by two Venezuelans, and did provide election technology to the Venezuelan government.

                In 2005, Smartmatic acquired a company called Sequoia Voting Systems, but sold it in 2007 after questions from members of Congress over the acquisition by a company linked to Venezuela. Three years later, Dominion, which was founded as a Canadian company but is now majority owned by Americans, acquired Sequoia. In addition, Smartmatic licensed Dominion machines for use in the Philippines in 2009, but the contract ended in a lawsuit, Dominion said in its statement.

                […] Dominion did agree to donate its technology to “emerging democracies” as part of a program run by the Clinton Foundation in 2014 […] And while the chairman of the board of Smartmatic’s parent company is also on the board of a foundation run by Soros, Open Society Foundations, Soros himself is not involved in either company.

                And all of this is surrounded by paragraph after paragraph of NO EVIDENCE NO EVIDENCE NO EVIDENCE. But you can see from the last paragraph, which I quoted in full context, what they do to confuse: “oh sure, they’re tied to Soros’s organization, but not Soros himself, so totally false!”

                If your buddy knows how to read legacy media properly, filter out the fnords and unreliable sources and extract just the important verifiable facts, then he’ll get it. But generally only reactionaries understand how to do that. He’ll likely just read it casually, and come away with the impression: “see? I told you, no evidence!”

          • ~loclun-midwyt says:

            This is from 4chan, very normie friendly.

            • jim says:

              I love it. Summarizing and paraphrasing: The facts are that the organization that operates our voting machines have no corporate connections to the Clintons or Soros, except those mentioned in the fine print that show it entirely controlled by minions of the Clintons and Soros.

        • >Tucker cucked hard.

          I really hoped to never see these three words in this order. Any other potential interpretations?

  24. notglowing says:
    Wondering what this will mean.

  25. Pooch says:

    Looks like Trump is starting to deploy loyalist police and US Marshals for protection…

    The attorney, Linda Kerns, was “the subject of threats of harm, to the point at which the involvement of police and US Marshals has been necessary to provide for her safety,”

  26. Pooch says:

    Watching the Trump Campaign press conference right now and I know women should not be emancipated but if we win, Sidney Powell gets statues and accolades as one of the saviors of the Republic. She is a true patriot.

  27. The Cominator says:

    According to some random poster on freerepublic apparently the paid off traitor Secretary of State in Georgia has now gone so far as to run commercials saying he did a great job or something…

    Motherfucker sounds like a real piece of work, running commercials before its certified as some functionary to try to convince people what you did was on the up and up is not something a truly innocent guy would do… its real cluster B personality disorder behaviour.

    • Pooch says:

      Some GA GOP Senators not buying it. Unclear if they have the total numbers yet to block certification…

    • European Mutt says:

      Off topic, but how much of current psychiatric classification is actually useful?

      Psychopathy (and probably then sociopathy also) is an anticoncept according to Jim, which makes sense to me. I think empathy is a real phenomenon, but it tends to be defined as femininity in current practice, which makes “psychopath”, “sociopath” and “Asperger’s” mean bad-male.

      Narcissism is also a real phenomenon, but usually described confusingly and applied to people it shouldn’t be applied to, like Trump. A succinct definition of narcissism might be ‘Can’t acknowledge reality and admit to being wrong when it’s pointed out’, which is of course a typically leftist pathology and therefore they attempt to obscure it. They made it sort of a ‘only Cathedralites are to gloat about their achievements’ kind of deal. Anti-merchant mainly.

      Raffensperger looks like an actual narcissist I agree.

      ADHD is completely made up I think. Pathologizes both boys and feminine girls. “Adult ADHD” pathologizes smart non-PC people.

      BPD is fatherlessness extreme shit-testing syndrome.

      Cluster A is probably real.

      Cluster C is victims of Cathedral education (especially women) and cuckservatives.


      • Not Tom says:

        Although I have zero regard for the psychiatric discipline, I think you’re taking a few things out of context here.

        For example, narcissism really is just unusually high self-regard. It’s part of the dark triad, well-known and fairly well-understood. The problem we get into with “pop psychiatry” is that narcissism isn’t a disorder – it isn’t a problem. Narcissistic Personality Disorder is meant to describe the extreme right edge of the narcissism distribution, as most so-called psychiatric conditions including autism describe the extreme end of a distribution. Mental retardation is also the extreme end of a distribution – the left end, obviously.

        Trump is narcissistic, or at least has learned how to act that way for personal gain, but he obviously doesn’t have NPD, because he is actually that successful, he doesn’t believe he’s more successful than he really is and doesn’t really appear to need constant admiration (enjoys it, yes, but doesn’t depend on it).

        The response of some on the right is to say “well that extreme doesn’t even exist, it’s just an excuse to hate self-confident men”, but that’s not exactly true. I knew someone who fit the extreme definition precisely, constantly exaggerated his accomplishments, often lied, was absolutely single-mindedly obsessed with getting attention and praise and could not stand the slightest bit of criticism, even though he was really mediocre in every sense. They do exist, but they’re extremely rare, supposed to be extremely rare, like 1 in 1000 or even rarer, but because of the Cathedral’s love of medicalizing and pathologizing everything it doesn’t like, these categories get tortured to death until they’re essentially synonymous with the entire right side of the distribution.

        But we should have words to describe the extremes, because the extremes are interesting. There’s a difference between being a retard and being dim, and there’s a difference between being a genius and being smart. If you’re short enough, you’re a dwarf; if you’re weak enough, you’re a soyboy or a cuck. You get the picture.

        A lot of psychology/psychiatry was always total crap, but a lot is holiness spiraling of once-useful ideas.

        • The Cominator says:

          I agree with Jim on most things but not everything, I believe psychopathy exists (in the 19th century they called it moral insanity)… I’ve met some people I consider psychopaths. Such people if detected even have their uses (in war they are known to feel fear more as a form of adrenaline than anything else for instance) but you don’t want such people as part of organizational hierarchies that are supposed to have cooperate-cooperate equilibrium because their nature is to scheme to betray.

          As I’ve said about narcissism… the biggest lie about narcissism is that its more common among men. Whereas for at least American women in the modern age… its typical to them. The rule not the exception.

          • notglowing says:

            Basically I agree with this.
            Still, accusations of psychopathy are always political as with the entire field of psychiatry always having been a political tool first and a field of science not even second.

            • The Cominator says:

              Any authority figures who can deem people insane… well the nature of such authority is going to be political. As you can remove people far above your rank even heads of state even normally autocratic heads of state if you can convince people they are insane.

              The whole Jimian idea of NRx (as opposed to Moldbug’s idea of converting them) is to deem the cathedral not worthy to rule by reason of insanity (and to deem them unconvertible by reason of insanity)… we may have the truth on our side but its still very political.

              There is a legitimate field of knowledge in examining the human mind, but deeming people insane… that is always going to be political and it will always mess with the “science”.

          • jim says:

            > I believe psychopathy exists (in the 19th century they called it moral insanity.

            Did they?

            I looked up the nineteenth century definition of moral insanity:

            He gives four examples of the morally insane. None of resemble “psychopaths” in the slightest. (And none of them seem very wicked by twenty first century standards)

            If there was such a thing as a “psychopath”, or such a thing as a “pedophile”, there would be a word for it in the bible and examples of it in old literature.

            We cannot find any psychopaths at all in old literature, and the “pedophiles” are all gays. They like raping little boys and little girls alike, but they like being raped by manly men even more.

            • The Cominator says:

              Not good examples IMHO but the concept was known and probably used with better exemplars. I’m surprised they didn’t use serious criminals as example. I’ve also known people personally who fit the psychopath profile.

              Also if psychopath is an enemy anticoncept what is it used for. Pedophile is an anticoncept because it falsely promotes the idea that there are lots of heterosexuals who molest prepubescents when the truth is its almost always gays who do it… and thus its part of the war on male sexuality…

              But what is psychopath used for by the enemy?

              • jim says:

                > Not good examples IMHO but the concept was known and probably used with better exemplars

                No, the concept of psychopath was not known. If it was known under another name, what was the name and who used it?

                If they illustrated the concept with exemplars that fit the modern anticoncept “psychopath”, who illustrated it and where do I find the exemplars that they used?

                “psychopath” is like “pedophile”. The word is new, and the thought is new. If such people existed, they would be all over pre twentieth century literature and depicted in the bible.

            • Hm. I just tried your poster girl method. Googled “most famous psychopath”. First result was serial killer Ed Gein, whose wiki says he was flat out insane, schizophrenia and all. Second result was King Leopold II, because Congo. So the way non-docs use the term is useless. I considered Charles Manson a potential example, but nope, schizophrenia diagnosis, not psychopathy.

              Looking at actual diagnoses, I found that Ted Bundy scored the highest on the psychopathy checklist, 39/40. Wiki says the diagnosis was changed around a lot and then:

              “Bundy displayed many personality traits typically found in ASPD patients (who are often identified as “sociopaths” or “psychopaths”[326]), such as outward charm and charisma with little true personality or genuine insight beneath the facade;[327] the ability to distinguish right from wrong, but with minimal effect on behavior;[328][329] and an absence of guilt or remorse.[327] “Guilt doesn’t solve anything, really”, Bundy said, in 1981. “It hurts you … I guess I am in the enviable position of not having to deal with guilt.”[330] There was also evidence of narcissism, poor judgment, and manipulative behavior. “Sociopaths”, prosecutor George Dekle wrote, “are egotistical manipulators who think they can con anybody.”[331] “Sometimes he manipulates even me”, admitted one psychiatrist.[332] In the end, Lewis agreed with the majority: “I always tell my graduate students that if they can find me a real, true psychopath, I’ll buy them dinner”, she told Nelson. “I never thought they existed … but I think Ted may have been one, a true psychopath, without any remorse or empathy at all.”

              The psychiatrist diagnosing Bundy thinks psychopaths do not exist and Bundy, who scored highest on the checklist, “might” be one. Hm. How the heck did they come up with that checklist? Checklists should be made out of experiences with thousands of patients and apparently one of the experts of the field, “an authority on violent behavior”, does not think psychopaths even exist. Was the checklist pulled out of someone’s ass?

              • The Cominator says:

                Serial killers are not the best examples as most psychopath types are not that crazy and you don’t actually have to be any kind of sadist to be one. There are psychopath poster boys though. Lets look at very high functioning ones.

                I hate to bring up anyone from the 3rd Reich but Heydrich checks ALL the boxes for example and did even before he was the head of counterintelligence for the Reich.

                Goering checks almost all the boxes (Himmler and Hitler by contrast don’t fit the profile, Himmler not even a little) but he did have some real loyalty to Hitler (and some other people like his brother). So psychopath but not as pure a psychopath as Heydrich was.

                Lets look at Jordan Belfort (the Wolf of Wall Street guy) also checks all the boxes.

                • The checklist has 40 items. Too much. Let’s define what 3-5 characteristics matter the most. Heydrich was never considered to have much charisma. Goering was a bit into crazy Roman emperor category, playing all kinds of dress-up, throwing elaborate parties, the running joke was that he would wear an admiral’s uniform with rubber medals to take a bath. Neither sound like a central case to me.

                  I have no idea about Belfort. Why would he even be considered a “bad guy” ?

                • The Cominator says:

                  “Heydrich was never considered to have much charisma.”

                  He didn’t have oratorical charisma because of his voice (its high pitched and almost effeminate there are some surviving recordings) but he was charming enough in person when he wanted to be. He was a womanizer even back when he was low status and he charmed Himmler enough to convince him to make him his second in command almost immediately.

                  So yeah Heydrich was charismatic other than the sound of his voice.

                • jim says:

                  I don’t agree that Heydrich is a good fit to the alleged category “psychopath”, and rather than discussing real people, about whom information is apt to be massively falsified for obvious political reasons, it is better to discuss biblical and literary evidence for the existence of “psychopathy”

                  If the concept refers to a real category, if it is a real concept rather than an anticoncept, instances of that category are going to be all over the bible and all over literature written before the anticoncept was conjured up to demonize masculinity and courage.

                • The Cominator says:

                  While in the navy Heydrich rountinely fucked family members of superior naval officers until he got kicked out of the navy for doing it and decided that while he was head of Counterintelligence for the Third Reich that he should volunteer for combat fighter pilot missions until Hitler found out and angrily shut it down.

                  But the thrill seeking behaviour continued with Heydrich openly riding around Prague in an open top car and got killed for it.

                  Yes I think Heydrich fits the profile.

                • jim says:

                  Thrill seeking fits the profile. Calmness under danger fits the profile. But the whole point of the profile is demonize courage and manliness.

                  Heydrich was brave and manly. And a Nazi. So nazis are evil, right, therefore psychopathy profile fullfilled, right?

                  Nah, Nazis are not evil. The evil that Heydrich did was the evil of socialism, and Nazi socialism considerably less evil than most socialist countries. To fit the psychopath concept, he has to do evil in person. Which he was clearly disinclined to do. Heydrich bureaucratically mass produced boring bureaucratic evil, because that is what socialism does, but I see no indication he engaged in the personal and individual evil supposedly typical of psychopaths, for example “callous manipulator”

                • The Cominator says:

                  I’m not claiming all the Nazi leadership fits a psychopath profile, Hitler deviates from it in most respects and Himmler does not fit any aspect of it all for example.

                  But Heydrich is from central casting for the profile though. Goering also fits it with the exception that he was capable of true loyalty to a few people (unfortunately Hitler was one of them).

                • jim says:

                  Heydrich was a brave manly socialist. Any socialist who is brave and manly fits the psychopath profile about as well and usually better than Heydrich, for example Che.

                  But for psychopathy as defined, the alleged pyschopath only fits the profile if he is evil within the organization, not if he happens to be a brave and manly member of an organization doing evil, but nonetheless individually and personally doing the right thing for his boss and colleagues.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Was Heydrich a socialist himself… maybe not. There were factions within the 3rd Reich government.

                  I imagine Heydrich probably wasn’t that keen on the “socialism” part of National Socialism (Himmler certainly wasn’t). The SS and in particular the SD were the most right wing organs of the Nazi party. The SS leadership was actually originally one of the factions most opposed to wiping out all the jews. Heydrich as “Reichprotectkor” of Bohemia and Moravia tried to orient it to a more free enterprise policy then most areas in Germany or under occupation (despite the inhabitants officially being inferior Slavs).

                  The biggest leftists were Ley, Bormann and Goebbels. Hitler was somewhat in the middle but as time went on tended to side with insane and leftist ideas more and more.

                • jim says:

                  > The SS leadership was actually originally one of the factions most opposed to wiping out all the jews.

                  And then, when this policy was overruled, due to the famine socialism was creating, Heydrich dutifully carried out policy. Which is plenty evil, but does not fit the psychopath profile. People he had arrested were dumped in the concentration camps, overworked, and not fed, but the concentration camps were not really his fault. His category of people in the concentration camps had a special designation, which did not protect them from the same socialist mistreatment as everyone in concentration camps got, but that was not his personal and individual evil.

                • The Cominator says:

                  I’m not saying It was Heydrichs fault merely that Heydrich fits the psychopath checklist very well nothing to do with his personal views on wiping out the jews.

                • jim says:

                  I do not see that Heydrich fits the psychopath profile any better than “moral insanity” does. The organization of which he was an important part did evil, but the psychopath profile evades the concept of evil, instead using workarounds like “callous manipulator”. Which workarounds are inapplicable.

                  Inapplicable to him personally and individually, and inapplicable to the kind of evil that socialist bureaucracies always wind up doing.

                  Having chased the concept of good and evil out the front door, shrinks wanted to sneak it in by the back door so that they could stick it to manly men, but what they snuck in through the back door fails to correspond very well to evil that we observe in practice.

        • European Mutt says:

          For example, narcissism really is just unusually high self-regard.

          But we should have words to describe the extremes

          But how is narcissism simply a spectrum from low to high self-regard? You yourself made the distinction:

          but he obviously doesn’t have NPD, because he is actually that successful, he doesn’t believe he’s more successful than he really is and doesn’t really appear to need constant admiration (enjoys it, yes, but doesn’t depend on it).

          So believing or not believing to be more successful then you are and needing or not needing constant admiration are not directly related to high self-regard as you yourself have pointed out. Maybe they are somewhat correlated, but in my experience this also doubtful (Teddy Spaghetti’s gammas are just low self-regard attention whores).

          Therefore NPD can’t just be an extreme on the self-regard spectrum, but has to be a separate phenomenon and should have a different name. I propose to keep ‘narcissism’ for genuine NPD (which maybe has its own spectrum) and to depathologize high self-regard completely.

          I personally have only ever known women who fit the bill for NPD, but some men who are public figures do as well of course. My estimate is 1 in 100 for women, 1 in 1000 for men or thereabouts. American women and Western women in general just have inflated egos, has nothing to with narcissism as I find it useful to define.

          It’s part of the dark triad, well-known and fairly well-understood.

          The ‘dark’ triad is based on the three concepts of narcissism, psychopathy and machiavellianism. If even one of those concept is dismantled we have to reevaluate it. The two concepts of ‘evil’ and ‘alpha’ while also maybe not perfect carve reality at the joints much better than a single ‘dark triad’ concept. The ‘dark’ triad is again an attempt to pathologize masculinity.

          I bet if any regular commenter on this blog, excepting shills, were to go to a psychiatrist and answer him completely truthfully, he would walk out with at least one diagnosis. So the psychiatrist considers him, at least to a degree, insane. He may deny it, PC as he likely is, but that is what he means. We consider ourselves the sane ones. Either we are insane, he is insane, or both are. I still wonder sometimes.

