the gimmedat party

Today, you can predict pretty accurately how someone will vote from which interest group she belongs to. I say “she”, not out of political correctness, but because this is most obvious for females.

The gimmedat party is non whites and single white females. And it has a majority in the US. Thus, Obama and Romney pander to it to precisely equal degrees. This is the end state of democracy, for the politicians seeking votes will steadily increase the gimmedats, until they have a majority, whereupon democracy self destructs.

Even if a Sulla cured the problem by throwing the gimmedats off the voter rolls, this would not be a permanent solution, because it would remain in the interests of politicians to create more gimmedats and put them on the rolls.

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  1. rightsaidfred says:

    …democracy self destructs.

    Apparently the only thing left to do now is discuss the contours of how democracy self destructs. Do the EBT cards suddenly run dry one day, and it is time to scrounge with the deer and coyotes? Or is it a slow decline until the EBT card gets you a bowl of soup and place to lie down inside a fence on the edge of town?

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