How sweet it is

Marcott et al recant the blade of their Hockey stick

This is a huge change, in that previously, when warmists lied, and got caught doing so, every scientific institution, every science journal, every prestigious academy, and every organized group of scientists would piously swear holy fealty to the lie.  Now, instead, they quietly twist the liar’s arms behind closed doors. 

As I said earlier, the status of warmists has dropped to that of communists.  The  orthodox believers in official truth are anti anti communist but not pro communist, and the orthodox believers in official truth are anti skeptic, but not pro warmist.  Before 2012 October, official truth was warmist.  Now warmists are, like communists, merely another left faction.

Of course any left faction is automatically higher status than any non left faction, so warmists are still automatically higher status than skeptics, even when caught lying, but warmism is no longer official truth.  As of 2012 October, embarrassing misbehavior by warmists gets squelched, instead of every scientist and every journal kowtowing.


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  1. MJB says:


    What’s your take on the speculation that we are entering a severe cooling cycle?

  2. Thales says:

    I’m not big on schadenfreude, but after having to listen to so many know-nothing scolds parrot the Cathedral on this one for so many years, I have to admit I’m really savoring this now.

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  4. Matthew says:

    Status appears to be a reliable proxy for leftism. Yes?

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