White pill on the shutdown and wall

The Ann Coulter black pill is that Trump is going to cuck out, and the wall is not going to be built.


The wall is being built. Trump just wants a fig leaf to make building it legal.

Obamacare was never legally passed: House passed one version, Senate passed another version, reconciliation produced a third version, none of them workable, so Obama took legislative, judicial, and fiscal authority into his own pocket and implemented his own Obamacare, using the various things that had arguably been passed as fig leaf. This is a problem of central planning, that since any one central plan steps on lots of toes, it is impossible to get a majority, or even a substantial plurality, in favor of any one central plan. A socialist American is an America that must be ruled by one man, with all the other branches of government ancient and absurd rituals, like the Queen going her stagecoach to open parliament. There is nothing actually stopping Trump from building the wall except the permanent government and he finally got enough control over the permanent government that he is going right ahead building it. He just needs to pretend the Republic is still in effect, because as in the rise of the Roman Imperium, accusations that the other guy is overthrowing the (long dead) Republic are going to be used to seize power and kill the other guy.

Obama implemented Obamacare illegally by executive order with a fig leaf of legislation, and Trump is dismantling and replacing Obamacare, taking advantage of (il)legal precedents set by Obama, without even a fig leaf. The shutdown is just to give Trump a fig leaf.

America’s healthcare is in socialist crisis, because the system of cross subsidies has abolished prices and the market. You cannot shop around, because everyone is forbidden to tell you what the price is going to be, and in practice, the price is set retroactively on the basis of how affluent you are suspected of being. They are not only forbidden to tell you, they are forbidden to know. Trump is moving toward restoring prices and the market.

Reagan instituted a system where one hundred morbidly obese pregnant Mexican women with type two diabetes go to emergency and get free medical care, and then one middle class white guy goes to emergency because his son fell out of a tree and needs three stitches on his arm, and the white middle class guy gets billed for three stitches and one hundred morbidly obese pregnant Mexican women with type two diabetes.

America’s healthcare is in socialist crisis, because the system of cross subsidies has abolished prices and the market.

Trump is not just dismantling Obamacare. He has Reagancare in his sights – heading towards a two tier system where normal people pay market prices for medical care, and socialist care is for the broke, the unlucky, and the improvident.

Given that Trump is actually building the wall, and actually dismantling the socialist system created by Reagan and Obama, I have high hopes he is going to keep on escalating the pressure – shutdown the Mexico border, shutdown various government activities that primarily benefit the Democratic vote bank in Democratic electorates.

I see lots of photos of people erecting new fence, and the caravan confrontation occurred around a fence that had been massively upgraded.They looked for a way around, and wound up attempting to go through a less used crossing, which had a thirty foot fence with barbed wire entanglements on top. It is also clear that though people are still going around the fence, it is a lot more difficult that in used to be, and some people are attempting to go over eight feet of barbed wire entanglements.

So, I am white pilled on the fence. Of course I am white pilled. We just had a caravan frustrated by the fence!

That is a fence. It is actually stopping people. We see people trying to climb over eight feet of barbed wire entanglements with spikes at the bottom! Yes, we need more fence, a lot more fence, but what Trump has already built is a major improvement, and nicely scary and unwelcoming.

You have probably heard that the shutdown started before Christmas, with a zillion fedgov employees furloughed.

This is not exactly true, since those laid off were not doing anything terribly urgent. Shutdown starts January 15, the first missed payday, when those laid off do not get paid.

  1. Pay is delayed by about 8 days or so after the two week pay period in which it was earned. The shutdown would have to go until 1/15/19 for a fedgov employee to miss one single paycheck.
  2. White middle class people like you and me are untroubled by dipping into savings to cover a few delayed paychecks when everyone estimates a 100% chance of getting back-pay.
  3. And that includes your bank estimating a 100% chance of getting back pay – and therefore your bank will routinely pause mortgage payments on request and make you a loan against expected back pay.
  4. All furloughed fedgov employees received “notice to creditors” letters, which are widely accepted, even by landlords, because few creditors want the PR trouble of putting to the screws to some guy who’s been furloughed and is known for sure to be “good for it” just as soon as the money comes in.
  5. Several major credit unions have offered easy, quick, low-interest loans so that the few people who are in tight spots can still pay all the bills, and then just pay the loan back as soon as they get paid. Two thousand bucks at five percent interest for two weeks is 4 bucks interest – not even worth the underwriting effort, but many banks seem willing to do it anyway.
  6. Furloughed government employees can file for unemployment and get paid that way. That’s also treated as a ‘loan’ which must get paid back when the money is turned back on, but no one should be in financial distress for a long, long time.

However, not all fedgov employees are people like you and me.

They are the Democratic Party vote bank, hired to vote, not to work. No one will lend them money, because there is no chance in hell they are going to pay it back, and they don’t have any savings.

This shutdown inflicts massive pain on people who don’t vote republican, on people who get paid not for doing anything remotely useful, but for voting Democrat. White government employees are generally hired to do something. Most government employees are hired because the permanent government wants a certain demographic in a certain electorate. And that demographic is not white and male.