          • Not Tom says:

            Feels like we’re splitting hairs here.

            For most people, our self-regard is commensurate with our actual abilities and achievements. Do better, feel better. Lift weights, feel more confident. Fuck hotter women, feel more alpha. And so on.

            Narcissism is the extent to which self-image is detached from reality – thinking you’re really great while actually not being so great. Most people are actually a little bit narcissistic – literally, the average person believes they’re above average. But that’s normal and not unhealthy (IMO at least), because eventually they find out they’re not so great, and often compensate by trying to get better.

            But when there’s a really extreme distance between self-image and reality, and the subconscious knows intuitively that it’s impossible to bridge that gap through self-improvement, then attention-seeking behaviors and “NPD” associated issues start popping up. The cognitive dissonance is just too much, they can’t handle it, so they compensate in other ways.

            Women are almost certainly more narcissistic than men as a baseline, although how much of that is nature vs. nurture is hard to say – it was nowhere near this bad before social media. But anyway, that’s plain narcissism or perhaps “malignant narcissism”. Because men have greater variability on all traits, full-blown NPD cases are likely to be men, even if women are much more narcissistic overall.

            Think of car insurance. Insurance is about extremes, not averages. Women are worse drivers than men because of deficiencies with spatial relationships, but because a very small number of men cause horrendous amounts of damage, the math resolves to men paying more. Men aren’t generally very narcissistic, but that’s not relevant for NPD because we’re talking several standard deviations out.

            • No, there is also the negative narcissism when one is constatly focusing on how shitty he or she is, when one is constantly worried about people judging his or her looks or actions and so on. So it is more like paying too much attention to one’s regard, rather than having it high.

              And this is why narcissists make ideal recruiting ground for Progs, SJWs. The average normie is trying to not say something raycis, but will not care much if he accidentally does and gets away with it. The narcissist will obsess in guilt pangs for days if he or she said something accidentally raycis, so that is rather low self-regard, but the point is the obsessive focus on one’s regard, evaluation, value or status. So they become SJW witch-hunters, because they think they can alleviate that pain by proving other people are even worse.

              Similarly, the way to fix social anxiety is not so much convincing yourself that you have nothing to be anxious about, but to realize you do not matter that much, people are not judging you all the time because they do not care, because in the movie of their own lives you are just a supporting actor.

              Modern people have a lot of social anxiety because this society fosters narcissism in the sense of giving too much focus on one’s own regard or value, either high or low.

              Because we lack a fixed status ladder.

            • European Mutt says:

              OK now I get your viewpoint a little better. Yes, you could say almost everyone is a little narcissistic and overevaluates himself, and there is this thing about depressed people actually viewing situations realistically and non-depressed having an optimism bias. Apparently it’s called Depressive realism. I much prefer to not be depressed and do not care to find out the supposed ‘realism’.

              The thought did occur to me that it might come down to the gap between expectations and reality, and cognitive dissonance. Still, there are large variations with the amount of cognitive dissonance people can handle and especially how they handle it. And in my experience it’s still women (also some leftist men, ‘TDR’ sufferers) who have the most problems handling cognitive dissonance in general which often (not always) manifests as NPD symptoms.

              I think men are more likely to get out there and declare themselves the greatest guy in the world, like Raffensperger, in the face of the evidence, but women are more likely to go apeshit on their own family over someone not liking their food or even for some completely ‘invented’ reason and then never admit any fault. Might be her country instead of her family if she has any power. Not really less severe.

              I like your car insurance analogy, but I do not think it works here. Also I suppose we can define Trump’s behavior as narcissistic, but only if we define almost every successful and confident male’s behavior as such. That’s where it loses its usefulness.

              • Not Tom says:

                Ehh, I think you’re still struggling with the bimodal distribution. But most people do.

                In many distributions, like upper body strength or spatial perception, men have both a higher mean and higher variance (standard deviation). In some, such as narcissism, men might have a lower mean but still a higher variance.

                In any bimodal or multi-modal distribution, as long as the means aren’t hugely far apart, whichever group has the highest variance will be overrepresented very significantly in any filter that selects for extremes. Women on average tend to be better cooks than men, tend to have better aesthetic sense than men, etc., and yet all the top chefs and fashion designers are all men. Also, all of the worst-dressed losers and people who can’t boil water are men. Averages don’t really matter when you look at the extremes.

                Because you’re trying to work with only a single variable – the mean – you’re trying to concoct categorical differences which I’ve previously labeled as splitting hairs. If you take both the variables, mean and standard deviation, it’s really not very complex or mysterious. Women tend to be quite self-centered and have inflated opinions of themselves, much more so than the average man, but if you select for the top 0.1% of people who consider themselves holler than Jesus, smarter than Newton and better-looking than a young Brad Pitt, and can’t go two hours without making sure everyone around them knows it, you’ll find that this group is almost entirely made up of men. Not because men are more narcissistic than women, but because they have a wider distribution of narcissism than women.

                Trouble handling cognitive dissonance isn’t narcissism, it’s not anything really, everyone has trouble with it. Point is that extreme narcissism leads to unmanageable levels of cognitive dissonance. Some of what you’re talking about isn’t narcissism, it’s trait neuroticism (feeling negative emotions particularly strongly).

                • European Mutt says:

                  I am aware of the bimodal distribution of many traits between men and women. But I did not realize that indeed men have a lower mean but higher variance in narcissism (as defined by current clinical psychology), which does explain some of the phenomena you are talking about. Thanks for explaining.

                  So essentially, if you converted it into math, people apply a certain factor to their achievements, and maybe add a certain amount, and it becomes their self-regard.

                  Trump has achieved 100 AU (achievement units ;)), he multiplies it by 1.2 and adds 20, results in 140, 40 points over his objective achievements. Clinical psychologists see his 140 point self-regard, call him narcissistic.

                  Raffensperger has achieved 3 AU, but multiplies them by 5 and adds 80. So he gets a score of 95, but is 92 points over his actual achievements. Clinical psychologists still think Trump is more narcissistic, even though the gap is much smaller for Trump.

                  They would not consider Raffensperger starting to physically attack Republicans because they doubted His Greatness to be a symptom of narcissism per se.

                  Is that roughly right? The calculation is obviously stupid, but I just want to understand if I got this right.

                • Not Tom says:

                  Well, it’s as right as anything else in clinical psychology. The field has its uses but it’s not exactly very precise. I’m not using textbook definitions, and your math isn’t going to be taught in any class, But I can see that we’re talking about the same phenomenon now, and if the math helps to conceptualize, then I say go ahead and use it.

                • European Mutt says:

                  Whenever definitions are foggy I like to use analogies, or with smarter people, intuitive arithmetic, instead. Has served me well over the years.

                  Thanks for confirming. I still think narcissism as measured by clinical psychology is not a hugely useful indicator of pathology and the symptoms caused by cognitive dissonance + narcissism are the real issue and deserve to be pathologized, but you made a good case for keeping the terminology as is.

        • ten says:

          I have a close friend who got diagnosed with NPD. He is very charismatic and gets people to listen to him easily, gets girls in bed with zero effort, and has a very aggressive, violent streak. A drunk gay groped his ass at a european truckstop, and he killed the gay and dumped the body in a forest ditch. No remorse or anxiety. A big biker neighbour told him disrespectfully to lower his music at his yard party, and he knocked the biker out without warning, woke him up by pouring a beer in his face and told him to go get his entire biker gang before talking tough again.

          He dumped the mother of his daughter for no reason known to me, but i think she cheated, if it was something else he probably would have told me. When she and the daughter were going to meet him a few years later, she brought her new guy, and my friend kicked him down a flight of stairs for looking at him with a judgemental look (or maybe he was the guy she maybe cheated with.)

          I reckon the diagnosis would have been psychopathy had they known about his violent tendencies.

          He is however a very empathic man. He has feminine intuition about everyones state of mind, and is very interested in people, and very caring, very loyal, and very socially functional, when he doesn’t kill people. He is also a self absorbed mostly lazy artist type.

          The end point being, this is what a real person is like, and i have rarely or never met a real person who is like the diagnostic criteria for any of the “dark triad disorders”.

          Cold reading is the art of intimating someones thoughts from completely unrelated external factors, and diagnosis is the art of making people think you’re onto something by collecting enough completely unrelated descriptions of phenomena.

          • BC says:

            I have a close friend who got diagnosed with NPD. He is very charismatic and gets people to listen to him easily, gets girls in bed with zero effort, and has a very aggressive, violent streak. A drunk gay groped his ass at a european truckstop, and he killed the gay and dumped the body in a forest ditch. No remorse or anxiety.

            Some people need killing. I had a gay guy hit on me in bowling ally while drinking and hanging out with friends. This enraged me. If it hadn’t been a public value I would have beaten him into a pulp. Instead I stared at him like I was going to beat him to death with my bowling ball until he fucked off.

            My natural instincts follow the same pattern as your friend’s not because they’re abnormal, but because they’re normal for men. We have to endlessly restrain and deny them because we live under tyrannical governments who don’t want us acting like men.

            • European Mutt says:

              Some people need killing.

              I’ve never killed a guy, so I am completely talking out of my ass, but I think if a normal man really believes someone needs killing, and then kills him, he won’t feel any remorse or anxiety either. Because that guy was evil and needed to be killed.

              Never felt shame about beating up someone who deserved it.

              I think PTSD may be related to soldiers not being allowed to win against the enemy, to conquer and rule his land. And also not allowed to lose decisively. This makes them doubt why they killed enemies in the first place.

      • Omar is just a Trump card now. says:

        Discussed one year ago re “cluster B”. Search for my comments in

        where I explained the logic of what makes diagnoses more/less plausible. Frequency and evolutionary plausibility also are relevant.

        • The Cominator says:

          I’ve read the Lucifer Principle too, great great book. Too bad Howard Bloom decided that for whatever reason Orange Man Bad despite stating the evo psych case for our worldview so well…

      • Anon says:

        “Off topic, but how much of current psychiatric classification is “actually useful?”

        Exactly none of it

      • Strangely, I am quite blue-pilled about psychiatry. A lot of people on the Dissident Right talk about ADHD or autism not being real or something, I think they are real, as long as *you* have noticed something is wrong with your kid at 2-3 years old. It is bullshit only you have a perfectly normal toddler and then at 7 years old the schoolteachers say he or she has ADHD or autism.

        I was taken to a child neurologist when I was 3. My parents noticed something odd. Back then he could not do much. In my thirties, I found out that what my wife complains about like I keep forgetting things I promised or keep misplacing my stuff and then make her find them or I keep finishing other people’s sentences, are symptoms of adult ADHD, the introverted kind when you are distracted by your own thoughts, not external inputs. Got diagnosed, did not get amphetamines as they are not allowed for adults here, just a nonaddictive noradrenaline booster, now I do not forget things as much and much more able to have the patience to let other people finish their own sentences. I also got an autism diagnosis as a side bonus.

        So in my experience, adult ADHD understood as impatience, absent-mindedness and forgetfulness is real.

        Similarly, no one who saw my daughter at 3 year old would say she is entirely normal. But if you have a normal kid until 6 years old and the teachers have him or her diagnosed with ADHD or autism, it is bullshit. She got both, like me, diagnosed at 3 after we noticed something is off, not teachers. She will not get amphetamines either, I oppose that. I just try to tire her out with exercise before doing homework. That helps with concentration.

        And help deal with autism. It is possible to learn yourself out of most of autism. I did. I learned not to take what people say literally, learned to not interpret everything overly precisely, read between the lines, get clues from body language, interpret most of what people say having a status-claim side to it and all that. So I became much less of a robot. It took long. Nobody taught me. I think I am able to teach an autistic kid to notice these early and then she will be okay.

        BTW one thing you can notice with autistic kids really early is having very bad motoric movement, leading to being timid about stuff like climbing. The reason is the lack of feedback. When I learned boxing I had to practice in front of a mirror because otherwise I just did not know where my limbs are, the feedback was missing. There is a similar missing feedback behind the social issues of the autistic.

        Depression is real, but massively overdiagnosed for women. Also massively underdiagnosed for men. I thought is normal to go through life as a duty driven robot, not desiring or enjoying things. Shut up an soldier kind of attitude. Turned out to be depression. Pills did nothing except making dreams really cool, like a movie.

        So in short, I think the stuff shrinks talk about is real at its core, but in many cases massively overdiagnosed (school age ADHD and autism, female depression), and the pills are either bad (amphetamines) or do nothing.

        But I am not going to say ADHD, autism or depression aren’t real. It is just that there are a massive amount of not real cases diagnosed, and this leads one to think there is no true core behind it, but I think there is one, in much much fewer cases.

        • I also tend to think that adult ADHD can be a positive adaptation. Some people say it is good for a hunter. I never tried hunting but in my job, my task is not as much to get every detail right but to be able to see the big picture of how various things connect, and a constantly wandering mind is really helpful in that. Most people get lost in details. Especially programmers who focus so much on how to implement something technically that they do not think out of the box and ask questions like does it even make sense to implement that? This is where adult ADHD is helpful, as the mind wanders around and stumbles upon such things.

          Male depression is caused by lack of patriarchy. Depression, much observed in primates, is a way to survive being low status. The problem is that when a man cannot control his woman or has no woman to begin with, his brain feels like he is very low status. Female depression is also caused by lack of patriarchy but it is very often not depression as the suicide stats show.

        • European Mutt says:

          Well I have not talked about autism or depression at all here because I am not as sure about them.

          I do not have much experience with autistic people except for people who probably would be or are diagnosed as mild Asperger’s cases. I think autism is probably real but maybe overdiagnosed.

          I disagree with you about depression in women. If you just take suicides into account then yes, women suffer much less from depression. But I have seen so many women in literal, genuine despair over their life. Were always either single or married to a beta. With men indeed it is soldiering on and eventually being fed up enough to attempt suicide. Women wait to be rescued by an alpha. Their depression is sometimes an unconscious shit test but they really do suffer.

          But adult ADHD, misplacing things and finishing others’ sentences, is that truly a real disorder? Sounds just like a slightly increased level of impulsivity, and as you noted, it can have benefits as well. Also, it is only ever women who accuse me of me finishing their sentences for them, never men. Or accuse me of interrupting them when they interrupted me. Not gonna get diagnosed with ADHD because of that. Maybe it’s a different situation for you of course.

          The reason I feel so strongly about childhood ADHD being bullshit is threefold: Firstly as you point out the majority of cases are diagnosed in school, secondly they claim that ADHD entails an inability to concentrate, and yet ADHD kids are supposedly capable of hyperfocus, meaning the real issue is them not finding interesting what the teacher wants them to, and thirdly being unable to sit still is considered a symptom. Have you ever seen a normal kid who is ABLE to sit still? Especially in non-western countries where childhood is not fucked up as much? We are descended from apes, we are supposed to explore.

          This just sounds like straight-up ‘bad schoolkid syndrome’, written up by some schoolmarm who cares more about kids following the rules than actually learning something. You can probably tell my time at school was less than pleasant ;). Girls diagnosed with ADHD also tend to be those who grow up to be rather feminine women who often are day-dreamy. They are punished for being disinclined to follow the false feminist life plan.

          I do not think psychiatry or clinical psychology can be dismissed wholesale, just to make that clear. Schizophrenia for example is a real thing and accurately described, I have seen a clear case with my own eyes. But there is so much bullshit in many other areas, especially in everything that was introduced after 1950 and a lot of it is directly to the benefit of the Cathedral.

          WRT pills, the ones they prescribe in Europe probably indeed do not do much, but the American ones are a problem, and they are very cavalier about messing with their own brain chemistry. Fucking up your own libido is seen as just a price to pay by many. As a side-effect it’s sort of an indirect birth control for leftists though.

          • The Cominator says:

            I’m what they used to call an aspie, it probably wasn’t so bad to be an aspbergers case in the good old reactionary days of less credentialism and arranged marriages but its truly a curse to be a sperg in progressive world.

            • European Mutt says:

              I have read this same thing many many times and I am inclined to believe you of course. Conforming with the PC rules of the day consumes a lot of brainpower for us normies as well, believe me, but I cannot even imagine how hard it must be for people whose natural approach is to analyze it logically when it simply resists this analysis.

              The strange thing is that the only aspies I know who are openly political are very left-wing and champion typical naive ‘save all people in the world at once’ causes. Most are not interested in politics at all. Then you enter a blog such at this and half the people have Asperger’s. Was a bit of a shock for me, truth be told. Did you come to the dissident right by considering their points in completely drily/logically or was it something else?

              For me, it was pretty much viscerally realizing back in 2010 the left wants to kill me, when the white privilege crap first gained traction. Also had my first altercation with Antifa that year. Then, because hating the left but also hating the fake and gay right, fucking around with stupid libertarianism for many years, luckily picking some proto-reactionaries as well. Then I found Moldbug and Jim and things started to come together finally. Alt-right always seemed too loony (spergy?) with (to me) weird theories like “socio sexual hierarchy” and “r/k selection”.

              Less credentialism I am fully in favor of (apprenticeships should start at 13 and end at 18 at the latest), arranged marriages I get why they are useful but to me they would be rather boring. Not sure what to do about that one.

              • BC says:

                The strange thing is that the only aspies I know who are openly political are very left-wing and champion typical naive ‘save all people in the world at once’ causes. Most are not interested in politics at all. Then you enter a blog such at this and half the people have Asperger’s. Was a bit of a shock for me, truth be told. Did you come to the dissident right by considering their points in completely drily/logically or was it something else?

