Regional Climate modeling

The IPCC produced extremely detailed physics based region by region models of the climate, past and present.

These physics based models reproduced the regional temperatures reported by Hadley-CRU with astonishing accuracy up to the date at which the models were issued, which astonishing accuracy is most odd since we now know that these observed regional temperatures were not observed, but were pulled out of the @%$# of Tim Mitchell, a PhD student doing the menial scutwork that important scientists were far too important to do, and therefore delegated to unimportant inferiors, in this case the minor detail of of cooking the data and washing away the heresy from the data so that it complied with the consensus:

“So what the hell did Tim do?!! As I keep asking.”

Watts up with that, and the Strata-sphere, examine these predictions and retrodictions in the light of what we now know about regional climates.

You will doubtless be as surprised as I am to hear that that the IPCC anthropogenic global warming models are not doing too well.

2 Responses to “Regional Climate modeling”

  1. Scott says:

    If you have ever done any synoptic or mesoscale weather modeling, you know the absurdity of what passes for climate modeling let alone regional climate modeling.

  2. Occupant says:

    Cyril Burt is accused of data hiding and fact manufacturing. Conclusion: he’s a fraud.

    Jones, Mann, et al. are seen hiding data and manufacturing facts. Conclusion: science is messy.

    Will Jones and Mann end up like Cyril Burt–forever in the Hall of Shame as textbook cases of scientific fraud? Don’t hold your breath. The Cathedral, like the Mafia, protect their own.

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