On the first missed payday, we shall see that in certain electorates there are very large numbers of government employees who are absolutely and totally unemployable, who were hired because they profile as people that no normal person would ever hire for any normal job and who in a civilized society would be killed, exiled, or sold into slavery, and who can therefore be relied upon to vote democratic, and in these electorates there will be a whole lot of government employees complaining about genuine hardship. And, needless to say, these are electorates represented by Democrats.

So, all the pain is inflicted on Democrats in electorates represented by Democrats. The people that it hurts are people who were getting benefits for being Democratic party voters. Less benefit, less votes.

I predict a band of plains apes descending on their white Democratic Party representatives after January 15. I would like to see naked cannibal plains apes, but regrettably they will probably be still be wearing clothes. There will, however be a smell revealing that some of them lack the intelligence and self control necessary to learn or retain toilet training, and they will threaten to eat their Democratic Representatives, even if they regrettably refrain from actually eating them. Actual consumption of political representatives will not happen until several years of further movement left.


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  1. glosoli says:

    Hey Jim.
    I know you’re suffering under the curse. I know that’s why you’ve blocked my l.p. address.
    The brave man who duesnt censor insults eh?

    You’re a sad liar Jim, accursed and a servant of evil.

    No bastards for you.

    • Starman says:

      Isn’t there an eight-year-old boy in Texas that you’re supposed to save from being castrated by the family court?

  2. moldbug. says:

    with RBG developments today, all eyes on 2019 SOTU.

    • jim says:

      RGB matters because the pretense of constitutionality is still taken somewhat seriously. With Democrats talking of expanding the supreme court, not going to last much longer.

    • Dave says:

      RBG votes liberal 100% of the time, so why bother attending the arguments? Nothing said there has ever changed her mind or ever will. All she needs to do for the next six years is maintain the pretense of being alive and voting from her hospital bed.

      • Koanic says:

        What fantastic precedents this will set! Instead of debating the democratic intent of the hanging chad, we can divine the judicial omen of the lazy eye. Brain dead patients make all sorts of odd gestures – she can be our immortal oracle, more machine than woman, more feminist than female, more Jew than human!

  3. Joe Mack says:

    Make work government jobs? Oh yeah, look at teacher’s aides all across the country. High priced baby sitters, with pensions.
    Shut down my nonessential county and state government, Donald!

  4. vxxc says:

    The Atlantic lists POTUS considerable energency powers.

    The FEAR and Schadenfreunde on each sweating page.

    Look at Me: I am the FEDGOV now.


  5. […] 6) A lot of people a month or so ago we worried that Trump was going to cuck on the border wall and the shut-down brinksmanship. I admit, I was one of them. But he’s holding firm so far, and if anything, dialing up the pressure on Congressional Democrats. See the post and comments here, for example: https://blog.reaction.la/party-politics/white-pill-on-the-shutdown-and-wall/ […]

  6. Paul the Troofer says:

    If there is a black pill its the worry that the permanent government manage to do the Trump family what they did to the Kennedy’s.

    • moldbug. says:

      this is not a worry.

      if the Cathedral ontologically demotes Trump, cold civil war heats up.

      • Koanic says:

        Imagine all the racist genocide we could accomplish in the name of the dead white god!

  7. John Morris says:

    There is another big ticking clock. IRS says they aren’t processing refunds during the shutdown. When those Earned Income Tax Credit checks don’t hit and Walmart doesn’t get Xmas Pt II things are going to get tense.

    • BC says:

      Holy shit, 90% of welfare is refundable tax credits. It’s going to nail the shit out of the Dem’s base.

      • jim says:

        Yes. My guess is that Trump’s timing, and his orders as to what is and is not shutdown, are no accident.

        He has Democratic Party voters in his sights. What can they do to end the shutdown? They can only threaten the Democrats, not the Republicans.

        Pretty sure he timed the shutdown so that Republican voters get their tax refunds, and Democratic Party voters do not get their party time handouts, just as he structured the shutdown so that FedGov employees hired to work are OK, but FedGov employees hired to vote Democratic Party ticket in certain congressional districts are not OK.

        If you are a FedGov employee whose credit rating is not at the bottom of the cesspit, you will be fine, because the banks have been told to lend against expected back pay. Theoretically they are only postponing mortgage payments on a hardship case-by-case basis, but actually they postpone all mortgage payments by any furloughed government employee on request – but, of course, the FedGov employees hired to vote Democrat don’t have mortgages, or if they do, they have never made a payment on them anyway.

        These are not the actions of a leader who plans to cuck out.

    • jim says:

      Earned Income Tax Credit and the Additional Child Tax Credit primarily go to working single mothers, and the rest are mostly childless cat ladies. The rhetoric justifying them was “working family”, where “family” is code for throwing the husband on the street and destroying his life.

      So, a gun pointing mostly at those who vote Democratic Party: On February the 28th call your representative! Or better still, kill him and cook him in a great big stewpot.

