Winning on Climategate

The mainstream media is reluctant to report Climategate, except that evil hackers have stolen private emails in a vain attempt to create to cast doubt on a dire emergency that creates an urgent need for a massive transfer of power and wealth to a centralized one world government.

Rasmussen polls, however, indicate that the vast majority of voters are aware of the general situation – not because they have been informed about Climategate, but because of reflexive suspicion on being told they need to make sacrifices because the sky is falling.  They know the truth from wise judgements of character, not from knowledge of science.

We are also getting some traction at the top.  In addition to a leading Australian politician losing his job as a direct result of Climategate, Phil Jones has “stepped aside”.  By and large one does not “step aside” from where the bodies are buried unless the Vice Chancellor is standing in one’s office with a large gentleman from security who is there in case one needs him to respectfully assist one in finding the exit.

The man appointed to replace Phil Jones in charge of the buried bodies, Peter Liss, looks to be crypto skeptic.  Papers of which Peter Liss is listed as author used dog whistle language, subtly ambiguous phrases that mean one thing if one believes that once the most eminent scientists have formed a consensus, the science is settled, and all that remains is the minor detail of torturing the data till it repudiates its heresy and acknowledges the true faith, but which mean another, very different thing, if one adheres to the reactionary old fashioned idea that science rests of evidence and consensus is for synods, ambiguous phrases that sound as if the authors of the paper are respectfully acknowledging the authority of the consensus, but which subtly take the mickey out of it.

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  1. Bill says:

    Have you seen this statement by Eduardo Zorita?

    Good stuff, if a bit brief. Zorita is a PhD (Physics) and a bona fide climate scientist, though a slightly heterodox one. His statement is a courageous move given that it is not at all clear how things are going to shake out at this point.

    • jim says:

      Yes, I have seen his statement. The man has guts. That is, I expect, a career ending move. Even if the worst offenders are thrown under the bus, they will never forgive him.

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