Provenance of the surface temperature graph of doom.

“So what the hell did Tim do?!! As I keep asking.”

The IPCC blessed the results of Hadley-CRU. Hadley-CRU blessed the results of the religous fanatic PhD student Tim Mitchell, and, as is clear from the Harry Readme file, no one checked how Tim produced these remarkable results.

Harry, in what is now the world’s most studied document on global warming, the Harry_Read_Me.txt file, asks “So what the hell did Tim do?!! As I keep asking.”

How then did a lowly PhD student, a creature generally treated as of only marginally greater value than lab rats, and the South Park Evangelical Church, get the remarkable power to shape the fate of nations?

The answer, of course, is government funding. Grantsmanship will always out compete real science, because bureaucrats lack real interest in either the science or the wise expenditure of the money. Important experts in grantsmanship, such as Phil Jones, are far too important to be bothered with the menial task of gathering data to support theories that have already been determined to be true for reasons of grantsmanship, so they delegate this utterly insignificant task (insignificant since the truth is determined by the scientific consensus, not mere data) to someone as menial and insignificant as the task they are to perform.

Again and again in the Climategate emails we see someone important, an eminent scientist, an important person, directing some menial and insignificant research assistant to produce data with the desired and expected results necessary to advocate a political position. Tim, one of these menial and insignificant worms in CRU, got the menial and insignificant job of providing proof that the end of the world was nigh, which he proceeded, enthusiastically, to do. Very enthusiastically. No one bothered to check how he did it. To this day, no one knows how he did it, not Phil Jones, his boss, who directed him to do it, and not the IPCC, with its hundreds of thousands of eminent reviewers, and not Harry, who (unlike the IPCC and Phil Jones) reviewed Tim’s data and programs at considerable length.

The consensus, like the Vatican, is inerrant. Embarrassing Tim Mitchell lies under the bus but his made up data goes marching on. The consensus may change, but not only is the consensus never wrong, it never was wrong.

The Cathedral, by its circular nature, is apt to become ever more detached from reality, which we are seeing in action. The Cathedral rules the world, no alternative is in sight, yet is insane and inherently becoming more insane without possibility of reform. The reaction to Climategate is to become ever more impregnably indifferent to external reality, more overtly a theocratic religion demanding human sacrifice. So long as the Cathedral rules, the west will decline.

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