      • John Morris says:

        The fun starts sooner. The race to get the W2 forms and get the sack of cash has already begun. By the end of January a good percentage are normally carting out flat screen TVs and buying used cars. By the middle of Feb the majority have received the money and spent every penny of it. It is the one time every year they have a sizable chunk of cash so it is when they purchase big ticket items. Retailers have grown co-dependent on this scheme.

        • jim says:

          People who use their windfall to acquire capital items that they intend to keep for a long time are not going to be much worried by a delay of a few months, nor will retailers. They will ship big screen televisions a few months later than expected. No big deal.

          The drama is going to come from people who expect to party, and find party time has been postponed. Democrat voters all.

  8. Mike says:

    I’m not concerned about the government shutdown at all, the government has been shutdown plenty of times in the past and nothing overly bad occurred. Political partisanship was around during the Obama years as well, the Trump Era didn’t invent this.

    What does concern me is that supposedly, if no deal comes out of this shutdown, Trump won’t have the funding to build the wall to a greater extent. It may be true that the wall is being built, but how can he continue to do so if the permanent government wont give him the money?

    • jim says:

      Trump has discussed funding the wall by embezzling funding from other government activities – an operation for which there is ample precedent when left wingers do it for left wing purposes.

  9. moldbug. says:

    jim, looks like state of exception via emergency powers arriving.

    my own excitement cannot be contained.

    • BC says:

      Holy shit, 90% of welfare is refundable tax credits. It’s going to nail the shit out of the Dem’s base.

    • jim says:

      I too was thrilled to see Trump threaten Emergency Powers at the press conference. Could be paraphrased as “If you guys don’t do a better job of pretending the Republic is still in effect, I am going to abandon the pretence.”

      A state of exception via emergency powers has been slowly and steadily arriving for some time. Every time Obama would radically expand presidential power, the media would conceal this and say everything is normal, the Republic is still in effect, but a tiny few half crazed Republicans would say out loud “Well, what if a president you hate gets elected and has all these extraordinary precedents in his pocket?” They figured a president they hate could never be elected.

      Although things are moving faster and faster, the crisis is probably still several years away. Politics as abnormal will become more abnormal, faster and faster, for a remarkably long time. We are now in the territory of Rome after the Gracchi. The Republic is dead, but everyone half believes it lives, or finds it politically convenient to pretend it lives. And even after Augustus made himself Imperator, it took twelve years to bring Roman anarcho tyranny under control.

      It is customary to say the Roman Republic died some time between Gracchus and Augustus, but I would say it died when Gracchus violated the constitution, and the period between that, and Augustus getting the tiger he was riding to actually obey him, was neither the Republic nor the Imperium, but anarcho tyranny.

      The American Republic died in the War Of Northern Aggression. It was replaced by a whig theocracy, which is now committing suicide in a holiness spiral. Let us pray that the theocracy does not kill us before it kills itself.

  10. Charles Neumann says:

    Nice post Jim, hope you’re right.

    And I hope your impregnating is going well.

    I am going to be a father in 6 months. Got any tips for the pregnancy/early years?

    Anyone got some good name ideas?

    • jim says:

      Not going well. Been a year now, still no pregnancy.

      • cloudswrest says:

        Supplement with Acetyl L-Canitine. Well known sperm enhancer.


      • Cloudswrest says:

        Here’s another link. If you web search the two terms together there are tons of links.


      • glosoli says:


        • jim says:

          Deleted for telling me what I think and putting those beliefs in quotes as if you were quoting from an actual post or comment of mine..

          If anyone wants to know what my position is on anything, I am not shy about telling them.

          I will not allow people to reply to accusations of communism and satan worship by attributing communist and satanic beliefs to myself and other members of the Dark Enlightenment, the Reaction, and the alt right. Tell us what your beliefs are, don’t tell me what my beliefs are.

          • Carlylean Restorationist says:

            What’s the betting they were single quotes? LOL

            Your dishonesty’s hilariously entertaining old chap. I bet you’ve got tricks we’ve not even dreamt of let alone seen.

            The shamelessness is impressive in a roadkill kind of way.

            • Steve Johnson says:


              Guy talks about dishonest – has promised to stop poasting here hundreds of times since he was first outed as a commie in August.

              • Carlylean Restorationist says:


                • jim says:


                  Also tells numerous people what they said and what they thought, which account of their words and thoughts they are unlikely to agree with.

                  Tell us what you think. Don’t tell us we agree with views that we regularly denounce as Marxism, Satanism, white genocide, etc.

              • Carlylean Restorationist says:


                • jim says:

                  Deleted for telling us what Tucker Carlson thinks.

                  Instead of telling us that Tucker is making an argument for socialism, why don’t you make the argument for socialism?

                • carlyleanrestorationist says:

                  predictably enough, i cite tc accurately as saying “they will CALL you socialist” (my emphasis) and lying “‘jim'” deletes then replies to his version, pointing out that his lying version is a lie ROFL

                • jim says:

                  You implied that there was good cause to call him socialist, while he implied that there was no good cause to call him socialist.