                Aspie here too. I knew something was fucked with what I’d been told about women. I didn’t manage to get laid until I was 23 because I was fallowing all the advice I’d been fed over the years both from conservatives and liberals. I eventually overcame this by playing the role of a bad boy and being a complete asshole. It surprised me how effective it was.

                I’d had similar red pilling experiences with the lies and bullshit about race after I spent some time living in both Hispanic and black areas.

                From there it was over to the Men’s right’s movement, Roissy, and then Moldbug. Moldbug blew my mind. All the shit in history that didn’t add up to me, the daily delusions about the world I watched most people believe while I knew they were bullshit all finally added up. What Moldbug lacked was a realistic plan for a non shit future that worked and that’s how I found Jim’s blog.

                I’d read more history than any 50 people I knew before I read Moldbug and only then did I realize how little knew. Jim’s been even more insight about history and how humans work than Moldbug was.

                • European Mutt says:

                  Thank you for your answer. I suppose if you are not so susceptible to blue-pill reality distortion you are more likely to seek out red pill info. ten below talked about cliques, and I think this may actually be what holds normies back the most. Not wanting to be the ‘weird one’ in their own clique. Leads to large preference cascades.

                  I have always had the attitude ‘if it doesn’t make sense to me, I don’t do it’. So the ‘rahspect wahmenz’ rhetoric never had a huge effect on me. That did not mean I was good at getting girls into bed immediately, but I never had many inhibitions to do what it takes. That’s why my favorite game blogger is actually Jim, not Roissy who to me always hammered the obvious home 5x more than necessary.

                  Maybe aspies tend to either buy the whole blue pill hook line and sinker or come to question it all at once. With normies it’s more like a semi-conscious calculation, how much can I afford to live in a way that is not suicidal and yet does not enrage the PC police? Which is becoming impossible fast.

                  Moldbug promised to blow my mind, and definitely did in some ways. But reading Moldbug and especially Jim was much like ‘Wow, this guy writes exactly what I’m thinking.’, minor differences of opinion or analysis notwithstanding. Learned a lot of history from Moldbug and Jim too, probably started out with much less than you.

              • >The strange thing is that the only aspies I know who are openly political are very left-wing and champion typical naive save all people in the world at once’ causes

                >Then you enter a blog such at this and half the people have Asperger’s.

                Remember Larry Austers “unprincipled exceptions”? That is what does not work for the autistic: if something is accepted in theory, in principle, then must be immediately fully 100% implemented in practice no matter what. Because otherwise there is an unbearable logical contradiction. I mean, I used to be liked that by learned my way out of that. But I still prefer to do things principled, if I can.

                The problem is that the basic principles not only explicit leftists but even the mainstream have accepted long ago are quite radical. But there have been unprincipled exceptions in order to let society function somehow. Leftism can be interpreted as a process of closing them down one after the other. Conservatism as defending them – in an unprincipled way.

                Consider the “theory” of mainstream conservatism. I mean, Edmund Burke. It is all “don’t think too much, don’t be intellectual”. Because they think they cannot form a principled theory of anti-leftism so the best thing is just to go on unconscious habit and deeply ingrained tradition without thinking. Well, it failed.

                The appeal of NRx for me is open, clear, principled denial of the whole theory, basically a clear philosophy of anti-egalitarianism.

                Other dissenter groups don’t do this. White Nats sound like they would be happy in 1960’s Scandinavia. In reality, socialism made it an incredibly dreary, low-energy place.

                There are the Evola-Guenon-de Benoist types, who are principled, but whose view is overly spiritual, we do need religion as a social technology, but I still want to ground my views in Darwinism, not in a vague understanding of the “sacral”. And their “metaphysical tradition” is too murky, if you want to do religion, do religion, not his meta-religion. And some of them are really idiots. One told me the ideal sacral king would be Milarepa. Look the guy up on wiki. Did he look like someone who wanted to be sacral king or would have any skills in ruling?

                • European Mutt says:

                  Thank you for the explanation. I had suspected something similar, but of course I have a very different pattern of thinking myself. That is why I do believe that autism exists and has real consequences. But now I’m starting to think that ‘lack of empathy’ or even ‘lack of femininity’ is not really the core of it, but something else.

                  The problem is that the basic principles not only explicit leftists but even the mainstream have accepted long ago are quite radical.

                  Yes, and the typical approach is to twist them to suit your own agenda in the moment. I did that for a long time without realizing, just like most people think they are obeying all the laws when they just don’t understand them.

                  the best thing is just to go on unconscious habit and deeply ingrained tradition without thinking.

                  This is exactly what works in a sane society though. In Russia or China you can do this today. I think Burke just thought or hoped the liberal project would ‘settle down’ at some point if you don’t feed it, and the strategy would work long-term. Just like Yarvin now saying Trump was feeding the left. Obvious bullshit in hindsight or in Yarvin’s case, obvious lies.

                  Other dissenter groups don’t do this. White Nats sound like they would be happy in 1960’s Scandinavia. In reality, socialism made it an incredibly dreary, low-energy place.

                  I never liked this pro-socialist faction of white nats, but not because they were not principled. In fact I always thought them to be the most principled in a way: Have government policies that ostensibly help all whites. Their main problems are economic incompetence and naiveté wrt democracy. And thanks to their hateboner for the jews, optics too bad to be worth being seen with them.


                  Yes that is weird. I simply think theocracies (in the sense of religious rulers, not just having a state church) do not work in the west or with white people. And Darwinism is not going away, like genetic engineering or nukes, no matter how much some people may wish it away and no matter which religion we adopt. So we better use it to our advantage.

                • >This is exactly what works in a sane society though.

                  @European Mutt they are saner than us, but not entirely sane, they are like conservatives, dragged in the same direction but at a slower pace because they do not have a truly principled cultural universe these days. On China, check and on Russia, in the sexual world, in controlling women they are not good at all, just less bad than the West.

                  I am not going to say coherent and principled ideas are everything, as a real physical violent power matters more. But it helps to have your theory coherently support your practice.

                • European Mutt says:

                  Spandrell link on China

                  His argument is that China is not an ethnostate and that it allows fat lesbian singers. Fine. China is rather an empire than an ethnostate and always has been. According to Chinese I talked to, they are now actively encouraging Han Chinese to have kids. And they are making sure every ethnic group mostly stays in its territory. Does not look like such a bad omen to me.

                  Russia, in the sexual world, in controlling women they are not good at all, just less bad than the West.

                  I have visited Russia quite a few times in the last few years, and each time there were more young families in the parks with their kids and more young believers in the churches. The amount of bar sluts was always roughly the same, but also the high number of people marrying in their early 20s. They have a long way to go, but the trend points in the right direction. Therefore the average Russian can be lazy and let the trend play out.

                  Economically it is also looking better and better, from 2014 when the sanctions hit they repealed a lot of dumb regulations and quality of life has massively improved since then for the average guy. They may be under-reporting their economic numbers on purpose, but that is largely speculation on my part.

                  But it helps to have your theory coherently support your practice.

                  Practice comes before theory. Moldbug essentially says codify the actually existing system and go from there. I would say, remove the most obvious insane elements and then codify and go from there.

                  Does f o r m a l i s m trigger moderation?

                • jim says:

                  I don’t understand why my filter keeps stopping so many of your comments. Trying to figure it out.

                  I have been removing groups of moderation rules at random and storing them to one side trying to see what makes a difference. Nothing makes a difference so far.

                • jim says:

                  > Practice comes before theory. Moldbug essentially says codify the actually existing system and go from there. I would say, remove the most obvious insane elements and then codify and go from there.

                  I say revert the code to most the recent working version, reboot a working version of the operating system, and go from there.

                  When code reaches a certain level of brokenness, you cannot patch it, you have to revert it and then patch the working version, not the broken version. That is what Git is for.

                  Moldbug wants to clean up a pile of hideously broken spaghetti code. Not doable. Never works.

                  The state religion is going to have to Gitify its holy books.

                  You cannot lock down the whole state religion from change forever, attempting to do so leads to Talmudism, radical and rapid change happening behind people’s backs. But change is apt to be corruption or holiness spirals or both.

                  Formalism plus rectification of names is putting the state religion under Git source control.

                  Formalism and rectification of names means that your actual system and the official description of the actual system agree. Your build process works and is reproducible, so that what is actually running corresponds to what is in source control.

                  Attempting to formalize our existing system, as Moldbug proposes, would be like trying to put a mountain of disassembled core dumps under source control.

                  We always have a state religion, as Cromwell very rapidly discovered when he theoretically disestablished the state religion.

                  The war of Northern Aggression was the state religion of New England, whose headquarters are Harvard, conquering the state religions of the separate states.

                  The first step of formalization is to purge Harvard, or physically destroy it. If a purge works (the board and the top of the professoriat becomes male, married, Christian, and has well behaved children) then we gradually acknowledge that we have a state religion, as Russia is now gradually acknowledging Putenized Russian Orthodoxy, and China is officially and explicitly Deng Xiaoping Theory.

                  But incarnating your state religion as the thoughts of a particular individual as China is doing has an obvious and catastrophic failure mode. We white people do not do that. Emperor worship in Rome did not work. Constantine’s solution, and Putin’s solution, is clearly superior.

                  Rather, we fix Harvard, and then we, through rectification of names, commit the actual state religion to source control, as well as restoring the older version (Republic 1.0) from source control. Republic 1.0, however, is still known to be broken, so we are going to have to heavily patch it from England 1790. When we get something working (England 1790 dressed with Republic 1.0 chrome.) then we figure out what is actually running successfully, and commit the rough working code to Git.

                  Republic 1.0 had separate state religions for the separate states. England 1790 had one state religion. We now have one state religion, and reverting that back to separate state religions is unlikely to be practical, so we are going to have to modify Republic 1.0 with England 1790 before attempting to run it.

                  When we have a running more or less functional state religion, and the names are rectified, we commit it to git with a release version number. Formalization. When something is committed to git with a release version number, that is stuff in the holy books that you cannot change lightly.

                • Practice is first. Violence is first. Power is first. But it is also true that accepting a leftist theory, and just arguing that unprincipled exceptions are okay for practical reasons did not work either.

                  The practical men, the warriors, the fighters gonna lead the way.

                  But behind them, this time, we are going to clear up the principles. We are not going to theoretically accept egalitarianism and then in practice argue for a hundred unprincipled exceptions like conservatives did. We are going to refute egalitarianism in principle, in theory too.

                • jim says:

                  This is simply the warrior priest coalition.

                  As things get ever lefter, the warriors take power, as in Pride’s Purge. Some time after they take power, they purge the state religion, perhaps just the leftmost wing, as when Cromwell purged Barebone’s Parliament.

                  If you just purge the leftmost wing, this will still kill leftism, but it takes a generation to die.

                  Either way, warriors find themselves ruling without a state religion, or with a hostile state counter religion. But to rule effectively, you need a sane state religion.

                  If Trump proclaims the insurrection act (and he and his family will be killed by the left if he does not) then he is actually in power. But without a state religion, will still be facing a mighty bumpy ride.

                  But Trump will rule in the name of the Republic. So we are going to have re-interpret the Republic, for the poison was in it from the beginning. All men are created equal (except, of course, for blacks etcetera.)

                • European Mutt says:

                  Jim, thanks for your comprehensive answer.

                  I agree that simply formalizing stuff like social welfare into a corporation or whatever else Moldbug proposed is insanely impractical. But many parts of the system do need to go on. We cannot just shut them down for maintenance. If it is at all possible the stock market should not crash, the dollar should not crash, low-level government employees should keep their jobs temporarily at least (except anarcho-tyranny agents like parking ticket cops, CPS, OSHA etc., they need reeducation to make them fit for normal human society and in case of CPS, criminal trials), etc. Maybe some or all of this is impossible. If so, this would weaken or destroy my argument.

                  Putin was appointed by Yeltsin and he made many small incremental changes, and it took a while for Russia to look remarkably different. At first everyone in the west even thought he was essentially a cuck and would submit to the US. Trump’s next term will be much more revolutionary of course due to the circumstances, and he will have to restructure a lot of USG right away. Abolish half the agencies and departments probably, create new ones. Fire most permanent staff. But still the day-to-day of the republic must somehow continue as it did in Russia.

                  Trump, just like Putin, will probably have to LARP democracy and republicanism for a long time. Putin is now at a point where he can start his speeches at the Duma by thanking all parties for their support in implementing *his* policies, but that took a long time and a lot of institutional transformation. Putin had no choice, he had no existing code base to put under Git source control because the Russian constitution is a leftist document through and through, written by 1990 Harvard not 1776 Harvard, just a little better than the German constitution in that it does not explicitly mandate socialism (the latter contains a paragraph called “Eigentum verpflichtet” — “property imposes obligations”).

                  What Putin did was take old code bases like Stalin’s patriotism, German unprincipled-exception 1950s free market capitalism, and the old church under the Tsars, make them compatible with the running system, put them under source control and then hot patch them in. Additionally, he reformed things like criminal law to reflect the values of the new state religion. He is pretty far along with rectification of names, but still has a lot to do in the formalization department.

                  To this day, the build in Russia is not reproducible yet, that is, only partially reproducible. This is the best he could possibly have done under the circumstances. His goal is very likely a fully reproducible build, and he will eventually achieve it, but he had to make sure to consolidate his power, which was best done by providing stability.

                  Now the question is, should Trump follow the Putin strategy or yours. Unlike Putin he has either option. He will probably have less of a need to consolidate his power, because he as already done so to a degree, and because he is naturally charismatic and is loved by the people to the point he might well have won even California. So he can allow himself to make more sweeping changes and even to cause a short-term crisis if all turns out well in the end.

                  Returning to England 1790 dressed with Republic 1.0 chrome would on one hand entail moving most of what is now the federal government to the states which is a good opportunity to get rid of stubbornly evil agencies. On the other hand it also means the house vote would be restricted to just freeholders, at least in effect, and the senate vote eliminated. This would probably require the SC suddenly ‘discovering’ the correct interpretation of the constitution there and it would make quite a few people suspicious, who have all their life been marinated in pro-democracy propaganda. They associate Republic 1.0 with democracy, even the Trump voters.

                  Also you generally have to argue against democracy if you do it this way, even before you purge Harvard. ‘Democracy’ as a concept cannot be salvaged in this case, unlike ‘Republic’. So you have an uphill battle.

                  If you do it the Putin way, you still purge Harvard just like Putin expelled the NGOs. But you concentrate on the new religion (not yet a *state* religion) instead of the political system. You teach people that covetousness is low status and being a warrior is high-status and they will be ashamed to vote left–as voter or as office-holder. Eventually you end up with a senate and house that people can still vote for–but they all follow the state religion it has now become. You will eventually have a parliament full of Republicans, Libertarians, Constitution party etc. but they all will vote pro-Trump, just like Russia has UR, LDPR, CPRF etc.

                  Democracy is theoretically preserved but in effect neutered. You keep Lincoln in good standing which is important in the medium term, just like Putin keeps Lenin in relatively good standing. Then you reverse engineer the current working system, including all of the SC decisions that led up to it, remove democracy for good because nobody will care by then, formalize it, and call the result the MAGA Act or something. This is the release version, probably far from perfect. But then you develop the next release and upgrade smoothly to it.

                  The second plan sounds much more implementable to me, because of much better continuity, but perhaps I am suffering from normalcy bias here.

                  I did not intend this comment to be that long. I hope you all enjoy it at least 🙂

                • jim says:

                  > The second plan sounds much more implementable to me, because of much better continuity, but perhaps I am suffering from normalcy bias here.

                  Obviously we want to restore normality and preserve the appearance of continuity. And, because formalization and rectification of names, there has to be some substantial actual continuity, though key things that are now in place are going to have to go, and long forgotten things return.

                  We are not in the business of immanentizing the eschaton. Don’t screw with running code unless you absolutely have to. Trouble is, our existing running code is not running, but crashing.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Putin had a huge advantage that Trump has never had, the spook and national security state of Russia essentially the former KGB was 100% behind him. He was one of their own and they agreed with what he was trying to do. Putin also had the advantage of both communism and progressive leftism having been pretty discredited by the time he got in.

                  Trump has perhaps the DIA and part of the NSA with the rest of the spook apparatus being pozzed progressives who REALLY hate him. Progressivism SHOULD BE discredited but for some reason too many stubborn fanatics who just need helicopters…

                • jim says:

                  Putin came to power when communism was the a dead zombie state religion. Leftism must move ever leftwards, ever faster, or else it dies.

                  If Trump successfully proclaims the insurrection act, he comes to power on top of a live hostile state religion.

                  Leftism eats social order. Stalin, like Cromwell, stopped it eating, so it starved to death. “Leftwards” is not any particular direction, it is like women’s fashion – except that it generally moves towards whichever applecart has shiny apples. It is often difficult to predict which applecart is going to be knocked over next.

                  Is the next round of human sacrifices going to be to the climate change demon, the China Flu demon, or are they going further escalate on cutting off little boy’s dicks and Child Protective Services breaking up families?

                  If Biden is installed by the Deep State after being elected by the legacy media, one of the older Mexican demons is likely to join the pandemonium.

                • European Mutt says:


                  Trump has […] part of the NSA

                  I heard this meme somewhere before, is there any hard evidence for that? NSA looks to me from the outside like potentially the most pozzed, full of ‘principled’ nerds that were hand-picked to be the most leftist. But of course I might be completely off track there.


