Can’t stump the Trump

I try not to follow electoral politics, because it is a spectacle, designed to give you the illusion of a microslice of political power.  And ninety nine percent of the time, it is as fake as professional wrestling, as when the Republican party recently passed a federal budget funding every single thing on the left wing wish list, including welfare for illegals, late term abortions and the sale of baby meat, completely, outrageously, and flagrantly betraying those who voted for them, and revealing that everything they had said on the campaign trail was a total barefaced utterly cynical lie.

But Trump … well at worst, it is truly great professional wresting, and the people I hate are getting pounded good and hard, and are not liking it very much.

Trump has the outstanding knack of getting a complex idea across in a gesture, a smile, a tone of voice.

A girl challenges Trump on “women’s issues”.   At least that is what her question verbally is, but her body language is “You are uncool because fertile age chicks don’t like you”.  And all us white knights know that fertile chicks are the arbiters of male social status.

Trump gives a rambling non answer to this rambling non question that logically makes no sense at all, and has no particular relevance, but in fact makes the point that he has numerous hot wives, great sex life, handsome sons and beautiful daughters.   So this attack having been deflected, she asks an actual question.  “When you are president will I get equal pay”

Trump replies “If you earn it” – making the unthinkable and unspeakable implication that what women do in the workplace just is seldom very valuable.

Trump was challenged on his reluctance to put boots on the ground in various trouble spots where the US is currently being routinely humiliated.  To which he replied “Do you want to rule Syria?”

We have of course been losing wars because we have been occupying countries while refusing to rule them.  Chaos predictably ensues.  Progressive imperialism believes we can put good guys (meaning democratically elected progressives) in power around the world, as was supposed to happen in Arab Spring.  Trump’s question implies that if you put boots on the ground the victory condition and the method by which victory is achieved is that your general rules as US proconsul.   This gives progressives the horrors, because the progressives want priests, not warriors, to rule.   But priestly rule in an Islamic country is at best Islamic Brotherhood, as in Egypt, at worst the Taliban, which is why we have been losing.  Events in Afghanistan have repeatedly demonstrated that faced with a choice between Taliban rule, and rule by US soldiers, the US State Department will choose the Taliban every single time.

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  2. Alan J. Perrick says:

    He spoke in South Carolina last night and referred to the beautiful churches there (those are Anglican Christian churches), and also spoke about how the Church in the United States has been crippled since Senator who would become P.O.T.U.S., Lyndon Johnson, had a bill passed which put churches’ tax exemption status at risk (ie. they wouldn’t meld with the Politically Correct Cathedral).

  3. […] immigratiecrisis welke ineens een hot topic is in Nederland. Nrx heeft dit al jaren voorspeld. Dezelfde vlieger gaat op met Donald Trump, de toupet-dragende zakenman die in de VS furore maakt als onverwachts populaire […]

  4. Zach says:

    Yes. Trump’s persona is refreshing, and I’d argue, quite needed. If only his policies could equal that persona.

    Yes, politics are like professional wrestling, but if I were a voter, then I’d go Cruz (now).

  5. coyote says:

    pertinent and to the point. one of your better essays-thanks.

  6. Mister Grumpus says:

    [OT: I hope you’ll someday do pieces on “sexbots” and “MGTOW”.]

    • ..peppermint says:

      Sexbots are the most retarded and characteristic idea of the 20th century. The idea is that only the feeling of sex matters, whereas when men actually engage in extramarital sex, they do it to build their resume or to cement their connection to a woman for later. The goal of reproduction is unstated and flatly denied, but it is nevertheless ultimately the goal.

      The sexbot apocalypse is also the conclusion of the autistic ‘monogamy is great because it makes men get out of the sexual marketplace so they have nothing to do but work’ line of thinking. In reality, monogamy facilitates civilization by reducing competition between men and creating incentives for men to build each other up so they can raise more children together than they could apart.

      Sexbots suggests a different way than polygamy of breaking the monogamous social contract: they would be used by men who have no intention of participating in building civilization but would be free rider parasites. Civilization can survive with many more of these than polygamists, but, their degeneracy must not be allowed to contaminate the rest.

      Give sexbots to degenerates. Reify the argument that sex is just sex and has nothing to do with reproduction. Watch feminists argue over whether virtual women can possibly compare with real women and niggers whine about how the only White pussy they get is virtual.

      • Mister Grumpus says:

        “In reality, monogamy facilitates civilization by reducing competition between men and creating incentives for men to build each other up so they can raise more children together than they could apart.”

        I appreciate that angle. Let me make sure I understand you:

        Men are in subtle-but-persistent sexual/status competition with all of the other men around him, which feels like “The World”, as it actually feels. And we have to live with that. What’s good about enforced monogamy, then, is that it lets men feel more free to work together and help each other accomplish things, because it won’t cause them to lose.

        So “sexual/reproductive property rights”, really.