                  I will not allow you to discuss the views of right wing figures, because your discussion always presupposes that everyone is a Marxist, that even “capital” accepts that it is one creature, that it governs the world and is the enemy of “the proletariat”. Argue your case, without telling us what case we are arguing.

            • glosoli says:


          • glosoli says:


            • jim says:

              You said that already, in almost exactly the same words. We replied already. Your interpretation of the Old Testament is unreasonable and grossly contrary to the way it has always been interpreted.

              If you want to preach Satanism, Demon worship, and socialism on my blog, going to have to come up with some new sermons, not going to allow you to spam out the same old sermons over and over.

              • Carlylean Restorationist says:

                “Don’t tell me what I think”, says the guy who deletes your post then replies to something you never said – often the opposite of what you said – leaving the reader to believe it’s what you said


                This comedy site is pretttttttttty good: prettttty prettttty prettttyyyyy prettygood

                • jim says:

                  Well, if that is not what you said, try saying it without telling us what other people say and believe.

                  Tell us what you believe and what you are saying, not what we say, or figures you imagine we admire say.

                  Don’t tell us what we think, don’t tell us what we say, and don’t presuppose agreement on Marxist Class Theory and Marxist history. These are illegitimate forms of argument that lead to endless repetition and endless waste of space, and I absolutely will not allow them.

                • Carlylean Restorationist says:

                  “figures you imagine we admire”

                  You mean Tucker?

                  By all means tell everyone why Ben Shapiro’s /ourguy and Tucker’s a Marxist.

                  You daren’t do that because you know which way the wind’s blowing, so instead you claim that people like me are claiming Tucker’s a Marxist, which we’re not.

                  Tucker’s a brilliant figurehead for the new ascendancy of the Third Position. He notes that free markets are a tool, like a toaster, but not a religion, and that the purpose of markets is to enrich the lives and happiness of the people of the host nation.
                  His argument is that we’re being ruled by people who regard the United States (or any other country – and his fans would say ‘any other WHITE country’) as ‘an economy’ and don’t care about the opioid epidemic in rural America, the collapse of the white family or the stagnation of wages.

                  He attacks people like Mitt Romney who swoop in on a company, strip its assets, fire half its staff, max out its debt pile then move on.

                  He also attacks the tendency towards socialism, the idea that redistribution will correct the problems the Mitt Romneys create.

                  His solution is a Third Position: that society’s hierarchical, equality’s undesirable and harmful, that wealth should accrue to hard work and talent, and that soaking the rich achieves nothing; but that every transaction MUST have one eye on what’s good for the people. The end goal of society is to ensure that every person has a place, an opportunity to belong, and crucially the chance to have a life, a family and a meaning.

                  His position is just as anti-capitalist as it is anti-socialist, but a socialist will point to the fact he favours ignoring wealth inequality for the most part and opposes state solutions – therefore a capitalist……….. while a capitalist (!!!!?!!!?!!) will point to the fact he isn’t granting property owners full rights, as in RIGHTS, over their property but instead is tying them to other people’s destiny – therefore a socialist.

                  He’s neither a capitalist nor a socialist.

                  The people who actually give a damn about white nations aren’t. Capitalism is poison and socialism is poison.

                  Sure, we can embrace ‘capitalism’ in the sense of low regulation, hands off, non-confiscatory government policy, and sure, we can embrace the ‘socialism’ of being your brother’s keeper…… but J-Right global free trade is poison and J-Left equality-distribution statism is also poison.

                  No doubt you’ll find a reason to censor this, then go on to respond to “Tucker is a socialist and believes in Marxist Class Theory” instead because it’s easier, more comfortable, less tending towards cognitive dissonance with your ‘I’m a reactionary not a libertarian but no-one shall step on the toes of the merchants’ rhetoric.

                  No, that’s not a citation and you’ve not literally said it but it follows logically from your work, and if you want to claim that it does NOT, then you’ll have to say which part is wrong:

                  1. I’m a reactionary – I assume that’s right
                  2. not a libertarian – I assume that must be right too?
                  3. no-one shall step on the toes of the merchants – I assume this is what you’ll deny you stand for, yet if the King wants to shut down Franky&Benny’s….. blah blah blah…. QED no-one, even the King, shall step on the toes of the merchants.

                • jim says:

                  > By all means tell everyone why Ben Shapiro’s /ourguy and Tucker’s a Marxist.


                  I have told you before. Stop telling us what we think. Tucker is not a Marxist, Ben Shapiro is, like you, an entryist.

                  This is the last time I will tell you this. All future comments by you explaining my position to me and our position to us will be silently deleted without response. This is the last time I tell you “Stop telling us what we think”.

                  > You daren’t do that because you know which way the wind’s blowing, so instead you claim that people like me are claiming Tucker’s a Marxist, which we’re not.

                  In fact, you are claiming that Tucker is a Marxist in that you represented his words as accepting the Marxist account in which Capital is one entity, a single conscious entity, which can be usefully thought of as one person, and that entity rules the world, and came to power a few centuries ago. Same tactic as the troofers – they assume their most controversial claims are obvious and undisputed, and don’t make relevant responses when those claims are disputed.