                  Yes he had a lot of ex-KGB contacts and a many survived in the FSB, but leftism was anything but discredited in 1999 Russia. Many were broadly against ‘liberalism’ in the economic sense because they thought it was what wrecked their country but they were still getting their ideas about how government was supposed to work from the west. Understandable, because their own had failed just a decade before. That’s why Putin at first partly role-played, partly honestly believed he could ally with the west.


                  We will see how crash-prone USG still is after the inevitable Trumpist reforms that are coming in his next term. If it is still crash-prone, something like your solution is definitely required.

                  I think the moderation issue may be fixed now. WordPress keeps trying to send comments via http instead of https though for me ( on an HTTPS page).

                • @Jim

                  >Putin came to power when communism was the a dead zombie state religion.

                  And American Liberalism had a very primitive implementation in Russia, in the Yeltsin era, mostly meaning the Russian Jews sell state property to American Jews.

                  But you are being a bit unresponsive to EM. He is saying support by the KGB/CIA/”intelligence community” matters. That implies the idea that those guys are powerful and efficient in their doing, otherwise why would their support matter. Powerful, because the support of those without power does not matter and efficient, because their power must come from being able to do stuff like covert operations and spying or something similar against Americans, even when it is not theoretically allowed. Do you consider the US “intelligence community” not powerful, if yes, because they are not efficient?

                • jim says:

                  Obviously the spooks are powerful, and the stupidity has not gone as far with them as with most of the elite.

              • On the more personal side of politics, and also pinging @The Cominator here whether he agrees, the ideal status system for spergs is something like military ranks. You do your job well, you get a promotion, your sew on your new rank badge and this communicates clearly to everybody how much respect, prestige, status and power you have.

                And way back then, in “reactionary times” it was actually much like that. The reason the military works like this is that officers used to be nobles and the military inherited the rank system of nobles:

                This was wonderfully formal. Clear, unambigious. Very sperg-friendly.

                But I think not just spergs but men in general prefer it this way, rather than this modern, contemporary thing that status is fluid and up for grabs, and based on the fickle changes of the opinion of others. This fluid kind of status is something women like. Even non-sperg men tend to like to have it a more clearly fixed set of ranks, because we want to focus on work and not on attention-whoring.

                • I forgot to add that it was not just nobles. Everybody had a clearly defined rank system. When I think of the past, I do not see myself as a noble, but more like being in a guild. Or married clergy, if allowed. Everybody had such a rank system.

                • European Mutt says:

                  A small example: In Russia*, generally, the department head in a company is respected and you do what he says (this is not absolute of course) and his supervisor will in turn stick up for him. In western companies when you don’t like what the department head is telling you, you just go to his supervisor and if you are office-politically aligned with him, you get your way, the supervisor gets his way and the department head is emasculated.

                  The west definitely needs more formalism and more strict ranking here.

                  But strict ranking can also be poison in a bureaucracy especially if they promote based on seniority. This barbaric practice needs to be rooted out.

                  * Probably China and India are the same in this respect

                • The Cominator says:

                  Status and even manliness mostly being a fake and gay larp is not something we like no.

                • The Cominator says:

                  “In western companies when you don’t like what the department head is telling you, you just go to his supervisor and if you are office-politically aligned with him, you get your way, the supervisor gets his way and the department head is emasculated.”

                  Eh sometimes you have to go over people’s heads because they are a moron or even if not a moron they may have a crazy idea in a specific case.

                  I don’t have to deal with that anymore since I’m just a stock market gambler now.

                • European Mutt says:

                  Of course it is very often the best option to go over his head (or for women and gays, to HR), because we live in a leftist society where they make morons bosses. If a boss is a moron his department will eventually fail, then at the latest either:

                  – his boss in turn needs to discipline, him, fire/demote him
                  – the boss’s boss needs to be fired by his superior if he fails to do so etc. etc.
                  – or the company eventually goes under.

                  Having to go over your boss’s head is like having to bake the gay wedding cake. You are enabling the broken system so you might live another day.

                • “Status and even manliness mostly being a fake and gay larp is not something we like no.”

                  I am gonna disagree about that. Manliness has a clear game-theory of deterrence. Status 1) feels good, keeps depression at bay 2) is a currency to get things you want to get.

            • Mike says:

              >I disagree with you about depression in women. If you just take suicides into account then yes, women suffer much less from depression. But I have seen so many women in literal, genuine despair over their life. Were always either single or married to a beta.

              @European Mutt: You answered your own question. The main reason women typically get depressed is due to not having a strong man/children around. The reason that depression is so high among women in the modern world then, is only due to the total lack of strong males and children in the modern world.

            • ten says:

              personal question, ignore at will

              Were you part of a clique as a kid/young teen? With a clear, functional interpersonal jargon, and also between your clique and other cliques. My working theory is that spergs just weren’t and never got the hang of how to do that, which would be expected, and in my opinion explain their (your) problems.

              • The Cominator says:

                Horrible time in Middle School and much of Elementary School. In High School I was reasonably popular actually (but some girls liked me better in Middle School probably more than any other time in my life despite outcast status I suppose because I beat a lot of people up for provoking me and I didn’t really give a shit about getting in school trouble for that). I had a clique during the summers in Middle School though but one of the older members tended to pick on me a lot.

                Group dynamics were always difficult for me though and High School group dynamics were better than times before or since, I’ve mentioned before that I was always kind of cynical and right wing politically…

                High schoolers tend to default to this way of being. They are concerned with getting ahead having a good time and maybe getting laid. People who signal bullshit in highschool are not well liked. Even in Massachussetts there just weren’t many hardcore shitlibs in High School and unlike Middle School people you don’t have as many active malicious troublemakers.

                I can function OKAY socially if I know some people already who at least somewhat like me, and I don’t have to pretend to be a prog.

                • ten says:

                  So partially normal healthy experience of group socialization, and partially normal healthy capacity of group socialization, fits my working theory.

                  Becoming smooth and secure in playing the social games requires practice in group and between groups, wherever there is some facet of the play you miss, you develop a hiccup which unless removed will hamper all future play, and that effect can snowball like hell.

                  Like if a toddler doesn’t learn to play cooperatively before 4 years, their life is probably a downhill crash course from there on with zero ways to correct path.

                  And if a kid doesn’t get enough experience of group banter and cooperation, will miss subtlety of social play, and play rigidly instead.

                  I think becoming a drunk fuckup in high school worked wonders for my social skills, man i was antisocial, harsh and hostile in middle school.

              • For me yes, and of the worst, spergiest types: the D&D (back then called AD&D) players. Those people were the archetype of everything wrong with nerds, some didn’t even shower daily. Other groups that match your description in the nineties would be Linux User Groups. Both cases had functional jargon. Whether with other cliques, dunno, D&D and computer gamers, linux nerds and programmers tended to overlap, with overlapping communication. So I think your theory does not work.

                Maybe this way: the jargon was about their interests. Not about personal matters. Indeed it is weird how much it was not done. It never occured them to call an aggressive guy an orc, or an ugly fat girl an ogre. This is weird. There was just not much personal talking. Just about the interest. This is what is spergy IMHO.

          • ten says:

            Seen as a bell curve between being at ease running around in a forest and maybe hunting something small that a child can do, and being at ease learning something horrifyingly arbitrary, massive and complex, such as chinese writing, i see children varying greatly individually and greatly racially. ADHD is being positioned farther towards the forest on that bell curve than what your milieu, school, works best for.

            I’m inclined towards thinking there must be significant growth pain as people adapt towards a more information dense culture, and great parts of the white genome has been at it for less than a thousand years, great parts of the black genome has been at it for <=0 years, while vast swathes of the yellow genome has been at it for three thousand years. And that much of what is called ADHD and what americans call autism is this misadjustment (There just aren't similarly many autism diagnoses around here and the people who are diagnosed with autism are true freaks, not slightly dysfunctional people. I'm sure we will follow suit eventually, but apparently this process in the psychiatric disciplines have a multi decade delay between empire core and fringe.

            • European Mutt says:

              Good point, no idea if Chinese diagnose ADHD in their schools but if they did almost every white kid would score as ADHD there.

              I just go by the descriptions by my grandparents and great-grandparents and it sounds strongly like they used to run around and play on the street much like kids in Africa nowadays do. And they did physical work in the fields or collected acorns in the forest which sure helped with the ‘hyperactivity’.

              Whites are not significantly more self-domesticated than blacks, just smarter.

              Education is always somewhat opposed to human nature but it should go ‘with the grain’ of it at least.

            • It is important to make a clear distinction whether you mean real ADHD or that whatever the schools call ADHD.

              @European Mutt you told me it is impulsivity. Well, that is the textbook definition of the real one! The idea is that the executive part of the brain that is supposed to boss your attention around is a bit weak. So the attention wanders. I forgot to mention this part: the strongest evidence that there is such a thing as real ADHD, that people who have it are calmed by amphetamines! This is how you test it, you snort some meth and if you are calmer, bingo. Because obviously people are not supposed to be calmed by stimulants. But as a stimulant boosts the whole brain, it also boosts the executive part of it so you end up calmer, more focused.

              For “school ADHD”, not wanting to sit tight during boring lectures, big racial differences are something I would assume even though I have no data on them, but I would assume nogs have the most of it and East Asians the least. Remember the baby experiments, about not letting them breathe, whites and blacks fought it, East Asians were passive about it.

              But I think in case of East Asians is more like submission to authority. When among equals, the Chinese do not seem so much extremely-not-ADHD to me, they can be impulsive. We had Chinese auditors at work and they were arguing with each other with sudden impulsives of very aggressive or passionate talking, something we in the Germanosphere would consider unprofessional. Same for Taiwanese programmers. Ok a tonal language is a tonal language, but facial expressions are not tonal, it was clear they were calling each other fucking idiots a lot. They are just very good at suppressing that in face of authority, like school.

              • European Mutt says:

                the strongest evidence that there is such a thing as real ADHD, that people who have it are calmed by amphetamines!

                This is a good argument, if true. However didn’t they test kids who were diagnosed *at school age* in one study (which I can’t find right now) and they became calmer because of amphetamines? This would mean that ‘school ADHD’ and ‘real ADHD’ are the same thing, or that school age diagnosis is very reliable, which you also do not believe.

                About the diagnosis at 3 years, obviously I do not want to ask you personal questions about your daughter, but what would be an example of ‘not normal’ behavior at 3 years of age for you? Feel free to ignore the question, of course.

                But as a stimulant boosts the whole brain, it also boosts the executive part of it so you end up calmer, more focused.

                This sounds to me like an ad-hoc, scientific sounding explanation of why it’s supposed to work, similar to the serotonin ‘theory’ of depression. I mean I also heavily speculate here about psychiatry and psychology but I do not pretend to be scientific.

                Real scientific research will only become possible once again when Harvard is defeated.

                very aggressive or passionate talking, something we in the Germanosphere would consider unprofessional

                It is very often just their language, I find. And a different attitude to work, more honesty allowed in conversations with colleagues. I bet they are much nicer to their boss.

                • jim says:

                  > > the strongest evidence that there is such a thing as real ADHD, that people who have it are calmed by amphetamines!

                  > This is a good argument, if true.

                  It is in a sense true, and it is a terribly bad argument.

                  I certainly do not have ADHD, but speed helps me concentrate, with the result that I am apt to spend long periods quietly thinking or absorbed in tightly focused attention. Has that effect on everyone, as far as I can tell. People on speed are often mighty quiet for a long time. They only get agitated when they go a couple of days without sleep.

                  The affect of amphetamines on kids with alleged ADHD is exactly the same as the effect of amphetamines on everyone else. Nothing the slightest bit paradoxical about it.

                  Speed is bad, unless you have something important coming up that is going to need your undivided and focused attention, and if you let it cut into your sleep for any lengthy period, you are going to go crazy, but responsible people can handle it fine. Irresponsible people are apt to go for three days without sleep, and wind up mad as hatters. Have to be locked up till they sleep it off. Dangerous for them and dangerous for everyone around them.

                  I have not used it for years, but I may well use it again. It is addictive, and should not be used if you have an addictive personality. If you cannot restrain yourself to take it in moderation and only on appropriate occasions, you are likely to find yourself wearing a straightjacket in a rubber room, but the better class of people should have it on hand.

                • Not Tom says:

                  In all fairness, there’s a pretty significant difference between adderall (dextroamphetamine) and methamphetamine. It’s like codeine vs. heroin.

                  You do find “nightclub dealer speed” cut with stuff like dextroamphetamine, but it is significantly meth, mostly impure meth. Sometimes other random stuff like MDA (not MDMA). Adderall really does just help you focus, and is addictive but less addictive than meth, which is almost a more coke-like high, not just focus and alertness but also very high energy and a sense of accomplishment (it hacks your dopamine system, after all).

                  Don’t ask me how I know.

                  Anyway, I wouldn’t recommend either to someone without a lot of self-control, but I also don’t see small doses of the “lower” amphetamines (not meth) being altogether different from smoking or vaping in order to relax. It’s silly that we call boredom a medical condition, but if someone does need to endure extreme boredom, I see no reason why we shouldn’t allow them to use a chemical aid.

                • jim says:

                  If you need to work very hard at something boring for any length of time, I recommend the stuff.

                  For recreational purposes, it is dangerous. It is easy to take too much for too long.

                  “ADHD” is inability to tolerate boredom. As a general rule, people should not tolerate boredom. It is usually a signal that what you are doing is a pointless waste of time. Chemical assistance is appropriate when the signal is incorrect, but so is thinking hard about whether the signal is in fact correct.

                • Not Tom says:

                  Marijuana is a much safer way to tolerate boredom than any amphetamine, but only deals with the emotional side – does not boost productivity. And doesn’t work for some people.

                  Anyway, we’re in agreement: boredom is not a medical problem, but despite not being a medical problem, there might be good reasons to chemically assist. For example, you’re in dire financial straits and being forced to work overtime; or you own the business and have to deal with a thousand customer complaints because of a supplier screwup; or you’re a pilot who has to run 28 simulations and then go straight to a midnight bombing run.

                  Maybe boredom isn’t precisely the right word – more like tedium, excessive demands on attention relative to the situation, which can either be real excess due to a huge and important problem or perceived excess due to forced attention on an unimportant problem. The amphetamines don’t care, they’ll supercharge your focus in either case, so it becomes a question of whether it’s morally defensible to – for example – force an adolescent to take amphetamines because he’s bored with school, which is literally designed to be as boring as humanly possible. Pretty barbaric. But an adult making a choice to take it is a different story, whether he thinks it’s medical or just wants a temporary edge.

                  I guess what I’m saying is that the head shrinks are giving people what they want anyway, the only part that’s dumb and fake and gay is all the medicalization and rituals around it. Would be much better if you could just type “trouble focusing” into a search engine, get a list of some brand names and reviews, and pick up a bottle over the counter, decorated with suitable warnings about dosages and the dangers of long-term use like all OTCs.

                  I’m arguing this from a formalist point of view, not a lolbertarian one. The system already exists and is legal, so we should remove all the stupid voodoo and credentialism. Either make the drugs legal and easy to obtain or illegal and difficult to obtain; the medical gatekeeping turns the whole affair into a complete farce.

                • jim says:

                  Marijuana makes people fat, lazy and useless, and seems to have a long term detrimental effect towards making people fat, lazy, and useless.

                  Once people take a toke, nothing gets done.

                  Alcohol is truth serum, so rightly builds trust. Amphetamines really do give you an edge in some important situations. Marijuana seems fairly harmless, but I don’t see any good come of it. I do see good coming from both alcohol and amphetamines, used rightly. Nicotine does not seem to have any harmful effects on personality and competence.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Weed culture is totally annoying…

                  I want it to be legal but made by propaganda to seem very uncool the way they currently do with nicotine.

                • Pseudo-chrysostom says:

                  Indica strains, which grow on the roadside and are cheap and common, zonk people out and give them the munchies. Are probably going to be what you get from the kid wearing baggy pants selling dime bags on the corner. Stoner movie stereotypes come from this and are pretty much all true. Sativa strains are psychedelic, ‘head high’ vs ‘body high’, excitatory vs sedating, and et cetera. As with many substances of such type, precise effects on a particular subject’s phenomenological experience can be variable, but general trends of expanded consciousness, refactoring of perception, creative drive, and et cetera, are common trends. Joe Roganesque ‘so i can up with this idea while high’ stereotypes come from this.

                • ““ADHD” is inability to tolerate boredom. As a general rule, people should not tolerate boredom”

                  I generally agree that that is one way to describe it, but WTF, Jim. People should not tolerate boredom? But most work is boredom and has always been? What is farming? What is driving a truck? What is being a blacksmith, turning out identical hoe or horseshoe after the other? What is factory work? What is supporting software users with their identical idiotic problems? What is being a waiter or chef? Only way to not have a boring work is to keep researching and inventing new stuff, and not many can do that.

                  We force kids to deal with boring shit at school because at work they will have to deal with boring shit. Replace school with apprenticeship and this as aspect does not change one bit. Many other aspects do, but this not. A new apprentice, the lowest ranking member of the team is immediately assigned the most boring work the others do not want to do. In gastro school, apprenticing at a restaurant means peeling vegs all day.