        And without these rights — even if he doesn’t have a woman right now — a man will refuse to be successful because he doesn’t trust that what he sexually/reproductive builds/earns won’t be taken away. So the idea of striving to succeed feels like a Cuck’s Errand. Vaguely humiliating.

        Am I tracking you OK so far?

        I keep mentally returning to the idea of a “sexual/reproductive Laffer curve”, and how we must be way-way past it by now.

        • peppermint says:


          Ever noticed how leftist White men hate each other and want anyone but other White men around them? That’s because they are polyamorous and don’t want anyone who would compete with them sexually, and everyone knows mud men aren’t really competitive in the sexual marketplace.

          If you don’t think it’s true… try watching some young White male leftists, of the few that remain.

          • Mister Grumpus says:

            OK now we’re talking.

            So, the hyper-faggyness of SJW men is both a “push” and a “pull” phenomenon. I had never considered this. (Like I keep saying, I’m on the short-bus here.)

            So these poor fellows are running down the faggier-than-though “race condition” in order to…
            A) get TO the women
            B) differentiating themselves FROM the other/excluded less-faggy Bad Men,
            …by simultaneously and tautologically…
            C) pushing and signaling ever-leftwards in order to get said less-faggy men EXCLUDED.

            (It’s the “C” step I’d never recognized.)

            ‘That jive with you?

            (Dude this is sick.)

            I’ll confess to everyone here that I’ve put a toe into polyamorous circles myself and holy smokes man. The men commiserate with each other about how they’re failing to “consciously control and transcend their impulses of jealousy”, while the women rule like capricious sultans. For a woman, getting fat, expecting sex, AND getting it must feel like she’s God Herself.

            > and everyone knows mud men aren’t really
            > competitive in the sexual marketplace.

            Oh really? I see Muds with white women all over town. Travel to hippie spots world-wide and it’s hairy-armpit German single mothers with their half-mud mulatto bastard children. So Muds are fucking quite well out there it appears.

            Now I can sour-grapes this by seeing it as Muds being the only men left who are willing to dick around with Used Women, and that the women need SOMEone’s sperm in order to access welfare… but I perceive the women preferring Mud dick also. It’s a brain-scramble for me and I know I don’t have enough perspective to say smart-sounding things about it.

          • Mister Grumpus says:


            > If you don’t think it’s true… try watching some young
            > White male leftists, of the few that remain.

            You just made me think of Bruce Jenner and Jaiden Smith. In order to pull-ahead in the faggier-than-thou race-condition, they now need to dress like women, and get surgeries to look like women. The Pajama Boy gel-hair and thick-rimmed glasses just won’t cut it anymore.


          • peppermint says:

            muds don’t compete with up and coming leftist signaling white yuppies for the same women

  7. Mister Grumpus says:

    I love Trump for what he’s teaching me. He’s teaching me So Much about the country, about people, and about myself (very little of it flattering). I’d happily trade my net worth today (such as it is!) for the opportunity to experience this when I was 15.

    Interesting Times. We ‘got our Interesting Times, right here.

  8. immigration won’t slow much even if he wins. congress is not a boardroom. these things take forever. too much $ at stake, civil rights etc. not much will happen, but i will relish the crushing disappointment from the left in having hillary or sanders lose .

    • ..peppermint says:

      Civil rights exist as long as the Justice Department and the Supreme Court believe civil rights exist

      • Cloudswrest says:

        If Trump shows signs of winning the general election I predict Ruth Bader Ginsburg will either croak or retire so that Obama can appoint another Justice. If the Right in congress had any gonads they would just reject any future appointments until Trump is in office and can appoint a new justice. I won’t hold my breath.

        • Brad says:

          But there is no Right in Congress.

          • peppermint says:

            if there was a right in congress, they would be pretending to be neocons. The neocons who volunteer to praise MLK the least are thus presumably the ones who are most likely to support Trump in the impeachable act of refusing to uphold snivel rights law.

  9. Laguna Beach Fogey says:

    Trump is an opportunity–not necessarily a solution.

    His ongoing humiliation of the cucks, femcunts, progressives, tradcons, and SJWs has been highly entertaining and instructive to watch.

    • Dick Wagner says:

      Is it humiliation or humiliation from nrx’s-eye-view? Imagine a girl who hates all the superficial beauty standards so she shaves her head. Is that going to do something productive or is that going to make all the beautiful idiots even more validated in continuing to be their self-same stupid but hot selves? “Ew OMg she’s ugly” “Ugh OMG he’s racist”. The best possible thing to happen is Hilary winning, because only once we hit rockbottom will there be a revolution in the grand sense.

  10. Alan J. Perrick says:

    Compared to the jello sculptures that pass for administration in U.S.G., Mr Trump’s relative atavism is indeed a breath of fresh air, but time will tell whether he can affect things longer than the 8 years allotted to the presidential office or, barring electoral success, whether he has a plan to get his ideas implemented.

    One must also see Mr Trump generationally, and the uh-Merica that he knows and believes in is an uh-Merica that Millenials and younger have only heard about.


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