                  > His position is just as anti-capitalist as it is anti-socialist,

                  And here you are lying about his position.

                  The ruling elite he denounces is the guys who got handouts from Obama in the bank bailout, and who were to centrally plan the world economy under Trans Pacific Partnership. Those guys are not “capitalism”, but Obama Socialism, Alinksyite socialism, and Cultural Marxisms. They are Obama’s “International Community” and to oppose them is not anti capitalist, and not third positionist. Rather it is the National Capitalism of Trump, a man who is himself a capitalist.

                  The ruling elite he rightly indicts is not “Capital”, the Trans Pacific Partnership and NAFTA were not free trade and libertarianism.

                  And if he does go third positionist then I will call him out as a Marxist, for third positionists are just new new new new leftists, leftism and socialism renaming itself yet again to shrug off the past disasters of leftism and socialism.

                  Repeating: This is your last comment in which you tell us what we think, and this is the last time that I tell you to stop telling us what we think. Third positionism is just the left and socialism renaming itself again, and Tucker is not a third positionist, NAFTA was not free trade, and the Trans Pacific Partnership was one world socialism, the socialism of the Trotskyites and neocons. And if he were to come out as a third positionist, which so far he has not, I, as Grand Inquisitor, will then denounce him for heresy, but I will not have you telling us who of us are heretics.

                  Come the restoration, the “international community” will get helicopter rides to the Pacific Ocean, and there will be a lot of very wealthy people swimming, and a lot of Jews swimming, but “The International Community” is not “Capital”, and it is not “The Jews” either.

                  When Tucker denounces Trump from the left for failing to tax the rich, for abolishing regulations, for moving the embassy to Israel, for supporting Israel’s wall, for allowing fracking and coal mining, rather than from the right for failing to arrest the Democrats and for failing to build the wall, then you can call him a Third Positionist. Until then, all comments by you attributing Marxist positions to me or him will be silently deleted without a response. Tucker opposes the guys who were to centrally plan the world economy under Obama’s Paris Treaty and Obama’s Trans Pacific Partnership. Those guys are not “Capital”, and opposing them is not opposing capitalism.

                  Third positionism is socialism and Marxism, and anyone who calls himself a third positionist and denies this is, like a Troofer, lying barefaced. You are a third positionist, a Marxist, and a socialist. Tucker is not, or if he is, he has done a considerably better job of hiding the fact than you have.

                • Starman says:

                  @Communist Revolutionary

                  So… what caused the collapse of the White family?

                • PlannedObsolescence says:

                  CR, what do you think about the economy depicted in the old Star Trek episode where they visit a planet where the Roman Empire had been preserved in pre-Christian form with 20th century level tech?

                • Koanic says:

                  > Come the restoration, the “international community” will get helicopter rides to the Pacific Ocean, and there will be a lot of very wealthy people swimming, and a lot of Jews swimming,

                  Sweet rotors of justice soar!

                • Carlylean Restorationist says:

                  Does anyone who’s actually read my post think that I said I thought Tucker was a Marxist? ROFL

                  I honestly think we talk different languages sometimes…. then I remember this isn’t about understanding, it’s about point-scoring, and taking someone out of context is just par for the course.

                • jim says:

                  > Does anyone who’s actually read my post think that I said I thought Tucker was a Marxist? ROFL

                  You called Tucker a third positionist. Third positionists are Marxists and socialists who supported every notorious communist mass murder while those mass murders were under way, most notoriously the Holodomor and the Cambodian autogenocide while those mass murders were under way, though I do not recollect that they supported the hungry ghosts famine.

                  When the Soviet Union was a going concern, third positionists always said “Hail fellow nationalist, the truest form of nationalism is to support the Soviet Union when it makes war upon your nation”.

                  They supported the Cambodian autogenocide and then they opposed it when the Soviet Union authorized the Vietnamese invasion.

                  When Hitler invaded France while allied with the Soviet Union, the supposedly nationalist French Third Positionists were pacifist. When Hitler invaded Russia, the French Third Position suddenly remembered that they were French Nationalists.

                  Tucker says something critical of those that rule the world, and you call him an anticapitalist, which presupposes not only that he agrees that capital is one being and that being rules the world, but that the Heritage institute agrees that Capital is one being and rules the world, just that the Heritage institute is one of the voices of that being.

                  You fail to acknowledge or respond to anyone denying Marxist Class Theory or Marxist History, so you are not only calling Tucker a Marxist, you also presuppose that I and every commentator on this blog are Marxists, that Ayn Rand and Milton Friedman are Marxists.

                  That is why I keep telling you to stop telling us what we think. We don’t think Marxist Class Theory describes the world, or Marxist History is true. You will not defend or support either position, you just assume it and assume that everyone agrees with it.

                  I don’t agree with it, we don’t agree with it, and I am going to silently delete further comments that assume and presuppose that we do agree with it.