                  Every productive society is excellent at tolerating boredom. 19th century England even turned it into a social virtue, to behave boringly on social occasions. There was this rule that you cannot talk about all those things you really care about. So you chat about the weather…

                • BC says:

                  I generally agree that that is one way to describe it, but WTF, Jim. People should not tolerate boredom? But most work is boredom and has always been? What is farming? What is driving a truck? What is being a blacksmith, turning out identical hoe or horseshoe after the other? What is factory work? What is supporting software users with their identical idiotic problems? What is being a waiter or chef? Only way to not have a boring work is to keep researching and inventing new stuff, and not many can do that.

                  Before the age of booze being the devil workers were generally pleasantly buzzed all day long while doing repetitive tasks.

                • I don’t mind personal questions because nobody knows who is the real person behind “TheDividualist” and besides I have been planning to recycle this nick for a while and come back under a new one. No one reads my blog anyway.

                  So ADHD at 3 years old, Jim’s model of being unusually bad at tolerating boredom is good. And I even add that it is our fault, because the correct environment for a 3 year old would be to run around in a big yard with siblings and neighbor kids and dogs and cats. Instead, sitting as an only kid in a third story apartment and only getting out when mom or dad has time to supervise her on the playground is terribly unstimulating. And we had no contact with neighbors. It is a prison, I felt it is like a prison for me too. Worst was for wife when the kid was a baby, having no contact with neighbors it really was like being imprisoned. This is an entirely abnormal social life and I have partly solved it by moving the family to a small village with normal contact with neighbors and their kids and big yard and all that.

                  But having said that “normal” kids can tolerate that. They can sit down and draw something for an hour. Or play building cubes for hours. Not ours. Change what she is playing every 10 minutes. Everything done in a hurry. And if we could get her sit down for ten minutes of drawing, she would keep making noises to entertain herself and of course wife was getting migraines from the constant noise.

                  And then realize the drawing does not match with her firm expectations of how it should look like and start crying. That is more of the autism part, overly fixed expectations, especially about her own abilities, and thus constant feelings of failure. This is familiar to me – it took me long to learn to “let go” and “whatever happens, happens”. To learn myself out of this thing that everything has to happen exactly how you imagined it to the last detail and if it does not, then you feel bad.

                  Just like I fixed it mostly by moving rural, although the other, also very important part to make some more kids did not happen (my aunt was 100% right: if you have 2+ kids, they entertain each other, if you have 1, you gotta entertain him/her) moving rural and decentralizing and increasing fertility will mostly fix these terribly unstimulating environment. In that proper environment, the ADHD kid is just a bit livelier than the rest, no problem at all. Any group of kids, some go for the “explore” strategy, some others for the “exploit” strategy, that is good.

                  But school and apprenticeship and work and housework for women just has to be boring, there is no fix for that and people who do not tolerating boredom easily will have a bad time.

                • jim says:

                  My experience is that women rather like housework, if the man of the house pays some attention to it being done and them doing it. A bit of noticing and appreciation goes a long way. But don’t distract them when they are concentrating on their task. It irritates them and it is the wrong dynamic.

                • simplyconnected says:

                  I was always curious about ritalin/amphetamines, but friends working on neuroscience always strongly advised against it.
                  If Paul Erdos used it frequently and had a hard time doing work without them, perhaps there is something to it..

                • Not Tom says:

                  Marijuana makes people fat, lazy and useless, and seems to have a long term detrimental effect towards making people fat, lazy, and useless.

                  Nah, that’s selection bias. “Weed culture”, as Cominator put it, is where this stereotype comes from. And not being against stereotyping, I concede that it is substantially true; probably more than half of chronic tokers are losers. But I’ve known quite a few high-functioning users. You’d be surprised who uses it, the smart ones don’t advertise.

                  I can’t use it at all because of adverse reactions, which is a shame, because it’s a godsend for chronic pain, which I refuse to take opiates or excessive NSAIDs to deal with.

                  We force kids to deal with boring shit at school because at work they will have to deal with boring shit.

                  No, in this case Jim is 100% right. Prussian schooling isn’t designed to teach people to focus or work, it’s to teach them to be obedient drones. That is why it’s always boys who supposedly have attention problems, never girls. Boys that age should be spending most of their time playing and learning a trade, with increasing emphasis on trade with adolescence. Trades are not boring; difficult, maybe, and somewhat tedious, but not boring like sitting in an uncomfortable chair for 6 hours day upon day and listening to some ignorant idiot lecture you about things that are half wrong and half unimportant.

                  When boys fail to pay attention in class, usually because the class is garbage. Sometimes because the boy is either too smart or too dumb. In all cases, both punishment and doping are barbaric matriarchal non-solutions.

                • BC says:

                  I hate weed. The complete loss of control and the length of time required to sober up doesn’t work for me. But I’ve been a scotch and cigar type of guy for 15 years now.

                  By most accounts weed is pretty decent for artists but the only friend of mine who who’s used it heavily ended up dumb and fat the last time he started using. Later he switched back to Booze and Tabbaco and started hitting the Gym again. I don’t recommend weed if you want to be productive.

                  I’ve heard that weed really turns women on and a I would guess a lot of guys use it as an easy way to get laid.

                • European Mutt says:

                  I never tried speed because I’m paranoid about the stuff it’s cut with. But I know someone who regularly uses coke for all-night coding sessions and he can pretty much stay glued to his computer and be completely absorbed in what he’s doing, and shows no signs of bad health. I have actually nor reason to believe it’s different with amphetamines as they are supposed to have very similar effects. So Jim, you are right, this is probably a terrible argument for the existence of ADHD. Might just try some coke or prescription amphetamines to test this out myself.

                  Funny how weed has so many different effects in people. I am one of those people who hardly notice anything with the ordinary street weed at least. Maybe something like the slight buzz after 2 beers, or a little more of a drunk feeling when also drinking at the same time. I recently tried some more high quality Sativa without alcohol and it had a few weird short-term physical effects like tingling, but nothing mental at all.

                  I think weed mainly calms anxiety and if you are not an anxious person by nature or nurture it doesn’t do a lot. I don’t see how it alleviates boredom if you don’t smoke it socially, and then it’s the socialization that does it.

                  I don’t know any regular weed smokers who are fat, but I do know many who become lazy after a while. But it’s a long-term thing, like alcoholism.

                  Nicotine helps people concentrate and it is by itself only slightly addictive. Cigarette addiction is almost purely a psychological thing, that’s why cold turkey works and nicotine patches don’t. When smoking starts being acceptable in polite society I will probably take it up again. Nothing tastes better than coffee/beer and a cig.

                • @European Mutt the few times I tried weed because when I lived in the UK our Cypriote Greek neighbors brought some was not at all calming, there was a feeling of a steel blade in my nose, too “deep” music giving pangs of paranoia, and the best way I can measure my current level of anxiety is whether my upper trapezius muscles are tight and crunchy or not, they were super tight. It might depend on the strain on ones own mindset. My mindset is that if I dream, it is more often a nightmare than not.

                  I will disagree with @Jim about meth, most people on meth do not seem calm at all but like jumping up and down at a rave or nervously pacing around at a hurried speed when not at a rave, one time I saw people standing in a queue for a rave and an ambulance car with sirens went by and they were dancing to the fucking sirens.

                  Not sure if the model of underfunctioning executive function of the brain stands, though, if people like Jim who do not have such underfunctioning still get focus from meth. But still the normies jumping and dancing and pacing hurried around on meth need an explanation.

                • Mike says:

                  >When smoking starts being acceptable in polite society I will probably take it up again. Nothing tastes better than coffee/beer and a cig.

                  @European Mutt: To be honest with you, if your name is accurate (ie, if you actually live in continental Europe) go ahead and take it up now. It’s only the Anglosphere that demonizes it, no one’s going to give a shit if you smoke in Germany or Spain. If you’re here in the United States though, then I completely understand. You can almost get fired from a white-collar job for smoking these days.

                • Pseudo-chrysostom says:


                  Real players use things like adrafinil, fonturacetam, bromantane, semax, omberacetam, nicergoline, intra-nasal insulin, and so on.

                • ten says:

                  I doubt there is any meth or MDA in street speed. Speed is a very simple and straight forward stimulant, meth and especially MDA (as euphoric as ecstasy but more hallucinogenic) are psychoactive in way more invasive ways, you just do not accidentally consume meth or MDA and think its speed.

                  Also meth is 5 times as potent per unit, and more expensive, it makes no sense at all to cut speed with meth, the other way around is the way to cut corners.

                  I can’t focus for shit on speed unless it is a mindless task, like cleaning or walking very quickly for many hours. Tried studying math and programming on it, can’t do it. My mind wanders. Just ended up reading ten different articles, one paragraph per article before swapping. I know others who tried it with the same effect, while many say it is like jim says it is.

                • Not Tom says:

                  I doubt there is any meth or MDA in street speed.

                  It really depends on the “street”.

                  Speed is a very simple and straight forward stimulant

                  No, speed is the colloquial name used for a wide variety of different drug cocktails, consumed for different purposes. The only real distinguishing characteristic is that some type of amphetamines are involved, generally stronger stuff than the ones in Ritalin or Adderall.

                  MDA (as euphoric as ecstasy but more hallucinogenic)

                  MDA is ecstasy – like speed, “ecstasy” is just an umbrella term for several different cocktails, many containing the same ingredients you’d find in speed. What you’re probably trying to say is that it’s as euphoric as MDMA, but it isn’t, not even close.

                  You really should stop, you don’t know what you’re talking about.

                • @Not Tom

                  >listening to some ignorant idiot lecture you about things that are half wrong and half unimportant

                  This very negative view on schools is very common around the Dissident Right. I find it a little weird. We like to read an discuss history and biology. So why was it so wrong to learn history and biology at school. Of course it depends on the quality. Mine was perhaps not so bad. I’ve always read the whole history textbook when we received them for the year because it was just so interesting. Learning poetry was boring, because it was mostly shitty gay poetry, not cool manly poetry like Kipling. Recently the most important thing I learned about nutrition is that the reason the best thing to eat is the meat and dairy of ruminants is that ruminants hydrogenize in their stomachs the vegetable oils they eat. This I would not have understood without learning about general ruminant physiology at school. This was very important, because it means that if beef is a tad expensive where you live, lamb, sheep is also okay – they do the same thing in their stomachs.

                  When I first explored climate skeptic blogs, they showed that measuring temperature in cities and at airports is wrong because of their albedo – albedo was a concept I learn at geography class.

                  Was it a waste of time? Perhaps half of it yes. We definitely could have used more male teachers. Our history dude was very cool. It was bad to have a woman to teach physics, especially that her primary specialty was chemistry, she just did not understand what she taught at the physics class.

                • ten says:

                  This is not an area where you can play knowledgeable. I have chemtested a thousand doses of ecstasy specifically for MDA traces and found it ONCE, in a small amount. Ecstasy is MDMA, not MDA. In the nineties there was sometimes MDA pills sold as ecstasy and often MDA traces, this is evidently no longer the case. Ecstasy pills aren’t even cut with speed anymore, they are chemically pure MDMA with some binder. Ecstasy is slang for MDMA, not an umbrella term. And MDA is exactly as euphoric as MDMA. Did you even try it before saying something blatantly false that everyone with a single experience of either knows is wrong?

                  Speed is C9H13N. It is the cheapest and easiest amphetamine to produce. Most of the other analogues are entirely similar in effect, meth is not and is not an analogue. What is called speed is always or as good as always C9H13N, commonly cut with caffeine pills, sometimes dirty, sometimes some analogue. Speed is slang for C9H13N, not an umbrella term.

                  You’re so full of shit you even try to randomly sound authoritative while getting bare basics dead wrong. I’m not averse to sometimes talking way out of my league, but less nonsensical puffing up would be suitable.

    • Not Tom says:

      Yeah, so about that recount…

      Totally legit. Just a tiny little innocent mistake that anyone could have made during a hand recount.

  28. notglowing says:

    They certify *NOTHING*!

      • notglowing says:

        It’s great that they have signed and committed to this now.

        • The Cominator says:

          Feigned retreat… when we win this I hope they get very rich off this somehow.

      • pyrrhus says:

        The Republican legislature in MI had better not cuck in the face of this development…..Naturally, the commies did not live up to their agreement, they never do, but they have played right into our hands…..

    • Theshadowedknight says:

      Trump needs to set those brave souls and their families up with armed guards, so they can be protected. It would also be useful to shoot while resisting arrest the creature that doxed the kids’ school. Let the left know that you bring kids into this you are going to end up feeding worms or fishes. Send a strong message.

      • The Cominator says:

        Its REALLY magnificent how those two played it… I hope they have long happy rich lives and go on to the highest levels of paradise… the woman must be a real NAWALT god bless them.

        It makes me think of Sharpe talking about Major Lennox here (3:00 about)… a whole army ready to run…

      • pyrrhus says:

        It would also be ok if he was shot trying to escape, like the Antifa in Portland….

    • BC says:

      This is amazing.

    • Not Tom says:

      Very good to see this. I do think the outrage on the right after they initially folded was probably a motivating factor.

      One thing I’m not sure about is exactly whom or what the affidavits are intended for. Are they for some state court case, or is this part of Michigan’s certification process?

      • Karl says:

        The affidavits are a life insurance.

        If they are murdered now, there is still the affidavit documenting that the certification was revoked. If there were no affidavits, murdering them now would ensure that the certification stands.

        • Not Tom says:

          Eh, sounds a little far-fetched, the left tends not to let a piece of paper get in the way of Progress.

          What I meant to suggest is that this makes competing delegations (one of the predicted outcomes) more likely to happen now. Dems will send their delegation, saying “they voted to certify!” and Republicans will send theirs, saying “that vote was under duress and immediately rescinded”.

          Of course I’m aware that delegations are state and not county level, but since this one county effectively determines the outcome for the entire state, there’s not much daylight between the two.

        • Not Tom says:

          Anyway, looks like Trump was right and I was wrong, although I will leave open the possibility that the rescinding affidavits came out because Trump was right, if you catch my drift.

          • pyrrhus says:

            At any rate, this provides plenty of ammo for the Legislature to refuse to certify Democrat electors and in fact certify Trump electors…

          • Pooch says:

            Trump spoke to them Tuesday night and guaranteed their safety it looks like.

            “It’s hard for me to describe. There was a lot of adrenalin and stress going on. There were general comments about different states but we really didn’t discuss the details of the certification. … It was not pressure. It was genuine concern for my safety.”

            Also, they are trying to continue with certification, predictably ignoring the rescinding.


            • Good. My first gut reaction was that “well the Proud Boys now gonna have to guard these brave people’s houses 24/7” but I didn’t write about it here because it is pointless, the people on the ground must be able to know and handle these stuff, there is no need for and no sense in some Internet guy across the ocean to hand out that “wisdom”, that would be ridiculously conceited. But to me it was obvious that something like this is needed, hopefully someone is organizing, coordinating that, and it is very good that I have no idea who that someone is, because if his name was all over the Internet then the Cheka (antifa) would target his house too.

      • jim says:

        They are for the supreme court.

        When certification goes through regardless, civil rights case.

        Also insurrection act. That the federally guaranteed right to a Republican form of government was denied, requiring president to call out the army, the national guard, and the militia.

  29. Pseudo-chrysostom says:

    >Could Trump invoke the insurrection act without a SCOTUS decision?

    Sure he could.

    >Will enough of the army, or of his base follow him, based only on the smoking gun evidence hos lawyers gathered up?

    And they sure would.

    To put a finer point on some of my earlier posts here; if a man says he is raising his fist for the sake of X, and other people see that there is muscle behind that fist, they will believe him.

    The common tendency in perception is that the weak man will be lying about what he is doing, while the strong man will be telling the truth.

    Our sundry flavors of solipsistic refuse, one may note, do this all the time. A progroid will confidently announce it engaging in a program for helping X, whose program is destroying X – just as their news organs declare themselves saviors of ‘democracy’ while demonstrating it’s irrelevancy now today, without a trace of shame – and people believe them; believe, that even if things ‘go wrong’, then at least ‘their hearts were in the right place’.

    Many, if not most, may not actually believe the daemon-haunted when they say such things; but they dare not say so out loud, in fear of censure from an other for deviating from the official(ly unofficial) message; that even if that other *also does not believe*, he can still benefit from playing the part of thought-cop in the dynamic, lowering the outspeaker’s status while raising his own. That is legitimacy.

    Recall how the gramscian ‘march through the institutions’ actually took place in the 60s; black panthers physically entering into university buildings and physically beating up physical professors not with the program. If the question is, ‘how does Trump get the legitimacy for making enemies of civilization fearful of acting like enemies of civilization?’, the answer is to do so, say that is why you are doing so, and you will be believed.

    The point trying to be hammered home here is, he who dares, wins. A strong man loudly and confidently asserting the truth of his actions while he and his gang carry out those actions creates his legitimacy. And if what you are saying is indeed the truth, then that makes it just all the easier.


    In the interwar period, one of the most valuable things the nsdap ever did on an operational level, was making sure every important person of interest had a posse following them around everywhere.

    This is not just a signal to a larger public, swelling the pride of allies, while intimidating enemies, it is also a practical reassurance for the figures themselves, personally. Those of right mind will feel safer in doing the right thing (while those sitting on the fence in their hearts will wonder what might happen to them if they *don’t* to the right thing, and will then prefer to feel reassured by their posse’s presence instead).

