Another prediction: No kayfabe at the Republican National Convention.

At the coming Republican National Convention Trump will be officially nominated as Republican candidate for president, in a process more like a coronation than a vote.

A long distance outside the coronation, there will be small, and exceedingly peaceful protests. Anyone unpeaceful will be hammered down so hard and fast you will scarcely get a chance to see him.

The reason I predict small and exceedingly peaceful protests is that the left is universally unpopular and loathed. People only show up for a left wing protest if they expect the police to take a kayfabe fall, and the judiciary to let them off in the unlikely event that they get arrested for riot, smashing stuff, beating people up, and stealing stuff. They only vote left for ecb cards and obamaphones. With the Republican National Committee capitulating to Trump, it is clear that the police, who have always favored Trump except when very directly ordered to take a fall, are not going to take a kayfabe fall, and the judiciary are not going to let rioters off. Law and order will prevail, triumphantly confirming Trump’s promise that he can provide law and order.

If Trump can quell the Republican National Committee, quelling race riots is easy. If quelling race riots is easy, Hillary’s program of inciting hatred and attacks against whites and police will blow up in her face.

For nonwhites and single women, the Democrat/cuckservative program is ECB, SSSI, and obamaphones. For white males, the Democrat election program is “Vote democrat or we will send around the blacks to burn you out of your homes and rape your children”. Thus the demonstrated ability to provide law and order is YUGE.

Trump is white’s last hope of collective defense, short of a military coup or armed revolution. We shall see collective defense on display around the Republican National Convention.

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  3. vxxc2014 says:

    Good stuff Jim.

    I still don’t think we talk our way out of this but we have a War Captain obeyed and respected by the Warrior Class and the masses adore him, and will probably respect him after adoration goes the way of emotions.

  4. Mister Grumpus says:

    This is so fascinating. Thank you again for your perspective.

  5. peppermint says:

    Theories about BLM violence:

    1. Hillary and the dhimmicrats are crooks and warmongers and it’s embarrassing, but race is an issue that they can control under CRA, furthermore, Hillary needs Obama-level Black turnout.

    2. Liberals still think the riots and worse were justified and not harmful to liberals, certainly BLM intellectuals are litmus tested on the issue. They are structurally incapable of exercising restraint above and beyond Blacks being constitutionally incapable.

    3. Blacks are angry about Obama’s failure as well as the failure of civil rights to actually improve their situation, and being squeezed out of the jobs they used to have by Mexicans. Black revolutionary violence was stopped at some point in the ’70s, and then in the mid ’90s, and it’s time for more, since ((the media)) justifies crime and denounces victims .

    4. The left is in disarray. Too many university students in the ’90s led to holiness spirals which drove the academic and media left insane, while the Internet brings he most hardline ideological voices with the simplest memes to the front.

    5. protesting and rioting did nothing to stop Blacks from being shot by cops in ways that ((the media)) can convince ex-military Blacks was unjustified. They feel like they have nothing to lose and bringing attention to the issue is only good for them, which is what the politicians tell them, but being stupid niggers they believe politicians.

    6. The left believes that chaos will drive people to go by the basic programming they’ve been given in school and vote for dhimmicrats in an election where Trump is a convincing demagogue.

    7. Everyone hates cops, especially the left but also the libertarians. Lefties assume that the outpouring of tears are just politically correct crocodile tears.

    I must admit I was feeling a little blackpilled after the shootings, but I decided that polarization is good for nationalists.

  6. I don’t know if the institutional left has very good control over it’s “Muscle”. There are a lot of BLM-types who will take Holier Than Jesus over concerning themselves with how their lawlessness looks to potential white garden variety Hillary voters.

  7. Joe Mack says:

    There won’t be violence allowed. The difference between a terror attack and out of control protest is too small. They will clamp down on violence quickly or there will be fatalities.
    Wake up leftists, we are at war with Islam and they hate you more than Obama hates Republicans.

  8. Contaminated NEET says:

    We shall see, but I wouldn’t bet on it. The police are not going to risk their jobs, their pensions, and their freedom by disobeying orders and brutalizing the dear sweet peaceful protestors who are just exercising their rights and working for a better world.

    Look at what they did in Cologne. They couldn’t scrape together the will or manpower to control the migrant mob on New Year’s, but somehow they were there in their thousands with riot gear, fire hoses, and armored vehicles when Germans demonstrated against the incident. The average American police officer probably does like Trump, just as the average German officer probably doesn’t have particularly warm feelings for the Muslim migrants, but they know which side their bread is buttered on. The unofficial motto of the American police, repeated again and again with mind-boggling pride and utter lack of self-awareness is, “Do whatever you have to do to get home at night.” They’ll apply that same logic to their financial and career interests.