                • Starman says:

                  And CR once again fails to comprehend the red pill by refusing to answer my question.

                  The red pill is outside of his script.

                • jim says:

                  His script presupposes that everyone in the conversation agrees with Marxist Class Theory and Marxist class theory. He is unable to acknowledge disagreement, no matter how forcefully, plainly, and passionately expressed. We cannot doubt that merchants rule, only be for or against them ruling.

                  Reaction 101: We are always ruled by priests or warriors, or some mixture of both. The current problem is a priesthood helplessly trapped in a self destructive holiness spiral and dragging us with it because of its excessive and dangerous power.

                  He has never argued against this, because he has never acknowledged that anyone believes it.

                • Carlylean Restorationist says:

                  Starman mistakes ignoring a pointless derailment for running from an argument.

                  He asks:

                  “So… what caused the collapse of the White family?”

                  and previously

                  “Who’s responsible for London’s acid attack epidemic?”

                  1. ((())) is the short answer. The long answer is a tedious list that everyone here, and elsewhere, knows only too well:

                  – sexual revolution including but not limited to the emancipation and idealisation of women
                  – family courts and other governmental incentive structures
                  – government education (which is a complex subject, which is why I tend to ignore derailments – to simply say “abolish state schools and fully privatise the whole domain of education of the young” is the Rothbardian solution and is completely wrong in the context of ‘the labour market’, cf.Carlyle etc.)
                  – the societal ethos of individualism
                  – multiculturalism and the death of cultural unity, which also takes on the decline of religion for all sorts of reasons perhaps traceable to Henry VIII or perhaps the original Orthodox/Catholic schism
                  – the commercialisation and financialisation of life
                  – the fetishisation of higher learning as an end in itself
                  – the credentialisation of society

                  and so on…….. a complex social question, which Starman uses to derail so that his opponent, unable to give a Tweet-sized answer (every bullet point above is an essay in the making, sometimes a book in the making), ducks it, at which point he can say they believe some other simple answer which is incorrect.

                  Great in a high school debating club, but not useful to anyone.

                  2. Surprisingly complex. Male-on-female ‘honour’ acid attacks are just as Islamic, more specifically Indian, as Starman believes; acid used in moped robberies is primarily a problem of black yoof; highly targeted revenge attacks have often been white, though sometimes black. Overall, blacks are hugely over-represented, as is the case with most types of crime especially all types of violent crime.

                  What it definitely ISN’T is a Tommy Robinson talking point for the counter-Jihad, which I’m guessing is probably what Starman thinks it is. R7 there are better reasons to not want Indians in a European country than that. Shariah works in Saudi Arabia: they’re happy with it….. and if Pakistan went the same way, it would probably work there too. Just not here….. but even if it did, they’re not our people and we don’t need any more of them here.

                • jim says:

                  Evasive blue pill nonsense.

                  The sexual revolution etc was caused by the destruction of the family. The sexual revolution etc did not cause the destruction of the family.

                  Moment to moment consent to sex made marriage as it had been known for thousands of years illegal. Until about 1960 – 1972 Marriage was defined either as a male right to sex, and a female right to care, or as consent once and forever. Abolition of marriage made it profoundly difficult for both men and women to reproduce.

                  And the stuff about whites using acid attacks is just a hateful race denialist lie.

                • Starman says:

                  @Communist Revolutionary

                  As Jim said, your response was evasive blue pill swill.

                  If General Butt Naked – or Mr. Grey, if you prefer – were to slap his wife if she disobeyed him and proceed to violently force her to have sex with him…

                  Will she be attracted to him?

        • Starman says:

          Now that the Weekly Standard is too obviously controlled opposition and is now no longer needed, the deep state is looking for new controlled opposition.


            • Starman says:

              And another controlled opposition!


              And the red pill on women would’ve smoked out these people.

              • jim says:

                We have to make everyone swear to positions that the left does not permit them to swear to. And if they will not do that, we know that they are the enemy.

                The Red Pill on women is one such. Anyone purple pilled is the enemy, because if he was not a tool of our enemy, he would speak the truth.

                Jordan Peterson is the enemy, because he gives men purple pill advice that will result in them becoming incels.

                Leftists passing as rightists are allowed by the left to make broad, vague, and sweeping hateful racist statements, the sort of statements that racists as imagined by leftists might make, but they are unable to notice specific concrete hate facts that would justify those statements. They are allowed to supposedly believe what the evil racists they are passing as supposedly believe, but are not allowed to notice the concrete empirical reasons that cause these evil racists to believe what they actually believe.

                The enemy infiltrators are revealed by their inability to notice real concrete specifics of real concrete specific problems: Ethnic cleansing, bad behavior in the street (except, of course, that they attribute this behavior to white males) ever lengthier accreditation, etc.

        • PlannedObsolescence says:

          Glosoli, that insult was classless.

          Our master will return and ask us what we did with His talents. You’re going to say you faithfully opposed technocracy, and surely you didn’t mean to reject the concept of investment.

          The imputation of ulterior motives is tiresome.