    Germany, like Spain, was afflicted by literal communist revolution during the weimar era; and Germany, like Spain, managed what few other countries around that time managed, which was to beat down their pinkos. And a major part of that was actually physically beating down physical pinkos in the physical streets, whenever any would come out to publicly signal communism (much like what was done in DC between red hats and antifa a few days ago). Friekorps, brownshirts, militias, and et cetera, were essential components to upholding law and order; which is to say, civilization.

    You don’t even need to specifically give particular orders to your republican guards, the most important thing above all is just *being there*. To take a riff on his pal Rudy’s playbook, you put ‘cops on dots’. You see where trouble is, where you anticipate trouble to be, and you put your boys there. And when you put good guys around where bad things are happening, like a magic trick, you will find good things start happening instead.

    “Yes ma’am, we are here for the protection of you and your fellow vote counters; we all want to this audit to be done smoothly and peacefully, after all.”

    • suones says:

      And a major part of that was actually physically beating down physical pinkos in the physical streets, whenever any would come out to publicly signal communism (much like what was done in DC between red hats and antifa a few days ago). Friekorps, brownshirts, militias, and et cetera, were essential components to upholding law and order; which is to say, civilization.

      (((Historians))) seem to wonder how the NSDAP gained so much middle class support so quickly in the interwar period. The reason was simple — Germany was undergoing the initial stages of a Communist insurrection, with the Kaiser gone and essentially Mensheviks in power. Reds were able to extort and harass citizens with impunity, and the police were either compromised or disinterested to protect. One could resist the Reds and refuse to tithe them, but then could find one’s shop mysteriously firebombed with the police suspiciously aloof.

      The NSDAP changed all that. If you were being harassed by Reds, you simply paid the local brownshirt chapter a visit, hung a swastika in your shop window, and the next time the Reds came visiting, they would get a solid beatdown by a couple of brownshirts. If your shop ended up firebombed, the Red office then mysteriously burned to the ground. Ten years of successfully beating Reds in the streets is what made brownshirts, and NSDAP, high status, not the other way round.

      This is similar to how the mafia develop loyalty, and was indeed pioneered by Benito Mussolini, whose reign marked the nadir of mafia power in Italy, with many of them fleeing to America (and resuming criminal activity among the Anglo sheep).

      But the crucial factor is inaction or complacency of police. In a just state, it is the police that is supposed to be beating down troublemakers. If that is the case, there are no need for brownshirts, and the state receives overwhelming public support. Remember those videos of Chinese police beating down “protesters” and then stuffing them into vans? That actually increases public support for the CCP, a fact that Westerners “cannot” understand. Following the law should be cool, and “resistance” appropriately low-status. The majority of Chinese believe that the police and CCP are on their side, which they are, in a way.

      • Pseudo-chrysostom says:

        In the anglo-saxon tradition, the police is a royal marshal, and his deputies are all upstanding men in the community who bear arms.

        It’s unnatural for boys to not be in a gang; and what else is formalism, but making the implicit contours of reality officially explicit, gaining power thereby.

        • I just want to say I find both of your comments excellent. This is how one correctly links those very visceral lessons learned from Jack Donovan and BAP into the more loftier topics.

          Of course the fact that both of them are fags, of the rare, Yukio Mishima kind, makes me read them with a large pinch of salt. But I think the pattern is that in their case this mostly just means that they are sort of stuck in a perpetual adolescent mindset, they have a philosophy that is sufficient for boys but not for fathers.

          But just as you correctly said, gangs are for boys, not fathers. And we get the same from other sources e.g. The Horse, The Wheel And Language: “The institution of the Männerbünde or korios, the warrior brotherhood of young men bound by oath to one another and to their ancestors during a ritually mandated raid, has been reconstructed as a central part of Proto–Indo–European initiation rituals.”

          As for the Anglo-Saxon tradition, this is what was called a posse, right?

          Another thing. I think it is really not possible to understand Mussolini without something like this. Here was a guy, socialist before the war, nationalist after, and a real intellectual, 100% intellectual. And he starts a movement that has no ideology at all, no real historic predecessors, no foreign examples to imitate, not pointing at a book and saying we implement these ideas, even though he as an intellectual was absolutely the kind of guy who wants to do that if at all possible. The basic names for the movement come from “fasci” which just meant a group, band, league or indeed gang way back into the 19th century. All this points to a situation where there was something pragmatic, indeed, “physical” to do for groups of men and ideology had to wait. All that stuff about Giovanni Gentile’s murky Hegelianism as “active idealism” came much later.

          And the timing very much suggests that the practical problem at hand was the Reds:

          Without this, it is impossible to understand how comes that an intellectual starts a movement without ideology, without predecessors or foreign examples to follow, i.e. something that is not based on ideas, something full of action and little in the way of predefined political direction.

          • The Cominator says:

            Mussolini was a guy who for the most part turned on the left (after being a leftist originally) and decided it was wrong about almost everything (not really his fault he got forced into an alliance with Hitler he tried very hard to seek British backing)…

            And thought of a creative way to seek “a crown from the gutter” and beat the reds. Fascism as it started in Italy was more about an aesthetic than an ideologiy… we’re anticommunist too but you also get to join this cool gang which beats up communists.

            And it was kind of a winning strategy until Hitler (who was much more ideological) ruined it for the next 150 years probably…

            • Jehu says:

              The Communist Left back in the 1920s was a serious terror. People were abjectly terrified by it for good reason. It left piles of corpses everywhere, and did it in an often OPENLY Satanic way. That movie about the Cristeros War in Mexico a few years back if anything seriously UNDERSELLS just how evil the regime was. Their soldiers would return ‘Hail Satan’ to the Cristeros battle cry of ‘Viva Cristos Rey’ (Hail Christ the King). People wanted someone, ANYONE who would fight that scourge.

              • Strannik says:

                It’s on a supernatural level for sure, as well as in our realm that we sort of know and kind of understand. I remember a friend’s father’s Baba telling him one day about the Russian revolution and Civil War, how he saw a tree full of blackbirds speaking, saying; ”our time has come!” and then flying off, and when the man came home from his trip shortly thereafter, he learned the Tsar had been murdered…

                • Jehu says:

                  Best thing Stalin ever did was whacking Trotsky in Mexico.
                  Would that he have offed him sooner.

                • clovis says:

                  >A tree full of blackbirds speaking, saying “our time has come!”
                  Straight out of Gogol or Bulgakov.

          • jim says:

            Posses are always led by an older priest/aristocrat, usually with numerous sons and sons in law. The problem is that a fatherless posse is unreliable and unpredictable. The leadership group of the posse is extended family of the priest patriarch. But the muscle is young unmarried men, who are looking to prove their manliness and value to potential fathers-in-law.

      • onyomi says:

        Why are the police so inactive? Because they take orders from left-wing elected officials? Was this also the case in interwar Germany?

        Weird that tough police are super popular yet people keep voting (we’re told) for mayors, etc. who tie their hands. But I suppose if voters were rational (and elections honest) Democrats would have stopped controlling Detroit decades ago… Of course there’s also a thing where I think jogger-preferred intensity of policing is less than white preference and falsifying jogger preferences is a badge for the woke white.

        • >Was this also the case in interwar Germany?

          It cannot be compared because WWI was a huge transformative experience for Europeans. It made people either strongly nationalist or strongly anti-nationalist, no middle. Because the sacrifices made on all sides were enormous, so people had to feel strongly about them this way or that way.

          It was so powerfully transformative, that it even affected Communists! Pre-WWI Stalin was like “the class war is the real deal, nationalism is a red herring, ethnic conflicts are a sideshow”. Post-WWI Stalin was like “well, there are bourgeois nations whose nationalism is oppressive and proletarian nations whose nationalism is liberating…”

          This really cannot be compared to people who not only haven’t seen a world war, the Soviet collapse ~30 years ago made their nation the sole superpower, so not even the Cold War level of threats were in the air.

        • Not Tom says:

          Weird that tough police are super popular yet people keep voting (we’re told) for mayors, etc. who tie their hands.

          It’s more that the police do their jobs, but the DAs (almost all installed by Soros and his minions) overturn through selective prosecution. That’s in the red and purple states.

          Berkeley, Portland, etc. are the outliers. There, they hate the police – right up until the moment they’re physically hurt or threatened in any way. No principles, no essence, don’t try to conceive of leftism as a rational belief system.

  30. restitutor_orbis says:

    A long essay on Trump’s powers to invoke the Insurrection Act and call up the Militia:

    • Pooch says:

      Wow that fills in a lot of blanks. I recommend everyone commenting on this blog to read.

    • suones says:

      Remember reading that author from way back. Nice to see him writing! I had the impression he was /ourguy/ through and through. Happy to see that it has borne out.

      • I like his philosophy articles, like the trilemma. If you remember some other such authors – how do you even discover them – please share.

      • I’ve just clicked on your name, got to and got all WTFed.

        I guess we can be allies with Hindu nationalists but this was sort of a shock anyway, because you just sounded well not like a Hindu nationalist at all.

        • Not Tom says:

          There’s no reason why either nationalism or reaction should be an American or European or Christian-only phenomenon. We even refer to the Indian caste system, more or less.

          But, like ice cream, you don’t mix the flavors.

        • Genuinely curious about what you expected a Hindu Nationalist to be like.

          Remember the Leftists in all countries are eager to portray their corresponding political adversaries in the worst light possible. I’m surprised that even mainstream right wing in the West buys into the propaganda of how Evil Hindu Nationalists are torturing the country’s “helpless and weak” minorities and how India has so little religious freedom

  31. hopinforabetterfuture says:

    acting sec of defense shortens special forces chain of command by making them report directly to himself instead of the bureaucratic chain of command.

    • jim says:

      The world changed radically in the early hours of the morning after the election.

      It just changed radically again a few hours ago, when open threats of violence were used to force an obviously fraudulent certification of an obviously fraudulent election.

      It is going to continue changing radically. Violence is on the table, and Trump is acting to prepare to deal with it. Whether he will succeed is uncertain, but I think he will succeed.

      • Contaminated NEET says:

        >open threats of violence

        It wasn’t an open threat, Jim. It was tacit, and deniable. Now, it’s obvious that the guy meant to imply a threat of violence, but the only thing he explicitly threatened anybody with was shame. The Left are masters at playing this game: they calibrate their violence to exactly the level the system allows and no further. Sure, it helps that all the authorities are sympathetic to them, but how did they gain control of the authorities, anyway?

        • Not Tom says:

          Nah, it was an open threat. No one’s falling for their “shame” act anymore. The cuck right may use cutesy names like “cancel culture” but they know what’s in the velvet glove.

          • Contaminated NEET says:

            Yes, everybody knows what it means. That’s why he said it. But it was not an open or explicit threat. If there’s any official attempt to punish him, the bureaucrats, judges, and lawyers are going to be strangely obtuse about its real meaning. If there is any unofficial attempt to punish him, well, that’s right-wing terrorism, motivated by insane paranoia.

            • Theshadowedknight says:

              That’s when the God-Emperor sends in his stormtroopers to trash this guy’s house in a search, shoot him for resisting arrest, and then terrify his family. If all of the leftist bully boys wind up mysteriously dead for resisting arrest, then the judges, prosecutors, lawyers, and all the rest are useless. You can drop or dismiss charges but you can’t repeal a gunshot wound to the head.

            • Not Tom says:

              If there is any unofficial attempt to punish him, well, that’s right-wing terrorism, motivated by insane paranoia.

              They will, of course, call any right-wing violence “terrorism” regardless of the situation, evidence of which is clear in the bizarre and self-contradictory term “state terrorism” that they took to using 20 years ago for Israel, and IIRC even before that for Rhodesia, though that may have been something more polite like “neocolonialism”.

              But what matters is their ability to use that label and make it stick, and the label tends to be extremely slippery for any acts clearly backed by the power of the State. Notice how, after a few hours of screeching, the entire media fell mysteriously silent about the Proud Boys bogeymen after Trump rather openly praised their work in DC, not unlike the radio silence on Lafayette Park.

              Official agency or private militia, doesn’t really matter as long as there is state backing. Some leftists will always point and screech, but the establishment cannot come down on them like a ton of bricks unless their actions were unsanctioned – at least, not until the civil war escalates to troops and armies.

      • The Cominator says:

        I hope Trump’s long silence is because he feels secure and is devoting the time to composing a very very very very long list of traitors to be executed.

        • Mister Grumpus says:

          Remember how Trump laid low while the BLM Big Nasty was going on, and then turned it around at Mount Rushmore.

          On one hand, appear weak when you’re strong, and on the other hand, if you’re weak, don’t let anyone see it. Take your pick.

          It could even be a matter of simple Pavlovian association. Maybe he knows it’s bad just for his face and voice to be around, in the air, on the same day when bad crap is happening, especially if the bad crap is escalating. Because then people associate him with the bad crap getting worse, and therefore not-him with it getting better. We’re not that smart.

          So instead he lies low while the other side runs absolutely wild, virtue signaling to each other with their kill-your-dog-for-negroes Great Reset Lockdown Forever YEAR ZERO propaganda. They’re burning crosses in Deep America’s yard and it’s still November.

          Remember how he made moves against Antifa from the shadows — black-bagging crews and stuff, leaving no hero-tragic film behind — and then showed up at Mount Rushmore.

          There’s a biological speed limit to how quickly people can change their perceptions and expectations.

          It’s probably a winning strategy to set our big brains aside from time to time and instead ask ourselves how a golden retriever or Down Syndrome person would have been perceiving things for the past week. Surely everyone successful on TV knows to do this, and in movie school they watch movies with the sound off.

          • Pooch says:

            You might be on to something. The insane Covid lockdown escalation and hysteria only strengthens his support at this point. Let them cancel Thanksgiving and Christmas. When he finally reads the Insurrection Act, he’ll have a line of militia volunteers 3000 miles long before he’s even finished speaking.

    • BC says:

      Thank God.

  32. The Cominator says:

    The cabal that runs Biden plans to kill your dog if this isn’t reversed.

    • Pooch says:

      The Covid insanity is ramping up to Aztec levels quicker than I expected.

    • European Mutt says:

      Looks like just one crappy study, but the problem is that no study is too crappy if it agrees with the left’s conclusions. I had a similar feeling when they were culling the mink it Denmark, that soon they might find a pretext to kill dogs as well. Probably they will ‘liberate’ the cows and pigs first but then it won’t take long till they come for the dogs.

      Cathedral elites hate dogs because they can smell good and evil in people.

      Looks to me also more Aztec, if it was Pol Pot they’d kill the dog owners and eat the dogs which would frankly be the saner option.

      • The Cominator says:

        If it appears in the press (unless the press is truly right wing or Russian) it indicates their plans, so yes this means 100% they plan to kill your dog.

    • pyrrhus says:

      A/C refers to Anonymous Conservative who is an excellent source for political developments and a strong Trump supporter…

      • Not Tom says:

        AC is a qtard and general nutbag. He used to be an okay source, but he got too far up his own asshole with his r/K tunnel vision and went insane trying to explain away all the inconsistencies.

  33. BC says:

    If Trump’s going for getting the legislatures of this swing states to vote for him, I don’t think it’s going to work. Even with the almost certain threat of death hanging over Republicans, they continue to Cuck because they have no cohesion and no one has their back. If Trump was a military commander who could send his Troops to back these people up or if he’d embraced the young men of the Red Hats in 2016 he’d be able to put steel into the GOP’s backbone by just by deploying his men.

    The Supreme court and the Federalists on it have cohesion and can resist the pressure but Trump seems unable to get his cases before them. But even if gets those rulings, Trump will need to deploy solders to defend every important GOP official in order for this work. Trump needs to call up the Republican Guard or the Red Hats, or even the Proud Boys.

    Rally’s won’t work right now. What we need is dangerous men in the streets and at every GOP officials office and home to defend them. These men need to feel secure in order to do what’s right.

    • Anonymous 2 says:

      The judiciary is heavily defended enemy territory so it won’t be an easy path to victory. Then again, what is?

      I think I’d recommend large numbers of unruly young men in the streets at a minimum until Jan 20, if nothing else to show their displeasure at having the election and their future so blatantly stolen. The trash mob in Portland kept going for at least 55 days, if memory serves.

    • Mister Grumpus says:

      Dunk on me if you think I have it coming:

      The state legislatures pick electors a whole month from now, roughly. A month ago I had wildly different ideas of “legal”, “proper”, “rightful” — and “possible” — than I do now. 5 minutes ago I was playing checkers after church, and now I’m in a strange ditch with bite marks and teeth missing.

      Are we the normalcy-biasing ones?

      Are we fuddy-duddies too, presuming that the conception of “legitimacy” will resemble in mid-December what we thought in October it would have to look like?

      On the D side, nothing Trump touches is “legitimate” anyway, so neither will any kind of Supreme Court ruling in Literally Hitler’s favor make any damned difference. Meanwhile, on “our side”, “we” (and the $64 question is just how numerous “we” really are) already know this thing was crooked from election night and don’t need to see anything else anyway.

      How many people are still left in between, and how many of them will speak up or matter? Just give me your takes, please.

      So many cuckservatives are feigning “propriety”, and ceremonially bowing to Shaniqua in public, but how many of these very same cucks will say one first counter-signaling word if and when Trump just says “OK fuck this”?

      You sure as hell can’t poll for that, and Trump has been calling bluffs for high stakes his whole life.

      I can’t tell if I’m coping, being smart, or being dumb right now.

      • Karl says:

        It would be nice to have some favorable decisions of courts, especially SCOTUS, because they would make it much easier for state legislatures to pick electors for Trump. As state legislatures can do that even without such court decisions, favorable courts decisions are not all that important.

