The Romney/Obama middle east policy

The major problem with Obama’s policy is that it is a progressive policy. By being nice to our enemies, and hateful to our friends, our enemies will supposedly come to love us. This policy has been tried from time to time over the last several thousand years, particularly by Christians towards Muslims over the last thousand years, with entirely predictable results. Though doubtless sincerely believed, it has in practice a suspicious resemblance to the elite selling out their subjects to their enemies, has a suspicious resemblance to the far against near alliance so characteristic of leftism, wherein the rulers, in pursuit of power over the ruled, destroy the polity that they rule.

In the latter days of the Roman republic, there was a civil war between optimates and populares The populares wanted a democratic Rome, a more democratic Roman empire, and the redistribution of wealth from rich to poor. In the final stages of the war, they allied with the Samnites. The Samnites wanted a permanent and total end to the Roman empire, and proposed to attain it by destroying Rome and killing everyone therein, or perhaps merely all adult males therein, and came mighty close to doing so. I suppose the Samnite cause was just, and most moderns would argue that the cause of the Populares was just, but the Samnite/Populare alliance was a grotesque and extraordinary act of treason by the Populares. The Populares undoubtedly believed that their plans for a more democratic Roman empire ought to be popular with the Samnites, and acted as if their plan was popular with the Samnites but the Samnites did not like the Roman empire and did not care whether it was Optimate or Populare, making the alliance entirely one sided. The Populares were allied with the Samnites, but the Samnites were not really allied with the Populares.

Our elite’s foreign policy resembles the Populare foreign policy.

So what is Romney’s critique of Obama’s foreign policy?

The only point where he has substantial disagreement with Obama is that he promises firm support for Israel.

He tells us:

The Arab Spring presented an opportunity to help move millions of people from oppression to freedom

equating voting with freedom, and neglecting to wonder if our enemies voting is a good thing.

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  1. rightsaidfred says:

    …resemblance to the far against near alliance so characteristic of leftism

    This is a major point.

    There is a saying that an expert is someone fifty miles from home carrying a briefcase. There is a strain of belief in the human condition that the exotic, the distant, the new, are of a superior kind to the familiar.

    One problem with Leftism is that when the distant and allegedly sexy Cubas and Pakistans are revealed to be lackluster affairs, the Left continues to laud and magnify them, with ever more praise and song. The emotional commitment from the Left is extraordinary. I hope some day it will be channeled toward useful beliefs.

  2. Hong Kong Phooey says:

    “equating voting with freedom, and neglecting to wonder if our enemies voting is a good thing.”

    Our ‘enemies’. As if they weren’t a bunch of retarded impotent yahoos. You neglect to point out that, while Muslims are and will remain the eternal religious, racial (remember that, it’s important!), and ideological enemies of the West, they are also a bunch of intellectual and technological nitwits. What are they going to do with their stupid new re-united caliphate, lob an atomic shoe at us? In the absence of immigration, or in the face of a stern and determined anti-immigration policy in the West, Muslims are a negligible threat. The only thing that makes Muslims an actual threat is our tolerance of Western/Jewish leftist traitors for endlessly supporting the Other; absent that we could squash them like the bugs they are, in about a week and a half.

    There is no realistic threat from a renewed Muslim caliphate, would that white Christian Westerners (i.e., _actual_ Westerners) simply summoned the determination to laugh it to death. The only Muslim threat comes from a weak-minded willingness to let them persist and breed like cockroaches within our borders, and this mandate largely comes from the ever-malignant underhanded efforts of the evil cancerous Jews, who view Muslim proliferation as a useful proximate tool for destroying Christiantity and the white race. Always remember that the first goal of the evil Jew is white genocide; all other seeming contradictions can be resolved later. Remove traitor Jews from power in the West, and watch as if by magic, as Muslim power wilts and retreats.

    • jim says:

      Neither Romney nor Obama are Jews, yet they implement the policy of which you complain.

      And, indeed, that policy was foreshadowed long before Jews were allowed into the ruling elite. If all men are created equal, then we have no grounds to exclude certain groups.

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