          Descartes’ Meditations are belligerantly individualistic, declaring himself at war with the government simply because he might at some point be told to do or not do something against his wish, and concluding that he must follow the law outside and otherwise stay behind his locked door. Hobbes declared war of all against all, deconstructing society into social atoms and reconstructing it in the eternal now as if loyalty and honor can be negotiated moment to moment, but if he had known about evolution and Nash equilibria, he might have been darkly enlightened. Locke expounds on the war with primitive accumulation, trade, and an economy, Marx adds social classes to be seen as war bands, and these technocrats you denounce, they do look like a social class and at war with us, but they are also at war with themselves, even as individuals.

          Glory to God, peace to men of good will.

          • glosoli says:

            I see you’re a disciple of the liars, Jim and his father of lies.

            Find a single comment of mine where I’ve opposed technology or the honest pursuit of wealth, subject to Jehovah’s laws. Then quote me.

            Otherwise, you’re a liar.

            • jim says:

              You worship demons, not Jehovah, and your opposition to technology is entirely unsupported by the Old or New Testaments, or ancient Christian interpretations of them.

              Your religion is very new, twenty first century demon worship, with only the most casual and superficial pretense at Christian roots, and your curses are only effective on your fellow demon worshipers.

              • glosoli says:


                • jim says:

                  Deleted for repetition.

                  If you want to argue for demon worship or socialism, you will need to present arguments, not just repeat your assertions. Further repetitions of the same old assertions will be silently deleted.

                  Black magic is only effective against those who believe in it, which is to say, against those who worship as you do, only effective against your fellow demon worshipers.

      • lalit says:

        How Old is the mother-to-be? That makes the huge difference you know. A man can impregnate successfully into his 70s. A woman, if she has not had her first child by the time she is 30, the risks start rising exponentially.

        • jim says:

          She is 29, but one of her ovaries looks a bit odd on ultrasound. The other looks fine. She is ovulating normally, in that her hormones are cycling in the expected fashion as regular as clockwork.

          I went off testosterone supplementation, because I was worried it might be adversely affecting my fertility. Initially my testosterone crashed, and I felt really bad and regained quite a bit of weight, but now my testosterone has recovered to 693 ng/deciliter, 25 nmole/liter, which is not great, but is not too bad, and my weight has returned to levels not too far above my ideal weight. I have lost a little bit of muscle, but it is coming back. But being off supplemental testosterone still sucks.

          When I was on supplemental testosterone, my sperm count was a bit low, but it is high by modern standards now.

          • lalit says:

            Oh, 29! And you 60+! You Da man! This, Gentlemen, is what I call Game! All hail the game-meister, the cockmaster!

            So you’re adhering to your maxim of never starting a relationship with a woman over 30.

            She’ll get pregnant, no worries. We are all so sure it will happen, we will not even bother to wish you luck.

          • Dave says:

            How white is she? A man is not really reproducing if the babies don’t look like him.

            • Koanic says:

              Yes he is. He is reproducing at 50%. Which, depending on the landmass, may be a massive advancement of his genetic interest in that zone. Or a massive decrease. Miscegenation without location is missing key information.

              • Dave says:

                Two mulattoes do not equal one white person. One hundred Barack Obamas is nothing compared to one Winston Churchill.

                Even high-IQ White + high-IQ Asian is a disaster because these races evolved different sorts of intelligence regulated by different genes. Most hapas are crazy and they know it, though they give bogus Freudian explanations for it.

                • Koanic says:

                  Obviously miscegenating with the vastly inferior is degrading.

                  > Even high-IQ White + high-IQ Asian is a disaster

                  BS. Half-Asians function fine in their native zones of Russia and places such as Hong Kong.

                  > Most hapas are crazy and they know it,

                  Improperly managed identity delusions can do that. However, given that both native stocks have been through cultural revolutions in living memory, I find their claim to sanity incredible.

                • jim says:

                  Everyone functions better among people of their own race. Thus the two thirds east asians of Hong Kong, and the continuous intermediates between Russia and China do fine in their homelands. If you are a different race from those around you, you are going to be a bit weird to them, and they to you. But the half east asian problem is manageable, while the half Jewish problem is somewhat difficult, and, of course, Obama the gay mulatto really did not fit, but the white progs got a tingle out of him because he was almost passable.

              • Cloudswrest says:

                Indeed, if you’re enlightening Africa.

                I once mused about creating a fake troll website called “Uplift Africa”, modeled after those copious charity web sites, but where the site was supposedly a front for a sperm bank that accepted, instead of cash, white sperm donations to be sent to African maidens. “You too can have pretty babies that could grow up to be first world presidents, or famous celebrities like Halle Berry, Alicia Keys and Vanessa Williams!” I’m sure it would make the Left go ballistic. But it’s just what they are doing to us.

                • jim says:

                  That would work.

                  There is huge demand for lighter skinned children.

                  There is a huge demand for nid, natural insemination, donor. You really could make serious money out of it. Expect to be deplatformed and demonetized.