        Maybe Trump will win in the courts, if not he can still win by convincing state legislatures to choose his electors. If he fails to do that, he can still win by invoking the 14th amendment, reading the riot act or something really creative without much appearance of legaility.

        How many people are undicided or willing to support Trump, depends how the courts decide, how the state legislatures decide, and how Trump decides to proceed. Most people are not yet so strongly committed that they will fight for Trump no matter what happens.

      • Not Tom says:

        Regular people will always bet on the strong horse. That means, Trump’s perceived legitimacy will only decline with the more battles he loses, whatever the reason. (Yes, they threatened some Michigan officials; he should have been prepared, we thought he was prepared with his recent military reshuffles and tacit support of the Proud Boys).

        Right now, the Trump “team” is losing many small battles. That perception can easily be flipped by winning one big one, such as SCOTUS. Maybe even flipping Pennsylvania would help. But Michigan is where there was the most evidence, the most witnesses, the most blatant and implausible and laughable fraud. Right now it looks like he’ll be lucky to squeak out a victory in Georgia, which was not even supposed to be in play.

        I don’t think anyone other than bluechecks believes that Biden won legitimately. Everyone knows that Trump is the legitimate president. But that’s not what “legitimacy” means in the context of civil war. The great mass of normies will only fight for a winner. They have to see that, even if Trump doesn’t appear to be winning right now, he’s willing and able to do whatever it takes to win – and not just Trump but all of the important people on Trump’s side.

        I rather like the suggestion of arresting Democrats who threaten Republican election officials. Throwing that disgusting shitbag in Michigan in a dark cell would go a long way to restoring confidence. Winners need to be prepared to use physical force when necessary, and it is way beyond necessary at this point. It seems to me that Trump, while he has occasionally been willing to deploy police, tends to revert to a default state of extreme reluctance to use force, and this just isn’t the time for blustery tweets and half-measures. That’s my take, anyway; if we don’t see willingness to use some violence now, state legislators and electors in a month will absolutely not believe he has the capability to deploy the massive levels of violence necessary to secure the electoral college and subsequent left-wing riots.

        A week ago I was preaching patience, but now I am starting to get impatient myself. If Democrats are allowed to get away with blatant fraud and blatant intimidation and threats, then we’re in an even worse spot than before.

        • Pooch says:

          The backing down to threats is incredibly blackpilling, but I will say playing the racist card is a sign of their desperation. They have no legit plays if Trump is able to get past their threats to GOP officials. Threatening Detroit Republican county officials surrounded by niggers on all sides is one thing. Threatening rural Republican state officials surrounded by white gun owners on all sides is another. Ultimately it is going to be the state officials to certify the official state electors.

          • The Cominator says:

            The right really needs what Hillary had and on a massive scale…

            They need to start finding certain Republican officials who failed us in an ah how shall I say deep sleep with some indication that the person who um knocked them out did it because they thought they were a coward or a traitor…

            And that um being knocked out if they cross Democrats is a risk but its a certainty if they go the other way.

            • Pooch says:

              The one theory I saw that made sense was that if Trump were to arrest people (if he even is able to) he should start with Republicans complicit with the fraud to send a message to the GOP.

            • suones says:

              The right really needs what Hillary had and on a massive scale…

              The right cannot have that, by nature. You’re essentially asking for a co-operate-co-operate equilibrium to be enforced, mafia style — prospective defectors know that the mafia will certainly kill them, so they don’t defect. But the mafia are themselves defectors from society at large, so it’s a case of some honour among thieves.

              The problem is that we are not mafiosi or thieves, and lack the criminal mindset needed to defect with a clear conscience. We need to believe that we are right for us to do any violence. In that case, enforceable co-operate-co-operate becomes, for us, a coup-complete problem. The best we can hope for is militias or Red Hat-type action, but even that requires the participants to believe in the legitimacy of their actions or nobody will show up.

              • The Cominator says:

                “The right cannot have that, by nature. You’re essentially asking for a co-operate-co-operate equilibrium to be enforced, mafia style — prospective defectors know that the mafia will certainly kill them, so they don’t defect. But the mafia are themselves defectors from society at large, so it’s a case of some honour among thieves.”

                The mafia lost their solidarity that they had partially because they lost their ethnic cohesion (Luciano actually wanted to abolish the requirement that “Made Men” be Italian it was Lansky who advised him this was actually a bad idea) as they became overly Americanized but more because with surveillance, the RICO act and the war on drugs (which the bosses tried somewhat to keep their men out of but in large degree failed) the members started getting more afraid of the government than of the consequences of betraying their crime family.

                We have belief in legitimacy, that Trump is the legitimate president and that this is essentially a communist coup… I don’t know any Trump voters who think otherwise. But we need people who will make other people fear defecting from us more than the left. Yes the right (which is not so much a religion as a coalition of less cohesive more individualistic people who are tired of progressive madness and at this point absolutely terrified of it going further) are not that suited for this but we have a lot of angry young men on our side… some of them ex combat veterans and such. Something should be made out of that, if the other side can monopolize intimidation it makes things very hard for us.

                The only thing we have going now is a lot of Republicans even cuck ones have gotten the idea that the left is going to kill them all anyway as soon as they amass sufficient power.

                • yewotm8 says:

                  >Something should be made out of that, if the other side can monopolize intimidation it makes things very hard for us.

                  Should be enough just to punish the enemy for intimidation. You reliably demonstrate that you are better at it than they are, and avoid doing bad things to good people. Should not need to indiscriminately intimidate dissenters.

        • The Cominator says:

          I’d also like to point out, there have been a number of wars in history where the winning side lost every battle but the last one (and many more where the winning side lost every battle but the last two).

      • jim says:

        The situation is unpredictable and unclear, but the enemies announcements that resistance is useless are getting a shriller tone.

        I had a very bad feeling yesterday, today somewhat more optimistic. Things look grim, but not nearly so grim as the enemy is so loudly telling us.

        • The Cominator says:

          Resistance is not useless… but I’m not sure what political calculation Trump has not for speaking or appearing in public before his followers…

          There has to be some kind of thinking behind it but I don’t get what.

          • European Mutt says:

            Looks to me like the 2 main reasons are:

            – He truly has his hands full with the legal cases and preparing for the insurrection act proclamation.

            – Simultaneously, he wants to bait the left into doing something stupid by making them feel somewhat secure in their power. As we all know they are already threatening his legal teams on the non-SC cases. He is probably compiling lists like AOC. And if they (for example) move on to threatening or even killing Republican office holders, or do something like unilaterally declare a federal lockdown and try to enforce it with loyalist agencies (FEMA?), it’s definitely time to read the insurrection act. Even better if such a scenario happens after the SC ruling of course.

            I fully expect to be proven wrong about this, but this is what it looks like to me right now. It’s in line with what we know about Trump’s tactics. Pretend to go along, then swoop in and rapidly turn the situation in your favor.

            • jim says:

              Trump’s Syria operation was classic 4D chess. He appeared to cuck, appeared to yield to a state department recklessly drifting into war with Russia, but when the dust settled, he had won. Syria had Syria, Russia had a reliable ally, we had an honorable peace, peace not only between us, Syria and Russia, but peace between Israel, Russia and Syria, we had their oil, and the Cathedral’s Syrian operatives had a bullet in the back of their heads.

              I hope and pray he has a similar operation going now to deal with color revolution.

              • European Mutt says:

                This is exactly what I was thinking about. I was not a big believer in Trump or 4D chess before that, I will admit. Would have voted for him but that was it. Syria made it obvious I had vastly underestimated him and that he was more than capable of outsmarting his opponents.

                I hope and pray too.

            • jim says:

              > He truly has his hands full with the legal cases and preparing for the insurrection act proclamation.

              I believe Trump’s strategy relied on legal cases, but what happened in Wayne county makes legality irrelevant and useless, so he may have to change his strategy in a hurry.

              Unfortunately, because no man rules alone, he still needs the appearance of legality for legitimacy

              • The Cominator says:

                Litigation was plan A.

                State legislatures and at least throwing the election to the house was plan B.

                The Rubicon in some form or another is plan C.

                The way most Republicans unfortunately are given the American right’s cucked Burkean intellectual tradition (you wanted to send William Wilberforce to the West Indies, I think Edmund Burke was more important to send there) they want him to try to do it legally before he resorts to C, but if Trump executed C successfully I think most people are just going to feel if not ecstatic then at least relieved…

              • Not Tom says:

                I believe Trump’s strategy relied on legal cases, but what happened in Wayne county makes legality irrelevant and useless

                Right. It is not for me to make predictions at this point, there is no “pill” here, but having seen what we have now seen, I wish to see less of the right’s time and energy spent on wasteful activities and more spent on preparing for civil war, which now appears inevitable. If there was a sliver of hope last week that the Cathedral might accept an unfavorable procedural outcome, or even allow an unfavorable outcome to occur, that hope died yesterday along with the Wayne County Republicans’ courage and dignity.

                If we file suit, they reject it on absurd grounds. If they accept the suit, a higher court overturns the judgment. If the highest court reprimands them, they ignore the decision. If state officials attempt the constitutional override, they credibly threaten violence. All of these things, we have now already seen at the state level, and if it has already happened at the state level, there is no logical reason to assume that federal level efforts would end any differently. A SCOTUS decision could help a little with morale and legitimacy, but the state and lower court level efforts are largely futile and denoralizing. I’d drop all of those cases, publicly announcing them to be a waste of time as the judges are all in the pockets of Democrats, escalate immediately to the federal level, and read the riot act.

                There are only two reasons to keep up the charade, either (a) he truly doesn’t get it or (b) he needs more time to prepare. But (b), despite being the more optimistic interpretation, is still worrying because he obviously knew this would happen and should have been prepared before the election even began. Somewhere along the line, he must have miscalculated. So I hope that these kangaroo court cases are just an excuse to stall for time.

                • Pooch says:

                  The Insurrection Act is crossing the Rubicon. After it is read, the die is cast and there is no turning back. Civil war begins with the activation of all branches of the military to the police down to possibly the militia. Fighting in the streets of every American city like ensues. All ducks must be in a row with no exceptions. I have no problem with him taking as long as possible to get it right. There’s no rush, yet.

                • Karl says:

                  Why would you drop those cases? Maybe they are a waste of time, but if so they are waste of lawyer time and not a waste of time of Trump or anyone who has anything more important to do.

                  Trump does not have a litigation budget problem. His attorneys can keep working on those cases. It costs money, but nothing else. He might gain something from these cases, but cannot lose anything. Therefore it is reasonable to continue with these cases, maybe even add more cases.

      • jim says:

        > Are we the normalcy-biasing ones?

        We are the slightly less normalcy biasing ones.

  34. ~loclun-midwyt says:

    Director of CISA fired via tweet lol

    • Not Tom says:

      Amusing, but pretty much the final nail in the coffin for Thomas Wictor’s zany CISA theories.

      • Edit_XYZ says:

        At this point, it is pretty certain that the DOJ betrayed Trump and allowed the election to be stolen.
        Notice also how the DOJ and the FBI are utterly absent these days, not investigating the largest election fraud in history, nor blatant threats to officials – for example, left operatives just threatened the Wayne County Republicans and their children in order to certify the elections. With impunity, despite the threats being made on video.

        Where is Trump’s base? Are there any retaliations? No. Trump’s followers are following law and order, despite dealing with a criminal organization that couldn’t care less about it. The truth is, they don’t really want to fight; they hope things will go their way without risking life and limb in war, and they keep their heads down. They’re suicidally wrong.

        The left has the prosecutors, the muscle – DOJ, FBI.
        Trump has some good lawyers and, perhaps, the army – if he can make its use legitimate. As for the GOP – many are outright traitors – see in Georgia.

        Jim is right – the best chance Trump has of winning this thing is obtaining a SCOTUS decision that’s favorable to him, until january 20 at the latest. Then, invoking the insurrection act.

        Could Trump invoke the insurrection act without a SCOTUS decision? Will enough of the army, or of his base follow him, based only on the smoking gun evidence hos lawyers gathered up?

        • ~loclun-midwyt says:

          Trump seems to be implying that they didn’t certify after all. Anyone have more info?

          • Not Tom says:

            Breitbart, Newsmax and OANN have nothing to say about this, so either he has some unreleased inside information or he’s wrong.

            The Democrat SoS is, as expected, saying “oh sure, we’ll look into irregularities, but we didn’t see anything wrong”, no doubt snickering off-camera. It really is third-world level shit.

            • The Cominator says:

              Trump probably has more information than we do. Hes saying they agreed in principle but didn’t officially sign off… I like this.

              Don’t get blackpilled…

              • Not Tom says:

                I remain open-minded about outcomes, but I’m done with tweets and pretty much done following the kangaroo court cases. It’s pointless theater, always the same thing. Trump: “we have even more evidence of fraud”, Dems/Government/Judges: “haha don’t care fuck you”. It’s less depressing to just tune it all out.

                The two remaining viable options are SCOTUS and Insurrection Act, possibly both. Everything else has become a fake and gay distraction, every new state court case is another insult to Deplorables and another notch under the Democrats’ belt. To maintain morale, this theater needs to end soon. Just admit that the pretense of an impartial judiciary is long gone and do what needs to be done, or admit that we can’t do what needs to be done.

                • The Cominator says:

                  There may be good reasons to build a maximum sense of desperation before acting but remember the 1st thing Trump did after the phony election was purge the military command… meaning the road to the Rubicon is an option when all things fail.

                  No defeatism until we’re actually defeated.

                • jim says:

                  Trump has been preparing to do what needs to be done for some time. But he may be reluctant to make the move if he cannot build sufficient legitimacy for it.

                  Wayne county demonstrates that it is now time to read the insurrection act proclamation. I would have done so immediately, but Trump is president and I am not, and he is a smart operator.

                • pyrrhus says:

                  According to A/C, Wayne County has not actually certified, pending the audit…But that could change I suppose…I would certainly be ecstatic if Trump declared martial law under the Insurrection Act and/or 14th Amendment…

                • The Cominator says:

                  What is A/C.

                  If they are refusing to sign the certification documents but are saying they WILL sign pending a REAL audit (not a Georgia audit) I commend the commisioners for fake cucking but not actual cucking… its about the best way they could have played this actually.

                • jim says:

                  Probably the only way to not actually cuck and stay alive.

                  They are consciously or subconsciously waiting to see if Trump can marshal sufficient counter violence sufficiently quickly to keep them alive. If he can, they will not cuck.

        • Pooch says:

          Jim is right – the best chance Trump has of winning this thing is obtaining a SCOTUS decision that’s favorable to him, until january 20 at the latest. Then, invoking the insurrection act.

          Bannon seems confident none of the disputed states will certify (except maybe Arizona) and we’ll win in the contingent election. Wouldn’t that give us legitimate backing in a civil war too. Why do we care so much about SCOTUS? If the cases fail to get to SCOTUS and the states fail to certify don’t we still win?

        • INDY says:

          What did they say that threatened their children?

      • jim says:

        Feeling really bad.

        Trump has to get this to the supremes in time, so that he can proclaim the insurrection act, and there is going to be an obstacle course against getting it to the supremes.

      • jim says:

        Not looking good – it was utterly obvious that the sudden late night Biden surge in Michigan ballots was physically impossible.

        • Pooch says:

          If there is a white pill it looks like Rudy’s day in PA Court went well. He was there 6 hours apparently today. Maybe he will get us to the Supremes before it’s too late.

          • Adjudicator says:

            About the Pennsylvania lawsuit, it seems that they are attempting to demolish the argument or take it apart.


            • Kevin C. says:

              I mean, when the Pennsylvania Supreme Court has ruled 5-2 that Republican observers’ right to observe counting process was not violated because nowhere does the law explicitly require that observers be close enough to observe (or any other “distance requirement”) and therefore it “would be improper for this Court to judicially rewrite the statute by imposing distance requirements where the legislature has, in the exercise of its policy judgment, seen fit not to do so”…


              Republican observers are obstructed, and prevented from identifying fraud; when they try to remedy this, it’s rejected on the thinnest, most pedantic of grounds; and, after being blocked from identifying the fraud, they are then criticized for lacking knowledge of which specific ballots to indict as fraudulent. It’s a spectaculary and transparently Kafkaesque scheme.

        • Not Tom says:

          All I can say is that I hope these professional losers are severely punished for their treachery.

          Michigan had the most concrete evidence out of any of the states. They not only knew that there was fraud, they had multiple whistleblowers explaining exactly how it happened (like tabulating the same batch of votes over and over again, and eyewitness reports of trucks showing up in the middle of the night).

          Seems almost pointless to keep dicking around with state courts and legislatures at this point. Try the Supremes if you must, but otherwise, it’s time to cross the Rubicon.

          • The Cominator says:

            Trump needs to rally in those states… to pressure the legislatures to grow some balls.

            • Not Tom says:

              Evidently too late for another rally to make a difference in Michigan. Obviously these particular board members fear the left more than the right, and cannot accept the fact that the left will kill them anyway.

              • The Cominator says:

                We’ll see.

              • Pooch says:

                Yes they were doxed into submission.

              • Pooch says:

                The Dem board members basically threatened their lives on the zoom call.

                This man needs the helicopter regardless of outcome…


                • Not Tom says:

                  Link is already down, but I assume it’s the clip of the one chubby white faggot crying “racist” for three straight minutes.

                  When will we see just one of these supposed Republican

                • Pooch says:


                  Try this one. Threatens her children too.

