Climategate 3

You have seen the worst of the climategate emails “I’ve just completed Mike’s Nature trick … to hide the decline”

But there are over a thousand emails. What is the typical average email like?  Download them. Are most of them just showing good honest scientists industriously at work doing real science?

Here is a random sample. I selected the emails at random and entered them in this post before looking at what was in them.  I have selected three emails, 1213387146.txt, 0933245004.txt and 1138042050.txt and as I write this text, after having done the selection, have no idea how bad they will be.  This is not the worst of the worst, this is the average typical email.  We shall now see how bad the typical email is.

1213387146.txt:  Benjamin Santer threatens to sue American Liberty Publishers who disagree with his global warming results.   Court imposed truth – the government that wants global warming to be true will be paying for the lawyers to sue American Liberty Publishers, and the government will also be paying the judge who is in charge of the case.

o933245004.txt:  An assistant is instructed to change the statistical standards for the charts to what supports the argument, thereby cherry picking data, a minor transgression, but typical of global warming charts.

1138042050.txt: Ooh, by sheer luck, this one is juicy: “we cannot afford to being caught”  They are revising what will appear in the IPCC report after the official last minute, showing that the official rules are merely for outsiders, not for insiders, which implies that the IPCC is merely the voice of the conspiracy.

So we have a thousand emails, any one of which should be adequate to discredit the “science” of anthropogenic global warming.

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