                  One way around deplatforming and demonetizing is to accept cash in the form of cellphone load transfers.

                  Don’t do this fake. Do this for real: Offer money for handsome high IQ white sperm donors. Promise the recipient the donor is blond haired or light brown haired, has colored eyes (meaning any color other than brown), handsome, gene tested to be of aryan descent in the maternal and paternal lines, and high IQ. Use photograph of typical donor, with the disclaimer that the semen sample shipped is unlikely to be the one on the photo and the child will not be of aryan descent in the maternal line, but only in the paternal line. You will need to sign up third world doctors in third world fertility clinics. I think that 23 and me euphemistically refers to the Aryan line as “Horse herders near the Caspian sea”.

                • Cloudswrest says:

                  Reminds me of the introgression of Neanderthal genes into Homo Sapiens.

          • Reziac says:

            Get a full thyroid workup. You’re describing age-related hypothyroidism. (Which to some degree affects 80% of people over age 50.)

            Also, be aware that for phytoestrogens (inhibitor of thyroid and therefore also testosterone), flaxseed is 4x worse than soy, and most “green leafies” and cooking oils (other than olive oil, butter, and lard) are also a problem.

          • Javier says:

            With my wife, same age, she conceived twice on the first try each time and then miscarried within 4 weeks. Third one seems to be sticking. Doctor called it bad luck but I blame the pill. Reports say it doesn’t affect fertility. Yet all women over 30 who are childless surely have been on the pill for years, right? Anecdotally I have heard the same story many times; woman goes off the pill and has miscarriages.

            You just can’t convince me that you can fill a uterus with poison for years and there will be no lasting consequences.

          • yewotm8 says:

            If you’re taking exogenous testosterone, you should take hCG as well (human Chorionic Gonadotropin). Exogenous testosterone shuts down the entire Hypothalamous-Pituitary-Testicles Axis (HPTA), including sperm production. Basically, the hypothalamous senses you have high testosterone, does not signal the pituitary gland to release Luteinizing Hormone. Luteinizing Hormone is the primary signal to the testes to continue normal function and take up nutrients. hCG mimics the effects of Luteinizing Hormone, and prevents testicular shutdown. Essentially, you are injecting the hormonal signal to the testes to keep going, despite the fact that your brain is no longer sending that hormonal signal itself. There are many other hormonal processes that LH acts on that are being shut down by exogenous testosterone, hCG keeps those going as well.

            Any good anabolic steroid cycle includes regular injections of hCG to prevent testicular shutdown, and I’ve read of plenty of people on only a “TRT dose” take it as well.

            • jim says:

              My current hCG levels are close to the upper limit of normal, and are from time to time above normal. If I take testosterone higher, that could change.

  11. Ron says:

    “nd they will threaten to eat their Democratic Representatives, even if they regrettably refrain from actually eating them. Actual consumption of political representatives will not happen until several years of further movement left.”

    I miss vault-co

    Makes you wonder if that’s actually how his theories regarding the Neanderthals played out. A small bunch of scumbag melon heads convinced the thals to allow migrants into the country for the votes and cheap labor, next thing you know one missed payday and they were all on the menu

  12. Jehu says:

    I understand that this January 1st all hospitals are required to post their prices online in an easily downloadable format. Anyone know if this is actually being enforced and/or complied with?

    • jim says:

      I predict it will take about eighteen months. The problem is that legally hospitals are required and forbidden to charge people capriciously and retroactively. Under Obama it was “wink wink, kill off those overprivileged white assholes, but you are absolutely required to give guaranteed free healthcare to the new people”. Now “wink, wink, death to whitey” has been withdrawn, but “absolutely required to give free healthcare to the new people” has not exactly been openly withdrawn.

      Hospitals will post their prices in a format that does not in fact allow anyone white to guess what their treatment is going to cost, and we will have numerous rounds over this, as we are having over the wall.

    • Dave says:

      We could speed things up by saying that any procedure whose price is not disclosed to the patient in advance shall cost ten dollars, and that when a patient signs the “consent to receive care” form, his total liability is capped at $100 unless the form specifies a different number. Infinity is not a number, so “no limit” means “not more than $100”.

      Personal experience, if you show up at the ER, say you’re unemployed, and look like an unemployed person, they will send you a huge bill, but will not make any serious effort to collect it. (Follow-up care was not an issue because they correctly diagnosed me with a condition for which there is no treatment, so I went home and eventually got over it.)

  13. BC says:

    I hope you’re right Jim.

  14. The Cominator says:

    “Actual consumption of political representatives will not happen until several years of further movement left.”

    WTF I love the left singularity now.

    I’ll take a Schumer drumstick please.

  15. barf says:

    >America’s healthcare is in socialist crisis…
    This paragraph is in there twice.

  16. Steve Johnson says:

    Actual consumption of political representatives will not happen until several years of further movement left.

    The apologies that they issue for failing to be sufficiently nutritious are going to be great reading.

  17. simplyconnected says:

    I always read something that seems shocking.. that cannot be.. then few years later something shocking happens.

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