                • Not Tom says:

                  Phone is being a bitch tonight, registering touches when there are no touches.

                  As I was saying: when will we see just one of these supposed Republicans interrupt them with a proper comeback?

                  Here’s a suggestion, for any cryptocucks who might be reading, directly or indirectly: “Listen up, you worthless communist piece of human garbage: when, not if, Trump starts his second term, we are going to parachute you right into the middle of this Detroit ghetto you are so concerned about disenfranchising, where you can bask in the appreciation of all those voters you are so very concerned about. You might want to get your will and life insurance squared away.”

                • Pooch says:

                  All they have to do is what Tucker did…fight fire with fire and put his full name and address on video/twitter. Shitlibs are under the impression MAGA people are terrorist nazis in secret just waiting to kill people. Use it to our advantage.

            • Karl says:

              If someone cucks because his live or the lives of his children are threatened, a rally won’t make him reconsider.

              • The Cominator says:

                Its to make the legislators etc reconsider not the county assessors.

                • Karl says:

                  Aren’t the legislators etc in precisely the same situation when they and their families are threatened to be killed?

                  Do you think there are no or won’t be such threats against legislators etc.?

                • BC says:

                  Yes. The time for rally’s have passed. The time for dangerous young men wearing Red Hats in the streets has come. The Proud Boys showed the way in DC.

              • Anonymous 2 says:

                Trump could make a public statement that this is an exceptional situation and that threats made to, or attacks made on, election officials will be dealt with swiftly and severely. Who could be against that (except perhaps the confusing media)?

                Find and jail those who make such threats at least until 20 Jan. Force Twitter to hand over phone details, SWAT them for real, federal prosecution, etc.

                Something of a hair trigger temper and a willingness to act may be useful.

      • notglowing says:

        Doesn’t that say they agreed to the audit?

  35. notglowing says:
    Bannon seems 100% confident Trump will succeed

    • Pooch says:

      Yeah I listen to every episode and he’s been 100% confident since the Election. He’s still plugged into Trump’s people and has great intel into what’s going on in every state. When he starts to worry then that’s a bad sign but he hasn’t come anywhere close yet.

      • The Cominator says:

        To the extent Bannon gets inside info its likely to be selective, Bannon is known to have a big mouth and to do things for attention sometimes.

        But most of the signs from states other than Georgia are looking good… that being said we absolutely 100% should not surrender Georgia.

        • Pooch says:

          I don’t buy that for a second. Bannon was the sacrificial lamb for the Charlottesville fiasco. He’s still in Trump’s outer circle and regularly has Trump campaign people on his show. Trump had him in Rose Garden last week. He’s in the know.

          As for Georgia, it’s looking more and more like the Senate is not going to agree to certify unless the signatures in Atlanta are resolved. The courts there are also in our favor and seem like they may force the signature verification to take place, probably why Lin Wood is so confident.

          • The Cominator says:

            No Bannon got fired for running his mouth without authorization to a CNN reporter because he hates Jared Kushner and wanted to circulate damaging information about him.

            If Lin Wood is confident (he wasn’t a few days ago) its a very good sign.

  36. The Cominator says:

    Good news in Nevada, not for the Presidential race yet but now the media and the left wing lawyer establishment can’t claim there is no fraud anywhere (this was over some local commisioner race nobody should really give a shit about and yet it was rigged… if they rigged that why not rig the Presidential race that actually matters) and Trump has good cause to ask the courts to throw out the Clark County vote entirely.

  37. Bilge_Pump says:

    Here’s an interesting article about Eric Coomer (great name btw), one of the higher-ups at Dominion, which as you guys may know is the company that developed software used for (fraudulent) vote counting in many states.

  38. I have just read an article that I agree with, but won’t link here because it would be branded as demoralizing and I don’t want to get into that sort of debate. Just sort of want to leave a “bookmark” here, that if that article I am thinking of proves to be prescient then as for further steps the best thing to do will be what that article recommends. If things turn out badly. If things turn out well, I will link it anyway, as it is important to learn from mispredictions. Specifically, to learn how not to be irrationally blackpilled. Around February. And please do not speculate.

    • Penrose says:

      just stop being a fag and tell us.

      • jim says:

        Not time for blackpilling yet, I have very bad feelings, but the data is looking good. I see cucks uncucking, and they would not uncuck unless they knew which way the wind blows.

        Any site that says “Oh, Trump is going to lose, but then in the next election we will win”, or “then things will calm down because the left has overeached” is utterly deluded. Democracy has died, as it always does, the madness has been escalating endlessly as it always does, and is escalating faster and faster, as it always does until stopped by fear and violence, and now we are figuring out whether something like sanity will be restored by a Caesar Augustus, a Sulla, or by a Stalin.

        I hope and pray for a Caesar Augustus.

        Trump can only survive by civil war. What he appears to be planning is to get some good supreme court decisions, and when they are predictably ignored, read the Insurrection Act proclamation.

        And then it is on, and in a civil war with clear legitimacy and a clear and legitimate commander in chief we will likely win easily with very little bloodshed.

        • The Cominator says:

          We should not be blackpilling today, there is very good news in Nevada and Michigan and Pooch is reporting (I haven’t seen his information) that Georgia which seemed to me the darkest spot is looking up.

          • Pooch says:

            I’m just going off of what John Fredricks is saying on Bannon’s show who seems credible. He’s also saying Kemp must also certify electors as well as the state senate and he is currently AWOL essentially playing neutral. If Kemp can swing towards Trump that would be huge.

            • The Cominator says:

              Kemp is acting very strange… yeah you can’t even get through to a secretary at his office and he has no email listed. I’ve made some calls to state congresscritters in Georgia though.

              He was a good guy when it came to lockdowns relatively speaking (only the woman governor of South Dakota was better) but he seems to be tied in with Dominion money… its clear the SecState is an outright traitor.

              • Pooch says:

                Yes SecState is openly bashing Trump on CNN and MSNBC now. He’s a hardcore Democrat all of a sudde .

                • The Cominator says:

                  That the secretary of state was an enemy agent became obvious when he said no fraud in Atlanta…

                  Lin Wood had his number before the election though (I wasn’t even thinking they would steal Georgia before this), he apparently used a “consent agreement” to make it impossible to check for fraud…

              • Pooch says:

                Plus Kemp has to know no way in hell he gets re-elected if he turns on Trump.

                • The Cominator says:

                  One good explanation is Kemp is an oldschool Southern governor… ie a PURE crook who doesn’t believe in anything. Hes fishing for bribes and such…

                • Pooch says:

                  Looking like a big MAGA rally will happen in ATL on Saturday. Maybe that moves the needle and let’s Kemp and the State Senate know the people aren’t going to stand for it.

            • The Cominator says:

              Scott Adams is also hinting he has inside information too that is favorable to Trump and makes it almost certain Trump wins in the end…

              And Scott Adams big unlikely predictions generally come true and hes certainly way above a midwit, he lost a bit of face with me in that he initially fell for the covid bullshit… I don’t understand how so many smart people otherwise were taken in by that…

              I guess its that I have a much stronger paranoia filter when it comes to Democrat media narratives or anything I think even might be a Cathedral narrative… whereas some people try to think maybe the media is telling the truth this time I just assume if there is even one inconsistency the whole narrative is a lie.

              • suones says:

                Maybe you are simply paranoid.

                I thought the same about Jim’s predictions about the election.

                Of course, later it turned out that “they” really were out to get us and your paranoia was completely justified. But you guys appeared paranoid at the time.

                I updated my priors regarding the destructive ability and willingness of Leftism and Leftists after both events.

          • chirs says:

            There shall be no blackpilling this day.
            The Don is rising.


        • Mister Grumpus says:

          Meanwhile, the establishment is really running wild and blabbing it’s intentions w/r/t Great Reset, Lockdown Forever, and No Vaccine for You. And sending belligerent Shaniquas and Rayshawns into the Million MAGA March.

          Is it just me or does this type of thing hand Trump some “legitimacy” of a different type?

  39. Pooch says:

    The Cathedral is attacking Lindsey Graham and even want him arrested for trying to get the GA Sec of State to uncover fraud. This is a good development if people like Graham are wiling to do things that may end with them being arrested if Trump loses.

    • jim says:

      Yes, I am seeing cucks stop cucking, which suggests Trump is likely to win.

      The only path I see that keeps the Trump family out of prison, which is likely to lead to execution or Epsteining, as it did in revolutionary Russia and France, is civil war. Trump gets some good supreme court decisions, they are ignored, he reads the insurrection act proclamation.

    • notglowing says:

      The situation in GA is really dire.
      They are going through with their fake audit, and if we lose GA victory is basically impossible.
      They will certify the votes Thursday.
      I don’t know how Trump plans to prevent this within two days.
      There’s going to be demonstrations there now but what difference will that make?

      • The Cominator says:

        Lin Wood who is a very very good lawyer is in charge of the Georgia situation… I have made some calls to Georgia state representatives.

        The Georgia secretary of state is a traitor.

        Victory is not impossible if we lose Georgia, but given that we likely won it by 7 points except for fraud we should not surrender the state.

        Also keep in mind that legal means are one way but Trump can also cross the Rubicon and seize power should legal means fail.

        • notglowing says:

          >Also keep in mind that legal means are one way but Trump can also cross the Rubicon and seize power should legal means fail.

          I really don’t think that will happen.
          Trump has always followed the law and he has been stopped even from exercising his power to the extent that the law allows.
          He believes in the system like all the boomers do.
          The government is full of traitors who will stop him from rightfully claiming the election, and he can’t stop them, but he will rise against the law?

          Even the people who are the most right wing in the government mostly believe in the “constitution” and would protect Trump in its name, and “american values”, or, worse, “democracy”.
          And they are “right wing” to the extent that they believe in these things, Trump would make himself the enemy of the Republic as they understand it if he decided to break the law.
          On the other hand he might just believe he can protect himself for four years and run again, and risk less than he would rising up. To be honest, I can’t say which is safer myself, but he might just believe in the system too much to take the Rubicon option.

          We’ve seen conservatives lose for decades because their entire ideology is to follow the law and respect it, and progressives win because they ignore it.
          It’s a trap that makes seizing power impossible.

          • Pooch says:

            Trump and his family will die if he loses. There is no 2024.

            • notglowing says:

              They probably would. But that doesn’t mean he’ll assume that is more dangerous than the alternative.

          • The Cominator says:

            The fact that every Trump voter knows that this was obvious massive 3rd world and communist level election fraud makes crossing the Rubicon much easier for the rest of the right, AOC’s lists, the fact that they are not giving up this covid bullshit and the fact that they are talking about this gre@t reset (Pol Pot enomics) means that many also realize the stakes.

            So yes Trump could cross the Rubicon and win, its a question of will he. I can’t say I know… but I’m sure Melania and Don Jr at least are fully behind him crossing the Rubicon.

            • notglowing says:

              >The fact that every Trump voter knows that this was obvious massive 3rd world and communist level election fraud makes crossing the Rubicon much easier for the rest of the right,

              The fact that most republicans know it is fraud despite media silence on the matter is definitely the most positive aspect of the current situation, at the very least democracy will be delegitimized.
              However conservatives being discontent has never stopped them from still cucking for the kritarchy in the past, which is why I am pessimistic.
              I still think Trump can win through entirely legal means, but if that doesn’t work I don’t know if we can expect him to cross the Rubicon.

          • Not Tom says:

            Yeesh, if you’re gonna blackpill, at least make it original. This exact topic has been debated to death in this exact thread no fewer than five times. Forget a day late and a dollar short, you’re a week late and a gold nugget short.

            Look, he’ll cross the Rubicon or he won’t. It does none of us any good whatsoever to speculate and whine about all the reasons why he won’t. If you’re so sure that he won’t, then you should be quietly preparing, stocking up on food and ammo and toilet paper, not kvetching here.

            • notglowing says:

              >If you’re so sure that he won’t
              I don’t know that he won’t but I don’t think he will.
              I don’t want to blackpill, I think that he still has a good chance of taking back the presidency. But I am feeling more pessimistic now just based on the situation.

              >then you should be quietly preparing
              I am personally safe. But seeing such injustices happen upsets me.
              If I can get reasons why things might go better than I expect, I’m happy about it. I guess that’s selfish, but then what good does it do us to discuss anything in the first place?
              Regardless, I’ll stop blackpilling, that wasn’t my intention.

        • Pooch says:

          Lin Wood seems extremely confident it’s getting overturned on twitter. Somewhat white pilling.

      • Pooch says:

        Saw something on twitter that we should expect more rural Trump votes being “found” like the 800 votes yesterday due to Dominion fraud which could flip the state to Trump even with the fake audits going on in the Atlanta Dem machine. Not sure if that’s credible or not.

        Another theory I saw flying around is that Kemp and the traitor Sec of State both have connections to Dominion so Trump will arrest them first as a message to all the cucks. Likely just a pipedream but who knows.

        I still have hope and Graham getting involved with the Cathedral screeching about it is a good sign.

      • Pooch says:

        They will certify the votes Thursday.

        Just listened to John Fredricks on the Bannon War Room, who is pretty plugged into Georgia, and he doesn’t believe the GOP state senate would certify that quickly given all the questionable actions by the Sec of State. 16 or so have pushed for a special session but apparently it can’t be called without the Governor who apparently has gone into hiding.

        • notglowing says:

          >it can’t be called without the Governor who apparently has gone into hiding.
          Hilarious. They can’t get away with this bullshit, it’s too ridiculous.

  40. Mister Grumpus says:

    I want to take this opportunity to confess a belated moment of clarity:

    The last couple weeks have shown for everyone just how delusional and mis-calibrated I’ve been in my not understanding why top leftists haven’t been making deals with Trump to save themselves. I’m so busted. Here I’ve been forced to confront just how (conventionally) powerful he sadly has not been, all this time, if the Cathedral has been able to plot and commit these kinds of horrors and even get this far with them.

    I really was up my butt and dangerously underestimating their abilities. Horrific abilities, but abilities nonetheless. They really have attained independence from the President. Mostly. But without anyone actually being in direct charge of them either, beyond their shared membership in the Harvardism Mystery Religion. It’s scary as fuck.

    I don’t even know what color pill this is. We can all see now why people criticizing Trump “for not doing X, Y and Z, since he was in charge” have all been completely full of shit. He couldn’t even get medical researchers to give a fair shake to the Zelenko protocol, and that was public fucking knowledge, right out in the open. Holy shit.

    Now more than ever we can see that the Oval Office is NOT where the power is, because most of those fucks will just ignore you, do whatever they want, and there’s so little Trump can actually do about it. The handwriting was on the wall from 2016, and Jim’s been quite plain about it, but the truth just wasn’t penetrating. We really do have 1000 Kings, each 3 miles away. The fact that his own employees in Ukraine were able to impeach him for disagreeing with them… wow just wow. To the public org-chart that never made any sense, but it happened anyway. I think I might get it now.

    It’s chilling because now we all know how Biden would NEVER be in charge of absolutely anything besides the toppings on his pizza, and it was surely that way with Obama also, and who knows how far back. Jim called this over and over, but I didn’t comprehend it to anywhere near the depth he did. The Presidency really is just the premier branch office of the Cathedral, and no one can tell those fucking people anything.

    I apologize and repent for being so naive and thick headed.

    Not even blackpilling or psyop’ing either, exactly. Trump’s first term has shown us that there are other levers of power that didn’t exist in 1990, but are quite powerful now, and that’s great news, but man this is some asymmetric underdog stuff.

    • Publius says:

      > Now more than ever we can see that the Oval Office is NOT where the power is, because most of those fucks will just ignore you, do whatever they want, and there’s so little Trump can actually do about it.

      So Yarwin was essentially correct in his recent “descriptive constitution of the modern regime” article, which attempts to depict the real sources and dynamics of power in the West?

      • ten says:

        He always wrote to convert the elite, and always said they were the best among us, and he comes from their sphere. They are certainly not the best among us and never were, and are becoming increasingly monstrous in both madness and malevolence. While they could reasonably claim to be the smartest faction until a while ago, that is a weak point compared to all their gnon incompliance.

        He has cranked up the ass kissing since being doxed, which is maybe wise.

        I find no particular objection to his mapping of the organs of the state, seems as lucid as he ever was, but since he does not expect the left singularity, and thinks trump is a loser merchant fool drowning in the deep end of the pool, his mapping doesn’t provide any value for our current situation – unless, of course, you would use it to argue for giving up.

        • Not Tom says:

          They are the most competent and talented among us, that’s the definition of elite. He never said they were the most virtuous, which is what you’re implying here.

          Now, elite professions are being taken over by their clients, and their institutions are becoming ineffective as a result, but the elite are still the elite.

          • The Cominator says:

            The elite are the elite because they exercise power and are above the normal mechanisms of law, that they are stupid insane despised by much of their population (in a way that is unusual except among conquering Herrenvolk elites like the Normans) and unworthy means that they’ll likely lose power soon… but they are still the elite until they do.

            • Not Tom says:

              Power is the Marxist definition of elite. The Gnon-compliant definition is that their status comes from being the best in some capacity.

              Our current elite “caste” is increasingly not Gnon-compliant, but at the time Moldbug was writing, Google (for example) really was insanely talented and everyone loved them.

              So to say that progressives were “never” the true elite or that their elite status only ever came from exercising power is pretty ridiculous. Progressives captured the true elite, mass-converted them to their satanic religion, but those converts were and larg