    • Hoyos says:

      Cernovich is reporting that they already have stand down orders. Cernovich has proven to be right about this type of thing long enough that I wouldn’t bet against him.

      • jon dough says:

        Update from Cernovich, Cleveland PD walking it back…

        • Wilbur Hassenfus says:

          “Safety and security plan”, huh? That doesn’t sound like riot countrol. It sounds like standing down.

          “We’re going to follow our plan” is not actually a denial of a claim that they’re planning to stand down. In fact, it’s so far from a denial that I’m inclined to take Cernovich’s inside source pretty seriously.

          • jim says:

            If Hillary stuck to inciting blacks to kill white people, they probably would stand down. But she tends to focus on inciting blacks to kill police in particular.

            • Mackus says:

              Scott Adams made a fascination observation:
              Trump was beating Hillary by labelling her a crook.
              But then Hillary began stoking flames of race war. She made it “racist vs crook”. Crook beats racist, polls proved it.
              Until Dallas. Narrative changed. Now its “racist vs cop-killers”.
              Few things are worse in modern American minds than racists, but cop-killers are one of those things.

              Now in mind of average policeman, defeat for Trump means victory for cop-killers.
              Of course they are gonna take a risk for him.

              • jim says:

                Hillary is the candidate for killing whites in general and cops in particular.

                This is the last election where someone standing on that platform might lose.

                At least Obama’s platform was “Vote for me and probably blacks will not drive you out of your home.”

              • Cloudswrest says:

                Re: the Louisiana gubernatorial election, 1991

                “The runoff between an avowed white supremacist and a former governor who was corrupt but was also perceived as minority-friendly, gained national attention. …

                “Faced with the alternative of Duke, many who were otherwise lukewarm for Edwards found him looking ever better. Edwards found himself receiving endorsements from Treen and Roemer; even Republican President George H. W. Bush urged that Edwards, the Democrat, be elected over Duke. A popular bumper sticker urging support for Edwards (although clearly not produced by his campaign) read ‘Vote For the Crook. It’s Important.'”

            • Wilbur Hassenfus says:

              The police chain of command aren’t the ones getting murdered in traffic stops. They will weigh their careers and pensions against the slightly raised chance of having to attend a funeral of some face in the department they can’t quite put a name to, and they will lick the boot. They didn’t get where they are in a corrupt city by acting on principle.

              Well, that’s my prediction. I’d love to be wrong.

    • Leonard says:

      I’ll second this. I see no connection between the RNC acquiescing to Trump, and the powers-that-be in Cleveland. The RNC has to live with Trump and his supporters. If they dump him, they lose the election for sure. Cleveland does not.

      Trump and the Republicans will leave Cleveland when their convention is over. The Cleveland police stay, and have to deal with the local Democratic power structure. The local judges have jobs there and are elected. Why would they will stick out their necks for Republicans? Voting in Cuyahoga Country is, as one would expect, heavily Democratic.

    • Dave says:

      Trump could butter their bread on the other side by saying that anyone who hurts a protester will get a presidential pardon next Jan. 20, and a federal job if the Cleveland PD won’t take him back, and that these jobs will be paid for by cutting federal aid to the Cleveland metro area.

  9. Wilbur Hassenfus says:

    The cops aren’t going to lose their jobs over this. They’ll do what they’re told and let the “protestors” run amok. There’s no political cost to the Democrats when their proxies attack people, so they’re going to go all in on it. The TV blames the target and the American people nod along and shove another potato chip in their drooling maws.

    • Mackus says:

      RNC capitulated to Trump, and by doing they signalled they are weaker than him, and either incapable or unwilling to punish police for upholding law against “protesters”.

    • jim says:

      I predict police will obey Trump, without regard for official chain of command, because he has charisma, because he has power, because warriors hunger for leadership.

      We shall very shortly see.

      • Wilbur Hassenfus says:

        Yes, we’ll see.

        But how will they organize an effective response without the chain of command?

        • Jon dough says:

          By each and every one just doing their job?

          I’m guessing they, like most adults, really don’t need a babysitter…

          • Wilbur Hassenfus says:

            Piecemeal spontaneous crowd control without any chain of command? Against a planned, organized riot?

            Yeah, maybe that’ll happen (like it did in Chicago and San Jose), and maybe it’ll be 100% effective as Jim predicts. Not the way I’d bet, but you never know.

        • Orthodox says:

          If the cops try to do their job, there needs to be an explicit order telling them not to. Only when there’s no expected change in political or institutional leadership do cops understand who’s in charge, and doing what they want without explicit orders moves you ahead. When leadership in less clear, it is always safer to do your job well and let the chips fall. at the very least you give your enemies no ammunition. Dereliction of duty is always grounds for termination.

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