Trucks gone wild

Our rulers’ position is now clear. We should learn to live with terrorism. Unlimited immigration will continue, and it is unthinkable and morally abhorrent to object to anyone in the world moving to America and living on crime, welfare, and voting left. The continued existence of borders and citizenship in a world dominated by progressive ideology is an unprincipled exception. Open-borders absolutists are perfectly correct that there is no coherent way to argue that racial discrimination or hereditary aristocracy are unjust without also concluding that anything short of completely open borders is equally unacceptable. The logic is inescapable.

Thus, if a black criminal is killed by police and it less than perfectly clear that the killing was justified, his picture is all over the news, whereas if a Muslim kills a child, we never see the child.

Well then, what will it take to stop terrorism? Truck control?

Notice that despite extremely strong gun control in France the terrorist (who entered as a refugee) had a fine collection of weapons in his truck. Not only is it hard to stop individual criminals from getting guns, it is considerably harder to stop large organized groups from getting guns.

Recall that Saddam allowed his people to own full auto weapons. Since he could not stop his enemies from getting full auto weapons, he had little choice but to allow his loyal, or at least not actively rebellious, subjects full auto weapons. If Frenchmen were allowed to own and carry full auto weapons as Saddam’s people were, the truck incident would likely have had a different outcome. But it would still have been pretty nasty.

But of course we don’t want a state like Saddam’s, where civil war is barely held in check by state terror. (Though it would be an improvement on today’s Iraq, where civil war is not held in check.) Nor Mindanao, where civil war is held in check by the threat of state terror, by state terror recently past, and the imminent likelihood of more to come. We want a peaceful high trust society. And to do that, have to remove the Muslims. Dump them on the shores of Africa.

Very few Muslims are inclined to blow themselves up in a pizza parlor. But every single Muslim, including the moderate friendly nice Muslim next door who would never dream of exploding in a pizza parlor, supports and sustains a society where the man who blows himself up in a pizza parlor is holier than you are, where the jihadi gets the girls, where a terrorist can hang out and it is hard for police to find him, let alone surveille. him.

For over a thousand years peoples, cultures, religions, civilizations, empires, nations, and Kingdoms have struggled to find a way to coexist with Islam. None have ever succeeded. We will not be the first.

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  2. Joe Mack says:

    The part that really should wake people up to the left’s insanity is that they want gun control. Only cops should have guns.
    Cops abuse citizens and shoot minorities.
    Cops should go door to door to find illegal weapons.

    So we give lots of power to people we don’t trust?

    • Reason 3124123 for not being a conspiratard. Of course they are highly disorganized hence contradicting each other at various points. It’s because it is inside the left various groups, and even in the head of people various ideas fighting for dominance. It is this friction that creates all this dyscivic decline, an actually competent and coordinated conspiratory elite would provide far better government. There is no internal logic to the ideas, it is memes running wild, largely as everybody is trying to look holier than the next guy. Guns symbolize violence which symbolizes being bad, not nice, hence the concept of guns is laden with a lot of bad karma, negative connotations, and thus they emit signals against guns. Police symbolizes keeping law and order through force, hence they symbolize not being nice because nice guys just let everybody be themselves, hence the concept of police is laden with a lot of bad karma, negative connotations and thus they emit signals against police. Logical inconsistency does not matter much here. It’s more of a kindergarten level feelings like “we want nice things, not scary things” attitude.

  3. viking says:

    In NYC where all delis are now Muslim owned you get to know them well Sal [adin] last year when i commented about the terrorism on the front page replied mike why you got to call it terrorism its jihad. Sal was raised from an early age here and is as new york as they come besides his islamist allegiances.They uphold sharia they can never be assimilated like jews and blacks they have a sub culture they maintain in opposition to our culture which they view with distrust they manage this generation after generation no matter how otherwise assimilated they have racial solidarity in short.

    “The continued existence of borders and citizenship in a world dominated by progressive ideology is an unprincipled exception. Open-borders absolutists are perfectly correct that there is no coherent way to argue that racial discrimination or hereditary aristocracy are unjust without also concluding that anything short of completely open borders is equally unacceptable. The logic is inescapable.”

    Im not going to defend hereditary aristocracy but neither am I going to equate it with racial discrimination. Aristocracy was past its prime it needed to go racismism is integral to human planning it needs to be upheld.But citizenship and borders can be can be defended as simply property rights citizens own their countries and new citizens should not be admitted that any citizen could object to. third world riggers are not worth even discussing they bring nothing, will never amount to anything they are nothing but a biological weapon of the left and everyone knows this perfectly well.This is a sound argument even lefties get.
    A nation is private property
    Capitalism is good because it serves us not visa versa
    capitalism is international and as such has no say over citizenship
    Our nations are as important as others
    its where our ways and cultures are preserved and nurtured
    51% cant decide for 100% things of this magnitude
    a vote to go from 90% tp 60% would have been appropriate
    Its not fair to the lowest of the legacy citizens.
    Its a brain drain on the third world
    We are on the verge of a no labor world
    You can not solve world poverty this way only sink this ship
    When this ends in bloodshed liberals are responsible

    • Minion says:

      Muslims should not be assimilated to Western “culture” in the first place. First, because Western culture, for all intents and purposes, is now liberal culture. Its safe to assume that Jim’s readership hate liberal culture just as much as any immoderate Muslim. Secondly, no amount of “Western culture” will make a Paki or an Arab white. By demanding that Muslims be westernized, the so called unPC right shows that it is really race blind, and thinks that by becoming some liberal oreo is enough to gain a claim on Western cultural heritage

    • jim says:

      Don’t whites have a property right in the peace and safety of the peaceful, safe, and trusting communities they create? Don’t aristocrats have a property right in justice and policing inherited from their violent ancestors?

      Any argument for preventing four hundred milliion black Muslim males from coming here to live on crime and welfare, vote left, and rape white women, is an even better argument for segregation, slavery, and aristocracy.

      In a few years every decent person will be horrified by the fact that Europe and North America used to be so nice, while Africa was so horrid, and will think of the difference that used to exist as a horrifying moral outrage.

  4. Irving says:

    What’s frightening is that now, Muslims are carrying out attacks without coordinating with actual terrorist groups; they’re just spontaneously concluding that this time is as good as any to massacre the kuffar. This makes it impossible to prevent attacks, because police can never tap the guy’s phone or follow him around to make sure that he isn’t up to no good. What’s more, if they do stuff like drive trucks into crowds, police can never get the guy on illegal weapons possession or something, and stop the attack that way.

  5. Chris B says:

    Isn’t this really just democratic Islam? A re-importation of anglo-liberal revolutionary democratic culture?

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  7. Dave says:

    In the next fifteen years we might chance to have two or three weeks without a terrorist attack, and my kids will ask, “Dad, why are the flags at the top of the poles?”

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